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#712 : Galop d'essai

Chandler aide Cheryl dans sa relation avec son petit ami. Chandler et Roxanne sortent ensemble. Roxanne est devenue amie avec Cheryl. Eric accepte à contre coeur de voir un psy pour apaiser Annie qui ne sait plus quoi faire de lui. Simon est heureux quand il apprend que le père de Cecilia accepte qu'ils se revoient mais il ne comprend pas qu'elle fasse tout pour l'éviter. Roxanne se pose des questions quand elle voit que Chandler conseille une jeune femme très jolie. Ruthie est choquée d'apprendre que sa nouvelle amie Katelyn est atteinte de mucoviscidose. 


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Titre VO
Back in the saddle again

Titre VF
Galop d'essai

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Tony Mordente 

Avec : Brad Maule (George), Barret Swatek (Cheryl) 

Guests :

  • Matt Lutz ..... Bob
  • Ryan McTavish ..... Joe
  • David Piel ..... Docteur Bob Gibson
  • Katelyn Salmont ..... Katelyn
  • Randy Salmont ..... Randy

Riding Stable

Katelyn: You know, its called horseback riding for a reason. You're supposed to be on the back of a horse riding it.

Ruthie: Very funny.

Katelyn: I'm Katelyn. What's the problem?

Ruthie: I fell off okay.

Katelyn: Poor horse. Ed must feel terrible. Get back on. What's your name?

Ruthie: Ruthie.

Katelyn: Get back on the horse Ruthie.

Ruthie: I don't feel like getting back on the horse, okay?

Katelyn: You can't put him up when he's depressed like that. Come on, we'll ride together.

Ruthie: I hurt my leg. I don't feel like it. I'm tired. I've been up since six and I've got homework.

Katelyn: We won't be gone that long. I promise.

Ruthie: But my brother's picking me up and...

Katelyn: You won't regret it.

Simon: I was getting worried about you. It's late. You've never done this before. It's after dark.

Ruthie: Don't ruin it. I've just had the best day of my life.

Simon: Well okay, but still we have to go home.

Katelyn: I'm Katelyn. You must be Simon. Nice to meet you. Ruthie, I'll put up Ed. You guys take off.

Ruthie: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Katelyn: No problem.

Simon: Best day of your life?

Ruthie: I fell off Ed.

Simon: Are you hurt?

Ruthie: I thought I was but then I just got back in the saddle and things just got better and better. You should try calling Cecilia again.

Simon: I... I... think her dad made it absolutely clear I shouldn't. And what does that have to do with anything?

Ruthie: Katelyn says you have your good days and your bad days. And when you have a bad day you just get back in the saddle again. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. And she was right. I was really scared and angry and... now... now I feel great. I met the challenge. I overcame the obstacle. I jumped over the hurdle. I did it. And now I'm free. That was what that ride was all about, obtaining my personal freedom by facing my fears. Wow, that was an awesome ride.

Simon: You're not kidding are you? You really did have the best day of your life. Good for you.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Uh... you can let go of me. I'll... I'll come back home after my session. I promise.

Annie: Well if... if you speak of me, speak kindly.

Eric: Is there any doubt?

Annie: Yes.

Eric: I'll be back.

Annie: Woa, you look nice.

Lucy: I have to. We're going out with Chandler and Roxanne.

Annie: Aren't you happy she has a boyfriend?

Lucy: Kind of. But I still feel like I have to look my very best when I'm around Roxanne.

Annie: Life is not a competition Lucy. But if it were, you would be a winner.

Lucy: That was incredibly insincere.

Annie: I know, I'm tired. And you already know how special you are without my having to remind you every time Roxanne is around. Don't make me do it anymore. Get over it.

Lucy: Allright, allright. So... Dad...

Annie: Yep. He... he just left.

Lucy: Why are you looking at me like that? I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I might consider getting help myself.

Annie: I wasn't thinking that.

Lucy: That was incredibly insincere too.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Hello?

Cheryl: Hi. I'm looking for Reverend Camden.

Chandler: Uh Reverend Camden has taken some time off. Is there anything I can do for you?

Cheryl: I'm Cheryl. I'm a friend of the family's. Well obviously not too close of a friend because I just found out that Reverend Camden had heart surgery. But when I drove by I saw the car outside and the lights on, so I thought maybe he was back.

Chandler: No, not yet. But I'll be happy to take a message. Um... I'm the associate pastor. I'm just helping out.

Cheryl: I didn't know there was an associate pastor.

Chandler: Yeah, I'm new. The church brought me on while the Reverend's recuperating.

Cheryl: Well they certainly did a good job of recruiting.

Roxanne: What does that mean Blondie? Well?

Cheryl: I just meant... I mean... He looks like a nice associate minister. Did I break some kind of law?

Kevin: No, and I apologize for my partner. We shouldn't have barged in like this.

Cheryl: No, I'm the one who barged in. I just wanted to see if Reverend Camden was here. Thanks, and good luck with your new job.

Chandler: I'll tell Reverend Camden you stopped by.

Cheryl: No, really. What I wanted to talk to him about can wait. Good night.

Kevin: Maybe I'll just meet you at the house.

Roxanne: Who was she... and what were you doing alone with her in this office at this time of night?

Chandler: It's seven thirty. I was going to pick you up at the Camden's at eight.

Roxanne: Is this what you do all day, hang out with needy women in church basements?

Chandler: Is there something about the way that I was relating to that woman that seemed inappropriate to you?

Roxanne: Just answer the question.

Chandler: What's going on Roxanne?

Roxanne: You tell me. I've been looking forward to going out with you all day. I show up and you're flirting with some other woman.

Chandler: Uh... I wasn't flirting and I've been looking forward to going out with you all day too.

Roxanne: Well I don't fell like going out anymore.

Chandler: I admit the night isn't getting off to the best start. Uh maybe you and I should just go some place and talk just the two of us. We can go out with Kevin and... and Luce another night... when you like me better.

Roxanne: You think this is funny? I said I don't want to go out with you anymore. Um... I don't have a car. Can you... give me a ride to the Camden's?

Chandler: Of course. Of course. I can even give you a ride home, meet your dad. Look, whatever I did, I'm sorry.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Is Roxanne changing up in your apartment?

Kevin: Roxanne is down at the church fighting with Chandler.

Lucy: Really?

Kevin: It's nothing serious.

Lucy: What happened?

Kevin: I'm not sure. We walked in the office and Chandler was talking to someone and...

Lucy: What someone?

Kevin: Someone blonde.

Lucy: Can you give me a description?

Kevin: Female Caucasian, early twenties.

Lucy: Pretty? Sexy? What kind of clothes was she wearing?

Kevin: A shirt and pants.

Lucy: Great. Why was she there?

Kevin: I think she was there to see your dad. Chandler said he'd let him know she dropped by.

Lucy: Are you sure she wasn't a brunette, later thirties?

Kevin: I'm sure.

Roxanne: I need a ride home. Now Kinkirk.

Chandler: Can I come in?

Lucy: I got it! Cheryl. Is that who was at my dad's office?

Chandler: Oh... I... you know when somebody comes by your father's office I just assume it's for counseling. Since that's a confidential matter I... really don't think it's a good idea to reveal their identity.

Lucy: It's Robbie's old girlfriend that Matt went out with. We got to know her when she thought she was pregnant with Robbie's baby.

Chandler: I don't really need to know all that, do I?

Lucy: Everybody else does. Would you just come in?

Camden's House - Living Room

Kevin: You're being unreasonable. You shouldn't just run off without talking to Chandler.

Roxanne: I hate this. I hate feeling so vulnerable. I can't do it. I can't. I should only go out with men I don't really care about.

Kevin: Roxanne, take a deep breath, relax.

Roxanne: Relax? I just made an idiot of myself and I'm supposed to relax?

Kevin: Tell him its PMS.

Roxanne: What?

Kevin: He won't want to talk about it and you can just pretend it never happened.

Roxanne: Okay, one... I can't believe you just said PMS to me. And two, I don't think that nature is an excuse for acts of aggression or jealousy or insanity. I hate myself right now. But not as much as I hate him for making me hate myself.

Chandler: Can we talk?

Kevin: PMS.

Chandler: Oh... I didn't realize you weren't uh... feeling like yourself.

Roxanne: I'm fine and he's an idiot.

Chandler: Okay. Well, since we're defining who we are, let me just add to that. I'm a minister. And part of my job is seeing people that need help. And you just happened to walk into my office when somebody I don't even know came in for some help, not even from me but from Reverend Camden. But even if she were there to see me, I wouldn't be cheating on you. I'd just be doing what I do. And just so you know, I'm a fairly monogamous guy.

Roxanne: What does fairly monogamous mean?

Chandler: Just... that you and I are just getting to know each other, you know and... right now this phase of our relationship the boundaries are unclear because their undefined and... I don't know why I said fairly monogamous.

Roxanne: Feeling guilty for flirting with Blondie?

Chandler: No, I'm not feeling guilty because I wasn't flirting with anybody. Feeling a little ridiculous?

Roxanne: I was... and then I realized that I'm going out with a guy who openly admits to being "fairly monogamous".

Chandler: Oh... Fairly monogamous.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Roxanne: If you don't want to take me home, maybe Lucy can take me home.

Kevin: I think that's a good idea.

Lucy: I thought we were going out?

Kevin: I think it's more important for you to talk to Roxanne. Could you wait outside? Lucy'll be right there. It's a great opportunity for you and Roxanne to bond. I think she was reaching out to you. Really.

Lucy: What?

Simon: I can take Roxanne home.

Ruthie: She's too old for you. Try calling Cecilia's parents again. You can do it. You can and you will. And when you do you're going to feel great.

Lucy: What's with you?

Simon: She fell off of a horse and she got back on again.

Ruthie: You keep saying you've tried to be friends with Roxanne. Come on, try again. Get back in the saddle my friend. You'll be glad you did.

Dr. Gibson's Office

Dr. Gibson: So, to summarize... You live through a double by-pass. You're married to a woman who you're madly in love with. And you have seven healthy children.

Eric: And despite that I'm having a hard time feeling grateful.

Dr. Gibson: Oh... because you're angry at God because of your bad heart. And he is also to blame for your having to share your work with a younger minister.

Eric: Oh yeah, something like that.

Dr. Gibson: Well boo-hoo. What man your age isn't facing the same thing? What man your age doesn't have to worry about some guy half his age coming along and taking over? Duh! It happens. If it hadn't happened now, it would have happened later. So get over it! And stop thinking you're any different than anyone else. And especially stop thinking you're worse off than anyone else, 'cause you are not.

Eric: Oh it's not as if I think I'm special.

Dr. Gibson: Good. 'Cause you're not! Look, times up. What don't you just go back to work? Be grateful you have a family and a job. And... and get back to church before it's too late and you lose your job altogether.

Camden's House - Hallway

Annie: Hey, how was your night?

Eric: It wasn't what I was expecting. This therapist I went to see wasn't exactly... sympathetic.

Annie: Well if you want sympathy, I can give you sympathy.

Eric: No, maybe what I need is to... find another career.

Annie: Uh maybe what you need is to find another therapist.

Eric: I did what you asked. I went to see someone and it didn't work. Okay?

Annie: Well I... I didn't ask you to see someone. I asked you to get some help and you obviously didn't get any help so maybe you should see someone else, someone who will help you.

Eric: Someone who will not only help me, but someone who will make me do what you want me to do and that's not going to happen. I tried doing what you wanted me to do and now I'm gonna try something else.

Annie: Oh...

Simon: I tried calling Cecilia on her cellphone, but evidently she changed her number without telling me. So I tried calling her dad and he just hung up on me.

Annie: Oh Simon, the right young woman will come along at the right time.

Simon: No offense Mom, but I think Cecilia may be the right woman and that was kind of insincere.

Annie: I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I'm just tired of saying the same things over and over again. You and Cecilia did take things too fast and now you're paying for it. But you know your both young, you both have plenty of time to see other people and maybe some day her father will let you see Cecilia again.

Simon: That really wasn't any better. You've said that to me before too.

Annie: Yeah, I thought so.

Camden's House - Porch

Lucy: Maybe Chandler's just not the guy for you.

Roxanne: Maybe Kevin's just not the guy for you.

Lucy: What I meant was that if the nature of Chandler's work is something that bothers you then why tie yourself to a relationship where you're constantly upset about his counseling women because he's always going to be counseling women. It's part of the job.

Roxanne: You know something Lucy? You annoy me. You're not comfortable with the nature of Kevin's job. You're constantly upset about him having to ride around in a car with me all day. And that's not going to change and yet you're not going to break up with him. You're going to marry him.

Lucy: You have been going out with Chandler for one week. One week. Kevin and I have been going out for almost a year.

Roxanne: Oh so you've got too much time invested in the relationship to break with him.

Lucy: No, I love him.

Roxanne: Well maybe I love Chandler.

Lucy: Well if you love Chandler then get back in there and make up with Chandler!

Roxanne: I can't make up with Chandler, that's the problem! I can't. In order to make up with Chandler I'd have to admit that I'm jealous and I am not jealous!!

Lucy: Then what are you?

Roxanne: Oh my God... I'm you.

Lucy: What?

Roxanne: I'm a crazy woman with no self-esteem. I'm you. Please, it's an emergency. Give me a ride home.

Simon: Sure.

Camden's House - Living Room

Lucy: She left.

Kevin: What happened?

Lucy: She thinks she's me. And in thinking that she's me horrifies her, so... she left.

Chandler: I'll just say what I should have said an hour ago... good night.

Lucy: I tried.

Kevin: How hard did you try?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Chandler: I was just leaving. Good night.

Annie: Good night.

Chandler: Are you okay?

Annie: Um hm... just have a little headache.

Chandler: Can I ask you a question? Confidentially?

Annie: Sure. I've kept a lot of secrets in my day, ask away.

Chandler: Did you ever get jealous of Eric and one of the women he was trying to counsel?

Annie: Why do you ask?

Chandler: Well... I've only been going out with Roxanne for a week and tonight she suddenly surprised me when she got jealous of this woman who stopped in to say hello to your husband.

Annie: What woman? Brunette? Well built? Wearing something low-cut? I thought it was odd that Serena hasn't called or stopped by since Eric's surgery. She was just waiting until he got back to work and I thought we were friends. Of course we are friends. Uh... uh... I mean that. I mean Serena's a won... wonderful woman. Just wonderful.

Chandler: Uh no, this was a blonde. A young woman. And her name wasn't Serena. But uh... thanks. I think you answered my question. Good night.

Kevin: I'm going home. Evidently Roxanne's turned into Lucy and if I'm going to deal with Lucyness in my life twenty four hours a day, I'm gonna need my rest. Do you have any advice?

Annie: I'll be frank. I don't care to give you any advice or anyone else. Everyone's starting to get on my nerves asking for advice and then never taking it. Why even ask?

Camden's House - Backyard

Chandler: How do you do it?

Kevin: Do what?

Chandler: Have a career and a relationship at the same time. I don't know whether it's me or my chosen profession but... I can't seem to make the two work together.

Kevin: You think it's easier being a cop and being in a relationship with Lucy?

Chandler: Definitely not, which is why I was asking you how you do it. Now I... I want Roxanne. I mean I... I want to be in a relationship with Roxanne you know. The grown-up professional peace officer Roxanne that tried to seduce me last Sunday. Where... what happened to that woman?

Kevin: I told you.

Chandler: I'm not buying that.

Kevin: Then you're going to have to find her and have one of those discussions with her that's going to make your brain bleed half way into it because it's not going to make any sense. All she's going to tell you is that she feels like an idiot for acting like an idiot and doesn't want to be in a position to be an idiot ever again. And the simple solution would be for her to just not act that way ever again. But if you get into it with her she's going to want you to change her behavior by changing the way you behave and that's dangerous territory.

Chandler: Domestic counseling?

Kevin: Yeah. I find that the academy pretty much trained me for life, especially life with Lucy. She may seem difficult to most people, but after a day on my job she's a piece of cake.

Chandler: Did you and Roxanne may have had a difficult day at work today and could that be why she overreacted?

Kevin: I don't think you're getting it. There is no reason. There is no logic. It is what it is. It's nuts. And the only way out of it is to blame it on something that's completely out of her control. Give her an excuse. A free pass to be nuts.

Chandler: PMS?

High School - Hallway

Simon: Cecilia? Cecilia are you here? Is your dad here?

Cecilia: Why are you yelling?

Simon: Well I didn't want to scare you. I haven't turned my keys in yet so I let myself in.

Cecilia: What do you want? And it better be worth getting in trouble for because I'm going to be in trouble when my dad finds out you came here to see me.

Simon: Well you've been avoiding me at school. I can't call you since you changed your number, thanks a lot. I had to see you. I love you Cecilia.

Cecilia: I love you too. But that doesn't matter. We made a really stupid mistake by telling our parents we wanted to... I can't even say it.

Simon: You know I've been thinking about that and... it might have been stupid but it wasn't nearly as stupid as what we might have done. We're not ready to have sex and if talking to our parents kept us from making a mistake, then fine. But I have to see you again.

Cecilia: Simon, you tried talking to my dad last week and that got you nowhere. I hate to see you treated like that. So why don't you just leave us alone for a while?

Simon: I can't.

George: Well you better! Keys?

Simon: Look any guy that goes out with your daughter is eventually gonna... well they're at least going to want to... Every guy is going to be just like me but a lot less honest.

George: Well maybe she just shouldn't go out at all.

Cecilia: Thanks a lot. Would it ever occur to you to just trust me?

George: It occurred to me. And then I remembered that you two came to me just one week ago and acutally admitted you were thinking about things you shouldn't be thinking about.

Simon: Well could we see each other under your supervision? I can sit in your living room with you and Cecilia and your wife?

Cecilia: Excuse me? Do I have a say in this, because I think that's a really bad idea?

George: Well there's your answer. No.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: But I was just with her this afternoon. Oh, I didn't know. I guess I could. Would she want to see me? Okay, I'll ask my dad. Thanks. Good night. I met this girl Katelyn today. She made me get back on Ed after I fell off. We went for a ride and it was amazing. She was amazing. It was the best day of my life. Really, it was. Well best day of my life outside of my family. And Katelyn seemed fine. But I called today to say thanks and her mom told me she had something called CF, and that she went to the hospital tonight and she'd be out in a couple of days. What's CF?

Eric: Uh that's uh Cystic Fibrosis, Ruthie. It's a disease that mainly affects the lungs and the digestive system.

Ruthie: What would they be doing to Katelyn in the hospital? How can they cure it?

Eric: Uh... well... they don't actually cure it, but there's been some real progress toward treating it.

Ruthie: There's no cure?

Eric: No known cure. But the research is continuing and you never know when someone will discover a cure. Until then the doctors and researchers are finding better and better ways to help people live with CF.

Ruthie: How long can a person live with it?

Eric: The average is probably somewhere around thirty. But that means some people with CF live beyond thirty. And besides you know people aren't numbers. People aren't statistics. People are wonderfully unpredictable and amazingly adaptive.

Ruthie: I had no idea Katelyn could be living with something so serious. I mean she's such a happy person. Really, you should see her.

Eric: Sometimes facing an illness makes you grateful for all the moments when you're not ill. You want to go see her tomorrow? I'll take you.

Ruthie: I don't know if I should go. I don't know if I can be around her without feeling sad. I'm afraid.

Eric: Afraid of? You're afraid you can't see her or talk to her without crying?

Ruthie: Exactly. What if I see her and feel bad for her and cry? It would just make her feel bad.

Eric: Well you know I'm against playing what if. What if this happens? What if that happens? Uh... what is is all we can deal with. And what is is... you had the best day of your life with a friend whose living with Cystic fibrosis. She was there for you and now she's in the hospital and when people we care about are in the hospital and they're open to having visitors we go see them. We life their moods. We do whatever needs doing.

Ruthie: Can I ask her about it? Is it okay to talk to her about this CF and how she feels?

Eric: I suggest you take your cues from Katelyn. You know approach her in a way that makes her know that you'd like to know about CF 'cause you'd like to be her friend. You might say something like uh... "Katelyn, I hope you don't mind that your mom told me that you have CF and I asked my dad to tell me what he knows about it. I had a great day yesterday and I want to be a friend to you the way you were a friend to me. And I want you to know that you can tell me anything from how you feel about living with CF to you don't care to talk about it".

Ruthie: You're really good at what you do. It's too bad you don't want to do it anymore.

Camden's House - Eric's Office / Glenoak Community Hospital

Eric: I just wanted to make sure it was okay for me to bring Ruthie by.

Katelyn's dad: I think that's a great idea. Katelyn really hit it off with Ruthie. She has a lot of friends but... sometimes it's easier to talk with strangers. You must know that being a minister and all, right?

Eric: Uh... yeah of course.

Katelyn's dad: It's not that she minds talking about her situation, it's just that it's awkward to bring it up with a girl she hangs out with because it's been left unsaid for so long. It's not necessarily bad either. It's nice for Katelyn to have a place in her life where CF has no part.

Eric: How is Katelyn doing today?

Katelyn's dad: She's doing fine. She had a little infection and we thought it'd get taken care of more quickly with the antibiotics from an IV. She's walking around here somewhere, dragging her IV and cheering up the sick folks. She should be out tomorrow and back at the barn.

Eric: Uh according to Ruthie, Katelyn's quite the uh horsewoman.

Katelyn's dad: Yeah she is. She's a steeplechase jockey, you know. A darn good one. She's downright fearless.

Eric: So she's been riding for a while I take it?

Katelyn's dad: She's always loved horses. I think it that she has such a large presence my Katelyn that she needs something larger than us mere humans to hang on to. But being a man of God you probably understand that too.

Eric: Uh... we'll see you later then.

Katelyn's dad: Sure, thanks.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Annie: Hey, where you scheduling another appointment with the therapist?

Eric: Uh, no I was talking to Katelyn's dad.

Annie: How is she?

Eric: She's okay for the moment.

Annie: Oh good, I'm glad. Are you scheduling another appointment with the therapist?

Eric: I'll think about it.

Annie: Don't just think about it honey. Do it.

Police Station

Kevin: I can help you with the paperwork.

Roxanne: No thanks. I need to finish up our reports. I want to stay busy.

Kevin: Take a break and give the guy a call.

Roxanne: What guy?

Kevin: Don't go all girlie on me, okay?

Roxanne: What does that mean?

Kevin: You want in a relationship. Well guess what sweetie? A relationship is hard work. It doesn't just happen. Make it happen. And make it happen before we get in the car again because I'm not going out with you tomorrow unless you have your personal problems taken care of. Call him.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Chandler Hampton.

Roxanne: It's Roxanne.

Chandler: Well hello Officer. Glad you called. I've been thinking about you. How about we go out for some dinner tonight?

Roxanne: Dinner sounds great.

Chandler: Good. I'll pick you up at seven thirty.

Roxanne: Uh...are we just going to ignore that you're uh... fairly monogamous?

Chandler: I hope so. Are we just going to ignore that you're fairly Lucy?

Roxanne: I hope so. It was pretty weird, huh?

Chandler: I thought we were going to ignore it.

Cheryl: Hello?

Chandler: Oh...

Roxanne: She's back?

Chandler: Uh... yes.

Roxanne: Did you know she was coming back?

Chandler: No.

Roxanne: Are you thinking I care?

Chandler: Maybe.

Roxanne: Well I do care... about you... about me, about us. Is she still there?

Chandler: Yes.

Roxanne: Well I'll let you go so you can talk to her.

Chandler: Allright. I'll see you tonight at seven thirty.

High School

Guy: What about Saturday?

Cecilia: Saturday night I have plans. Can I have a raincheck?

Guy: You can have whatever you want.

Simon's friend: Hey, uh Camden? Isn't that your girl who just walked by with another guy?

Simon: Look, she's not mine. I don't own her. Okay? She's not an object. She's a person with her own mind. I can't tell her what to do or who to go out with.

Simon's friend: So, you guys did break up? Uh... do you mind... do you mind if I ask her out 'cause she's hot? I mean... guys are going to ask her out. It might as well be me, right?

Simon: Yeah, it might as well.

Police Station

Kevin: Are you ready to leave?

Roxanne: Yeah. And thanks for the advice. Chandler and I are going out tonight.

Kevin: Good. So we're back on?

Roxanne: What?

Kevin: We didn't go out last night, so the four of us are going to try it again tonight, right?

Roxanne: No because frankly Lucy's contagious.

Kevin: You're not going to try and blame what happened last night on Lucy, are you?

Roxanne: Why not?

Kevin: Because one, it's not right to blame it on Lucy. And two, I'm not giving up on the two of you becoming friends. I want you to be friends.

Roxanne: It doesn't have to be tonight, does it?

Kevin: Why not tonight?

Roxanne: Because I want to be alone with Chandler.

Kevin: It's your second date. You don't need to be alone.

Roxanne: Not tonight Kinkirk. Another night.

Kevin: Just think about it. Please?

Camden's House - Kitchen

David: Happy.

Simon: Hi.

Annie: How was your day?

Simon: Like you care.

Annie: No, I care. It's just that usually I ask you and you mumble, “fine,” on your way upstairs. So, you day was?

Simon: It was bad enough that Cecilia couldn't go out with me. Now she won't go out with me and she's going out with other guys again.

Annie: You mean she'd rather go out on real dates then sit in her living room with her parents and you? Simon, you're only fifteen. You have plenty of time to get back with Cecilia. In the meantime just get back out there and start dating again. You don't need to be so serious about one girl at your age.

Simon: I should have just said, "fine". My day was fine.

David: Sixteen. Simon, he's sixteen.

Annie: Right, thanks.

Lucy: I just talked to Kevin. Roxanne and Chandler are going out tonight without us.

Annie: Well you don't really want to go out with them, do you?

Lucy: Well, no but they canceled on us last night and ruined our evening so they kind of owe us.

Annie: No they don't.

Lucy: Well how am I supposed to be friends with her if she doesn't want to be around me?

Annie: I don't think you're going to be friends with her.

Lucy: Where's dad?

Annie: Why? You think he'll be more sympathetic to your situation?

Lucy: He can't be less sympathetic.

Annie: You want him to tell you that you and Roxanne will be friends when that just might never happen?

Lucy: It might not, but it's not because of me.

Annie: Well your father and Ruthie went to see her friend Katelyn who's in the hospital because she has Cystic Fibrosis.

Lucy: Oh, I didn't know.

Annie: Yeah. Oh, will you watch the boys? I'll get it.

Camden's House - Foyer

Dr. Gibson: Oh, hi. I'm Dr. Gibson. I met with your husband last night.

Annie: Oh Eric's not home, but please come in.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Katelyn: I'll be back. Ride like the wind. This is so great. I love having visitors. How are you?

Ruthie: I'm fine.

Katelyn: Did you ride Ed today?

Ruthie: I thought I'd give him a break today and go tomorrow.

Katelyn: Perfect. I'll meet you there tomorrow.

Ruthie: So you'll be able to ride tomorrow?

Katelyn: Sure. Riding is good for me, good for my lungs.

Ruthie: I was surprised to hear about your having CF. My dad told me a little about it, but I'd like to know more. Oh really, I'd like to know more about you. I just don't want to pry. I mean we just met and everything, and we don't have to talk about anything you don't want to talk about. But I'm a pretty good listener if you want to try me.

Katelyn: I have good days and bad days with my CF. Some days are tough and the medical treatments are a pain in the butt. But you know what? I hang through those days just so I can enjoy the good days. I have plenty of good days.

Katelyn's dad: She was symptomatic from birth. She had a lot of lung infections and poor weight gain but she wasn't diagnosed until age two. We just have to be diligent with the meds and even then we get these occasional trips to the hospital.

Eric: What do you... How are you?

Katelyn: When I first found out... I had a lot of numbness right here. And when the numbness wore off, I had extreme pain. My heart broke in a million pieces. But over time the pieces got put back together again. I'm stronger than ever. I realized I don't have time for pity and she doesn't want it. So I spend my days being grateful for the opportunity to know such an inspiring young woman. Look at her. Isn't she great?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Sometimes I get so tired of everyone complaining that I can hardly respond.

Dr. Gibson: Oh you should spend a day at my office. I think every third patient is nothing but lazy. Uh... uh... not your husband of course.

Annie: I don't know what I'm going to do with him.

Dr. Gibson: Oh, he's going to be fine. It's me I'm worried about.

Ruthie: You didn't try and make your turkey meatloaf again, did you?

Annie: Yes I did, and it's even worse than the last time. Ruthie, this is a friend of your dad's. We should let the guys talk.

Eric: Was this Annie's idea?

Dr. Gibson: Na, I came over to apologize. Look, I'm really sorry about last night but, just before you walked into my office I got my divorce papers to sign and... well I wasn't feeling too sympathetic towards anyone.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Dr. Gibson: About my divorce? Or... or this meatloaf? Ha, ha, ha, ha... Ha, sorry, sorry. Please, look, listen... we should sit down and talk again and this time I'm sure I can help you out.

Eric: You know maybe...

Pete's Pizza

Kevin: The funniest part of the movie was when you got carded.

Lucy: Like I don't look eighteen? I'm sorry about Roxanne and me. But truthfully, maybe she's just one of those women who has a hard time making friends with other women.

Kevin: Or maybe not.

Roxanne(on answering machine): Hi, it's Roxanne. Chandler and I changed our minds. Why don't you and Lucy join us at Pete's for dinner? We're bringing a lot that Cheryl woman who was in his office and her boyfriend. You don't have to call. Just show up. Please? I want to tell Lucy I'm sorry about last night.

Lucy: Okay, I'll give it a shot, again. Hi guys.

Kevin: How's it going? How are you guys?

Chandler: How you doing?

Roxanne: Hi.

Lucy: Hi you doing?

Camden's House - Foyer

Simon: Okay, I'm coming.

George: I think we need to strike a deal.

Simon: Really? What happened?

George: I met Cecilia's date. Now look, you don't try to do anything stupid with her again and I'll give you your job back.

Simon: You're going to let me date Cecilia again?

George: Well that's up to Cecilia. But if you want to scrub toilets with her while you try to win her back...

Simon: Uh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Uh...

George: You know you're not such a bad kid, and you do a nice job with the toilets.

Simon: You... you won't regret this.

George: See that I don't.

Ruthie: How's life?

Simon: Sweet. Very sweet.

Ruthie: You fall down, you get back up again.

Simon: So are you going to ride tomorrow?

Ruthie: You bet.

Simon: And if Katelyn's not there?

Ruthie: I'm riding with her in spirit.

Riding Stable

Ruthie: I guess it's just you and me Ed.

Katelyn: Hey, I thought you'd never get here. Let's go. Let's ride. It's a beautiful day. 

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