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#10.16 : Visites inattendues

La vie de Lucy devient plus compliquée personnellement et professionnellement avec l'arrivée de grandes nouvelles. Lucy commence à sentir la présence de sa grand mère décédée Jenny qui lui rend visite pour la prévenir qu'elle devra bientôt relever des challenges dans sa vie. Lucy va en secret voir le docteur pour savoir si elle est enceinte, et décide de ne pas aller à une réunion de l'église où elle est attendue. Annie et Ruthie décident de se prendre une journée tranquille toutes les deux pour décompresser. Malheureusement, elle sont prises en flagrant délit par une prof de Ruthie. Celle ci fait la morale à Annie et lui reproche d'être une mauvaise mère. Rose en veut toujours à Simon de ne pas lui avoir dit qu'il avait couché avec Sandy. Eric aggrave encore leur situation sans le faire exprès. 


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Titre VO
Moving Ahead

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Visites inattendues

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Écrit par : Paul Perlove 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski), Alice Hirson (Jenny Jackson) 

Guests :

  • Debi M. Cox ..... Réceptionniste
  • Sue Nelson ..... Femme enceinte
  • Mary Wickliffe ..... Annabelle
  • Sara Van Horn ..... Mme Carlson
  • Ethel Ayler ..... Mme McCafferty

Kinkirk's House - Room

Lucy: Grandma Jenny!

Grandma Jenny: Oh, finally... you know you always slept like you were hit with a rock.

Lucy: What are you doing here?

Grandma Jenny: Well, I thought it was gonna be a sweater... but I think maybe it's gonna be a big sock.

Lucy: But I... I mean... you're here, but you're not really...?

Grandma Jenny: Well, let's just call it a little visit. I hear you want more children. That's nice... children need you,

Lucy: We just started trying, so we'll see what happens.

Grandma Jenny: I'm so proud of you. You've grown to be such a remarkable young woman... and a wonderful mother.

Lucy: You really think so?

Grandma Jenny: Mmm-huh...

Lucy: Oh, I've been wondering if I should, you know, stay home with Savannah.

Grandma Jenny: Oh, no, she'll be fine... and it's lovely that Kevin can stay at home with her. They'll have a wonderful bond.

Lucy: Well, I just hope she has a wonderful bond with me, too.

Grandma Jenny: Oh, but she will. You know you have to work. You have things to do in this world that no one else can do.

Lucy: Well, if I wanted to stay home someone could do my work.

Grandma Jenny: No one else can do what you have to do. No one else can serve your purpose in life.

Lucy: Sure, they can. What about my Dad?

Grandma Jenny: I don't think so. Oh, your dad has his own work to do. Why can't you do your work?

Lucy: If I want to have more children...

Grandma Jenny: If? Oh, honey, you'll have more children... so many children.

Lucy: Excuse me? So many children... what do you mean? How many is so many?

Grandma Jenny: Oh, let's not worry about that today, especially on a day like today.

Lucy: Today? What's gonna happen today?

Grandma Jenny: Well, let's just say it's gonna be... a challenging day. You just go with it. You just go with it. Why am I doing this? Why am I torturing myself like this?

Grandma Jenny: (laughs)

Grandma Jenny: I don't know. This is supposed to be the good times. Goodbye, sweetie.

Lucy: Wait! I... I still don't know what so many children means. And... and what is a challenging day? I mean is something bad gonna happen. What happens?

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: You can't still be sleeping.

Kevin: Yes, I can.

Lucy: I don't feel well.

Kevin: What's wrong?

Lucy: I had a dream about my Grandma Jenny, and then I woke up... and felt weird.

Kevin: Do we have one of those home pregnancy tests around.

Lucy: We're not pregnant yet.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Lucy: I'm sure and she said that today was gonna be a challenging day. What does that mean... I mean, challenging or difficult, or really, really challenging? Maybe that something terrible is gonna happen. Oh my God, what if something happens to you or Savannah, or my mom, or dad, or someone I love?

Kevin: Luce, you're not really going to obsess over a dream.

Lucy: Okay, maybe it was just a dream, but can't you just stay up and talk to me about it?

Kevin: You talk. I honestly don't have anything to talk about.

Lucy: How about life?

Kevin: Life? Great... it's only one of my favorite subjects at... 5:09 a.m.

Lucy: So many children? Challenging? What... what am I supposed to do with all this information? I really don't feel well.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric on Phone: ...I'm fine, Luce. And your mother is fine and Ruthie's... well Ruthie's still shattered and devastated over Martin, but other than that she's fine. Stop worrying about all of us, Luce, and just take care of yourself today.

Annie: Hey, what's wrong?

Eric: Lucy didn't sleep well last night... had some kind of dream that spooked to her. I think basically she just needs to catch up on some sleep, so I'm going to the meeting myself... unless you'd like to go in my place?

Annie: Why would I want to go?

Eric: It's the Young Women's Fellowship board meeting.

Annie: What's that?

Eric: Well, it's, ah, representatives from the corporations in the community... they make proposals for projects that benefit teen girls every year and then community leaders provide feedback and the community leader is supposed to be Lucy, not me. Teen girls are really more her area.

Annie: What did you do before Lucy?

Eric: I just went by myself and did the best I could.

Annie: Well, do the best you can, again.

Eric: But you're a mom and you have a teenage daughter. This meeting is practically calling your name.

Annie: But, I'm not a community leader.

Eric: Hey, don't put yourself down like that. There are people in this community who would follow you anywhere. And, it's really a women's meeting... please!

Ruthie: Have to go to school now. See ya'.

Annie: Ruthie? You wanna go to a Young Women's Fellowship Board meeting with me?

Ruthie: You mean after school?

Annie: No... skip school. Lucy was supposed to go but she's not feeling well, and your dad wants me to go in her place. Do you wanna go?

Ruthie: You said skip school?

Annie: Yeah, all day... I'll write you a note.

Ruthie: And this note will say what?

Annie: This note will say, you know, sorry, ah, Ruthie is sick of school and had to hang with her mom. How's that?

Ruthie: All right... what time?

Eric: Ten...

Ruthie: Great, thanks.

Annie: What?

Eric: Just gonna write her a note?

Annie: Hey, they can take me to jail. She needs a day off. Believe me.

Eric: You're right. This has been a rotten year for her.

Sam: Ruthie says she doesn't have to go to school today.

David: Does that mean we can stay home, too?

Eric: No... no, but I'll make a deal with you. When you guys are teenagers and you get devastated with broken hearts and need a day off from school... you've got it.

Sam: How do we get broken hearts?

Eric: Well, don't worry. You'll have your chances, I can assure you.

David: Great...

Sam: Thanks, Dad.

Annie: Have you heard from Simon?

Eric: No, but I don't really expect to. Do you?

Annie: Ah, no, just asking.

Eric: You haven't called him, have you?

Annie: No, I'm gonna wait because he's obviously upset with me.

Eric: Obviously...

Annie: I didn't tell Rose that Simon had been with Sandy. I didn't... she guessed... pretty much. Well, if you hear from Simon, let me know.

Simon's Apartment / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...? Simon, is that you? If it is, say something to me. I don't want to let another week go by without hearing from you... and Rose. And if this isn't Simon, whoever you are, you should call your parents, too. It's just a solid, you know, all 'round policy.

Simon on Phone: I can't believe mom did that. Do you know how much trouble she caused me?

Eric on Phone: She didn't meant to. It's something that you should already have discussed with Rose... you know, your bride-to-be... for the rest of your life. You don't wanna be keeping secrets from her.

Simon on Phone: I know and there's more.

Eric on Phone: Something else you didn't tell Rose?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, remember that time I thought I was maybe gonna be a father?

Eric on Phone: Well, yes, I do remember. 'Cause you never seem to realize the consequences of... sorry, Simon. I know you didn't call for a lecture. Ah, if I remember, ah, Georgia... Huffington was her name.

Simon on Phone: Yeah and Rose has a class with Georgia this semester, and worse, I told Sandy about what happened between Georgia and me.

Eric on Phone: Why... why did you do that?

Simon on Phone: What are you telling me now, Dad? That I should be more selective with who I lie to... consistency, Dad? I told Sandy because when she got pregnant and Martin wasn't coming around, she was miserable, so I was trying to make her feel better by telling her I was in a similar situation.

Eric on Phone: So now, you're trying to keep Rose who just found out about Sandy to finding out about Georgia? You see, you don't really understand the consequences of... sorry, there I go again.

Simon on Phone: Dad, I love Rose and I wanna spend the rest of my life with her and if I tell her this now, and she decides to call the whole thing off. What do I do?

Eric on Phone: Well, you weren't the first guy Rose was ever with, were you?

Eric: (winces)

Simon on Phone: I guess not. I... I mean, I probably wasn't... you know what Dad, this has been a really big help.

Eric on Phone: Wait... don't... don't hang up. All I'm trying to say is, maybe the two of you don't really know each other that well. Maybe you haven't talked enough, or fought enough, or made up enough. Relationships takes time.

Simon on Phone: I don't have time. I'm getting married in May and you know maybe the point is that since I haven't asked Rose about her past, maybe she should exercise the same restraint when it comes to my past.

Eric on Phone: That's not exactly what I was trying...

Kinkirk's House - Room

Lucy: Do me a favor you two, be careful today, okay?

Kevin: You're not going to work, I hope.

Lucy: I'm fine now.

Kevin: But your dad said he'd get your mom to go to that meeting for you.

Lucy: Yeah, but I've got other things to do today. Do you feel like steak tonight?

Kevin: You're already thinking about dinner? Two hours ago you were puking your guts out.

Lucy: Well, now I'm not. Oh, man, I feel like a big T-bone with a baked potato and sour cream and butter and chives. Oh, oh, and that salad with cucumbers and tomatoes with the mustard vinaigrette.

Kevin: Wow...

Lucy: Wow what?

Kevin: Am I the only one who realizes that you're... we're pregnant?

Lucy: Get out of here. No way. I mean, we've barely been trying.

Kevin: Hey, I don't know about you, but I've been giving it my very best shot... and you always had to have steak when you were pregnant with Savannah. We're having a baby!

Lucy: Listen to me. If every woman who wanted a steak was pregnant, they'd sell maternity wear at Sizzler's, and I will tell you when we're having a baby, because you know what? I will be the first to know.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Hey, mom, what if we didn't go to this meeting?

Annie: Oh, but we said we would, so it's kind of a lie.

Ruthie: Yeah, but we lied to my school. We're already in the lying game. Maybe just one more lie wouldn't hurt.

Annie: Well, we're not lying. I mean, you are sick of school; you do need the day off and, ah, you know, call it a mental health day.

Lucy: Hi... what are you doing home? Is she okay? What is it... a fever? Are you going to the doctor? You should see a doctor.

Ruthie: When was the last time you had a mental health day?

Annie: I told her she could have the day off and go to that meeting with me. Are you okay? Dad said you weren't feeling that well.

Lucy: I just didn't sleep. And then I... I don't know... I'm fine. So you're taking a day off from school to go to a meeting that I don't even want to go to?

Ruthie: You don't even want to go, so why do we have to go?

Lucy: Mom wants to go.

Annie: I don't want to go.

Ruthie: We don't want to go.

Lucy: Then don't go. I'll catch up with them at the next meeting.

Annie: Well, shouldn't someone go? I mean isn't this community organization that doles out money to programs for girls in trouble?

Lucy: Yeah, but the program I run is free and I don't have any money to donate, so it's pretty much just bad chicken and strangers whining about things that can never get done because they can't get funding. Believe me, it's not the end of the world if we're not there. What?

Annie: Did you just come over to tell me not to go to the meeting?

Lucy: Yep...

Annie: You could've called.

Lucy: You know, I just felt like a little face time with my mom and sister, okay?

Ruthie: You didn't even know that I was home.

Lucy: Yeah, well, you know, just be careful today, okay? I gotta run.

Annie: Be careful... what does that mean?

Lucy: It means... just nothing. I mean, just take care... today... you know, rather than not take care and get in an accident or something.

Annie: Luce, is there something you want to ask me? You wanna tell me anything?

Lucy: No... bye...

Ruthie: So, what do you think she wanted?

Annie: I don't know.

Ruthie: She didn't look sick.

Annie: No, actually she looked... healthy. So what do you really want to do today, huh? Go to a movie, go to lunch?

Ruthie: I'd like to do what ever you'd normally be doing today.

Annie: Ah, cleaning, laundry, baking something. Are you sure that's what you wanna do on your day off?

Ruthie: Yeah, I feel like hanging out with you. What's wrong with that?

Annie: Nothin', I'm honored. And you know what, we're going to enjoy our day. And we're going to start enjoying our lives, aren't we?

Ruthie: Yeah, I've just been taking a little break from the enjoyment, that's all.

Annie: Ruthie, you can't let a failed first attempt at love ruin your whole perspective on life.

Ruthie: Yes, I can. I'm sixteen.

Annie: I love you, Ruthie.

Ruthie: I know, but you have to. You're my mother.

Meeting Room

Annabelle: Our first order of business is to find someone to head up the building committee for the home for homeless teenage mothers. Again, any volunteers?

Sound: (tapping on glass)

Mrs. Macaferty: What is wrong with you women!? Doesn't anyone here have the cojones to step up to the plate? Always the same. We expect these girls who get pregnant to have the baby and that's the end of it... no support! They're on their own. Where is the Reverend Kinkirk? She's the one we need for this project. She's young, she's energetic, and she's dedicated and she's been involved with girls who've been in these situations. Where's Reverend Kinkirk?

Annabelle: I don't know. She's usually here.

Mrs. Macaferty: Well, it's time to fish or cut bait, girls. I want to see this happen before I croak, so here's the deal. If you can get Reverend Kinkirk to get this project up and running by the end of summer, then I will personally finance it.

Annabelle: All of it?

Mrs. Macaferty: All five-hundred-thousand-dollars of it... cash.

Annabelle: All in favor of electing the Reverend Lucy Kinkirk to chairman of the home for teen mothers project say aye.

Crowd: Aye...

Annabelle: That's it! Carried unanimously! Meeting adjourned. Now, let's find Reverend Kinkirk.

Ob/Gyn Waiting Room

Lucy: Can you tell the doctor thank you so much for working me in.

Receptionist: It's been a busy morning, but we'll do our best. Just have a seat.

Lucy: (sighs)

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric on Phone: Hey, Simon. Dad. You didn't return the message I left before, but sometimes, you know, people hit a wrong button and erase messages before they even hear them. Wide-fingered people must do that a lot with tiny cell phones, although if you're like me, you're probably a regular-fingered person. The truth is I don't remember ever looking at your fingers all that much. Simon, if you don't wanna hear another message like this, call me back.

Annabelle: I need Lucy.

Eric: Annabelle?

Camden's House - Laundry Room

Ruthie: I don't know, I just wanna do something... something that makes a difference in the world. But how many people really do?

Annie: Well, I guess that depends on what you think is great. Now, I think it's really great that the two of us are sitting here, you know, drinking root beer floats together in the middle of the week.

Ruthie: What good is that gonna do anyone?

Annie: Maybe a lot of good. Maybe one day, years from now, you'll take the time to be with your children because I took time to be with you.

Ruthie: And...?

Annie: And good parents, when they're lucky, help make good people.

Ruthie: And...?

Annie: And good people sometimes do great things.

Ruthie: Yeah, like hanging out and drinking root beer floats. We're not exactly talking Nobel Peace Prize here.

Annie: Hey, sweetie, I know you've been having a tough time, and that things may look a little darker than normal... but I can assure you there is greatness even in the most mundane things... you know, even in this root beer float. Look at this glass. You know, I love this glass. This was my mother's glass and my mother and father and I, well, we had so many wonderful, sweet and lovely desserts from these glasses.

Ruthie: And then they died. We're all going to die. So what's does it matter if we're trying to do something great?

Annie: Look at this root beer. You know that was bottled in a factory where people worked very hard just to feed and clothe their families, and you know give them shelter.

Ruthie: Yeah, but then the owners of the plant close it and lay everybody off and then those hard workers are suddenly on food stamps.

Annie: Taste this ice cream. I mean think of all the beautiful cows who were grazing in the meadow and just walked into the barn to get milked.

Ruthie: I think about beef cows and who wind up in the slaughterhouse being put down by stun guns.

Annie: The point I'm trying to make... and so help me I will make it... is that... well, this root beer float is an amazing thing, because of all the things that went into making it. And, all those things that went into making this moment for you and me and this moments may turn out to be one of the most memorable moments in our lives. So all those people who created this moment did a great thing; they just don't know it.

Ruthie: Okay, Mom, this is great moment... and one of those moments I'll remember for the rest of my live. I guess I really don't think about all the things that go into creating something.

Annie: (sighs)

Annie: The same is true with people. If you really look at them, you can see so much more than... than what's in them at the present moment. You know, just like right now, I look at you, and I oh, I see the little girl you used to be, and then I see the lovely, young lady that you are right now... and I also see the wonderful woman you are going to grow up to be. I can see all that.

Ruthie: Maybe you've had a little too much root beer.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello?

Eric on Phone: Have you seen Lucy?

Annie on Phone: Oh, yeah, she dropped in earlier, but she had things to do.

Eric on Phone: You... you didn't go to the Young Woman's board meeting?

Annie on Phone: I'm having a young woman's meeting right here.

Eric on Phone: Well, something happened... something big. This wonderful woman... a wonderful, rich woman... wants to give a half-a-million-dollars to start a home for unwed mothers, but only if Lucy runs it.

Annie on Phone: Wow!

Eric on Phone: Yeah, everybody's looking for her. They want to get her to agree fast, before the wonderful, rich woman changes her mind.

Annie on Phone: Oh, did you call Kevin? He'll know where she is.

Eric on Phone: Of course I called Kevin. He doesn't know where she is and she left her cell phone charging at home.

Annie on Phone: Well, she'll come home eventually.

Eric on Phone: Well, I know that, dear, but... Thank you. I'll talk to you later.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: We're probably one phone call away.

Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Answering Machine: Hi, this is Simon. Leave a message. I'll call you back.

Answering Machine: (beeps)

Eric on Phone: Hey, Simon. Dad. I'm... I'm looking for Lucy. I was wondering if maybe she drove up to see you. I'll try you on your cell phone...

Simon's Apartment / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Rose on Phone: Reverend Camden?

Eric on Phone: Rose... hi...

Rose on Phone: Hi, yourself. I have a bone to pick with you. What kind of minister are you?

Eric on Phone: What do you mean? Ah, ah, before you answer that, Rose can I call you back? I'm having a bit of an emergency here.

Rose on Phone: Fine... call me back. And if you don't call me back, I'll call you.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Well, I don't know why you're so angry with my dad. He didn't do anything.

Rose: No? You talked to your dad one minute, and the next minute you're throwing my past in my face?

Simon: Yeah, but I could have done that on my own.

Rose: And my past is nothing like your past, by the way.

Simon: Well, it doesn't sound that different from my past, other than you were a little more careful.

Rose: And way more discriminating.

Simon: What does that mean?

Rose: It means that Georgia Huffington is... well she's nothing but a... you know what... and you almost married her because you thought she was having your baby, but for the past six months I've had to practically beg you to marry me.

Simon: Oh, you didn't beg me. I'm the one who said I was ready to get married.

Rose: Yeah, after Sandy had a baby. Then all of a sudden you want to get married and have babies. You were probably wishing the baby was yours, then you could be getting married to Sandy.

Simon: Huh...?

Rose: Simon, how could you not tell me that you slept with Sandy? And now this Georgia.

Simon: Oh, please, we've been over this, okay? You have to let it go. I'm still trying to forget all about your old boyfriends.

Rose: Boyfriend... one... and I went out with him for four years in high school before I had sex with him.

Simon: Wow, four years?

Rose: But you... you've been with one woman after another after another after another after another.

Simon: Hold on, hold on... you're givin' me one too many another's.

Rose: You're practically a conveyor belt for sex. And if I hadn't taken you seriously and wanted to marry you, the belt would just keep moving and you'd just be on to the next one. I don't mean anything to you.

Simon: Rose, you know that's not true. You're not my first, but I definitely want you to be my last. I'm never gonna have sex with anyone else again... just you.

Rose: Oh God, when I think of all those women...

Simon: Rose, Rose, I wanna be the first and only man that you ever have sex with, but that's not... what is. What is is that you and I love each other very much. We want to spend the rest of our lives together regardless of who we were with in the past.

Rose: You're right. You're right. I love you, Simon. And it really is wonderful to think that I am going to be the only woman you have sex with for the rest of your life. You are happy about that, aren't you?

Simon: Of course, I'm happy.

Rose: Well, I'm happy that you're the only guy that I'm going to have sex with for the rest of my life. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Simon: Yeah, we're the only people we're ever going to have sex with again. That's beautiful... really.

Ob/Gyn Waiting Room

Lucy: Can you believe this wait? It's like they should give out numbers... you know, like... like a bakery. I guess it is like a bakery in the bun in the oven sense, that's what my Grandma would say... a bun in the oven. I wish I had a bun, I'm starving. How long have you been waiting?

Woman: About eight-and-a-half months.

Lucy: Um, I... I don't mean to be a pest, but when I said I didn't mind waiting, what I really meant was, I do mind waiting. I have many other things to do. Um, and I'm starving.

Receptionist: Then why don't you go downstairs and grab something to eat.

Lucy: Oh no... and risk losing my spot. What's taking so long?

Receptionist: Dr. Peterson had an emergency delivery, then Dr. Rubin is out sick, so Dr. Pearson's taking on her patients. Reverend Kinkirk, I said we'd work you in, we're workin' you in.

Lucy: Well, and I understand, I... I totally do, but... but today is not a normal day. My nerves are... are frazzled and my dead grandmother came to me this morning and told me this was going to be a challenging day and if this is what she means by the challenging, then you know, I'm totally cool, I can handle it, no biggie, but... but if it isn't all that's challenging then I can't handle it. Because, because, because if someone I love is hurt or is in any trouble... you know, I can't handle it, because I'm here and not available to do any handling. So why don't I go home or... or go to work or... or go downstairs to eat something? Because I'm not leaving, that's why. But thanks.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Mom, now my brain won't stop. This t-shirt was made from cotton in a field, it was taken to a market, where it was processed into fabric, then it was cut, sewn, packaged, then it was taken to a store where I bought it, and then now I'm putting it in a drawer in a dresser, that was made by some craftsman. Mom, please make it stop.

Annie: But don't you feel more connected to the world when you take the time to think, I mean really think about everything around you?

Ruthie: Yeah, I guess, but what would really make me feel connected to the world would be a laptop computer with internet access and a cell phone. I'd really feel connected then. I'd even almost feel normal.

Annie: Well, normal is way overrated.

Ruthie: Yeah, I know and most of the time I don't mind being different from all the other kids, but I'd really like a computer and a cell phone... either one... or both.

Annie: What do you mean, different than the other kids?

Ruthie: You're kidding me, right?

Annie: Every kid couldn't possibly have a cell phone and a computer.

Ruthie: Mom, if I can grasp your ideas about how everything is connected, surely you can grasp mine. Stay with me on this. Everyone has a computer and a cell phone.

Annie: Everyone?

Ruthie: Everyone I know. Everyone I don't know.

Annie: You're not exaggerating?

Ruthie: The only kid I know without a cell phone is Maggie, the homeless girl I met in detention. I swear I don't know anyone else. That's it, honest... I mean, just Maggie and me... in a whole school... big school.

Annie: It's time to go pick up the boys. Come on, we'll talk more about in the car... which doesn't have a navigation system.

Ruthie: Cheap shot, Mom, this is different.

Annie: I know. Other moms are without navigation systems. Not everyone has one.

Ruthie: Very funny. Would you like me to stay home in case Lucy calls?

Annie: No, it's okay. She'll turn up eventually.

Ruthie: If we had cell phones, she could call us while we're out.

Annie: Cheap shot.

Ruthie: No, it's true. And I could get calls without tying up your calls and if I had a computer with the internet access, I could even get email. Can you imagine... email... like a normal teenager living in the twenty-first century?

Annie: I get it. You know, I understand completely, but...

Camden's House - Attic Stairs

Ruthie: Computers and cell phone are made in factories by people trying to feed their families and then they're packaged and shipped by other hardworking people...

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: And then they're unloaded in stores by more hardworking people and sold to hardworking people just like us, but not us... just people like us.

Door: (doorbell rings)

Annie: Who can that be?

Camden's House - Foyer - Front Door

Ruthie: And think about the paper that they're packaged in. It starts with small trees in the forest, and then with rain and the sun the trees grow, and then they're cut down and chewed into pulp for the paper that their packaged in... all the little cell phone and big computers. And then think about all the work done by the hardworking artists who have families, too. Now, I could go on.

Annie: Please don't.

Ruthie: Mrs. Carlson!

Mrs. Carlson: Hi, Ruthie. You guys are on my way home and since Ruthie was sick today, I wanted to make sure she had the sample test questions for the test tomorrow.

Annie: Oh...

Mrs. Carlson: How are you feeling?

Ruthie: Uh...

Mrs. Carlson: You look well.

Annie: Uh...

Mrs. Carlson: Fine... just fine. Here's the sample test. Good luck tomorrow.

Annie: Ruthie's really not feeling... that great, Mrs. Carlson. You know. She has... the blahs.

Mrs. Carlson: The blahs. I see. Well, all I can say, Mrs. Camden, is that if every child missed school because of the blahs we wouldn't have school. I've had the blahs for the last fifteen years and never missed a day.

Annie: I can assure you it's valid. She'll have a note with her tomorrow.

Mrs. Carlson: Can you be sure to include the blahs in the note? It'll be a new one for the teacher's lounge. We can all use a lift. Nice...

Annie: I think if she could have, she would've given me detention. Suddenly I felt like kid again.

Ruthie: Sorry, Mom.

Annie: Oh, it's not your fault. It's not my fault. You needed this day off. We... we both did. Come on, we're gonna go pick up the boys and then we'll check out the cell phone and computers and then take the boys for some ice cream.

Ruthie: Mom? Are you saying that...?

Annie: Hey, if you would have had the internet someone could have emailed you the sample test questions and we wouldn't have gotten busted. Your father and I have talked about getting a computer and cell phone for you, but we just wanted to hold out as long as we could, but now it's time. Hey, think of all the boys that will be calling and emailing?

Ruthie: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Answering Machine: Hi, this is Simon. Leave a message. I'll call you back.

Answering Machine: (beeps)

Eric on Phone: Hi, Simon, sorry I missed you. Would you tell Rose I called her back? I don't have her number so I thought I'd...

Rose on Phone: Hello, Reverend Camden. Sorry about before, I was a little harsh.

Eric on Phone: Oh, that's... that's okay, Rose.

Rose on Phone: But you got Simon and me into a big fight.

Eric on Phone: Oh, I did? Sorry about that.

Rose on Phone: But like all our fights, we learned just a little more about each other.

Eric on Phone: Well, great...

Rose on Phone: He told me about Georgia and I told him about my high school boyfriend. We were together four years.

Eric on Phone: Oh, you split up when you went to separate colleges.

Rose on Phone: Exactly... he wanted to see other women, the world, all that stuff.

Eric on Phone: Well, that happens. When's the last time you heard from him?

Rose on Phone: What?

Eric on Phone: Did you stay in touch?

Rose on Phone: That's kind of personal.

Eric on Phone: Sorry, it's force of habit. It's just something I would ask in a counseling situation if I had a couple getting married... none of my business at all. He's not coming to the wedding by any chance.

Rose on Phone: I don't know. I mean, we're inviting Sandy, so what's the difference?

Eric on Phone: Well, Sandy's friends with... with both of you. Does Simon know that the old boyfriend's invited?

Rose on Phone: I'm going to tell him.

Eric on Phone: When? When he shows up at the wedding?

Rose on Phone: Are you and Mrs. Camden totally against me?

Eric on Phone: No, we're not, but why would you invite your ex-boyfriend to your wedding?

Rose on Phone: I just wanted him to see how happy I am with Simon.

Eric on Phone: It sounds like you're trying to make him jealous. It also sounds like you're still connected like you haven't let go of the relationship entirely.

Rose on Phone: I love you son, okay?

Eric on Phone: No, it's not okay, because despite the fact that you love him, I don't think you two are ready to get married yet. I think you're still just getting to know each other.

Rose on Phone: You really don't like me, do you?

Eric on Phone: I'd like you a lot more if you weren't in such a rush to get married, and yes I do kind of like you, Rose, more than kind of, even.

Rose on Phone: In the Christian sense of you have to love everyone? Or you really kind of like me for real?

Eric on Phone: I like you for real, Rose, and you wanna know why? 'Cause you're direct, you can hold up your end of an argument or conversation and although, well, you have a certain...

Rose on Phone: Arrogance?

Eric on Phone: Confidence... underneath it all you're... you're a decent young woman. I just think that you may have a better chance of a good marriage if you take a little more time.

Rose on Phone: And do what? See my old boyfriend again? See if I still have feelings for him?

Eric on Phone: No, that's not what I...

Rose on Phone: I'm not sure how Simon would feel about that, but I'll ask him. I mean you're his father and you're the one who suggested it, and this is part if your work, right... counseling people? Okay, I've got to run, but thanks.

Ob/Gyn Waiting Room

Lucy: (sighs)

Grandma Jenny: What a pro! Oh, that's some major-league knitting.

Lucy: I just talked to you last night.

Grandma Jenny: I think it's her confidence. You see the way she stabs the needle into the yarn. Yeah, yeah, you can't be tentative with knitting needles. It's like life, you know. Oh, what a mess.

Grandma Jenny: (laughs)

Lucy: What are you gonna tell me now? Las night if was about having so many children and that what a challenging day I was gonna have. I've been a wreck thanks to you.

Grandma Jenny: You haven't met the challenging part.

Lucy: Oh my God, I'm going to be sick.

Grandma Jenny: Oh, you have such a big, fierce, all encompassing heart, Lucy. It's a lion's heart, but it beats like a hummingbird. You have to learn to slow down a little. Take things as they come. You can always make adjustments. You know, this started out to be a sweater for your grandpa, but ah, too much work, so, I think it'll be an afghan for a gerbil. We just have to learn to take things as they come. That's all I'm saying.

Lucy: What? You're not making any sense. Can't you just tell me what's going to happen? Do you or do you not know the future?

Grandma Jenny: I know some things. Cute little redhead... going to be a wonderful ballerina. Ah, let's see. Ah, a nice, sweet, chubby girl... gonna shape up in her thirties and then she's gonna do infomercials for some horrible dessert. And... oh, poor Jason... ah, what a shame... so bright, CFO of a multinational corporation... and busted for stock fraud, inside trading and conspiracy, but he makes restitution and he'll learn. He'll learn.

Lucy: Enough about them... what... what about my challenges?

Grandma Jenny: You can do it. You can do it. You can do so much.

Lucy: But...

Receptionist: Reverend Kinkirk? Reverend Kinkirk? The doctor will see you now.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: You should have seen Ruthie's face today. That smile... oh how I've missed that smile.

Eric: She's a good kid.

Annie: Are you gonna take her tomorrow to get the computer?

Eric: Sure, I'll pick her up from school.

Annie: You think we should all get cell phones, too?

Eric: Yep...

Annie: What happened to us? We've gone all this time without needing any of that stuff.

Eric: I know, but maybe we should be like... normal people.

Annie: But normal is so...

Annie/Eric: Overrated...

Eric: Yeah, well, let's give normal a whirl and see how it goes. If we don't like it we can always go back to being eccentric weirdoes that people look at when we walk by.

Annie: People look at us when we walk by?

Eric: I do... at you.

Annie: Oh... did you ever find Lucy to give her the good news?

Eric: Nope... gave up trying. Gave all the information to Kevin and he'll tell her. I hope she's up for something as big this. I mean, I'll be here to help her, but this will really be her baby.

Annie: Funny you should day that... I'm not completely certain, but something tells me...

Eric: They want to have another baby already?

Eric: (nods)

Eric: (sighs)

Annie: Something's goin' on. Something else, what?

Eric: I talked to Simon today.

Annie: And...?

Eric: And just like you, I said something that got bigger than I intended.

Annie: And...?

Eric: I told Simon he's not the only one with a past and that maybe he and Rose should get to know each a little better, which led to Rose deciding that maybe she needs to resolve some issues with her old boyfriend.

Annie: Oh, that's great.

Eric: Well, maybe we've been talking to the wrong person. Rose may be more reasonable than Simon. You know, she wasn't entirely against taking a little more time to make sure she's doing the right thing.

Annie: Oh, you're a miracle worker.

Eric: Well...

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello...?

Camden's House - Kitchen / Simon's Apartment

Simon on Phone: Hey Mom, it's Simon.

Annie on Phone: Oh, Simon, oh, it's so good to hear your voice. Ah, listen, I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, unlike Dad.

Annie on Phone: Dad?

Simon on Phone: I need to get some addresses from you.

Simon on Phone: Rose and I would like to get the invitations to the wedding out, despite the fact that dad actually suggested that she go and see her old boyfriend.

Annie on Phone: Dad's right here. Would you like to talk to him?

Simon on Phone: No, I wouldn't. In fact, maybe you could tell him that although I would like him to marry Rose and me, I do not intend to sit through any counseling sessions with him, nor do I expect him to sneak in any counseling sessions with my fiancée. Rose and I are getting married in May. The invitations are going out at the end of the month. Now, I don't care if Rose goes and sees her old boyfriend. I'm sure nothing will change, we love each other, but, can you get me the addresses? The calligrapher is waiting.

Annie on Phone: Sure, I'll email you.

Simon on Phone: Thanks, Mom.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Email?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I wonder if that calligrapher knew he was getting into such an iffy line of work.

Annie: (laughs)

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: I didn't know what time you'd be home so I haven't put on the steaks, but the baked potatoes are done and the salad's ready to roll. Some people were trying to reach you today. That woman who runs that meeting you didn't go to, the Young Woman's whatchamacallit.

Lucy: I don't care.

Kevin: I think you're gonna care. They want you to head up the building committee for that new home for teenage mothers. In fact, they want you to run it.

Lucy: They're never gonna raise the money for it, so it doesn't really matter.

Kevin: They've got the money. Half-a-million-dollars from a Mrs. Macaferty... right now... guaranteed.

Lucy: Half-a-million-dollars?

Kevin: In cash... but only if you... and only you... can get this home up and going by the end of the summer. A lot of little, old ladies were running around the city trying to find you today.

Lucy: Why me?

Kevin: I don't know, but they want you, babe... won't settle for anything less. Better call them. Maybe I was wrong about your grandmother's dream. Maybe she was trying to tell you that you're going to have lots of children through this project. Amazing, huh? This is something you thought you'd achieve at the end of your career, looks like you're going to get more than you ever expected before you expected it.

Lucy: (crying) I can't.

Kevin: Because?

Lucy: (crying) I just can't. I spent the day waiting to see my doctor. She says hello to your brother Ben, by the way.

Kevin: Forget about Ben. What else did she say?

Lucy: Well, you weren't wrong.

Kevin: We're...

Lucy: I just don't know how this happened. I mean, I know, I just thought I had more time... time to do things. I mean, I'm happy, I'm just... and now Mrs. Macaferty wants to give me a half-a-million dollars to help unmarried teenage mothers to find a safe place to go? I mean, that's... that's a miracle.

Kevin: Those are going to be the happiest unwed mothers in the history of unwed mothers.

Lucy: We don't call them unwed mothers any more.

Kevin: Oh, I didn't know. Sorry...

Lucy: Okay, um, let's see. The baby should be due in October so maybe we could turn the guest room into a nursery or make that into Savannah's room because before long, she's gonna be out of her crib, and maybe I can get the contactor to come over here and do things when he's not working on the building. Of course, first I have to find a building. This could be challenging, but, you know, what I was thinking is that if we find a set of apartments, you know, instead of making into a institutional setting that those homes usually have... 

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