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#804 : Une journée chez les Camden

Quand un mystérieux inconnu, Martin, traîne chez les Camden et passe la journée avec la famille, tout le monde pense que c'est un ami de Simon. Le Rabbin Glass vient voir Eric pour lui confier qu'il a vu sa femme embrasser un autre homme, il pense à la quitter. Kevin se sent humilié après avoir été attaqué et blessé par une femme en intervenant sur une scène de ménage. Il va à l'hôpital. Son attitude envers Lucy change totalement car il craint que Lucy ne soit plus attirée par lui. Simon est vexé que personne ne prête attention à son départ imminent pour l'université. Ruthie et Peter luttent sur un projet de classe. 


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I wasn't expecting that !

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Une journée chez les Camden

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et happy

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et happy

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

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Écrit par : Paul Perlove 
Réalisé par : David Jones 

Avec : Richard Lewis (Rabbin Richard Glass), Laraine Newman (Rosina Glass), David Gallagher (Simon Camden) 

Guests :

  • Aucun

Glenoak Community Hospital

VOICE: Clear the way please!

Lucy: Kinkirk! Kevin Kinkirk! Why is it so hard to find?

Eric: Lucy...

Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. You're probably a very nice person but... they brought him in an hour ago. He's a police officer, he was on some kind of domestic dispute call and he got hurt. He's my husband and I love him and ahh!... oh God, maybe he couldn't talk when he was admitted. Maybe he couldn't give them his name. Try 2-7-3-4-5. that's his badge number.

Eric: Lucy, Kevin's okay. When they phoned they said it wasn't life-threatening.

Lucy: Oh sure they said that. What are they going to say: your husband has a bullet hole in his forehead and if you look real close you can see the sky? What are you looking at? Why aren't you looking at your screen? Why aren't you scrolling down using a search engine toooo... googling! Something! Kevin!

Kevin: I'm fine. It's okay. Don't worry.

Lucy: I'm not worried. I just love you so much.

Kevin: Ooohhh... I'm okay. The ribs are a little bruised, that's all. Nothing's broken.

Lucy: Doesn't he look cute in stitches? Your poor eye...

Kevin: Oooo... shoulder... popped out. They put it back in. I'm fine.

Lucy: I don't know what to kiss first.

Eric: While you're deciding I'll go pull the car up. Don't worry I won't touch anything. I'm just glad you're okay.

Lucy: Oh!

Kevin: Thanks.

Lucy: Dad had to drive me I was a wreck. So what happened? What... never mind. I don't want to know. You told me once that with your job there's something I just shouldn't know.

Roxanne: It was partly my fault.

Kevin: It wasn't your fault.

Roxanne: I shouldn't have let the husband get so close to her. It was one of those stupid domestic calls. I was talking to the husband, Kevin was restraining...

Kevin: Let's leave it.

Roxanne: No, you were great. If he didn't have her back as much as he did... she would have destroyed her husband. Look what she did to Kevin.

Lucy: What... she? A woman did this to you?

Camden's House

Ruthie: I still don't understand. Out of all the projects on that list, you had to volunteer us to build a coal mine?

Peter: A working coal mine. It's an important part of US History.

Ruthie: Couldn't I have just performed a scene from "How Green Was My Valley"? Why a working coal mine? If we start now and work through the weekend, we just might finish by Monday. Might.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Are you saying that I'm... overemotional?

Simon: Dad I'm not saying you're overemotional. I'm just saying the situation... could get out of control, with me leaving and all.

Eric: So what are you afraid will happen? That I'll throw myself on your legs and make a scene at the bus station?

Simon: Dad I'm not worried about you making a scene. But you do sometimes get this... moist look in the corner of your eye.

Eric: And that bothers you... my moistness?

Simon: No. it's liable to be just the kind of thing that sets everyone off. Mom will see it and she'll fall apart. And then everyone will go and it'll be like an emotional house of cards.

Eric: You know speaking of your mother I have to call her. She's' coming home from your grandfather's and it's none too soon.

Simon: Mom doesn't have to worry about me. She knows that... even though I'll be away at college she can always call me...

Eric: Speaking of which... I'd better call her before the day gets away from me.

Simon: ...anytime she wants.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: Rabbi Glass... come in.

Rabbi: Thank you Simon. I hope I'm not bothering you.

Simon: No. no, of course not. You're not bothering anyone. I was just about to start organizing my things for college. I don't know if you know but I'm going away to college.

Rabbi: Great, that's great. I just dropped by for a second to talk to your dad. Then I'll be out of his hair, your hair everyone's hair. And listen whoever has hair... I'll be out of it.

Simon: Well... my Dad's in his office. Are... are you sure you're okay?

Rabbi: Yeah... I'm fine. Well I had a little bit of an accident at the building fund meeting this morning at the Temple. But I happen to love sponge cake. Me and Mrs. Tupperman, you know, we both went for it at the same time and... it wasn't pretty.

Simon: Okay... you know where his office is.

Rabbi: Yeah, yeah I do. Thanks a lot. You're a good guy Simon. I don't need any help. I'm... I'm fine. Sam and David are fine. We're all fine.

Eric: Come in. Richard.

Rabbi: Sorry I'm interrupting.

Eric: No, no, no. come in. I'm talking to Annie.

Rabbi: Oh... listen please say hello to your lovely, loyal wife, Annie... will...will you please? You're a very lucky man Eric. Don't forget that.

Eric: Annie... Richard just walked in. He says hello.

Annie: Why is he there? Is something wrong with Matt and Sarah?

Eric: How are Matt and Sarah?

Rabbi: Who? Oh, oh, oh. Fine...

Eric: They're fine.

Annie: Well he's there for some reason.

Eric: I'll fine out and call you back.

Annie: Should I hold?

Eric: No. I love you. I'll... I'll call you back. Richard... it's good to see you. Have a seat.

Rabbi: A seat? Why should I have a seat? You know having a seat seems to imply we're going to have a conversation that is so lengthy that it's going to require someone, me, taking the seated position. Why would you think that?

Eric: Are you okay, Richard?

Rabbi: Why do people keep asking me that? Can't a guy just come over and shoot the breeze with a pal?

Eric: Why... it's just that you... you look... terrible. like you slept in your clothes.

Rabbi: it was a nap. And I knew, I just knew that this... this shmata, this, this material wouldn't hold a crease.

Ruthie: Oh hi. One of Simon's friends from school?

Martin: I'm Martin.

Ruthie: I'm Ruthie. Those are fresh oatmeal cookies my Dad picked up from the bakery this morning. He says he bought them for us but... that's because my mom's at my grandpa's and he knows he can sneak a few without her here.

Martin: Thanks.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Is this silence supposed to be telling me something, Kevin?

Kevin: No. I'm just not in the talking mood. Doesn't' mean anything.

Lucy: Honey, I know you're bummed out about being out on medical leave but it's just for a week.

Kevin: Just a week.

Lucy: And we are so lucky. Things could have been so much worse. Sometimes I think these kinds of things are blessings. Reminders that life is fragile and it's supposed to be cherished. I cherish my life with you and I always will.

Kevin: I'm going for a walk.

Lucy: Do you want me to go with you?

Kevin: Hey, it's just a walk. I promise I won't fall over. I can handle it okay?

Lucy: Okay. O-kay.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Sam you can't take that.

Sam: It's my car.

Peter: I know it's your little car, but we're using it to haul coal. We'll give it back to you.

Sam: What?

David: Yeah, when?

Ruthie: When... we're finished with this dumb thing and we take it back to school, get a failing grade, face certain humiliation and have to fight out way through the school yard. That's when.

David: I want some licorice.

Peter: We're using the black licorice to represent coal. You can't eat our coal.

Ruthie: Licorice.

Peter: Do you have a better idea for something to represent coal?

Ruthie: Yeah. How about coal?

Peter: You know coal's hard to find. And we didn't want to waste valuable time. And the licorice, it showed imagination, which is what Miss Hadgraft said she was looking for. But if you want out of this project now is the time to say something.

Ruthie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? I know I've been a negative pill. And I really like your optimistic nature. It's actually an attractive quality. I'll try to develop it myself. Okay?

Peter: Okay.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: Hey.

Martin: hey.

Simon: Hi.

Martin: Hi.

Simon: Sorry.

Martin: No problem.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Rabbi: An office, you know you can tell a lot about a man by his office.

Eric: Well this is it.

Rabbi: Ah... ahh... nice. You know Mark Twain used to have a pool table in his office?

Eric: Really?

Rabbi: It was like when he got really bogged down, you know, he used to like grab his cue, you know, and just bang some balls around.

Eric: Sounds therapeutic.

Rabbi: Oh I don't know what it was. His output was unbelievable. This whole country is richer because we had Twain... and his pool table.

Eric: Richard... I think we should...

Rabbi: A pool table. Isn't that something? Remember that great song... from the "Music Man"? Oh We Got Trouble... right here in River City.

Eric: With a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P". and Richard... come on.

Rabbi: What?

Eric: Get it out. Whatever it is can't be that bad.

Rabbi: Ahh... you're right. It's not that bad. I mean it's actually a sort of a tiny blip by comparison to the rest of the world's real problems. Like wars and famines and floods and pestilence and... and locusts and frogs and... feel free to stop me now otherwise I'll go through the entire Passover Seder.

Eric: Ready?

Rabbi: Rosina and I split up. Huh, that's all. I know it's no pestilence. But... ah... it hurts, you know what I mean? It hurts. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Camden's House

Eric: I'm sorry Richard. I don't seem to have the words right now.

Rabbi: I know. I know. I know. I know. I mean I... I wouldn't have the words either.

Eric: You and Rosina? It's just too hard to believe.

Rabbi: And I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I walk into my office, you know, down at the Temple, and there's Rosina and Cantor Sperling, kissing. It's good thing that I didn't have a pool table, they'd be on it.

Eric: You know maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Couldn't... maybe there's a reason, you know, some possible, maybe crazy reason that...

Rabbi: Oh please, don't. Eric do me a favor and don't go down that path really come on. We're two men we've seen this kind of stuff happen all the time. It can happen to anybody. But my wife and my Cantor. You know how hard it is these days to find a good cantor? Ha, ha. Whew...

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Now look what you've done.

Peter: It's not my fault.

Ruthie: Yes it is.

Peter: No, it's not.

Simon: What's going on?

Ruthie: Our school project was ruined because Peter wasn't paying attention.

Simon: It's not my fault. I can't keep watch and build at the same time. Why didn't you watch Sam and David?

Ruthie: Because it was your job.

Simon: I don't see any disaster here. It's supposed to be a coal mine, right?

Peter: Sam and David ate the coal.

Sam: I like coal.

David: Me too. I'm going to be a miner.

Simon: You can't blame Peter. You know they're fast when they want something.

Peter: See?

Ruthie: is there something you wanted?

Simon: I just wanted to check in with you guys and you know, see if I could help. I want to spend some time with you since I'm leaving for college in a day and a half and counting.

Ruthie: Well if you want to help you can get the twins cleaned up.

Simon: Come on, you two.

Ruthie: And you can go to the store and buy some coal. You know, since we don't' drive.

Simon: Okay.

Peter: So... what's for dinner?

Simon: You guys gonna miss me?

Sam: Can we have your room?

Simon: What about you?

David: Can we go to the store with you?

Simon: At least someone's getting it. You want to spend as much time with me as you possibly can, huh David?

David: I just want some coal.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: Hi. I don't ... I don't think we've met. I'm Eric, Simon's dad.

Martin: I'm Martin.

Eric: Simon's friend?

Martin: Yeah.

Eric: Where is Simon?

martin: He's upstairs. I was just watching some TV till he gets down. Did you want to watch something?

Eric: No, no it's okay. I should... get back to my office.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Did you know Simon has a friend? I mean, before you saw this Martin guy?

Lucy: No. why?

Ruthie: Noting. I'm just happy he has a friend.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: Hello.

Martin: hello.

Ruthie: Simon went to the store with the twins.

Martin: Oh.

Ruthie: You can help Peter and me with our History project if you like. Until Simon gets back. We're building a coal mine.

Martin: Oh... okay. I could probably do that.

Ruthie: Are you staying for dinner?

Martin: Ah... I don't know.

Ruthie: Lucy's picking up pizza. We can eat whenever we want.

Martin: Pizza sounds good.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Simon: Dad, I was thinking about what to take to college. And since there are actual seasons there, I'm going to have to box my entire closet.

Eric: Maybe you should pack lite. We can always send you anything you need.

Rabbi: Hey Simon can I give you a little advice? And remember I'm a professional. Look you're going to be going away and meeting a lot of new people. A lot of girls. One day you're gonna meet... that very special girl. And your heart is going to feel like it's never felt before. It's going to be unbelievable. But you know what you're gonna do when that happens... transfer. because she's going to rip your heart out, like it's a lab experiment. Guys I'm sorry. Look I'm going through a rough time and I'm... I'm just not myself and... everyone's been so wonderful to me here and I oh man...

Simon: I'll let you guys talk. I'd better check on the boys.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: No sit down I've got it.

Rabbi: Oh come on, I'm finished. Let me help you. It's the least I can do.

Annie: I thought you were going to call me back? What is going on? I know there's something wrong. You know he's never here unless there's something wrong.

Eric: I'll... I'll... I'll let Richard tell you... while I go up and do something else.

Annie: Are you all right?

Rabbi: Yeah. That lemony dishwasher stuff. It's the dishwasher soap that she always used. She loved it. And she loved it. It was practically part of her scent.

Annie: She?

Rabbi: Rosina. I caught her kissing another man. It's... it's a long story. Don't ask.

Annie: I'm sure this is a big... misunderstanding.

Rabbi: Annie... he kissed her.

Annie: I thought you said she kissed him?

Rabbi: It doesn't matter who... who started it. I'm telling you my wife was kissing my cantor. The biggest catastrophe that's ever happened to me in my life.

Annie: The kiss... could have been harmless.

Rabbi: Harmless? Do you call this harmless huh?

Annie: Ohh... hmmm... ah...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Rabbi: What was I doing? What was I thinking? I couldn't have been thinking. I'm deranged. Maybe... maybe I have this mad cow disease. That... that, what's that monkey pox thing that made me act so insane huh? Not that you're not a very attractive woman.

Annie: You're... you're not deranged. Just a little disturbed. And you know, I understand. But you know, we both have to know that kiss didn't mean anything.

Rabbi: Absolutely. I'm just distressed. I just don't know what I'm doing. It didn't mean a thing.

Annie: I think the best thing for both of us to do is just forget it happened.

Rabbi: Right. How was it... by the way? I... I... I was thinking that you know, maybe Rosina was kissing that other guy because... of... maybe I'd you know, lost it.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Peter: I got the lights to work, Ruthie. I said I got the lights to work. Are you okay?

Ruthie: Sure. Why woulnd't I be?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: I am really turned on by the fact that you're a cop and you're so strong and so handsome. And so...

Kevin: I think I've had enough pizza and whatever else you're trying to feed me.

Lucy: I'm serious. I love that you feel you have to protect women. Roxanne... me even.

Kevin: What are you talking about? What's that weird voice you're using?

Lucy: What?

Simon: It's me.

Lucy: What do you want?

Simon: Hey guys I just wanted to ah... see if I can exchange suitcases with you since I'm going away to college I'm going to need a bigger suitcase. If now is not a good time I can get the suitcase later.

Lucy: What is with you moping around trying to get attention? Just because you're going away to college? What is your problem? You're not the first person to go away to college. People do it all the time. The colleges are full of them. Where were we?

Kevin: Don't you think you were a little rough on Simon?

Lucy: He ruined the moment.

Kevin: What moment?

Lucy: I was trying to take advantage of the fact that you enjoy being a man and... I enjoy being a woman. And you're the type of a man who wants a woman that feels that she needs a man. Like when you were trying to protect Roxanne.

Kevin: That's my job. She's' my partner.

Lucy: your woman partner, as you pointed out.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: I saw Rabbi Glass kissing my mom

Peter: That wasn't something I was expecting.

Ruthie: I still can't believe it. My poor father. A cuckold.

Peter: Cuckold?

Ruthie: English lit. Shakespeare. Vocabulary. Sometimes proper usage of a new word in a sentence isn't as satisfying as it's cracked up to be.

Peter: Maybe it's a Jewish custom.

Ruthie: What?

Peter: Maybe they just finished dinner and maybe it's a custom to kiss the hostess. The Jewish people are very affectionate people. So are the Russian people. My uncle kisses everyone. And I mean everyone when he says hello or goodbye to them. On the lips.

Ruthie: I saw what I saw.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Roxanne: Hey there, I just stopped by to check in on my partner, see how he's feeling physically and mentally.

Kevin: What do you mean by mentally?

Roxanne: I don't know.

Kevin: That's not something you would say. Sounds like something you would say. What... you two been talking?

Lucy: Well... what do you mean by talking?

Kevin: Like talking about my mental and physical health.

Lucy: We may have talked... a little bit.

Roxanne: I think it's sweet that you think I'm the weaker partner. Especially after what happened. It shows your ego is back stronger than ever. But evidentially not your sense of humor.

Camden's House - Living Room

Rabbi: So you'll be going to the same college as Simon, huh?

Martin: Ah... no.

Rabbi: You married?

Martin: No.

Rabbi: Ah that's too bad. I. thought that I might be able to ask you for some advice.

Martin: No.

Rabbi: You ever have a girlfriend?

Martin: Yeah.

Rabbi: Huh? Oh. You ever catch her kissing someone else?

Martin: No.

Rabbi: Do you know what a cantor is?

Martin: No.

Rabbi: Do you always answer every question with either a yes or a no?

Martin: Yes.

Rabbi: You must have a lot of problems with multiple choice questions huh?

Martin: Yeah.

Rabbi: I just spoke with Simon's friend, Martin...

Eric: Oh yeah?

Rabbi: Oh don't worry. I didn't mention you know, the thing with your wife.

Eric: Chandler... come on in.

Rabbi: Hi Chandler.

Chandler: Rabbi Glass good to see you. Ah Eric, if you don't mind I was hoping you could give me some notes on my sermon since you picked the subject.

Eric: I'd be happy to.

Chandler: Go easy on me.

Eric: You always do a great job even if it's my idea.

Kevin: Hey Chandler. I saw your car pull up. I thought you might want to join me at the pool hall for a beer.

Chandler: Sure. A few rounds of billiards might get my mind off of my sermon.

Rabbi: That is the best ideas I've heard of in a long time. A beer. I'm single. Why shouldn't I go out with the guys and get a beer? I should be with guys.

Eric: Well then you guys go out and have a good time.

Chandler: Why don't you join us? You'll even us up. Two against two.

Eric: Ah... no go ahead. I'm going to spend a quiet evening at home.

Annie: Go!

Eric: Always cranky when she gets home fro her little tips. Looks like a foursome.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Ruthie: Why do you call me sweetie or honey?

Peter: I call all the women in my life sweetie or honey.

Ruther: And who are all the women in your life?

Peter: You and my mom. I'll let myself out.

Ruthie: Goodnight.

Annie: Hi. I was just on my way to say goodnight.

Ruthie: Goodnight or goodbye?

Annie: Ruthie! Ruthie!

Ruthie: Were you really at Grandpa's?

Annie: What?

Ruthie: Are you and dad having problems? Are you leaving us?

Annie: Ruthie, you know I was at grandpa's. and your father and I are not having any problems. Which is why I feel that I can go back and forth to grandpas when I need to. And I will never leave this family.

Ruthie: I saw you kissing Rabbi Glass.

Annie: Rabbi Glass is a very emotional man. He thought he saw his wife with someone else. So he's out of his mind about it. So out of his mind that if your father had been there he would have kissed him. I wouldn't be telling you this but... I think you're growing up and adult enough to know the truth.

Ruthie: Wow... thanks. but is dad adult enough to know that you two kissed? Did you tell him?

Annie: He knows. He's... he's at the pool hall now with Rabbi Glass. I'm hoping he'll talk to him and get him to go home.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Cecilia: Hey Simon.

Simon: Hey Cecilia. This was really nice of you. You didn't have to come all the way over here just to say goodbye.

Cecilia: I didn't. I came to borrow a pair of boots from Lucy.

Simon: Well she's in the garage apartment. What do you need the boots for?

Cecilia: I'm going on a hike on Sunday with some friends.

Simon: Going on a hike on Sunday? That's... that's the day I leave.

Cecilia: If you want me to cancel the hike and come down to the bus station to say goodbye... I will.

Simon: It's okay.

Cecilia: Okay. It's not like it's really goodbye anyway. You'll be back. Summers, holidays. It's... see you around... not goodbye.

Simon: Yeah it is...it's goodbye.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Rosina: Hello?

Martin: Hello. Are you Mrs. Rosina Glass?

Rosina: Yes, this is she.

Martin: I'm calling from the pool hall and I have to inform you that your husband's down here... making a fool of himself.

Rosina: Um... are you sure you have the right person?

Martin: Positive ma'am. You should come and drive your husband home. And keep him there... where he belongs.

Pool Hall

Rabbi: Come on Eric, come on, get another one. Two of them. It'll make me feel better. It s on me. Get a pitcher. Go... get some... get chips and dip, come on.

Eric: Would you stop? It's okay.

Chandler: What's okay?

Eric: Richard kissed Annie.

Rabbi: What's wrong with you?

Eric: It meant nothing. Annie understands. I understand.

Rabbi: I saw that.

Chandler: Saw what?

Rabbi: That... that ah... smirk.

Eric: Yeah... I saw it too.

Rabbi: So I gather you don't think this is too serious, young minister man?

Chandler: No, I'm sure it's... I'm sure it's very serious.

Rabbi: I I'll say it's serious. I was demonstrating how my wife kissed a cantor, to Annie.

Chandler: Okay, whatever.

Rosina: Richard. Let's go home.

Rabbi: Home? How dare you call the place that we're living at now home.

Rosina: And what would you call it?

Rabbi: I call it a museum. You know a place that holds the artifacts of... of a couple who once loved each other very much. Till the wife kissed the cantor. What... what's with the look now? I'm serious. What... why are you here to say it didn't happen? What was I like hallucinating... that the guy just grabbed you and kissed you?

Rosina: Yeah... that one. They guy is going through a terrible divorce. I made the mistake of putting my hand on his shoulder to comfort him and he snapped. It was nothing. It meant nothing.

Rabbi: I... I can sort of understand that, you know, before I couldn't... but...

Rosina: Let's go home.

Rabbi: Did you just do the dishes?

Rosina: Uh-huh. I made latkas. Very greasy. Lots of scrubbing.

Chandler: Fun evening I take it.

Eric: Oh... not just the evening but most of the day as well. You okay?

Kevin: Lucy and I haven't had sex since I got pummeled by that woman.

Eric: Goodnight.

Chandler: I don't think you two are that close yet. I don't think you're ever going to be that close... where you can talk about having sex with his daughter.

Kevin: I know it's stupid but I don't think Lucy thinks of me in the same way. And no wonder I don't think of myself in the same way. I don't feel like the same man, the same cop.

Chandler: As far as Lucy goes if you think she's measuring you by your ability to restrain some irate wife... I seriously doubt it.

Kevin: Maybe you're right. I told her about Roxanne.

Chandler: Well you know Roxanne.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: You still waiting to see my Dad?

Martin: No. he told me I could hang out till I was ready to go home. And I'm just about ready.

Simon: You know I'm leaving for college the day after tomorrow.

Martin: Yeah I heard. Scared?

Simon: Terrified.

Martin: It's always tough leaving your family.

Simon: I thought it would be too, but they don't seem to really care so hey why should I?

Martin: You mean you don't know? About the surprise party?

Simon: Surprise party?

Martin: Tomorrow night. I never said a word about it.

Simon: You know I should have known. I should have known. That even with everything going on they wouldn't let me walk out of here without something.

Martin: Yeah well I'd better go it's getting late. And really... don't say anything.

Simon: I'll be surprised.

Martin: How'd you make out with the coal mine? Finish it?

Ruthie: No. Destroyed it.

Martin: I sketched out a little something for you. And... I guarantee this will be easier to build than what you were going for.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Martin: No problem. Goodbye.

Ruthie: I don't know who you are but... thanks.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Eric: Hello.

Martin: Hi. How was the pool hall?

Eric: Didn't really get to play.

Martin: Oh. That's too bad. But I know Annie will be happy you're home early. She's exhausted from her trip. If you need Lucy she's' in her apartment with ah... ah...

Eric: Roxanne?

Martin: Roxanne. And the other one, Cecilia. And the boys have been in bed for hours and Ruthie's just on her way up. And Simon is in the living room. By the way I hope you won't think I'm interfering or anything but... ah... you and your wife are throwing him a surprise going away party tomorrow night. I told him you would. He was feeling like no one cared. So I guess I'll be going home now.

Eric: Not until you tell me who you are.

Martin: I'm Simon's friend.

Eric: Maybe now. But who were you when you came over here?

Martin: I'm sorry. It was just one of those things. I promised my dad I'd get out and... try to meet some of the neighbors. Well I could have gone over there but... I came over here.

Eric: And I take it your dad wasn't around to go with you to decide... over there or over here?

Martin: No. He's at work.

Eric: Work? Where does he work?

Martin: Ah... it's a long way from here. Overseas. Iraq. You know Iraq, Middle East?

Eric: So your dad's in the military?

Martin: Yeah. Marine Corps.

Eric: My dad retired as a Colonel in the Marine Corps.

Martin: He's a very lucky man, your dad. To live long enough to retire.

Eric: He is. Where's your mom?

Martin: She's ah... how do you say it... passed away. A few years ago. Cancer.

Eric: So who are you living with?

Martin: I had to move in with my aunt or deal with social services. I'm sixteen, I was trying to make it on my own, till my dad got back but... he's been gone a lot longer than expected.

Eric: Where does your aunt live?

Martin: Across the street, next to the guy with the chimpanzee.

Eric: Eisenhower. The chimp's name is Eisenhower.

Martin: I didn't know that.

Eric: So... how's living with your aunt going?

Martin: It's just like living on my own like I was doing. Only now I have to do it at a new school and a new neighborhood. At least until my dad gets home.

Eric: Why didn't you tell me all this when I saw you this afternoon?

Martin: I was kind of embarrassed. I had followed Ruthie and Peter thinking I'd strike up a conversation with them but... then I had second thoughts 'cause I'm older than they are and they didn't know me. Besides I couldn't' get up the nerve. Then I kind of just... came into your house on a whim and every time I thought I'd strike up a conversation with someone it just didn't happen. It was just nice... being here... with a family. Seeing how the rest of America lives.

Eric: The rest of America... You mean...?

Martin: I mean the ones who don't have family in the military.

Eric: I see. It must seem to you that... we don't care about those of you who have family in Iraq or that we've forgotten that they're even over there.

Martin: Haven't you?

Eric: I guess they're not in our thoughts and prayers like they were when we first sent troops there.

Martin: It stinks you know. Fighting in Iraq. My dad could get killed any second. A guy he was on patrol with last week got shot. At least he got to come home. And yet I get it, I mean, I get that everyone in America should be going about their business like you and your family. I guess, that's what you civilian types want right? Having the freedom to live a life, pursue your own happiness, work take care of your family.

Eric: And we forget that it's a privilege. And that without our men and women in uniform, it could be taken away from us. We also tend to forget what a sacrifice their famiies make.

Martin: You should go call your dad. Tell him thanks.

Eric: Maybe I will. Are you coming to the surprise party tomorrow night?

Martin: I don't know. Is it going to be just family?

Eric: Well not as long as we're having a party... might as well have a big one. With family, friends, neighbors.

Martin: Maybe I'll think about it.

Eric: Hey, come back anytime. And... ah... I'll be praying for your dad. 

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