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#11.12 : Sauvez le Darfour

T-Bone et Ruthie se titillent à nouveau. Tout commence avec une discussion agitée à propos de leur devoir commun sur le Darfour, tout se termine avec un baiser ! Se pourrait-il qu'ils soient amoureux ? Kevin et Lucy eux aussi se querellent : Lucy reproche à Kevin d'acheter de la nourriture en trop grande quantité, Kevin se plaint que Lucy ne fasse jamais les courses. Jane et Margaret succombent à l'énervement ambiant : elles ont des points de vue complètement opposés sur l'implication des Etats-Unis au Darfour et se le disent ouvertement ! Et comme si cela ne suffisait pas, Eric et Annie se font également la tête : elle reproche à son époux de ne pas prendre assez soin de sa santé malgré ses problèmes de coeur et de ne pas vouloir se soumettre aux examens de contrôle. 


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Can I just get something to eat

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Sauvez le Darfour

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton & Chris Olsen 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Sarah Wright (Jane), Andrea Morris (Margaret), Colton James (T-Bone), Alan Fudge (Lou Dalton) 

Guests :

  • Eddie Underwood ..... Homeless Teenager
  • Lisa Wilhoit ..... Rhian
  • Nicodemus A. Lim ..... Nicodemus

Camden's House

T-Bone: (Knock door) Just a reminder. That deadline on the paper on Darfur is approaching... quickly.

Ruthie: So you take the first pass and I'll look it over and take the second pass.

T-Bone: Or... you take the first pass... I'll look it over, criticize your work and write it my way.

Ruthie: We have to start somewhere. And I'm not going to do your research for you.

T-Bone: Whoa! My research?! It's not my research... it's research, research for a paper that the two of us have been assigned to write together. See ya. Although you and I are worlds apart on the subject of Darfur...

Ruthie: Well we wouldn't be if you'd actually do some research on the subject.

T-Bone: I have done some research. A lot of research. Considering I don't have a computer. Have you done any research?

Ruthie: I don't really have to do a lot of research. I mean when I was living in Scotland all we did was talk about things. I'm well aware of what the situation in Darfur is. As well as why the situation in Darfur is what it is.

T-Bone: Are you now? And ah... all this information is the result of what? You've been to one country outside the United States of America. You have an education on world politics?

Ruthie: Well it's one more country than you've been to.

T-Bone: Actually... I spent a summer in Canada.

Ruthie: Canada?

T-Bone: Yeah, Canada. Our neighbors to the North.

Ruthie: Please.

T-Bone: So what... Canada doesn't count? But... Scotland does?

Ruthie: Just draft the paper.

T-Bone: You just draft the paper. And don't you even think of making out with me again.

Ruthie: Don't worry, I won't.

Camden's House - Hallway

David: What's that?

Sam: I don't know. I think it's people's homework.

David: Where is that?

Sam: Someplace called Darfur. It's says it's part of the Sudan and the Sudan is part of Africa.

David: They look hungry. I wonder why they don't have any food.

Sam: I don't know.

David: Don't we know people from the Sudan? Those guys who helped Ruthie get home. Remember they went to church with us.

Sam: Yeah. Let's call them... see if they can do anything about this.

Kinkirk's House

Lucy: Kevin we don't have anything to eat in here.

Kevin: We have plenty to eat. And if you don't like what I bought then go to the grocery store. You said you were going to start buying the groceries.

Lucy: Well when did I say that?

Kevin: Just about every day since New Year's.

Lucy: And you've been waiting for me to go to the grocery store all this time?

Kevin: No, I don't have to buy any groceries at all. We have plenty of groceries. They're just down the basement cabinets and in the freezer. If you don't like what I buy for us... you should buy whatever you want any time you want. Our New Year's resolution was to spend less. So I'm committed to spending less on food.

Lucy: Well what I don't understand is... why?

Kevin: I don't know. Why not? We're trying to have another baby I figured we could put more in the savings.

Lucy: There's plenty of money in savings.

Kevin: We could always have more.

Lucy: No thanks to me. And totally because of you and your family we are financially secure, wouldn't you say?

Kevin: Depends. What is financial security anyway?

Lucy: Well it's having enough money to buy a twelve pack of toilet paper instead of a hundred and forty four rolls for one thing.

Kevin: We've got plenty of room down in the basement so we can buy in bulk. It saves money.

Lucy: Our basement looks like a small grocery store at this point.

Kevin: What's wrong with that?

Lucy: A small grocery store in a developing nation. I can't even read the packages to see what's in them. And some of the cans are so large that I can't even lift them.

Kevin: Again... if you don't like what I buy you can buy whatever you want.

Lucy: I just threw out a refrigerator full of... stuff that you bought that went bad before we had a chance to eat it. Which is why we don't need to buy things in gigantic quantities. It doesn't save money. It wastes money.

Kevin: What was bad?

Lucy: Well the eggs were out of date by weeks.

Kevin: That doesn't mean they were bad. What did you do with them?

Lucy: Oh... don't you go near that trash can!

Kevin: Those eggs were still perfectly good. We ate them yesterday for breakfast.

Lucy: Oh Kevin!

Kevin: What? You ate them and didn't seem to think that they were bad. And if they were really out of date you'd smell them.

Lucy: I will go to the grocery store today okay?

Kevin: You said that just yesterday... but you didn't.

Lucy: I will.

Kevin: I doubt it.

Lucy: You know I do have a lot to do today. But...

Kevin: I've heard that before.

Lucy: And you're probably going to hear it again and again. Sandy is coming down to observe my teen class and I don't even know what we're going to do this year because I haven't had a chance to make a plans because I've been so busy doing whatever I can to help my dad out.

Kevin: Oh please. Don't use your dad as your excuse.

Lucy: I am not using my dad as an excuse. If anything I'm using Sandy as my excuse. You know all of a sudden with everything else I've got going on, she's got to come down and watch everything I do and report on it. I don't even have a desk. And I'm still sharing an office and a desk with my dad. And I'm limited to when I can work you know when he's not working or... or schooling the boys at the office. It's no wonder I can't get anything done. It's a wonder that I can't even get to the grocery store. But I will, I will today I will and I will go down and purchase you know things that I recognize. Things that cost pennies more.

Kevin: Since you threw all our food away Savannah and I are going out for breakfast.

Lucy: Fine.

Kevin: You want to come?

Lucy: I don't have time.

Kevin: That figures.

Lucy: Wait a second! Are... are we fighting? Are you angry with me because I'm busy at work and don't' have time to shop for gigantic quantities of food and cleaning supplies store in our basement? Because if so that's ridiculous.

Kevin: I'm not angry.

Lucy: Well you seem angry.

Kevin: Not at all.

Lucy: Yeah, you are.

Kevin: No, I'm not. Have a nice day... sweetheart.

Camden's House

Annie: Hey... hi.

Kevin: Hi. Can I make Savannah breakfast over here?

Annie: Oh of course you can make breakfast for Savannah.

Kevin: Thanks.

Annie: Are you and Lucy... is everything okay?

Kevin: Everything's fine. We just don't have any groceries. Not upstairs anyway.

Annie: Oh I'm going to the grocery store later I can pick something up for you.

Kevin: That's okay. I'll just go down to the basement.

Annie: Okay. You sure you and Lucy aren't fighting?

Lucy: Ah ha!

Annie: Morning Luce.

Lucy: You said you were going out!

Kevin: This is out.

Lucy: No it's not. And if you can eat over here... so can I.

Kevin: It's not up to me. It's not my kitchen.

Lucy: You're right. It's not your kitchen. It's my kitchen. The kitchen I grew up in. Where there was plenty of normal food in normal quantities.

Annie: Well I hope you both feel it's your kitchen. You and Kevin and Savannah. What is going on?

Both: Nothing.

Annie: Well you can help yourselves to anything that's here. There's plenty of food for everyone. We've got eggs, turkey bacon... milk, whole, 2%, non-fat. Juice... orange pineapple. And we have three types of bread.

Camden's House - Upstairs

Annie: Kevin and Lucy are having a fight, a big one over food.

Eric: You seem kind of excited about it.

Annie: Well yeah, I am.

Eric: Because?

Annie: Because don't you see? Things are returning to normal. Really normal. I mean really normal. Other people normal. Young married people normal.

Eric: Okay. If you say so. I'm going to take the boys with me to the office for school. Can you pick them up when you get back from groceries?

Annie: I sure can. And I can do it in time for you to get to your checkup!

Eric: Ohh... I completely forgot.

Annie: I reminded you last night.

Eric: Yeah, I know.

Annie: Well that's okay you know. If you forgot since last night now I've reminded you so... you have no excuse not to go.

Eric: I ate a donut this morning.

Annie: Where did you get a donut?

Eric: The girls.

Annie: Margaret and Jane brought... donuts into the house?

Eric: No. I saw them coming in last night when I was taking out the trash. And they had just picked up some donuts... warm freshly made donuts. So they gave me some for the house.

Annie: Well they know you're not supposed to eat donuts.

Eric: It wasn't their fault. I told I'd take some for us... you know for all of us.

Annie: Now it's some donuts. Some donuts? Now you ate some donuts?

Eric: I... I only had one this morning.

Annie: Oh and... and what... three, four five last night? The ones for me and the boys and Ruthie and T-Bone?

Eric: Ten last night. Two for each of you... and... the one this morning. There's still one left if you want it. You've got to call and change the appointment. My cholesterol is going to be through the roof. And you know how important numbers are to doctors. He'll go nuts I just can't go in to that.

Annie: Eric Camden... you ate eleven donuts?

Eric: I know.

Annie: How could you do that? We all want you to live you know a long life. And... and that means you have to change the way you eat.

Eric: I don't see what difference it will make. You know... it's not going to make my heart any smaller.

Annie: It may keep your arteries a little cleaner. Oh... please tell me you're not eating things you're not supposed to be eating when you're not at home.

Eric: Honestly... I do.

Annie: You know I'm getting very... very angry. And ah... I think we should discuss this later this evening. I don't want both your cholesterol and your blood pressure to shoot sky high before you go see the doctor for your checkup. And you are going to see your doctor for your checkup.

Eric: I just went to the doctor thirty days ago. He... he had no changes to report. So what's the point?

Annie: What's the point?

Eric: I don't care what the numbers are. I don't care how big my heart is. I don't care. I don't know why but... I don't care. I feel fine. I know I shouldn't but I do. You know what? And you know what... I'll go when I go. Not to the doctors but...

Annie: I get it! But your doctor wants you to check in with him once a month. Just to make sure. Just in case things change. And they can. They could change for the better... they could. But not if you keep eating donuts.

Eric: Now we don't know that. After all I wasn't eating donuts when my heart suddenly got larger. Annie, look I'm going to eat reasonably well. And live reasonably safe. I just don't feel like eating so well and living so safe that I'm not enjoying my life.

Annie: You do realize that this is counter-productive to everyone's prayers for you.

Eric: No it's not.

Annie: What good is it going to do for the community and the church and our family to keep praying for your health if you're just going to keep eating donuts?

Eric: It'll give everybody something to do so they don't bug me. And it can't hurt you know everybody prepaying. Got to believe that prayer is stronger than donuts.

Annie: That's not the point.

Eric: I don't eat donuts every day. I'm fine you know. I'll go to the doctor next week after I've had a couple of good days of healthy eating so he doesn't panic. Or I could just go today if that makes you happy.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

David: Forty seven, forty eight, forty nine... fifty.

Sam: Fifty dollars and seventy nine cents. Donuts?

Eric: Yeah. You shouldn't eat donuts.

Sam: We didn't.

Eric: Well if you take care of your arteries, starting... right now... you won't grow up to have heart problems... hopefully. I see... you're counting your Christmas money?

David: Yes. We just wanted to know how much we have.

Eric: Did you find something you want to buy?

Sam: Yes. Something good.

Eric: I thought you were going to save your money.

David: You said we could spend it.

Eric: I did. Your mother and I both said you could spend it. Or you can put it away for a rainy day.

David: It's raining all over the world.

Camden's House

T-Bone: Hey! Hold up. I need a favor.

Jane: I can't drop you anywhere. I've got to take her to work.

Margaret: Sorry.

T-Bone: Oh... I need some help.

Jane: Yeah, you need a lot of help.

T-Bone: I do need a lot of help. And you working at an environmental company as a receptionist and being an expert in the field of world concerns such as fossil fuels, global warming and bird pandemics. Well you... could get me all the help I need perhaps. I need some research on Darfur. Do you happen to have access to anything at that company of yours on Darfur?

Jane: I don't know him.

Margaret: It's... it's a place. It's part of the Sudan... in Africa.

T-Bone: My mistake that I thought you might have any information on the subject at all. Have a nice day.

Jane: Wait. I have information. Darfur is where all those people are right?

T-Bone: Yes, that's right. Bye-bye.

Jane: I gave you a bunch of stuff to read last week on those people. I know a lot of them.

T-Bone: So Ruthie got stuff from you already?

Margaret: Not very good stuff.

T-Bone: What do you mean?

Margaret: They make it look like our President isn't doing anything.

T-Bone: Well... that's not true. That's not true at all.

Margaret: I know. And the in formation she gave Ruthie was...

Jane: It's an environmental company. Everything we do is based on research.

Margaret: I think politics affects the research.

Jane: Oh since when do you have opinions?

Margaret: It's just... it's Darfur and it's important that everyone understands what's going on. And I don't think your information is... accurate. I don't think it even makes sense. I think someone just made it up!

Jane: Are you calling people I work for liars?

T-Bone: Well... well maybe. Maybe they just didn't do the research. I mean I know how difficult that is. Do they have access to the internet?

Jane: Of course. And I'm sure my bosses do research. They just can't make something up and print it and put it out there for people to read.

T-Bone: Oh but they can. Newspapers do it every day.

Margaret: I can do some research. I have access to the internet. If the kids take a long nap today I'll print out some stuff for you.

T-Bone: All right... great. I'd really appreciate it. Yeah, the computers in the library are booked through May and the next year. All right!

Jane: I don't think I would get in the middle of a fight between T-Bone and Ruthie.

Margaret: I'm not.

Jane: Ruthie is for helping in Darfur so that must make him against it. I just don't think you should take sides.

Margaret: I don't think he's against helping Darfur. I don't think anyone is against helping Darfur. I think it's a really complicated situation. People don't know how to help Darfur. I'm just getting T-Bone some research.

Jane: That contradicts the research that I gave to Ruthie.

Margaret: There aren't two sides to the story. There's just the truth. And truth is genocide. And the United States of America is the first to call it genocide which is something the United Nations refuses to do. The United States of America has done more than anyone else in the world to end this genocide.

Jane: Genocide? What are you talking about? That was in Rwanda.

Margaret: It's like that. It's just like that.

Jane: Are you sure?

Margaret: How can you care so much about endangered species and not know that African people are endangered people. They're being systematically murdered. It's not that there's anything wrong in caring for the environment for animals. I mean we're all connected. We're all part of life. But Jane... these are human beings.

Jane: Right. Well I just didn't realize it was that bad. What are we supposed to do? Don't tell me that all this is happening and you don't know what to do about it.

Margaret: I don't.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lucy: I thought you had a doctor's appointment.

Eric: I thought you'd still be making up with Kevin.

Lucy: What do you know about that?

Eric: Just... what I heard upstairs. No groceries huh? Shouldn't you be at the market with your mother?

Lucy: I'll find time to go to the market. But I have to work. Oh and you can't school the boys here today. No offense.

Sam: None taken.

Eric: I can't work at home. Your mother isn't speaking to me.

Lucy: Ah... so you two are arguing? Oh I didn't know because I wasn't listening in on your conversation.

Eric: Oh... yeah.

Lucy: Ah... does mom know you took them out wearing pajama shirts and a towel?

Eric: I don't know. What difference does it make? See one of the beauties of home schooling is that you can wear anything you want without judgment from anyone, including family members.

Lucy: He's wearing a towel.

David: It's a cape.

Lucy: Oh! Oh! And I see that Sam is a super-hero too! Who we saving today?

David: The world.

Lucy: Ah... I have teen group this afternoon.

Eric: Well we'll be out of here long before then.

Lucy: No. I have work to do. I have to put my plan together for my teen group.

Eric: You haven't done that yet?

Lucy: No. And I need to. I need to do it sitting at a desk.

Eric: I've been thinking we need another desk here.

Lucy: Wait... really? You have?

Eric: Um-hm.

Lucy: I could put another desk in here? Because I could buy one today.

Eric: Will you have time to shop for a desk?

Lucy: Well could I put another desk in here? Cause... I'll make time to... to... to buy a desk to put in here.

Eric: Okay.

Will: Not so fast. We have a board of Deacons who will want to know any changes in the furnishings. And you know Mrs. Rogel... she's the head of the decorating committee.

Eric: I think if we need another desk in here we can put another desk in here.

Will: Well of course you could.

Eric: Yeah.

Will: You really ought to get the board's approval first though... so nobody's feelings get hurt if you know what I mean.

Lucy: Well I know what you mean but... I don't see how my getting a desk would hurt anyone. Except for maybe my dad because this has always been his office. So if he doesn't care... and he doesn't... I'm getting a new desk.

Will: Well just say something about it first. Maybe... take a vote.

Lucy: A vote huh? Well if I'm going to call for a vote I'm going to call for a vote for my own office.

Will: We voted on that already. Ah... the no's have it.

Lucy: You have an office!

Will: Hi boys.

Sam: Hi.

David: Good morning.

Will: Yes. Good morning. Well maybe we can talk about this outside.

Eric: I'll be outside.

David: Can we try Nicademus again?

Eric: Sure... go ahead.

Lucy: When did the deacons vote on the office?

Will: I don't know. Last month... month before. It comes occasionally.

Lucy: Why were the deacons against me having an office?

Will: This isn't personal. They just see you as... on the go. I mean you work in all areas of our community. Your work is everywhere. Your desk is everywhere. You're all over. It's so much more than... then just a desk or an office.

Lucy: Really? That's what they think? Or do they think that I just don't work and that I'm still in training?

Will: I didn't say that.

Eric: This can't be what you came to see us about.

Will: No, no. That's old business. This is new business.

Lucy: This is not old business. This is new business. It's news to me that nobody wants me to have an office and that I have to ask permission to buy a desk. I am getting a desk.

Will: If the new desk is approved you'll have to do just that because no money was set aside for a desk. So you would have to buy it yourself.

Lucy: So I have to ask permission to buy the desk?

Will: Oh no, no, no, no!! You'd need to ask permission to put the desk you buy... into the church. Because all new furnishings have to go through Mrs. Rogel.

Eric: What's the new business?

Will: Yesterday in Sunday school Ruthie made a case for donating money to one of any charity for Darfur.

Eric: Oh yeah. She and T-Bone are doing a paper about it for school. But I didn't know about this request.

Will: Oh I think she wanted no favoritism shown.

Eric: That's nice.

Will: That was nice. And no favoritism was shown. Again the no's have it. Some of our deacons feel that Darfur is a highly political issue and we have problems closer to home to worry about. Like feeding our own community.

Eric: Well... we can do that too. We should do that in fact. Darfur is not exactly what I would call a political issue. Genocide is a... human issue.

Will: Well... who to blame for the genocide is political.

Eric: Is the issue who to blame or who will take responsibility?

Will: We just don't want any trouble.

Lucy: I'll tell you what. I'll buy the desk and you get permission to put it in my own office. Any teeny tiny room in the church will do... and I will answer any and all phone calls and mail about anybody who's upset about us donating money... for the situation in Darfur.

Will: Lucy... it was a no vote.

Eric: So... why don't you just let Ruthie know that?

Will: Well I thought you'd like to know.

Eric: I think she'll want to know.

Will: Then you'll tell her?

Eric: No. I won't tell her. She didn't ask me. If she'd asked me I would of... I would have said yes. And when did all these votes start happening that I don't even know about? That we don't even know about?

Will: Oh... the deacons decided years ago to vote on what not to let you know about. Or... to let you know... or more on what to... what not to bother you with. Or what to bother you with. Both of you.

Eric: Well Will... I'm not taking no on this one.

Lucy: And I'm not taking no on the desk.

Will: Well... there you see? It's causing problems already.

Eric: I'll speak to the deacons. No wait... I'll speak to the entire congregation. I don't think the deacons alone get to decide who we help and who we don't help.

Lucy: Yeah.

Will: Okay.

David: You remember us right?

Nicodemus: Of course I remember you.

David: Do you know anyone in Darfur?

Nicodemus: I don't. I'm not from that region. But I have friends who have relatives there.

David: We'd like to buy them some food. We have fifty dollars. Would that help?

Nicodemus: Really? Fifty dollars! That will help a lot! I can send them fifty dollars from my savings and you can pay me back. I will send it today.

David: When will they get the money?

Nicodemus: I will e mail a friend in Uganda who will pick up the money at the Western Union and take it to them the next day. Thank you so much.

David: You're welcome.

Nicodemus: Tell Sam thank you as well. And hello to your family.

David: Okay. Bye.

Annie: Hi you, hi Luce, I'm just here to pick up the boys.

Eric: Good to see you too. Nice talking to you. I ate eleven donuts. She's to speaking to me.

Lucy: You did what?

Annie: Yeah, you tell him Luce! And you tell him too he should be embarrassed to have our sons out in pajamas and a towel.

David: It's a cape!

Sam: Goodbye.

David: Goodbye.

Will: I know that battle. I used to let our son go to the doctor's office in his bathrobe 'cause he liked it better than anything they had there. If I were in your position I'd be eating donuts and steak five times a day.

Lucy: Don't encourage him.

Eric: You know there's going to be a desk in that office... tomorrow.

Will: I'll alert the... deacons.

Eric: Please do. And ah... also alert them that Lucy and I are... are going to take a vote and we're going to decide whether or not we want the deacons controlling the world.

Will: Okay.

Eric: I have a doctor's appointment.

High School

T-Bone: So even though... you have your own computer and... access to the internet... you get your research from crazy Jane?

Ruthie: I got some research from her company, yes.

T-Bone: Were you planning to share that with me?

Ruthie: Well I was going to hold on to it and use it as a rebuttal to whatever you're writing.

T-Bone: I don't know what I'm writing. I haven't got enough information yet.

Ruthie: Yeah, so by the time you get enough information there may be no one left in Darfur.

T-Bone: You're blaming Darfur on me? I actually suspected there's people in Darfur and our president... although you may be surprised to learn that the United States of America has contributed almost two billion dollars in assistance to improve the situation in refugee camps.

Ruthie: So?

T-Bone: So? The United States is the single largest international donor to the Sudan. And we provide fifty percent of the food from the UN World Food Program to Darfur. And... seventy percent of contributions in the Sudan overall. And we're contributing sixteen million dollars to a humanitarian campaign to prevent rape and treat victims and... build crisis centers.

Ruthie: And?

T-Bone: And... Going back to the years 2003 to 2005... in those two years alone... the US contributed two billion dollars in assistance to refugee camps.

Ruthie: Hm... We'll see. I'm not that good with numbers but I know that whatever we're doing it's not enough.

T-Bone: Why is it always... what's the US do? Why isn't it about... what's the world doing?

Ruthie: You mean... why not just pass the buck? Because people are starving. Women are being raped. Children are being enslaved and orphaned. Men and women and having their lips and ears and limbs cut off. Someone has to do something. We're supposed to be a super power. So why don't we use our super powers for good instead of evil?

T-Bone: We're doing everything we can possibly do.

Ruthie: Or maybe we're not.

T-Bone: You know... the very people who criticize us... for policing the world are the same people who criticize us for not doing more in Darfur.

Ruthie: So?

T-Bone: So? Why can't the UN send in more peace keeping troops? Why can't the UN even establish a no-fly over zone? Why are we supposed to do it? Why are we even supposed to even pressure the UN to do it? Why don't they just do it? I'll tell you why... it's a very complicated situation. I mean any time you've got oil... you've got a complicated situation.

Ruthie: Oil?

T-Bone: Oil. Yeah... the whole world revolves around oil... oh yeah.

Ruthie: Oil?

T-Bone: Oil with religion... and politics. Add a century more of greed murder and violence and then... get all the victims in one place without food or water or shelter or proper medical care... and subject them to one horror after another... and then have the whole world look the other way and what have you got...? Darfur. A very complicated situation.

Ruthie: Yeah well... someone better uncomplicated it quick... before there is no more Darfur.

Camden's House

David: Mom... can we have a stamp?

Annie: Oh sure honey. They're right in that drawer. Who are you writing to?

Both: Nicodemus.

Annie: Oh... Nicodemus Lyn from the Lost Boys? That's so nice. (Phone) Hello. Eric... tell me you're okay. Fine. Then I'm still not speaking to you.

Western Union - Uganda

Nicodemus: I'd like to send fifty dollars please.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lucy: (Phone) Hi, this is Lucy Kinkirk.

Kevin: Hey.

Lucy: Hey.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Lucy: I was just sitting at my new desk which is all the way across the office from the phone. But it's a desk. I got a desk.

Kevin: Oh. You got a desk.

Lucy: Yeah. My dad said that I could put my own desk in his office. But what I'm really hoping for is to put my own desk in my own office. So I went shopping today and bought a desk. So I guess that's step one.

Kevin: Step one a desk. Step two an office. Step three?

Lucy: Well I don't know.

Kevin: Your own church?

Lucy: Maybe.

Kevin: I can imagine what that would be like.

Lucy: I beg your pardon?

Kevin: I called to apologize about this morning.

Lucy: Oh... good.

Kevin: But now I don't feel like it. (Phone)

Lucy: Don't feel like it because?

Kevin: You had time to shop for a desk... but you didn't have time to shop for food. So don't come home and complain about what I buy if the desk is your priority.

Lucy: Fine. then you keep eating your big food and saving money or... or wasting money whichever way you want to put it... and I will continue eating over to my parents house where food doesn't come in giant cans and herds of animals aren't kept in the freezer. Oh hi. Ah... come on in. come on in. Yeah, well okay. I got a new desk. It's nice isn't it?

Sandy: I hope I'm not late. Martin didn't pick up Aaron till almost two o'clock. Hi Luce.

Lucy: Hi.

Sandy: Hi. I'm Sandy. I'm going to be a part of your class this semester.

Girl 1: Are you the Sandy that had the baby?

Girl 2: Wow... I can't wait to hear about that.

Lucy: Well I don't know if we're going to have any time for personal stories. Um... but I thought we might focus on the situation in Darfur... for today. Actually every day for the whole year.

Girl 3: Um... didn't you also have a problem with alcohol and drugs?

Sandy: When I was much younger... I guess I did. Yeah, I absolutely did.

Lucy: Well we're not here to discuss Sandy.

Girl 2: Okay. But can we just ask her a couple of questions? So did you get married?

Sandy: Ah... no. You know I don't mind answering questions if you don't mind if I talk about myself.

Girl 1: Oh please tell her it's all right Reverend Kinkirk. It's one thing to talk about sin... but it's another if you've been there and done that. You know what I mean?

Lucy: Yeah. I know what you mean. But doesn't anyone want to talk about the crisis in Darfur? I have no problem with Sandy talking about her life. But what about the millions of lives that are being affected by what we know is genocide?

Sandy: Believe me my story can wait. But the situation in Darfur can't.

Girl 3: Okay. What can we do about it?

Sandy: What can we do?

Lucy: Well I think we should all figure that out together.

Girl 2: In the meantime... Sandy, was Martin your first?

Camden's House

Jane: I'm starving.

Margaret: No you're not. You're not starving. I'm not starving. The people in Darfur are starving.

Jane: I know that okay? I got it. I understand. What I don't understand is what we're supposed to do about it. And why is anyone starving. There's plenty of food to feed everyone.

Kevin: Hi.

Jane: Hey, what's in the box?

Kevin: Chicken.

Jane: Where's it from?

Kevin: I told Annie I'd bring it over. So let her know it's here. She can take whatever she wants and freeze the rest.

Jane: How many chickens are in there?

Kevin: Why? You got a problem with bulk food purchasing too?

Jane: Too?

Kevin: Never mind. I don't need your criticism. Buying in quantity saves money.

Jane: Yeah, but it's the quantity that just grosses me out. I mean who needs... thirty seven chicken wings?

Kevin: I don't know. The eighteen and a half chickens who lost them? Ha, ha.

Savannah: Ha, ha, ha.

Jane: The half is just really putting me over the edge. It's gross. That many chickens. That many chickens and a half. Thirty seven chicken wings. And that's just in one box. In one store in one community. Think of all the frozen chicken parts all over the country. Why do we need that much food? Why can't we feed everyone? Why can't we feed Darfur?

Kevin: Maybe we could if we could get the food into Darfur. But that situation is not just about the people not having food. It's about the people not having any power. It's a genocide.

Margaret: Can't... someone empower those people? Can't... anyone stand up to them?

Kevin: Do you two even know who those people are?

Jane: People in the Western Sudan.

Kevin: Yes. They're tribal people. Most of them are Muslims.

Jane: No, no. I did my research today. They're being killed by the Janjaweed... and they're Muslims. And Muslims don't kill Muslims... do they?

Kevin: The Janjaweed are Arab militia and more radical Muslims. And I just guess some of the questions are; who is backing the Janjaweed... and how are they able to get away with killing so many people without the Sudanese government stepping in? Why aren't they recognizing the situation as a genocide. And why hasn't the UN stated it as genocide? The people of Darfur are made up of a lot of tribes. But they're mostly Muslims.

Jane: I thought that they were Christians. Like your friend, the guy we met... The Lost Boys?

Kevin: Yeah. Those boys are Christians. And they live in southern Sudan. This is Western Sudan. Darfur is in Western Sudan. It's a complicated situation.

Margaret: Is that what we're telling the people in the refugee camps? Sorry we can't do anything... it's complicated.

Kevin: I know. What are they thinking? What are we thinking? What is the whole world thinking?

Jane: I don't think that anyone is thinking. People look at our generation and they criticize us because we don't do anything. But we're not the ones in charge. We have no control. We are so removed from any decision making process that we feel completely useless. I mean it's not like I don't want to do anything. It's just... I don't know how.

Western Union

Clerk: Please answer the questions to show us this transmission is for you. It's like a code to pick up your money. Your friend, Nicodemus says to ask; what is the name of your brother?

Man: Every man.

Clerk: Have a nice evening.

Man: Thank you.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lucy: So I need your help. I need you to go home and talk to your families about supporting our program here at our church so we can all do something about Darfur. We can't just keep saying that we have to live that. My dad is presenting the issues in front of the church members. And you are all church members. You have a say in this. (Phone) Oh. I'll get it. It's probably my husband. Hi, this is Reverend Kinkirk.

Sandy: Okay. No more personal questions okay? My life is not more important than the millions of people in refugee camps in Darfur.

Kevin: I just wanted you to know that I just loaded up all the food in the basement and I'm donating it all to a shelter so it can be used before it expires.

Lucy: That's a great idea.

Kevin: And then I'm going to make a donation to help save Darfur. 'Cause when you think about it... we have enough. Enough money, enough food, enough clothes... enough.

Lucy: We do. We absolutely do. And I'm... I'm so sorry about everything.

Kevin: Me too. Don't stop at the grocery store. Don't stop for anything. Come home to me.

Lucy: Okay. I love you. Bye.

Lucy: You know... aren't we all so lucky to have the luxury of fighting over the stupidest things? You know... what we eat or when we eat... where we eat... or who to eat with? Or whether we get a desk or not? You know our priorities are so confused. You know like today... the most important thing to me was... was getting a desk. Instead I should have been realizing the important thing is that my... my dad is alive and well. And I'm so fortunate to be able to share this space and time with him. And we all have to be there for each other. So what are we going to do about Darfur?

Camden's House

Ruthie: There are lots of organizations who are trying to help. So even if my dad doesn't talk the church into helping... there are other ways that we can help.

T-Bone: Yeah. I cannot believe that the church didn't come through. Why didn't you... you know, ask your dad in the first place?

Ruthie: Because I wanted to feel like I was initiating some kind of change. But even if that doesn't work out... it's not really about me. And there's lots of organizations that we can choose from.

T-Bone: Yeah. But I mean... how do you know which to choose?

Ruthie: Well there's websites that tells you how the money for each organization is spent. How much of each dollar goes to administration. How much goes to the actual supplies.

T-Bone: You know I saw this Jewish organization called Mazzone. It seemed pretty good. The Jewish response to world hunger. I wonder though it's a Jewish organization, why wouldn't they just help Jewish people?

Ruthie: You think Jewish people don't know about genocide? This is genocide.

T-Bone: Right... got it.

Ruthie: There's a catholic organization called... Catholic Relief Services. There's UNICEF there's Bread for the World, Second Harvest. There's the International Medical Corps. There's... lots of people who are trying to help.

T-Bone: I mean... other than trying to find some place to donate money to... what are you and I doing? I mean... what are we doing about Darfur?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hi.

Annie: I'm over the donuts.

Eric: Are you?

Annie: Yeah. The boys told me that they sent their savings... all of their savings to Nicodemus. Who's sending it to a friend he has in Uganda who is going to then take it to the people he knows in Darfur.

Eric: I knew they called him again but... really?

Annie: Yeah.

Eric: So our eight year olds have figured out how to do what the rest of the world hasn't?

Annie: I'm sorry.

Eric: Me, too.

Annie: I shouldn't have been so concerned about the donuts. Or what the boys were wearing today. I mean the important thing is that they have anything to wear at all. You know and if they are concerned then other people have something to wear. Something to eat and a place to live. And how are you?

Eric: The same. Just the same. I'm a lucky man.

Annie: We're all lucky people. We just forget it sometimes because we're so comfortable. No changes?

Eric: No.

Annie: So you don't have the cholesterol test back?

Eric: No. But sometimes those things just don't seem important.

Annie: No, they don't. So what are we going to do about Darfur?


Song: Men are my friends
We're all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing else
That's the way we ever could
Now I've seen everything that's going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
Just feel like we don't have the means
To rise above and beat it
So we keep waiting, waiting,
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting,
Waiting on the world to change
It's hard to be assistance
When you're standing at a distance
So we keep waiting, waiting
Waiting on the world to change
Now if we had the power to bring
Our neighbors back from war
They would never miss another Christmas
No more ribbons on the door
When you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when the only information
Well they can bend it all they want
That's why we're waiting, waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keeping on waiting, waiting
Waiting on the world to change 

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