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#10.14 : Une surprise qui tombe à l'eau

Ruthie a des heures de colle après être arrivée en retard en classe parce qu'elle pleurait dans les toilettes à cause de Martin. Bizarrement, elle apprécie ses heures de colle car le professeur qui les surveille leur présente la musique de George Gershwin. A cause des cours de musique qui ont été supprimés au lycée, les étudiants se débrouillent pour se retrouver collés afin de pouvoir discuter de musique. Les Camden s'unissent pour aider une amie de Ruthie qui cache un secret. Rose pousse Simon à choisir leur chanson de mariage. Ruthie est vexée quand Simon l'informe que Martin va essayer de s'intéresser davantage à Sandy et au bébé. 


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Titre VO
The magic of gershwin

Titre VF
Une surprise qui tombe à l'eau

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Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein)

M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein) joue du piano

M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein) joue du piano

M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein) joue du piano

M. Feinstein (Michael Feinstein) joue du piano

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Écrit par : Paul Perlove 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Aucuns

Guests :

  • Paul Cassell ..... Eli
  • Arlen Escarpeta ..... Le garçon en retenue
  • Jenn Fee ..... Shiela
  • Michael Feinstein ..... Monsieur Feinstein
  • Lindsey Haun ..... Maggie Hamilton
  • Troy Holden ..... Mike
  • Mary Ostrow ..... Madame Randal
  • Arjay Smith ..... Étudiant

High School - Classroom - Monday

Song: Somebody Loves Me

Mr. Feinstein: Hi... welcome.

Ruthie: Thanks... I guess. This is detention, isn't it?

Mr. Feinstein: Yes, it is... Ms. Camden. I'm Mr. Feinstein, the head of the music department, or what's left of it. Only this week I have detention, too.

Ruthie: What'd you do?

Mr. Feinstein: Me? Just a slight error in timing... I chose music education as a career almost precisely when schools decided they could no longer afford to offer it. What'd you do?

Ruthie: (shrugging)

Ruthie: Nothing, really.

Mr. Feinstein: What a coincidence, that's the same reason everyone else is here.

Song: Somebody Loves Me

Song: Summertime

Mr. Feinstein: If someone can tell me the name of the person who wrote this song, I'll let them out fifteen minutes early.

Mike: Porky and Bess?

Mr. Feinstein: Close... and yet so, so far. It's Porgy and Bess. That's the name of the opera that the song comes from, but I'm looking for a composer. Ah, anyone, else?

Maggie: You know? Raise your hand. It'll get your mind off him.

Mr. Feinstein: Ms. Hamilton? Do you have anything to add?

Maggie: The song is "Summertime".

Mr. Feinstein: Yes, it is, but who is the composer of Summertime? Ms. Camden?

Ruthie: I'm not sure.

Maggie: She can't think right now. She's got a broken heart.

Class: (laughs)

Mr. Feinstein: I see.

Ruthie: George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, and some other people who also wrote the play.

Mr. Feinstein: Excellent... and it was DuBose and Dorothy Heyward who wrote the play. Ms. Camden, at a quarter of you're a free woman.

Maggie: Can I go, too? I knew the name of the song.

Mr. Feinstein: I was looking for the composer... but why do I have a feeling that there's a story behind you and this song?

Maggie: My story is worth more than fifteen minutes.

Mr. Feinstein: Want to share it with the class?

Maggie: Nope...

Mr. Feinstein: Fair enough. Maybe Ms. Camden will send you a postcard from the outside world.

High School - Classroom - Tuesday

Mr. Feinstein: The way you wear your hat, the way you sip your tea, the memory of all that, oh no, they can't take that away from me. The way you smile, just beams...

Maggie: Come on, you're not trying. Nobody's worth that kind of dehydration.

Ruthie: I can't help it.

Mr. Feinstein: ...the way haunt in my dreams, oh, no they can't take that away from me.

Peter: Hey, yo... come on, man, this is only supposed to be detention, not torture. Oh, we treat prisoners better than this. Could you please make it stop? I really hate that music.

Mr. Feinstein: Why?

Peter: 'Cause it's the same old white guy music my grandfather used to play and you know what? I think he died from it.

Class: (laughs)

Mr. Feinstein: What'd your grandfather play?

Peter: He played the piano mostly.

Mr. Feinstein: Do you by chance any play piano?

Peter: Yeah, I play some. Doesn't mean I will.

Mr. Feinstein: Okay, looks like I'll have to continue my solo career.

Peter: Hey, know any 50 Cent?

Mr. Feinstein: Actually, I'm not familiar with his music, but I do know something about rap. Are you all fans of rap music?

Joe: I'm not.

Mr. Feinstein: Why's that?

Joe: I'm not, that's all. You really know something about rap or are you just putting us on?

Mr. Feinstein: I know something about history. And, like all other forms of music, rap evolved from something else. Have you ever listened to protest music?

Peter: Hey man, if it's more of that stuff you was playing earlier, I'll protest.

Class / Mr. Feinstein: (laughs)

High School - Classroom - Wednesday

Mr. Feinstein: And somehow, no matter what era we're in, certain artists seem to sear themselves on our consciousness. Whether it's Eminen or Ray Charles or The Beatles, Gershwin, Cole Porter... once you hear them, it's hard to imagine a world... Eli?

Eli: What about Harry Warren?

Mr. Feinstein: Do you know Harry Warren's music, Eli?

Eli: No... never heard of him until yesterday, but my grandmother said he's one of the most important song writer ever.

Mr. Feinstein: Sure... "Lullaby of Broadway", "The Boulevard of Broken Dream", "I Found a Million Dollar Baby"... very significant.

Eli: I think she meant important, like if it weren't for him I wouldn't be here.

Mr. Feinstein: Eli, you have our attention.

Eli: She said that's how she met my grandfather, at some movie call "42nd Street", and they were sitting up in the balcony. He was sitting behind her singing along with the music. She turned to tell him to shut up, and they fell in love, and now here I am. I mean, first my parents... and now here I am.

Peter: See, one more reason they should ban that music.

Class: (laughs)

Maggie: Are we listening to some music today or are we just going to talk. Ruthie needs something to heal her heart.

Mr. Feinstein: Everyone needs something to heal their heart... music heals.

Joe: Wait a minute. Is this about that Martin Brewer guy?

Mr. Feinstein: I don't think Ms. Camden wants to share the details of her life with us right now.

Joe: Oh, come on... the guy had a baby with someone else. Let it go already.

Ruthie: I let it go, all right? Just leave me alone.

Maggie: It's a process, okay? I think a little Gershwin would help.

Song: They're writing songs of love, but not for me. The lucky stars above...

High School - Classroom - Thursday

Peter: Look, all I'm saying is that that old music doesn't mean anything to me. No one talks like that. "Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you". I don't even think they talked like that back then. It's just fake.

Jeff: Maybe people were just more embraceable back then?

Peter: Rap music is real, all right. The artists are for real. You can't fake rap.

Maggie: Eminen?

Eli: What... he's white so he's a fake? He's as much a rap artist as any other rap artist. It's not about the color.

Maggie: Or maybe it is. My dad says that some people felt the same way about Elvis that some people feel about Eminen. Like he took black music and make it acceptable for white people who didn't want to listen to black artists.

Sheila: Elvis was a genius, okay? He didn't steal music so he could sell it to prejudiced white people. He loved gospel music that was his inspiration.

Mr. Feinstein: Let's get back to what you like about rap music.

Peter: It's for black people and that's what I really like about it. It's just for black people.

Ruthie: You know it's mostly white men who are buying it, don't you? Over seventy-percent of the sales come from white, suburban males.

Leonard: You know, Ruthie brings up a good point. I don't think it's for us, it's for them, you know, the buyers, and some of these guys are just putting on a show, man, and I don't like the show. I don't like what they're... they're calling our sisters and our mothers.

Jason: Hey, who brought jazz records? White people and black people, right? Just because I'm not black doesn't mean I can't relate. So what if white males are the ones buying rap?

Leonard: I'll tell you so what. If you're buying this stuff, you're perpetuating an image of my community that I think is harmful to my people.

Ruthie: Well, which brings us right back to Gershwin?

Leonard: It does?

Ruthie: We're talking about what music everyone likes and I don't know that there is one artist that everyone likes... unless we go back to yesterdays' music... like Gershwin.

Maggie: (nods)

Maggie: He's timeless. People still talk about him. New artists still record his stuff. You can hear Gershwin in commercials, in love scene in a movie. Can you say that about Kanye West or 50 Cent?

Peter: Give us a little time, little sister. We'll get there... we'll get there.

High School - Classroom - Friday

Peter: Porgy and Bess was based on a book written by a white man and adapted by his wife who was a white woman and they found these two white guys brothers and they all made it into a musical.

Mr. Feinstein: True... or you could say it was written by a poet, a novelist, and his wife, a playwright, adapted it for the stage, and then they collaborated with a composer and a lyricist and turned it into an opera. What about Porgy and Bess makes it an issue of race.

Peter: The facts do.

Mr. Feinstein: And what happens when people of all races are bought together by music and they transcend the facts?

Ruthie: You mean Bob Geldof and the Live 8?

Class: (laughs)

Maggie: Look who got her sense of humor back.

Joe: Finally...

Mr. Feinstein: And I think the good news is... aside from Ruthie rediscovering her sense of humor... that you're starting to see how music and history and literature are all tied together.

Peter: Just like rap.

Maggie: Ah, talk about letting it go.

Peter: But you guys aren't giving rap its due. I mean it's the poetry of the street, plain and simple.

Ruthie: I don't see how talking about my butt is poetry.

Class: (laughs)

Door: (knock)

Gary: Mr. Feinstein? Mrs. Hadgraft wants to see you in her office.

Class: (boos)

Mr. Feinstein: I guess that does it for the week. Thank you all. You can go.

Maggie: Are they firing you?

Mr. Feinstein: I don't think so. I mean, they're letting me go at the end of the year anyway.

Sheila: Why?

Mr. Feinstein: Budget cuts.

Ruthie: So, you won't be in detention next week.

Mr. Feinstein: No, my week is up and I'll be filling in somewhere else. So remember that if you were thinking about doing anything to get detention next week.

Ruthie: Yeah, but we didn't do anything, remember?

Eli: I learned more in detention than I did in any of my other classes this week.

Mr. Feinstein: Thanks... I appreciate that. Have a nice weekend, everyone. Thank you for the week.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: How was your day?

Ruthie: It was fine... just like all the other days. I think I'm gonna go start my homework.

Annie: Ah, whenever I had detention, I used it to do homework. Mrs. Piece, your counselor, called. You had detention all week, Ruthie?

Ruthie: Unofficially...

Annie: Unofficial detention?

Ruthie: I just had it Monday because I was talking to someone in the bathroom so I was late for class. That was the official one, but then I went the rest of the week because I liked it.

Annie: You like detention?

Ruthie: It was great. Mr. Feinstein, the music teacher, he was in charge. He started on Monday with Gershwin and then the discussion moved on to protest music and rap and how music has evolved and by today there were thirty people in detention who did stuff just to get in because Mr. Feinstein made it so fun and... I should have told you.

Annie: Yes, you should have. So, you were just talking to someone in the restroom and you missed class?

Ruthie: I was just late. I didn't miss the whole class.

Annie: I see... so ah, did you say it was Gershwin you were listening to?

Ruthie: All the discussions were centered around him. Gershwin is like... magic. After listening to him all week, I feel like a different person.

Annie: Good... good for you. Thank you, Gershwin.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Door: (knock)

Mr. Feinstein: Hi... I teach music at your daughter's high school. Ruthie might have mentioned me... Mr. Feinstein...

Eric: Hey... Eric Camden... come in.

Mr. Feinstein: Hi...

Eric: Don't tell me Ruthie broke down and took my advice and signed up for a music class?

Mr. Feinstein: Not exactly... and the school board voted to phase out the music program this year so there really aren't any classes to sign up for.

Eric: What kind of class is it?

Mr. Feinstein: More of a... study hall...

Eric: (nods)

Eric: Uhm...

Mr. Feinstein: Anyway, Ruthie mentioned that you're a minister and that you're a musician and...

Eric: Do you wanna hear this song that I've been workin' on...? I'm sorry, it's like a nervous tic. Somehow, I don't think you came by to hear me play.

Mr. Feinstein: Another time...

Eric: Yeah...

Mr. Feinstein: ...anyway, I just got out of the principal's office...

Eric: You don't seem like the type of guy to get into any trouble.

Mr. Feinstein: (laughs)

Eric: Sorry, another kind of tic. Sit down, please. I think I've stopped ticking.

Mr. Feinstein: Reverend Camden, I talked to the principal about one of my students who might be having some real trouble. Her name is Maggie, and I have a feeling that Ruthie might know something about her that the rest of us don't.

Convenience Store

Lucy: I'm so sorry. I'm such aklutz today.

Maggie: Chill... it's just books. They're not breakable or anything.

Lucy: Kennedy High School? My sister Ruthie goes to Kennedy. I... I'm Lucy the associate pastor at...

Maggie: Yeah, thanks... look, I gotta go. There's my bus.

Will: She hustled me. I don't believe it. Oh, hi, Reverend Kinkirk.

Lucy: Who hustled you?

Will: Oh, that girl who was just here... what... do you know her?

Lucy: No, I... I just bumped into her. What do mean she hustled you?

Will: You know, she gave me a five from some peanut butter and I was givin' her change and she was talking about school and stuff and then she asked me to break a twenty and then she just kept talking about school, music, class just talking. Then all I know, I gave her the change for the twenty but she never gave me a twenty. Great, just great.

Lucy: Tell you what. I'll take care of it. I have a soft spot for teenage girls. I think I used to be one and I'll take some milk.

Will: Okay... how's Ruthie?

Lucy: Ah, school's been tough this year... not academically, but...

Will: Boyfriend?

Lucy: Yeah, sort of. That girl, does she live around here? Because this isn't the right neighborhood for Kennedy High School.

Will: I don't know where she lives but she's always got that bag with her. Looks like it weighs fifty pounds... splittin' at the seams.

Lucy: Yeah, that was a pretty big book bag. Someone who has to hustle like she did must need some help. Do you know anything else about her?

Will: Not much. She always pays with change... lots of change. I should have known she didn't have a twenty.

Lucy: Oh, did you give me my change?

Will: Not you too, Reverend Kinkirk.

Lucy: Oh, yeah... sorry.

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: The world will pardon my mush, 'cause I've got a crush, my baby, on you.

Ruthie: That's sweet and kind of silly. I like it. I wish I could play the piano.

Annie: Oh, it's not too late to learn. I could teach you.

Ruthie: I think I'm more of a listener.

Annie: Or a singer... you've got a great voice. Does Mr. Feinstein know that?

Ruthie: No, but I think he's getting fired so it doesn't really matter.

Annie: Fired?

Ruthie: Well maybe not technically fired, but they're letting him go at the end of the year because they eliminating the music program.

Annie: Oh, what a same...

Ruthie: Yeah, and you know some students only come to school for music.

Annie: Any of these students in detention?

Ruthie: Maybe...

Annie: Did the girl you were talking to in the bathroom get detention, too?

Ruthie: Yeah...

Annie: Must have been a pretty interesting conversation for you two to be late for class.

Ruthie: Maybe sometime I'll tell you about it.

Annie: When?

Ruthie: When the other girl tells me, I can.

Annie: I understand.

Simon's Apartment / Camden's House - Attic Room

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: Hello...?

Simon on Phone: Hey, let me speak to mom or dad.

Ruthie on Phone: Well, hi to you, too.

Simon on Phone: Okay... ah, do you know anything about music that's timeless or classic?

Ruthie on Phone: Well, sure, you mean like Gershwin?

Simon on Phone: Yeah... yeah, that's a good start... Gershwin, okay? Ah, you know about Gershwin?

Ruthie on Phone: Actually, I do. I was in detention all week and it turned out to be this whole thing on Gershwin. It was incredible.

Simon on Phone: Really... Gershwin... in detention... what did you get detention for?

Ruthie on Phone: Nothing... I wouldn't want to bore you. I was late for class.

Simon on Phone: You're right, that is boring. Okay, now I want you say some names of Gershwin songs for Rose and me, okay? Now... now, Rose wants to plan our whole wedding around our song.

Ruthie on Phone: I'm supposed to pick out your song? Don't you guys have a song?

Simon on Phone: No, no, we don't, okay? We're doomed. Now do you want to help me or do you want my failed marriage on your head?

Ruthie on Phone: (sighs)

Ruthie on Phone: Okay, well... "Somebody To Watch Over Me"? "Love Is Here to Stay"? "Somebody Loves Me"? "He Loves and She Loves"? "Shall We Dance"? "It's Wonderful"?

Simon on Phone: Hey, hey, hey... wait a minute, that's way too many choices, okay? Now, I want you to take your best shot... think about Rose and me. What's the first song that comes to mind?

Ruthie on Phone: "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off".

Simon on Phone: That's funny... that's really funny. You know, thanks for your help. Let's go back to let me talk to mom or dad.

Ruthie on Phone: No, I'm sorry. What about...

Ruthie on Phone: ..."Embraceable You"?

Simon on Phone: Hey, yeah... that's good, that's really good. Thanks.

Ruthie on Phone: You're welcome.

Simon on Phone: You know, Ruthie, you sound great. You really sound like you've turned the corner on that whole Martin thing.

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, I have. I don't even think about him.

Simon on Phone: Can you believe that he's actually going over to Sandy's house tomorrow to like help take care of the baby?

Ruthie on Phone: Really? That's nice.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, he even offered to stay over.

Ruthie on Phone: Great...

Simon on Phone: Sounds like he's coming around, too.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, well, listen, thanks for the help. I've gotta get back to studin', okay?

Ruthie on Phone: Sure, you're welcome.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Song: Our Love Is Here To Stay

Lucy: Kevin, I need a favor! Kevin!

Kevin: In here!

Kinkirk's House - Family Room

Lucy: Hey, I ran into this girl at the convenience store, so I've got to call Ruthie to find out if she knows her. I... I think you should run a check on her. I think she may be a runaway or something.

Kevin: I can't check on people for you anymore, but I love you.

Lucy: And I love you, too. I... you can get someone to run a check. Captain Michaels would do it. Are we eating in here?

Kevin: I put Savannah down early. She has a big day at the park. I thought we could have dinner in front of the fireplace.

Lucy: I get it... the fire... the food... Gershwin.

Kevin: The calendar...

Lucy: Yeah, I know, we're on a schedule.

Kevin: Yeah, it's really out of my hands. It has nothing to do with me. It's strictly a scheduling matter.

Lucy: Oh, and I love our schedule, you know that, but I think this girl is in trouble. I mean, she hustled Will at the convenience store and I think she goes to Ruthie's school but as soon as I mentioned Ruthie's name she took off.

Kevin: And I totally understand... but I think you need to just relax and forget about all that and just have a nice, quiet evening at home with your husband.

Lucy: I can't.

Kevin: Sure, you can. Here, have some wine.

Lucy: That's not wine. That's grape juice.

Kevin: I know, we're out of wine, but we can pretend.

Lucy: I don't need wine to be with you. I love you. I'm just... distracted.

Kevin: Maybe I can distract you from your distractions. Come on, Luce, it's Friday... take the night off. Take the weekend off. Take a lot of things off.

Lucy: All right, all right, I love what you're trying to do here. You know, with the fire and the music, and... wait... is that Gershwin?

Kevin: That's Johnny Mathis... singing Gershwin.

Lucy: Okay, okay... I have to talk to Ruthie and then I'll be fine. I'll be right back, keep the fire going.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Annie...

Annie: Oh...

Eric: ...ah, this is Ruthie's teacher.

Annie: Oh, Mr. Feinstein... you didn't get fired did you?

Mr. Feinstein: Nope... but nice to meet you.

Eric: He just wanted to talk to Ruthie about...

Annie: Someone in detention?

Mr. Feinstein: Wow, things move fast in here.

Eric: Detention? You said study hall.

Mr. Feinstein: A euphemism...

Annie: It was detention, but it's a long story.

Lucy: Hi, anybody home?

Eric: Hi, Luce. This is Mr. Feinstein, Ruthie's study hall/detention/euphemism teacher. It's a long story.

Ruthie: What's going on? Mr. Feinstein, what are you doing here? You didn't get fired, did you?

Annie: No, he didn't get fired. He just...

Ruthie: Oh, no, I can't. I can't tell you anything about Maggie. That's what you're here for, isn't it?

Eric: So you do know that your friend's in trouble?

Mr. Feinstein: Do you know what kind of trouble she's in?

Lucy: That's her name, Maggie? Big book bag, sweet and friendly but spooks easy? I bumped into her at the convenience store. She was short-changing the manager... I... maybe stealing food. Ruthie...?

Eric: Ruthie, maybe you could just tell us where we could find her.

Annie: Did you promise her you wouldn't?

Ruthie: Not exactly... but I don't think she wants anyone to know what her situation is.

Mr. Feinstein: Do you think she'd tell me whatever she told you?

Ruthie: Maybe...

Eric: Well, I think we should talk to her. It sounds like she could use it.

Lucy: Big time...

Eric: Ruthie, do you know where we could find her?

Street - Sidewalk

Maggie: Summertime and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin′ and the cotton is high. You're daddy's rich and your mom...

Street - Alley

Mr. Feinstein: Why don't I take it from here?

Lucy: With all due respect, I think I should handle this.

Eric: Excuse me; didn't you both come to me for help?

Mr. Feinstein: I was trying to get to Ruthie so I could get to Maggie.

Lucy: Yeah, me, too.

Eric: Well, I'm the only one of us that she doesn't know and won't recognize. Don't forget, the idea here is not to scare her into running again.

Street - Sidewalk

Eric: You have a pretty voice.

Maggie: Gershwin brings out the best in a girl.

Eric: Huhm... here...

Maggie: Thanks, but if you think this is gonna get you more than a song...

Eric: No, I don't. It's just a donation. You do know there are some shelters in the area.

Maggie: Been there... too dangerous.

Eric: Well, you can't just stay out on the streets.

Maggie: Don't worry, I won't. Goodnight.

Eric: Look, um, my wife and I have this garage apartment and maybe you could stay there for a few nights, you know, while you're lookin' for something else. My name is Eric and your name is...?

Maggie: Do I know you? Am I supposed to know you?

Eric: I'm Ruthie's dad. Ruthie didn't tell me that you're here. I... I don't think she even knew. I mean, she knew that you were working for some extra cash singing on weekends somewhere around here. Ah, Mr. Feinstein was worried about you and...

Maggie: Oh, Feinstein... let me guess. When he went to the principal they told him that I'm late to school every day, and that all the mail, including my report cards, are returned back to the school because it's not a real address but they don't want to kick me out because they tend to feel horrible about kicking people out who they think are homeless.

Eric: Yes, that's what they think.

Maggie: Feinstein... why does he care?

Eric: I don't know. Just seems like a caring guy. Teachers are like that you know. Most of them aren't in it for the money.

Maggie: Yeah... well, tell Mr. Feinstein thanks for caring, but right now, I have a bus I have to catch.

Eric: Ah, you know, I can drive you to the bus stop or wherever the bus is taking you.

Maggie: Shouldn't you be at home taking care of your own daughter?

Eric: Ruthie?

Eric: What's wrong with Ruthie?

Maggie: For starters, she's got a hole in her heart that you could drive a truck through.

Eric: What do you mean?

Maggie: She's feeling better about that Martin guy, but she's not there yet. Believe me she's hurting. She barely got through this week at school. I gotta go.

Eric: Maggie, wait. I find it very touching, that you in your situation, would be concerned about Ruthie... and I'll talk to her when you get home, but please, let me help you.

Maggie: I can't... Reverend Camden. I just can't, but thank you.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Oh, great... man I could use that. Thanks, Rose, I really appreciate this.

Rose: I figured you were probably running low on fuel about now.

Simon: You're incredible. I'm so sorry that you've been doing all our wedding stuff on your own, but it's just... I don't know anything about that stuff and I probably sound lame right now.

Rose: A little, but cute lame.

Simon: I did come up with a few ideas for our song.

Rose: You did?

Simon: Uh-hum... what do you think about "Embraceable You"? It's a Gershwin song.

Rose: Of course it is. Oh, Simon, it's perfect. Oh, it couldn't be more perfect.

Rose: Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you. Embrace me, you irreplaceable you. Just one look at you my heart grew tipsy in me. You and you alone bring out the gypsy in me. I love all the many charms about you. Above all, I want my arms around you. Don't be a naughty baby, come to me, come to me... do... my sweet embraceable you.

Kinkirk's House - Family Room

Savannah: (baby sounds)

Kevin: Luce?

Lucy: I'm sorry I'm so late, baby. I hang out with my mom until dad got home and then I think I just woke up Savannah when I was checking on her.

Kevin: How's your dad make out? Did he get her into a shelter?

Lucy: She wouldn't let him, but he gave her a little bit of money and hopefully that'll help. At least it'll pay for bus fare to wherever she's going.

Kevin: Bus, huh... you know what bus line?

Lucy: Ah, I think the one outside the convenience store was the number seven. I made a point of noticing this afternoon.

Kevin: Wanna go for a ride?

Lucy: A ride where?

Kevin: To find out where the number seven bus goes.

Lucy: Now? I mean, couldn't we just get that information on-line or from the transit authority?

Kevin: I'm more interested in knowing who's on the bus. We're all awake anyway. Come on, let's go.

Lucy: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh, I knew she wasn't over Martin, but I didn't know she was crying at school.

Eric: How could we know? Look, you think we did the right thing letting her go to the hospital when Martin's baby was born?

Annie: Yes, I think so. Ruthie's just going to have to deal with this, no matter how hard it is, she gonna have to get over this guy... let him go. She just has to. What are you guys doing up? It's the middle of the night.

Sam: We're hungry.

David: Ruthie woke us up. She was crying.

Sam: So we went up to see her and watch her cry. It was sad.

David: Then we got hungry.

Eric: When I went upstairs, she was asleep.

Sam: She was pretending. She did that to us, too.

Annie: All right, I'll make you a quick snack and then you have to go back to bed and since Ruthie's still up...

Eric: I'm on my way.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Song: Embraceable You

Ruthie: (crying)

Eric: Ruthie...

Ruthie: I'm sorry, did I wake you up, too?

Eric: No, no, I was still up.

Ruthie: Just give me a minute I'll be okay.

Ruthie: (crying) I thought I was going to be okay but I'm not. I love him and now he has a baby and he loves the baby and he loves her and it'll never be okay.

Eric: You'll get through this, Ruthie. Maybe it doesn't look like it now, but you will.

Ruthie: (crying) I don't wanna get through it. I don't see how I'll ever love anyone as much as I love Martin.

Eric: Careful... you don't want to break Lucy's crying record.

Ruthie: (crying) Everything's broken. I just love him. What am I going to do, Dad?

Eric: Oh...

Ruthie: (crying)

Kevin's Car / Convenience Store

Lucy: As much fun as this is, I just don't think Maggie is gonna come here again.

Kevin: You never know this is the last stop on the bus route.

Lucy: And...?

Kevin: And... just wait.

Lucy: Well, if she does come and sees us feeding our dogs ice cream, I'll die. It's just so wrong.

Kevin: I don't think our being in a position to make our dogs sick to their stomachs has anything to do with Maggie's situation.

Lucy: Whatever you say, Officer Kinkirk.

Kevin: Thank you, Reverend. Homeless people sometimes ride the bus all night, just to have a warm place to stay. I'm going to give them some money for a hotel for a week and you're going to get them into a more permanent place, all right?

Lucy: I love you.

Kevin: Hey, I'm not doing this for them, it's for me. I can't relax unless you relax, and you won't relax unless they get settled. And then, I can relax. See what a self jerk I am?

Lucy: No, you're not. You're the nicest person I know.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Mornin', Dad... up already?

Eric: I never really got to sleep.

Ruthie: Sorry, I kept you up so long and upset you so much.

Eric: You seem to be... better?

Ruthie: Yeah, I am. I talked to Luce.

Eric: So did I. I guess I should have thought about Maggie and her family. For some reason I was thinking runaway.

Ruthie: Yeah, well...

Eric: So, that's the part you couldn't tell me? About her family, that they're all homeless?

Ruthie: No, I still can' tell you the part I didn't tell you.

Ruthie: (humming)

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: Hello?

Camden's House - Kitchen / Simon's Apartment

Simon on Phone: You're a genius... you're a musical genius.

Ruthie on Phone: I am?

Simon on Phone: Rose loved your suggestion. Embraceable You that's our song... thanks to you. And guess what? Rose can sing. She sings like... like one of those birds that can sing.

Ruthie on Phone: Great...

Ruthie: Rose can sing.

Eric: Oh, it's a grand day.

Simon on Phone: Guess what else?

Ruthie on Phone: What else could top that?

Simon on Phone: We went out to breakfast with Sandy and Martin and I got to hold the baby.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh...

Simon on Phone: That baby looks just like Martin. You should have seen him. For a guy who really didn't want to have a baby, you should have seen him. He loves the kid. I wouldn't be surprised if Sandy and Martin got married. Ruthie? Ruthie?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: What happened?

Ruthie: Simon says Martin and Sandy might get married.

Eric: It's okay, Ruthie, it's okay. It'll be fine.

Ruthie: (crying) No, I won't. I need Maggie. I need detention and Mr. Feinstein doesn't have detention anymore. There's no music, there's no music in school... all we need is music.

High School - Girls' Restroom - Last Monday

Maggie: Hey, you, weepy, knock it off. I need total concentration here. Come on out of there, weepy. You're the preacher girl, right?

Ruthie: I guess.

Maggie: What are you crying about?

Ruthie: It's nothing...

Maggie: Nothing, huh?

Ruthie: A guy... it's nothing... I'm going to be late for class.

Maggie: What guy?

Ruthie: A guy who I thought I was going to marry one day who got another girl pregnant and had a baby with her.

Maggie: Oh... Martin Brewer, yeah, I think there's another girl around school crying.

Ruthie: Meredith... she was his girlfriend.

Maggie: Guy had a lot of girlfriends.

Ruthie: We were friends.

Maggie: The kind of friends who eventually fall in love and get married only he took a left turn somewhere.

Ruthie: The whole thing's stupid... I don't know why I can't quit crying.

Maggie: Here's what I do since I pretty much feel like crying everyday. I schedule it. I wait until I'm on the bus and no one is around, or maybe they are, I don't care. And then I bawl for no more than fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes and then I quit.

Ruthie: Just like that?

Maggie: Yep, then I listen to music, something really good, really soulful and I sing. I sing out on the sidewalk, when people don't run me off.

Ruthie: What do you cry about?

Sound: (bell rings)

Maggie: Hand me that belt would you? I'm... homeless. My family is homeless and I'd let your dad, or the counselor, or someone know, but it's just so humiliating for my parents. People have tried to help us out... Okay, promise you won't tell anyone this part.

Ruthie: Okay...

Maggie: No, promise.

Ruthie: I promise.

Maggie: My mom and dad can't read. They just never learned and they dropped out of school, so it's hard and they're like really embarrassed about it. I have to fill out job applications for them, but it doesn't help because most jobs, well, you have to read something on the job, you know?

Ruthie: Well, I'm sorry.

Maggie: I'm trying to get something other than singing. I sing on the street, but lots of people sing on the street. They've got some great voices out there singing for their supper.

Ruthie: Well, maybe my dad could help your family.

Maggie: I don't know. It's hard. My folks are real proud. And you... you've got problems yourself.

Ruthie: I can't believe you think I've got problems. It's just a guy.

Maggie: It's not just a guy. It's a heart and it's broken. And it doesn't matter they your heart gets broken, it still hurts. Pain is pain.

Mrs. Randal: Maggie, I thought I might find you here, but Ruthie, I didn't expect. Maggie...

Maggie: I know... detention.

Mrs. Randal: Ruthie, class started five minutes ago. You're not just a little late. Sorry, you have detention, too.

Maggie: This isn't your first detention... is it?

Ruthie: Yeah, it is.

Maggie: Wow... but you're in for a treat. It's Mr. Feinstein this week, the music teacher. I was hoping to take band or chorus or music appreciation from him when I transferred here, but the music classes are being phased out.

Ruthie: Oh, I sing a little, but I've never taken any music classes here.

Maggie: That's the only subject I know anything about... music. It's the reason I learned how to read and write, the reason I can do math, the reason I stayed in school, the reason I'm still alive. Maybe we can get him to play some Gershwin. Gershwin is magic. I think we can use a little magic around here. See you later, preacher girl.

High School - Classroom - Last Monday

Mr. Feinstein: What'd you do?

Ruthie: Nothing, really.

Mr. Feinstein: What a coincidence, that's the same reason everyone else is here.

Ruthie: (mouths) Hi...

Mr. Feinstein: Somebody loves me; I wonder who. I wonder who she can be. Somebody loves me, I wish I knew who she can be worries me. For every girl who passes by I shout, hey, maybe, you were meant to be my loving baby. Somebody loves me, I wonder who, maybe it's you... 

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