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#809 : Alice

Eric aide le conseil de l'école à enquêter sur la principale du Lycée, Mlle Jones, quand plus d'un parent se pose des questions sur son comportement. Quand une élève disparait, tous accusent Mlle Jones, mais Eric est persuadé que c'est le père de l'élève le vrai coupable. Les rumeurs concernant Martin énervent Cecilia, qui regrette par la suite d'avoir parlé à Ruthie de ses sentiments.


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Go ask Alice

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Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson)

Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et la proviseur du lycée

Kevin (Georges Stults) et la proviseur du lycée

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton & Shawn Kostanian 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Détective Michaels) 

Guests :

  • Christopher Allport ..... Monsieur Miller
  • Corbin Allred ..... Griffith Miller
  • Meredith Baxter ..... Ms Jones
  • Timothy Davis-Reed ..... Homme
  • Lee Garlington ..... Homme
  • Michael Holden ..... Constructeur
  • Kathleen Lloyd ..... Monsieur Miller
  • Debbie McLeod ..... Mère de la fille hypoglycémique
  • Stephanie Nash ..... Mère d'élève
  • Elena Praskin ..... Étudiante
  • Brighton Ring ..... Raina
  • Kimberly Scott ..... Assistante sociale
  • Dean J. West ..... Étudiant de l'université
  • Madeline Zima ..... Alice Miller

High School

Ms Jones: Simon, Lucy and Matt and Mary are gone. I have another year before Ruthie so... tell me why you're involved in my business?

Eric: Yes, well ah... you know with our children we usually felt that dealing with the vice-principal was enough but... I got involved when one of the parents in my neighborhood called me and... asked me to intervene and... asked could I deal directly with you. The Miller's understand why there's a "no visitors" policy on the campus. But... it's just their older son coming to pick up their daughter after basketball practice, he's a family member so... surely something could be worked out.

Ms Jones: So I take it you've sided with the Millers and you'd like me to change the school policy to better suit their daughter?

Eric: I'm not sure I would have put it that way but... yeah, I thought there might be a compromise.

Ms Jones: In this case... I don't think so. So, is there anybody else who is unhappy that you would like to make happy? Perhaps I could help you bring about justice for some other students.

Eric: Ms. Jones, I don't mean any offense. But you've hardly allowed me to speak.

Ms Jones: I don't mean any offense either Reverend Camden, but I'm a very busy woman, and I've already spent a lot of time and effort talking to the student, and the brother of the student and... the parents that you're representing and... I have explained at nauseum that this "no visitor" policy is not my personal policy... this is a Distinct wide policy. And frankly I'm annoyed that they don't want to take no for an answer and just play by the rules.

Eric: But... rules are made to be broken, are they not?

Ms. Jones: What about the Ten Commandments? Are they meant to be broken? What about the Golden Rule? Forgive me I'll stop wasting your time and get back to work. I've got a teacher out sick and the substitute hasn't arrived and I've got to get to class.

Martin: What are you doing here?

Eric: I had a meeting with Ms. Jones.

Martin: Ah... isn't she great?

Eric: Yeah sure but she's a... bit if a stickler for the rules isn't she?

Martin: Yeah, you know she is. She's absolutely fair to everyone. There's no guessing what's allowed or not allowed. The athletes aren't favored over the other students so no one resents us. And everyone is treated the same.

Eric: Do all the students feel the way you do?

Martin: I don't know. And I don't really care. Bottom line... this is the highest rated school academically in the whole district. And I don't feel like I'm going to get stabbed by another student every time I go around the corner. I got to get to class. See ya.

Eric: Hey... come by for dinner tonight.

Raina: You're that Revered guy aren't you? Simon Camden's dad?

Eric: Yeah... Eric Camden.

Raina: I know why you're here. Because that new guy and the principle are a little... too close, if you know what I mean. I heard he's not really a student. He's a spy. She's always trying to get information, get rid of her enemies before they get rid of her... know what I mean?

Camden's House

Eric: That's enough. Don't want to raise the bar too high. I've been working to keep it at a reasonable level for years.

Martin: Sorry. Military training.

Eric: How is your Dad?

Martin: He's in Iraq. And he's tired. And he's ready to come home but... not before the job's done. I got an e mail from him this afternoon.

Eric: Oh, so you were home this afternoon?

Martin: No. I just ran by the house to check my e mail before I came over to help Annie with dinner.

Eric: Before that?

Martin: Before that? Ah... baseball. Why?

Eric: No reason. Just asking.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Cecilia: I'll see you soon.

Ruthie: Going out with Martin?

Cecilia: No. I have homework to do too.

Ruthie: You're not avoiding him because of what people at school are saying about him, are you?

Cecilia: No. he doesn't know what people are saying.

Ruthie: Are you sure? I mean most of the time people eventually hear what's going around.

Cecilia: You're not going to tell him are you?

Ruthie: No. But maybe you should.

Cecilia: Why?

Ruthie: Because you think he may not be who he says he is.

Cecilia: I didn't say that.

Ruthie: But you're thinking it.

Cecilia: Ruthie, do me a favor... can we just forget I confided in you?

Ruthie: Sure. Sorry.

Cecilia: Forget it. Good night.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Did your dad seem a little off at dinner tonight?

Lucy: Well he started his day by going to see that witch over at the high school.

Kevin: Witch? What witch?

Lucy: The principal.

Kevin: What did he see her about?

Lucy: You know the Millers, they live in the yellow house down the street? Their daughter's always in the driveway shooting baskets? She's all-state in girls basketball. And they have an older son. Graduated last year. Always sits in his car in the front of the house. Always looks asleep. His name's Griffith.

Kevin: I know the yellow house with the backboard over the garage. I don't know any of these people.

Lucy: The brother wants to pick up the sister from school and the witch won't let him. So they asked dad to give it a shot before they go to the School Board.

Kevin: Is this straight?

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: Good. Does the brother just want to pick her up in front of the school... or does he want to drive on school property and wait in the parking lot?

Lucy: I don't know.

Kevin: They don't let anyone other than students from the same school drive on to the school parking lot. Even parents have to park and wait at the sidewalk... off school property. Well... before you call this woman a witch shouldn't you know if she is a witch?

Camden's House

Annie: And that's the story of Mushkil Gusha.

Sam: I liked it.

David: It was very good.

Sam: But I felt bad for the daddy when he took the daughter away from him.

David: Yeah. He didn't do anything wrong.

Sam: And neither did she. She didn't steal the necklace.

Annie: But you know in the end, everybody found out the truth and they all liked the man. And they all liked his daughter and... their lives were never difficult again.

Sam/David: Goodnight!

Eric: Go on. Good night. So you in the mood for what is probably gossip?

Annie: Not really.

Eric: It involves Martin.

Annie: And Cecilia?

Eric: No. and Ms. Jones the high school principal.

Annie: Where did you hear it? From a student? I think I'll pass.

Camden's House - Porch

Cecilia: You're right. Maybe we should slow down. I mean you are just sixteen right?

Martin: Right. Sixteen.

Kevin: Hello. Hey, you both go to Kennedy High School, right?

Both: Right.

Kevin: What do you think of the principal there, Ms. Jones?

Both: She's a witch./She's great.

Cecilia: You hardly know her. You just started going to school there.

Martin: And I think she's great. You want to know why? Because I did just start going to school there. She seems to know how hard it is to be the new guy. She's gone out of her way to help me. She sat down with the counselor when I registered so I'd know I'd get the right classes and the nicest teachers. And she got my last coach to call Coach Hardwood so he'd know where I am with my game. And she even came to my house and met with my aunt.

Cecilia: Hey, who died and made him president of the Ms. Jones Fan Club?

Kevin: Hi.

Eric: Oh! It's just you. Good.

Kevin: I just had an interesting discussion with Cecilia and Martin about the principal you met with today, Ms. Jones.

Eric: Ah... had another very interesting discussion with another student about Ms. Jones. Hello? But I'm not a member of the School Board. Okay but... you know why don't you let me talk to her again? Okay. But let me meet with the other parents first. And if... if that doesn't work then... I'll be there if it's that important to you.

Kevin: How come no one in this family says goodbye? They just finish what they're saying then hang up. Now I've started doing it. People outside the family think I'm nuts.

Eric: It's a bad habit. Save a bite of that will you? That was our friend from the Board of Education. You know the preacher's kid who helped Simon get into college early? The Harvard bum, I'm sorry did I say that out loud? Anyway there's a school board meeting about Ms. Jones. Seems she's upset a number of people. He suggests that I be there sort of like a moral compass.

Kevin: Ever stop a lynching before?

Eric: On occasion. Why?

Kevin: Something's not right here.

High School

Student: You're not interested in that guy are you?

Student 2: He's a loser. Ms. Jones transferred him here so he could help out the baseball team. He's not really a sophomore. He's a senior. He's just claiming to be a sophomore so he can play for three more years. See she's pushing coach Harwich to get in the state championship. And if he doesn't... then he's going to get fired. Fired... after what, ten years here.

Cecilia: First of all, the new guy's name is Martin. And he's really sixteen. I've seen his driver's license. And secondly, he had to transfer here because his only parent is a Marine, and he's in Iraq.

Student: Love is blind. And apparently also deaf. How do you know it's his real license? And I don't guess you've met the father.

Cecilia: I've seen pictures.

Student: Yeah. 'Cause there aren't pictures of Marines floating around, are there?

Camden's House

Annie: Hey, I'm making a snack for the boys... fruit salad! You want some?

Ruthie: No thanks.

Peter: Sure.

Ruthie: Have you seen Cecilia?

Annie: It's a little early. Maybe she'll be around later. If you want to play a game with the boys while I start dinner that would be a great help.

Peter: I'll go get a game. Candyland maybe.

Sam: If we win can we have candy instead of fruit?

David: Yeah. We love candy.

Annie: Yeah but fruit is much better for you than candy.

Peter: Come on guys, let's go get a game.

Sam: I don't want fruit.

David: I don't like fruit.

Peter: Really? I love it.

Sam: Then I love it.

David: Me too.

Ruthie: Yesterday Cecilia told me something that was being said at school about Martin that was really stupid.

Annie: And?

Ruthie: I told her I thought she believed it. And I hurt her feelings. I know I did.

Annie: Well at least you know when you've done something wrong and you want to make amends... so don't be so hard on yourself.

Ruthie: The thing is, once you say something that you shouldn't, it's out there and you can't get it back.

Annie: Again. Good for you. Hard lesson to learn. Really it is.


Kevin: Over there. Everything okay here?

Ms Jones: Well everything is fine, Officer. I..I was just telling this young man that he cannot park here while he waits for his sister to get of basketball practice. It's sort of an on-going conversation. We like to chat every day about this time.

Kevin: You want to move along?

Griffith: Am I breaking any law?

Kevin: Maybe.

Griffith: Hey I'll risk it.

Ms Jones: No realy, officer. I... It's okay. I think Griffith was about to leave anyway. Weren't you son?

Griffith: I'm not your son. But yeah, I'll leave.

Kevin: I'm Officer Kinkirk. I'm also Reverend Camden's son-in-law.

Ms Jones: You're married to Lucy. Ah... thanks for checking up on me.

Roxanne: I'm running a check on the car for you.

Kevin: What are you hoping to find?

Roxanne: Parking tickets, moving violations, that kind of thing. People who don't like rules just don't break one rule.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Dad#1: She's impossible to talk to.

Eric: Is that about everything or just one particular subject?

Dad#1: My son has a speech problem. He has every right not to meet the foreign language requirement. And the counselor agreed. All we needed was one letter from Ms Jones to make it official. And you know what she said? Talk to me after he's tried Mr. Sanborn's class for one month.

Eric: And?

Dad#1: And now he's skipping a class a day and he's in detention for it. And if he gets enough detentions he's going to get suspended and eventually tossed out of there and for no good reason.

Eric: Why don't you tell me... what's going on with your son... or daughter?

Mother#1: It's my daughter. She's hypoglycemic. She needs to leave school every day for lunch but Ms Jones won't allow it.

Eric: Okay.

Mother#2: And my daughter is friends with this woman's daughter. And since she doesn't drive my daughter is willing to take her. But nooo...

Dad#2: My son didn't make the baseball team because she's brought in some new kid from another district. And he's heard that this kid is actually some of spy, like a narc or something who's been brought in to get information on the other kids for her.

Eric: Is he a good player?

Dad#2: Yes, he's a good player. But he's probably twenty years old or something.

Micki: She's so cheap she gets her hair cut at the barbershop.

Eric: And this is a problem because...

Micki: Well, um, men get their hair cut at barbershops. Women are supposed to get their hair cut at salons. She's just not setting a very good example.

Eric: Okay.


Cecilia: We need to talk. Abut you and about me. There's some rumors going around school about you and Ms. Jones.

Martin: Yeah I know. I heard. Last night, I came up to say goodbye to Ruthie. That's why I said we should slow it down. But I was willing to get to know you a little better before I called it quits. 'Cause I don't want to judge you unfairly. You know what I mean? Like the way people judge Ms. Jones?

Cecilia: A lot of people are judged unfairly. Why does it bother you so much that people don't like Ms. Jones?

Ruthie: Hi. Is this a good time? I saw you talking with Martin and I didn't want to interrupt.

Cecilia: It didn't go so well. He overheard us last night.

Ruthie: I'm sorry.

Cecilia: What you said was the truth. I have let what other people say affect what I'm thinking.

High School - Principal's Office

Ms. Jones: No I cannot come down there. No... I don't wish to come down there. I can't imagine what good would come of it if I did come down there.

Eric: Can I come to you?

Ms Jones: You were just here yesterday.

Eric: Yesterday was about one student. Today it's a lot of students.

Ms Jones: I don't care. Do you hear? I don't care.

Eric: You might care if they keep pressing for a meeting with the School Board. Considering the current climate I don't think that would work out in your favor.

Ms Jones: I know who you met with. And I know what they're claiming. The... the Spanish teacher has a learning disability. And I thought Mr. Smith's son might be inspired to at least try to learn a second language. And these two students who want to leave for lunch, they, they just want to leave campus to meet guys. And I don't know why where I get my haircut is a problem.

Eric: I'm on your side. I am. But regardless of how lame their complaints are... I... I get the feeling you're about to be... trampled by a herd of disgruntled parents. And I'm trying to help you.

Ms Jones: I can't take the time to worry about myself right now. I have other worries. Hundreds of them. They're called students.

Eric: Are you worried about one student in particular. Alice Miller, maybe.

Ms Jones: Stay out of it okay reverend Camden?

Eric: If that's what you want. But how are you going to help anyone if the School board removes you?

Ms Jones: I am not a victim, okay? And I don't need rescuing. Thanks anyway.

Alice: He's not out there. My brother, Griffith. I looked everywhere for him. He's not out there.

Ms Jones: So now's our chance. Talk to me. Tell me what's really going on. You can trust me, Alice, whatever it is. You can trust me.


Ms Jones: Alice I just want to tell you again you did the right thing. You're very brave... coming forward. No one has a right to do what he did to you. No one. You did nothing wrong. It's not your fault. Thank you for trusting me.

Alice: Yeah well, I want to thank you for believing me.

Lucy: I... have to go. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ms Jones: Lucy? Lucy Camden? Hi.

Lucy: Hello. I thought it was you but I wasn't sure. Did you want something?

Ms Jones: I do want something. Would you be wiling to forget that you just saw me... if you thought that it would make a big difference in the life of a young woman? Maybe even save her life?

Lucy: I have to have more information than that.

Ms Jones: I can't give you more information than that. Look I... I know you're studying to be a minister. And this may be the first time you've been put in this situation, but it won't be the last. Please help me. Don't say anything... to anyone. Especially your husband. I need a little time.

Lucy: I... I don't know if I can do that. Not without knowing what you're up to.

Ms Jones: I... I can't tell you Lucy, really. I... I can't.

Lucy: Can you tell me anything?

Police Station

Griffith: I'm in trouble? No, I'm not in trouble. You are in trouble.

Kevin: You have 35 outstanding parking tickets. And you've had two moving violations in the past six months. And you haven't showed up in court or paid your fines. And I'm in trouble?

Michaels: May I see you a minute? We have a problem. Griffith's attorney, his father's attorney that is, is on his way down here and he's not too happy. Seems Griffith's dad is one the largest contributors to the Police chief's campaign fund. And he claims that they were told the tickets were taken care of.

Kevin: The Chief's fixing parking tickets and moving violations? I doubt it. Even for campaign funds.

Michaels: You want to ask him?

Kevin: No.

Michaels: I don't either.

Roxanne: I have an update on our problem. Griffith's Dad can't find Griffith's sister. She's not at school. She hasn't come home. And we were holding Griffith, so he's threatening to hold us responsible.

Michaels: Is Mr.. Miller here?

Roxanne: He's in the Chief's office. They're setting up and Amber Alert.

Michaels: So they know who the daughter's with? What car she's in?

Roxanne: They're looking for ms. Jones.

Camden's House

Ruthie: The School Board called. I told them you were resting. They told me to tell you there's a meeting tomorrow regarding Ms. Jones. They think you should be there.

Eric: They?

Ruthie: That Harvard bum who got Simon into school. Sorry. I just miss Simon.

Eric: It's okay. Me too. Thanks for the message. Maybe I should try calling Ms. Jones again?

Annie: Maybe you should go and talk to Ms. Jones again.

Eric: I tried to see her this afternoon and she refused to see me.

Annie: And when did that ever stop you?

Eric: Fine.

Cecilia: Thank goodness you're here. I went home but... before I could even get out of the car, I turned around and came back. Because... I have to talk to someone. I think Martin is upset with me, because I let some of the rumors at school bother me. Rumors about him.

Annie: Well I don't know if I really want to hear anything bad about Martin. I like him.

Cecilia: I do too. But... a lot of people don't. They think he's involved with Ms. Jones and spying for her.

Annie: In order to find out what?

Cecilia: I don't know. Who's using drugs. Or... who's late for school. Or... who skips lunch period. Or which teachers and coaches aren't doing so great. She fired Coach Hardwick. People think Martin had something to do with it.

Annie: Oh well I can help you with that one. Coach Hardwick's mother was just put in a nursing home. Ms. Jones let him have the week off. I know because he called me for information about Alzheimer's, and some advice because we're both going through the same thing.

Cecilia: Oh.

Annie: You don't really think Martin is a spy for Ms. Jones do you?

Cecilia: No. It's just that it easier to believe bad things about people than good things. And he is really defensive of Ms. Jones... when no one else is.

Annie: That's because Martin has judged Ms. Jones on his experience with her not on someone else's. And I also think he judges you on his own experience with you. Not on what anyone else says about you. And I think Cecilia; maybe you could do the same for Martin.

Martin: I hope so.

Annie: I'll let you two talk.

Cecilia: I'm sorry about before.

Martin: No... it was my fault. I was rude to walk away and not answer your question. I'm not a spy. We've never talked about anything but... my dad, my family, my classes and my game.

Cecilia: I'm sorry if I ever believed anything else.

Martin: Me too.

Ruthie: Hi. How is everything?

Cecilia: Great... now that I've been completely honest with myself. You really do give good advice Ruthie, even though you're thirteen.

Ruthie: I have a lot of experience.

Martin: You guys never believed I was a spy did you?

Ruthie: Never.

Peter: People make up that stuff all the time just for the heck of it. Then you start worrying if anyone will believe you when someone really does do something wrong.

High School

Eric: What's going on?

Mr. Miller: My daughter didn't come home from school today. Evidently Ms Jones has taken off with her someplace, God knows where. Now of course if your... your lousy son-in-law hadn't had Griffith in police custody, for a couple of stupid parking tickets, she'd home right now. I knew something like this was going to happen.

Eric: I had no idea you thought Ms Jones would take off with your daughter. Are we sure that's what happened?

Michaels: We're sure.

Mr. Miller: See... Alice isn't... she's not well.

Eric: Your daughter, Alice isn't well?

Mr. Miller: I know she looks like a normal girl. But she isn't. She got early acceptance from a school back east, along with a basketball scholarship. We were very excited but... we had hoped that she would stay home and go to school somewhere around here. This isn't because we were selfish or mean, or anything like that. You just to know Alice, we know she wasn't ready to go out and live on her own. Well she got so angry, that she started threatening to run away. And that's why we had Griffith watch over her the way that he did. To make sure she wouldn't go when we couldn't watch her. That's why the kid is sleeping in his own car. Just to make sure she doesn't run off while her mother and I are asleep. I don't know what's wrong with her. She's becoming a different person. A very angry person. Very angry person who would do anything to get away from us.

Eric: Anything like...

Mr. Miller: Oh, make up something about us, or Griffith. I thought that was why Ms Jones was so crazy about keeping out of the parking lot. Did she say anything about Griffith or about us?

Eric: No, nothing.

Mr. Miller: I'm not trying to accuse you of anything. I just thought that... maybe if Alice had made up some horrible story just to get away from the family, you and your son-in-law might be helping Ms Jones to help her and... not knowing that she's not...

Eric: ...not well?

Mr. Miller: I guarantee you the Reverend knows more than he's willing to tell me. Why don't you give it a shot?

Michaels: I'll see what I can do.

Eric: He's lying.

Michaels: Come here.

Eric: You know that don't you?

Michaels: Yep. But we don't want to let him know that.

Camden's House

Lucy: What are you doing home so early?

Kevin: Roxanne and I were dismissed, and both of us were warned to stay away from the Millers. Evidentially you may have been right about Ms Jones.

Lucy: No, I wasn't.

Kevin: She's taken off with Mr. Miller's daughter. It seems that it happened while Roxanne and I were questioning his son down at the station.

Lucy: I wasn't right about her.

Kevin: By the way, when you were telling me all about the Millers, maybe you should have mentioned that Mr. Miller spends a lot of his money supporting our local politicians. Including our Police Chief.

Lucy: I didn't know. But... I was wrong about Ms. Jones.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: I may have misjudged her.

Kevin: I just said she took off with a student. There's an Amber Alert out for her car.

Lucy: She's not in her car. She's ah... up in our apartment, Ms Jones. If she were in her car the police would find her. And she needed some more time so... I gave her a ride.

Kevin: First of all don't forget I am the police. Secondly, she needed some time?

Lucy: All I know is Alice Miller is in the custody of Child Protection Services.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Micki: Mr. Miller has been calling up the parents trying to stir up trouble for ms Jones 'cause he wants her out of the school I guess. And he sort of kind of offered a reward for anybody who would come forward with a complaint about her. A hundred bucks wasn't much. I needed it on account of my son doesn't have a decent pair of shoes.

Chandler: So anyway...

Micki: I... I couldn't come up with much. I mean I know Ms. Jones gets her hair cut at the barbershop so I tried to make that sound bad, but it really isn't 'cause it's one of the students who went to Kennedy High School and then he went on to barber school. And he's the one who cuts her hair. So she's just trying to support his business. I mean I really like the woman. She's tough but she's fair and she's funny and... evidently she's gone a little overboard by committing a felony. So... I just wanted to admit right now that Mr. Miller is the one who stirred up trouble in case we're called in to court to testify in related matters. I... I just wanted to volunteer to tell the truth here and now.

Chandler: Tell you what. I keep an extra hundred dollar bill in my wallet for emergencies. Buy your son some shoes. And... thanks for setting the record straight. Although I'm not sure we got the whole story on Ms Jones yet.

Micki: It was on the news.

Chandler: You can't believe everything you see on TV, or... read in the newspapers. Or even hear from people.

Micki: That's true. Okay, my son... doesn't need new shoes. I need new shoes. I need to go to the dentist. The doctor? You knew I was lying all along didn't you?

Chandler: I suspected. If people will tell one lie generally they'll tell another.

Micki: Wow, and you're only the Associate Pastor huh? But... you're good! Ha, ha.

High School

Mr. Miller: I'd better be going too. I told my attorney to find my wife, and still I haven't heard from either one of them.

Michaels: I'm just hoping that Ms Jones and Alice would show up and it's all some kind of mistake.

Ms. Wright: It's not a mistake.

Mr. Miller: Who are you?

Ms. Wright: I'm from Child Protective Services.

Mr. Miller: You're not here to arrest me or anything crazy like that?

Ms Wright: I'm here to interview you, for the purpose of having you arrested, yes.

Mr. Miller: You got to help me out here. I mean I told you... Alice is sick. She makes things up.

Eric: I think only God can help you now.

Mr. Miller: No, no. I know people. You can't make these charges stick. I know people. People like me. People rely on me. Alice will be back home tomorrow night.

Griffith: Maybe Alice will... but you won't. Not if I can help it. I didn't know. I was in my car because I didn't want him to do anything to me again. That's why I'm always out there. That's why I never go in the house when he's there. I thought it was just me. He told me it was just me. He told me if I let Alice near anyone... he would tell people about me. Only no one would believe her, and then we'd both be in trouble right? I didn't know Alice had stories of her own to tell. I never knew. I want to kill you! I really want to kill you. But you know what? This is better. Seeing you go to jail... seeing you revealed for what you really are... yeah this is better.

Social Services

Griffith: They've been in there a long time.

Eric: Well there's a lot to talk about.

Griffith: I was feeling pretty brave this afternoon. Now... I just feel ashamed. It's embarrassing. Humiliating. Everyone's going to know about this. It's going to be in the news. In all the papers.

Eric: First of all. You did nothing wrong. It's his shame. Let it belong to him. Don't... don't claim it for yourself. You're the victim. And I know that's difficult for you not to feel embarrassed or ashamed. But I'll help you work on that. I'll get a counselor who specializes in working with... victims of sexual abuse. I know that if you're strong enough to break the silence you're strong enough to work through this. It's just going... to take some time. Lot of time and a lot of work.

Griffith: I don't want anyone to know what happened to me. I never wanted anyone to know.

Eric: I understand. Male victims of sexual abuse don't often come forward for that very reason. But you did the right thing... for yourself and for every son or... daughter of abusive parents. And maybe other victims will be encouraged to come forward if... if they know that there's help for them and... serious consequences for the person who abused them.

Griffith: What if my father gets away with it? What if there are no consequences for him?

Eric: I... I don't think anyone is going to sympathize with your father once the truth is known.

Griffith: What if he convinces people it was me? That I asked for it somehow?

Eric: No. no, you didn't. Just keep reminding yourself, you didn't do anything wrong.

Griffith: He told me that I deserved it. He told me that I was... that I was nothing. That I was worthless. He told me I was stupid. A stupid mistake.

Eric: Well that's another form of abuse, emotional abuse. And that too is wrong in or itself. Or when it was used in a way of controlling you in this situation.

Griffith: I don't know. Maybe I am stupid. How could I have let this go on for so long?

Eric: How could you or how could he? You're the one who stopped this. You stopped it. You and your sister. You didn't do anything wrong.

Mrs. Miller: I just don't know.

Alice: You don't know what Mother? If you can go through with this?

Ms. Wright: Yes you can Mrs. Miller. If you don't it's your life all over again. This is what happened to you isn't it? Your father abused you. Or an uncle or someone, someone abused you.

Mrs. Miller: Yes... my father.

Ms Wright: So let's break the cycle right now. There are going to be two cases made. One in children's court and one in criminal court. You're going to have to go along with the court orders whatever they say.

Mrs. Miller: What will they ask me to do?

Ms Wright: More than likely they'll state that you can't have any contact with your husband and you cannot allow him to have any contact with your children. You'll have to commit to counseling and you're going to have to get into an alcohol treatment program. We're going to monitor all this to make sure you stick to the rules.

Alice: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you're not saying that you're going to send me home with her are you?

Ms Wright: No, I'm not. Reverend Camden has a licensed foster family who goes to his church that we can have you stay with. Your other choice are, staying with a relative. If you have a relative that we think can provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Alice: I'll take foster care. The family the Reverend Camden recommended. I don't think I have any relatives I can trust.

Mrs. Miller: Oh Alice, you don't mean that. A foster home... with a family you don't know?

Alice: What? Something worse is going to happen to me than happened in our home? How could you even think that I would want to come back? You knew. You let it happen. You drank yourself into a stupor every night so you could pretend you didn't have anything to do with it. You had everything to do with it! You could have stopped it. I hate you. I want to be put in a foster home.

Mrs. Miller: Maybe you and Griffith could rent an apartment maybe. Maybe that would be better.

Ms Wright: We could consider that possibility at some point.

Alice: Maybe... at some point. But not right now. Not until I know that my father is going to stay in jail. I wouldn't feel safe. I know Griffith probably didn't know. But I just wouldn't' feel safe. Hi.

Ms Jones: Hi. I came by to see if there's anything I can do. And I also wanted to apologize. Um... if I seemed short... yesterday. I've had a feeling something was terribly wrong. I've been hoping and waiting for Alice or her brother to tell me what was going on. And I didn't want you or anyone else to get in the way. I know I can be abrupt and a lot of people don't like that. But even those who don't know that they can trust me.

Eric: It's obvious that you care a lot more about your students than your popularity. I respect you for that. Respect and admire.

Ms Jones: I thought you'd understand. Your job isn't exactly a walk in the park either.

Mrs. Miller: Are you coming home?

Griffith: Is Alice?

Mrs. Miller: No.

Griffith: Then I'm not either.

Mrs. Miller: But you don't have any place to go.

Griffith: Well as a matter of fact I do. Reverend Camden helped me find something. And I can stay there until I figure something out.

Mrs. Miller: But you don't have a job. You don't have any money.

Griffith: He'll help me find a job. Until then I'll get by.

Mrs. Miller: So... when am I going to see you again?

Griffith: in court, Mother. You'll see me in court. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this happened.

Alice: I'm sorry it happened to both of us. I love you.

Griffith: I love you too. But this is my fault.

Alice: Your fault. How do you get that? I knew what he did to you. I was too afraid to say anything. Until he started to do it to me. And then I just couldn't stand it. Especially when I had no hope of leaving for school next year. No Grif, it wasn't your fault. It was his fault. And it was her fault. But I'm not going to let what he did, or what she didn't do... stop me from living my life. You shouldn't either. Today was horrible but it was better than tonight would have been. We've got horrible days ahead of us. Weeks and months of court proceedings. Years of therapy and hard work. But nothing in our future is going to be as bad as any night with him. I'm going back to school. I'm going to finish the season. and I'm going to graduate. And then I'm going to go to college. I don't care what the other students say. I can't let our father take anything else from me. Don't let anything happen to ms. Jones okay? Don't let the stupid School Board fire her or anything. I need her.

Eric: We all do. Because there are other houses and other families just like yours. 

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