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#806 : Charité bien ordonnée

Pendant son sermon du dimanche, Eric propose qu'au lieu de donner de l'argent, chacun fasse un geste pour aider quelqu'un dans le besoin. Kevin suggère que lui et Lucy travaillent ensemble pour organiser un programme de surveillance du voisinage, mais elle a très envie de travailler pour "Habitat pour l'humanité". Eric appelle son nouveau gendre Carlos et lui demande de prendre un vol pour venir dîner avec la famille, sans Mary. Il est assez angoissé à cette idée. Ruthie prend comme sujet de projet une nouvelle élève de l'école, timide, et elle découvre vite que cette fille a un secret. Peter prend Ruthie comme sujet de projet, et ça la pousse à lui demander qu'ils passent moins de temps ensemble. Chandler et Roxanne se rencontrent sans arrêt, cela fait remonter en eux de vieux sentiments. Annie est jalouse de tout le temps que passe Cecilia avec les jumeaux. 


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Titre VO
Charity begins at home

Titre VF
Charité bien ordonnée

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Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Chandler joué par Jérémy London

Chandler joué par Jérémy London

Lucy joué joué par Beverly Mitchell

Lucy joué joué par Beverly Mitchell

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Karen Arthur 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Detective Michaels), Carlos Ponce (Carlos Rivera) 

Guests :

  • Hayley Chase ..... Lauren
  • Brody Hutzler ..... Paul
  • Kamal Marayati ..... Moe Dupree
  • David Rountree ..... Agent de porte
  • Randa Sabbah ..... Jill Dupree

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: I had planned on talking about today's readings. I... I had my sermon... all ready to go. Then I read the paper and as I flipped through the pages, something occurred to me. You know since September 11th, the news in the world hasn't been very good. War, murder, political unrest, stock market problems. CEO's bankrupting corporations. Racial problems. Terrorism. Governments running out of money. Kids... committing crimes. This is what fills the pages of our paper. This is what we hear on the radio. This is what we see on the TV. I know that many of you find the news as upsetting as I do. I hear it in our phone conversations. But... I read it in your letters and e mails. Let's face it there's a general feeling of pessimism in our congregation. And it's spreading and we need to do something about it. Now the way I see it, we all have talents. Talents that can be used to make a better church. A better community. A better world. And what I propose we all do... is that we take our special talent, whatever it may be, and reach out to someone in need. That could mean anything. From simply praying for someone to... to joining a volunteer organization, to starting your own group. To do some project that would benefit others. Maybe you're a... plumber. Or an electrician or a... a carpenter. Can you afford to give the church one Saturday a month to help with repairs? That's what I'm talking about. Maybe you're a stay-at-home mother who can help a mother working outside the home by including her children for one meal in a week. You can ask Annie how it's done. We do it almost every meal... at our house. Or maybe you're a student... who can tutor a younger student. You see what I'm getting at? We can all do something. Even if it's just... to pray for someone who you know needs some extra prayer. So, take that piece of paper that's just been handed to you... and write down one good thing you'll do for someone, other than yourself in the coming year. Because today I want us to fill our collection plates with commitments... not cash. Today... I want us to take our faith outside these church walls... and share it with the community. With each other. And with the world. Today I want us to take the first step in making our world a better place. We can do it. One person at a time. One good act at a time. So... let's... let's all get out there and... just growing, keep expanding our reach. Let's, let's get out there and be the wind beneath the wings of our faith.

Camden's House

Ruthie: When is mom coming home from Grandpa's?

Eric: Not for a couple of days. You tired of my cooking all ready?

Ruthie: In a word, yes.

Eric: Does this mean you won't be staying for dinner tonight?

Peter: No.

Ruthie: Yes.

Peter: Well I told my mom I was staying for dinner. Unless Ruthie doesn't want me to.

Ruthie: It's just that you've been staying a lot lately. And I don't want your mom to get lonely.

Peter: My mom's fine.

Eric: Well then we'd better set another place at the table.

Peter: By the way, inspiring service today. Trying to change the world one good act at a time. One person at a time. You're like the Gandhi of Glenoak.

Eric: Thanks. So have you two decided what good you're going to do for others?

Ruthie: I think my talent's friendship. I mean I've got a lot of talents. But I'm really good at making friends. Getting to know people. So I was thinking of eating lunch with this new girl at school. Jill. She's a transfer student from some private school. And she needs a friend. Or someone at least to eat lunch with.

Eric: Sounds good.

Peter: I'm still working on mine.

Eric: Take your time.

Peter: So what are you going to do? What good acts are you going to do?

Eric: Well... my good act you know is to help everyone in the church do good for others. I'm going to help everyone keep the commitments they make. Why?

Peter: Gandhi did more than just counsel people. He got in there and he got his hands dirty. I'm just saying that maybe instead of helping a lot of people like you always do, that you should focus on just one person. Isn't that what you're asking all of us to do? Then again I'm 13, what do I know? Right?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: What's that for?

Kevin: I'm in a great mood. I finally figured out what I can do for the church. How best to use my skills and talents.

Lucy: Oh well you're a very talented kisser.

Kevin: True. But if I were to share that talent with anyone else I'd probably get in trouble. I'm going to start a Neighborhood Watch. I'm going to teach everybody in the neighborhood how to protect themselves and their family and their property. Isn't that a great idea?

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: And I thought you and I could do it together. I know crime prevention and you know the neighbors. And, hey you're the one who always wants us to do more things together as a couple.

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: And... you're the one who says we don't' spend enough time together. Your school schedule and my work schedule.

Lucy: True.

Kevin: And you're the one who always wanted to know what it would be like to be my partner.

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: I don't understand. I thought you'd be happy about this. About us working together.

Lucy: I am happy. I'm very happy.

Kevin: So... partners?

Camden's House

Eric: Dinner's almost ready. Time to wash up.

Sam/David: All clean.

Cecilia: They're clean. The bathroom is another story.

Eric: I don't know how to thank you for helping out. With Annie out of town, you've been a God send.

Cecilia: Well I'm glad to do whatever I can. I like being with all you guys. You're like a second family to me.

Eric: Stay for dinner?

Sam/David: Yeah, stay for dinner!

Cecilia: Are you sure?

Eric: If you can stand my cooking? With all you've been doing for us it's the least I can do for you.

Cecilia: Well if the boys want me to stay I'll stay.

Sam: Sit next to me.

David: No, me.

Cecilia: I'll sit in between both of you. How about that?

Eric: I'll see you in a minute. I just have to make a phone call.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Roxanne: I was just dropping off my paper for Reverend Camden. My commitment.

Chandler: How long are you going to do this?

Roxanne: Do what?

Chandler: Come to church.

Roxanne: Am I not welcome at church?

Chandler: Aren't you uncomfortable?

Roxanne: Are you uncomfortable?

Chandler: Considering our past and the fact we're not dating anymore... yes, I'm uncomfortable.

Roxanne: Well that's your problem not mine, Reverend.

Chandler: I don't think I like the way you say Reverend.

Roxanne: Well I don't like what you're asking me to do.

Chandler: What am I asking you to do?

Roxanne: You're asking me not to come to church anymore. You know I should turn you in to someone.

Chandler: I'm not asking you to stop coming to church altogether. Just... this church. Okay, just admit that you're only coming here to be around me.

Roxanne: No.

Chandler: Well then just admit that you're still in love with me.

Roxanne: No.

Camden's House

Carlos: Hello.

Eric: Carlos, it's Eric.

Carlos: Eric who?

Eric: Eric Camden.

Carlos: Hi Colonel.

Eric: No. Carlos, Eric, Mary's father?

Carlos: Oh, oh, I'm sorry Reverend. It's just that I know you as Reverend you know, not Eric. And to be honest with you your family is so confusing. Lots of people here and there. And I met everyone so quickly that...

Eric: Carlos it's okay.

Carlos: Any how Mary is... not home. Late flight. But I'll let her know you called. Good talking to you. Hello.

Eric: Carlos.

Carlos: Yes.

Eric: I wasn't calling to talk to Mary. I was calling to talk to you.

Carlos: Me?

Eric: Yes, you.

Carlos: Are you sure?

Eric: Yes.

Carlos: What? Did I do something wrong?

Eric: No.

Carlos: But you want to speak with me?

Eric: Yes I do. Actually I'd love to talk to you face to face.

Carlos: Hombre to hombre.

Eric: Okay... hombre, hombre. Can you get a flight pass from Mary?

Carlos: Well yeah, I mean I guess I could.

Eric: Good. 'Cause I checked the flight schedule and there's a non-stop flight in the morning that'll get you in Glenoak tomorrow around six. You'll be here in time for dinner.

Carlos: But Mary won't be home for two days.

Eric: I don't want Mary to come. I want you to come alone.

Carlos: Alone?

Eric: So... will you... come for dinner?

Carlos: Yean I suppose if it's important. Yeah.

Eric: It's important.

Carlos: Then I'll... see you tomorrow.

Camden's House

Eric: Hello.

Annie: Hi, Eric. It's me.

Eric: It's so good to hear your voice. I really miss you.

Annie: I miss you too. So... how did your sermon go over? Did the congregation respond to your idea about reaching out and helping others in the community?

Eric: I think so. You know almost half the people have turned in commitments to do good for others.

Annie: Oh that's great.

Eric: It is.

Annie: Let me say a quick hi to Sam and David before I have to take dad to the doctor.

Eric: They're not here.

Annie: Let me guess... they're with Cecilia?

Eric: Yeah.

Annie: Doesn't she have school?

Eric: Well she has the day off so she took the boys to a movie. Then they were going to go to the zoo and then to the park.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Detective Michaels is going to meet with us this afternoon. He's exited about setting up the neighborhood watch. Apparently they've been quite a few break-ins in the area. You okay? No, you're not okay. What's wrong? What's wrong?

Lucy: Well it's just that... what do I know about crime prevention and neighborhood watches? I'm not a police officer. I'm a divinity student.

Kevin: Hey don't worry. We're a team remember? You'll handle the neighbors and I'll handle the police stuff.

Lucy: I just don't want you to feel obligated to do something with me just because I'm your wife.

Kevin: I don't feel obligated. I'd be disappointed if you didn't help me. I really want us to work together.

Junior High School

Ruthie: There's Jill. I should do this alone.

Peter: But I want to help you.

Ruthie: Lately you've been helping me a little too much.

Peter: What's that supposed to mean?

Ruthie: It means you should find your own project. And maybe you should eat dinner at your own house a little more often.

Peter: I just want to help you.

Ruthie: But I don't want you to help me. I want to do this by myself. Understand?

Peter: No.

Ruthie: You've been a little smothering lately. Just find your own project, okay? Hi, I'm Ruthie, Ruthie Camden.

Jill: Who's that?

Ruthie: Peter, he's my friend.

Jill: Why is he staring at us?

Ruthie: Cuase we usually eat lunch together. But today I told him I want to eat lunch with you.

Jill: Thanks but I like to eat alone.

Ruthie: Well maybe we could talk later, after you eat alone. I don't know you that well and...

Jill: That's because you've never talked to me before.

Ruthie: You're new.

Jill: I've been going to this school for months. Okay what's the deal with that guy?

Ruthie: Just ignore him.

Jill: I can't.

Ruthie: Seriously, I just want to talk. I want to get to know you.

Jill: If that were true this wouldn't be the first time you talk to me.

Community Center

Chandler: So you run the Community Youth Program?

Paul: Yeah, and I'm glad you called. We really could use some volunteers with counseling experience.

Chandler: Tell me about the program.

Paul: Most of the kids we help have parents for varying reasons, not able to give them the time and attention they need.

Chandler: And what reasons are those?

Paul: Prison, mostly. I have to ask. I'm glad for the help. But... what made you want to volunteer?

Chandler: Oh well there's this... project at my church. Well actually um... volunteering for the program that my ex-girlfriend and I had looked into a few months ago. She's a police officer and... with my back ground in counseling, it seemed like a common area for us to do some good and still spend some time together. But we broke up before we actually got around to doing anything. So I guess I'm going to have to settle for doing good all by myself.

Paul: Maybe not. This ex-girlfriend, what's her name?

Chandler: Ah... Roxanne.

Paul: And since you and Roxanne broke up how do you get along?

Chandler: We don't. She's angry with me and I'm angry with her. A lot of anger.

Paul: That's too bad.

Chandler: Why is that?

Junior High School

Peter: So now what?

Ruthie: After school I'm going to go over to her apartment. She won't talk to me here maybe she'll talk to me there.

Peter: Oh then I guess I'll meet you after math class and walk over with you.

Ruthie: No. I told you before. I want to do this alone. By myself.

Peter: Why?

Ruthie: Because I do.

Peter: But I was thinking about what your father said in church. You know using your talents to help others. And I think my talent might be best used helping you. So I want to commit to helping you this year. You're my project. Like your dad said: pick something you're good at doing, and I'm good at helping you. So it's perfect.

Ruthie: First of all I don't need help. And second of all I don't want to be your project.

Peter: What's wrong with being someone else's project? Jill's your project.

Ruthie: Jill needs help.

Jill: I do not need help!

Ruthie: Every one can use a little help now and then. What I need is to spend less time with you. If we want this relationship to last, we each have to have our own interests. Don't you watch Dr. Phil?


Steward: Sir you're holding up the flight. Sir, you have to either get on the plane or step away from the gate. Okay seriously sir, which is it... are you staying or are you going? Or am I calling security?

Police Station

Michaels: Maybe we should reschedule the meeting.

Kevin: I don't know what could be keeping Lucy.

Michaels: Not to worry, I've got some time tonight.

Kevin: I can't meet you tonight. I've got to pick up Carlos at the airport.

Michaels: Is everything okay?

Kevin: Honestly I don't know, but for Carlos's sake, I hope so.

Michaels: Well find some time later in the week to discuss the neighborhood watch when Lucy is available.

Community Center

Roxanne: I know you're still in love with me, but I had no idea you were capable of this. You looked at the note that I left for Reverend Camden, didn't you? Oh common, how else did you end up here at the exact same charity that I picked to volunteer for?

Chandler: You really don't remember?

Roxanne: Remember what?

Chandler: We talked about volunteering for this months ago. Months ago when we were still dating.

Roxanne: Oh yeah.

Chandler: Plus, I looked at the note you left Reverend Camden.

Roxanne: I knew it.

Chandler: Your note is official church business and I'm... an official at the church.

Roxanne: So I'm right. You're not here to help troubled kids, you're here because you're still in love with me. That's sad, really, really sad.

Chandler: And I'm right, too. The only reason you're going to church is because you're still in love with me. That's sad, really, really sad.

Roxanne: I'm not still in love with you. I've moved on.

Chandler: Who have you moved on with?

Roxanne: It's none of your business.

Chandler: You haven't moved on.

Roxanne: Paul.

Chandler: Paul who? You want to date teen counselor Paul?

Roxanne: We met last week for coffee to discuss the program and we have a lot in common. Like I said, I've moved on.

Chandler: So, this is what, like a dating service-slash-crisis center for you? Okay fine, why do I even care? We're broken up right? It's over between us. We're finished. You've moved on, and I've moved on. So date whomever you want, I'm out of here. Just tell me one thing. What does he have that I don't? Have? Oh wait, I know what he has that I don't have, teen counselor Paul is willing to "shack up" with you. Is that it? That has to be it. So just so I have this straight, I have respect for you, and respect for the sanctity of marriage, and he doesn't. So he gets you and I get the boot.

Roxanne: Why are you getting so upset?

Chandler: Why?

Roxanne: Yes, why? Why do you care about anything I do?

Chandler: Why? Why? Why?

Roxanne: Yes why?

Chandler: Because I'm still in love with you. You idiot. That's why.

Roxanne: How much did you hear?

Paul: I heard the part about you wanting to date me. When you get things settled with Chandler, come back and we'll talk.

Camden's House

Cecilia: Camden residence.

Annie: Cecilia?

Cecilia: Hi, Mrs. Camden.

Annie: Why are you answering the phone?

Cecilia: No one is home but me and Sam and David.

Annie: Home?

Cecilia: Yeah we just got back from the zoo. They love the zoo.

Annie: I know Sam and David love the zoo.

Cecilia: Well... do you want me to tell Reverend Camden you called?

Annie: Yes, thank you. And I'd like to talk to Sam and David.

Cecilia: They're actually taking their nap right now.

Annie: Wake them.

Cecilia: But it's so hard to get them to go back to sleep once they've been woken up.

Annie: Oh I know that I wouldn't ask you to wake up my children, but I haven't been able to talk to my children al the other times I've called. Because every time I call you've got my children at the movies or the Promenade, or at the zoo or the park...

Cecilia: I don't want to upset you, I'm trying to help, and fill in where needed.

Annie: Yes, but maybe you're helping too much. You know I don't need anyone to fill in for me. I'm just in Phoenix. I'm coming back. Ever since Simon left, you've been going to church with us. You've been having dinner with us, you've been having lunch with us, you know you've been taking care of the boys. I don't want to hurt your feelings. But you've been spending way too much time with our family, and way too much time with Sam and David. It's not goof for you, or for them. You aren't their mother, I am. I just think it would be better for everyone if you spent less time with Sam and David. Cecilia?

Cecilia: I'll go get Sam and David and then I'll call Mrs. Poole and see is she can stay with the boys until someone from your family comes home.

Annie: You don't have to leave the house this minute. I just meant you know...

Cecilia: I heard you. I know what you meant, you want me to leave, and so I'm going to leave.

Apartment Hallway

Moe: Can I help you?

Ruthie: Hi. I'm Ruthie Camden. I'm waiting for a friend.

Moe: Who's your friend?

Ruthie: Her name's Jill. She lives in this apartment. Do you know her?

Moe: Yes I do.

Ruthie: Do you know when she'll be home?

Moe: Every day after school Jill helps her mother with her work. And then they eat dinner together. How do you know Jill?

Ruthie: We go to school together.

Moe: I didn't know Jill had any new friends.

Ruthie: Well we're not friends exactly. I just met her and I wanted to talk to her... and hopefully be her friend. She wouldn't talk to me at school. So I thought I'd try to talk to her here.

Moe: Jill likes to keep to herself.

Ruthie: You know why?

Moe: I don't think she really trusts kids. Well the kids at her old school, used to tease her quite a bit.

Ruthie: You know why?

Moe: I do. But I think it's for Jill to tell you or not tell you what happened at her old school. But I'll let her know that you stopped by.

Ruthie: You're Jill's father.

Moe: Mr. Dupuis. But you can call me Moe. It was nice talking with you, Ruthie. I'll let Jill know that you stopped by.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: What's going on?

Lucy: I need to talk to you.

Chandler: Me too.

Peter: Yeah, me too.

Cecilia: And me.

Eric: Individually or as a group?

Lucy: Individually.

Eric: Is this about my church project?

Lucy: Yes.

Cecilia: I'm not sure.

Peter: Kind of.

Chandler: Yes and no.

Eric: Okay. Well... who's first?

Kevin's Car

Kevin: This is usually where we get out.

Carlos: I can't.

Kevin: Hey we've all been there. It's a small club. Actually you're the newest member. Welcome.

Carlos: The club?

Kevin: The club for men married to the daughters of the Reverend Eric Camden.

Carlos: But I don't even know what I'm doing here.

Kevin: You don't?

Carlos: Do you know why I'm here?

Kevin: Reverend Camden asked me to pick you up at the airport.

Carlos: He asked me to fly three thousand miles just to have dinner with him.

Kevin: That could be good or bad news. Maybe we should sit here for a while till your're ready to go in.

Carlos: Or we could just drive away.

Kevin: You'll have to come back eventually. To face him and whatever he wants.

Carlos: Yeah eventually but not now. Please.

Kevin: You're serious.

Carlos: Hmm... very scared. I don't want Mary to have to choose between me and her family. Drive.

Kevin: What?

Carlos: Just drive. Now.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Carlos: Yes.

Roxanne's House

Chandler: Your father let me in. I come bearing peace.

Roxanne: And pizza.

Chandler: Can we talk?

Roxanne: I don't want to talk to you.

Chandler: What do you want to do?

Roxanne: The same thing you want to do.

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: Dad I told you I don't want to talk. I just... what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Phoenix.

Annie: I know but I missed my family. So... I caught the last flight and I came straight here from the airport.

Cecilia: I am so...

Both: ...sorry.

Cecilia: You're right. Ever since Simon left I've been spending way too much time at your house. But being with everybody especially Sam and David, well it makes me miss Simon less. But don't worry from now on, no more church, dinners or playing with Sam and David.

Annie: Cecilia I am not upset with you... for spending time at our house and time with Sam and David. I'm upset with myself... for not being able to be at two places at the same time. I'm upset with myself for not being able to take care of my dad and my children at the same time. I'm upset because I have to choose and I don't like my choices. My father's Alzheimer's is getting worse.

Cecilia: I'm so sorry.

Annie: So I... I want to spend more time with him. But you see that means going to Phoenix more often. On weekends or maybe a week or more each month away from my family here. So that means I have to choose between my two families. I have to choose between my father and my children, specifically Sam and David.

Cecilia: And... where do I fit into this?

Annie: Well you're getting close to Sam and David, and wanting to spend so much time with them. And they're wanting to spend so much time with you. Well it made me feel like a bad mother. Like I was neglecting my own children. So if I'm already neglecting my own children, then I certainly can't find time to be with my father, right? Hard for you to understand. But... when you're the mother of young children, and you have an elderly sick parent, well the choices aren't easy. You know you want to do for all... but you can't. You have to make choices. Ultimately sacrifices.

Cecilia: I know I don't understand all the details. But... I don't see what the problem is. I mean, I want to spend time with your family. And Sam and David and you need to have time with your father. Well... why can't I watch the boys when you go to Phoenix? Or why can't I go to phoenix with you one weekend so you can take the boys but still be able to take care of your father. Or... why can't I take care of things around the house while you're off to Phoenix with the boys and your dad? I can you know. I can do that. I want to do that. Because I just want to help. Your family is like family to me. Simon or no Simon.

Annie: Oh Cecilia I couldn't ask you...

Cecilia: You're not asking me, I'm volunteering. I tell you what... I'm going to write down what we talked about and give it to Reverend Camden. And if you want my help... all you have to do is call.

Annie: So I'm your commitment for the year?

Cecilia: We all have talents. I think mine is best used to help you and your family.

Annie: I think you might be the answer to my prayers.

Cecilia: You know... that's just what Reverend Camden thought too.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: Kevin said you were waiting for me in here. How are you?

Carlos: Fine.

Eric: Good. The flight?

Carlos: Nice. They... they gave me nuts. This is because I'm Catholic isn't it?

Eric: You're Catholic?

Carlos: I won't convert.

Eric: I wouldn't ask you.

Carlos: Well then why am I here?

Eric: To have dinner.

Carlo: You wanted me to fly three thousand miles... just to have dinner with you?

Eric: Everything with you and Mary happened so fast. One day I find out you're married... to my daughter. The next day I find out you and Mary are expecting. The next day you and Mary are gone. Mary and I have... had our differences... over the years. And... well, it could be very easy for all of us to lose contact. Just become strangers. Actually you already are a stranger, which is why I wanted you to come to dinner. So I'm making a commitment to spend the next year getting to know you. And... and staying in touch with my daughter. That's phone calls or e mails or... or visits, whatever it takes. We're gonna do it. Because my family is my world. And there's nothing more important to me. Nothing. So... I guess what I wanted to say to you is, is... ah... welcome to the family son.

Carlos: Well... thanks... dad. So this is a good thing?

Eric: Oh yeah. Yeah this is a good thing.

Carlos: Maybe next time you can tell me before I get on the airplane.

Eric: Come on you missed dinner. I'll get you a sandwich. So Mary didn't mention that you're Catholic. Interesting. Very interesting.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I'm not going anywhere Lucy. Come on out of there and talk to me. What happened to you today?

Lucy: I don't want to help you with your Neighborhood Watch Program. I want my own project. I want to get back involved with Habitat for Humanity. So?

Kevin: So?

Lucy: You're not upset.

Kevin: Just that you blew me off today without calling.

Lucy: You're not upset that we're not going to work together?

Kevin: I mean I thought it would be fun, and frankly I thought if I didn't ask you to do something with me you'd be hurt. You're the one who's always saying we don't do enough together.

Lucy: So you're okay?

Kevin: If you're okay?

Lucy: I'm okay. I love you.

Kevin: I love you too. And just for the record... next time something is bothering you, no matter how you think I'm going to react... talk to me. We're in this marriage together.

Lucy: That's what my dad said... kind of.

Kevin: Your father is a smart man.

Lucy: Yes he is.

Roxanne's House

Roxanne: What?

Chandler: So does this mean...?

Roxanne: It doesn't change anything.

Chandler: We're... we're still broken up? Maybe it's time to leave.

Roxanne: Do you want to leave? But...

Chandler: We're not together. What about Paul?

Roxanne: What about him?

Chandler: You still want to date him?

Roxanne: We're not together anymore.

Chandler: No. we're not together anymore. So I should leave.

Roxanne: Chandler...

Chandler: Ah... good luck with Paul. Now you can have your at-risk youth of Glenoak and... teen counselor, Paul. I'm just... I guess Reverend Camden was right. It's time for me to move on. To really, really move on. Goodbye, Roxanne.

Junior High School

Peter: I talked to your dad.

Ruthie: I had a feeling you did.

Peter: Why?

Ruthie: Because my dad talked to me. I'm sorry.

Peter: No, I'm sorry.

Ruthie: Look all summer you've been there for me, through everything. Through all the bad stuff. And... I just don't want that to become our thing. You always trying to help me. You always trying to make things better for me. You trying to make up for Simon not being there. I don't want to be your project.

Peter: Yeah, I know.

Ruthie: So... friends?

Peter: Always.

Jill: We need to talk.

Peter: I'll see you later.

Jill: My dad told me you came by yesterday. Why do you want to be my friend so badly?

Ruthie: Why do you not want to be my friend so badly?

Jill: Look nothing personal, but I don't like kids.

Ruthie: You're a kid.

Jill: Yeah but I'm not mean and I don't call kids names.

Ruthie: What happened at your old school?

Jill: My dad didn't tell you?

Ruthie: No.

Jill: He didn't tell you we were Muslim? Well we are. We're Muslim.

Ruthie: Okay. I have other Muslim friends. I've been to a mosque. I don't care that you're Muslim. Wait, at your old school were the kids mean to you because you're a Muslim? Is that why you left and came here?

Jill: I hated that school.

Ruthie: Is that why you go to class alone? Why you eat lunch alone? Why you won't talk to me or anyone else? Why you don't want to be friends with anyone?

Jill: I don't want anyone to know I'm Muslim.

Ruthie: Well you have to give kids a chance. You have to give me a chance. We're not all bad... like at your old school.

Jill: You don't understand what's it like to be a Muslim in America, after September 11. That day changed everything. Everyone hates us. And they hate us 'cause they don't understand us. And they don't underrated us 'cause they don't know us.

Ruthie: Well let me get to know you. Let me be your friend.

Jill: What happens if your parents find out I'm Muslim? Or your other friends fine out that I'm Muslim?

Ruthie: My parents won't care. And any friend of mine that doesn't want to be your friend just because you're Muslim... isn't a friend that I'm interested in keeping. Come on... let's just lunch. What do you have to lose? I promise you that if you'll be my friend I won't let you down. Really .trust me.

Jill: Okay. I'll do it.

Ruthie: Really?

Jill: Yeah, sure. Let's have lunch.

Lauren: Are you walking to lunch with us?

Ruthie: Sure. And Jill's walking with us... okay? You guys know Jill?

Girls: No.

Ruthie: Well this is Jill. She's new. Jill, this is Emily, Lauren and Kristen. They're friends of mine. Jill's a new friend. Let's go.

Jill: Thanks.

Camden's House

Sam: ...and God bless mommy and daddy and Lucy and Kevin, and...

David: ...Ruthie and Peter and Cecilia and Chandler and Roxanne.

Sam: ...and Matt and Sarah, and Mary and Carlos, and Grandpa and Ginger, and Grandma and the Colonel... and God please bless Simon, he needs you.

David: He really does.

Sam: So take care of him.

David: Because we can't.

Sam: Because we love him.

David: And we miss him.

Sam: A lot.

Sam/David: Amen. 

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