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#904 : Futur maman

Une jeune fille, Leanne, vient de demander de l'aide à Eric. Elle cherche une famille pour adopter son bébé. Au moment d'accoucher, Leanne change d'avis, Eric et Annie ont la charge de convaincre la mère de Leanne de la soutenir et d'aider à retrouver le père du bébé. Simon rencontre le frère du jeune garçon qu'il a accidentellement tué l'année précédente. Il découvre que ce garçon lui a pardonné et qu'il est près à l'aider à oublier cette histoire. Harry est confronté à Kevin et Martin qui voudraient qu'il rompt avec Ruthie. Les trois garçons sont surpris d'apprendre que Ruthie veut la même chose. Lucy donne son premier cours d'éducation sexuelle et se rend compte qu'elle s'est mieux débrouillée que prévu.


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Titre VO
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do

Titre VF
Futur maman

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Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

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Un cycliste

Un cycliste

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Écrit par : Elaine Arata 
Réalisé par : Michael Preece 

Avec : Aucun

Guests :

  • Aaron Carter ..... Harry
  • Katherine Ellis ..... Bernadette Annigan
  • Tricia Leigh Fisher ..... Madame Shearers
  • Amanda Fuller ..... Leanne
  • Joey Gray ..... Justin Smith
  • Tim Halligan ..... Ty Ragland
  • Paul Keeley ..... Jim Shearers
  • Eric Parker ..... Charlie Ragland
  • Katlin Belcher Rivers ..... Brianna
  • Elizabeth Sampson ..... Kay Ragland
  • Antoinette Spolar ..... Sunny Shearers
  • Jason Thornton ..... Henry
  • Ken Weiler ..... Volontaire
  • Jon Curry ..... Marcus Annigan

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric on Phone: Yes, thank you for your donation Mrs. Leahy. You've always been so generous with your time as, as well as your money. Ah, no... well, okay, sure. Hello, Jack...

Eric on Phone: Jack, ah, can you put your mommy back on the phone?

Jack: (screams)

Eric on Phone: Mrs. Leahy? Is, is, is Jack all right? Ah, yes, he certainly has lively way of expressing himself. Okay... goodbye.

Simon: Yeah, I think that's a mom thing... 'cause Mary does the same thing. Every time I call her, she puts little Charles Miguel on the phone and I end up paying long distance charges just to listen to him breath while she's in the background going say hi, say hi.

Eric: Yeah, he'll probably be talking up a storm in no time.

Simon: Well, since I'm leaving for school I though I'd come say my farewells.

Eric: I wish you were leaving with more assurance that you realize made some bad choices last year, 'cause I feel that instead you're leaving with a commitment to continue some bad choices.

Simon: I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree.

Eric: Okay Simon we'll agree to disagree, but when you're faced with the consequences of your actions and there are consequences, please don't let the fact that I'm right and you're wrong keep you for coming to me for help. And um, with that said, believe you'll be needing a little money for school.

Simon: So far Dad, the consequences have been that I reexamined my life and I've realized why I was doing what I was doing, which is crazy, because I'm not a bad person, and you know so now...

Eric: Yeah...?

Simon: I continue doing what I was doing; it will be for the right reasons.

Eric: Like... marriage?

Simon: Do you really want me to get married at nineteen?

Eric: No, but I really want you to wait until you find someone you're madly in love with, who is a good person and who's life compliments yours and then marry her after you're both out of college and then have sex.

Leanne: Yeah, that's exactly what my parents planned for me... only it didn't quite work out that way.

Eric: Leanne...?

Leanne: Reverend Camden...?

Eric: Come in... this is my son, Simon.

Simon: Hi... Let me guess, he called you down here and you could pretend you're in trouble so that I could see what would happen to me.

Eric: (sighs)

Simon: I have to pack. Thanks for the check.

Dr. Gibson's Office

Simon: Please go, please just go.

Justin: Simon... is that you? It's Justin... Justin Smith.

Simon: I know... I'm probably the last person in the whole world you wanted to see today.

Justin: Actually, that's not true.

Simon: Well, it's true for me. I've, I've been dreading this day pretty much every minute of my life since the accident.

Justin: I can imagine. I should've called you way before this. Man, I'm really sorry about all those threats... must have really freaked you out. Maybe we could grab a cup of coffee sometime.

Simon: Uh, all right... maybe, yeah.

Justin: You know whenever you want, I'll, I'll leave it up to you.

Simon: Are you for real?

Justin: Straight up.

Simon: I mean I just can't believe I'm, I'm looking at the same person. You look so different... I mean you look great.

Justin: Yeah, I've changed a lot. It's been over a year since the accident and the loss of my brother it saved my family and me and it seems to have some purpose now. Doesn't take the pain away, but... we're better now. I'm drug free without with absolutely no desire ever going near the stuff again. And I've even been asked to speak at some schools, you know, about what seems like harmless little drug can end up in death and the near destruction of a family. How are you doing?

Simon: I'm okay, I guess... yeah. I'm, I'm gonna be okay. I'm going back to school, it's gonna be my second year. I can't drive by that corner though. I mean I freak whenever I have to pass someone who's on a bike. I don't think I'm gonna ever gonna be able on a bike again. And besides the fact that I'm in this relationship that can't be good, I'm...

Justin: Getting some help?

Simon: Yeah...

Justin: If you ever need anything, you know where I live.

Simon: (sighs)

Door: (knocks)

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Leanne: Pick one... I can't do it. I, I can't believe after all I've been through that I can't keep this baby, but... I can't. So... those are the two choices.

Eric: I'll, I'll meet with them if you like and give you my opinion, but you might want to meet with the couple I choose just for your own peace of mind. These are going to the parents of your child.

Leanne: No, I trust you. You'd be a much better than me at picking the right people.

Eric: We can meet with them together, if that would make you feel more comfortable.

Leanne: I don't want any part of it. It's too painful for me, I just can't do it.

Eric: I'll meet with them first. If for any reason neither couple works out, I'm gonna put you in touch with a very reputable attorney who might have a little more experience than, you know, just a guy you found off the internet.

Leanne: Thank you Reverend Camden. But, hopefully one of these couples will do.

Lucy: Hello...

Leanne: Hi...

Lucy: Was that Plan B to keep Simon on the straight and now?

Eric: No, thatta that young lady is about to give her baby up adoption because she's not married, she just graduated from high school, she got a chance to start college in January, and she doesn't feel she can provide for her child. And I just, I don't think she's thought this through or gotten the best advice.

Lucy: Okay, now you made me really sad.

Eric: Oh, I don't want to make you sad, you make me smile every time I see you. How's it going?

Lucy: It's going great. I got my paper back, and I've made an A.

Eric: Part of last week's sermon?

Lucy: Yes...

Eric: (laughs)

Eric: Would you like to do this week's sermon?

Lucy: No, I've got midterms coming up, and I'm kicking off my class for teens this afternoon.

Eric: You're a few hours early.

Lucy: Yeah, Kevin worked the night shift last night and he's sleeping. I thought I'd just come down and kinda get used to the place.

Eric: Ah...

Lucy: Oh, did you need the office?

Eric: I have a few things to do.

Lucy: So we'll share it.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Bird: (chirping)

Ruthie: Where is your mommy?

Cat: (meows)

Ruthie: Go home, Mr. Fluffy. No bird today.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Who's out there?

Ruthie: I was chasing away the neighbor's cat.

Annie: Why, you like the neighbor's cat. Ah, that's the sweetest little bird. Well, take 'em back outside and find the nest.

Ruthie: I have homework.

Annie: So the bird dies because you have something else to do? No, no, no, your bird, your responsibility. I've got a family to take care of.

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello?

Social Services / Camden's House - Kitchen

Harry on Phone: Hi, Mrs. Camden. It's Harry. Is Ruthie there?

Annie on Phone: No, she's outside. Could I have her call you back.

Harry on Phone: Could you just give her a message?

Annie on Phone: Sure...

Harry on Phone: Could you tell her I've found another girlfriend.

Annie on Phone: I'm not gonna give her a message like that. You tell her yourself.

Harry on Phone: It's not a big deal. Could you just tell her, please?

Annie on Phone: No, but I will tell her to call you back.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lucy on Phone: Does that come in pink? What about yellow? Green...? It's only in blue, there are no other choices?

Eric on Phone: If you could come to the church this afternoon that would be great. All right, thank you, goodbye.

Lucy: What?

Eric: Mmmm...

Lucy on Phone: Yeah, I, I'm having a girl. Yeah, I know... so what bumpers do come in pink? What, no, I don't like fairies... no, I don't like unicorns either.

Lucy: Am I too loud?

Eric: No, it's just a little distracting.

Lucy on Phone: What... what stripes are too masculine, but what about gingham?

Eric: So, I'll just work from my office at home, unless, of course, you'd like to work from my office at home.

Lucy: Ah, I can't, I've teenagers coming.

Lucy on Phone: What... pink gingham? Oh, well... oh...

Glenoak Community Church - Hallway

Harry: I'm happy I found you. Look, I tried to get Mrs. Camden to do this, but she won't. Could you tell Ruthie I have another girlfriend?

Eric: (laughs)

Eric: No, been there, done that. You can tell her yourself.

Harry: I don't even know her that well.

Eric: Well still, that's a conversation you have to have with Ruthie.

Harry: Here's the thing. There's a girl in social services who doesn't have a family either, and let's face it, at this age we're not gonna get a family, so we thought we'd just get married.

Eric: You really think that's a good plan, Harry?

Harry: You really think it's better to be in social services?

Eric: Well...

Harry: I want a family and if I have to start one of my own, fine. If I can't get a mom and a dad, I'll take a wife. Which means I can't be Ruthie's boyfriend, sorry. You explain it to her, I don't have enough experience.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Martin: Are you busy?

Kevin: A little. Feel free to grab that mop and help me out.

Martin: I just wanted to ask you something.

Kevin: Ask away.

Martin: Did you... you know... where you and Lucy ever... together before you got married.

Kevin: No, we were not. We waited until we got married.

Martin: Was that your idea or Lucy's idea?

Kevin: It was something we decided together.

Martin: What um, what about before Lucy?

Kevin: What are you getting at?

Martin: What I'm getting at is maybe I'm not normal. Maybe I'm the only guy in the world who thinks he has to wait until he gets married.

Kevin: What brought this on... Simon?

Martin: Baseball... I had a bad practice today. And when I thought about it, I realized most guys my age are just fooling around after school, not knocking themselves out just to get yelled at by some dumb coach.

Kevin: You had a bad practice so now you think you'll completely abandon everything you believe in and go out and do something stupid?

Martin: Yeah, it does sound kind of dumb when I think about it.

Kevin: Wait a minute. Why'd you have a bad practice?

Martin: I saw that Harry kid with some girl. Ruthie's going to get her heart broken.

Kevin: I'll kill him.

Martin: He's pretty tough.

Kevin: I'm a cop.

Martin: He's in social services. I don't think he's afraid of authority figures.

Kevin: We'll see about that. Do you know where this kid lives?

Martin: Social Services...

Kevin: Yeah right... finish the floor. I'll be back.

Martin: No way...

Camden's House - Back Porch

Ruthie: I can't find the nest.

Eric: Oh, we'd better find somebody to take care of it.

Ruthie Well I can take care of it. I wanna take care of it.

Eric: How are you gonna feed it?

Ruthie: Can't be that hard. You just get some worms, right?

Eric: Right? Why, why don't I go down to the sporting goods store for you? They, they sell live worms for fish bait.

Ruthie: Well, that's great. Thanks...

Eric: How are things going with Harry?

Ruthie: I know you don't like him, Dad, but he's a nice guy... a really nice guy.

Eric: Well, he's not the only nice guy at your school, probably lots of nice guys.

Ruthie: I'm sure there are... but this is the one I'm interested in... sorry.

Eric: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: I couldn't find the nest, so I'm just going to have to take of the bird myself.

Annie: Harry called; he wants you to call him back.

Ruthie: Yeah, I'll call him.

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello?

Camden's House - Kitchen / Glenoak Community Hospital - Room

Leanne on Phone: I need to speak to Reverend Camden.

Annie on Phone: Well, he's not home yet.

Leanne on Phone: Are you Mrs. Camden?

Annie on Phone: Yes, I am.

Leanne on Phone: This is Leanne. I need some help. I, I, I'm here at the hospital. I'm having my baby. I, I thought I had a couple of more weeks, but I don't. I don't even know if I have a couple more hours.

Annie on Phone: Well, I'll find him, what do you want him to do exactly?

Leanne on Phone: I want him to hurry up and find my baby a mom and dad. Like now!

Glenoak Community Hospital - Room

Annie: Keep breathing...

Leanne: (breathing)

Annie: That wasn't so bad, was it?

Leanne: No... this was nothing how I thought having my first baby would be like.

Annie: How did you picture it?

Leanne: First off, I never expected to be a product of a broken home. I've always dreamed I'd have this big wedding and my dad would walk me down the aisle and have this really proud look on his face... he'd be so happy for me. Then when I got pregnant, my mom would pamper me and be there for me and tell me what it's like every step of my pregnancy, so it wasn't so scary. And then after I had the baby, they would come and visit us every Sunday and I'd cook us all dinner. I haven't seen my dad in years, and my mom was so furious when she found out that I was pregnant that she kicked my out of the house. She said she'd let me come back home and, and help me with college only if I gave up my baby up. Here I am, single, in labor with a baby I know I have to give up, with, with someone whom I hardly know taking the time to take care of me. It's pretty pathetic, huh?

Annie: Oh, I'm happy to be here for you, Leanne. I'll help you through this, okay?

Leanne: Thank you. I guess I've learned the hard way that it's better not to have dreams, because you'll always be disappointed because people always disappoint you. I've even disappointed myself.

Annie: Oh, don't say that. People make mistakes. People aren't perfect. We make choices that affect where our lives go, but if it's not the right choice, there's still a chance to... to make it good. It, it may not be your original dream, but if you learn from the mistake, why you know you can make a version of that dream come true.

Leanne: I don't want my baby to think he can't count on me and have to go through what I've been through. I want to be there and I don't want to let my baby down.

Leanne: (groans, breathing)

Leanne: Annie, there's no way I'm giving up my baby. Call Eric, now!

Leanne: (groans, breathing)

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Marcus: Excuse me.

Bernadette: I'm sorry we had to wake you.

Lucy: Ever since I've become pregnant, I find myself taking little catnaps here and there.

Bernadette: I'm Bernadette Owen, and this is my husband Marcus. We're thrilled at the prospect of adopting your baby. So how many months along are you?

Lucy: Oh well, I'm in my second trimester, but I should...

Marcus: Actually if you don't mind, we'd like to start right in and get down to business. Um, I feel it's important for both parties to have the information you know, to make an educated and, and suitable decision.

Bernadette: We just have a few questions.

Lucy: Um, sure...

Marcus: It's um, okay, any, any mental illness in the family?

Lucy: Um, let's see... I'm not sure, but right now there's none that I know of. I'll, I'll ask.

Marcus: Right, okay... good... um, any history of drug or alcohol abuse?

Lucy: Absolutely not.

Marcus: Do, do you and the father happen to know what your IQ's are?

Lucy: No, but we both consider ourselves intelligent people.

Marcus: Okay... ah...

Bernadette: Do you or the father have any special skill sets or anything that, let's say, you find you are naturally gifted at?

Marcus: Right, you know, such as ah math, ah music, science; it could be physical as well as intellectual.

Lucy: Before we go on with any more questions, I... I just want to remind you that I understand it... I'm the one who should be doing the interviewing. So, so, let me throw a question back at you. What if you knew that my baby had no special skills at all, was of average intelligence, and would grow up to be an average person who was kind and hardworking?

Marcus: That would be something we'd have to think about.

Lucy: I think this is the end of our meeting. Goodbye... and shame on you.

Phone: (rings)

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / Camden's House - Eric's Office

Lucy on Phone: Hello?

Eric on Phone: Lucy, I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to get down to the church... something's come up.

Lucy on Phone: Don't worry about it, Dad.

Eric on Phone: Will you be able to meet with prospective parents for Leanne's baby?

Lucy on Phone: Well, actually I've already met with a couple. I couldn't get a hold of you.

Eric on Phone: Well, great... how, how did it go?

Lucy on Phone: Ah, they are definitely not going to work out. Dad, you wouldn't believe what they said, it was like...

Eric on Phone: Lucy, if, if you didn't think they were right, I trust you.

Lucy on Phone: Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'm won't let you or Leanne or the baby down.

Eric on Phone: Well, at the moment, Leanne has changed her mind, but maybe it's just under the stress of delivery.

Lucy on Phone: Oh, so you're at the hospital.

Eric on Phone: Ah, your mom is. Look I know you have your teen class coming in, so if it's too much to meet with this other couple, I, I can reschedule.

Lucy on Phone: Um... not a problem, Dad... but I thought you said that Leanne had changed her mind.

Eric on Phone: For now, we don't know what's going to happen, so they don't need to know anything... just now. I just... I wish I had more time to get to know Leanne, you know, more time to find a really nice couple. They're so many of them out there.

Lucy on Phone: Well, I'll let you know if they come here.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Sam: Why don't you feed him cereal?

David: I bet he likes cereal.

Sam: It's delicious and nutritious, too.

Ruthie: Well, he likes these worms; he's just not eating as much as he was before.

David: He doesn't look the same as when you first found him.

Simon: Hey, how's the bird doing? Oh, ah, in case I don't see you before I go, I'm, I'm leaving for school sometime today, so I'll see you when I get back.

Sam: Okay, bye...

David: Bye...

Simon: I'm not leaving right this second, you guys. See you later.

Ruthie: Nice... so is that your way of kicking me to the curb?

Simon: What do you mean?

Ruthie: I need a little more closure than that.

Simon: I'm just going off to school.

Ruthie: Yeah, but it's not just you going off to school, it's you leaving again and let's face it, you not going to be back home for any period of time. You've flown the coupe.

Simon: Ruthie, I'm always going to be a part of this family.

Ruthie: Yeah, but lately it just seems by name only. I mean, I don't mind being left out of the family conversations about you and your problems, but I do mind being left out of your life.

Simon: You're not being left out of my life. Look, I have to get to the bank before it closes and then I'll come back and we'll talk, okay? I promise.

Ruthie: Yeah, yeah, isn't that what they call the big blow off, isn't it?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lucy: Hi, you must be the Shearers.

Jim: Yes...

Lucy: I'm Lucy Camden. I'm filling in for my father. He's sorry he couldn't make it, but since I'm an expectant mom, I hope you won't mind talking to me so I could tell the expectant mom a little bit about you both.

Sunny: Not at all.

Jim: We're so excited. How soon do you think we'll be able to get the baby?

Lucy: Ah, ah, I, I don't know. I think the mother just wanted someone to meet you to see if she should meet you.

Sunny: Are other couples being interviewed?

Lucy: Yes...

Sunny: Well, ah, we can provide the very best things for this child that money can buy. I want the mother to know that.

Lucy: Oh, okay...

Jim: If we can get him or her before the new restaurant opens, that would be fantastic.

Lucy: Oh, would you or husband, or both of you be able to take maternity leave?

Sunny: Oh no... no, no, no. We run our own business so that wouldn't be possible. We already own a couple of restaurants, so it's a 24/7-type of business.

Jim: But don't let that worry you, because you know this terrific nanny.

Sunny: Right... we already talked to her about being a possible live-in, since the weekends are our busiest days...

Jim: And just so you know it's not as if we can't have our own baby. There's not a problem in that department.

Sunny: Biologically speaking, the doctors say there's not a problem with me conceiving a baby. It's just that we don't want to go through all that and take unnecessary risks.

Lucy: Unnecessary risks...?

Jim: What if there were complications and she had to spend of her pregnancy in bed? We can't have that. There's no way she can take time off of work, so adopting is the best option for me... her... us. And she doesn't have to lose her figure.

Jim: (chuckles)

Jim: I was just kidding.

Sunny: We really do think adoption is the easiest way to go for us.

Jim: No need in making this parent thing any harder than it has to be.

Sunny: Right...

Social Services - Lobby

Martin: I'm really sorry about... your situation, but I don't understand why you would choose to hurt Ruthie. She's not dumping you.

Harry: She would, eventually.

Phone: (rings)

Harry: What... I borrowed it.

Harry on Phone: Hello?

Social Services - Lobby / Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie on Phone: Hi, it's Ruthie.

Harry on Phone: What's up?

Ruthie on Phone: Harry, I need your help.

Harry on Phone: Kevin and Martin are here. Maybe you should talk to one of them.

Kevin on Phone: Hi, Ruthie...

Ruthie on Phone: Where are you and what are you and Martin doing with Harry?

Kevin on Phone: I'll explain to you later. What do you need?

Ruthie on Phone: I'm trying to save a baby bird. I think it's dying.

Bates' House - Front Door

Door: (knocking)

Eric: Are you Charlie Bates?

Charlie: Yes, do I know you?

Eric: No, I'm Eric Camden. I'm the minister down at Glenoak Community Church. I'm a friend of Leanne's.

Charlie: Leanne? Where, where is she?

Eric: May I come in?

Kay: Charlie, who is it?

Eric: Maybe we should talk out here.

Charlie: It's okay, Mom.

Eric: I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to forego all the usual pleasantries and just get to what I have to tell you.

Charlie: She's pregnant, isn't she? I, I know that must be what happened, but her mother won't tell me anything... Leanne just disappeared.

Eric: You're going to be a father. Leanne wants to give the baby up for adoption, but now she's gone into labor and she's changed her mind. She would like you to be there.

Charlie: Wow, I kinda knew, but I didn't.

Eric: Look, I'm sorry; we don't have a lot of time.

Charlie: How am I gonna tell my parents? I, I have to tell my parents. I'm so dead.

Eric: I'll help you talk to them. Look, I'm relieved that you want to talk to them. I think you're gonna need them.

Charlie: Just one thing... take a little more time than you did with me before breaking it to them. I don't want to have to call the paramedics.

Eric: All right...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Sam: I see spots.

Harry: There are no spots, but it does look like he's losing feathers.

Martin: It's because he hasn't grown all his feathers yet.

Harry: Okay, Mr. Vet.

Ruthie: He seems weak.

Lucy: What's going on?

Ruthie: I think this bird is getting worse.

Lucy: Oh, Ruthie, I'm sorry.

Kevin: The recording says the Wildlife Rescue Station is open, but I can't get an actual person on the line. Maybe we should just go.

Martin: I'll go with you.

Harry: Same here...

Lucy: I've got to be here just in case mom and dad need me, but Ruthie, you go with your bird. I'll take care of Sam and David.

Ruthie: No, I promised mom I'd stay with. Besides, if mom needs you at the hospital you can't take Sam and David with you.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Annie on Phone: Yes, I know. Yes, I, I know it's very difficult, but she's here alone. Yes, I'm here, but I'm not her mother.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Room

Leanne: She's not coming, is she?

Annie: Maybe she'll change her mind.

Leanne: No, she won't. My mom is right. My baby will be better off with a mom and a dad... maybe I should reconsider.

Annie: I think Eric might be with the baby's father right now.

Leanne: That was probably a mistake, too. Why did you listen to me? Don't you know I'm a stupid girl who makes a lot of stupid mistakes?

Annie: Maybe there's a reason the baby came before you found a family, maybe it's part of God's plan. It's going to be okay. Whatever happens, whatever you decide, it's going to be okay.

Leanne: How is it going to be okay?

Annie: I don't know, I just know it will. And I'll be right here.

Leanne: Thanks. It was probably a mistake to call my mother anyway.

Bates' House - Living Room

Eric: I know it's difficult not to go back to the should haves and could haves, but I think we, we, we have to get beyond that now. The situation is what it is and everyone is and everyone is going to have to deal with since Leanne is in labor as we speak.

Ty: But I still don't understand why she didn't tell anyone before now.

Kay: We suspected this might have happened. But really, why couldn't stick to her original plan of giving the baby up instead of turning our family inside out.

Eric: She may go back to wanting to find a couple to adopt the baby, and I maybe I should have told Leanne to wait to tell you and your son, but she's having the baby, and well don't you want to have the option of being there.

Kay: She's not more ready to be a mother than he is to be a father.

Charlie: Thanks Mom, but the fact is she's gonna be a mother and I am the father.

Kay: This is wrong. And Charlie, you have to think about this. You don't have to go. You have a future to look forward to and it doesn't have to include Leanne.

Charlie: What kind of a future is there for my child of I'm not there?

Ty: Geez, thanks a lot. Would you want someone to do this to you if your son did the same thing?

Eric: I'm very sorry, but a lawyer I've never heard of referred Leanne to me and she just came in today, and everything happened so quickly... and yes, actually, as difficult as it might be, I think, I would want someone to come to me if my son were in this situation.

Ty: Charlie and Leanne have been together since the third grade... she practically our daughter. Then they grew up and graduated from high school and she broke his heart. Just took off with out any warning. She didn't even try to contact Kay or myself.

Kay: Does Connie, her mother, know anything about this?

Eric: Yes, she does, but she won't let Leanne come home until gives up the baby.

Ty: Leanne ate here, got through school by getting help with her homework here, we even took her when she got her braces off... she was part of the family.

Eric: And now...? I just so wish that we had more time, but... your grandchild is about to born.

Wildlife Rescue Station

Volunteer: So then what have you been feeding it?

Kevin: Worms and water.

Volunteer: Oh great, don't tell me you actually bought the worms.

Martin: Yeah, she said they came from a bait shop.

Volunteer: Those worms have parasites, you know; perfect way to kill a baby bird.

Kevin: If she would have known, she wouldn't have fed it worms.

Harry: How come in cartoons that's all birds eat?

Volunteer: Get informed.

Harry: Hey, Ruthie's been with this bird every minute trying to keep it alive and she did the best she could.

Volunteer: Settle down... since you haven't been feeding it for more than a day, I'm sure we can save it. But next time, no food, no water, keep the bird in a warm, quite place and bring it here, pronto.

Kevin: Thanks...

Volunteer: We a... we're a non-profit organization, and we ah we run on donations.


Justin: Ready to roll?

Simon: I don't know if I'm ready, but let's do it anyway.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Room

Charlie: Hey, Leanne.

Leanne: Charlie...

Annie: I'll leave you two alone.

Connie's House

Annie: Hi, Connie, I'm Annie Camden.

Connie: Can't you leave me and my daughter alone?

Annie: I don't have much time; Leanne's in labor. Please, won't you come to the hospital and be with your daughter?

Connie: I already told you, I am not going. I don't want to turn this into a big, emotional event, because it will just make it harder on her. I want Leanne to give up the baby for adoption.

Annie: Well, I don't think she's going to do that.

Connie: her decision.

Annie: I have seven children of my own and they don't always do what we want them to do. But when they don't, they need us more than ever. Please...

Connie: Leanne practically raised herself. I was never a good mother. I am not the mother-type.

Annie: Well, now's your chance.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: I wonder what it would be like not to be married and have a baby.

Lucy: You're never gonna find that out.

Ruthie: Do you think Harry is too troubled for me? I mean he's nice, but he's troubled.

Lucy: Yeah, maybe you guys should just be friends.

Ruthie: Maybe you could tell him.

Lucy: No, but I'll be there for you after you tell him.

Ruthie: What?

Lucy: I don't know, talking to you about boys, it's, it's nice. It reminds me of how Mary and I used to talk about boys.

Ruthie: Where have you been?

Simon: Taking care of some old business.

Ruthie: Well, now I have new business for you. You wanna tell Harry that we should just be friends?

Simon: No thanks, I don't do well with that conversation. But I brought Chinese food home. Where's Sam and David?

Sam: What's in the bags?

Simon: I picked up some Chinese food for all of us.

David: Oh boy, I'm hungry.

Sam: Oh, food, glorious food.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Ty: I think getting married is the right thing for them to do. We all know it's the best thing to do, why do I have to be the one to say it? With the baby, Charlie and Leanne will be tied together forever now, and I think they have a shot at a marriage.

Kay: Well, we weren't much older when we got married.

Connie: Well, neither was I and didn't work out.

Ty: But it can work out. My son is perfectly capable of being responsible and he's already proven that by coming down here today.

Connie: We can talk about this all we want, right? They're the ones who have to decide.

Ty: Nothing is going to be decided today. Today all we can do is be there for them.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: So, what happened?

Kevin: Your bird is going to be fine. Next time you find a bird, don't feed it worms.

Sam: Hooray...

Ruthie: Thanks you guys for taking it to the Wildlife Rescue Station.

Harry: I saved the shoebox just in case you wanted something to remember the bird by.

Ruthie: Thank you...

Harry: Hey do you have a second?

Ruthie: Sure...

Camden's House - Back Porch

Ruthie/Harry: I think we should just be friends.

Ruthie: You thought you were going to be the first one to say it, huh?

Harry: I'm just glad I wasn't the only one to say it.

Harry: Ohm gosh, you wouldn't believe how tense I was all day just thinking about telling you.

Ruthie: It's a load off of my shoulders, too.

Harry: Well, I better get going. I'll catch a bus.

Ruthie: I'll ask someone to drive you home.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: Are you okay?

Ruthie: So that's what you guys were doing over there, trying to keep Harry from breaking up with me. I was going to break up him. We're friends. We're both okay.

Martin: You're very lucky. Take it from me; it doesn't always work that way.

Ruthie: Can you give Harry a ride home?

Martin: No problem...

Camden's House - Back Porch

Martin: I guess I'm givin' you a ride home?

Harry: Hopefully it won't be my home for very long.

Martin: Yeah, I really hope so for your sake. That place was a little terrifying. And I'm sorry I wasn't more sympathetic to your situation in the first place.

Harry: It's okay, I faced my fears long ago... I had to.

Martin: Are you getting conned into breaking up with Ruthie?

Martin: No, they've already broken up. It was a mutual decision. Kevin and Harry and I took the bird Ruthie found to a rescue station. It's ah, gonna live.

Annie: Ah, that's good news.

Eric: So you're not getting married?

Harry: Nah, if God will go to that much trouble for a bird, surely he'll find a home for me.

Camden's House - Kitchen

David: Simon made dinner.

Simon: Not exactly...

Sam: The Chinese made dinner.

David: We love Chinese.

Annie: Me, too.

Lucy: So, how did it go?

Eric: It's still going, but it's going well. Leanne's mother and the baby's father and his parents are all there and they'll work it out, not tonight, but they'll work it out.

Lucy: I just want to say that it's a beautiful thing being married to a man like Kevin and knowing that if at any time I ever need help, I have all of you in my life. I hope that you'll remember that as you go back to school.

Simon: I know that. I'm gonna come back. I plan on coming back every chance I get.

Phone: (rings)

Sam/David: Camden residence... Goodbye...

Sam: They said to tell everyone it's a boy... a healthy boy.

David: The mommy's fine.

Eric: To life... 

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