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#722 : La roue tourne (2/2)

Incapable de convaincre le père de Chandler de voir son fils avant de mourir, Eric est forcé de le duper. Eric, Annie et Rosina se joignent pour surprendre Matt et le féliciter pour le bébé. Mary confie un gros secret à Lucy. Simon est rejeté par une fille. Ruthie a ses règles et essaie de cacher ça à tout le monde. Kevin reconnait une invitée de Lucy, Christine, parce qu'elle a déja été arrété pour prostitution. Lucy ramène à la maison un test de grossesse sans en parler. De mauvaises nouvelles arrivent chez les Camden au dernier moment. 


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Titre VO
Life and death (2/2)

Titre VF
La roue tourne (2/2)

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Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Mary (Jessica biel)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Mary (Jessica biel)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Mary (Jessica biel)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Mary (Jessica biel)

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton, Chris Olsen & Jeff Olsen 
Réalisé par : Tony Mordente 

Avec : Alan Fudge (Lou Dalton), Christopher Michael (Detective Michaels), Laraine Newman (Rosina Glass), Jessica Biel (Mary Camden), Barry Watson (Matt Camden), Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Orson Bean ..... Patient
  • Hiram Kasten ..... Pharmacien
  • Dan Lauria ..... Andrew Hampton
  • Tara Lipinski ..... Christine
  • Marcia Wallace ..... Infirmière

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: And why does Christine want to go to the prom with you? I mean, how old is she?

Simon: Twenty-something I think. She never made it to her prom.

Cecilia: I know, she told me.

Simon: And she regrets not going.

Cecilia: I know, she told me.

Simon: Look, I want to go. I don't want to regret not going. You don't want to go. Isn't this the perfect solution?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Thanks again for going with me.

Peter: Oh, no problem. But, I think you should tell your mom what's going on.

Ruthie: I think you should mind your own business. Sorry.

Peter: It's an emotional time. No apologies necessary.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Peter: I should get going, but if you need me call.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Look who got off early.

Lucy: You?

Kevin: Yeah, me... your husband. So, what do you want to do? Picnic, movie, walk in the park? Or... do you just want to stay in?

Lucy: Um... would you mind if I had the apartment to myself? I... I need some time to myself. If... if you don't mind.

Kevin: No, I don't mind... if that's what you want.

Mary (on machine): Leave a message. I'll get back to you when I'm on the ground.

Lucy: Okay, I know you did something but now I did something and I need you... immediately.

Airport / Roxanne's House

Roxanne: Where are you now?

Chandler: Kansas, and my plane had some mechanical trouble. I'm trying to get on another flight but right now I'm just stuck. You don't think the universe is trying to keep me from seeing my dad, do you?

Roxanne: It's going to be fine.

Chandler: Well I don't know if it's going to be fine, but... I should have never sent Reverend Camden to talk to my dad. It's not something someone else can do for me.

Roxanne: You don't have to convince me. I completely agree with you.

Chandler: No, I'm trying to convince me. I'll a... I'll talk to you later. I love you.

Roxanne: I love you too. Bye.

New York Hospital

Nurse: Listen, if you like you can relax in the doctor's lounge while you wait for Matt to finish his shift.

Eric: Well thanks.

Nurse: So, what time to you get back to Glenoak?

Eric: Oh, with... with the time change uh... after seven.

Nurse: Mmm... Does your wife know about the baby?

Eric: Well Matt hasn't told either of us. It's not really official.

Nurse: Ah... he told me first. Isn't that sweet? Well for me of course, not you. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Eric: Does he come down here often?

Nurse: Oh he loves to watch the babies.

Eric: If you'll excuse me, I think I want to talk to Mr. Hampton once more before I leave.

Nurse: Well that's not Mr. Hampton. No, that's the man Mr. Hampton insists on sharing a room with. No Mr. Hampton's a big guy, a scary guy. Big scary guy. Everybody in the hospital knows who Mr. Hampton is.

Eric: That's not Mr. Hampton?

Nurse: Um hm. Oh, I'll be right back.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Look hun... I know you want to be alone, but if something's wrong we should talk.

Lucy: Nothing's wrong.

Kevin: You're sure?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm sure.

Kevin: Okay.

Lucy: I just need some time to myself. Maybe some time to myself outside.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Rosina (on machine): You've reached the Glass residence. Please leave your number after the beep. Thank you.

Annie: Rosina, its Annie. I'm not sure if I should be doing this, but I'm dying to talk to you. Call me... I don't know if I did the right thing.

David: You always do the right thing.

Sam: Yep, you're the mommy.

Annie: And I may even be the grandmommy.

Camden's House - Backyard

Cecilia: I want to talk to you.

Lucy: I have a lot on my mind. Can this wait?

Cecilia: No. I thought you liked me. I thought we were friends.

Lucy: I do like you, and we are friends.

Cecilia: Then why would you get Simon and date with Christine?

Lucy: It's not a date. He's just taking her to the prom because you don't want to go to the prom.

Cecilia: Yes, but I also don't want my boyfriend going with some twenty-something year old friend of yours.

Lucy: Why don't you take this up with Christine?

Cecilia: Fine. Where is she?

Lucy: Upstairs.

Kevin: Luce?

Lucy: Kevin... Are you going to stay out here?

Kevin: If you want me to.

Lucy: I want you to.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Christine: You're taking me to prom, isn't there something I can do for you?

Cecilia: Simon?

Christine: Hi Cecilia.

Simon: Hi Cecilia.

Christine: Did you hear Simon and I are going to the prom?

Cecilia: I heard.

Christine: You're not upset, are you?

Cecilia: Nice towel.

Christine: Wait, you don't think...?

Cecilia: If you knew what I thought, you'd be running right now.

Christine: Don't get the wrong idea.

Simon: Yeah...

Christine: Nothing is going on.

Simon: Yeah...

Christine: Simon is just taking pity on me.

Simon: Yeah.

Christine: But if you're not comfortable in any way with our going to prom together... then we just won't go.

Cecilia: What I'm not comfortable with is you Christine... standing in the hall wearing a towel talking to my boyfriend.

Christine: I'm just waiting for the bathroom. Busy household.

Cecilia: Don't you have a robe?

Christine: I don't have a lot of things... including a place to live, which is why I'm here.

David: What are we doing?

Simon: Nothing.

Sam: Why is Christine wearing a towel?

Cecilia: Good question.

David: Hi Ruthie. Do you want to play?

Ruthie: Sorry guys, not now. Can't a person have a little privacy?

Simon: In this house?

Sam: Yeah, in this house?

Christine: Excuse me. I don't want to miss my turn.

Simon: When we spoke earlier I thought you were okay with this.

Cecilia: I was in shock. I hadn't thought it through. I hadn't seen Christine in a towel.

Simon: And now?

Cecilia: And now, you want to go... go.

Simon: Okay, thanks.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: I'm going out.

Annie: Where are you going?

Ruthie: I'm going to walk Happy, okay.

Annie: If there's something going on between you and Peter, you can tell me you know. We can talk about it.

Ruthie: I don't want to talk. I just want to walk the dog.

Annie: Hello?

Glass' House

Rosina: Annie, its Rosina. I've been running around all morning. I... I'm getting ready for a trip to Florida. I just picked up my messages. What's going on?

Annie: Nothing. Nothing officially anyway.

Rosina: What?

New York Hospital

Mr. Hampton: I thought you left.

Eric: Not yet...

Mr. Hampton: Well they took Andrew down for some more tests. I'll tell him you stopped by.

Eric: That's nice of you Mr. Hampton. You are the real Andrew Hampton, aren't you?

Older Gentleman: Does this mean I have to give back the money? Hey, a deal's a deal.

Eric: Now you can run away from me Mr. Hampton, but you can't run away from your son.

Mr. Hampton: You just go back and tell Chandler I don't want to see him before I die. I... I just can't face him, okay?

Eric: No, it's not okay. None of this is okay. And it's not okay to hire some poor old guy to pretend to be you so what, I'll go back to Glenoak and tell your son what you should tell him!

Mr. Hampton: Look, I just hired that old guy to get you off my back!

Eric: Who are you?

Mr. Hampton: I'm someone you don't want to make mad!!

Eric: You don't scare me.

Mr. Hampton: Well I should!

Eric: Yeah, why is that?

Mr. Hampton: Let's just say I can make you very uncomfortable.

Eric: Are you threatening me?

Mr. Hampton: Yes! Now, what do you want from me?

Eric: I want you to talk to your son.

Mr. Hampton: I can't do that. I won't do that.

Eric: Why?

Mr. Hampton: For the same reasons I had that old man tell you! And for other reasons that are none of your business!

Eric: How about I make it my business?

Mr. Hampton: I never hit a priest before, but there's always a first time!

Eric: I'm a minister, not a priest... and I never hit a cancer patient before but there's always a first time. I'm not leaving here until you agree to talk to your son.

Mr. Hampton: What the hell does that mean?

Eric: I'll camp out in this hospital if I have to. And I... I... and... and when you get released I'll follow you home. I... I... I'll dog you day and night. I... really trust me, I'll... I'll become your worst nightmare.

Mr. Hampton: My worst nightmare, huh?

Eric: Yeah.

Mr. Hampton: That's a tall order. Look, um... if I agree to talk to my son, not see him talk to him on the phone, you'll leave?

Eric: Shake on it.

Matt: Sorry to interrupt, but it's going to take us an hour to get to the airport.

Mr. Hampton: Airport?

Eric: Uh... my son and I are traveling back to California together.

Mr. Hampton: You hustled me.

Eric: Well...

Mr. Hampton: Look, you do know that Chandler and I are not going to settle everything with one phone call?

Eric: It's a start.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Kevin: Hello? You must be Christine, Lucy's friend from school. I'm Kevin, Lucy's husband. Do I know you?

Christine: No.

Kevin: No... I do know you.

Christine: Please, don't know me okay? At least don't tell anyone you know me or how you know me.

New York Hospital - Hospital Room

Mary: Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you. Um... I'm just looking for my dad...

Mr. Hampton: Oh, can I be him?

Mary: Uh, no um... his name is Reverend Camden, Eric Camden? Someone said they just saw him.

Mr. Hampton: Yeah, he was just here. He ran off to catch a plane with uh... your brother I think.

Mary: But I was just at the airport.

Mr. Hampton: Don't do that, please. I'll help you however I can, just don't cry.

Mary: I can't help it. My family is going to kill me.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: You didn't come down for dinner. I just thought you might be hungry. It's your favorite, Chow Dynasty.

Lucy: That's so nice of you.

Kevin: I thought that even if you need time alone, you still have to eat, right? Don't worry, I'm not staying. But I did want to mention something about Christine. I know her, and I think you might want to know how I know her.

Christine: How do you know her?

Kevin: I met her at the police station.

Christine: With Mike the police officer she's dating?

Kevin: I don't think so. I mean she dates a lot of guys, but not cops. She's what you call a professional dater.

Camden's House - Foyer

Annie: Ahhh...

Matt: It's good to be home.

Annie: It's good to have you both home. I love you very much. Both of you, especially Matt.

Matt: Well... what's going on?

Annie: Well we got a visitor. She... she just got here.

Eric: A visitor?

Annie: Just remember I love you Matt.

Eric: Uh-oh...

Camden's House - Living Room

Matt: What's going on?

Rosina: I'll tell you what's going on. You got my daughter pregnant. Come here daddy, give me a hug! Oh! Oh-ho! As soon as I found out I called Richard. He's already in Florida, but he sends his love. And I... I mean I should be packing right now but I just had to come over and congratulate you in person. It would be nice if Sarah was with you, but we'll see her in Florida and we'll congratulate her then.

Matt: Who... who told you Sarah's pregnant?

Annie: I love you.

Matt: Mom, what would make you think Sarah's pregnant?

Eric: A nurse at the hospital told me and I told Annie.

Annie: And I told Rosina.

Matt: Wh... why are you crying?

Rosina: My baby is having a baby.

Eric: I'm sorry. This is all my fault. Uh... the nurse at the hospital called me grandpa and... and we got to talking and well... Your mother and I are just so happy.

Annie: I'm just glad the cat is finally out of the bag.

Eric: And the baby is out of the bassinet...

All: Ah... ha...

Rosina: A baby, a grandchild... Oh Matt, we are just so happy. So happy...

Matt: Sarah isn't pregnant. We... we thought she was but she isn't.

Annie: Not pregnant?

Matt: The nurse that told dad is a friend of mine. We... we talk a lot. I told her I thought Sarah was pregnant but I... I... I forgot to tell her that she wasn't. I'm sorry. I... I hope... I hope you all aren't too disappointed.

Annie: Ahh...

Rosina: Ahh...

Eric: Well... well that was close.

Annie: A little too close.

Rosina: Sarah is not ready to have a baby.

Annie: Neither is Matt.

Eric: I agree.

Matt: Wait, wait... I thought you all were so happy we were pregnant.

Rosina: What are you nuts? You're in your first year of marriage and your first year of medical school. I... I can't wait to be a grandmother, but I can wait.

Annie: Me too.

Matt: Nuts... You know what's nuts? You people are nuts. But I love you. And it's great to be back in the nut house. I think I better call Sarah.

Annie: Ah...

Rosina: Well, I think we all dodged a bullet on that one. Let's celebrate.

Annie: Coffee and cake?

Rosina: Yes.

Annie: I got to talk to Ruthie about something. You take care of Rosina. I'll be right back.

Eric: How about coffee?

Rosina: You got anything stronger?

Eric: Cooking sherry?

Rosina: Make mine neat with a twist.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Annie: Hi.

Ruthie: Mom, I have to get through this chapter so...

Annie: You know I love you, right?

Ruthie: Yes.

Annie: You can tell me anything?

Ruthie: Yes.

Annie: Is there anything you want to tell me?

Ruthie: No.

Annie: You sure?

Ruthie: Yes, I'm sure.

Annie: I know.

Ruthie: Know what?

Annie: I know why you've been moody and emotional and why you want more privacy. I know you've started your period. Now is there anything you want to tell me?

Ruthie: I'm going to kill Peter Petrowski.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: You have to tell Simon.

Kevin: No, I don't.

Lucy: Yes, you do. You can't let him take Christine to the prom.

Kevin: Why don't you tell him?

Lucy: I really think the words that "your prom date is a hooker", will come off better from a police officer.

Kevin: She may not be a... she may have retired since got arrested.

Lucy: So, she's still did you know what for money. And she can't go to the prom with Simon.

Kevin: Maybe he already knows. And if he doesn't maybe we should trust Simon to do the right thing if he finds out. And besides it's for one night. What's the worst that could happen?

Lucy: What happened to you on your prom night?

Kevin: I'll talk to him.

Lucy: Thanks. I have to meet Mary at the Promenade. She caught a flight in. We're sisters. We have to talk.

Kevin: Okay. Look Luce, I just wish you'd tell me what's going on.

Camden's House - Foyer

Eric: Ruthie?

Ruthie: Welcome home. I have to kill Peter Petrowski. Bye.

Eric: What's going on?

Ruthie: Nothing.

Eric: Ruthie...?

Annie: Ruthie's... a woman as of yesterday.

Eric: She...?

Annie: Yes, yesterday.

Ruthie: Tell everyone. Thanks.

Eric: No, you... you are not going down to Peter's, it's too late.

Ruthie: Mom, if I can't kill Peter, I just want to be alone.

Rosina: Looks like you could use a sherry. Allow me.

Eric: Ruthie became a woman yesterday?

Annie: A woman who doesn't want her mother.

Eric: Ah... Why are we using the euphemism, "became a woman"?

Annie: Because Peter did.

Eric: So Peter knew before...?

Annie: Yes.

Eric: Well...

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Matt: I... I tried your cellphone. I must have missed you. I... I need to talk to you before you talk to your parents. And let me just say I'm sorry. I love you. Call me.

Kevin: I didn't know you were back until I saw Rosina downstairs. Is everything okay?

Matt: Sarah and I aren't pregnant.

Kevin: Congratulations?

Matt: Evidently.

Kevin: I was just looking for Simon.

Matt: Well he went out with this very attractive scantily dressed woman he claims he's taking her to the prom next week.

Kevin: Great.

Matt: What's up?

Kevin: Simon can't go to the prom.

Matt: Why can't he go to the prom?

Kevin: Because it turns out that his date has a bad reputation, a very bad reputation.

Matt: Look, I... I went to uh the prom with a girl who didn't have such a great reputation and... and everything worked out just fine.

Kevin: Was your date a professional? Because Simon's date is a professional dater... or a former professional dater. Lucy goes to school with her. She brought her home... and it's a long story.

Matt: Well you can tell me in the car while we're looking for him. By professional... you mean...? She's a...


Mary: You know it's... its probably just nerves or something.

Lucy: Mom got pregnant with the twins when she was on the pill.

Mary: Oh. Then maybe you are pregnant. Wow. That almost makes me feel better. Do you think you're going to have twins too?

Lucy: I hadn't thought of that.

Mary: Does Kevin know?

Lucy: I'm not ready to tell him.

Mary: But you have to tell him.

Lucy: No I don't. Not until I know that there's something to tell. And if I am then I am. Then I'll let Kevin know and then I'll let everyone else know. Right after you tell them your big news.

Mary: Well I... I might not have anything to tell either.

Lucy: You're married.

Mary: Not if I can get it annulled.

Lucy: I think that's a good idea considering. On the other hand if you're just getting an annulment because you think no one will like him...

Mary: You think if dad helps me get the annulment then he'll still tell mom? Yeah, I'm an idiot.

Lucy: We're both idiots. Well, shall we? Hold my hand, will you?


Pharmacist: Well hey Lucy, Mary. What brings you out so late? I was just locking up.

Lucy: I need an early pregnancy test.

Camden's House - Attic Room / Petrowski's House

Peter: Hello?

Ruthie: Don't you hello me!

Peter: Ruthie?

Ruthie: You told my mom. How could you?

Peter: Oh, that.

Ruthie: Yes, that. Why'd you do it? And don't call me honey or sweetie. Just tell me why you told my mom when you know I didn't want her or anyone else to know.

Peter: You told my mom that I smoked.

Ruthie: Well, so this is payback?

Peter: No...

Ruthie: I don't understand.

Peter: Why did you tell my mom that I was smoking?

Ruthie: Because she needed to know.

Peter: That's why I told your mom about you. You should have told her. She was going crazy. She wanted to know. It seemed like the right thing to do. She's your mother.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: Where's Simon?

Christine: Upstairs. So does everyone know?

Kevin: Lucy.

Christine: I knew I wasn't going to make it to that prom. Time to move on, huh? Oh come on. You don't really care what happens to me, do you? And I'm sure you don't want to hear my sad, sad story. So why don't I just go inside and pack my bags and be on my way and make everyone happy?

Kevin: You mean run away?

Christine: It's worked in the past.

Kevin: Right now you have a place to live, and you're with a family that I know will help you if you ask them. What's your excuse going to be this time when you run away and do what you do?

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Annie: Is everything okay?

Matt: Yeah, I just want to get to Sarah before her parents do.

Annie: I'm sorry about telling Rosina.

Matt: Thanks for the apology, but you wouldn't have had anything to tell them if I hadn't said anything to that nurse. I just hope Sarah isn't too angry.

Annie: Oh Sarah loves you.

Matt: I know. I meant I hope she's not too angry with you. I'm kidding. She would never be angry with you when she could be angry with me. Simon? Well Kevin and I have been looking for you all night. Where you been?

Simon: I was at the mall shopping for a prom dress. Not for me, for Christine.

Matt: Come on, let's talk.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hey, just a second, please?

Ruthie: Dad, I'm not like Mary. I'm not going to send you to the store for tampons. And I'm not like Lucy who thought her whole life was over when all her friends had their periods and she didn't. I'm like me. And I don't want to talk about it. I don't want a special dinner or celebration. That's why I didn't want anyone to know, especially mom. Because I knew mom would make a big deal about it.

Eric: Well your mom didn't make it that way. It... it is that way. It's a... it's a first. It's a big first and your mother and I have been there for all your firsts. The first time you smiled. The first time you laughed. The first time you cried. Your first day of school. Your first fight. The first boy you liked. The first time you rode a bike. You... you know your mother and I have memories of all these moments in your life, but this... Well you know this is a special thing between a mother and a daughter and... and even though I'm here for you if you want me to be... this is really an event that you and your mom should share.

Ruthie: What do you want me to do?

Eric: Sleep on it. See what comes to you. I'm serious. Hi.

Christine: Hi.

Eric: Do I know you?

Christine: I'm Christine. I'm Lucy's friend.

Simon: She's my friend too. Dad, can I talk to Christine alone?

Eric: Good night.

Christine: So, I guess you know all about me... thanks to Kevin.

Simon: No, it wasn't Kevin. My brother Matt told me. Why didn't you tell me?

Christine: I figured when your family found out about my past... I'd have to leave. And I didn't want to give this family up. But you wouldn't understand what it's like to have a past.

Simon: I ran an escort business at my school. No sex. I just provided dating services to women who needed dating services. But until tonight even though I understood what I was doing was wrong, I... I don't think I ever really understood how wrong the whole idea was. Sex, companionship, friendship... it shouldn't be bought or sold. And I feel badly that you found yourself in such a desperate situation that you... you felt you didn't have a choice. Why don't you stick around? Let my dad help you out.

Christine: Thanks. If it's okay, maybe I will. So I guess this means...

Simon: This means that I think you should save your money for something other than a prom dress. Maybe an apartment, tuition, books...

New York Hospital - Hospital Room

Chandler: Dad?

Mr. Hampton: Chandler.

Chandler: You're up.

Mr. Hampton: Well, I don't sleep much these days. Besides your brother just left.

Chandler: How is Sid?

Mr. Hampton: I made him promise to quit smoking the day I die.

Chandler: Yeah, well Sid won't quit until the day he dies.

Mr. Hampton: Well you talk to him. He'll listen to you. I um... I met Reverend Camden.

Chandler: How'd that go?

Mr. Hampton: Ah, he's a tough guy for a minister. And annoying too. I told him I didn't want to see you. I cut you off without a dime. I never supported ya. I hate what you're doing with your life. I'm surprised you wanted to see me.

Chandler: I didn't want to see you... for the same reasons. But you're dying.

Mr. Hampton: Yeah, so they tell me.

Chandler: And you're my father. And I can't change that. And I can't run away from that. Shortly after I sent Reverend Camden to see you, I... I just realized that I have to face you for myself. I can't send someone else to do that for me.

Mr. Hampton: Well here I am. Face me.

Chandler: You think this is easy for me? 'Cause its not.

Mr. Hampton: Hey, I'm the one with the hard part here. I got lung cancer. I'm dying.

Chandler: What... what if we could just start over... right now? Forget the past.

Mr. Hampton: Could you do that?

Chandler: I don't know. Could you?

Mr. Hampton: Well I could give it a try if... you're willing to give it a shot.

Chandler: Okay.

Mr. Hampton: Okay.

Chandler: Are you uh... still like the Yankees?

Mr. Hampton: You came all the way out here just to talk about the Yankees?

Chandler: Uh... why not?

Mr. Hampton: I'll tell you the future of the Yankees... first base coach.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Aren't you coming to bed?

Kevin: I talked to Christine and Matt talked to Simon.

Lucy: Thanks. I'm going to talk to them both too.

Kevin: Where's Mary? Why didn't she come home?

Lucy: She's staying... with a friend. She's not quite ready to come home.

Kevin: You know you can tell me anything. You know that, right?

Lucy: I'm too tired to talk tonight. Let's just sleep. Just sleep.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Simon: Christine is gone. You know where she is?

Kevin: No. But I certainly didn't ask her to leave. Simon, you can't save people. You don't have that kind of power. You can only give people choices and opportunities. The rest is up to them.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Ruthie: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. It's not what I wanted to do. I just didn't want you to make a big deal about this.

Annie: Ruthie you may not see the significance of the last couple of days, but well what's happened to you is significant.

Ruthie: Not to me it isn't. You and dad have talked about this stuff my whole life. I've seen the films, read the books. I have two older sisters. I know what's happening to my body. It's not a miracle. It just happens. And I don't want to celebrate it, okay? I don't want a traditional Camden family celebration that starts with the big dinner and ends with dad buying me feminine products. Its not who I am. Okay, what would make you happy?

Annie: No this isn't about me.

Ruthie: That's what I thought before I talked to dad. But I was wrong. It is about you. You and me. And there has to be a compromise. Something that we could do together that would make you happy and not make me barf.

Annie: Well we could go out for a celebration dinner. How... about a non-celebration dinner?

Ruthie: A dinner where we do not discuss my womanhood?

Annie: Hey Ruthie? Thanks.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: You knew? But you didn't say anything. You didn't try to talk to me, give me sage older sister advice. Why?

Lucy: I figured when you were ready to talk about it, you'd come to me. I was just trying to respect your privacy.

Ruthie: Thanks. Okay, okay... I'm a woman. Are you happy now?

Matt: Congratulations.

Simon: Yeah, congratulations.

Ruthie: Here endeth the celebration of my womanhood. But we are all going to dinner tonight. Spread the word. I have to go call Peter and apologize.

Matt: They grow fast.

Lucy: They really do.

Sam: They really do.

David: Yep.

Camden's House - Kitchen / New York Hospital

Eric: Hello?

Chandler: Eric, its Chandler.

Eric: Oh I was going to call you later today. I got in last night and there's a lot going on here.

Chandler: Yeah, well I'm in New York... at the hospital... with my dad.

Eric: What?

Chandler: Yeah, I just uh... got on a plane and... well here I am.

Eric: Well how's everything going?

Chandler: We're talking. Well it hasn't been easy for either one of us, but uh... we're doing it.

Eric: Well good for you.

Chandler: Um... I'm uh coming home tonight.

Eric: Why so soon?

Chandler: Well I have something I need to say to Roxanne and I have to do it in person. And if I don't do it soon I'm going to go... I just... I have to see her.

Eric: So we'll talk when you get back.

Chandler: I'd like that.

Eric: Okay.

Chandler: Look if I uh hadn't taken this job and met you, none of this would have happened. So... thank you more than you could know.

Eric: No thank you for coming here and taking this job and you know taking care of my parishioners while I took care of myself.

Chandler: Well anytime. I'll talk to you later. And... thanks.

Eric: Same here.

Camden's House - Foyer

Simon: I... I thought you left.

Christine: I thought I left too.

Simon: I'm glad you're back.

Christine: Me too.

Simon: So are you going to stay for a while?

Christine: If it's okay with your parents and everyone... until I get a job and a place to live...

Simon: I think you made the right choice.

Christine: For once, I think I did. Thanks.

Simon: So, do you want to go out for pizza with me and my family?

Christine: Are we celebrating something?

Simon: Yeah, life... I think.

Christine: I like life. Count me in.

Roxanne's House

Roxanne: Um I noticed you brought your suitcase in with you.

Chandler: Well I didn't think I should leave it in the backseat of your convertible. I can't wait any longer.

Roxanne: Wait any longer for...?

Chandler: I love you. Let's do what we've both wanted to do since the moment we first laid eyes on each other. You haven't changed your mind, have you?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: You ready? Everybody else is probably at the pool hall already. We're going to be late. Oh, and hey I hear Mary's meeting us there. Isn't that great?

Lucy: Yeah, I can't wait. Um... I just need to check on one more thing and then I'll be ready to go.

Eric: Okay. I'll get the door and I'll meet you at the car.

Camden's House - Foyer

Det. Michaels: Eric, we have to talk.

Eric: Uh can we do it later? My... my entire family is waiting for me at the pool hall.

Lou: Eric...?

Eric: Lou.

Det. Michaels: Really we should do this inside.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Okay, here goes nothing.

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