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#11.05 : Un Garçon, 2 filles...

Jane et Margaret, deux filles dans le besoin, essaient de récupérer auprès de Lucy un appartement destiné aux jeunes mères. Mais Lucy refuse : aucune d'entre elles n'est enceinte ! Quelques minutes plus tard, bien décidées à trouver un toit pour la nuit, elles entrent par effraction dans le bureau du révérend Camden. Sur le parking de l'église, Eric fait la connaissance de T-Bone. Ce dernier lui raconte comment il en est arrivé à dormir ici et là, loin d'une mère qui ne veut pas de lui et d'un père absent. Le révérend Camden décide de le ramener chez lui. Jane et Margaret ont elles aussi pris la direction de la maison : elles veulent parler à Mme Camden. Déboussolé par leur demande, Eric les invite à dîner et leur propose l'appartement du garage pour la nuit. C'est à cet instant qu'Annie fait son retour, un jour avant la date prévue. Eric explique les raisons de cette surpopulation sous leur toit à Annie et lui avoue également avoir retiré les jumeaux de l'école. Mais il ne dit rien sur ses ennuis de santé. 


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The replacements

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Un Garçon, 2 filles...

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Michael McDonald 

Avec : Aaron Staton (Daniel), Andrea Morris (Margaret), Sarah Wright (Jane), Colton James (T-Bone) 

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Jane et Margaret, deux filles dans le besoin, futures mères, veulent récupérer un appartement destiné aux jeunes mères.

Elle s’adresse à Lucy mais celle-ci refuse catégoriquement car elles ne sont pas enceintes ! Les filles, voulant à tout prix un toit pour la nuit, entrent par effraction dans le bureau du révérend Camden. 

Eric est sur le parking de l’église quand il rencontre T-Bone, jeune garçon qui vit dehors, dont la mère ne veut pas de lui et dont le père est absent. Eric Camden, lui propose gentiment de venir quelques temps à la maison Camden

Jane et Margaret, demande à Eric à parler à Mme Camden. Annie étant absente, il les invite à dîner et leur propose pour la nuit l’appartement du garage.

C’est à ce moment qu’Annie revient, un jour avant la date prévue.Surprise par la surpopulation de la maison, Eric lui explique tout, ajoutant également qu’il a retiré les jumeaux de l’école. Mais, il n’avoue rien sur ses soucis de santé.


Lucy: Oh hi. Are you the new mom? I'm Lucy Kinkirk. Reverend Kinkirk.

Jane: Hello.

Margaret: Hi.

Lucy: Well I've got your keys here. Apartment 3C and I think you're really going to be happy here.

Jane: Me too. Thank you.

Margaret: (Squeals)

Lucy: Is everything okay?

Margaret: (Squeals)

Lucy: I hope you don't mind my asking but... what trimester are you in?

Jane: Ninth.

Margaret: No.

Lucy: What?

Jane: We have to go.

Lucy: Wait. You're not pregnant are you?

Jane: I don't really think that's any of your business.

Lucy: This is a home for young women who aren't married who are having babies.

Jane: I know that.

Lucy: Okay so... are you or are you not pregnant?

Margaret: She's not and I'm sorry!

Jane: I found this in your reception area. We need a place to stay.

Lucy: Well I'm sorry.

Jane: Who's the boss here?

Lucy: Well normally that would be the social worker who's not here today. Or my mother but she's' out of town.

Jane: When will she be back?

Lucy: It doesn't matter when she'll get back. She won't give you an apartment either. We have a waiting list. And I can't believe you would lie to get in here.

Jane: You can't believe that I would lie... to get an apartment that costs $350. A month rather than sleep in my car.

Lucy: Look if you want to come see me when I get back the day after tomorrow... I'll be happy to sit down and talk with you.

Jane: I want to talk with your mother.

Lucy: Well I think she would just refer you to me.

Jane: We don't know that do we?

Lucy: I know that.

Jane: You're just a little afraid of us going over your head.

Lucy: No, I'm not. Look my husband and I are here doing repairs and...

Jane: That's your husband? Yeah, we talked to him.

Lucy: He's the stupid one who arranged for me to give you the keys. We'll be back the day after tomorrow. Or you can go by the church. Glenoak Community Church.

Jane: Glenoak? I think I have a friend that's staying there?

Lucy: Staying? You mean your friend goes there.

Jane: Yeah. Goes there all the time.

Lucy: Well I'd be happy to help you.

Jane: By not giving us what we want. Well I think we'll look up your mother. But hey... thanks for the offer. And from now on... I'll do the talking.

Margaret: Okay.

Lucy: Pot?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: Oh hey, Mrs. Beeker, I'm just... I'm just finishing up here and I'll be by to pick up the boys in... five minutes. So let them know I'm on my way if you would. And thank you so much for watching them for me which is why I guess you're not answering the phone. You're watching the boys. I hope I'm sure. Okay well... I'm on my way. Bye.

Jane: Whew... I thought he'd never leave.

Margaret: Why... why didn't we just say something?

Jane: We're not here to see him. We're here to see T-Bone.

Margaret: But he's not here.

Jane: Then we'll wait.

Margaret: It's creepy in here.


Eric: Hi, it's me again Mrs. Beeker... I seem to be running out if battery and it doesn't seem as if my car is going to...

T-Bone: Reverend. T-Bone. From the movie theater ticket sales. You may have heard about me from Reverend Kinkirk. Or her male companion.

Eric: Yes, her male companion and husband, Kevin mentioned you.

T-Bone: Right. I keep forgetting that she's married. Born too late. Me.

Eric: It's like you came out of nowhere.

T-Bone: Oh, I live near here. So you want me to take a look at your car?

Eric: Yeah, thanks sure.

T-Bone: My dad was a mechanic.

Eric: You don't have a cell phone on you by any chance do you?

T-Bone: No, sorry, no. No cell phone, Game Goy, X-Box, PS2, iPod or computer, although I do have a George Foreman grill.

Eric: My children didn't have cell phones for the longest time. And then I went out and got them cell phones and poof! The kids just disappeared.

T-Bone: Odd. But I guess it happens. I heard Ruthie disappeared to Scotland. Good for her.

Eric: Yeah, good for her. And... and for Simon and Mary and Matt. Good for all of them.

T-Bone: Yeah. The birds have flown the coop.

Eric: You could say that. Well ah... thanks. Nice meeting you. I guess I'm going to just walk home. It's not that far to my house. I've walked before. Many times before.

T-Bone: Well... my apologies and... That I wasn't able to assist you.

Eric: No apologies necessary. Wait... were you on your way to see me at my office?

T-Bone: Um... I'm currently without family... and shelter. I, of course, was hoping to move in with Lucy but... that didn't work out. And Kev, I could tell was a little threatened.

Eric: I thought you said you lived near here.

T-Bone: Yeah, I said that because I don't so much as live with... staying near here at present. I am currently residing at the church. I... break in at night and use your bathroom and sleep in your office.

Eric: You break in?

T-Bone: You're not under the impression that you have some sort of security system are you?

Eric: No, but there are locks.

T-Bone: Not good ones.

Eric: I guess not. Every night for how long?

T-Bone: The last couple months. I'm sure eventually you would have discovered me. But I sensed a more immediate opportunity to divulge my whereabouts.

Eric: So you have no other family? Where are you parents?

T-Bone: Well I don't know where my dad is. I never met him.

Eric: I see. And did you say where your mom is?

T-Bone: She moved. She left no forwarding address. Just a note saying she had to go. She couldn't take it anymore.

Eric: She couldn't take what anymore?

T-Bone: Can't take having a kid anymore. Although I'm not a kid. I'm quite mature for my age. I have a high school education as of yet. And my job doesn't pay much. And well... I don't always make it to the next paycheck... with enough food allowance.

Eric: Yet... you shared a pizza with my daughter.

T-Bone: I confess to seeing it as an investment in my future.

Eric: Come on, walk home with me, we'll talk.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Jane: I wonder where T-Bone is? I know he's not working today. Today's his day off. He's up to something.

Margaret: I just want to sleep in a normal bed. In a normal house.

Jane: The only way that's going to happen is if we find Mrs. Camden. This isn't so bad. It's a lot roomier than my car. And there's a bathroom.

Margaret: Maybe Lucy's lying. Maybe she's not out of town.

Jane: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. And I mean can there really be that many pregnant girls in one place? There's not one empty apartment we could have?

Margaret: Or with the friend having a baby?

Jane: What friend?

Margaret: The friend you said lived in those apartments.

Jane: I just made that up to get us in the door. Let's go.

Margaret: Go where?

Jane: I'm going to get us one of those apartments.

Answer machine: You've reached Glenoak Community Church. Please leave us a message. And have a blessed day.

Lucy: Dad, look something funny is going on. I tried you at home I tried you your cell. If you get this message...


T-Bone: You do seem out of breath. How's your health?

Eric: What?

T-Bone: You seem more than slightly out of breath.

Eric: No, I don't.

T-Bone: My mistake.

Eric: What do you know?

T-Bone: I don't know anything. But I can surmise from the fact that you're being sensitive and some sort of health issue... possibly.

Eric: You do know something. How do you know something?

T-Bone: Honestly. I don't know. You got a few messages to call a doctor Tsegay's office. But the nurse didn't say why so... I know nothing. Is there any reason why the homeless guy, Stanley might know something?

Eric: Why would Stanley the homeless guy know something?

T-Bone: I don't know. I just saw Kev giving him his pants a couple of nights ago. I was camping out in the booth. I do that once in a while when I don't have enough bus money to the church. Are you seriously ill?

Eric: No, I'm not.

T-Bone: If this is a bad time for me to be at your house... again, I would welcome the solitude of the church accommodations following that spaghetti supper.

Eric: No, you're coming home with me now.

T-Bone: All right. Perhaps I can be of some help. I am a good conversationalist; it's always good to have someone to talk to.

Eric: I don't want to talk about it.

T-Bone: It? So there is something going on. Does Mrs. Camden know?

Eric: No one knows.

T-Bone: Except for Stanley the homeless guy. And... possibly Kevin. Which would automatically mean Lucy. Which may be the reason they fled the city.

Eric: They didn't flee the city.

T-Bone: So they'll be back tonight?

Eric: No, they're staying away for a couple of... nights.

T-Bone: How sick are you?

Camden's House

David: T-Bone come up and see our hamster.

T-Bone: I will. Thanks for the invitation. Wow. Palatial.

Eric: Ooo... sorry girl.

T-Bone: This is some spread.

Eric: Thank you.

T-Bone: I feel like I've died and gone to ah... sorry. Can I see the upstairs... visit the hamsters?

Eric: Of course. I'm just going you go get the car.

Camden's House - Porch

Jane: Hi.

Eric: Hi. I was looking for Mrs. Camden? And normally I would go to the front door instead of going to the back door like I work here or something. But I saw you coming up the driveway and walk trough the gate.

Eric: Mrs. Camden's out of town. I'm her husband, Mr. Camden.

Jane: The reverend guy?

Eric: Yes.

Jane: Oh great. You don't look like a reverend.

Eric: I've heard that before. And recently. Can I help you?

Jane: I doubt it. And why would you?

Eric: I try to help pretty much anyone I can. That's pretty much my line of work.

Jane: Look no offense, but can I just wait for Mrs. Camden?

Eric: Until tomorrow?

Jane: Yeah. I mean I could just sleep in my car. And if the cops come by I'll tell them you said I could park in front of the house.

Eric: Are you from the home Annie's been working with?

Jane: Am I a pregnant teenage mother? Do I look pregnant?

Eric: No.

Jane: Thank you for that.

Eric: That doesn't mean you couldn't have a baby.

Jane: You got me! I left my baby in the trunk. I'm going to go get him real quick.

Eric: There's really no need to be sarcastic. I just thought you could have been one of the mother's from the home.

Jane: Are you a little slow or something? No, I'm not a mother from the home. Of course if I were a mother then I would have a home, because that's what the homes are for. You know maybe I should go get knocked up. But then that would spoil my plans for a life.

Jane: I swear you have to be pregnant or a drug addict or an alcoholic to get any help around here.

Eric: That's just not true. That's not true at all. You can get help around here any time you need help. First you just need to tell me what help you need.

Jane: What's that little jerk, T-Bone doing following you home? What does he need? He has a job. He has cash. He has friends.

Eric: You know him?

Jane: Yeah. Everybody knows him. He knows everyone. And he doesn't' know half of what he says he knows.

Eric: I have to go inside and get dinner going. My daughter and her husband aren't around tonight for some reason.

Jane: Yeah. They're up at that little mother's home. I saw them. They're no help... neither of them.

Eric: Well Annie's really the one you need to talk about this. She's been gone a couple of weeks and she's due back tomorrow morning. So while I'm trying to figure out what to do here... would you like some spaghetti?

Jane: Does it have mushrooms? I hate mushrooms.

Eric: No, no mushrooms. Come on in.

Jane: Nice.

Eric: Thanks.

Jane: You going to clean it up before she gets home?

Eric: Yeah. I'm certainly going to try. Are you hungry?

Jane: On and off. Not old enough for welfare. Too old to be into social services.

Eric: And not pregnant enough to get into the home that Annie set up?

Jane: You just can't let it go, can you? I'm not that stupid. I'm not stupid enough to get pregnant. Does the other one life here when d she's not out critiquing roofers? Her husband is hot, you know. He's not really my type. He's wound up a little too tight.

Eric: Lucy and her family live right behind us.

Jane: In the garage apartment?

Eric: No, in a house. And we're kind of treating that garage apartment as a guest house. You got a look at the garage apartment?

Jane: I noticed it, yeah. I was thinking. Maybe I could be a guess for a night or a week or so?

Eric: How old are you?

Jane: How olds T-Bone saying he is?

Eric: Eighteen.

Jane: Yeah, right. Eighteen-year-old junior in high school. Hey what happened to the curly haired one? You know short, curly hair, good dancer.

Eric: Oh Ruthie. Yeah. She elected to stay in Scotland as part of a student exchange program she got involved with this summer.

Jane: So you have an exchange student staying here?

Eric: No, you know ah... she got involved with the program a little too late for it to happen. My wife and I are actually quite happy just having the two little ones here. I don't think I got your name.

Jane: What do you think T-Bone's name is?

Eric: I don't know.

Jane: Theodore. Theodore... Like Leave it to Beaver. Can you believe that?

Eric: Theodore's a nice name. T-Bone's kind of fun though. And your name?

Jane: Jane. Very creative choice, don't you think?

Eric: And your parents are... around? Not around?

Jane: Guess.

Eric: I really hate to guess. I'm just a bad guesser.

Jane: My dad's a magician... in that he likes to disappear and re-appear when he runs out of money. Magician and gambler. And my mom... my mom got tired of him, met a guy on the internet and he lives with us. She's nice enough. But he keeps threatening to smack me. Calls it tough love. So I don't have any other safe place to go right now except for my car. And I'm sort of out of gas. Almost out of gas. Long way up to that home for nothing.

Eric: Is it your car?

Jane: I'm not a criminal! I didn't steal the car. My dad bought it for me when he was flush.

Eric: Eighteen... high school graduate? How'd you do in school?

Jane: You want to see my resume? I have a resume.

Eric: No, that's okay. And you have a friend who's living in the home that Annie helped put together?

Jane: I said it didn't I?

Eric: Grab the salad and throw it in the bowl.

Jane: Just tell me... can I stay in the garage apartment?

Eric: I don't know. I'm thinking about it. I'll think about it over dinner.

Jane: Just till I find something.

Eric: Oh, no, no. no, no. I can only decide about tonight. For additional nights... now we have to consult Annie. And if I'm not mistaken, you smell like... pot.

Jane: Do I?

Eric: Yes, you do.

Jane: How would you know?

Eric: I know.

Jane: Maybe it's second hand pot.

Eric: Yeah, maybe. But I doubt it. And I don't want anyone in the house or on the property with illegal drugs.

Jane: Would you allow anyone in the house or on the property with drugs if the drugs were legal?

Eric: Your mom's boyfriend, he's not threatening to smack you around 'cause you're smoking his pot, is he?

Jane: And you call yourself a bad guesser. Look... I don't have any on me.

Eric: Lucy's husband is a former police officer.

Jane: Yeah so... he can't arrest me, I don't have any pot on me.

Eric: In the car?

Jane: A couple of dubes, man. Okay?

Eric: Now look that's going to have to go if you want to stay here.

Jane: Can I just stay in my car in the driveway till Mrs. Camden get back?

Eric: And smoke pot? No. But what you can do is you can give me whatever pot you have and we'll flush it. And then you can stay in the house... or in the garage. And... I'll hook you up with Lucy tomorrow. Let's get her involved.

Jane: Involved how? What about Mrs. Camden?

Eric: She may be busy tomorrow. Lucy's really good with teenagers. She has all kinds of resources. And she'll help. She's really good at helping. Not that my wife isn't. But she's been... she's' been out of town for some weeks and we have some catching up to do.

T-Bone: Look who's here... spreading sunshine and joy to the Camden's Household?

Jane: Shut up, freak.

T-Bone: That's weird. Telling yourself to shut up. You wouldn't be high, would you?

Jane: No, but even if I was high... I'm smart enough to know here my mother is.

Eric: Hey, hey, none of that. Look... you need a place to stay, you're both hungry and you're both here at an unbelievably bad time when I'm more than a little stressed and very tired. So... if you want a place to stay tonight, you want something to eat then... then just do whatever I say and then there won't be any problems... or anymore problems.

T-Bone: Thanks.

Eric: Oh. I think she's just gone to... clean out her car, she'll be back.

T-Bone: She's a pothead!

Eric: I heard.

T-Bone: She hangs out with some questionable women.

Eric: Yes, but I think they hang out with my wife. And just because a young woman gets pregnant it doesn't mean she's of questionable character. And frankly if Jane is smoking pot... she's probably got some problems that she's not dealing with that she should be dealing with. So I'm going to try to help her out... or get her some help.

T-Bone: You can't help everyone.

Eric: No, I can't help everyone. Not tonight anyway. And certainly not if I want to finish everything I want to get done before Annie gets home. It was clean yesterday. The house was clean and then...

T-Bone: And then me and then Jane and... People happen.

Eric: Yes. People happen. So I guess I'll put this other stuff on hold until tomorrow.

T-Bone: You can't die from having too big a heart, can you?

Camden's House

Jane: I don't know what the big deal is.

Eric: I realize that. And yet I don't feel like explaining it. I'd just like to get dinner over with and get everyone settled in for the night. And just do a couple of other things that I need to do before my wife comes home.

Jane: Oh geez, I hope my life didn't upset your evening Reverend Camden. I didn't even want to stay here.

Margaret: Yes you did.

Jane: I said I'd do the talking. Once your wife gets home, maybe she can get us one of her cheap apartments until we find a real place to stay.

Eric: As far as I know, there are no vacancies. And the apartments are just for young women who are pregnant.

Jane: Yeah. But that's as far as you know. Maybe Mrs. Camden planned on having a couple extra apartments for emergencies.

Eric: Do you ever consider using your pot money for say... a deposit for an apartment?

Jane: Do you know where we can get an apartment with a deposit of fifty bucks?

Eric: I'm sure you can justify spending your money on pot. But then... we can always justify anything we're doing while we're doing it.

Jane: I got it from the Internet boyfriend of my mother's, remember?

Eric: And you are?

Margaret: She's doing the talking.

Eric: You do the talking, how old are you?

Margaret: I don't know.

Eric: Eighteen? Not eighteen?

Margaret: I don't know.

Eric: T-Bone?

T-Bone: I was taken by surprise myself. Never seen this one before.

Sam/David: Hi.

Jane: Hi.

Margaret: Hi.

Eric: We have guests tonight.

David: Can we keep them?

Sam: Yeah, we have plenty of room.

Eric: Well you know we have room now but we don't always have room. Sometimes your brothers and sisters come home.

David: Our brothers and sisters never come home.

Sam: They left.

Eric: (Phone rings) Excuse me. Hello?

Daniel: Hi, Reverend Camden?

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: You don't know me, but...

Eric: Oh... but why on earth should that make any difference when I have a house full of strangers?

Daniel: Sandy told me you were that kind of guy.

Eric: What kind of guy?

Daniel: The type of guy who would help anyone any time they asked.

Eric: Well... generally yes, but I'm a little pressed for time tonight. So... what do you want? How can I help you?

Daniel: I'm in school with Sandy. We're both new to the seminary program. And over the past few weeks, we've taken an interest in each other. And I was wondering... do you think a guy should have to try to have a relationship with a woman who has a baby... who has a shot at having a relationship with the father of that baby?

Eric: I don't know. I really don't know. I mean I don't know you. And I haven't talked to Martin lately. And I haven't even talked to Sandy latterly, unfortunately.

Eric: So based on what I know, which is nothing... I would say why don't you go on being friends for right now. I really have to go. We'll talk to you later.

Daniel: Well thanks. Just friends.

Sandy: All right. Well, we both agreed to go along with whatever his advice was.

Daniel: Call him back. See if you can get advice we like better.

Sandy: I can't.

Daniel: Are you sure? Because I really like you.

Sandy: I like you too. But maybe we should take our time and get to know each other. And what we like and what we don't like about each other.

Daniel: Sounds reasonable. How long would we have to know each other before... before we really know each other?

Sandy: By really know each other... you mean...

Daniel: I mean I want to be your boyfriend. I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you and I want to be your boyfriend.

Sandy: Do you?

Daniel: What happen? Did you find something you don't' like about me that quickly?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Jane: Hey, what kind of a guy calls a minister to ask if he can... have a relationship?

Margaret: A loser.

Eric: I don't even know your name. So no negative comments or opinions.

T-Bone: You weren't at our high school. Private school?

Margaret: She's doing the talking.

T-Bone: Runaway?

Eric: Could somebody get me a colander? A strainer, something?

David: They're hot.

Sam: Yeah.

Eric: We still can't keep them.

Annie: Surprise!

All: Surprise!

Sam/ David: Surprise!

Camden's House - Backyard

Eric: Hi.

Annie: Hi. So... who are all your new little friends?

Eric: They are new. Very new. I just met them in the last couple hours and I had no idea you were coming home tonight. And it is so good to see you but I wanted to do so many things before you got here.

Annie: Oh I know, I know. That's why I came home a day early. So that you know I'd be here before you started scrubbing the house and cleaning. And I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. But that's okay. I got plenty surprised. I don't care. Tomorrow while they boys are at school I will scrub the kitchen and the bathroom and do the laundry. And I will leave your new little friends to their problems with you. What?

Eric: It is so good to see you. I really, really wish we didn't have a house full of desperate teenagers.

Annie: So do I. even though the boys look quite taken with Jane and... The other one... and T-Bone, is he still pursuing Lucy. Is that why he's here?

Eric: That could be part of it.

Annie: And what's the other part?

Eric: He doesn't have a place to live.

Annie: I thought maybe. Well... it's too bad I'm enjoying my new life without the children so much. He seems very nice. But he's got to go and so do the girls.

Eric: Yeah. Do you want to tell them?

Annie: No. I'm not going to tell them. They're your friends. You tell them. And I can't' put them in the home for teen mothers, 'cause they're not mothers. And besides, we filled all the units.

Annie: No room at the inn. I'm sure Lucy explained that to them. And they can stay here the night. Tomorrow morning, well I'll take the boys to school and tomorrow morning you can deal with them

Eric: Okay, I just I'm not sure if I can deal with them in a day.

Annie: Oh I'll bet you can. I know you're going to find a way to deal with them... that will let me still enjoy my life and my big almost empty house.

Eric: Just so you know. Jane smokes pot. But I made her get rid of it... disposal.

Annie: What?

Eric: Maybe you could just get up in the morning and go look for an apartment for them and I'll pull some emergency funds at the church. And I'll work on something for T-Bone. And I can take care of Sam and David, make sure they get to school.

Annie: Go look for an apartment for those two so they can what? Continue smoking pot? No. they need to be someplace supervised. Not here. But somewhere. You decide. You or Lucy. The two of you. That's your territory.

Eric: You're right. Although you know you could take the girls... for a chat with Greta in the morning. You know unofficially, they're too old for social services. But she knows so much, Greta. And... you and she have become such good friends. If you could just drop by in the morning.

Annie: Such good friends that it would drop by unannounced to ask her to help you out with a couple of pot heads that we just met? What's going on?

Eric: Pot heads is kind of a strong conclusion.

Annie: Eric... what's going on?

Eric: What's going on? You mean, besides everything going on?

Annie: Yeah.

Eric: Was that the phone ringing? Hey, that's the phone. Be right back.

T-Bone: He's kind of busy right now. But I'm a good listener. I mean I'm not entirely unfamiliar with your situation. See martin was at my high school.

Eric: Annie's outside if you want to talk to her.

Jane: We're up. Let's go.

Eric: You think you might help me clean up here?

T-Bone: Oh certainly. I didn't know if I should touch your things. Dinner was a bit tense.

Eric: Hello.

Sandy's Apartment

Sandy: Are you busy?

Eric: I'm... terribly busy. You got me on the wrong night when... (Knock on door)

Sandy: Just a minute. What do you want? Other than what you wanted before. What you all want. Is it that I'm a single mom and you figure I had sex before? Hey why not have sex again with you?

Eric: Sandy.

Sandy: Just a minute, I want you to hear this.

Daniel: Could we talk... just the two of us?

Sandy: Let's make it the three of us. You me and Reverend Camden.

Daniel: Hey Reverend Camden.

Eric: Yeah, I agree. The two of you should talk.

Sandy: No, wait. You don't know what happened. He told me he was in love with me just so he could sleep with me.

Daniel: Or because I'm in love with you.

Sandy: No you're not. You don't even know me well enough to be in love with me. And you never even had any intention of getting to know me. Other than to know me, know me... if you know what I mean.

Eric: I... I... I think I do. Why don't you two...

Sandy: And all you ever do is come over here and study and eat my food and hang out in my apartment. And the only reason that you do that is you think that you can con me into believing that I'm someone special to you... or that you're in love with me.

Daniel: You are someone special to me. And I think I am in love with you. Look... the reason I came back over here was to apologize. And to confess that yes... I am trying to sleep with you. Which I thought was clear. I didn't think I was trying to hide the fact that I was trying to sleep with you. It's not like I tried to trick you with come chicken piccata.

Sandy: Let's leave Martin out of this. And you can't cook. You talk. You're a talker and you tried to talk me into doing something that I don't want to do.

Daniel: I thought you did.

Sandy: Well I didn't. I thought we were just making out. Just getting to know each other.

Daniel: Then fine, that's what we'll do, if you want.. But look I actually don't see having a physical relationship with a woman as a conflict with everything else I believe.

Eric: I'm still here. I have something to say about this. I'm still here.

Sandy: I'm confused.

Daniel: I know. I'm getting a little confused myself. I thought you wanted what I wanted.

Sandy: I want a boyfriend. I want to be in a relationship. I want to be in love... and get married before I have sex.

Daniel: Okay.

Sandy: Okay what?

Daniel: Okay, can we talk about it?

Sandy: You're not going to change my mind. It's taken me a long time to get here.

Daniel: Give me a few months. Get to know me... let me get to know you. Then let's have this talk again. Until then, let's not see other people. Let me be your boyfriend. (Knock on door)

Martin: Isn't that pretty much what I tried to do? And you're not even speaking to me.

Martin: I know you saw me in the parking lot. Otherwise I think you would have left.

Sandy: I think I really need to get to know both of you a little better.

Both: I don't think so.

Martin: You want to be her boyfriend? Please... I'm the father of her baby.

Camden's House

Eric: Isn't that pretty much what I told her? To be friends, get to know the guy?

T-Bone: Maybe helping all these people is... I don't know, maybe it's not what you're supposed to be doing right now.

Eric: You being the exception?

T-Bone: Well yes. But it serves a purpose being here.

Eric: Yeah. We all serve a purpose being here... so to speak. There are some extra tooth brushes in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom upstairs.

T-Bone: My teeth will survive. You have to tell your family. Specifically Annie. You have to tell her what's going on with you. Or I can't stay here. I talk too much.

Eric: But you don't know anything.

T-Bone: I do. I wish I didn't ... but I do. The messages from the doctor's office were vague but not so vague that I don't know you're in some real trouble with your heart. You have to tell her, Reverend.

Annie: Oh girls. It's so difficult growing up these days. But we can't fix everything in one night. So make yourselves at home in the garage apartment. And no smoking. No pot... no cigarettes. No smoking.

Jane: Promise. And we won't be any trouble at all. Not at all.

Margaret: What she said.

Annie: They're gonna stay in the garage apartment for one night. That's it, one night. I'll find out what I can tomorrow about their families. The quiet one she aged out of social services. Isn't that sad?

Eric: It is. There are a lot of kids on the street who never had a home other than social services. Where'd they meet?

Annie: At a job fair. They were applying to be air traffic controllers. They just want to find work. They want to have a life. But you know... how are they supposed to know what to do... if they've never been with responsible people, you know?

Annie: So... who was on the phone?

Eric: Sandy. Personal crisis. Some slick guy from the seminary.

Annie: I remember when you were a slick from the seminary.

Annie: Anyway so, what... no Martin?

Eric: No Martin.

Annie: I thought things were going good with Martin.

Eric: Yeah well they were till she made out with this other guy.

Annie: Oh why did she do that?

Eric: Why does anyone... do anything?

Eric: I think she'll give Martin another shot at some point. I hope. I know you think I've been acting a little strange.

Annie: You have been acting a little strange. Although I must say trying to help three teenagers, who you don't know, all in one evening... that's close to normal for you. I would say... tonight you're close to normal. But not quite. I still think you're hiding something.

Eric: I am, I am.

Annie: I know.

Eric: You know?

Annie: About the hamsters.

Eric: You do?

Annie: Yeah. I guess you'd just stepped out with Happy when I called the other day and the boys told me.

Eric: Well then I guess... I guess they also told you that I took them out of school.

Annie: Out of school?

Eric: That crazy teacher that Ms. Margo...

Annie: The one you were flirting with?

Eric: I wasn't flirting with her.

Annie: You were flirting with her! You dressed up in a costume for her!

Eric: It wasn't a costume. It was a Ramones T-shirt.

Annie: Whatever. You can't take them out of school. You know that.

Eric: I'm home schooling them.

Annie: What?

Eric: I'm home schooling them.

Annie: How can you home school them? And do your work. You're not home. You're never home. You're always gone. No... No, no. no. I can't.

Eric: Okay, okay. But Annie they're like speeding through the work and I'm not even sure they shouldn't skip this grade... and just go on to the next one. And I can make the time to teach them.

Eric: I can. Cause... I just want to spend more time with Sam and David. I want to spend as much time with them as I can.

Annie: Because?

Eric: Because... they're my boys. And I didn't spend enough time with any of the others. And it's too late now. It's too late. They're gone. And they're away from the house. They've got lives of their own that don't even me and that's okay. You know children are supposed to grow up. But I just want to spend more time with Sam and David. 'Cause I feel like I hardly know them.

Annie: I suppose if we home school them we wouldn't be so tied to the Monday to Friday eight to three-thirty schedule.

Eric: No, not at all.

Annie: Or even September through June schedule.

Eric: Yeah. They're only required to finish each assignment and finish the work for each grade within a calendar year.

Annie: Yeah. And you know what Eric? I don't' know if it's the jet lag talking but... I'm not entirely opposed to the idea... not at all. We don't have to raise the boys the same way we raised the other children.

Eric: No, we don't. Not if we don't want to.

Annie: No, not if we don't want to. And I don't want to. I mean this feels great. This is actually what I've been feeling and now you're feeling it too.

Eric: Yeah. Feeling what, too?

Annie: The freedom that comes with the age we are. The freedom to say no. the freedom not to care what other people think. The freedom to be us! To be different! The freedom to enjoy our lives, to enjoy our family and everything that we've created.

Annie: We've earned this. You're earned it. You have every right to do whatever you want. And to raise your two boys however you want to. I support your decision. Home schooling it is. Hamsters and all.

Eric: Really?

Annie: Oh, absolutely. I love you. I love us. I love that we're in this big adventure of life together, you and me.

Eric: I've missed you.

Annie: I missed you too. You know it was strange. I walked into the house tonight with the kitchen full of teenagers. And it wasn't that long ago when the children in the kitchen were ours.

Annie: Okay, that almost never happened. There were always more of them from other families. You were meant to solve problems. You were meant to help people. So you do whatever you need to do to help T-Bone and Jane and the other girl. And if I can help you... I don't want a house full of children but hey... sometimes we plan and God laughs... right?

Eric: Right.

Annie: So... let's go to bed. I can't wait to be in our bed.

Annie: Don't tell me there's more than home schooling and hamsters.

Eric: No.

Annie: I'm sure people must think you're having an affair with the teacher.

Eric: Yeah... afraid so. 

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