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#803 : Nouvelle orientation

Comme Annie n'est pas là, Eric est seul pour accompagner Simon à sa visite au bureau de l'éducation pour parler du fait qu'il obtienne son diplôme plus tôt. Pendant la réunion, Simon sympathise avec son conseiller, Maynard, quand ils réalisent qu'ils sont tous deux fils de pasteurs. Lucy surprend Chandler en train d'embrasser une belle jeune femme blonde à l'église et elle se demande bien si elle devrait le dire ou pas à Roxanne. Le patron de Kevin, l'inspecteur Michaels, lui demande de faire le baby-sitter pour sa petite fille de 6 ans. Peter fait un pacte avec celui qui embête Ruthie à l'école, afin de la protéger. Cecilia accepte de garder les jumeaux, mais cela provoque une confrontation avec Simon.


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Titre VO
Preacher's kid

Titre VF
Nouvelle orientation

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Simon (David Gallagher) et l'éducateur

Simon (David Gallagher) et l'éducateur

Simon (David Gallagher) et l'éducateur

Simon (David Gallagher) et l'éducateur

Eric, Simon, Sam et david dans le bureau de l'éducateur

Eric, Simon, Sam et david dans le bureau de l'éducateur

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sam et david  joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Sam et david joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Sam et david  joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Sam et david joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Alan Fudge (Lou Dalton), Christopher Michael (Detective Michaels), David Gallagher (Simon Camden) 

Guests :

  • Richard Alan Brown ..... Adolescent
  • Melissa Cunningham ..... Michelle
  • Dana Daurey ..... Copine de Chandler
  • Anthony DeFrancesco ..... Commis
  • Bradley James ..... Policier
  • Britany Lapham ..... Linda
  • Cirroc Lofton ..... Conseiller de l'école
  • Jamia Simone Nash ..... Haley Michaels
  • Stefan Ray ..... Hippo
  • Doug Sinclair ..... Officier de police 

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Your mother had to go to grandpa's house. So we... have two whole days together. She'll be back in two days. Just two days.

David: So not today?

Sam: And not tomorrow?

Eric: The next day. But we're going to have fun. I'm going to take you to work with me. Hello?

Annie: Hi. I just wanted to let you know I got here. Let me talk to the boys.

Eric: Why don't we call you later?

Annie: Why?

Eric: The boys are fine.

Sam/David: Mommy!!

Annie: Put them on, please.

David: Come home.

Sam: Now.

Annie: Mommy is only going to be gone for two days. While I'm away you and daddy are going to have a lot of fun.

Sam: We don't like Daddy in the daytime.

David: We don't want him.

Eric: What? Come on. You want me. You love me. I'm Daddy... and I'm fun.

David: He's going to make us go to work with him.

Sam: We're too young to work.

Annie: Well of course you are. But... but maybe you can help Daddy with his work like you help me. You guys are really good at helping.

Sam/David: Okay.

Eric: Hi.

Annie: You can't take a day off just to play with the boys?

Eric: No. so I thought I'd just take them with me. They'll... they'll be fine. Don't worry.

Annie: Don't worry?

Eric: Annie, they just got up they'll be fine.

Annie: Well what about our other son, Simon, where is he?

Eric: Well we have an appointment with a counselor at the Board of Education.

Annie: Is that today? I forgot. I completely forgot! I'll come back!

Eric: To go to the Board of Education? No. Come on they're only going to confirm what I already told them. There's no way he can jump from high school to college this fall.

Annie: But still I don't want any decisions about Simon's education to be made without me.

Eric: Well I don't want any decisions to be made without me either.

Annie: You're there and I'm not.

Eric: We're not going to make any decisions. We're just going to get some information. Please don't worry.

Annie: Okay. I won't worry.

Eric: I love you.

Annie: I love you.

Camden's House

Eric: Come on. Simon you ready to go?

Simon: I'm ready.

Eric: Okay, let's go.

Simon: Are they going with us?

Sam: Yes.

David: It'll be fun.

Eric: I'm sure they're used to having children at the Department of Education.

Simon: I can go by myself.

Eric: I think I should be there.

Simon: Dad I can ask them what my options are for a high school diploma.

Eric: I know. But I want to hear what you're options are so I can help you make a good decisions.

Simon: But it's my decision, right?

Eric: I think that basically it's your decision but your mother and I do want you to consider our opinions and advice.

Simon: So my life's a family decision?

Sam: Do we get to vote?

Simon: No and neither should he. I know you. You've already researched the options. You're just going to go in there and talk this guy into whatever you and mom want instead of what I want.

David: Is this the fun part?

Police Station

Michaels: Kinkirk, how's it going?

Kevin: It's going well thanks. How's it going with you?

Michaels: Well it was going fine until my baby sitter canceled. It's my anniversary. I wanted to surprise my wife and take her out for a nice dinner tonight. Problem is... I don't want to take our six year old daughter with us.

Kevin: I didn't know you had a daughter.

Michaels: She's actually our granddaughter. But she lives with us. Our son is in law school in Tennessee. My granddaughter is as cute as a button. What have you and Lucy got planned for tonight?

Kevin: Lucy and Roxanne are going out tonight.

Michael: And that leaves you home alone tonight right? I'm really in a bind here.

Kevin: Do you really think I'm the best person to baby-sit?

Michaels: We'll be by about seven.

Cop: Sucker.

Junior High School - Hallway

Linda: So I hear you had a rough summer.

Ruthie: Yeah. What about it?

Linda: Your brother ran over a guy? I hear he didn't get arrested cuase your brother-in-law is a cop.

Ruthie: He didn't get arrested because it was an accident, it wasn't his fault. Not that it's any of your business.

Hippo: What's the problem?

Linda: Nothing. I was just trying to be nice to Ruthie since she doesn't have any friends.

Hippo: Preacher's kids never have any friends. They're losers. So your brother figures he doesn't have to obey the law. He answers to a... higher authority.

Ruthie: Let's go.

Peter: What's wrong? Did they say something to you about Simon?

Ruthie: It wasn't just about Simon. It was practically about the whole family. But... just forget it.

Peter: No. I'm not going to just forget it.

Ruthie: Please... don't make it worse. If you say something to him it's just going to cause a big scene.

Peter: How about I don't say anything, I just punch him?

Ruthie: That's not the way to handle this.

Peter: What is?

Ruthie: Just... ignore it.

Peter: If you ignore all these jerks it's just going to get worse.

Ruthie: It's certainly not going to get any better if you hit someone.

Peter: It'll get better for me. Have you told your parents that everyone in school is talking about Simon?

Ruthie: I can take it, okay? My parents have enough to worry about what with Simon and Mary and Grandpa. They don't' need me to have a problem too.

Peter: They may not need you to have a problem but you have a problem.

Ruthie: I have to go to class.

Peter: I'm sorry about all this, honey. You're a coward you know that? Why don't you pick on a man instead of Ruthie?

Hippo: You mean pick on you as in fight you?

Linda: Yeah you, you want him to fight you?

Peter: That's right. But after you beat me up and you will, you shut up about Simon Camden. And you beat up anyone who says anything about Simon Camden.

Hippo: Only if you last three minutes without crying or getting anything broke.

Peter: Deal.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Michelle: Oh hi, Lucy. I was just ah... saying goodbye to Revered Hampton. See you later, hon.

Chandler: Can I help you with something?

Lucy: Yeah, you can help me understand how you were so heartbroken last week when Roxanne didn't want to marry you. You... you... you're obviously over it.

Chandler: No. I mean can I help you with something in the office?

Lucy: I want to borrow a book, "Letters from a Skeptic". Thank you.

Chandler: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Lucy: She's divorced, you know.

Chandler: Oh yeah I know. A terrible marriage, terrible. Her husband didn't understand her. What? What... do you have some judgement you'd like to share? Some unsolicited advice? Hello? Oh I'd love to go to dinner with you. Well I'm afraid I'm busy tonight. No sorry. Tomorrow too. Yeah, yeah Friday would be great. All right I'll see you then.

Lucy: You're disgusting! You really think you should be dating women who go to this church?

Chandler: Don't most people meet people at work and date them?

Lucy: I don't know what most people do. But you're a minister. You're supposed to be doing God's work. You're a man of God.

Chandler: And I have to tell you up until now I never realized how attractive that was to women. I'm kind of enjoying getting over Roxanne.

Police Station

Roxanne: Are you ready to go?

Kevin: Could you and Lucy go out some other night?

Roxanne: Why?

Kevin: Because Detective Michaels wants me to baby-sit. And I'd feel better if Lucy was there to help me.

Roxanne: It can't be another night. It has to be tonight.

Kevin: Why does it have to be tonight?

Roxanne: Because I wouldn't make my worst enemy available for Detective Michaels's granddaughter, that's why I'm not going to do it to my best friend.

Kevin: What is wrong with Detective Michaels's granddaughter?

Roxanne: Well I'd tell you but I know how much you hate gossip.

Kevin: Fine. I do hate gossip.

Roxanne: How do you feel about advice? Keep your eyes on her... at all times. Her nickname is Houdini.

High School - Board Office

Maynard: Your SAT's are up there, man. You've got a 3.8 average. But the thing is just passing the GED or CHSPE never looks as good as completing your senior year. What college are you trying to get into?

Eric: We... we haven't discussed it yet. Does Simon have to be eighteen to take the GED?

Maynard: Yes.

Simon: I'm seventeen.

Eric: What about the CHSPE?

Simon: What is that?

Eric: The California High School Proficiency test.

Maynard: You only have to be sixteen for that one. But it's offered twice a year. It's coming right up in November. You think you'd be ready for that?

Simon: I'm ready. If I pass that could get me into college by...?

Maynard: Next fall. Maybe even summer.

Eric: That might work.

Sam: I have to go to the bathroom.

David: Me, too.

Eric: I'll be right back.

Simon: I don't think you understand. I want out of high school and into college like now.

Maynard: I understand but it's not that easy. The education system is one ugly bureaucracy.

Simon: If you feel that way then why do you work here?

Maynard: The bureaucracy needs people like me. I'm good at untangling red tape. I'm also a Harvard grad and I couldn't find a job teaching film production to high school students. So I thought I'd work here till something opens up. There's a bulletin board down in the cafeteria with all the job posted.

Simon: Look... I got into a car accident at the end of the school year last year. I hit a kid on a bike... he was killed. And he wasn't wearing a helmet, technically he ran into me. And he was known to smoke pot. Anyway his brother is in my class.

Maynard: Whoa.

Simon: Yeah. Now the whole school hates me. I have to get out of there.

Maynard: How you doing?

Simon: Not that great. Every time someone tells me it was an accident, it wasn't my fault I want to scream. It's hard to scream when everyone is looking at you, you know.

Maynard: And you're sure everyone is looking?

Simon: My dad's a minister. Everyone in the community knows me. Everyone has an opinion.

Maynard: PK huh? Preacher's Kid.

Simon: Yeah.

Maynard: Me, too. That's how I got to Harvard. It was the only school my dad would accept outside of the seminary. So I did everything humanly possible to get in and graduate. Look there are a couple of colleges that you could appeal to, write a personal letter, explain your situation and... ask that your official admittance be contingent upon you passing the CHSP.

Simon: Are any of these colleges far, far away?

Maynard: Yeah. And there's a couple that have PK's in the admission's office. You're going to have to make a heck of a personal appeal.

Simon: Do you have any suggestions?

Camden's House

Ruthie: Is Peter here?

Eric: Peter no, we haven't seen him. Why? Something wrong?

Ruthie: No. He probably didn't feel like waiting around for me.

Eric: Should we go look for him?

Ruthie: Um... it's no big deal. He probably went home to do his homework. We have a lot of homework this year.

Eric: How was school today?

Ruthie: Great.

Eric: No really, how was school?

Ruthie: Great, really.

Eric: Great? School? All of it? Impossible.

Ruthie: Okay. You got me. It was all great except for algebra.

Eric: Maybe I can help you with that.

Ruthie: Do you know anything about quadratic polynomials? Peter asked his mom to help us. I'm going over there after dinner, if it's okay.

Eric: Well I need to go to the church just for an hour or so, and I was hoping that maybe you could keep an eye on the boys?

Ruthie: Sure. If you don't mind if I fail algebra. I'll probably never need it in real life... except to get into college. If I don't go to college so what? Look how well Mary is doing without it.

Eric: I'll ask someone else.

Ruthie: Thanks. I'm going to go call Peter.

Simon: Okay. That looks good. Ruthie? How you doing?

Ruthie: Fine. How you doing?

Simon: Fine... but I'm not in school.

Ruthie: Bye.

Simon: How is school?

Ruthie: Great. Except for algebra.

Simon: You're lying. No one's said anything to you about me?

Ruthie: Why would they?

Simon: Because I'm your brother and the kid on the bike was your age.

Ruthie: He didn't go to my school.

Simon: Look you don't have to protect me. I have it easier than you. I'm not in school.

Ruthie: Simon... no one has it harder than you.

Simon: Just the same... if anyone says anything I'll take care of them. Okay?

Ruthie: Sure... thanks. Don't worry about it. No one is going to say anything. I don't even know if anyone knows about the accident. I got to call Peter.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: What are you making for dinner?

Sam: Chateaubriand.

David: Or rack of lamb.

Eric: Or we'll just order pizza.

Lucy: Oh. How did it go today with Simon? What did they tell him?

Eric: Well pretty much what I told him before. He just wanted it to come from someone in authority.

Lucy: Do you have any contacts that would help him get into college early?

Eric: None I care to use... no.

Lucy: I don't think you could just keep Simon here. He's pretty determined to go away.

Eric: Are you determined to have him go away? 'Cause I'd love it if you encouraged him to stay home this year.

Lucy: I don't think it will make any difference what I say to him. Or to tell you the truth, I don't think it will make any difference what you say to him. Simon wants to go. The only person who had a real shot at getting Simon to stick around... Cecelia. He broke up with her last week.

Eric: Cecilia, huh?

Lucy: Well I thought if they could work things out, maybe the two of them could go off to school together next year. I guess it wasn't meant to happen.

Eric: So you're against my pressuring him to stay here but... not Cecilia pressuring him to stay here.

Lucy: I'm just saying that she'd be better at it than you would. No offense. And... have you seen Kevin?

Eric: No.

Lucy: Well I heard from Roxanne that he's babysitting tonight for Detective Michaels. Maybe they can hang out with you and the boys.

Eric: I... I don't think so. How... how did Kevin get himself into that?

Lucy: Detective Michaels asked him. He and his wife are going out for their anniversary and their babysitter fell through.

Eric: I... I'm sorry. Detective Michaels and his wife are going out for their anniversary? Could you watch the boys for a few minutes I have to make a phone call in my office. It's a work thing.

Lucy: For a few minutes. Uh hey! By the way you're not encouraging Chandler to date women at our church... are you?

Eric: Now why would I do that?

Lucy: To get attendance up?

Eric: Please. My sermons alone draw them in.

Lucy: Your sermons alone draw in every woman who's single between the ages of eighteen and forty-five who ever went to our church.

Eric: Women love my sermons.

Lucy: Women love him.

Eric: They love both of us. What can I do?

Lucy: Go make your phone call.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: I'm coming down there right now.

Eric: Sorry, I didn't know you were on the phone. Hi Peter.

Peter: Hi Reverend.

Eric: How are you?

Peter: Good.

Eric: How's school?

Peter: Good.

Ruthie: Dad...

Eric: Sorry.

Ruthie: I told you not to hit that guy.

Peter: Believe me... I didn't.

Ruthie: Well... do you need a doctor? Because if you need a doctor we have to tell my dad or your mom.

Peter: I don't need a doctor. I'm fine. I'll just go to bed early so my mom doesn't see me.

Ruthie: I thought your mom was going to come home early and help us with our algebra.

Peter: Algebra is the least of my problems. I'll figure it out.

Ruthie: How?

Eric: I'm sorry. I really have to make a phone call.

Ruthie: I'm coming down there.

Peter: Well as long as you're coming... can you bring me some ice? A lot of ice?

Ruthie: Sure... anything else?

Peter: Maybe some makeup.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Where you going?

Simon: Out.

Lucy: Well I think dad could use a little help with the boys tonight.

Simon: Well then you should help him. I'm busy.

Lucy: How did things go with the school board?

Simon: Fine. I have a lot of options.

Lucy: Are you still determined to leave home or... where there any other options that sounded good?

Simon: I'm leaving home.

Lucy: Have you told Dad that?

Sam/David: No.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Michaels: Detective Michaels.

Eric: Oh I'm glad I caught you.

Michaels: Eric... I was just going out the door.

Eric: You don't have a wife and it's not your anniversary.

Michaels: So you're calling me because I told a little white lie? Carrying your church work a little far aren't you?

Eric: I'm not calling because you lied to my son-in-law. I'm calling because if you lied to my son-in-law then... something is up. What's up?

Michaels: Maybe I have a date I don't want you to know about.

Eric: No, no. it has to be something bigger than that. Something like... ah... you found out something about Simon's accident?

Michaels: I have a date. But no one knows I'm divorced yet. I just use my wife as an excuse when I want to go out. I'm still looking into the accident. But I don't' think there's anything more to know. I'm not sure what I'm l0ooking for. What you're looking for.

Eric: I don't know. Just anything.

Michaels: I feel for Simon, I do. But every indication is, it was an accident. He wasn't driving too fast. He couldn't have seen the kid coming.

Eric: Still I get the feeling that you know something you're not telling me.

Michaels: Wouldn't your time be better spent getting ready for that budget meeting tonight?

Eric: How do you know I have a budget meeting?

Michaels: I know.

Eric: Aren't you carrying your detective work a little too far?

Ruthie: I'm going over to Peter's now.

Eric: I'll call you back. Why now? I thought you were going after dinner.

Ruthie: I was, but we've got so much to do I thought we'd better get started.

Eric: Peter sounded... ah... funny. Why... why did Peter sound funny?

Ruthie: He didn't sound funny to me. Maybe he was just startled by your blatant attempt to listen in on our phone conversation.

Eric: Are the kids at school talking about Simon?

Ruthie: If they are it's not like they're going to say anything to my face. Please, we just want some time to work on this stuff before Peter's mom gets home.

Eric: Okay just this one time though. We... we prefer that you spend your time with Peter here, where someone is always available to snoop and we know exactly what you're doing every single second.

Ruthie: Thank you for being so honest.

Eric: Well give me a chance to thank you for the same thing.

Ruthie: I'll call you when I'm ready to come home.

Police Officer: Glenoak Police.

Eric: Detective Michaels please.

Police Officer: Sorry sir, he's left for the day.

Eric: Thanks.

Lucy: Here is the pizza menu. I have to go get ready to go out with Roxanne.

Eric: And Kevin doesn't mind if you go out with Roxanne to pick up guys?

Lucy: We're going out to talk. I don't think Roxanne is ready to go out and pick up guys. She's taking this break-up a little more seriously than Chandler... or you.

Eric: Well if you're just going out to talk, couldn't you take the boys with you I have a budget meeting at the church.

Lucy: Let's see... no. but here's an idea. Why don't you call Chandler and get him to cancel his date and go to the budget meeting for you?

Eric: Fine I'll just take them with me.

Sam: But we're tired of working.

David: We worked all day.

Eric: Oh it'll be fun. Wait a minute. There's still Simon.

Lucy: Simon left.

Eric: Left for where?

Lucy: I don't know. He didn't say. He did say that he's still determined to go away to school. I really have to go. Good luck.

Eric: You know who I really miss around here?

Sam/David: Mommy?

Eric: Yes, Mommy. But who else? Cecelia.

Sam: Yeah... we miss her.

David: She's pretty.

Sam: And she's nice.

David: And she's really fun.

Sam: Not like you.

Eric: No, no. not like me at all. Why don't we give her a call?

Lucy: Because she and Simon broke up. And I don't think he'll be too happy to come home and see her here. And you can't try to use her to baby-sit and at the same time try to tempt Simon into staying at home by trying to manipulate the two of them into getting back together.

Eric: I don't know why not... we like her, don't we boys?

Petrowski's House

Peter: Really, it's okay Mom, take your time. We've figured it out on our own and we're just working on a scene from Shakespeare for our English class. Because Mrs. Camden is out of town and the Reverend Camden is at the church. And we thought we could get more work done here. We're behaving. I promise. Bye.

Ruthie: Now what?

Peter: Are you sure she'll be able to tell?

Ruthie: Positive.

Peter: So you go home and I'll be in bed with the covers over my head when she gets here. Then tomorrow I'll be impossible to wake up and she'll have to leave for work before I get out of bed.

Ruthie: It's not going to work. Let's just get this over with. Your mother or my Dad.

Pool Hall

Lucy: I really think you should go out.

Roxanne: We just broke up a week ago. He hasn't been out with anyone has he?

Lucy: Who... Chandler? I just heard he's going out with a couple of women from our church.

Roxanne: Do you know that for a fact... that he's been out with a couple women? Did you see him out with a couple women?

Lucy: Well no.

Roxanne: Have you seen him out with one woman?

Lucy: Well... yeah.

Roxanne: Where?

Lucy: In the church office.

Roxanne: Oh he sees a lot of women in the church office. It's probably just a counseling session. Just because you see him and some woman together it doesn't mean they're... together, together.

Lucy: I'm just saying you should go out, start dating.

Roxanne: They were together, together?

Lucy: What difference does it make? You don't want him right?

Roxanne: It doesn't matter. Who is she?

Lucy: Just some woman who goes to our church. And I think he's going out with another one from the church.

Roxanne: He can't do that, can he? Go out with women from the church, isn't there a rule about that?

Lucy: You dated him and you go to our church.

Roxanne: Well that was just to get Chandler.

Lucy: All I'm saying is the attendance is up. At least it was last Sunday.

Roxanne: You'd think I'd ruined his reputation enough to make him unpopular.

Lucy: You'd think.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Sam: Now this is fun. Mom never painted us.

David: Not one time. What are we going to do next?

Cecilia: Next... we're going to turn the beds into tents and pretend to camp out.

Sam/David: Yeahhh!

Cecilia: Maybe we can even open up the door to Simon's room and make a tent for him so he can camp out all night with you.

Sam: Simon's not home.

Cecilia: Did he know I was coming over to baby-sit? Maybe he left because he didn't want to see me.

David: No. he was already gone when daddy called you.

Sam: Maybe he had a date. Don't worry Cecilia we love you.

Cecilia: Thanks... I love you too.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Haley: I don't want to watch TV.

Kevin: Maybe you could read a book. I brought lots of books over from the house. Some of them look really interesting.

Haley: Those books are too little for me. I read big books and you're supposed to entertain me.

Kevin: Your grandpa said you would entertain yourself. All I had to do was make sure you were safe and happy while he took your grandma out for dinner.

Haley: My grandma? She left him a long time ago. They're not married anymore. They are D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D. She couldn't take another year of him being a policeman. She hated it. She was scared all the time.. Then he agreed to take me while my daddy went to school. So she said fine. If you want to raise another kid, you raise another kid, but I'm leaving. And she left.

Kevin: Look I'd rather not know about this okay?

Haley: Okay. Why don't you tell me what's going on with the Camden kids that would be entertaining.

Kevin: That would be gossiping. And I don't gossip. I don't like gossip.

Haley: What if I tell you something about the Camden kids?

Kevin: No thanks.

Haley: I have good stuff.

Kevin: No.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Lou: And we have been able to get the emergency fund back up where we predicted.

Eric: Oh that's great news. So that's it?

Lou: You put this off all week, Eric.

Eric: I'm here aren't I?

Lou: Not really. Ah... how's Simon?

Eric: Simon's doing better but... we have to figure out his school situation, and we have to do it quickly.

Lou: Well it's just a shame he can't finish out his senior year.

Eric: He... he seems okay with it. More than okay.

Lou: At least you got some good news though right? I mean there's a rumor going around that Mary is...

Eric: Pregnant?

Lou: Pregnant?

Eric: What were you going to say?

Lou: Married.

Eric: Pregnant and married.

Lou: Oh!

Eric: Oh. Though you can tell anyone that's asking that they got married last April, she just found out she's pregnant.

Lou: So... are you going to make a formal announcement?

Eric: What... and spoil all the fun at the church?

Lou: Congratulations.

Eric: Hello?

Ruthie: Hi Dad. I'm ready to come home. You should come get me. Thanks... bye.


Clerk: So Kinkirk doesn't know anything about this?

Michaels: No. And I don't want anyone to know. Kinkirk is babysitting, his partner's out with Lucy... Annie's out of town and Eric... is at a budget meeting at the church.

Clerk: What about Simon?

Michaels: He's with a friend at some editing facility. I had someone follow him. I don't know what he's up to but... he's nowhere near here and that's all that matters. So... all we have to do is wait and hope that Cecilia's right.


Kelly: Were you ever married?

Chandler: No. no, never. Were you?

Kelly: No, but I'd like to be married. Ever engaged you know, to the police officer?

Chandler: Roxanne. No. ah... and you know that's just about all I'm going to say about that. If you don't mind.

Kelly: I understand. I don't mind at all. It's very personal. We can talk about all that later.

Chandler: All that?

Kelly: How are the Camdens?

Chandler: The Camdens are fine.

Kelly: How's Simon doing?

Chandler: Fine.

Kelly: It's so sad. Poor Simon. Do they have him on anti-depressants?

Chandler: I have no idea.

Kelly: Anti-depressants can be very helpful. A lot of people take them. You know Alice, that girl you went out with Sunday night? She's on anti-depressants. Ever since she found out she couldn't have children. You know she's thirty and she's got plenty of time to adopt. Well she says she's thirty. So ah... have... have you ever been on anti-depressants?

Chandler: No.

Kelly: Oh, I thought maybe that was why...

Chandler: That was why...?

Kelly: Let's just change the subject. Where was I. oh. ..Poor Simon.

Chandler: Huh?

Kelly: And poor Reverend Camden. His whole family is falling apart. Mary marrying that homeless guy in the midst of a family tragedy. What was she thinking?

Chandler: I don't know. I don't want to talk about the Camdens anymore. Could you go back to the anti-depressants? Am I rumored to be on anti-depressants?

Kelly: There is no shame in taking anti-depressants. Especially if there's been a death in the family. And... well I know that it can affect... your love-life.

Chandler: Is that what people are thinking? Anti-depressants wrecked my love-life?

Kelly: Poor Chandler. You know don't be embarrassed. With a little bit of patience and love from the right woman you'll be as good as new in no time. God willing, of course.

Chandler: I am not on anti-depressants. And my love-life is no ones business.

Kelly: You're our associate pastor, it's everybody's business.

Petrowski's House

Eric: Why you out here?

Ruthie: I'm ready to go.

Eric: Where's Peter?

Ruthie: He's inside.

Eric: Why isn't he outside with you?

Peter: Yes?

Eric: It's Mr. Camden. Eric? Ruthie's dad? Open up.

Peter: It's not her fault. The make-up is but... none of the other stuff.

Eric: Whose fault is it?

Ruthie: Peter let a guy beat him up so he would stop talking about Simon at school and get everyone else to stop talking.

Eric: I asked you about school. Why didn't you tell me?

Ruthie: Because Grandpa, because of Mary, because of Simon.

Eric: That doesn't mean we don't have time for you and your problems.

Ruthie: What were you going to do... let the guy beat you up?

Peter: He promised if I lasted three minutes without crying or getting anything broken... that he would quit talking and he'd stop anyone else from talking.

Eric: And if they don't? Because they probably won't. There's no way to keep people from talking.

Ruthie: Is this the sermon on the only thing you can control is the way you feel about something? Am I supposed to choose how I feel if I hear someone say Simon is a killer?

Eric: It's possible.

Peter: What are you choosing to feel?

Eric: Well I'm trying to go with tolerance, aiming for understanding and compassion. And in the meantime I'm trying to figure out what we can do for your face.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Haley: You want something to drink? Can I get you a big glass of water? A soda? Juice?

Kevin: I'm fine. Why don't we go over the house and see what the boys are up to?

Haley: You mean so you can go to the bathroom and Cecilia can keep an eye on me? No thanks!

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Cecilia: Do you want more bug juice?

David: Yes.

Sam: We love bug juice.

David: Mommy never lets us drink bug juice.

Sam: It's delicious.

Kevin: I'll be right back.

Haley: Hi.

Sam: HI.

David: Hi.

Cecilia: Hi.

Haley: Kevin had to go to the bathroom.

Cecilia: I'll get it.

Haley: Want to play hide and seek? You count to ten and I'll hide.

Sam/David: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...

Kevin: Where is she?

David: She's hiding.


Teenager: Hey, they're not illegal.

Michaels: Glenoak Police. All of you are free to go except for you.

Justin: What is this?

Michaels: Don't be frightened son, we're just here to help.

Camden's House

Lucy: Hello.

Haley: Hi, I'm playing hide and go seek with Kevin.

Lucy: Where is Kevin?

Haley: He's trying to find me.

Kevin: Haley! Out!

Lucy: Kevin!

Kevin: Get out here! I don't think this is funny. Don't you play hide and go seek with a baby-sitter, ever. In fact, hide and go seek may not be a good game to play at all.

Haley: Could you be a little nicer you're scaring me.

Kevin: It isn't fun being scared, is it? I know I didn't like being scared when I thought you might have run away. Or you may be hiding someplace where you could get hurt of trapped.

Haley: You're not going to tell grandpa are you?

Kevin: Yes I am.

Haley: But he'll get angry at me.

Kevin: He should.

Haley: No one ever told grandpa on me. He might not like it. What if he does like it, he'll ask you to do this again.

Kevin: I'll take my chances.

Lucy: I think we're doing the right thing... waiting.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Simon: What are you doing?

Cecilia: I was baby-sitting the twins. They were pretending to camp out all night, and they wanted you to pretend to camp out with them. So... I haven't heard from you.

Simon: I thought we said goodbye.

Cecilia: Simon...

Simon: I can't Cecilia, I can't start up with you again. Okay? I have to go away. I'm going away to school, to college.

Cecilia: You mean if you get in.

Simon: You can't say anything to my parents but I think I can get in. My Dad and I met with the Board of Education Advisor today. The guy turned out to be a PK. He knows another PK who works in the Admissions Board for the Northern California School of the Arts. So he helped me make a video of me to tell why they should let me go to school there.

Cecilia: You haven't even graduated from high school.

Simon: I'm going to test out. I'm sure I can do it. My official admission will be granted when I get my test results.

Cecilia: And your mom and dad are going to let you go?

Simon: They don't know yet.

Eric: Don't know what yet?

Cecilia: I better go. Goodnight.

Eric: Thanks. I didn't mean to overhear. Detective Michaels Is waiting for you on the back porch. He wanted to talk to you before he picked up his granddaughter. I just came up here to tell you. But... what don't I know?

Camden's House - Back Porch

Michaels: Cecelia. Thanks for the tip.

Cecilia: Good night.

Simon: My dad said you wanted to talk to me.

Michaels: Let's sit down. You and I shared a secret last year about a girl you knew who was in trouble. I know a boy who is in trouble. I want this conversation to be kept between the two of us. The same way we kept the conversation between the two of us last year.

Simon: Fine. You can trust me.

Michaels: Let's make it hypothetical. Suppose you knew a kid, a good kid, and he's driving around one night, and a younger kid cam out of nowhere on a bicycle. And the next thing you know the younger kid is dead. Let's say the kid driving the car beat himself up all summer and probably will for the rest of his life because he feels responsible. Let's say the family knew the kid on the bike should have been wearing a helmet but he never did. But they felt they had bigger problems with this kid so they didn't press it.

Simon: If he hadn't... gotten hit by that good kid driving the car, the helmet wouldn't be an issue. And neither would the fact that he smoked pot.

Michaels: Where do you suppose the kid got the pot?

Simon: I don't know.

Michaels: From his brother. Simon he's blaming you because it's just too painful to blame himself.

Simon: Isn't it enough that he has to deal with getting over his brother's death? Isn't that enough to deal with?

Michaels: If he keeps avoiding the truth by getting high things are only going to get worse. His parents could lose another son.

Simon: Who else knows about this?

Michaels: A detectives. The two of us and the family.

Simon: Can we leave it that way?

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Eric: Hello?

Annie: I thought Cecilia was going to have you call me?

Eric: I... I guess she forgot. I didn't want to wake you.

Annie: Oh. I talked to Sam and David.

Eric: Now don't let them make you feel guilty. They're... they're fine.

Annie: I know. They love Cecilia. Now I feel jealous.

Eric: How's your dad?

Annie: He's battier. Less confused. My coming seems to have settled him down but... I don't' know how we're going to handle this.

Eric: The same way we handle everything. I love you.

Annie: I love you. Oh I almost forgot again. How did your meeting with Simon go?

Eric: Ah...

Annie: You didn't make any decisions without me did you?

Eric: I... I didn't ... no.

Annie: Oh Eric... he's not going away to some college is he?

Eric: I'm afraid we're not going to be able to stop him. 

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