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#807 : Au delà des apparences

Eric et Annie organisent une fête de bienvenue dans le voisinage pour une amie musulmane de Ruthie, Jill Dupree, et ses parents. Les Dupree hésitent à venir. Eric est surpris et choqué de voir que son quartier n'est pas un endroit agréable à vivre pour des musulmans. Cecilia et son père se font cambrioler pendant qu'ils sont partis assister à la première réunion de Kevin sur la surveillance du voisinage. Roxanne conseille un garçon de 16 ans à risque, elle pense qu'il est impliqué dans un vol. Chandler se sent attiré par la mère de Peter.


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Titre VO
Getting to know you

Titre VF
Au delà des apparences

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Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson) et son père

Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson) et son père

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Eileen Brennan (Gladys Bink), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski), Brad Maule (George), Christopher Michael (Détective Michaels) 

Guests :

  • Yareli Arizmendi ..... Nadia Dupree
  • Christopher Holloway ..... Voisin
  • Kamal Marayati ..... Moe Dupree
  • Tom McTigue ..... Vendeur
  • Al Ruscio ..... Fred
  • Randa Sabbah ..... Jill Dupree
  • Doug Sinclair ..... Officier de Police
  • A.J. Trauth ..... Jordan James

Police Station

Michaels: What are you doing?

Roxanne: Looking over a file.

Michaels: Which case?

Roxanne: It's not a police case. Paul, from the At-Risk Youth Center assigned me someone to mentor. A Jordan James. I'm supposed to meet with him for dinner and spend some time with him.

Michaels: You look nervous.

Roxanne: Yeah, I've never been responsible for a kid before.

Michaels: Looks like Jordan has gone through quite a few counselors.

Roxanne: I'm his fifth in six months.

Michaels: Be careful. This kid looks like trouble.

Roxanne: Looks can be deceiving.

Michaels: And sometimes they can be telling.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: It's Friday night. Also knows as... date night.

Chandler: I don't have a date. I'm not ready to date.

Eric: Hmm... you seemed ready last month, when you were dating every female member of the church.

Chandler: Exactly. When Roxanne and I broke up I immediately got out there and started dating. It didn't work. I mean it was fun but it didn't work. And it didn't work because, I realize I don't want to date. I want to be in a relationship. But I'm not ready for a relationship, so what's the use in dating?

Eric: Yeah. But if you don't date, how are you going to find someone to be in a relationship with? Once you're ready to be in a relationship again? I think you're more ready than you think you are. I think you're scared.

Chandler: I'm not scared.

Eric: Then date.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: I just finished my school work so I can help you with your neighborhood watch meeting.

Kevin: I don't think there's going to be a meeting. I couldn't get anyone who isn't related to us, or who isn't a close friend to commit to coming.

Annie: Why don't you make it into a party?

Kevin: what?

Lucy: Yeah. Why don't you tell the neighbors that you're having a party?

Kevin: Everyone would come but then they'd be very angry when they found out I lied.

Annie: Okay. What if you called everyone and told them that any adult that came to your Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight, would also be invited to my neighborhood block party tomorrow night with their family.

Kevin: Thanks but...

Annie: But what? I've been wanting to have a block party for years. I mean so many of the neighbors move away, others move in. It's hard to keep track, even for me. This will be great. It'll get everyone together. The kids, the adults, everybody.

Kevin: Thanks. But the meeting's in an hour.

Annie: Well give me the list.

Lucy: Give her the list.

Kevin: You can't just throw a party to get people to come to my meeting?

Annie: Why not?

Cecilia: You're having a party.

Lucy: A block party.

Peter: Cool. My mom will help.

Cecilia: And my mom too.

Ruthie: Can I invite my new friend, Jill Dupree and her family? They just moved here and they don't know anyone yet.

Annie: Absolutely. As a matter of fact, why don't we make this night not only a neighborhood block party but also a welcome to the neighborhood party for the Duprees? Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

Kevin: I'm telling you it won't work.

Annie: It'll work.

Camden's House

Lucy: Nice turnout.

Kevin: Remind me never to doubt your mother again.

Eric: Are Mr. and Mrs. Dupree here?

Annie: I don't think so.

Eric: I wonder what happened.

Annie: I know Ruthie told Jill.

Eric: Well if they don't show up we'll just meet them at the block party tomorrow night.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Paris: Ohhh!

Chandler: Oh I am so sorry.

Paris: No it's okay. I just got a little on my pants.

Chandler: Oh I really have to watch where I'm going.

Paris: Where are you going?

Chandler: Ironically enough Eric asked me to come in here and get some more... coffee. You're Peter's mom, right?

Paris: Yeah... I prefer Paris.

Chandler: Oh well it looks like you have the coffee thing taken care of.

Camden's House - Living Room

Chandler: Paris got the coffee.

Eric: I can see that.

Kevin: Okay everyone. Let's all move into the living room and we'll start the meeting.

Annie: He just broke up with Roxanne.

Paris: He what?

Annie: Chandler. He just broke up with Roxanne.

Paris: He's a little young for me don't you think? You don't think?

Annie: It's not what I think that matters.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Peter: Whoa, the whole neighborhood is down there.

Ruthie: What about Jill's parents?

Peter: Well I don't know what they look like.

Ruthie: I'm sure they're there. Jill told them about the meeting. And the party tomorrow night. Jill sounded really excited.

Peter: You don't think...?

Ruthie: Think what?

Peter: You don't think that the neighbors are going to care that Jill's parents are Muslim do you? I mean she had all that trouble at her old school and...

Ruthie: Who says that anyone has to know that they're Muslims?

Peter: You mean you didn't tell your parents?

Ruthie: Why would I? When I met you I didn't tell my parents what religion you were.

Peter: Hmm... that's a little different don't you think?

Ruthie: Look, once people get to know Jill's parents, they won't care that they're Muslim. But if people find out ahead of time, word will get out and then maybe no one will even bother getting to know them. Trust me, not letting anyone know that they're Muslim, is the right thing to do.

Sam: What's a Muslim?

Ruthie: Someone who practices the Islamic religion.

David: Are we Muslim?

Ruthie: No. we're Protestants. You remember Yasmine? She's Muslim.

Sam: So what's the difference between us and them?

Ruthie: Well we both believe in God...

Peter: Yeah. We just do it in different ways.

Sam: But if we all believe in God aren't we all the same?


Jordan: You don't look like a police officer.

Roxanne: What's a police officer supposed to look like?

Jordan: Uglier. You... look kind of nervous.

Roxanne: Yeah. You're my first...

Jordan: At-risk youth?

Roxanne: So what's the story with your other counselors?

Jordan: Well a few of them decided they didn't want to be in the program anymore. And... a few of them decided they didn't want to be around me anymore. So... can you not do that please? You know feel sorry for me. I hate that, really.

Roxanne: Make you a deal. You promise to make a fresh start with me... I promise not to feel sorry for you.

Jordan: Okay.

Roxanne: So what do you want to do tomorrow? I thought we could go see the new action movie. I brought the paper.

Jordan: Didn't the center tell you? My mom needs me to help her out this weekend.

Roxanne: Paul didn't mention anything to me.

Jordan: You don't believe me.

Roxanna: Ah... yeah. It's just that I...

Jordan: It's just that... you think I'm lying aobut my mom. That's fine. You're just like all the others. You think I'm no good.

Roxanne: I believe you, I do. I'm just disappointed we won't be able to spend more time together.

Jordan: Really?

Roxanne: Truly.

Jordan: Well what about next weekend? You know like... like dinner and a movie? I was just kidding.

Camden's House - Living Room

Kevin: Does anyone have any questions?

George: Okay, now besides making sure our windows have locks on them, and getting better out door lighting and leaving the lights on when we're away, and getting to know our neighbors better, is there anything else we should do to ensure our safety?

Fred: He's asking should we get guns?

George: No I'm not.

Fred: Well I am. Should we get guns?

Kevin: I don't recommend that any of you get a gun.

Fred: How are we supposed to protect ourselves when somebody breaks in to our house?

Kevin: If someone breaks in then you call the police who have guns and are trained to use them.

Fred: And what if the robbers don't let me call the police?

Kevin: I know you all want to protect yourselves. But trust me, guns aren't the answer. As a matter of fact, in some cases the victim's guns are used by the assailants against the victim.

Fred: But they can't use our gun against us if we shoot them first. And I can't shoot them first if I don't have a gun.

Kevin: Sir, I'm going to hand out my card which has my station number on it. And my home number. And my cell phone number. And my beeper number as well. If you, if any of you, find yourselves in a bad situation or need help, call me. Day or night, and I'll come running.

Fred: All right.

Kevin: Okay. So I guess that concludes our first Neighborhood Watch meeting. Look over the literature and I will see you all next month.

Annie: Oh, and don't forget our block party tomorrow night.

Eric: And bring your kids.

Annie: The whole family. The party starts at six.

Kevin: You're good.

Annie: Oh I am.

Kevin: Thanks.

Annie: Anytime.

Lucy: Hi.

Kevin: It's the station. I'd better call.

Fred: I hate to ask you about this but... is this block thing going to cost me money?

Eric: No. it's free.

Fred: I'm on a fixed income.

Eric: I know.

Fred: And my rotten kids don't send me anything.

Eric: I know.

Fred: So I can't afford to pay for a party for people I don't know.

Eric: That's why the party is free.

Fred: Right. So... ah Mildred told Harry that Jim said that this block party tomorrow night... is also a welcome to the neighborhood party for these... Dupree people? Well... who are they?

Eric: They're your neighbors.

Fred: But where did they come from?

Eric: I think... across town.

Fred: Ah... Dupree... I mean that sounds like they're from a lot father away than... across town. Ha, ha, ha.

Eric: I think Annie is calling me.

Fred: No, no. I just want to say this.

Lucy: Is something wrong?

Kevin: You need to come with me. We'll talk in the car. I'll call you later.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Hello?

Jill: Ruthie? It's Jill.

Ruthie: Is there something wrong?

Jill: My parents didn't go to the neighborhood watch meeting.

Ruthie: Why not?

Jill: My mom works nights.

Ruthie: Well your father could have come without your mother. I mean my parents were really looking forward to meeting your parents.

Jill: Do they know my parents are Muslim?

Ruthie: No.

Jill: Why not?

Ruthie: Because I told you: my parents won't care.

Jill: If you really thought that you would have told them. You know I thought my parents were wrong about not going to the meeting, but they're right. People don't like Muslims.

Ruthie: You don't understand. I didn't tell my parents because...

Jill: Look I just called to tell you we're not coming tomorrow night for the block party.

Ruthie: But it's for you and your family.

Jill: My parents don't want to meet the neighbors. They think once the neighbors find out we're Muslims that it will just make trouble, like at our old neighborhood. You must think that too or you would have told them. My parents don't want anymore trouble and neither do I.

Ruthie: But what am I supposed to tell my parents?

Jill: You were supposed to tell them my family was Muslim.

Cecilia's House - Living Room

George: Cecilia? Cecilia!!?

Cecilia: I'm okay, Dad. I wasn't even here when it happened.

George: Ohh...!

Cecilia: I came home, the front door was open, I called the police.

George: Who could have done this?

Michaels: A neighbor saw three young men running away from the house. We think these are the same kids responsible for several other robberies in the neighborhood. I'm so sorry about this.

George: What kind of kids do this?

Michaels: Kids with too much time on their hands.

Cecilia: My room is a mess. All my jewelry is gone. Everything. The earrings that Simon gave me... everything.

Kevin: I'm so sorry.

George: God I don't know how to tell your mother. She's going to be heartbroken about this.

Michaels: Well at least no one was hurt.

Kevin: I don't know, they look pretty hurt to me.

Camden's House

Ruthie: Jill Dupree and her parents aren't coming to the block party tonight.

Annie: Why is that?

Ruthie: Because they're Muslim.

Eric: Well... I... I didn't know.

Ruthie: It's because I didn't tell you. I was afraid you might tell the neighbors. I thought that if the neighbors knew... they might not give themselves a chance to like the Duprees just because they're Muslim. Remember what happened to Yasmine's family at first?

Eric: Yeah but no one is going to care that the Duprees are Muslim.

Ruthie: That's what I told Jill. But she figures that my not telling you and mom proves her parents point that most people aren't into having Muslim people for neighbors. I really messed up.

Lucy: The boys are down for their nap and Kevin just left to go to the station.

Eric: How's Cecilia's family doing?

Lucy: Well Kevin says they're still pretty shook up. They still want to come to the party tonight. They want to meet the Duprees.

Ruthie: There may not be a party.

Eric: There's going to be a party and the Duprees are going to come.

Annie: Maybe I should talk to Jill's mother.

Eric: No, no. I'll go talk to Mr. and Mrs. Dupree. And you and Lucy get everything ready for the party.

Ruthie: I'll watch Sam and David. When Peter gets here we can start getting ready for the party.

Lucy: And then later someone can tell me what's going on.

Chandler's House

Peter: Hello. Hello?

Chandler: Hi.

Peter: Chandler, is that you?

Chandler: Ah... it is.

Peter: Well do you want to talk to my mom?

Chandler: Yes. About the church.

Peter: What about the church?

Chandler: It's private.

Peter: Chandler I'm going to go to Ruthie's house.

Paris: But we were going to have lunch.

Peter: I know I'm sorry but Ruthie needs me.

Paris: Hello?

Chandler: Hello.

Paris: You called me.

Chandler: Oh right, I did.

Paris: Why'd you call me?

Chandler: Well I felt badly about spilling coffee on you last night. I was hoping I could make it up to you by spilling some lunch on you this afternoon. Ah... that was my attempt at being witty.

Paris: Um... why don't you just be you?

Chandler: Would you like to go to lunch?

Paris: Yes I would. As long as you promise not to be witty.

Chandler: Done.

Paris: But this is just lunch, not a date. I'm not ready to date. That whole thing with Dick last spring... I... I'm not ready to date.

Chandler: Me either. I just want nothing more than just lunch with a new friend.

Paris: Okay. Friends then.

Chandler: Yeah... friends.

Police Station

Roxanne: I thought this was your day off?

Kevin: It was until Cecilia's house got broken into.

Roxanne: When?

Kevin: During my neighborhood watch meeting.

Roxanne: Ouch. What'd they take?

Kevin: The usual. Electronics, jewelry, cash. It's the same MO as the last three robberies. I just got the list of stolen items. You should get it out to the local pawn shops.

Michaels: So how did everything go with Jordan... from the center last night?

Roxanne: I like him.

Kevin: Where is he? I thought you had him all weekend.

Roxanne: He had to help out his mother.

Kevin: And you believe him... the mother thing?

Roxanne: Yes.

Michaels: Still, you might want to check up on his story all the same.

Roxanne: I trust him even if you two don't.

Kevin: Fred called.

Roxanne: Who's Fred?

Kevin: One of the Camden's neighbors.

Michaels: Maybe he's got some information about the break-in.

Kevin: I'll go talk to him.

Roxanne: Jordan's a nice kid.

Michaels: For your sake I hope you're right.

Roxanne: I am right. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to catch up on some paper work.


Annie: That and this.

Bill: Oh there's no charge. I heard about the block party.

Annie: Oh! Word travels fast.

Bill: Yeah. I think it's a great idea. You really need to know the people you're living next to.

Annie: I agree.

Bill: I'm planning on coming.

Annie: Great. Thanks.

Bill: So I also heard you made this a welcome to the neighborhood for a new family.

Annie: Oh... the Duprees.

Bill: Who are they?

Annie: New neighbors.

Bill: I... I heard they're European. Dupree, that sounds European, right?

Annie: I don't know.

Bill: Oh you're asking you don't know where they're from?

Annie: No. you can ask the Dupree's where they're from tonight, at the party.

Bill: I'll do that.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: Oh, please come in. I'm Eric Camden.

Moe: I'm Moe Dupree.

Nadia: And I'm Nadia.

Eric: I would have come to your house.

Moe: We don't want to make any trouble for you.

Eric: Oh it wouldn't be any trouble.

Moe: It's just safer this way.

Eric: Safer?

Nadia: There were problems in our old neighborhood and at Jill's old school. People can be pretty mean when they want to be.

Eric: If you don't mind my asking, what kind of problems did you have?

Moe: People in the neighborhood found out we were Muslim. Well let's just say it was no big hardship to move.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Moe: Don't feel sorry for us.

Nadia: We're not the ones filled with hate and prejudice.

Moe: Unfortunately we found out the hard way that once people decide to not like you... there isn't much you can do.

Eric: I don't necessarily agree with that. We missed you at the Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Moe: It's best if no one really knows us. Jill told us about the party tonight.

Nadia: It's very kind of you and your family to make the effort but we would prefer to keep a low profile.

Moe: We can't come.

Eric: Please reconsider. I know my neighbors and my friends and none of them are going to have a problem with your family being Muslim.

Nadia: You think you know your neighbors and friends. We thought we knew our neighbors... where we used to live.

Eric: But if you never give anyone a chance to prove you wrong... to prove that there are people out there in the world who... who won't be prejudiced against you because of your religious views. And you'll end up spending the rest of your life isolated and alone.

Moe: And safe.

Nadia: We can't afford to move again. We can't afford to have problems again.

Moe: I refuse to put myself or my family in a situation that could possibly hurt us than we've already been hurt. So thank you. But no thank you.


Lucy: My mother said we're going to need at least twenty watermelons.

Mel: For the block party?

Lucy: You heard?

Mel: Everyone's talking about it. I'll deliver the watermelons and the other things you need by this afternoon. And I'll give you the groceries at cost.

Lucy: Thank you.

Mel: Hey what's good for the neighborhood is good for the community. And I'm part of the community.

Lucy: Well tonight because of your generosity... consider yourself part of the neighborhood.

Mel: I'll be there. So these people the Duprees... what's their story?

Lucy: They moved into the neighborhood a few months ago.

Mel: From where?

Lucy: Some other part of town.

Mel: But where are they from? Are they American?

Lucy: What do you mean by American?

Mel: Are they like us?

Lucy: And by "like us", do you mean..

Mel: Oh come on. You know what I'm asking. People are talking. I just want to know if what I've heard about the Duprees is true.

Lucy: Well if you've heard that the Duprees are decent, hard-working people who are new to the neighborhood... yeah, what you heard was true.

Fred's House

Fred: Not too much mayo. My arteries are like granite. And you're not in the will. And... and no pickles. They give me gas.

Kevin: Okay. I fixed the leak under your bathroom sink. I walked your dog and fixed you a sandwich. Now will you tell me what you know?

Fred: Know... about what?

Kevin: Your next door neighbors being robbed.

Fred: Who's been robbed?

Kevin: George and Cecilia. Last night?

Fred: I told you we needed guns!

Kevin: A gun wouldn't have made a difference. No one was home when they were robbed.

Fred: Oh...

Kevin: So... you don't know anything?

Fred: Uh-uh.

Kevin: So you called me over here to...

Fred: No, no. you said if I needed you... I could call you day or night. Well I needed you. I needed you to walk my dog. Fix that leak. And make me a sandwich. Now I need you to run to the store and get me some milk. Soy please. I'm ah... lactose intolerant. Oh and when you get back will you take a look at my toilet? It keeps running.

Police Station

Roxanne: What's this?

Officer: Some kid left this for you while you were out to lunch.

Roxanne: Some kid?

Officer: His name was Jordan... something.

Camden's House

Annie: I don't know how we did it but we got everything we need for the party tonight. How did it go with the Duprees?

Eric: I couldn't convince them to come.

Annie: Maybe I should try.

Eric: It doesn't matter now anyway. Since I got home the phone's been ringing off the hook. The neighbors aren't coming.

Annie: What?

Lucy: Because they found out the Duprees are Muslim? Everyplace I went today people wanted to know about the Duprees.

Annie: Me too.

Eric: Neither of them would come right out and say it but... they did say that people like the Duprees didn't support us during the war. And if it weren't for people like the Duprees there probably wouldn't have been a war. None of it was good. All of it was filled with a lot of anger and... hate. I'm sorry, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Yeah. I'm sorry too.

Peter: How can people be so prejudiced against people they don't even know?

Annie: So the Duprees aren't coming. The neighbors aren't coming.

Lucy: Well I don't know about you guys but... I'm not feeling much like having a party anymore anyway.

Eric: Tell you what I feel like... I feel like moving.


Paris: So thank you for lunch.

Chandler: Hot dogs. It's not really the kind of lunch I wanted to treat you to.

Paris: Well at least you didn't spill anything on me. Besides truth be told, I love hot dogs. Actually all fast food.

Chandler: Me too. I think it's a delayed rebellion from being raised by a mother who always cooked a four course sit down dinner. We never got to eat fast-food growing up. When we did it was like a treat.

Paris: For me it's just that I love... fat and grease.

Chandler: You couldn't tell by looking at you. Not that I'm looking at you. I mean I'm looking at you just... not in the way that...

Paris: How about a movie, my treat?

Chandler: Only if I can buy the popcorn.

Paris: Deal.

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: Those are my earrings. Simon gave them to me last year for my birthday. Where did you find them? Did you catch the jerks that broke into our house?

Roxanne: Unfortunately I think I did.

Camden's House

Eric: We have trouble.

Peter: What trouble?

Eric: Mr. Dupree called. Apparently he and his wife talked after we talked and... I got through to them. They want to give our neighbors a chance. They're coming to the party tonight.

Ruthie: But what's going to happen when they get here and they find out that there is no party because these neighbors are just as prejudiced as their old neighbors?

Fred's House

Kevin: Fred I just need you to understand that I'm a police officer. I'm not here to fix you a sandwich. Or help you repair your toilet. Or mow your lawn. I'm here to protect and serve the citizenry of Glenoak. Now you are a citizen, and so I'm here to serve you.

Fred: Right. Serve me, that's all I'm asking for, service. Oh, don't forget to do the edging. I like a nicely edged lawn.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hello?

Mrs. Bink: I'm calling about the block party.

Eric: Don't tell me you're calling to cancel.

Mrs. Bink: Just the opposite. I'm calling to tell you that I'll be there... with bells on! I know what the... the neighbors are saying about those Dupree people. But I don't care. A person isn't their race or their religion, it's just who they are. You have to judge every one individually. You can't... you can't hold one person accountable for the actions of a whole country.

Eric: I'm glad to hear you feel that way.

Mrs. Bink: So they didn't vote to go to war with us in Iraq. Isn't that what our country is about? That's what our country is based on... freedom of choice. Well they chose not to go. End of story. And all that hurray about it with freedom fries and freedom toast. French fries originated in Belgium. And French toast was invented in Albany, New York.

Eric: What are you talking about?

Mrs. Bink: The Duprees, they're French. And everybody hates the French.

Eric: That's why people aren't coming tonight? Because they think the Duprees are French?

Mrs. Bink: Well aren't they?

Eric: They're Muslim.

Mrs. Bink: Oh I hadn't heard that.

Eric: Mrs. Bink, can I call you back?

Mrs. Bink: Oh yeah, sure honey. Muslim...

Eric: People aren't coming tonight because they think the Duprees are French.

Annie: The Duprees aren't French.

Eric: I know. Where's Kevin?

Lucy: At Fred's house.

Eric: Well... go get him. I need him.

Lucy: What for?

Eric: I'm calling an emergency Neighborhood Watch meeting.


Paris: I enjoyed the movie.

Chandler: Me too. Well we could go home.

Paris: We could.

Chandler: I don't want to.

Paris: me neither.

Chandler: I really like talking to you.

Paris: I... I really like talking to you... too. I... I haven't had a lot of male company since... Dick. That is of course, is because I haven't trusted my instincts about men... since Dick left. And I thought he was this nice guy and he wasn't.

Chandler: What are your instincts telling you about me?

Paris: Buy me a cup of coffee and I'll tell you.

Camden's House

Ruthie: Mom says to tell you that everyone is downstairs.

Eric: Okay.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Eric: For what?

Ruthie: For helping my friend's family.

Eric: Well I haven't done anything yet.

Ruthie: Yes you have. I'm just saying that sometimes... I'm really proud you're my Dad. Now go smack some sense into those people.

Camden's House - Living Room

Lucy: What have you been doing all day?

Kevin: Mowing Fred's lawn. Walking Fred's dog. Fixing Fred's toilet. Buying Fred soy milk. He's lactose intolerant, you know. This isn't fun.

Lucy: He's lonely.

Kevin: Yeah I get that.

Lucy: He needs a friend.

Kevin: Yeah. I get that too.

Lucy: We need to find him a friend.

Kevin: Where am I supposed to find that... where am I supposed to find Fred a friend?

Lucy: You just make sure he comes to the party tonight and I'll take care of the rest.

Peter: What if there is no party?

Annie: There's going to be a party... even if it's just us and the Duprees. There will be a party. Where's your mom?

Peter: She called. She's out with Chandler.

Annie: All day? You okay with that?

Eric: All right. I want to thank everyone for coming.

Man: Is this about the robbery?

Eric: It's about the Duprees. They're not French. The Duprees are not from France. I... I... I know everyone is boycotting the party tonight because they... think the Duprees are French. But... they're not. The Duprees are from Glenoak.

Man: That's... that's good to know.

Eric: And they're Muslim. I had to see it with my own eyes.

Man: See what?

Eric: Prejudice. Narrow-mindedness. Racism.

Man: Hold on there.

Eric: No. You hold on. I don't know what's worse. All of you not coming tonight because you thought the Duprees were French or... you sitting there and thinking you're glad you're not coming tonight now that you know the Duprees are Muslim.

Man: You're not being fair.

Eric: No, you're not being fair. Any of you. How can you judge people based on their heritage? How can you judge people on the basis of their religion or the color of their skin? What are you telling your children when you act with this kind of... prejudice?

Man: Listen, I have a nephew who is in the army. He's still over in Iraq. He could die. He's had friends who have died. Now there isn't anyone in this room who hasn't been affected by the war in Iraq. Or by the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Eric: Okay. But where... where do the Duprees fit in to your feelings of hate and frustrations? You can't blame all Muslims for the actions of a handful of terrorists. And... and how can you hate what you don't even know? You haven't even met the Duprees. Every country, every people. Every religion, they've all had some darkness. Some mistakes in their past. Even us. What about us? what about America? We've made mistakes haven't we? But I hope when I go out in the world I hope I'm judged by my actions and not by the actions of the Americans how have done bad things. I hope the world... views me free of prejudice unless I personally, you know, give them a reason to distrust or... hate me. I called this meeting because I don't want to see a wonderful opportunity pass all of you by.

Man: What opportunity?

Eric: the opportunity to be the gracious, kind respectful, trusting neighbors I know you to be. I hope you'll all reconsider not coming tonight. I hope you'll all be here to show the Duprees... what this neighborhood is really made of. Of course if you don't come tonight you'll also be showing the Duprees what... what this neighborhood is made of. Think about it.

Police Station

Roxanne: Do you want to talk now?

Jordan: Am I really under arrest?

Roxanne: No.

Jordan: Can't you get in trouble for locking me up?

Roxanne: Your mother gave me permission.

Jordan: Why would she do that?

Roxanne: Because when I told her what you did... or what I think you did... she told me she doesn't know how to get through to you. So I asked if I could try and she agreed. Where did you get the earrings? Who committed the robbery and the other robberies in the area?

Jordan: If I rat those guys out to the police those guys will pound me.

Roxanne: You're at cross-roads. You have a decision to make. One I can't make for you. It's time you picked which direction you want to go in life. You can choose to be the good guy that I think you are, or you can choose to be a criminal. If you choose the latter, you might as well get used to your surroundings. Because this is most likely where you'll spend the rest of your life. Jordan you don't have to talk to me. But if you do want to talk to me I promise I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Front Porch

Paris: I can't believe we spent the entire day together.

Chandler: I had a really good time.

Paris: Me too. I don't want to say goodbye.

Chandler: Me either.

Paris: I don't want to just be your friend.

Chandler: Me either. You know if this were a date, I'd want to kiss you.

Paris: Well I'm thinking the same thing. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are we doing?

Chandler: We... we just met.

Paris: Right. And there's the age difference.

Chandler: And what about Peter?

Paris: Right. Pete... we should just be friends.

Chandler: Friends.

Paris: Friends.

Peter: Hi. What are you doing?

Chandler: Ah... nothing.

Peter: Where have you been all day?

Chandler: Ah... church.

Paris: Yes. Yes, church business.

Peter: So the entire day you've been doing the Lord's work?

Chandler: I'm going to go see if Eric needs some help.

Paris: And I am going to go see if Annie needs me to help her.

Camden's House

Eric: What if no one shows?

Annie: We'll be eating chicken tenders and beans for a month. Well you both look flushed.

Eric: You okay?

Paris: I'm fine.

Annie: Where have you two been all day?

Peter: Yeah, where you been?

Chandler: I think I'm going to go see if Lucy needs some help in the back yard.

Paris: I'll go with you.

Eric: Chandler and Paris?

Annie: I knew it.

Eric: Me, too.

Ruthie: Do you want to go with us to pick up the Duprees?

Peter: Sure.

Eric: After everything I told them today I just... can't bear to tell them their neighbors might not show up because they're Muslim.

Annie: You better tell them just in case no one shows.

Eric: Yeah.

George: Cecilia told me you found her earrings. That's great. Did you find the people that robbed us?

Jordan: Sir, my name is Jordan James. I... I didn't break into your house but I know the people who did and I'm really sorry about that.

Roxanne: Jordan's been breaking into homes with a group of older guys. He didn't break into your home but his friends did. And they gave him Cecilia's earrings and he gave them to me. And...

Jordan: I can't make up to the other people that I robbed. I...I figured if you didn't mind I'd like to make up for what was done to you.

George: Well there's still a lot of stuff to clean up. But for right now you can ah... help us put this soda on ice.

Michaels: You still think he's a good kid?

Roxanne: He's trying to be a good kid. And that's enough for me.

Camden's House

Mrs. Bink: Okay, where's this stud you wanted to fix me up with? It isn't you is it? 'Cause we're already living together. There's no reason to date.

Chandler: It's not me.

Lucy: Mrs. Bink the man I want you to meet is Fred. But he's not here yet.

Mrs. Bink: Then I got time for a drink huh?

Kevin: That's who you want to fix Fred up with?

Lucy: Can you think of anyone better?

Kevin: No. She's perfect for him.

Annie: I'm coming! I'm coming!

Camden's House - Backyard

Moe: Eric, don't... don't be disappointed. We don't need an entire neighborhood to feel welcome.

Nadia: You've done that all on your own.

Peter: Just so you know I'm okay with you dating my mom. She's been messed with pretty badly by men. First my dad and then... Dick. But you're a good man and I know you'll treat her right. And that's all I care about.

Chandler: I'm a little younger than your mom.

Peter: I don't care and I doubt she does. Just treat her right.

Chandler: I... I will.

Annie: Look everybody I've got something to show you!

Man: Mr. Dupree... Mrs. Dupree... welcome to the neighborhood.

Moe: Call me Moe.

Man: Moe.

Nadia: And I'm Nadia.

Man: Welcome.

Jill: I'm Jill.

Eric: Well... what are we waiting for? Let's get this party started!

Jill: I guess I was wrong about everyone.

Ruthie: I was wrong too. I should have told my parents. I'm sorry.

Jill: Friends?

Ruthie: Always. Thanks. 

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