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#11.15 : Je t'ai dans la peau

Les parents d'Eric rendent visite aux Camden ! Eric est persuadé qu'ils sont venus parce que quelqu'un les a mis au courant de ses ennuis de santé. Paniqué, il essaie de trouver une excuse pour ne pas avoir à les affronter. Lucy, qui vient d'apprendre que ses grands-parents sont en ville décide de fuir ! C'est elle qui les a appelés. Pour montrer leur engagement mutuel, Ruthie propose à T-Bone qu'ils se fassent tatouer leurs noms. Il ne veut pas mais elle insiste et il finit par accepter. Le soir venu, ils reviennent séparément à la maison, pâles et fiévreux. Jane reçoit les papiers du divorce mais ne veut pas les signer tant que la St Valentin n'est pas passée. 


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Titre VO
Tit for tat

Titre VF
Je t'ai dans la peau

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Écrit par : Chris Olsen & Jeff Olsen 
Réalisé par : Lindsley Parsons III 

Avec : Peter Graves (John 'Le Colonel' Camden), Colton James (T-Bone), Andrea Morris (Margaret), Barbara Rush (Ruth Camden), Kyle Searles (Mac), Nick Zano (Docteur Jonathan Sanderson), Sarah Wright (Jane) 

Guests :


Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Are you gathering up stuff for the Good Will?

Annie: Oh no. Mac and Jane and Margaret, they're moving into their new apartment. So I thought I'd give them some of our extra pots and pans dishes and silverware. We have way too much of everything and probably enough for three kitchens.

Ruthie: I'm so happy you brought that up. Maybe we'll have enough stuff to put in the garage apartment too.

Annie: Oh ah... the garage apartment is pretty well stocked with everything that Kevin and Lucy left you know. And no you cannot move into the garage apartment if that's where you're going with all this.

Ruthie: You let me live overseas but you won't let me live in the back yard. Come on I'm old enough.

Annie: I thought it would be T-Bone asking.

Ruthie: He likes it here in the house. But... he never had a family.

Annie: What does that mean?

Ruthie: It means he enjoys having everyone around him. Whereas I've had a family all my life... so I enjoy not having everyone around.

Annie: Well if you stay here to go to college in a few years you can have the garage apartment. How's that?

Ruthie: Oh I'm definitely not staying here for college.

Annie: Oh well I just thought I'd offer.

T-Bone: Well I told you so.

Ruthie: Please... it's only my first attempt. It would be nice to have some alone time.

T-Bone: Yeah... it would be nice. But... we agreed to not do anything but making out.

Ruthie: It's fun. I mean as long as we're not in a committed relationship I don't think we should be doing anything more than making out.

T-Bone: A committed relationship? What's the difference in that and... an exclusive relationship?

Ruthie: It's Valentine's... almost. And a commitment means a commitment.

T-Bone: Like... some sort of gift?

Ruthie: No. just some sort of symbol that we are committed to each other. A sign that you really are my boyfriend.

T-Bone: Yeah. You're going to have to spell this one out for me. Because... I'm not getting it. I'm kind of new to Valentine's Day and it's really not meant anything to me before. Not that it does now. I mean you mean something. But the day doesn't mean anything.

Ruthie: I think we should both...

Annie: Help! Go find your father! Find him quick!

Camden's House

Eric: I can't go in there.

Annie: You have to. You can't hide all weekend.

Eric: Yes I could. I could have an emergency or something.

Annie: What kind of emergency would take you away from your parents and your family for an entire weekend?

Eric: Some other family member. Simon, Simon... maybe... Simon needs me up at school for something.

Annie: Like?

Eric: I don't know. I just... I can't go in there. I can't tell them.

Annie: Well maybe you don't have to tell them.

Eric: Julie... my sister Julie told them. Yes I bet she told them when she and Hank went to Buffalo for Christmas.

Annie: Maybe they just went to Buffalo for Christmas really. Maybe they don't know.

Eric: No, they know. Argh!

Annie: Maybe Mary and Carlos told them. Mary is close to them. I think sometimes closer than Julie.

Eric: I told Mary not to say anything. She wouldn't do something I told her not to do.

Annie: Yeah since when?

Eric: Since... I don't know. Matt... they went to see Matt and Sarah in the city over the holidays.

Annie: Matt can keep a secret. And you told him not to tell them.

Eric: And as you pointed out they don't do anything I tell them to do... any of them.

Ruthie: What's going on?

Annie: Ah... Ruthie take the tea into the living room. I'm coming after you.

Ruthie: Well I was just going down to the Promenade to meet T-Bone for lunch. He's working.

Annie: Well how were you going get there?

Ruthie: Well the bus. People...

Eric: People in Scotland take the bus everywhere.

Ruthie: Why are you in such a bad mood?

Eric: I don't know if my parents know about my heart.

Ruthie: You want me to find out?

Both: Yes, yes, yes!

Ruthie: If I find out will you let me move into the garage apartment?

Both: No!

Ruthie: Then can I just go down to the Promenade instead?

Annie: Fine... take the bus. Take the bus!

Colonel: Well... thank goodness. I thought we weren't welcome for a moment.

Eric: Oh!

Annie: Oh Colonel please... you and Ruth are always welcome here.

Ruth: So... I hear you have some new children staying at the house?

Eric: Is that all you've heard?

Annie: Well three of them are... are leaving today. They're moving into a new apartment. And that leaves one, T-Bone. The T stands for Theadore.

Ruth: That's the one who's in love with Ruthie? Well Julie told us.

Eric: Did she tell you anything else?

Colonel: Seems to me son, you're in a bad mood. Is it a problem that we showed up unannounced?

Eric: No, it's not... it's not a problem. And, and, and... you're right... I've got some things going on with ah... Simon... and I'm going to drive out there and see him.

Colonel: Well I'm sure Simon can handle his own problems. He can't have his daddy running up to his university to help him every time he finds himself in a foxhole.

Ruth: Well what exactly is wrong? Is it girl trouble again?

Eric: Afraid so.

Colonel: What kind of girl trouble?

Eric: It's... it's personal. I shouldn't be talking about Simon's personal business.

Colonel: To not even your own parents?

Eric: Ah... probably not.

Ruth: Well my goodness, this does sound serious.

Eric: Yeah.

Annie: Well how serious can it be? You know he's only twenty one years old. He's young he's fine! Everything is going to be fine. Eric just worries too much.

Ruth: Ohh!

David: Hi Grandma!

Sam: Hi Grandma Ruth.

Ruth: Oh let me get a look at you!!

Colonel: How big you're getting.

Ruth: Come give grandma a kiss.

Sam: We got the mail. There's something here for Jane.

Annie: Well I think they're over at Kevin and Lucy's. Kevin is making a big lunch before they take off.

Sam: We'll take it to her.

Annie: So... how long are you going to be staying with us?

Colonel: Oh this is just a stopover on our way to Hawaii. We take off tomorrow afternoon.

Ruth: Valentine's. We were stationed there for a while after the war. And well...

Colonel: Well... we have many fond memories we're looking forward to reliving.

Kinkirk's House

David: We're looking for Jane.

Sam: She got a letter.

Lucy: Oh you know what? They're running a little late. They just took their first load of stuff over to their apartment.

Both: Oh.

Lucy: But... have you guys had lunch yet? Because maybe you can come over here and have lunch when they get back.

David: That's okay. We want to get back over to the house to see the Colonel and Grandma Ruth.

Kevin: The Colonel and Ruth are here?

Lucy: When... when did the Colonel and Ruth get here?

Sam: Today.

Lucy: Okay! Okay well... ah you know... I'll take that and I'll give this to Jane. Oh no! No, no, no!

Kevin: Told you so.

Lucy: NO! No, no, no, no. Don't do I told you so when I'm in the middle of a heart attack!

Kevin: They got right on the plane and flew out. I'm surprised your dad didn't have a heart attack.

Lucy: Ohh... Dad is going to kill me! He's going to kill me! But on the other hand it doesn't exactly mean that the Colonel and Ruth told him that I told them.

Kevin: True. But that doesn't mean they won't tell him.

Lucy: The Colonel is the Colonel and he said that he wouldn't say a word.

Kevin: He got on the first plane out and flew across the country to see him.

Lucy: Let's get out of town.

Kevin: Run?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah, yeah... run! Run, run, run as fast as we can!!

Kevin: What about church tomorrow?

Lucy: I can skip church. I can totally skip church if I had a really good reason. And we'll come up with a really good reason... to get out of town. And I can call Sandy and ask her to sit in for me. And... she needs more experience you know she told me she needs more experience. So I will just call her and tell her we have a problem and we've got to go out of town. And she will totally come down... again. Oh and I just made her come down for that stupid class. Oh I wasted her on that stupid class and now I need her here tomorrow. And you know what? That will take care of the problem. We've got to get out of town and take care of the problem!!!

Kevin: And what problem would that be?

Lucy: I don't know! You know maybe... Simon! Simon needs our help.

Kevin: That's ridiculous.

Lucy: Is it? He always needs our help.

Kevin: Not this year.

Sandy: (Phone rings) Hello.

Lucy: Oh hey Sandy it's me. Ah... Kevin and I have got to go up and see Simon; he has a little bit of a problem. So I was just wondering if you could drive down here and take care of the dog. And you know I know you needed to sit in on a few more of our church services and I'm thinking well you know tomorrow would be great if you like!

Sandy: Hey, slow down. I meant to call you because... I drove down to see a friend. And so I'm already down here so of course. But... is everything okay with Simon? No, obviously not. But is there anything I can do?

Lucy: Oh no, no, no. Everything is going to be okay. Could I just leave the keys for you so we can take off?

Sandy: Yeah sure. But would you mind if I had some company stop by later?

Lucy: Martin?

Sandy: Actually... no. ah... that's kind of why I'm down here. I met someone new. But we can't see each other on Valentine's Day because he has to work and I can't come down in the middle of the week.

Lucy: You met someone? Oh you know what? Forget it. Whoever it is it's fine. So... come on over and the keys will be underneath the mat. Okay... bye.

New Apartment

Mac: We're home.

Jane: We're idiots.

Margaret: Why did we do this?

Jane: I don't know.

Mac: Because we're adults. We're grown up and we need our own space. I mean it feels good to be independent. Doesn't it? You can come and go any time you want... and do whatever you want.

Jane: But not whatever you want.

Mac: What does that mean?

Margaret: It means... despite the fact that you're smitten by her, you can't come anywhere near her as signed in the agreement between the three of us.

Mac: Don't worry. I'm not going to come anywhere near either one of you. We're just friends. We're roommates. Hey come on it's going to be fun. It's our first Valentine's together. I haven't had anyone to do anything with on Valentine's since... I can't even remember.

Margaret: Me neither.

Jane: I've kind of always made it a personal goal to have a boyfriend at Valentine's.

Mac: Is that so?

Margaret: You don't have a boyfriend this Valentine's... you have a husband.

Jane: Still counts.

Mac: You know if it's a matter of personal goal I'd be willing to step outside of the agreement for just the one day.

Jane: I have a husband.

Margaret: That you don't want to be married to.

Both: Still counts.


T-Bone: Hello!

Ruthie: Hello.

T-Bone: So... we never got to finish our conversation. What is it that I'm supposed to buy you?

Ruthie: That's not exactly romantic.

T-Bone: Well neither is mentioning that I have to do something for Valentine's for you.

Ruthie: It's something we're going to do for each other. Let's get tattoos.

T-Bone: Tattoos?

Ruthie: So what do you think?

T-Bone: I...

Camden's House

Ruth: Oh... oh Annie. We just hate to put you out of your own room. We feel terrible about it. Oh we really should have called first.

Annie: No. I'm just so sorry that the garage apartment isn't cleaned up for you. I'm going to paint it when the girls move out. But it really is a mess. Don't... don't you worry about us we'll be fine.

Ruth: Well you now sometimes we do worry about you and Eric. You two just never seem to get tired of taking on the world's problems. And it's fine when you're younger. As you grow older it's...

Annie: You and the Colonel took George in when you were older than Eric and I are.

Ruth: Ha, ha, ha. Yes, we did. But then his daddy came around and they moved into the guest cottage. And you know... they ended up helping us out for more than we ever helped them out. George finished college and went straight into the Army. You know I was hoping he'd call you when he was finishing up basic out here. Well... you know how young people are.

Annie: Yeah. I wish he had called us too. I haven't seen him in so many years I don't know if I'd recognize him.

Ruth: Oh he's quite handsome. And such a nice young man. And of course the Colonel is so proud that he's going into the military as a career. You know maybe Simon should consider going into the military. The Marines are always looking for a few good men.

Eric: A few good men... Simon? Oh... I don't think so.

Colonel: Well if the boy has a problem the military...

Eric: I don't think joining the military is right thing for Simon.

Colonel: George singed up you know.

Eric: Yeah. But his dad was in the CIA and he always had an interest in world politics and the military and espionage. And Simon, Simon... Simon is interested in money... and show business. He wants to do something in film or be an executive at a studio or something like that. He's thinking about going to law school and majoring in communication law.

Colonel: Well I'm sure show business can be a noble profession.

Eric: I suppose.

Colonel: How far away does Simon live?

Eric: A couple of hours.

Colonel: Why don't we ride up there together? I don't mind doing that. You know your mother and I will have plenty of quality time once we get to the island.

Eric: No... No I think you're right. It's probably best to stay out of it.

Colonel: Hm... Hm...

Eric: You know.

Kinkirk's House

Kevin: We're not even going to say hello to your grandparents?

Lucy: Ohh nope, we can't. We'll call them from the road and tell them we're sorry we missed them. (Knock on door) Ooo... hide!!

Mac: Hey. I wanted to see if you had any rope or something I could tie on the truck with. I'm finishing up before I got to work. And Margaret and Jane are already down at the Dairy Shack.

Kevin: It's all clear!

Mac: Who you hiding from?

Lucy: Ahh... no one. No one. We... we, we're going out of town. We're going up to see Simon. You know he's got some problems... some serious problems. But Sandy is coming over to take care of the house and take care of the dogs. And she's taking over for me at church tomorrow. Oh... but the rope is in the locker in the garage. It's all open so... help yourself! Oh wait. And there's a letter for Jane. So be sure she gets it. And yeah okay so goodbye and good luck with everything. And we'll see you later.

Mac: So Simon is having a serious problem?

Lucy: Yeah. So um... so we've got to go up there and talk to him.

Mac: Oh. I... I didn't know. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Lucy: No! No, nothing.

Mac: This family wow, you guys go through so much. I don't see how you do it. It's just me and my mom and my dad and I can barely get through a week without some trauma.

Lucy: Okay yeah. Well we'll see you later.

Mac: All right. See ya.

Lucy: What?


Ruthie: Hey guys.

Margaret: Hi.

Jane: We're late. We'll see you later okay?

Ruthie: Oh wait! I've got to ask you something. Do you have a tattoo?

Jane: Yup.

Ruthie: How long have you had it?

Margaret: You weren't thinking of getting a tattoo are you?

Ruthie: I don't know... maybe.

Margaret: You don't want to do that. Once you have it... you have it for life! You might change your mind about whatever you carve into yourself. And then ugh... you're stuck. Don't do it.

Ruthie: Yeah well I mean I didn't say I was going to do it. I just said that I was thinking about it.

Jane: Well... I got mine around the corner over there... at "Fast Fritz's". What... it's no big deal.

Margaret: It is if your parents don't smoke pot.

Jane: Oh. We got to go. We'll see you later.

Margaret: Don't... don't do it.

Ruthie: "Fast Fritz's", it's just around the corner.

T-Bone: I don't know Ruthie Camden. I mean this does not sound like the best idea to me.

Ruthie: Fine... don't do it. I'm still going to do it. I like tattoos. And... I like guys with tattoos. Look, it's not like we're having sex. It's just a tattoo.

T-Bone: Where are we having tattoos? I mean where am I going to permanently scar my body and with what?

Ruthie: Well I'll get your name and you can get my name.

T-Bone: Theodore or T-Bone?

Ruthie: Which do you prefer?

T-Bone: I prefer you just call me by either one of those. I mean that would be fine with me just to hear your voice... calling out my name. I mean... that's all I really need. Happy Valentine's T-Bone.

Ruthie: So I guess what you're saying is: you don't want to do it?

T-Bone: No. I did not say that. But if you want me to say it... I don't want to do it.

Ruthie: Why not?

T-Bone: Okay. For one thing we've been seeing each other for what... two months, ten weeks tops?

Ruthie: And?

T-Bone: And... maybe we don't know each other well enough to have our names put permanently on each other's bodies you know? Maybe we should hold off for say... the third anniversary of our wedding.

Ruthie: So... you would have had sex with me but you can't get a tattoo with my name on it?

T-Bone: That's not reasonable? Okay. I'll do it. Whatever. I mean... it's not that big a deal.

Ruthie: Good. My mom wants me home for dinner. So I'll go now and you can go later when Mac comes in to take over for you. I don't think we'll be able to take the bandages off by Valentine's. But...

T-Bone: Bandages are involved?

Ruthie: I think they'll put a bandage over them... yeah.

T-Bone: All right. I'm assuming that we will be hiding these tattoos until we're both safely moved out of your parent's house?

Ruthie: I think you can assume that. Yeah.

T-Bone: So... I mean...

Ruthie: It's up to you.

T-Bone: I can't wait to see.

Ruthie: Neither can I.

Camden's House

Annie: Oh Ruthie... where have you been? I've been trying to call you. Dinner is almost ready. The Colonel and Ruth are only here for twenty four hours.

Ruthie: I'm sorry. The battery on my phone died and I took the bus home. I don't really feel that well. I think I'm going to go to bed.

Annie: Why didn't you call me? You look really pale. Let me feel your forehead. Oo... maybe you have a fever.

Ruthie: No. Really it's the onion rings I ate at the Dairy Shack. They just didn't agree with me. I'm not really that hungry. I'm just going to go lie down.

Eric: Remember... don't mention my heart problem okay?

Sam: We won't.

David: We didn't all day.

Eric: I know. You've done really well, thank you. But the Colonel and Grandma Ruth can be very... tricky. The Colonel was a Marine and Marine's are really good at getting people to tell him their secrets. So... just finish your dinner and get back upstairs quickly. Just don't make it hard on yourselves. Just get out of the way.

David: How come you don't want them to know you're having heart problems?

Eric: It's just you know... they're my mom and dad and... they're older. And...

David: And if you die you want it to be a surprise?

Eric: Yes, that's exactly right.

Sam: It's pretty hard to surprise Grandpa.

David: But that might do it.

Eric: Yeah.

Sandy: (Knock on door) Hi... you have room for two more?

Annie: Oh Sandy hi! Of course. How are you? Eric's mom and dad popped in from New York. We're trying to keep his heart condition a secret from them. But it's so good to see you. You want to call Kevin and Lucy and tell them dinner's ready and they're welcome to come too?

Sandy: Ohh... Lucy didn't tell you? She and Kevin are driving up to see Simon.

Annie: Simon? Why are they driving all the way up there?

Sandy: Lucy didn't mention she was going to see Simon?

Annie: No.

Sandy: Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Annie: Well... is he okay?

Sandy: I don't know. I think they just wanted to talk to him. Maybe a girlfriend problem or something. But I'm actually down here because I met someone new.

Annie: Again?

Sandy: Well I think you know him. I met him when I sat in with the teen mothers... the birthing class... Doctor Sanderson?

Annie: I do know him. Is Simon having a problem?


Mac: Hey sorry. I was unloading boxes and I forgot what time it was.

T-Bone: If you want you can go back and finish unpacking and I'll cover for you tonight.

Mac: That's really nice T-Bone, but ah... I've got to pay rent now. I have responsibilities. I have to work.

T-Bone: All right... if you insist.

Mac: Everything okay?

T-Bone: No.

Mac: I thought something was wrong. What's going on?

T-Bone: Nothing I can't handle myself... I suppose.

Camden's House

Eric: Sandy, I didn't know you were coming. Nice to see you.

Sam: Hello.

David: Hi Sandy.

Sandy: Good to see you, too.

Annie: Lucy and Kevin took off to check on Simon. He's having some problems. Did you have anything to do with that?

Eric: Is there something wrong with Simon?

Annie: I doubt it.

Eric: Oh. Well why would they be going up there?

David: Maybe they're lying.

Eric: Why would they lie?

Sandy: I don't know. I don't have any information. Lucy just asked me to come down and really I was already down here because... I met someone.

Eric: She told them. She told them. Lucy is the big fat blabbermouth!

Annie: No, Eric... you don't know that.

Colonel: Hello everyone.

Ruth: Oh I'm starving!

Colonel: Well Sandy how are you? Good to see you. And this must be... little Aaron?

Eric: Yeah.


Jane: (Phone rings) What do you want?

Mac: Hey roomie! Got any extra fries in there? I'm starving.

Jane: And I suppose you think we deliver?

Mac: I can't leave the booth for like another half hour. And I picked up a piece of mail for you. I think it came to the Camdens.

Jane: Yeah... I'm sure it's very important. Mac is trying to get me to come down to the booth and bring him some fries. Said he has a piece of my mail from the Camdens.

Margaret: Well maybe he does. Why would he say he did if he didn't? You'd find out.

Jane: Oh. Well if you believe him you go.

Margaret: Why should I go? He doesn't have my mail.

Jane: Please? If I go he might think it means something. Come on I like him. But I'm never going to like him like he could like me. And I don't want to start bringing him food. He's going to make something of it. You know he would.

Margaret: No, he wouldn't.

Jane: All right. I just don't want to step away because there's a guy I'm hoping might come by.

Margaret: What guy?

Jane: Just a guy.

Man: Two please.

Mac: Okay. But the movie already started.

Man: I like to watch from the middle to the end... and then back to the beginning. That way if I don't like the movie... I can leave at the end when everyone else does and I haven't wasted my time seeing the whole thing.

Mac: But if you do like the movie... and you stay to see the first part... then you already know how the movie ends. All right.

Man: What happened to the other guy that nice guy who can carry on a decent conversation without insulting anyone?

Mac: He'll... he'll be back tomorrow.

Margaret: Fries and a root beer.

Mac: Well thank you Margaret. That was awfully sweet. But I don't think I have enough money for both. That's why I just asked for the fries.

Margaret: It's okay. It's on the house. Those are the last fries in the pan and some guy returned the drink. It was supposed to be an orange soda. My mistake.

Mac: Well thank you I appreciate that. Maybe I can you into the theater sometime.

Margaret: Jane wants her mail.

Mac: Well yeah. I was looking at this. I think it's from a law office. I guess I'll have to come out and get these or... could ah...

Margaret: These look like divorce papers.

Mac: You think? You think?

Margaret: It's Valentine's... we can't give her this. It's too depressing.

Mac: Then again maybe we should give them to her.

Margaret: For what... so you can be the Valentine's guy? You're pathetic! Pathetic!

T-Bone: Help.

Camden's House

Eric: I tried to call you to see if you needed a ride home. What happened to your new cell phone?

T-Bone: Oh... who can remember to charge those things?

Eric: People who need rides home?

T-Bone: Oh Mac dropped me off.

Eric: Are you limping?

T-Bone: No. I'm just... not feeling that well. You know... a little under the weather. I'm just going to... grab some aspirin.

Eric: You know Ruthie is not feeling well either. Guess that's the downside of making out so much... share germs.

T-Bone: Yes... indeed. Well... learned my lesson.

Eric: Okay. Well... oh here's the aspirin.

T-Bone: Oh thanks.

Eric: Goodnight.

T-Bone: Thanks. Oh ah... how did it go with your folks?

Eric: Oh fine. Just... yeah, just fine. Ah... make sure you plug your phone in.

T-Bone: I...

Mac: You scared the life out of me.

Martin: What's going on? Where is everyone and why aren't you at the apartment?

Mac: We moved. We got to get out of here. I just got T-Bone home and he's in big trouble.

Martin: What? Is he drunk or something?

Mac: Not drunk, he's sick. He got a tattoo.

Both: Idiot.

Martin: Ah... I thought I'd surprise Sandy so I'm going in anyway.

Mac: Oh. Sandy's not in there. She's over at Lucy's and Kevin's. They went to drive up and see Simon. He's having some kind of problem.

Martin: Really?

Mac: Yeah. That's what they said.

Martin: All right. Well... I'll go see Sandy. Ooo... nice. Maybe we can have the house to ourselves.

Mac: Maybe you can. And I'll be headed home to see my two new roommates.

Martin: Yeah. Good luck with that, lucky dog.

Mac: Yeah, I think it's nice. And I think Jane got her divorce papers in the mail today.

Martin: Divorce papers?

Mac: Yeah. Margaret thinks I should wait a few days you know... until after Valentine's. But I don't know I think if she gets them now... she could be over it by Valentine's.

Martin: She's going to get over her divorce... in three days?

Mac: Well they were only married for three weeks until she told him she wanted out. How long should it take? Especially if I'm there to... you know comfort her. Make her feel better.

Martin: She's not interested in you.

Mac: Yeah. But things can change you know. You never know. Today's relationship is tomorrow's breakup.

Martin: Yeah. You let me know what happens with that all right. See ya.

Mac: 'Good night.

Kinkirk's House

Jonathan: So this is Reverend Kinkirk's house? It's like a church parsonage?

Sandy: No. Lucy and Kevin bought it and they do a lot of remodeling.

Jonathan: I don't think I have a single practical skill. Maybe painting. I could possibly paint a room.

Sandy: Have you ever painted a room?

Jonathan: No. Uh-uh. Ah... look, there's something I've got to confess. I talked to a social worker, Greta, and I asked all about you before I called. I kind of know your story.

Sandy: I have something to confess as well. Greta called me and told me that she told you my story and she asked if it was okay to give you my phone number. (Knock on door/dog barks) It's probably one of the Camdens. Eric and Annie live behind the house. They come over all the time. Who's there?

Martin: It's me.

Sandy: It's Martin, Aaron's dad. I'm sorry.

Jonathan: I think I can handle it.

Sandy: I wasn't expecting you.

Martin: Oh yeah... obviously.

Sandy: This is my friend, Johnathan Sanderson. We were just having a cup of tea. Jonathan... this is Martin.

Jonathan: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Martin: Sandy and I... have a son together. Could I... see my son if you don't mind?

Sandy: No I don't mind. He's in Savannah's room and he's already asleep. And it took me a while to get him to sleep because he's in a new place. So... if you can see him without waking him up... that would be great. And if you have to wake him up then you have to put him back to sleep. He has a tendency to just show up sometimes. I'm sorry. I was having a really good time.

Johnathan: Yeah, me too. I'm sorry I got here so late. It's just this poor girl was in delivery for twenty hours. And that girl... sorry, woman... I still talk like my dad sometimes. Ah... I'm going to get going. I guess it wouldn't be right to kiss you goodnight with him here? Good night. Thanks for letting me come by. I wish I could make it up here on Valentine's Day but I just... I just can't. But I'll call you. Unless you're... busy... or...

Sandy: I won't be.

Jonathan: (Phone rings) Yeah. I'm on my way.

Martin: Oh... I won't be.

Sandy: I don't think I said oh.

Martin: Look maybe I was planning to come over on Valentine's Day.

Sandy: Martin... I think you should quite assuming things okay? And I don't think it's a good idea for you to stay here tonight. Really I don't.

Camden's House

Colonel: I'm ordering up one of these when we get back.

Ruth: Ha, Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Fine with me Colonel. I like this.

Colonel: Thank God we only had two kids. I don't know... I don't know how... Annie and Eric manage.

Ruth: I guess there's no need to mention what George is going through.

Colonel: No. No need to. He is Private George Jackson Grayson now. He's a man and a soldier. He made a mistake. But he is... taking it like a man.

Ruth: Oh I would like to meet the girl who broke his heart.

Colonel: Yeah... so would I.

Ruth: Maybe we should try to look her up. Maybe we could change her mind.

Colonel: Too late for that. Still... I'm glad we came.

Ruth: Me too. What do you think?

Colonel: I think I've been in enough of combat situations... to recognize the stench of death approaching. I don't smell a thing, not a thing, Ruth. Unless it's a rat where that business with Simon is concerned.

Ruth: I agree. Well I think we ran Lucy out of town. And I think Eric is going to make it. I don't care what the doctors say. I know my boy.

Colonel: To the love of my life.

Ruth: And to mine.


Mac: You girls look... very sister-like.

Jane: How would you know? You never had sisters.

Mac: I imagine sisters. And when I imagined them it was a lot like this.

Margaret: Just find the blankets please. I want to go to bed.

Jane: Oh... we did bring the blankets right?

Mac: I guess so.

Margaret: Wait a minute. Weren't you in charge of getting the sheets and blankets from Mrs. Camden?

Mac: Oh... right. Um... um... It's not a problem. I'll get them. Somebody is probably still up at the house.

Margaret: I doubt it.

Mac: Well then I'll head over to Lucy's and Kevin's. Martin's there. He'll be up. It's not a problem.

Jane: Is that my mail?

Mac: Ah... Yeah, yeah, I think it is.

Jane: You said I didn't have any mail.

Margaret: Liar!

Jane: I think these are my divorce papers. I'm... I'm not signing them. Not until after Wednesday. Till Wednesday I am Mrs. Private George Jackson Grayson.

Margaret: George?

Jane: Yeah I never really liked it either. That's why I called him Jack.

Camden's House

Annie: Ohh... I'm sorry it's taking so long. We ran out of hot water. It's like everyone waited until this morning to take a shower. Eric will be down any minute.

Colonel: We saved you some hot water we showered together.

Ruth: Oh... Colonel! You don't have to share all our secrets. There's nothing wrong with keeping a few things to ourselves is there?

Annie: No you don't. Nobody does.

Lucy: Hi! Colonel Grandma Ruth oh... it's so good to see you. I'm so glad we got back before you left.

Annie: Hi Kevin. Hey back so soon? I thought you were skipping church today?

Kevin: Impossible. Hi Colonel, Ruth good to see you again.

Colonel: Kevin.

Ruth: Well look at that adorable little girl.

Colonel: Ahh... she looks just like you.

Lucy: Oh...

Eric: Okay. We're five minutes from blast-off. The boys are changing their shoes... well look who's here?

Lucy: Well I couldn't stay away. I couldn't. I didn't even want to miss one Sunday in church with you.

Colonel: Oh... you're entirely too sentimental Lucy. You've a lifetime to be at the front of the church with your dad. There's nothing like taking a little time off to be with your husband. Oh and miss Savannah will do just fine I imagine being left behind once in a while.

Ruth: I imagine.

Kevin: Can't disagree.

Eric: So I thought you got Sandy to fill in for you so you could go and see about Simon?

Lucy: Oh well we went up and saw him and it's no big deal. He's fine. And Sandy is going to meet us at the church with Aaron.

Colonel: We'll meet you there too. We're going to have to leave about mid-service. We have to turn in the rental car and get to the flight.

Eric: Thanks Dad. I really appreciate the two of you being at the church this morning. It's been a long time since I looked out and saw you in the congregation.

Ruth: Well I'll... I'll tell you what? Now that George is off and on his own... we're thinking we'll spend more time out here. We think we might even move out here.

Colonel: Well yes we might. Ah... you know I like the California weather. Now let's get going Ruth... we want to get a seat in the back row... so we don't disturb anyone on the way out.

Kevin: So they're moving here?

Lucy: They would move here?

Eric: I may be the luckiest one of you after all.

Margaret: Hi. We used to live here.

Colonel: Oh hi. We're Eric's parents. Colonel John Camden, United States Marine Corps retired. And this lovely lady at my side... is my wife, Ruth.

Mac: Heard a lot about you guys. I'm Mac and this is Margaret and this is Jane.

Jane: Hi.

Colonel: Hi.

Ruth: Darling, you look very familiar for some reason. What did you say your name is?

Jane: It's Jane. Jane Grayson. Mrs. Private George Jackson Grayson until Wednesday. Then it's back to just... Jane.

David: Lucy, T-Bone... let's go.

Ruthie: Hi... how are you?

T-Bone: Better... considering. How are you?

Ruthie: I'm still hurting. I don't know how I'm going to sit through the entire church service.

T-Bone: So... where is the tattoo?

Ruthie: And yours?

T-Bone: Okay... don't get angry.

Ruthie: What do you mean? You did get a tattoo?

T-Bone: No, I did. I did. But what you have to understand that I have a huge... huge fear of needles.

Ruthie: Show me.

T-Bone: Ever since I was a kid... I... I would faint at the sight of a needle.

Ruthie: Show me.

T-Bone: Okay. 

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