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#10.12 : J'ai fait un rêve ...

Madame Porter demande à chacun de ses élèves de faire un exposé sur une personnalité éminente. Alex, l'un des partenaires de Martin au base-ball, insiste pour consacrer le sien à Martin Luther King. Peu après, Martin retrouve sa voiture vandalisée. Des propos racistes sont également visibles sur le parking. La famille Camden et tous les habitants sont outrés par cet acte odieux. Eric tente de faire contenir toute la communauté à l'église alors que tout le monde est impatient de discuter du sujet. Ruthie tente d'utiliser l'un de ses anciens exposés. 


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J'ai fait un rêve ...

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Alex (Samuel L. Jones ) lavent une voiture

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Alex (Samuel L. Jones ) lavent une voiture

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Écrit par : Damani Mangum, Kevin Brownridge & Orlando Bishop 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Capitaine Michaels), Eileen Brennan (Mme Gladys Bink), 

Guests :

  • Evan Lee Dahl ..... Pete
  • Chris Hunter ..... Brad
  • Richard Jenik ..... Leif O'Brian
  • Sam Jones III ..... Alex
  • Tom Maden ..... Étudiant
  • Doug Mitchell ..... Eddie Reddy
  • Benita Krista Nall ..... Maya
  • Sujata Ray ..... Étudiant
  • Steve Ryan ..... Monsieur Medlock 
  • Julia Duffy ..... Madame Porter

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Yes!

Sam: Hey, Ruthie, what are you doing?

David: Are you coloring?

Ruthie: No, I'm not coloring. I'm working on a report for school today.

Sam: About what?

Ruthie: Eleanor Roosevelt...

David: Who's she?

Ruthie: She was the first lady.

Sam: She was the first lady to what?

Ruthie: The first lady is the woman who's married to the President. Eleanor Roosevelt married to Franklin Roosevelt. He was President a long time ago. They were both great Americans.

David: Is Roscoe Riverton a great American?

Ruthie: Roscoe Riverton's a rat, but he's a great cartoon character.

Eric: Oh, there you guys are.

Sam: Is Dad a great American?

David: Ruthie's working on a report about a great American.

Eric: Oh... we should all strive to be great Americans. And, you guys can start by going upstairs and cleaning up your room, like your mom told you before you leave for school.

David: Maybe it's too much work to be a great American.

Sam: How about we just try for good Americans?

Eric: Go clean your room; then we'll talk about it. I noticed you were out pretty late last night on the phone. When did you have time to work on your report?

Ruthie: Oh, I finished my report before I got on the phone.

Eric: What's it about?

Ruthie: Eleanor Roosevelt...

Eric: Didn't you do a report on Eleanor Roosevelt a couple of years ago?

Ruthie: Yeah, but you've got to admit, she was great, she's worth another report, wouldn't you say?

Eric: I'd say you're asking the wrong question.

Ruthie: Yeah, well, I better get to school. I'll think about it on the bus.

Eric: Okay... I hope you will. Bye...

High School - Classroom

Ruthie: They say behind every great man stands a great woman, but Eleanor Roosevelt stood out on her own. She was a great American.

Mrs. Porter: Interesting report, Ruthie... why don't you come by after school, I'd like to discuss it some more with you. Okay, who's next? Let's see... Alex.

Alex: My report is on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a great American because...

Mrs. Porter: Excuse me, Alex, Martin Luther King Day was last Monday, we covered Martin Luther King the Friday before the holiday. This week we're doing our reports on great Americans.

Alex: But, Martin Luther King is a great American.

Mrs. Porter: That's true, of course, but I'm not going to let you use last week's work for this week's assignment.

Alex: It's just that I don't think that we can cover Martin Luther King's whole life in one day.

Mrs. Porter: I understand, but that wasn't the assignment. You'll have to find someone else.

Alex: But this is the report I wanna give.

Mrs. Porter: Why don't you sit down and we'll discuss this after school.

Brad: Nice try, Alex.

Students: (laughs)

Mrs. Porter: Someone have a problem.

High School - Hallway

Martin: Hey, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Oh, hey, Martin, what's up?

Martin: Just headed to practice; what's going on with you?

Ruthie: Nothing, I'm just waiting to talk to my teacher, Mrs. Porter. She's been in there talking to this Alex guy for twenty minutes.

Martin: Alex? The new guy... from the baseball team?

Ruthie: Yep, that's the one.

Martin: He's not in any trouble, is he?

Ruthie: Kind of...

High School - Classroom

Alex: I feel like we pull out Martin Luther King out once a year like he's Santa Claus or something.

Mrs. Porter: We only talk about Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day.

Alex: I don't get your point.

Mrs. Porter: My point is there is a day set aside to recognize Dr. King.

Alex: There's a day we recognize groundhogs, too, but I don't think Dr. King just popped out of the ground, gave the "I Have a Dream" speech and sank back into the Washington Mall.

Mrs. Porter: Look, there's a curriculum that I have to follow. If you have a problem with the curriculum, you can take it up with the principal.

Alex: Thank you. I think I will.

Mrs. Porter: That's up to you. In the meantime, I would like to suggest some other people you can do your report on. There's Harriet Tubman.

Alex: There is.

Mrs. Porter: You could do Frederick Douglass.

Alex: I could.

Mrs. Porter: How about Thurgood Marshall?

Alex: Look, Mrs. Porter, I'm sorry...

Mrs. Porter: These are all great African-Americans. I... I don't understand why you're being so stubborn about this.

Alex: You're right, they are all great Americans but they don't get their own day. They all get lumped together in what's supposed to be Black History Month. I bet none of the other kids in the class even know or care who these people are.

Mrs. Porter: All the more reason for you to introduce them to the other students.

Alex: All the more reason to talk about Dr. King's message.

Mrs. Porter: (sighs)

Mrs. Porter: Alex, you're a good student and I appreciate your passion, but I'm not going to make an exception. We covered Martin Luther King, Jr., so move on.

High School - Hallway

Martin: What's the big deal?

Ruthie: I don't know. Ask him.

Martin: He should just do another report.

Ruthie: Seems like he's gonna have to.

Alex: Is my only option to talk to the principal?

Mrs. Porter: No, you can take a failing grade if you want. Think about it overnight, and let me know what you decide.


Martin: Dude, what are you doing?

Alex: What do you mean?

Martin: If your grades drop, you won't be able to play ball.

Alex: We'll see.

Martin: Look you really need to think about this, I mean what's more important, Martin Luther King or baseball?

Mrs. Porter: What did you just say, Martin?

Martin: I said... it's just that... I mean, he can save his report on Martin Luther King for the next Martin Luther King Day, right? I mean, it can be done any year. Everyone already knows who Martin Luther King is, right? I mean, I know I do.

Mrs. Porter: So you think Alex should not risk having us lean anymore about Martin Luther King if it means jeopardizing his position on the baseball team.

Martin: Right... I mean no offense to Dr. King.

Mrs. Porter: No, no, of course not.

Martin: And Alex is a heck of a shortstop and he's only a sophomore.

Mrs. Porter: Okay, when you're right, you're right. You can do your report and I'm going to have everybody else redo their reports to cover some of those people you and I talked about, or any other great African-Americans.

Ruthie: Does that include me? I already did my report on Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mrs. Porter: I'm sure you have a few times. You can't learn by recycling old work, Ruthie. It would be great if you could do a presentation on somebody new... like Sojourner Truth.

Ruthie: Who's Sojourner Truth?

Mrs. Porter: You tell me.

Alex: Thanks, Mrs. Porter.

Mrs. Porter: You're welcome, Alex.

Alex: Hey, thanks to you too, man.

Martin: What did I do?

Ruthie: Other than getting me extra work...

Martin: Hey, it's not my fault you couldn't get by on "recycled" work.

Ruthie: I'm gonna catch the bus.

Martin: Um, we've got to get dressed for practice. Let's go.

Joy: Hey, Ruthie, what happened?

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: I have to give a new report.

Joy: Because?

Ruthie: I kind of recycled my old one.

Joy: There's no rule against that, is there? I was gonna do mine on Betsy Ross. I always do my reports on Betsy Ross.

Ruthie: I'm afraid you're going to have to choose someone else, someone who's African-American.

Joy: Why, does this have something to do with that new kid, Alex?

Ruthie: Kind of... not really. It was Martin.

Joy: (sighs)

High School - Locker Room

Todd: Hey, new kid, I heard you were tryin' to give some MLK report and it's not Martin Luther King Day. Did they let you do that at your last school? 'Cause here and everywhere else in the rest of the country, it's the Friday before the Monday holiday only.

Brad: Sorry, man, that's just how it is.

Alex: Yeah, well Martin here just changed all that. I gonna get to do my report and everyone else in the class is gonna have to do a report on great African-Americans, too.

Brad: I already wrote my report on George Washington. I always do my reports on George Washington.

Todd: Looks like now you'll be doing a report on George Washington Carver.

Brad: I don't think so.

Brad: You know, Brewer, everybody stays out of your business out of respect for you, maybe you should to stay out of everybody else's.

Martin: Look, all I said was baseball is important, or that's all I meant anyway. Baseball is important.

High School - Parking Lot

Danny: Sometimes it's like coach doesn't even know I'm alive.

Pete: Well, the only reason he ever pay any attention to me is because I'm a good pinch runner.

Martin: That's not a bad thing. You're the fastest guy on the team.

Danny: Dude...

Martin: What? He is.

Danny: No, what's that on your car?

Pete: Somebody must be really mad at you.

Martin: Yeah, but for what? Who would write something like this?

Danny: My guess would be... a racist... a mean, ugly, hateful racist.

Camden's House - Driveway

Eric: I talked to Kevin. He'll be right over. Did you call your dad?

Martin: I left him a message. I'm gonna show it to him when he get home.

Eric: So, you drove over here with that on your car?

Martin: What was I supposed to do?

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: Did you show anyone at school?

Martin: No, I drove over here to show you.

Eric: I imagined you turned a few heads on your way over here.

Martin: It's not like I wrote it.

Eric: I... I know, I'm not saying that you have anything to be ashamed of... it's just that... language like that, it's hateful.

Martin: Yeah, but, I don't understand why anybody would write that on my car. I mean, it's not like I hang out with a lot of black people. I mean not that... not that I... wouldn't. I mean there are black, I mean African-American, I mean... there are guys on the team and I get along fine with them just fine. But it's not like we hang out all the time or anything. That's, that's all I'm saying.

Eric: It shouldn't matter if you have one African-American friend, ten African-American friends or no African-American friends, it's wrong.

Martin: What if it was a mistake? What, what if this wasn't even meant for me.

Eric: Doesn't matter if they meant to write that on your care or somebody else's car, it's still wrong.

Martin: I just wanna know who did it.

Glenoak Community Church

Lucy on Phone: Hey, Lou, it's Lucy. We've got to come up with something creative for the church fundraiser. I don't want to do the same old bake sale again. Let's try to do something we haven't done in awhile. Better yet, let's do something new. Call me. Bye.

Phone: (rings)

Lucy on Phone: That was quick. Hope you've got something good.

Mrs. Bink's House

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Oh, yeah, you bet I do, honey.

Lucy on Phone: Mrs. Bink?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Yeah, I need to talk to your father.

Lucy on Phone: Ah, I'm sorry, he's not here. Is there something I can help you with?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Well, you know, it's, it's funny, I always thought it would be one of the boys who would follow your father into the ministry, and you're not just doing this to make up for... for Mary, are you, honey?

Lucy on Phone: No...

Mrs. Bink on Phone: I was just wondering.

Lucy on Phone: Anything I can help you with, Mrs. Bink?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Yeah, you can tell me what that Martin's problem is.

Lucy on Phone: Excuse me?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Martin, you know, Martin; that kid who used to live with your family.

Lucy on Phone: What about Martin?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: While I was driving home from the market, I saw a... a car with... with these remarks, and, and ah, he was driving it, and...

Lucy on Phone: What kind of remarks?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Disturbing remarks.

Lucy on Phone: Like...?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Racial remarks and they were written all over the back of the car.

Lucy on Phone: Are you sure it was Martin?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Yeah, the pretty boy... it was him. I know it was him.

Lucy on Phone: That doesn't sound like Martin.

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Are you calling me a liar, honey, hum?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Book: "Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman?"

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: Hello...?

Lucy on Phone: Hey, Ruthie.

Ruthie on Phone: What's up?

Lucy on Phone: I have a little bit of a weird question for you.

Ruthie on Phone: Okay...

Lucy on Phone: Have you seen Martin today?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, I saw him at school earlier. Why, what's going on?

Lucy on Phone: I just got a crazy call from Mrs. Bink about Martin and his car.

Ruthie on Phone: Was he in an accident?

Lucy on Phone: No, not exactly.

Camden's House - Driveway

Eric: Where's Savannah?

Kevin: The dogs are watching her. She's with Annie. What's going on? Oh... you've been driving your car around like that?

Martin: Yeah, I had no choice.

Kevin: This is pretty ugly. Where did this happen?

Martin: In the parking lot at school.

Kevin: Is there anybody at school you've been having problems with?

Martin: No, not at all.

Kevin: Do you think it could be somebody from a rival school?

Martin: That wouldn't make sense.

Kevin: It could just be a case of mistaken identity.

Martin: That's what I'm hoping.

Eric: If you and your dad want me to I can talk to the principal about this. But, no matter who it was, it's just very troubling that anyone in our community would even think to write something like this on anybody's car. I can't believe we could have an incident like this in Glenoak.

Kevin: This is more than just an incident, this is a crime, a hate crime and someone should be locked up for it.

Ruthie: Lucy just called. She said that Mrs. Bink saw... this. What happened?

Martin: I don't know. I was coming out of baseball practice and there it was.

Ruthie: This happened at school.

Kevin: Yeah, we were just asking Martin of there's anybody he's been having problems with.

Eric: Do you really think a student could have done this?

Ruthie: That's scary. Maybe Mrs. Porter was right. I guess we do need this new assignment.

Eric: What assignment?

Ruthie: Mrs. Porter heard Martin say that baseball is more important than Martin Luther King, so she decided that the entire class has to do a new report on great African-Americans.

Martin: That's not exactly what I said.

Ruthie: That's what you said.

Martin: But it's not what I meant.

Ruthie: Anyway, after he said that, Mrs. Porter decided that everyone in class has to do a new report on a great African-American.

Martin: I'm not even in that class. I had nothing to do with it. Alex is the one who make a big deal about it. But now, everybody keeps acting like it was my fault, even the guys on the locker room.

Ruthie: How'd all the guys on the locker room find out? Mrs. Porter hasn't even had a chance to tell the class yet.

Martin: Alex thanked me for helping him out when we were on the locker room, and some of the guys weren't too happy about it. But, I... I don't think they'd do this. They're all good guys. We're all on the team together.

Eric: Alex is African-American?

Ruthie: Yeah, he's black and he's a new student. He transferred last semester.

Kevin: We should report this. I'm gonna call the station.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Captain Michaels: Reverend, Martin, this is Detective O'Brian, he heads up the Hate Crime Division.

Leif: Good to meet you... sorry it's under these circumstances.

Leif: Kevin...

Kevin: Leif...

Captain Michaels: So, you've been driving around with this on your car?

Martin: Ah, yeah, I want to show Reverend Camden.

Captain Michaels: I see... well, no one said anything to you while you were driving.

Martin: I don't think so, I don't know. I really was too angry to pay any attention to anyone else.

Leif: Okay, well, it's a good thing you called us. We definitely have a hate crime on our hands and in this case, it's vandalism and racism.

Martin: I never thought I'd be the victim of a hate crime. I'm white.

Captain Michaels: Anybody can be the victim of a hate crime. It's just what it sounds like. It's a crime motivated by hate. Half the hate crimes in the country are racially motivated.

Kevin: But it could be any kind of bias, anything from gender, to religion, sexual orientation.

Leif: It could even be a disability. Take your pick.

Eric: Sad... this is... really sad.

Leif: It is and that's why we take these things very seriously. If this happens again, call us immediately.

Captain Michaels: In the meantime, Martin, go ahead and wash your car.

Eric: What about fingerprints?

Captain Michaels: From what I saw, they won't be able to pull any usable prints.

Martin: It doesn't matter, I'm not washing my car. The guy who did this is gonna to wash it.

Leif: Go ahead and wash it, son, 'cause most of the time, with cases like this, you never find out who the perp is. So, if you wait, you may be waiting a long time. You may be waiting forever.

Martin: Then I'll wait, because I didn't deserve this.

Eric: Nobody deserves this.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Book: "The State of the Bear"

Annie: "They both stood there in the ol' town square, the blue-haired bear and red-haired bear. And it was clear as their trickling tears that there was no good reason for all their hate and fears".

Sam: Mom, what happened to Martin's car?

Annie: Well, someone... a very mean person wrote something terrible on Martin's car.

David: What did they write?

Annie: They wrote something very, very hateful.

Sam: Why...?

Annie: Some people use bad words to describe other people. And what was written on Martin's car were horrible words that mean people use to describe black people.

David: Is Martin black?

Annie: No, Martin's not black, Martin's white. You two it's time for bed. God bless.

Sam: What color do you think I am?

David: I don't know, it's dark. I can't see you.

Sam: All right, we'll figure it out tomorrow,

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie on Phone: They filed a police report.

Simon on Phone: So, Martin's all right?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, he's fine. I mean, he's upset about what happened, but he's fine.

Simon on Phone: He should be upset. I know I would be upset.

Ruthie on Phone: Me, too. Can you believe someone would write that?

Simon on Phone: No, that's terrible. And it's scary to think that he may know the person and just have no idea that they're a...

Simon's Apartment

Maya: So I think Dumas was saying that we sometimes find ourselves in a prison we think we can't escape.

Sandy: And it's up to us to find a way out.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie on Phone: Simon?

Simon on Phone: Uh... yeah.

Ruthie on Phone: You were saying Martin might not know that someone he thinks he knows is a racist.

Simon on Phone: Right... maybe we should talk about this later.

Ruthie on Phone: Why? You're right. I wonder how many people we all know who are secretly racist.

Simon on Phone: That's interesting, but I have to go study. I've been on the phone way too much tonight.

Ruthie on Phone: Well, I called you for a reason. I need help on my Sojourner Truth report, remember? Could you ask Rose or Sandy if maybe they've ever done any research on her or wrote a paper on her? Maybe I could get a bibliography from them.

Simon on Phone: Okay, sure, um, I'll talk to them and I'll call you back, okay? Bye...

Simon's Apartment

Rose: Talk to us?

Sandy: About what? Was that about Martin?

Simon: Ruthie just needed help with a paper.

Sandy: Oh, and she called her big brother.

Maya: That's so cute.

Rose: Unless you're just passing it off on us.

Sandy: What's it about?

Simon: What's what about?

Sandy: The paper...

Simon: Oh... um... Sojourner Truth.

Sandy: Who?

Simon: Ah, she's a black woman and a great American... African-American.

Sandy: You have no idea either, do you?

Maya: What? You think because I'm black I know who she is?

Simon: No, no, Maya, I wasn't saying that... it was just...

Maya: Because you looked at me when you said it, so I assumed that you assumed...

Simon: I wasn't assuming anything. I don't even know who Sojourner Truth is. I... even though I think I should.

Rose: I know who she is. I always wrote my papers on her. But, what does any of this have to do with Martin?

Simon: Martin? Nothing...

Rose: Nothing? I heard you ask if he was all right?

Simon: Oh, um, Ruthie had said that someone had written something on his car.

Sandy: Something about me?

Simon: No... nothing like that.

Maya: What? I'm suppose to know what they wrote? Great, now, I'm black and a psychic?

Simon: No... it just that it was something of a racist nature.

High School - Hallway

Mrs. Porter: Reverend Camden?

Eric: Oh, Mrs. Porter, hi.

Mrs. Porter: Are you here to see me?

Eric: Um... I'm here to see the principal.

Mrs. Porter: Not about the assignment, I hope.

Eric: As a matter of fact, yes, I am.

Mrs. Porter: You, too? I'm shocked you would have a problem with it.

Eric: About the assignment? Oh, no, I'm here to talk to the principal about what happened to Martin's car, because of the assignment, I'm guessing.

Mrs. Porter: Oh... well, she's at a conference all week and the Vice Principal, Mr. Medlock is in charge. You'll have to deal with him.

Eric: Fine, I don't know if you've heard, but Martin's car was vandalized yesterday.

Mrs. Porter: Oh I heard... everybody heard. It's the talk of the school. I just came from Mr. Medlock's office. He's asked me to back off the assignment.

Eric: Because...?

Mrs. Porter: Parents are calling to complain... the police have even gotten involved. Mr. Medlock is afraid that maybe the assignment has become more trouble than it's worth.

Eric: So, are you backing off?

Mrs. Porter: To tell you the truth, I don't really want to. It's terrible what happened to Martin. But, if this assignment led to that kind of response, maybe it's even more important than I thought.

Eric: And then maybe it's important for Mr. Medlock to hear from a parent who supports what you're doing. Let's talk.

High School - Parking Lot

Alex: Hey, man, I'm sorry I got you into all this.

Martin: Why should you be sorry? You didn't write it.

Alex: I still feel bad. I'm glad you're on my side.

Martin: I'm not on a side.

Alex: Look at your back window. I hate to break it to you, but whoever wrote that put you on a side.

Martin: I didn't ask for this.

Alex: No, you didn't and this never should have happened, but...

Martin: No, it shouldn't have happened and it definitely shouldn't have happened to me.

Alex: Oh, so you think it should have happened to me.

Martin: No, I didn't say that. Why does everybody keep putting words in my mouth?

Brad: Nice car.

Martin: Hey, Brad, you know anything about this.

Brad: Well, my dad told me a story about this guy who wrote a bunch of stuff on his own car just to get some attention. Is that what you're doing, Martin... are you looking for some attention?

Martin: No, I'm not, but I am gonna catch whoever did this.

Brad: That sounds like a threat. Are you saying that I did it?

Martin: Look, I'm just saying that whoever did it is a coward and I'm going to catch him, and I'm going to make him clean it up.

Brad: How are you gonna do that? Martin Loser King?

Alex: Just curious... did you do this?

Brad: Do you think I did this? Are you accusing me of doing this? 'Cause that sounds like reverse racism to me.

Mr. Medlock: What's going on here?

Martin/Brad: Nothing...

Mr. Medlock: Martin, I know that you're upset and I know that you want to find out who did this. So do we, but we can't allow you to keep your car on school property in this condition.

Martin: I didn't put it "in this condition". I'm going to find out who did it.

Brad: You really shouldn't accuse people of things when you have no proof.

Mr. Medlock: This car has become a disruption for the students. I need you to remove immediately.

Martin: But, Mr. Medlock...

Mr. Medlock: And don't bring it back here until you've cleaned it up.

Martin: Look, I'm not moving my car until who ever did this washes off what they wrote.

Mr. Medlock: If you do not remove your car from this parking lot, I'm gonna have no choice but to have it towed away.

Mr. Medlock: Back... move back, everybody, everybody move back. Get out of the way... out of the way. Everybody move back. Keep out of the way.

Martin: You're really gonna tow my car?

Mr. Medlock: I warned you, Martin. You've left me no choice. This is the car... this one right here.

Martin: Sir, look, I haven't done anything wrong. Please don't do this.

Tow Truck Driver: Sorry, son, I'm just doing my job. They want me to tow a car, I tow a car... nothing personal.

Martin: But, sir, please. Why should I be punished because somebody did this to me? Look... look...

Tow Truck Driver: Now that, that there is personal.

Mr. Medlock: What are you doing?

Tow Truck Driver: I'm not moving it. The boy's got a point.

Mr. Medlock: Look, I'm not interested in politics.

Tow Truck Driver: That's not politics. That's good old-fashioned racism.

Mr. Medlock: Oh, believe me it offends me, too. But, my job is to keep order at this school while out principal is away, and I need you to tow that car.

Tow Truck Driver: I'm sorry, I just can't. You'll have to call somebody else.

High School - Hallway

Mrs. Porter: You don't know how much I appreciate your support.

Eric: We'll just make it clear to Mr. Medlock that they're some parents see this issue differently.

Mrs. Porter: But what if something else happens?

Eric: I can't say for sure that something else isn't gonna happen. But, we do know for sure that if you don't go through with the assignment, something has already happened. Whoever wrote that awful thing on Martin's car, has won.

Ruthie: Dad, I'm glad you're still here. There's a problem with Martin in the parking lot. Hurry...

High School - Parking Lot

Student 1: Well, the kid should have just been able to give his report.

Student 2: Why should he get special treatment?

Student 3: I think Martin Brewer should have minded his own business.

Student 4: No matter what, it wasn't right for some racist to write that on his car.

Mr. Medlock: That's enough... stop this.

Crowd: (adlibs)

Simon's Apartment

Simon on Phone: Okay, Luce, I'm turning it in right now.

Rose: Simon... what are you doing? We're studying.

Sandy: Is that Martin?

Report on TV: You took a stand so that your classmate could give a speech on Martin Luther King.

Report on TV: Was it worth it?

Martin on TV: Um, I really didn't do anything.

Sandy: Good old Martin... always doing things he doesn't want to take credit for.

Reporter on TV: Well, some are saying you're a hero and humble to boot.

Martin: For the last time, I'm not a hero. I'm not being modest, I didn't do anything.

Maya: That's the baby's father?

Sandy: That's the one.

Maya: He seems like a pretty good guy to me, standing up for the brother man like that.

Simon, maybe you should get Martin to help Ruthie with her report on Sojourner Truth.

Rose: I know who Sojourner Truth is.

Simon: Unbelievable...

Rose: Why, because I'm white?

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Lucy on Phone: Hello...

Mrs. Bink on Phone: What are we going to do about this mess down at the high school?

Lucy: Mrs. Bink, could you turn down your TV?

Mr. Bink on Phone: Sorry, I was just watching the news. And we have to do something about it.

Lucy on Phone: Yes, I completely agree with...

Mrs. Bink on Phone: What are the police doin' about it? Isn't that husband of yours a cop?

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Let me speak to him.

Lucy on Phone: Kevin isn't a police office anymore. Ah, he stays home with Savannah.

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Oh, that's right. You're a reverend and he stays home; takes care of the kid, huh?

Lucy on Phone: Yes, that works for us.

Mrs. Bink on Phone: Yeah, well, you know, it's funny how some things change and others don't. Like this thing at the school. See, I'm old enough to have seen how these things can go, honey. You can't sit by and do nothing. So, what are you gonna to do? What are we gonna do? What are we going to do!?

Camden's House - Kitchen

David: What about pink?

Sam: No...

Sam: Peach...?

David: No, not really.

David: Dad, what color is this?

Eric: Well, it's banana mania.

David: What about banana mania?

Sam: I don't think so.

Eric: What are you guys doing?

Sam: We want to know what color we are. Do you know?

Eric: Well... when people say color, you know they don't really mean... what they mean... not that it should matter, 'cause what really matters is what's on the inside, who you are. But, to answer your question... you're... we're... white.

David: I don't think so. We already checked that one.

Eric: Well, guys, it's a little more complicated than that.

Ruthie: Alex, this is my Dad and my little brothers, Sam and David.

Sam/David: Hi...

Eric: Eric Camden... nice to meet you.

Alex: Nice to meet you too, sir.

Eric: Thanks for coming over. Please, have a seat. Guys, could you take your crayons upstairs 'cause I need to talk to Alex. So it looks like things have spun a little out of control.

Alex: Yes, sir, they have. That's why I asked Ruthie if maybe you could help.

Eric: Oh, sure... I'm more than happy to do whatever I can. I'm just curious about this report. I have a feeling I don't know all your reasons for wanting to speak about Dr. King.

Glenoak Community Church

Martin: Hi, Reverend Camden.

Eric: Hey, thanks for coming, Martin. I'm so glad you could make it.

Mr. Stone: Thank you, my wife thought we should accept your invitation.

Mrs. Stone: Good morning, Reverend.

Annie: Mrs. Bink it's so good to see you.

Mrs. Bink: I'm glad I'm here.

David: Mrs. Bink, what color are you?

Annie: Oh, boys... leave Mrs. Bink...

Mrs. Bink: It's okay. What color... you wanna know what color I am. That's a tough one. Let me see, I guess... when I'm sad, I'm blue. When I'm mad, I'm red. And when I'm jealous, I'm green with envy and ah, now that I'm at my age, see ah, all anybody notices is that I'm turning gray.

Annie/Mrs. Bink: (laughs)

Eric: Good morning. Well, this week our community has been tested. I know that many of you saw what happened at Kennedy High School on the local news and heard the echoes of hatred that we thought were long past. I think part of what led to that event is that we haven't been listening to what is going on around us. So, this morning, no matter how you may feel, I am asking that everyone listen. Alex, would you come up here, please? This is Alex. He goes to school with my daughter, Ruthie. Alex was assigned a report on a great American and he chose the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and it seems that his choice may be at the center of all this controversy. I think it's very important that he get to explain why he made his decision. Please listen.

Alex: Thank you, Reverend Camden. I know a lot of you may be thinking, "didn't Martin Luther King Day already pass"? And, who hasn't already heard clips from the "I Have A Dream" speech this year? But, I know there's more to the dream than black and white. I know that the dream lives everyday. I know that because that what my grandfather, Henry Bullock, taught me. My grandfather was a sanitation worker... in Memphis. In 1968, he went on strike with over a thousand of his co-workers. It was hard for them. On April 3, 1968, my grandfather sat in a crowded Mason Temple and listened to Dr, King, who had come to support the sanitation workers. Dr. King did his "I've Been To The Mountaintop" speech. My grandfather said that they were all inspired, not only by the words of Dr. King, but by the fact that a man like Dr. King would come and take the time to care about the suffering of a bunch of garbage men. The next day, a sniper's bullet took Dr. King from us. I lived with my grandfather in New Orleans. This summer, Hurricane Katrina took my grandfather from me. The victims of Hurricane Katrina may... may have fallen from the headlines but I will never forget their suffering. It is my job now to keep the dream alive. That's all I was tryin' to do.

Brad: Alex, I'm ah, really sorry about your grandfather. I lost my grandfather, too.

Alex: I'm sorry. You must miss him.

Brad: Yeah...

Alex: I miss my grandfather, too.

Lucy: Your grandfather sounds like quite a man. I'm sure he's be very proud of you.

Alex: I don't think he'd be so proud of the way I behaved in the parking lot. Fighting is no way to make a point about a man who stood for nonviolence.

Brad: I... I never had anything against Martin Luther King. It's just that I already did my report... on George Washington.

Mrs. Stone: George Washington... again?

Martin: You okay, Alex?

Alex: Yeah...

Brad: I just want you to know, Martin, I didn't do it. I didn't do that to your car.

Alex: Good...

Martin: But somebody did.

Eric: And that means we still have a lot of work to do, everyday.

Lucy: Where do we start?

Martin: I'm going to start by washing my car.

Eric: Good idea...

Lucy: Yeah, but, I have an even better idea.

Glenoak Community Church - Parking Lot

Car Window: Nigger Lover

Lucy: I told you this would be a great fundraiser.

High School - Classroom

Ruthie: My report is on Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave and became an American abolitionist and a prominent figure in the woman's rights movement...

Student 5: Benjamin Banneker... in 1791, Benjamin Banneker was hired to survey the District of Columbia. A year later, he published his first almanac for Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia...

Student 6: Lewis Latimer had the bright idea to improve the production of light bulb filaments, creating longer lasting light bulbs than Thomas Edison...

Student 7: Before Rosa Parks, there was Ida B Wells, a journalist and pioneer in the anti-segregationist's movement...

Student 8: Thurgood Marshall, before becoming the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, argued the landmark Brown v Board of Education case in 1954...

Student 9: Frederick Douglass, an American abolitionist, was one of the most influential lecturers and authors in all of American history...

Student 10: Captured and sold in her native Senegal, Phyllis Wheatley would become the first prominent African-American author...

Brad: My report is on George Washington... Carver. He was a great American. 

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