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#713 : Une thérapie efficace

Annie aimerait bien savoir comment se passe la thérapie d'Eric, mais elle panique quand le psychologue l'invite à participer à une scéance. Lucy cherche une excuse pour ne pas être juré, alors qu'elle a été convoquée. Cela rend Kevin furieux. Chandler révèle à Roxanne l'étendue de ses sentiments, après qu'elle ait été poignardée au travail. Ruthie pense qu'à force de se disputer, ses parents vont divorcer. 


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Titre VO
It's not always about you

Titre VF
Une thérapie efficace

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Roxanne (attaqué), Kevin & Chandler (VO)

Roxanne (attaqué), Kevin & Chandler (VO)


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Écrit par : Lawrence H. Levy
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Matthew Linville (Jimmy Moon), Brad Maule (George) 

Guests :

  • Sondra Currie ..... Juge Lanzo
  • Jackée Harry ..... Madame Beane
  • David Piel ..... Docteur Bob Gibson
  • Louis Archie Shackles ..... Bailiff
  • John Valdetero ..... Docteur

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: What do you have planned for day?

Eric: I was just thinking about maybe a little of this... and then a little of that. And before you know it I'll have my session with Dr. Gibson.

Annie: How are those going?

Eric: Fine.

Annie: You think you're making progress?

Eric: I just... it's hard to say. You know progress is so relative.

Annie: What does that mean?

Eric: It means I appreciate your concern. I know it comes out of your love for me but don't worry.

Annie: I... I don't mean to pry, I know your sessions are private. But I just wanted to get an idea as to when things might be returning to normal around here.

Eric: You mean normal like my going back to work?

Annie: Well that... that's... that's certainly part of it, you know. I guess I'm still not used to your hanging around the house all day like Ossie Nelson.

Eric: Uh, relax. Everything's fine.

Simon: I'm running late.

Annie: I heard you talking on the phone last night with Cecilia. How's that going?

Simon: Fine.

Annie: Fine? Fine tells me nothing. Fine is incredibly non-descript.

Simon: You're right Mom. See ya.

Lucy: I have a lot to do today. I was summoned for jury duty and I have to go down to the courthouse to get excused, which should be easy 'cause I'm a student. Then I have a full day of classes and then I have dinner with Kevin and I'm going to tell him how I am going to make a really big effort to bury any jealousy I have of Roxanne and be friends with her.

Annie: So, you're not fine?

Lucy: No.

Annie: Did I ever tell you how much I love you?


Lucy: Excuse me? Where is the jury duty office? Thank you. Where do I go for jury duty? Oh, thanks.

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Lucy: Excuse me. I was called for jury duty, but I'm a student and...

Ms. Beane: Fill out this excuse form then place it in that basket and your name will be called.

Lucy: How do you think it's going to be?

Ms. Beane: Oh, a while.

Lucy: But I'm a student. My next class starts in about a half-hour and...

Ms. Beane: A student, huh? What's your major?

Lucy: I'm going to be a minister like my father.

Ms. Beane: Ooo, that's great. Congratulations.

Lucy: So, do you think you can give me my student excuse and I'll be on my way?

Ms. Beane: I can't do that.

Lucy: But surely my case is a little special, my being a student and all?

Ms. Beane: Special? How many students are here?

Lucy: Point taken.

High School - Hallway

Simon: Cecilia? Hey, things turned out great, huh? Your dad no longer wants to kill me and we can see each other again.

Cecilia: Yeah, my dad told me he gave you permission to see me.

Simon: So, smile. Be happy, I'm happy.

Cecilia: I find it hard to be happy about my dad being involved in every aspect of my life.

Simon: But in this case it's a good thing. Boy, we were dumb, weren't we?

Cecilia: I have to go. If I'm late for Mr. Deborow's class one more time he'll have a cow.

Simon: I understand. So, I'll see you at work later... around four? We're working here today, right?

Cecilia: Right.

Police Station

Roxanne: Are you and Lucy having sex? Should I repeat the question?

Kevin: No. Never.

Roxanne: Come on Kinkirk, don't be such a prude.

Kevin: I'm not a prude. I just believe that what the woman I love and I do together or don't do together is private.

Roxanne: You're a prude.

Kevin: Okay, I'm a prude.

Roxanne: Well you're my partner Kinkirk. You've got to help me out here.

Kevin: I don't see how divulging details about my private life will help you out.

Roxanne: This dating a minister is a whole new thing for me. And I'm not sure I can last through a relationship with someone I care about without being intimate. And since Lucy is studying to be a minister I thought I'd ask you and get it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Kevin: Getting it from the horse's mouth would be asking Chandler how he feels about this, not me.

Roxanne: You think I wouldn't rather talk to Chandler than talk to you? He's a slippery guy. He keeps evading the issue. I mean he's sexy and cute and one hell of a kisser but slippery.

Kevin: Do I need to know this?

Roxanne: Look, I care for Chandler. And I can see a future there. I just need to make sure I'm able to make it to that future. Understand?

Kevin: All I can say is people's feelings about sex are private, individual, even when it comes to ministers.

Roxanne: That's why I have to find out from Chandler.

Kevin: Right.

Roxanne: Thanks Kinkirk, you're a big help.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Annie: See, we built a great truck. It goes fast, huh guys?

Sam: Not so fast.

David: Not so great.

Eric: Uh, I... I'm leaving for my appointment with Dr. Gibson.

Annie: Fine.

Eric: What's wrong?

Annie: Nothing. Everything is fine.

Eric: But...?

Annie: No buts, I'm fine. You're fine. Everyone in this house is fine.

Sam: I'm fine.

David: Me too. I'm fine too.

Annie: See.

Eric: I... I can't tell you what goes in on therapy sessions. You know that's privileged.

Annie: Privileged for the doctor, not for the patient. The patient can tell anyone, even their spouse. It's not that I want to know much. I don't. But I... I would like to somehow be included. Know where our lives are going.

Ruthie: Hello.

Annie: Hey, how was your day?

Ruthie: Fine.

Annie: See? More fine. This family couldn't be finer.

Eric: Uh, we'll talk about this when I get back. Okay?

Annie: Fine.

Eric: Somehow I knew that was going to be the answer.

Ruthie: Why do I get the feeling I missed all the good stuff?

Sam: Good stuff.

David: Real good stuff.

Annie: Come here.

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Ms. Beane: Lucy Camden?

Lucy: Are you calling me?

Ms. Beane: If your name is Lucy Camden, I am. Your request to be excused from jury duty has been denied.

Lucy: There must be some mistake. I'm a student. I have classes. I have tests, papers to write.

Ms. Beane: Being a student in itself is no excuse. You would have to prove that it would be an extreme hardship for you to serve.

Lucy: It will be en extreme hardship. I... I'll miss l classes, fall behind, not make grades. And before you know it, I'm kicked out and all my dreams are cursed just because I couldn't get excused from jury duty! If that's not an extreme hardship, I don't know what is.

Ms. Beane: Nice try. Don't worry. We'll give you a note to give to your teachers.

Lucy: But? But?

Ms. Beane: There is one option. If you really feel you can't miss any classes, you can postpone your jury until the summer.

Lucy: I plan to go to school during the summer. And I also plan to help pay for school by getting a job.

Ms. Beane: Christmas week is open. There's no school then.

Lucy: I can't possibly serve during Christmas week. It's Christmas. Christmas is big at my house.

Ms. Beane: That's right. House of Ministers.

Lucy: So you see, it would be an extreme hardship for me to serve.

Ms. Beane: I'm sorry. Looks like you're just gonna have to let go and let God.

Lucy: I don't think that applies here.

Ms. Beane: I stand corrected. Time to bite the bullet.

Lucy: That's much more like it.

Dr. Gibson's Office

Dr. Gibson: So, how are we feeling?

Eric: Better and better. I feel like I'm getting stronger every day.

Dr. Gibson: Good, wish I could say that and I didn't have a by-pass operation.

Eric: Well you know it's... it's these exercises they make you do. You know you just have to work exercise into your daily routine.

Dr. Gibson: Oh, I find it a lot easier to work a donut into my daily routine. So, what about the other stuff?

Eric: Other stuff?

Dr. Gibson: Well do you think you're coming closer to making any decisions?

Eric: Uh, yeah the other stuff. Like... what am I going to do for the rest of my life?

Dr. Gibson: Yeah, well let's just start with the next few weeks.

Eric: Look, stop trying to make it easier. Don't you see I like wallowing?

Dr. Gibson: Well you're not going to find any sympathy here. 'Cause when it comes to wallowing, you got nothing on me.

Eric: How you dealing with the divorce?

Dr. Gibson: Oh, I... I felt the final decree would give me some closure, but we seem to have more problems now then when we were married.

Eric: That's not unusual. You have a family together that you both have to deal with. And divorce doesn't fix the problems. It's surrender.

Dr. Gibson: Well and you're right. And... and yet it... You're doing it again Eric.

Eric: Doing what?

Dr. Gibson: Oh, you know what. Taking over the session. Avoidance. This is about you, not me.

Eric: But this is about me and this is what I've done for years. This is who I am. Now have... have you tried counseling?

Dr. Gibson: Uh... we did try marriage counseling before the divorce and it failed. So I don't think it would work now that we're divorced.

Eric: Now that's where you're mistaken. I... I know several couples who've actually had much more success with counseling after divorce, then before. Uh... because the legal issues have already been resolved so they... they were now free to get into the... the real issues, the life issues.

Dr. Gibson: Well I... I see your point and yet... Would you please stop doing this?

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Lucy: I just went to the restroom for five minutes. Where is everyone?

Ms. Beane: Well it's over. The last jury pool was just chosen.

Lucy: So, I'm finished?

Ms. Beane: You are.

Lucy: Well that was certainly easy.

Ms. Beane: See you tomorrow.

Lucy: Tomorrow? No, no, no, no, no, no. There has to be some mistake. I was here all day. I just left to go to the restroom. I had to go to the restroom. I've been afraid to go all day because I was afraid that my name would be called and that I would miss it! And now... my name was called and I missed it so I have to come back again tomorrow?

Ms. Beane: Not much fun, is it?

Lucy: No! So... so that's why they should give someone else a chance to come here tomorrow instead of me.

Ms. Beane: If you weren't chosen as part of a jury pool, you have to come back until you are.

Lucy: But I was chosen, I just wasn't here.

Ms. Beane: That's the chance you take.

Lucy: That's not fair!

Ms. Beane: Life's not fair.

Lucy: So... so I can just be sitting in here for the rest of my life waiting to be chosen?

Ms. Beane: We have you for one trial. If you're dismissed by the judge or the prosecutor or the defense attorney, then you can leave. If not, you serve on the jury.

Lucy: So basically you own me.

Ms. Beane: If that's how you want to look at it.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Simon: Cecilia's father finally agreed to let me see her, and now she's acting weird.

Kevin: Weird like a sixteen-year old asking his girlfriend's father if they can have sex? That kind of weird?

Simon: Give me a break. Okay? Cecilia's father gave me a break.

Kevin: If I was Cecilia's father there'd be no way you'd get a break. I wouldn't let you go anywhere near my daughter.

Simon: Well maybe he said something to her that... that I don't know about. Something like... she could go out with me but she shouldn't go out with me.

Kevin: I have no idea what Cecilia's father may have said to her. But all you need to worry about is what you've said to her.

Simon: You know I bet that's it.

Camden's House - Dining Room

Eric: I'm sorry about what happened earlier but you... maybe you should come to my next session with Dr. Gibson.

Annie: No, you're missing the point. I don't want to eavesdrop on your therapy sessions. I just... I want you to stop shutting me out and start talking to me about whatever you're talking about in therapy!

Eric: I understand. I... I really do. But I'd still like you to come.

Annie: No, I don't want to interfere with your work there.

Eric: Dr. Gibson asked if you would come.

Annie: He what? Oh, what did you tell him about me?

Eric: Oh... oh, no don't go there.

Annie: Where?

Eric: Where you're going. I didn't say anything that bad about you.

Annie: That bad?!

Eric: Oh I'm sorry. Poor choice of words. You... you have nothing to worry about.

Annie: Then why can't you tell me what you said about me?

Eric: Because what I said is between me and my therapist.

Annie: Not if it's about me, it's not!

Eric: Yes, even when it's about you!

Annie: Look, I'm not going to walk into that office and be blind-sided, so just tell me what you said so I can be prepared!

Eric: Gee, that kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?

Annie: Oh...

Eric: Why don't we discuss this later?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Is therapy always this emotional?

Annie: You know how I feel about eavesdropping.

Ruthie: I wasn't eavesdropping. You guys were yelling... or almost yelling.

Annie: We were, weren't we? Almost yelling.

Ruthie: Yes. And if you ask me it's worse than yelling.

Annie: I'm sorry. Sometimes your dad and I argue, but it... Wait. He's my husband and I'm angry with him. I... I can be angry with my own husband. It's perfectly acceptable by anybody's standards.

Ruthie: Yes, but maybe you should go to the therapy session with dad anyway.

Annie: Why is that?

Ruthie: Because ever since the operation, dad's been acting kind of weird and... who knows what kind of bizarre decisions he'll make on his own.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Lucy: You don't even want to know what I went through today.

Kevin: Yet, I have a feeling I'm about to find out.

Lucy: It was awful. I couldn't get excused from jury duty. I was held captive.

Kevin: At gunpoint?

Lucy: Practically, and not funny. Then after I left jury duty I had to rush over to school, pick up notes from my classes and then go to see my professors. One was there. I had to wait for another and leave a note for a third.

Kevin: So, let's eat.

Lucy: That's all you have to say?

Kevin: What do you want me to say?

Lucy: Something more than "let's eat". I had a terrible day and I expect at least a little sympathy from the man who loves me.

Kevin: Why do you want to get excused from jury duty?

Lucy: For the obvious reasons, I'm really busy and it's a real inconvenience. Let somebody else who's not as busy do it.

Kevin: I believe in the judicial system or I wouldn't have become a policeman.

Lucy: I realize that.

Kevin: I know it's not perfect, but in order for it to work the best everyone has to do their part. What if everyone felt like you did?

Lucy: Everyone doesn't.

Kevin: Too many people do. And they're the first to complain when criminals get off.

Lucy: Are you blaming me for the failures in the judicial system?

Kevin: Think of the judicial system as a car. If all cylinders are functioning, well it runs great. If not, it's still runs but not as well.

Lucy: You're talking to me as if I'm a grease stain on the halls of justice.

Kevin: I'm just talking to you about the judicial system.

Lucy: It sounded personal.

Kevin: You know let's just forget about going out to dinner.

Lucy: What happened to "let's eat"?

Kevin: I still want to eat. I just don't feel like eating with your right now.

High School - Hallway

Simon: Hey, I missed you at work yesterday.

Cecilia: Someone didn't show up at one of the other schools so I had to cover for them. My dad and I aren't getting along so I couldn't exactly protest.

Simon: Well, do you want to talk about it?

Cecilia: No. I'll see you at work.

Outside Police Station

Chandler: Bye.

Roxanne: Bye.

Kevin: It looks like you got your answer.

Roxanne: What answer?

Kevin: About how ministers, one in particular minister feels about premarital sex.

Roxanne: What are you implying?

Kevin: That evidently Chandler has no problem with it, even though he's a minister.

Roxanne: Well aren't we judgmental. Chandler suggested we go to breakfast and then he drive me to work so we could spend more time together. He's really thoughtful and romantic. Unlike you Kinkirk, who obviously has nothing but sex on the brain.

Kevin: Me? What about you?

Roxanne: Me? Well I've learned there's more to relationships than sex. Wipe that smile off your face.

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Ms. Beane: For those of you who were late yesterday, I'll soon be showing a video on jury duty and how performing it is everyone's civic duty. And thank you Mark Burman for your suggestion to show the Godfather trilogy instead. I'll look into it. Anyway for those of you who weren't processed yesterday, I want to inform you that you may be on a trial that might take a few weeks. As soon as they're ready in the courtroom you'll be taken down as a group and questioned on your ability to serve.

Lucy: I can't be on a jury for a few weeks. I have midterms.

Ms. Beane: Excuse the cliché', but tell it to the judge. Maybe he'll excuse you.

Lucy: Maybe? Only maybe?

Ms. Beane: It's totally up to the judge.

Lucy: What if my boyfriend is a police officer?

Ms. Beane: I... I have seen cases where people have been excused because they were involved with a police officer or police work, but... it can go either way. Sometimes DA's like jurors who are sympathetic to the police.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Ruthie: Hi.

Eric: Hi. How was school?

Ruthie: Okay. Are you preparing for your next therapy session with Dr. Gibson?

Eric: Uh... I'm not. I... just I had an idea for another book and I just wanted to write it down before I forgot it.

Ruthie: How do people prepare for therapy sessions?

Eric: Well you don't really have to prepare, but some people do. And the more work you put into it the more you get out of it. And why do you ask?

Ruthie: I can help you with the session that includes mom. She is going, right?

Eric: I don't know.

Ruthie: And why does your therapist want to see her?

Eric: Well it's between Dr. Gibson, your mom and me.

Ruthie: And why doesn't he invite the rest of the family? We all have issues.

Eric: Issues? All of you?

Ruthie: I think you should ask him. I could go any day after school.

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Ms. Beane: They're still talking.

Lucy: Well will you check again and make sure?

Ms. Beane: I'm sure. Even if they don't make a decision today about whether to try the case or take a plea, you still have to come back again tomorrow.

High School - Hallway

Cecilia: You better get back to work or my dad is going to be really angry with you.

Simon: I will. But first I want to know what's going on.

Cecilia: What do you mean?

Simon: You know what I mean. We always worked side by side before.

Cecilia: Did we? I don't remember.

Simon: Why are you avoiding me? Just tell me. Let's talk about it, whatever it is.

Cecilia: Just let it alone, okay? We don't have to talk about everything.

Simon: Is this about your dad? Did he say something? Well, what? I don't understand what the problem is? We have permission to... to be with each other. It's what we wanted, isn't it?

Cecilia: We? You don't get it do you?

Simon: No.

Cecilia: This isn't about you, or you and my dad. So just go away, will you?


Roxanne: Tell me you're okay not having a physical relationship with Lucy?

Kevin: I wouldn't go anywhere near Lucy right now, even if we were having sex because I'm angry with her.

Roxanne: About jury duty? You'd give all that up because she doesn't want to be a juror?

Kevin: No. Because Lucy can't just be oblivious to who I am. I mean why else would we be putting our lives on the line everyday if we didn't think the bad guys were going to be put in prison?

Roxanne: Okay, but you can't expect everyone to feel the way we do about it.

Kevin: I expect the woman I'm going to marry to feel the same way about it.

Roxanne: Excuse me sir? Ow!

Kevin: Drop it! Drop it!

Roxanne: Ah...

Kevin: Face down! Face down! Officer down. I need an ambulance.

Roxanne: I'm okay.

Dispatcher: All units, EMT needed. Officer down, alley on 3rd and Washington.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Emergency Room

Doctor: That's more than just a flesh wound. You lost a lot of blood. I'd like you to stay overnight.

Roxanne: Oh I don't see any need for that.

Kevin: Listen to him, he's the doctor. He knows what he's talking about.

Roxanne: I'm fine, and I hate hospitals.

Chandler: Are you okay? I just got a call from Detective Michaels.

Roxanne: I'm fine. It was just a couple of stitches.

Chandler: Thank God.

Doctor: It's more than just a couple of stitches.

Roxanne: He wants me to stay overnight.

Chandler: Well that's a good idea. I... I'll stay with you too. Make sure everything's allright. Keep you company.

Roxanne: Thanks. Maybe I should stay.

Doctor: Good. I'll call a nurse and make arrangements for a room.

Kevin: I'll leave her with you Chandler. Thanks.

Roxanne: Hold my hand.

Chandler: You're sexy even when you're wounded you know that.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Corridor

Lucy: I just got your message. How's Roxanne?

Kevin: She's okay. I didn't mean for you to come here. I just wanted to let you know where I was and now I'm leaving.

Lucy: How is she?

Kevin: She's fine.

Lucy: How did it happen?

Kevin: We were checking on this homeless man in the alley. We were talking about you and we probably weren't paying close enough attention.

Lucy: You're not going to blame this on me, are you?

Kevin: No, I'm not. This isn't about you Lucy. No everything's about you.

Camden's House - Foyer

Annie: I... I'm still not looking forward to going. And... and I'm still not certain why Dr. Gibson wants me there.

Eric: 'Cause he wants you there. He didn't tell me why he wants you there, but he wants you there. Ruthie told me that everyone in this family has issues with me. Are... are you aware of that?

Annie: That she told you, no. But I'm not surprised if they do.

Eric: You're not?

Annie: No. The person hanging around inside your body since the operation is not the husband I know, nor is it the father that the kids have known.

Eric: Is that so?

Annie: Yeah. We're used to an Eric Camden who is decisive. You know who takes charge. Not someone who sits around contemplating his navel all day.

Eric: Contemplating my navel?

Annie: Well you might as well be.

Eric: I think this is about something else.

Annie: You do?

Eric: I think you're upset because I'm not jumping when you pull the strings.

Annie: You can't mean that.

Eric: Why not?

Annie: Because that's ridiculous.

Eric: Lately if it's not your way, it's no way. Maybe it's not even lately.

Annie: You know what? I just changed my mind. I'm not going.

Eric: You can't just cancel at the last minute!

Annie: Oh yes I can.

Eric: Okay, I'm going alone! All by myself. Just me.

High School - Hallway

George: Uh see if you can do something about that pipe under the sink. Now I know we don't do plumbing, but it looks like an easy fix.

Simon: I'm sorry for bothering you, but I need to talk to you about Cecilia.

George: I don't think so Simon.

Simon: Well please, just hear me out. I get the feeling that even though you'll let Cecilia go out with me again that she really doesn't think you approve of me.

George: What makes you think this has anything to do with me at all?

Simon: Well, since she didn't have a problem with me before.

George: You are some piece of work kid. You're still acting like whatever happened between you and Cecilia was nothing.

Simon: Uh no, not nothing. Certainly not nothing, but...

George: But? But what? Now look, I know my daughter. And I don't think this has anything to do with me. I think it has to do with her feelings about what happened between the two of you. Now maybe she's scared that since she agreed to certain things with you before that she'll be faced with the decision again. Or maybe she's even afraid she'll be pressured to make a decision.

Simon: I didn't pressure her. I would never pressure her. And besides we both agreed that we don't want to do that. Well... I want to but... I know for sure that we're not ready.

George: And what does that mean? You're just gonna go back with her and wait till she gets ready? This is not about me or you Simon. This is about Cecilia and how she feels.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hospital Room

Chandler: I've been thinking. I really love being with you, and... I would like to take our relationship to that next step.

Roxanne: What next step? What, you mean...?

Chandler: You just got stabbed and you're still thinking about sex?

Roxanne: Well I'm a police officer and I'm a woman... well...

Chandler: Well not that next step. And maybe it's too soon, but it's just that... I would like to continue dating you with the idea of marrying you someday. Is that okay with you?

Roxanne: I'm not on some painkiller that will make me hallucinate, am I?

Chandler: No.

Roxanne: Well are you?

Chandler: No.

Roxanne: Say it again.

Chandler: I would like to continue dating you with the intentions of marrying you some day.

Roxanne: One more time.

Chandler: Would you just tell me if it's okay with you?

Roxanne: It's okay with me. I just love hearing it. One more time please?

Chandler: No.

Roxanne: You know you're really good at saying no to me.

Chandler: It's not easy.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Kevin: I'm not upset with you. I'm upset with myself. I was so annoyed with you and your attitude about jury duty, that I became distracted and unfocused at work. But it's my fault. You didn't cause anything.

Lucy: But how can my hating jury duty upset you that much?

Kevin: I'm going for a walk.

Lucy: Can I go with you?

Kevin: I don't think so. If I spend anymore time with you right now I may say something that I'll regret.

Lucy: Like what?

Kevin: Like there are some things that I don't like about you, and I'm just going to have to accept those things... if I can.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Ben's Apartment

Ruthie: Hello?

Ben: Hi Ruthie, it's Ben. How is everyone?

Ruthie: Mom and Dad are fighting all the time. Dad was crazy, now Mom's crazy. It's spreading.

Ben: Calm down. Everyone gets crazy sometime.

Ruthie: Dad asked Mom to go to his therapy session and she refused.

Ben: Really? Therapy like... marriage counseling?

Ruthie: Yes, like that.

Ben: Look Ruthie, any couple even people as great as your parents can grow apart, have problems, get divorced.

Ruthie: My parents can't get divorced you big ape! I won't let them! Eavesdropping?

Annie: Yes Ruthie. Your father and I would never get divorced.

Ruthie: How do you know? You won't even go to therapy with him. Maybe he'll decide without you and he's not making great decisions right now. This isn't just about you, it's about our whole family.

Courthouse - Jury Duty Office

Ms. Beane: Good news. It looks like there will be a trial, room 1411, right across the hall. I hope that the trial doesn't go on for months and that they sequester the jury.

Lucy: That would be awful.

Ms. Beane: I agree, especially for all the other jurors who would be locked up with you.


Bailiff: All rise. You may be seated.

Judge: Welcome to my courtroom. I'm Judge Lanzo. And my first question for you is, "Do any of you know the defendant"?

Lucy: That's Jimmy Moon, my high school boyfriend.

High School - Hallway

Simon: Hi.

Cecilia: Oh, hi.

Simon: No, no, no, please. Just give me a second to talk to you. I know I upset you. I don't want to do that anymore.

Cecilia: What do you want?

Simon: I've been thinking a lot about myself and what I've been going through in the past few weeks.

Cecilia: You don't have to tell me that.

Simon: But I should have been thinking about you. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Cecilia: Good. 'Cause you've been a big jerk. You never once asked me how I was feeling about anything that happened between us or anything that didn't happen.

Simon: So, how do you feel?

Cecilia: I feel angry that you didn't ask me how I felt about going out again before you and my father just made my decision for me.

Simon: So, we can talk about that and when you want to go out again, we'll go out. What I miss the most about not being with you is your friendship. I don't even want to lose you as a friend even if you never date me again.

Cecilia: Okay. I'll date you, but definitely not exclusively. I need to see other people. And if I feel even once that you're putting pressure on me to be intimate, we're done.

Simon: I understand. I need to earn your trust to get that back.

Cecilia: Speaking of trust, I'm not comfortable with you're going out with anyone else. I mean after what we went through and all, I'd always think you're going out with other women for... you know.

Simon: You don't have to worry about that. You're the only woman I want to see even if I'm not the only guy that you want to see.

Cecilia: Great. Then we have a deal. I got to get to class.

Simon: Yeah, me too. Cecilia... it's great to see you smiling again. What did I just agree to?

Jury Duty Office

Lucy: I'd like to volunteer to be put on another trial.

Ms. Beane: What happened to the trial you were on?

Lucy: I was excused because I knew the defendant.

Ms. Beane: Oh well, then you're finished. You just served.

Lucy: I didn't really serve.

Ms. Beane: You did. Serving is showing up and being part of the process. You've been processed. You're free to go.

Lucy: I don't want to go. I didn't think my participation as a juror was important. But now that I saw an old friend on trial I realized how important it really is for everyone to participate. Everybody's somebody's friend or relative and we want them to get the best trial possible. So will you put me on another trial?

Ms. Beane: Congratulations on your civic awakening. You can exercise your new-found conscienceness next year or whenever it is you're called again. God willing I'll be on vacation that week.

Dr. Gibson's Office

Dr. Gibson: Annie, I'm glad you could make it. I asked you to come because I realized that Eric was avoiding talking to you as well as me. So, if Mohammed won't go to the mountain...

Annie: Is that true? You avoiding talking to me?

Eric: Yes I'm... I guess I am.

Annie: What do you want to tell me?

Eric: Are you sure you want to hear this Annie?

Annie: No, but... maybe I need to know.

Eric: I resent your lack of support in my changing careers.

Annie: I'm sorry. I... I didn't think you wanted to change careers, not deep down inside.

Eric: But on some level, I did. And I still do, maybe. And you just dismissed that.

Annie: Okay, what else?

Eric: I resent that you forced me into therapy.

Annie: Again, I'm sorry. I uh... I really thought you wanted a way back into the church but that you... you didn't know how to get there. And I knew that the longer you stayed away, the... the harder it would be to get back.

Eric: I know that.

Annie: You sure you don't want to go back?

Eric: You see? She's just... dismisses anything she doesn't want to hear. It's been like this... for months. She... she doesn't hear anything I'm saying.

Annie: I do. I hear you. It's just that... I've loved you for more than half of my life. I know you. Just tell me that you are absolutely certain that you're giving up the ministry because it is no longer your calling. Just tell me that you no longer have a passion for it. Just tell me right here and right now... that when you're listening to Lucy give that sermon, that beautiful sermon... that you didn't want to go back in that church, your church and begin again.

Dr. Gibson: Now we're getting somewhere.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Lucy: When I saw Jimmy in court I understood what you were saying about jury duty. It was really unnerving to see him there.

Kevin: People make unfortunate choices in life and there are consequences.

Lucy: I just wish there was a way that I could go back tomorrow and serve again.

Kevin: This isn't about you. It's about the judicial system, and the system worked.

Lucy: The system worked to keep me from serving as a juror?

Kevin: You knew the defendant so you weren't allowed to serve because you'd be prejudiced. Next time you're called you won't know the defendant and you can serve. Unless of course you know a lot of felons that I don't know about.

Lucy: I'm sorry for having been such a... bad citizen.

Kevin: I don't think you're a bad citizen.

Lucy: Isn't that the thing you don't like about me?

Kevin: I'm sorry I said that. I love you.

Lucy: I love you too. But sometimes I think I can get a little self-absorbed.

Kevin: No, you think? I'm going to tell you something you're eventually going to find out anyway.

Lucy: That sounds ominous.

Kevin: Chandler has made a commitment to Roxanne. It's not an engagement or anything... but they're not dating with the thought of marriage in their future.

Lucy: You're right. That's not an engagement. That's nothing like an engagement. But if Roxanne and Chandler get married before we do, you're a dead man and you won't have to get me a jury. I'll proudly plead guilty.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: I can't wait. I've been craving strawberry shortcake for days.

Annie: I wonder if you should eat it. You know, your health?

Eric: I don't care. All the food on my diet tastes like straw. We could share a piece. Huh?

Ruthie: Just give me the bad news. Are you going to join all my friends' parents and get divorced?

Eric: Divorced? Where did you get that idea?

Ruthie: Ben.

Annie: I called him, and he promised not to have any further conversations with our children without sharing his ideas with me first. Therapy can help people when they want the help.

Eric: She's talking about me. I want the help and I'm going to get the help. I'm even going to help myself. I'm going to have my cake and eat it too. 

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