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#710 : Appel de détresse

Lucy connait un garçon qui est directeur de programmation d'une station radio universitaire. Eric, qui remet en question sa carrière, est engagé pour répondre à des questions à l'antenne. Annie ne comprend pas ce choix. Pour son premier passage à l'antenne, il est confronté à un étudiant qui menace de se suicider parce que sa copine l'a quitté. Ben accompagne Simon et Cecilia dans une discothèque pour mineurs. Ben se fait presque arrêter. Lucy refuse de cotoyer Roxanne, cela met Kevin dans une situation impossible. Roxanne demande à son patron à changer de partenaire pour arrêter les problèmes entre elle et Lucy. Ruthie cherche une façon de rompre avec son petit ami Jake sans le faire pleurer.


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Titre VO
A cry for help

Titre VF
Appel de détresse

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Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Wil (Usher)

 Wil (Usher) et Carl (Matt Czuchry)

Wil (Usher) et Carl (Matt Czuchry)

Carl (Matt Czuchry)

Carl (Matt Czuchry)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Kevin (Georges Stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Kevin (Georges Stults)

Lucy joué joué par Beverly Mitchell

Lucy joué joué par Beverly Mitchell

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Tony Mordente 

Avec : Oliver Adams (Jake Davis), Christopher Michael (Detective Michaels) 

Guests :

  • Matt Czuchry ..... Carl
  • Caitlin Martin ..... Emily Cooper
  • Usher Raymond ..... Will
  • Laura Stone ..... Club Owner
  • Barton Tinapp ..... Davis Chapman
  • Kelsey Whitlock ..... Adolescente

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: I could have sworn I heard Daddy. Did you hear daddy?

Sam: I heard Daddy.

David: I heard Daddy too.

Annie: We all heard daddy. I wonder where he could be.

David: Hiding.

Sam: Yeah, hide and go seek. Hide and go seek.

Annie: First we find Daddy, then we play.

Eric: Ah...

Annie: Hi.

Eric: I've been calling you.

Annie: Well we've been looking for you.

Sam: Now it's our turn, our turn.

David: Count to twenty and come and look for us.

Eric: I got good news.

Annie: You're going back to the church.

Eric: I said I've got good news.

Annie: When did going back to work at the church become bad news?

Eric: I guess when Lou and the deacons decided I needed an associate pastor without so much as asking my opinion. Yes, uh the day they hired Chandler. That would be the day when working at my former church became bad news. Come on. Let... let Lou and the little wunderkind run the church. Who cares?

Annie: Wunderkind?

Eric: Yes, wunderkind. A... a person of remarkable talent or ability who achieves great success or acclaim at an early age. Wunderkind. Would you like me to spell it?

Annie: Whose calling Chandler a wunderkind?

Eric: Uh the deacons who hired him. And if Chandler is the wunderkind then I must be... an oldenkind. So let Chandler have the church.

David: You're not counting.

Eric: One... two... I got a job. You're looking at the newest radio personality for KRHL 109.9.

Annie: KRHL 109.9. What is that?

Eric: It's Crawford University student radio station. This job is going to be fun, no worries, no problems. You know no life and death situations. Just music and fun. They had an immediate opening... so I start today. So save your good luck speeches and say a little prayer for me.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Eric: So what do you think?

Annie: Oh if ever there was a loaded question. What do I think? What do I think? Well, a month ago I had a husband who was a minister at a church and... and now I have... well I... I don't have a husband who's a minister of the church. I have a husband who's a DJ. I didn't marry a DJ. I married a minister. I want my husband back. Give me my husband back.

Eric: I mean wh... what did you think of this shirt?

Annie: The shirt is fine. The guy who's wearing it, I'm not so sure about.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: Because.

Kevin: That's not a good enough reason. Why?

Lucy: Because I don't want to.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: I think you know why.

Kevin: No, I don't. Come on, tell me why you don't want to go out with Roxanne and her friends tonight. It was nice of her to invite us. I think we should all spend more time together.

Lucy: No. If you want to go out with Roxanne so badly, you can go by yourself.

Kevin: It'll look strange if I go alone. Roxanne invited both of us.

Lucy: She invited both of us, but she only wants you.

Camden's House - Hallway

Annie: Let's go boys. Hey I... I want to have a word with you. What's going on?

Lucy: What else? Roxanne. Except for Charlie's Angels, have you ever seen a police officer who looked like Roxanne? Why couldn't Kevin's partner be someone with bad skin and a weight problem? Why does it have to be a super model? Why?

Annie: I don't know. But did you help your father get a job at the campus radio station? Why did you help your father get a job at the campus radio station?

Lucy: It'll be okay. Trust me. Look, I know we all want dad to go back to the church. And this may just be the job to get him back into the spirit of things so to speak.

Annie: Being a DJ is going to help him get back in the church?

Lucy: Yeah, I think so. I have to go. I have to get to the library. But trust me, this will all work out. By the way, did Robbie make it to Florida okay?

Annie: Yeah, he called this morning.

Lucy: How's his mom?

Annie: Well she's better now that he's there, but still not good.

Lucy: When's he coming back?

Annie: Some time after Christmas.

Lucy: What about school?

Annie: His teachers let him take his finals early so he could go be with his mom.

Lucy: That's nice. Mom.

Annie: Mmm?

Lucy: Everything will be okay with dad. Really.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Can you watch the boys while I go to the grocery store and run some errands? I'll probably be gone most of the day.

Ruthie: No problem.

Annie: It's the first day off restriction. Got any plans for your new freedom?

Ruthie: Uh yeah, baby-sitting.

Annie: After baby-sitting. Like... Jake?

Ruthie: I do not now nor do I ever wish to have plans with Jake.

Annie: Oh I... I thought you liked him. He called here everyday while you were on restriction.

Ruthie: And when he wasn't calling me at home, he was following me around school and getting his lunch switched so we could eat together, every day. And when he wasn't doing that he was trying to carry things for me, my backpack, my books, my jacket. Once he insisted on carrying my gum for me. My gum. I don't want to see Jake anymore. He likes me more than I like him and it's creeping me out.

Radio Station

Will: Okay you go on right after Charlotte.

Eric: Okay.

Will: I'll be your producer. I'll feed you the calls. Now you sit in here and um... I'll be right in front of you in the booth over here and we talk through the intercom.

Eric: Calls? But... I'm taking requests?

Will: Well no. Uh in the afternoon we do talk radio. I've been filling in for the guy who normally does the show. I... I figured you'd do much better job. Really not my specialty, talking to people, helping people with their problems. You know I'm more the producer/manager. That's where my talent lies.

Eric: I'm talking to people, helping people?

Will: Didn't Lucy tell you?

Eric: No, she didn't. I mean I thought I was going to be playing music, not talking. I... I... I'm not so sure I want to be a... a talk radio host. I think it's... it's... too close to my last job.

Will: Um... look I'm... I'm in a jam. Um... maybe you can just help me out today and tomorrow I'll... I'll find something else for you. More music less talk if that's what you want. Please? The holidays are coming up. It's our busiest time. Lots of kids just want to talk about what to do over their break you know. Sure it's nothing as heavy as what you were dealing with.

Eric: Okay I'll... I'll give it a shot.

Will: Oh great. Let's get you set up.

Eric: Interesting choice of words. Uh... set up.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Ben: Uh she said this guy from London that she dated moved to Buffalo to be closer to her.

Simon: So she dumped you? It's rough.

Ben: I hate being alone. Especially around the holidays.

Simon: Is that why you came here for Thanksgiving?

Ben: Yeah. My mom's boyfriend took her on a cruise and since my girlfriend dumped me seemed like a good time to get out of town. Even my mother has someone. My love life is pathetic.

Simon: Yeah. Well look, you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and come out with me and Cecilia tonight. We're going dancing at Club Minor.

Ben: Isn't that an underage club for kids who aren't old enough to get into real clubs?

Simon: No. It's a club for men, like myself who are between the ages of 14 and 20.

Ben: Well I'm 23, so thanks but no thanks.

Simon: Forge the age limit. No one cares. There are plenty of older girls that hang out there desperate to meet guys. Really. Look, it's a great place. No alcohol, lots of music.

Ben: You had me at desperate.

Simon: Really?

Ben: No. I can't go to an underage club. I'm a good looking guy. If I want a woman, I should be able to find a woman. Lots of women. That's women, not girls, women who are my age.

Simon: Fine, don't go.

Ben: So... where would a good looking guy like me go to find a woman?

Simon: Try the Promenade. Good luck.

Ben: Luck is not a factor.

Simon: Don't kid yourself. Luck is a huge factor.

Police Station

Roxanne: Are you and Lucy coming out with me and my friends tonight?

Kevin: I can come.

Roxanne: And Lucy?

Kevin: She's sick. She's sick, really.

Roxanne: Lucy was sick the last time I invited you out, and the time before that and the time before that and the time before that.

Kevin: Well she's still sick.

Roxanne: Well she should see someone.

Kevin: Like a doctor?

Roxanne: Like a psychiatrist.

Kevin: Ha, ha, ha, ha... I'm sorry.

Roxanne: Me too.

Det. Michaels: Is something wrong?

Roxanne: You know that thing that we talked about? Well I did what you said. I thought about it, and I do want to do it. I want a new partner.

Radio Station

Will: Okay Eric, we have Warren on line 4.

Eric: Hey Warren, what's on your mind?

Warren: Who are you?

Eric: I'm Eric.

Warren: Where'd you come from? You sound too old to be a college student.

Eric: Well for the past 20 years or so I've been the minister at the Glenoak Community church.

Warren: So, why aren't you there now at the church?

Eric: I quit.

Warren: They fired you huh? Corporate downsizing happens to a lot of guys your age. It happened to my dad. That's why I called. I... I think it's really raw when companies let old people like you and my dad go. I mean companies have to remember that old guys aren't just old and useless. They're usually somebody's dad and stuff.

Eric: Well good point, but as I said before uh... I... I wasn't fired. I wasn't downsized. I quit.

Warren: That's what my dad said, and now he won't get out of his pajamas. And he talks to the t.v.

Eric: I wasn't fired.

Warren: Who took your place?

Eric: Another minister.

Warren: Older or younger?

Eric: Younger.

Warren: You were downsized dude.

Eric: Well maybe there's someone else out there who would like to tell us their feelings about this subject or any other subject. Anyone, please uh call us. Soon.

Will: Uh we've got Karl on line 2.

Eric: Well good bye uh Warren, hello Karl. Hey, didn't you call earlier? Your girlfriend left you and you're upset about that.

Karl: Yeah, I'm upset.

Eric: Well what's up? What would you like to talk about?

Karl: I just called because I... I forgot to tell you something.

Eric: Oh go ahead, I'm all ears.

Karl: I just thought you should know... someone should know... I'm going to kill myself.

Eric: I... I'm sorry? Wh... what did you say?

Karl: I'm miserable and unhappy and I miss my girlfriend. I'd be better off dead. It's just no use anymore. I want to kill myself.

Eric: K... Karl?

Radio Station / Police Station

Det. Michaels: We can't find the phone this Karl was calling from unless we already had a trace on the line, which we didn't. We could put a trace on the line in case he calls back. But if he doesn't stay on the line long enough we won't be able to zero in on his location. Of course, there's no guarantee he'll call back.

Eric: Will takes down the numbers of all the people who call.

Det. Michaels: Yes, but Karl, if that's his name used a fake number. And other than trying to set up a trace on the line, I don't know what else I can do to help you find this kid. But if you think of anything, call me. I'm at your disposal.

Eric: Thanks.

Radio Station

Eric: The phone number Karl gave us is a fake. Police are putting a trace on the radio station phone, but that's all they can do and it's going to take some time to get it done so... I think we're on our own here. If he calls back maybe I can draw him out. Get him to come in and talk to me.

Will: You think he'll call back?

Eric: Well he called back once before. Hopefully he's got more to say. It isn't a coincidence that you hired me to do this job, is it?

Will: Karl had been calling all this week. And his calls have gotten more and more intense. I didn't know he was suicidal. You know I... I did know whatever was wrong with him was... was way over my head. I thought if I suggested he go to a college mental health clinic or talk to a doctor I knew for sure he would have never called back. I didn't know what to do. Till I talked to Lucy and she suggested you know maybe you were the right guy to help since you do counseling, help people with problems like this at church. Look I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hire you under false pretenses. I'm glad you're here. So, what do we do now?

Eric: Wait.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Okay, that's it. No more. I quit.

Sam: Why?

Lucy: You cheat.

Sam: I don't cheat.

Ruthie: Yes you do.

David: No, I cheat.

Sam: Yeah, he cheats.

Lucy: No more Candyland for me. I have homework,

Ruthie: How about a healthy snack? Mommy left you some carrots and celery? Yum.

David: Yuck.

Sam: Double yuck.

Ruthie: How about I lose the healthy snack in the trash and we'll have ice cream?

Sam/David: Yea!!!

Ruthie: What are you doing here?

David Yeah, what are you doing here?

Sam: Yeah, what are you doing here?

Jake: Today's the day. Today's the day you're officially off of restriction. I hate that you were punished. I wish I could have done the time for you.

Ruthie: Yes, but why are you here?

Jake: Well for the two weeks you've been telling me that you couldn't see me after school or on the weekend, but now you're free and we can spend all the time we want together.

Ruthie: I have to baby sit.

Jake: I can help. And my mother said I could stay for dinner. Isn't that great?

Ruthie: Dinner where?

Jake: Here. Don't you want me here?

Ruthie: Sure I want you here.

Radio Station

Will: KRHL 109.9. Oh... oh okay. Hold on. It's Karl.

Eric: Karl, hey. Glad you called back. Are you okay?

Karl: Do, do, do... I can't hear myself. Why can't I hear myself? I want to be on the radio.

Eric: Why don't we just talk uh the... the two of us and then we'll go back on the radio when you're feeling better about things.

Karl: No. I'm never going to feel better about things. And I won't be a problem for you much longer.

Eric: You're not a problem.

Karl: Either put me on the radio or I'm hanging up.

Eric: Don't do that. Don't hang up. Talk to me.

Karl: Just put me on the radio. I have something to say to someone who I know is listening.

Eric: Okay, we're back on the air.

Karl: Good.

Eric: Look Karl, uh... I know you're... you're feeling like life's not fair and I know you're upset about your girlfriend. But before you do anything why don't we sit down and talk face to face over a cup of coffee? Discuss some options.

Karl: Because the second I show up you'll have me locked up in some institution. Well I'm not nuts. I didn't make this happen. My girlfriend did. She's the one you should have locked up in some institution so she can't do this to another guy.

Eric: I don't want to have anyone locked up. I just... I just want to talk. Uh... I... maybe your girlfriend's not the nicest woman in the world. I... I... I don't know. Tell me more about her.

Karl: She's a terrible person and I want everyone to know that I'm doing this because of her. She listens to this radio station and her friends listen to this radio station. Everyone will know what she did to me. Everyone will know that Emily Cooper broke my heart and that's why I'm going to kill myself.

Eric: Karl? Karl?

Will: We lost him again.

Police Station

Kevin: When were you going to tell me?

Roxanne: Det. Michaels talk to you?

Kevin: I don't want a new partner.

Roxanne: I do.

Kevin: This is about Lucy, isn't it?

Roxanne: This is about me and you and us being partners. We've tried it. It's not working.

Kevin: I'm not changing partners.

Roxanne: It's not your decision.

Kevin: Just say it. This has to be about Lucy. Okay, Lucy's stubborn and slightly insane, but she's a good person and she'll come around. You'll see.

Roxanne: I'm tired of waiting. Tired of trying. Just plain tired. Tell Lucy she wins. I give up. I say Uncle. I've had it. She can have you. You can have another partner. It's for the best.

Kevin: This isn't what I want. So how can it be for the best?

Roxanne: It's what Lucy wants. And I'm tired of fighting your girlfriend. Because sooner or later it's going to be fighting your fiancee'. Then it's going to be fighting your wife and the mother of your children. See, I will never win. So let's just split up now and move on. Please, don't make this any harder than it already is.


Simon: You find any women yet?

Cecilia: It's okay. Simon told me about your problem.

Ben: I don't have a problem.

Cecilia: Didn't you say he got dumped and he can't get a date and he's lonely and desperate?

Ben: I'm not lonely.

Simon: Yes you are.

Ben: Well I'm not desperate.

Simon: Yes you are.

Cecilia: So come out with us tonight. Club Minor is great. There's lots of older kids there.

Simon: Don't spend the holidays alone. Take a chance. They're a lot of hot older women at the club.

Cecilia: A lot.

Ben: But if I get there and it's just a sea of acne and braces, I'm gonna look like a desperate idiot.

Simon: Small price to pay for the chance of hooking up with a babe.

Ben: Okay. Okay, count me in.

Radio Station

Eric: The police haven't been able to get the trace working yet, so... we have no idea where Karl's calling from.

Will: It's getting pretty scary.

Emily: They told me I can find the guy that Karl was talking to on the radio here? I'm Emily. I'm the terrible woman that broke up with Karl. The guy who wants to kill himself? We have to stop him.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: I missed you at dinner. You look nice.

Kevin: I'm going to meet Roxanne and her friends at the pool hall.

Lucy: Really?

Kevin: Really.

Lucy: Okay. I said you should go. Why are you angry?

Kevin: Roxanne wants a new partner. She wants a new partner because of you.

Lucy: Oh... sorry.

Kevin: No you're not. That's what you wanted from the second you laid eyes on her.

Lucy: That's not true. Okay, it's true and I'm sorry. I... I tried to like Roxanne. I try to like everyone. But I just... don't.

Kevin: There's no logical reason for you not to like her.

Lucy: Sometimes when it comes to you and me and us I'm not so logical. I hate that a woman that good looking is riding around with you in a car all day. She makes me nuts.

Kevin: So this is because you don't trust me.

Lucy: I trust you.

Kevin: So you don't trust Roxanne.

Lucy: Hey, if you were me and if I were you, you wouldn't trust her either.

Kevin: Roxanne is my partner. When I go to work my life is on the line everyday, every minute. And you may not like her, but I do. And that should make you feel better, not worse.

Lucy: Couldn't you trust someone else with your life? Let's say... a guy?

Kevin: I'm going to the pool hall to see Roxanne. I'm not going to lose her as a partner. We're good together.

Lucy: And what am I supposed to do?

Kevin: I don't know. But if you don't figure it out before the end of the night, I don't know how much longer we're going to be partners.

Outside Club Minor

Simon: What?

Kevin: There isn't a girl in this line who's older than fourteen, other than Cecilia.

Simon: All of the other women are inside.

Cecilia: Yeah, they're probably inside.

Kevin: Maybe I should go.

Simon: Hey settle down.

Cecilia: Yeah, settle down.

Simon: Oh before I forget. You are going to need this.

Kevin: What's this?

Simon: It's a school ID. You need it to get in the door.

Kevin: This says I'm fifteen. Where'd you get this?

Simon: Friends. And they're going to check for the school ID at the door.

Kevin: Nobody's going to believe that I'm fifteen and I'm black!

Simon: Relax. I know the doorman. You're gonna give him the school ID, he's going to look the other way.

Kevin: I have a very bad feeling about this. I'm out of here.

Simon: I told you hot older women inside.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Oh, you're still here.

Jake: My mother said I could stay as late as I wanted to, because it's not a school night. Isn't that great?

Ruthie: Oh yeah. Great. Can you take the boys in the living room? I promised them one game of Candyland before they go to bed. He's driving me crazy.

Annie: Well he has to go home eventually.

Ruthie: Yes, then he'll just come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. Can I move to a foreign country?

Annie: No.

Ruthie: I'll write.

Annie: Maybe it's time you tell him how you really feel. You know if you don't like him and he likes you it's really not fair to him.

Ruthie: I don't want to hurt him. He's nice. Annoying, but nice.

Annie: Well if you break it to him gently and if you're honest with him, I'm sure he'll be okay. Oh...

Jake: We're all set in the living room for Candyland.

Ruthie: I don't like you. I'm sorry. I did like you but I don't anymore. I don't want to hang out with you. I don't want you to carry my books or my jacket. I don't want to eat lunch with you or spend every Saturday with you either.

Annie: I said gently.

Jake: That's okay. I don't care.

Ruthie: Really?

Jake: Hey, if you don't like me you don't like me.

Ruthie: Cool.

Jake: I need a ride home.

Lucy: Oh, sure. I'll take you. I have to go out anyway.

Ruthie: Thanks for not crying.

Jake: We're twelve. It's not like we're getting married.

Ruthie: True.

Annie: So where are you off to?

Lucy: To do something I don't want to do but have to do. Sometimes love sucks. By the way, I didn't get a chance to listen to dad on the radio. How'd he sound?

Annie: I didn't listen to him either. I'm not supporting this change of careers.

Lucy: I told you, he's not going to change careers. I'm sure of it. So did he get home yet?

Annie: No, he called to say he'd be late.

Lucy: Maybe he went by the church.

Annie: I doubt it.

Outside Arcade

Will: It's getting late and we've looked everywhere.

Emily: I'm sorry. I thought for sure he'd be here.

Will: Where else could he be?

Emily: I know he's not at home. I just don't know where else he'd go.

Will: Well we can't give up.

Eric: No we can't. Emily you gave us a pretty good description of Karl. Let's all split up and take one more look around.

Club Minor

Kevin: Are they looking at me?

Cecilia: Yeah.

Kevin: Why are they looking at me?

Cecilia: Because you remind them of their parents.

Kevin: Simon is so dead!

Cecilia: Hey, this isn't his fault.

Kevin: Oh whose fault is it? And... and where are all the hot older women?

Cecilia: Maybe they come on Wednesdays.

Girl: You want to dance?

Kevin: No.

Girl: Why?

Kevin: I'm older than I look.

Girl: You look really old. I'm okay with that.

Kevin: I'm not.

Girl: Why?

Kevin: I'm not sure, but I... I think dancing with you might be against the law.

Girl: Tease.

Owner: Hello.

Kevin: Hi.

Owner: I've been watching you.

Kevin: You have?

Owner: And I have to know something. You're not twenty, are you?

Kevin: Well you're not twenty either.

Owner: No, I'm twenty-eight. How old are you?

Kevin: Twenty-three.

Owner: How did you get in here?

Kevin: My friend fixed me up with an ID, fake school ID. Well how did you get in here?

Owner: I own this club.

Kevin: I'm in a lot of trouble, aren't I?

Bench Outside

Will: Hey.

Karl: Hi.

Will: How ya doing?

Karl: Look, no offense but I don't want to talk.

Will: Me either. I had a really bad day.

Karl: Well I had a really bad life. So...

Will: Sorry to hear that.

Karl: Uh one year ago today I met my girlfriend right here.

Will: Congratulations.

Karl: She broke up with me last week. We're not together anymore man.

Will: I had a girl break up with me like that one time, two days before our anniversary. I loved her so much. I just wanted her to be happy and I wanted us to be together. Bam out of nowhere she tells me it wasn't working for her. Tell me she didn't love me. Then she uh wanted to break up.

Karl: What'd you do?

Will: Well I had it bad man. See uh... was down for a long time. I didn't want to eat. Couldn't sleep. Grades dropped. She was all I could think about or talk about. And obviously my friends were supportive but even they got tired after a while of hearing about her. So one of them suggested that I might get something out of talking to a counselor at school. I tried it. Honestly I felt kind of stupid talking to some guy about my problems, that I didn't even know. Then I realized he had no judgment over my situation, my problems or me. And that he was there just to help me talk it all through. The more I talked, the better I felt.

Karl: That don't work for every one.

Will: It worked for me. It might work for you.

Karl: I don't think so.

Emily: Karl? I am so sorry that you feel the way you do. But, please don't do anything to hurt yourself.

Karl: What do you care?

Emily: Just because I don't want to date you or marry you, doesn't mean I don't care about you. I do. This is Eric, the man you talked to on the radio this afternoon.

Eric: Hi. Well you... you were right. Emily was listening. She came to us and asked if we'd come with her and look for you.

Emily: Talk to someone Karl. Talk to a professional. I want you to feel better about yourself. Please. Please let someone help you.

Eric: Let me help you.

Karl: I don't think you can. I feel so lonely and depressed and... I feel bad all the time.

Eric: Well what if you could feel better? What if you could just get through today and start working on tomorrow and the next day? What if feeling better about yourself and your life was just a matter of asking for help.

Karl: I can't through the pain now. I can't. How could you do this to me?

Emily: How could I love a person who doesn't love himself? Karl, I've watched you spiral down day after day. And I don't want to be dragged down with you. This isn't about me. This is about you.

Eric: Look if you don't want to ask for help Karl, then lean on Will and me. Just let us take you somewhere where you can get through the night and then you can come back to me tomorrow and I'll take you somewhere where you can get help for the rest of your life.

Karl: You mean church? I thought you said on the radio you quit.

Eric: Maybe I just need some help walking back in the door.

Will: Amen.

Karl: Uh... I know this hospital. It's this place out by the beach Emily told me about it.

Emily: I think it's a good place for you. For you to get some help. So what do you say Karl? Will you let the Reverend and Will take you there?


Will: Looks like a nice place man.

Karl: I hope so.

Will: You don't have any family?

Karl: Not really.

Will: No one?

Karl: I got this sister who lives in Denver with her fourth husband. Look, I really appreciate everything you've done for me, including making up that story about your girlfriend.

Will: I'm sorry man. I didn't know what to say or do. I guess that's why the counseling gig should be left to the experts.

Karl: Yeah. So you hired the Reverend just because you knew I'd call back today?

Will: No, not just because of that. I'm actually trying to get him to come to his senses as well. I mean, I'm... I'm sorry.

Davis: Karl, I'm Davis Chapman. We'll be spending a lot of time together for the next week or so. Why don't we uh grab a cup of coffee huh and start talking?

Karl: Well I guess it's better than killing myself. Take it as a sign I'm feeling better guys. And uh... thanks.

Eric: Any time.

Will: Good night Karl. So Reverend, when Karl gets back on his feet checks hisself out of here you're going to take him back to your church?

Eric: Oh it doesn't have to be my church. I didn't say my church. And when does a guy who I'm filling in for get back?

Will: Tomorrow.

Eric: Mmmm, that's too bad 'cause I was thinking about doing a segment on conspiracies.

Will: Ha, ha, ha. Good night Reverend. And thanks again.

Eric: Good night Will.

Pool Hall

Kevin: Hey, nice.

Lucy: Room for one more?

Roxanne: I thought you were sick?

Lucy: I made a remarkable recovery. May I speak to Roxanne alone? I don't know what to say.

Roxanne: Well what do you want?

Lucy: I want you to stay Kevin's partner.

Roxanne: Why?

Lucy: Because that's what Kevin wants.

Roxanne: What do you want?

Lucy: Look, I'm sorry okay. I know I haven't been that friendly towards you. I have no right to tell Kevin who he can and cannot be partners with. And even though that's not really what I did, I know and you know that the only reason that you don't want to be his partner anymore is because you think I don't like you.

Roxanne: You don't like me. No matter what I do nothing works. I thought we had kind of a break through with Robbie a month ago and here we are back in the same spot.

Lucy: So what do we do? I know we're not just going to shake hands and become friends over night. But if you'd give me a chance, another chance and let me get to know you better and then you could get to know me better then I think that some day maybe I could...

Roxanne: Be nicer to me?

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah.

Roxanne: This wasn't easy for you was it?

Lucy: No, it wasn't.

Roxanne: Okay, I'll stay partners with Kevin. But if things don't get better between us...

Lucy: Things will get better.

Roxanne: Okay.

Kevin: So?

Lucy: I'm trying.

Kevin: Thanks. I love you. Aren't you going to say you love me?

Lucy: I would only do what I just did for a man I loved. Yes, I love you. Now kiss me and let's play pool.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Simon: You know I take pity on you, I take you out and how do you pay me back? You get me kicked out of my club. You get my door man friend fired. You totally embarrassed me.

Ben: Hey, I was lucky I wasn't arrested.

Simon: I'm never taking you anywhere again.

Ben: Promise?

Simon: So I guess tonight was a pretty horrible night for you, huh?

Ben: I've had worse, I think.

Simon: I really thought there'd be girls your age at the club.

Ben: You know what? Tonight wasn't so horrible. I needed to hit rock bottom as far as relationships and women go. And going out with you to Club Minor was like hitting rock bottom and then digging lower, a lot lower. But now that I hit bottom, I can pick myself up and get back out there, start dating again. Yeah, I... I need to start dating again. But this time things are going to be different for me. Things are going to work out. I'm going to find myself a great woman, get into a relationship and in a couple of months from now... I'm going to look back at being busted at an underage club and laugh.

Simon: You got the owner's phone number, didn't you?

Ben: Like I told ya, luck... is not a factor.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Annie: I just wanted to say good night.

Ruthie: Good night mom.

Annie: So, everything worked out with Jake?

Ruthie: Yeah. I'm glad. I didn't want to hurt him. I just don't want to hang out with him anymore.

Annie: It's hard when you're young and when you're old. Sometimes the people you like don't like you back and it... it hurts. Hey, someday you might like somebody who doesn't like you.

Ruthie: Did you ever like a boy who didn't like you back?

Annie: Your father. When we first met he didn't like me the way I liked him. I knew the second that I met him that I wanted to marry him. It took him a little longer to fall in love with me.

Ruthie: Does that mean I could end up marrying Jake some day?

Annie: Well you never know. But probably not. Good night. I love you.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Will called.

Eric: Uh...

Annie: It felt good today, didn't it? Doing your work, helping people.

Eric: Yeah I was glad I was there to help Karl, but... I don't want to keep helping people for a living. Which is why I don't want to do church work anymore. I want to move on. I... it's like I... I'm in the Godfather. I... I... I try to get out and I get pulled back in by people who claim to be family.

Annie: There's a reason you get pulled back in. Helping people is your calling. Eric your church is where you should be. You know that I'm right. You are a minister. You're... you're not a DJ. You're not a cook or a farmer or a computer technician. You're a minister. Go back to the church.

Eric: I'll think about it.

Annie: I'll take it. 

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