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#706 : Le grand vide

Toute la famille a du mal à reprendre ses habitudes après l'opération à coeur ouvert d'Eric. Lucy essaye d'aider Paul, un arrieré mental en conseillant à son frère de laisser Paul réaliser ses rêves et rejoindre une troupe de marionettistes. Kevin se mèle des vies privées de Ben et Robbie. Eric déprime parce qu'il doit rester à la maison pour se remettre de son opération. Annie demande donc aux enfants d'aller lui confier leurs problèmes pour qu'il se sente utile. Ruthie tient compte de cette suggestion et dit à Eric qu'il devrait aider chacun à resoudre ses problèmes de coeur. Il se mèle de la vie de chacun et cela entraîne des problèmes. Kevin apprend que Ben compte rester plus longtemps que prévu à Glenoak.


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Titre VO
Regarding Eric

Titre VF
Le grand vide

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Simon (David Gallagher) et Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson)

Simon (David Gallagher) et Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric (Stephen Collins) et un paroissien

Eric (Stephen Collins) et un paroissien

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Ruthie (Mackenzie rosmane)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Ruthie (Mackenzie rosmane)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum


Guests :

  • Gordon Billinger ..... Paul
  • Lenny Clarke ..... Lenny
  • Ruth de Sosa ..... Marie
  • Diane Dupuy ..... Diane Dupuy
  • Pete Gardner ..... Monsieur Brand
  • Kay Panabaker ..... Alice Brand
  • Audrey Wasilewski ..... Madame Brand

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh, good you're all here. I need to talk to you. Your father's been through a lot lately and he's feeling a little low, because he wants to go back to work, but he can't. It's... it's too soon. Now I think he wants to go back to work because he needs to feel needed. So what we need to do is make him feel needed.

Lucy: How are we supposed to do that?

Annie: You know take your problems to your dad. Let him help you. Talk to him. Ask his opinion. His advice. Involve him in your lives. Give him something to do, something that will make him feel needed.

Simon: How long are we supposed to do this?

Annie: For as long as it takes. I'm counting on everyone to do their part. Come on guys.

Lucy: I don't have any problems.

Ruthie: Who do you guys think you're kidding? You all have problems. You always have problems. It's the way you live your lives, messy and problem filled.

Lucy: What are you talking about?

Ruthie: Your problem is Cecilia. You like her but you're too chicken to ask her out. Your problem is Roxanne. You like her but, like Simon you're too chicken to ask her out. And your problem is Roxanne too. You don't like her being Kevin's partner. And I'm guessing you don't want to see her become Robbie's new girlfriend. Your problem is that Ben isn't leaving today like he said he would. And your problem is that Kevin now knows you're not leaving today like you said you were. See, problems, lots of them. And that's just on the top of my head. Imagine what I could dig up if you give me a few hours. So don't be stingy, let dad help you. Make him feel needed.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Annie: What's wrong?

Eric: No one needs me. I called Lou and he doesn't need me at the church. He said Richard's doing great with the Sunday services and there are no counseling sessions scheduled for weeks. Everyone wants to give me time to recover. I'm recovered. I am. Why... why can't everyone believe me when I say I can handle going back to work?

Annie: Everyone?

Eric: You, Lou, the doctors... for the purposes of this conversation, that's everyone.

Annie: Well I need you. Why don't you help me here today?

Eric: Oh great, pity. Feel sorry for me and treat me like I'm weak and ineffectual 'cause it makes me feel so manly and strong. Thanks.

Annie: I was only trying to help.

Eric: I don't want to do your work, I want to do my work. I need to do my work. To make some kind of contribution. Just to do something that makes me feel like I used to, not like some sick guy who just needs to rest and relax.

Annie: Even if you're not working, which I'm sorry to point out the doctors say you can't for weeks, there's still plenty to do.

Eric: Yes. I can watch my cholesterol, control my homosystine levels, manage my stress, control my blood pressure, watch my weight, and I can exercise. Not too much though, really just lifting a... a fork up and down at dinner should do it. You don't understand.

Annie: What I don't understand is why aren't you wearing pants?

Eric: 'Cause I don't need to wear pants to just lie around and recover.

Camden's House - Foyer

Robbie: Wait a second. I want to ask Roxanne out, but I don't know what to say to her. So I asked Kevin for his help, but he said he couldn't help me. Is that because of you? I thought you made peace with Roxanne. I thought you were okay with her.

Lucy: She's gorgeous, her uniform is too tight, her hair is too shiny, she wears too much lip gloss and... she drives around in a car all day with my soon to be fiancé, and you think I made peace with her. With her being in my life and Kevin's life? I'm not going to help you make Roxanne a part of this family. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a paper to research.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Ruthie: What are you doing?

Eric: Recovering.

Ruthie: Did Simon talk to you?

Eric: Talk to me about what?

Ruthie: I shouldn't say anything.

Eric: Not say anything about what?

Ruthie: He needs some help.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Is Ruthie telling the truth? Are you staying?

Ben: Yeah, I'm staying.

Kevin: For how long?

Ben: I'm not sure.

Kevin: What are you a millionaire playboy in between polo matches? You're a fireman. A fireman who doesn't have that much vacation.

Ben: I called my chief and got an extended leave.

Kevin: Leave? For what?

Ben: I explained to the chief that Reverend Camden hasn't been home from the hospital that long and that I'm needed, here, in Glenoak.

Kevin: You're not needed.

Ben: Well, I need to stay here, that's close enough.

Kevin: Okay, what are you up to?

Ben: Nothing.

Kevin: No. You want to say for a reason. So what's the reason? Mary? The ex-girlfriend back in Buffalo, whose now the current girlfriend? Your job? Mom? Patty Mary?

Ben: Enough with the interrogation. Can't I just want to stay so we can hang out? Spend some time together? Can't I just miss having my big brother around?

Kevin: No.

Ben: Well, that's why I'm staying. I miss you.

Kevin: I don't think so. I know you. You're lying. So tell me what's really going on. Tell me. I want to know.

Ben: Tell you or what?

Kevin: Or you can find another place to stay. I mean hide out. That is what you're doing isn't it? You're hiding from something back in Buffalo, aren't you?

Ben: Are you really going to kick me out?

Kevin: Yeah, until you tell me why you won't go home, I'm really going to kick you out.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: How did it go with Simon?

Eric: He didn't want my help.

Ruthie: He may not want it, but he needs it. And Cecilia, she's a nice girl. The kind of girl you and Mom want him to date, so you know he doesn't start another escort business. Right? Don't give up on him. Help him. Help him go in the right direction.

Eric: Okay, what are you up to?

Ruthie: Nothing. I'm just trying to help.

Eric: Help who?

Ruthie: Everybody. And you should talk to Kevin and Robbie and maybe even Ben. They all need help. They all have problems, big problems. At Lucy's at the library, so you can help her when she gets home.

Eric: Okay, really what are you up to?

Ruthie: Look, things have been a mess around here since you went into the hospital. We all need you. I'm just trying to point out those in the house that need you the most.


Paul: Ah, Lucy?

Lucy: Hi. Paul, I thought you only worked at Pete's during the week?

Paul: I do, but I'm here because I need you. I quit my job.

Lucy: Really? Did something happen with Pete?

Paul: No. I got a new job in show business.

Lucy: Really?

Paul: Really. And I need you to tell my brother I'm going to become a star.

Lucy: So you want to join the Famous People Players?

Paul: Yes.

Lucy: And they're a black light musical theater company that travels all over the world?

Paul: Yes.

Lucy: And all the performers in the Famous People Players are...

Paul: ...just like me.

Lucy: How did you find out about the Famous People Players?

Paul: I was introduced by my friend Tom to the foundering director of the Famous People Players Diane Dupue. She is in charge. She said I can be a Famous People Player.

Lucy: So what's the problem?

Paul: My brother. He treats me like a little boy and not a man. He'll listen to you, so you must tell him.

Lucy: Okay. I'll help you. I'll talk to your brother, but before I do I think I better talk to this woman, this Diane.

Paul: Come on. I'll take you to see Diane. Let's go.

Lucy: Okay.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Why don't you just tell me why you don't want to go home?

Ben: I told you, I miss you. I want to stay here because I miss you.

Kevin: You're lying.

Ben: Fine, I'm lying but I'm also staying.

Kevin: Staying where?

Ben: Here. Not here with you, here with the Camdens. Reverend Camden told me if I didn't want to leave I didn't have to. Apparently you're not the boss of me. I'm gonna sleep on the couch.

Kevin: I'll be right back.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Simon: Dad, I don't want to talk about Cecilia, okay? What are you doing here?

Cecilia: Why don't you tell me?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Robbie: I was looking for you.

Kevin: Well, here I am.

Robbie: I know that Lucy doesn't like Roxanne, and I know that you don't want any problems with Lucy, so if Roxanne isn't hanging around the house you know that's better for you. But what's better for me is to date someone that I care about. What's better for me is to be in a relationship with someone that I care about. And Reverend Camden agrees with me. You and Lucy don't get to decide who I can and cannot date.

Kevin: Robbie, I don't know what Reverend Camden told you, but Lucy and I aren't stopping you from dating Roxanne.

Robbie: But you and Lucy won't help me with Roxanne, so I just assumed that...

Kevin: You assumed incorrectly. What you need to do is take some responsibility and be a man. If Roxanne isn't in your life, that's your fault. Not mine, not Lucy's.

Simon: Out of my way, I have to talk to Dad.

Kevin: I have to talk to your dad too.

Simon: Me first.

Kevin: I think I need to go first Simon.

Simon: Dad called this girl that I kind of liked, but I'm just trying to be friends with and invited her over so I could talk to her, but he didn't tell me. So now I have this girl that I kind of like, but I'm just trying to be friends with up in my room.

Robbie: Cecilia? In your room, right now?

Kevin: Okay, you first.

Simon: He's not up there. He's in his office.

Kevin: Then let's go.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Simon: Cecilia is here. No, Cecilia is here. Here as in in my room, here.

Eric: I... I know, I let her in.

Simon: Well did you call her and tell her to come over here?

Eric: Ruthie gave me her number.

Simon: Why would she do that? Why would you do this?

Eric: I was trying to help. I know you like her and... and just thought I'd move things along for you.

Simon: Dad please, my social life is messed up enough. I don't need your help and I don't need Cecilia in my room.

Eric: Then just tell her to leave.

Simon: I did. She said you said I had something important to tell her, and now she won't go anywhere until I tell her what it is.

Eric: So tell her and then she'll go home.

Simon: I have nothing important to tell her!

Eric: You like her, you'd like to date her. That's pretty important.

Kevin: Did you tell Ben that he could move in?

Eric: I told Ben that he could stay as long as he liked.

Kevin: Well I told him he needed to go home. I know my brother and he doesn't want to stay, he wants to hide. He needs to go home and face whatever it is he's hiding from and then get back to work. His life is there, not here.

Eric: I'm sorry. I... I didn't know. I was... just trying to help. I'm available if you and Ben need a moderator. You know someone to help you work through your problems.

Kevin: I don't need counseling. I need Ben to leave, and no offense, I need you to stay out of this. Oh, and did you tell Robbie that Lucy and I can't stop him from dating Roxanne?

Eric: Maybe.

Kevin: Lucy and I aren't stopping Robbie from dating Roxanne. Robbie is stopping Robbie.

Eric: Again just... trying to help.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: What's going on?

Simon: Cecilia is up in my room. It's all Dad's fault.

Kevin: This isn't like your dad. But this is like...

Simon/Kevin: Ruthie.

Lucy: Did a man come here asking for me?

Annie: A man?

Lucy: I'm helping out a friend. He's in the backyard.

Annie: Why is he in the backyard?

Lucy: He doesn't want to come in. He wants me to talk his brother. I'm gonna call him again.

Annie: Call who?

Lucy: His brother, Lenny.

Annie: Whose brother?

Lucy: Maybe that's him.

Annie: Him, who? Are you okay?

Eric: The church doesn't need me, the community doesn't need me, and the kids don't need me messing up their lives.

Annie: I need you.

Eric: We talked about pity, remember. It doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel worse. It makes me feel like I have no control. A week ago I was a man in control. I was a man with a purpose. A man who helped his kids. Now I'm just... a man in the way.

Camden's House - Backyard - Back Porch

Paul: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Paul: Who are you?

Eric: Who are you?

Paul: I asked you first.

Eric: Yes you did.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Kevin: Answer the question, did you or did you not sic your dad on us?

Ruthie: I don't have to answer that. I... I may have pointed him in your direction. What's the big deal?

Simon: Cecilia's in my room.

Ruthie: Do Mom and Dad know?

Simon: Dad invited her because you told him I wanted to talk to her.

Kevin: Look, I'm gonna make this very simple. If you want to make your dad feel needed, then let him solve problems in your life, not ours, okay?

Ruthie: Can I help it if I don't have any problems?

Cecilia: Simon!

Kevin: Ruthie, I know you're trying to help your dad, and trust me we all want to whatever we can to make him feel better, but this isn't it. So please, if you want to give your dad problems to solve, come up with your own and leave the rest of us out of it.

Ruthie: Okay.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I was just in the backyard with your friend Paul.

Lucy: Yeah, Paul needs some help. This is Lenny and Marie, Paul's brother and sister-in-law. Paul lives with them.

Lenny: Can uh we talk to Paul?

Lucy: He wants me to talk to you first. Uh... why don't you wait in my dad's office? It's down there.

Eric: This is wonderful.

Lucy: So, you don't mind?

Eric: Mind? Until Paul and his brother and sister-in-law showed up well... let's just say this has turned my whole day around. Someone needs me. I'm back, Reverend Eric Camden at your service. Thank you Luce. It's the first time in a month I feel like myself again. So tell me what's... what's the problem?

Annie: Eric, Lenny and Marie came here to work something out, but not with you, with Lucy.

Lucy: I know Paul from Pete's and he asked me to help him.

Eric: Oh right, of course. But I could sit in with you, give you some advice. You know after all you haven't done any counseling before and you're a student.

Lucy: I would love your help Dad, but I think I better talk to them alone. I know Paul and I know what's going on and... Paul did ask me.

Eric: Uh if you don't stop pitying me, I'm going to scream.

Annie: You're pitying yourself.

Eric: Yes, I am.

Annie: You're not always going to feel like this.

Eric: But I'm never going to feel like myself again, like the man I was before I had the heart surgery, am I?

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Lenny: Did you say puppets?

Marie: Paul wants to join the circus?

Lucy: No, not a circus, the Famous People Players. They're a black light musical theater company. They have puppets, but it's not just a puppet show. They're big, they're famous, they've been all over the world and they're performing right now in a town right outside Glenoak. I talked to the woman in charge, Diane, and she's fantastic. She has this incredible story of how she's overcome these obstacles and created this theater company.

Lenny: He wants to play with puppets?

Lucy: Not play, perform.

Lenny: I'm not sure if you noticed, but uh Paul's not like other people. He's developmentally challenged. He never finished high school. He just can't run off and join some traveling musical puppet show. I mean it takes everything he has just to get up, get dressed and work at Pete's.

Lucy: Paul has a lot more in him than just working at Pete's. He... he's creative. He's funny. He can do this. I really think he can do this.

Lenny: Don't get us wrong Miss Camden.

Lucy: Lucy.

Lenny: Lucy. I love my brother. I've been looking out for him ever since we were kids. And when my parents died Paul moved in with us. But he can't...

Lucy: Trust me, I really think he can do this. And more than that, he wants to do this. He needs to do this.

Lenny: And what if he can't do it? What then? He'll feel like he's failed, like he can't do anything. We've been there before. Pete's isn't the only job he's had. He's had lots of jobs, and teachers and schools. And each time they failed him, he's the one who feels like a failure. He's the one who gets depressed for weeks. To see him like that, it breaks our heart but it crushes his.

Marie: We're not bad people. We're just trying to protect Paul from getting hurt. And we're doing what's in his best interest and... and what's in his best interest is to... is to stay here with us and... and work at Pete's.

Camden's House - Backyard

Paul: You look sad.

Eric: I am a little sad.

Paul: Why?

Eric: I had to have an operation, and ever since I came home from the hospital I... I just haven't felt like myself. I don't feel needed and no one thinks I'm well enough to do my job even though I know I'm well enough. I guess that's making me feel like less of a man. You look sad too.

Paul: I am. I want to be a Famous People Player.

Eric: Okay.

Paul: I want to work with Diane, not pizza.

Eric: Okay.

Paul: I'm a man.

Eric: I'm a man too.

Paul: I like talking to you.

Eric: I like talking to you too.

Paul: If you want you can be a Famous People Player also.

Eric: Thanks. I don't think that would solve my problems.

Paul: It could be fun.

Eric: Oh Ruthie, uh... this is Paul. Paul, this is Ruthie.

Paul: Hello.

Ruthie: I need to talk to you. I have a problem.

Eric: Maybe you should talk to your mother. I... I haven't been doing so well with problems today.

Paul: Don't give up. You can do it.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Promenade

Roxanne: Hello?

Kevin: Hey, Roxanne, it's me, Kevin.

Roxanne: Hey.

Kevin: Is this a bad time?

Roxanne: No, I just go off duty. I got called in at the last minute to cover the Promenade, someone got sick. What's up?

Kevin: I'm doing something I don't think I should do, but I feel like I have to do.

Roxanne: Are you asking me out?

Kevin: No.

Roxanne: Well it sounds like you're asking me out.

Kevin: I'm not.

Roxanne: You know if you're attracted to me we can't work together. It's a rule, partners can't be partners.

Kevin: I'm not interested in you.

Roxanne: So, why are you calling me?

Kevin: Because Robbie's interested in you.

Roxanne: And you're calling me because Robbie's lost the ability to speak and use his hands, so he's incapacitated and can't call me himself and ask me out. Is that why he didn't call since that night we made out?

Kevin: I shouldn't have called. I don't want to get involved.

Roxanne: Too late. You called me. You're involved.

Kevin: Look, I feel badly. I wanted to do something. I know he likes you but he thinks Lucy's asking me to keep you two apart.

Roxanne: Is she? Is she?

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Cecilia: When I said I wasn't leaving until you told me what was going on, I didn't really think you could sit there and not talk to me for hours. I think I know what's going on. You don't have to be embarrassed.

Simon: I don't?

Cecilia: No. I know you like me. But our relationship is hardly normal. First we made out that night I paid you to help me get back at my boyfriend. And then I told your dad what we did and you got grounded. And now you want to be friends, but you don't know how to make the first move. And I'm guessing that maybe it's a little awkward for you to just be friends with a girl, especially a girl like me, considering our history and all. Simon, I like you, and I wouldn't have done what I did, you know turn you in if I didn't have feelings for you. You're a great friend. And if you want, I'd like us to continue to be friends. I could use a friend. I'm kinda going crazy with Mark. Mark, the football player, Mark. They guy I've been seeing Mark. So? Am I right? Is that what you wanted to tell me?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: How's it going with Paul's brother and sister-in-law?

Lucy: Not great. I thought I'd take a break and fix everyone some tea.


Annie: Hello? Hold on. It's Roxanne, for you.

Lucy: Hello?

Roxanne: Okay what is your problem and who do you think you are?

Lucy: Excuse me?

Roxanne: I said who do you think you are?

Lucy: Did I do something Roxanne?

Roxanne: You know what you did and what you're doing.

Lucy: Okay, can we talk about whatever this is later? I have some...

Roxanne: You don't like me.

Lucy: Maybe.

Roxanne: Tough.

Lucy: What?

Roxanne: I don't care what you think Lucy. I have tried to be friendly and nice, As my partner's girlfriend, I want you to like me and I want us to get along.

Lucy: I'm Kevin's fiancée, not girlfriend.

Roxanne: Do you have a ring? Have you set a date? Or, I don't know, has he even asked you to marry him yet? Okay, here's the deal. If Robbie likes me, it's in your best interest not to get in the way of that. 'Cause let's just say if you get in my business, I'm gonna get in your business. And Lucy...

Lucy: Yes.

Roxanne: You do not want me in your business. Bye now.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Eric: I'm sorry but I, I don't believe you.

Ruthie: It's true.

Eric: If you're telling the truth, and this girl is real and she has a problem, how can I help her if you won't give me her name?

Ruthie: Her name is... Alice Brand.

Eric: Her problem is?

Ruthie: Her parents won't feed her... at all. She's very, very hungry.

Eric: And...?

Ruthie: And they're mean to her. And they say a lot of mean things. And she cries a lot. It's sad. So, can you help? She needs you. Her parents need you. Really. It's a family in crisis.

Eric: To help them I'm gonna have to talk to them.

Ruthie: No, you can't.

Eric: Why?

Ruthie: Because Alice swore me to secrecy, and if her parents find out she's talked to anyone, that wouldn't be good. So can't you just tell me what to say and then I can tell Alice?

Eric: No, it doesn't work that way. If you're... if you're telling the truth I have to do something. I'm bound by law to intervene if I suspect any kind of child abuse. So if what you say is true, you need to let me talk to your friend.

Camden's House - Robbie's Room / Promenade

Roxanne: Hello?

Robbie: Hey, Roxanne, long time, no talk, huh?

Roxanne: Drop dead.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: What are you doing? I thought you were moving in with the Camdens.

Ben: It's kind of weird and busy over there.

Kevin: It's always weird and busy over there. I talked to Mom.

Ben: I know, she called.

Kevin: Why didn't you just tell me what happened?

Ben: It's embarrassing.

Kevin: Yeah, Mom and he boyfriend are still a little shook up.

Ben: They're shook up?

Kevin: Yeah, she's upset, understandably so. What were you thinking?

Ben: I guess I wasn't thinking.

Kevin: No, you weren't thinking, you were with your girlfriend doing... well you know what you were doing with your girlfriend. Bonehead.

Ben: Ow! Mom was supposed to be out of town all weekend.

Kevin: Yeah, but she came back early and found you. And instead of dealing with it, you ran away. I miss you. I just want to spend time with you. You don't miss me, but I'm guessing you miss your girlfriend.

Ben: I can't even look at Mom. What do you think I should do?

Kevin: Move.

Ben: To Glenoak?

Kevin: No, back to Buffalo.

Ben: How will that solve anything?

Kevin: You need to move back to Buffalo and out of Mom's house. It's time. It was different when we both lived at home. But now it's just weird and apparently you need your privacy, a lot of privacy.

Ben: I really do miss you.

Kevin: Well I'm sorry. I'm not coming home anytime soon. I'm going to marry Lucy.

Ben: So you... so you think I can get a flight or...?

Kevin: You're booked on the red-eye. And I called your girlfriend, she's going to pick you up at the airport and I asked her to help you find an apartment.

Ben: I don't need you to live my life for me.

Kevin: Then prove it. Go home, and move out, be a man. A man who doesn't live with his mother.

Eric: Am I interrupting anything?

Ben: Na.

Eric: Kevin I need your help.

Camden's House - Backyard

Marie: Come on Paul, let's go home.

Lenny: Paul, you can't quit your job and join the Famous People Players. You can't be in show business or puppet business. You need to stay here with us.

Paul: That's not what I want to do.

Lenny: No, it's what you should do.

Paul: I'm not a baby, I'm a man. I can take care of myself.

Lenny: Paul, come on.

Lucy: I wish I could do more, but I can't. I'm sorry.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I'm sorry to hear you couldn't get through to Paul's brother and sister-in-law. I like Paul.

Lucy: I'm not giving up.

Eric: Do you need my help?

Lucy: I really need to do this myself. I started it and I need to finish it.

Annie: Finish it?

Lucy: I called Diane, the woman who runs the Famous People Players, and we came up with a plan. Wish me luck.

Annie/Eric: Good luck.

Lucy: Do you like Roxanne?

Robbie: Yeah.

Lucy: Then date her. You have my blessing, not that you need it, but you have it. And with that, you can now officially consider me out of your and Roxanne's love life. Let her know that, would ya?

Eric: You like Roxanne?

Robbie: Yeah, but she hates me. She hung up on me.

Eric: So call her back.

Robbie: What if she hangs up on me?

Eric: I think you're more afraid that she won't hang up. Call her back, take a chance. What?

Annie: That was great. What you said just now, really great.

Eric: Annie...

Annie: I'm doing the pity thing again, aren't I?

Cecilia: Goodbye. Thanks for calling me, Reverend Camden. Simon and I got everything worked out.

Simon: Oh, yeah, thanks. Do you know why I haven't called her? Do you? 'Cause I didn't want to see her. You know why I didn't want to see her? Because I'm in love with her and I don't want to be in love with her because I think she's in love with someone else. So I figured out of sight out of mind, you know. Eventually I'd just forget about her. But no, you had to go call her and now she wants to be my best friend. So I just spent the last two hours listening to her talk about this jerk that she's dating! You know why? Because I'm her new best friend. Thanks. You know now I'm more tortured than I was before. I guess next week I'm gonna have to give her a perm.

Eric: A perm?

Simon: Yeah, isn't that what girlfriends do? This is all your fault.

Eric: What's he talking about, all your fault?

Annie: I'll get it.

Camden's House - Foyer

Roxanne: Kevin asked me to take the cruiser over and check out the situation for you. This is Alice Brand, Reverend, and her parents. And I think we need to speak with Ruthie.

Camden's House - Driveway

Robbie: I thought you wanted to stay.

Ben: Yeah, I did, but what I need to do is go home.

Kevin: And...?

Ben: I need to go home and get my own place.

Robbie: Hey, I'm sorry for earlier, you know Roxanne... You were right, the only person stopping me from dating her is me. It's true, I'm chicken. Well Mary broke my heart and Joy broke my heart, I just don't know how much heart I have left to break.

Kevin: You'll never know unless you get back out there. Look, I probably shouldn't have done this, because I don't want to get involved in Roxanne's love life...

Robbie: Shouldn't have done what?

Kevin: I called her and tried to put in a good word for you.

Robbie: Why'd you do that?

Kevin: Because I felt sorry for you. I know what it feels like to be tortured and in love. Good luck.

Camden's House - Living Room

Alice: Hi, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Hi, Alice.

Alice: I got to ride in the back of a police car.

Mr. Brand: So did I.

Mrs. Brand: We feed our daughter and we don't appreciate you having your father send the police after us.

Eric: Why did you make up this story about Alice being abused, not being fed, when clearly that's not the case? I think you owe us all an explanation!

Ruthie: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

Mrs. Brand: Help who?

Ruthie: My dad.

Eric: What?

Ruthie: I'm sorry. I was just trying to make you feel needed.

Mr. Brand: This sounds like a family problem. Yours, not ours. Apology accepted, we'll just uh be on our way.

Alice: Can you turn the sirens on this time?

Roxanne: We'll see. Go ahead and wait in the car, I'll be right out. There's something I need to take care of. Okay, where's Robbie?

Camden's House - Backyard

Robbie: Boy am I glad to see you. Oh... uh...

Roxanne: You make out with me, then don't call me for weeks, over a month, then you get Kevin to call and plead your case. Hey, if I mean so much to you, why didn't you just pick up the phone and call? I don't like being toyed with, played with, or talked about behind my back. I'm not going to lie to you. I like you, but I date men, real men. Men who aren't afraid and who get other people to fight their battles for them. So when you decide to be a man, call me. I might just call you back.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: I'm so sorry. I didn't want to involve Alice. I didn't think you'd actually send the police over to her house. I was just trying to help.

Eric: Go on.

Ruthie: I thought if you thought that you helped someone, you'd feel better, be happy. I tried to get you to help Simon and Kevin and Ben and Robbie, but that didn't work too well. So I made up a person with a problem, then you made me give you a name and I panicked. And said the first person I could think of. Alice is a friend.

Eric: Why did you want to make me feel needed? You can go upstairs.

Ruthie: I'm sorry.

Eric: I know. I'm not angry at you. What did you do?

Annie: I told the kids you were a little low and I thought you might feel better if... if... if you felt more needed. I was only trying to help.

Eric: But you hurt. I told you, no pity. I'm a man and I need to feel like a man, not a man who's being pitied. It's not your fault. You didn't give me a bad heart, which forced me to have open-heart surgery, which changed everything in my life and made me feel like less of a man. No, it's not your fault.

Annie: Whose fault is it?

Eric: God's.

Lenny and Marie's House

Lenny: Allright, you've convinced us that the Famous People Players is a legitimate theater company and there are kids like Paul who can perform and do all the work and that's great. But I'm sorry. I know Paul. I know my brother can't do what we just saw on that tape.

Paul: That's me that's on that tape... as a Famous People Player.

Diane: That was a show we did a couple of nights ago. Paul joined the company last week.

Marie: A couple of night ago? L... last week? Ho... how did you get there?

Paul: I snuck out of the house and got the bus.

Marie: You took the bus to another town?

Paul: That's not all I did.

Lenny: What else did you do Paul?

Paul: I quit my job at Pete's. I'm not a child, I'm a man. And a man can do what he likes to do. I want to be a Famous People Player, and I'm going with Diane tomorrow.

Diane: I don't know how you're feeling right now, but I think I know how Paul's feeling, because I've been there. People said to me all my life I couldn't, when I knew that I could. When I started the Famous People Players back in 1974 people were skeptical. The parents of the children who joined me were skeptical. Everyone was skeptical. Because it was hard to believe in what I was trying to do. Create a black light puppet theater company with developmentally challenged performers. But I did it. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I know the other people in the company feel the same way I do. There were a lot of people who thought that people who were developmentally challenged performing with puppets was akin to a freak show, but it's not a freak show. It's a place that offers a chance, a chance for people like Paul who don't get a whole lot of chances or encouragement. It's also a place about dreams and making those dreams come true. And I'm not talking about dreams about performing or being in show business. I'm talking about dreams about being independent and self sufficient and self-reliant. Free. Free to be who and whatever they want to be. Not because someone tells them what they have to be, because of who they are. I don't usually go into towns where we're performing, hire people to be in the show. But I got to tell ya, Paul's passion for the work we do and the passion for performing... well I'd be honored to have him be in the Famous People Players. Of course the decisions of whether he joins or not is for you a family to make. I just hope you give Paul a chance. He deserves it.

Marie: I'm just so nervous and... and scared.

Paul: So am I, but I love to do this.

Lenny: I... I guess I only have one question. Can you get us some free tickets?

Paul: Perhaps.

Lenny: Rewind that tape. I want to see my brother again. My brother, the performer. You're terrific.

Paul: Thank you.

Lucy: I didn't do anything.

Paul: You believed in me.

Lenny: You're terrific. 

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