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#810 : Premier jour aux urgences

Matt et Sarah commencent leurs gardes aux urgences. Ils commencent mal en arrivant en retard et en mettant en colère le Docteur Norton, le médecin des urgences. La relation de Matt et Sarah est mise à l'épreuve quand Matt démontre vite ses aptitudes pour le travail, et que Sarah l'accuse de vouloir paraître meilleur que les autres étudiants, surtout elle. En fin de compte, Matt finit par se ridiculiser quand il n'arrive pas à éteindre la sonnerie de son portable et qu'il se fait prendre en train de répondre à un appel de sa famille. La journée de Matt finit tragiquement, le poussant à se poser des questions sur son avenir.


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The one thing

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Premier jour aux urgences

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Matt (Barry Watson) et Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison)

Matt (Barry Watson) et Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison)

Matt travail sous l'œil des ses collègues

Matt travail sous l'œil des ses collègues

Matt (Barry Watson) et une infermière

Matt (Barry Watson) et une infermière

Matt (Barry Watson)

Matt (Barry Watson)

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Écrit par : Fred Einesman 
Réalisé par : Fred Einesman 

Avec : Sarah Danielle Madison (Sarah Glass Camden) 

Guests :

  • Joshua Biton ..... Homme fou
  • Dennis Boutsikaris ..... Docteur Norton
  • Jackie Debatin ..... Ruby
  • Jack Donner ..... Monsieur McNeil
  • Marcus Folmar ..... Monsieur Adams
  • Maria Ford ..... Pamela
  • Roshawn Franklin ..... Sinatra
  • Jeremy Glazer ..... Howard Goodman
  • Charles Janasz ..... Monsieur Simon
  • Reggie Jordan ..... Homme
  • Miranda Kwok ..... Julie Liu
  • P.J. Marino ..... Infirmier
  • Debi Mazar ..... Infirmière Kelly
  • Chad Rittenberg ..... Daniel
  • Kim Robillard ..... Monsieur Hartman
  • Stacey Travis ..... Docteur Lisa Sterling
  • Kate Williamson ..... Marie Martin
  • Valarie Young ..... Infirmière

Matt and Sarah's Apartment

Matt: What are the five descriptors of pain?

Sarah: Stethoscope, pen, pad...

Matt: I told you... make a list. Quality, radiation, strength and...

Sarah: Orientation manual.

Matt: And precipitating factors. PORST.

Sarah: Have you seen the ER Orientation Manual?

Matt: Right here. Basically it says show up at seven. They'll show us the rest.

Sarah: I haven't had a chance to read it.

Matt: I'll fill you in on the subway ride. Okay, give me seven causes of chest pain.

Sarah: Have you seen my shoes? The gray ones, the flats? The other kill my feet.

Matt: Angina, myocardial infarction, Pericarditis and ... I think they're under the sofa.

Sarah: GI causes, esophagitis, peptic ulcer...

Matt: Aneurysm, chostocondritis. Ow! You know I prefer the red fuzzy ones with the 4-inch heels. They go better with my lab coat.

Sarah: In your dreams. Why aren't you getting ready?!!

Matt: Done deal.

Sarah: You're kidding, right? You're not really going to use that thing?

Matt: It's a gift from my parents.

Sarah: You know, one look at that bag and the bullies will beat you up and steal your lunch money.

Matt: I can handle the bullies.

Sarah: If you carry that thing I just might help them.

Matt: It's eleven.

Sarah: I need to study for a while.

Matt: A little late. I'll cover you tomorrow. Just make sure you set the alarm for five. Sarah, wake up! Sarah... wake up! Sarah we're late!

Sarah: Six thirty? Six thirty... oh God.

Matt: Didn't you set the alarm?

Sarah: I can be ready in seven minutes.

Matt: We'll never gonna make it. My, my stethoscope. Where is it?

Sarah: Under Harrison's. I was listening for a murmur.

Matt: With your own heart-sounds?

Sarah: I think I have a prolapsed mitral valve.

Matt: No you don't.

Sarah: I think I do.

Matt: No you don't. When did you decide this?

Sarah: Prolapsed valve?

Matt: To use your maiden name?

Sarah: We talked about it.

Matt: No, no. you mentioned it casually once.

Sarah: We're late.

Matt: Matt Camden.

Sarah: Come on.

Annie: Matt?

Matt: Dr. Sharp?

Annie: Matt, it's me.

Sarah: I'm leaving without you.

Matt: Who?

Annie: Mom... you're Mom.

Matt: Oh hi. I'm on my way out. Is everything okay? It's three thirty in the morning.

Annie: Oh I know. The boys woke me up for a glass of water, kitchen water, not bathroom water. So I thought since I was down here, I'd try you before you got out of the house. Sarah gave me your new cell phone number.

Matt: Sarah gave you my new cell phone number?

Sarah: You always say you don't get your messages. Hang up and let's go.

Matt: Are you insane? I don't want them to have my number. I got this so I wouldn't miss messages from work. From work, not my family.

Sarah: I didn't know.

Annie: I can call back if this isn't a good time. We just miss you so much. Hold on the boys want to say hi.

Sam/David: Hi Matt.

David: How are you?

Matt: Bye guys.

Sarah: Okay. Maybe I knew but I am tired of taking messages from your family. There are a million people in your family and they tie up the line day and night.

Matt: Which is exactly why I got this phone. Hello.

New York Hospital

Sarah: Excuse me, we...

Ruby: If you have chest pain or shortness of breath, see the triage nurse. Otherwise sign in, fill out these forms and wait to be called in.

Matt: No. We're here to start our rotation. We're medical students.

Ruby: Medical student? We already have enough of those.

Hartman: My head's killing me.

Ruby: Wait your turn Mr. Hartman.

Matt: Could you direct us to the student orientation?

Ruby: Harry's a regular around here. Likes the Big D.

Sarah: Big D?

Ruby: Demerol.

Matt: Do you know where the orientation is?

Ruby: Sorry, no idea.

Sterling: A group of students just went scurrying down the hall after Norton.

Ruby: That must be it.

Matt: Which way?

Sarah: Thank you.

Hartman: Hey Doc... when can I get my shot?

Norton: It's a classic indication of lung disease. And... Miss Glass welcome. Mr. Simone here has a long-standing history of asthma. He presents today with increasing SOB.

Sarah: SOB?

Norton: No, it's not an epithet.

Matt: Shortness of breath.

Norton: Thank you for interrupting Mr... Camden.

Norton: Why don't you listen to Mr. Simon's lungs and tell us what you hear?

Matt: I've lost my bag.

Norton: Your what?

Matt: My stethoscope. It was in my black bag. I must have left in the subway.

Student: Wow... you have a black bag.

Norton: Okay anyone willing to help out our poor Mr. Camden? Oh look, no one else left theirs on the subway. On second thought you may need those. Ah... nurse Kelley, would you be kind enough to lend our Mr. Camden here your stethoscope for the day?

Kelly: No.

Norton: Don't worry I'll make sure he gives it back. Consider it your contribution to medical education.

Kelly: Find me when you're done, okay?

Norton: No, no, no. doctors are like boy scouts. They're expected to be prepared and on time. Understood Miss Glass? Mr. Camden? Mr. Camden...

Matt: Bilateral expiratory wheezes with rails at the right base.

Norton: Brilliant.

Mr. Simon: Answer that will ya'?

Matt: Matt Camden.

Eric: Hey... your mom got up with the twins and she woke me up and... I couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I would call. She left your new phone number on the fridge. How are you?

Matt: Ah... I'm really busy. Take the number off the fridge. Don't let anyone in the family call me. That number is for emergencies only. I have to go.

Norton: Write this down Mr. Camden... turn off phone. All right the lab is down the hall. Time stamp your requisitions. Curtains three, four, five. Psyche patients are stored next to bed eight. Try not to lose anybody.

Sarah: What's the problem?

Matt: I can't turn it off.

Sarah: Why?

Matt: It won't turn off.

Norton: Then get rid of it. Trauma rooms one two three.

Liu: Do we get to work on traumas?

Norton: No. Are you getting all this Mr. Camden? Main desk. Dr. Sterling. This is one of our residents, Dr. Lisa Sterling. Dr. Sterling will assign you your patients. You're expected to do histories and physicals, draw bloods and gather lab results.

Goodman: Scut work.

Norton: All part of your medical training. I had to do it. Dr. Sterling had to do it and now you get to do it. And some day you'll get someone else to do it.

Kelly: Not the nurses.

Norton: Correct. Do not slough off your work on the nurses. They will probably ignore any suggestion you make so don't make any. More meetings. They're burying me. All right lunch, one half hour. There's coffee in the lounge. Put some money in the Styrofoam cup. Bye.

Sterling: Okay. Blood drawing in Room Three.

Ruby: They're like little vampires.

Adams: Ouch.

Sarah: Sorry.

Sterling: No. Never say sorry. It's a sign of weakness.

Goodman: Isn't that from an old John Wayne movie? Is it all right to say ouch? Ouch! How about getting a nurse to do this?

Matt: Ah... I'll give it a shot.

Sterling: All right Mister... Adams. If Mr. Camden here can't get it on the first try then I'll do it myself.

Adams: I thought the nurses drew blood. Do you even remember how?

Sterling: Tourniquet. Prep the area.

Matt: Got it. Bevel up twenty degrees, immobilize the vein... and...

Adams: Hey you drew first blood. I hardly felt it.

Sterling: Good job. Make sure it gets to the lab.

Adams: Hey Doc, can you get this guy to do all my tests?

Norton: The rest of you need to practice.

Adams: Not on me.

Sarah: You going to tell them?

Matt: No. After our start, I think I need to collect all the brownie points I can. Is my number still on the refrigerator?

Lucy: Matt?

Matt: Lucy do me a favor, tear up that number and throw it away.

Lucy: Fine if you don't want to hear from your sister who loves and misses you.

Matt: I don't. Not now. I'll call you.

Lucy: Forget it!

Matt: I'll call the Transit Authority and see if anyone turned it in.

Sarah: It's New York. What do you expect?

Sterling: Okay Liu, sore throat, curtain three.

Liu: Cool, I used to volunteer in the free clinic. I've down a hundred strep screens.

Sterling: Turned in what?

Sarah: Matt left his black medical bag on the subway.

Sterling: Black bag, sounds like a lucky break to me. Okay, Goodman, sprained ankle, curtain two.

Student: I can handle that.

Sterling: Sinatra... forty year old. Exam four. Constipation.

Paramedic: Twenty-four-year old GSW left chest. BP 90 palp. Tachy at 130. Reps 24 and labored.

Sterling: Who's open?

Ruby: Trauma Two.

Sterling: Gang-banger?

Medic: Bystander.

Sterling: CBC, chest film, set up for a thorocostomy. I need four units of O-Neg for the infuser.

Matt: Okay if we watch?

Sterling: Day one. Lots of time for the gun and knife club. Get your work done.

Desai: Constipation. Doesn't sound like an ER case. But what the hell I'm going into GI anyway. Only place to earn money these days is by doing procedures.

Liu: What did you guys get?

Sarah: Seventy-year-old nursing home patient... altered.

Matt: Twenty-four year old male thinks he's Napoleon. Requesting asylum.

Sarah: I'll trade you. I have no idea where to start with this one.

Matt: Stick to the basics. They don't expect much. You're a med student not a resident.

Sarah: If they don't expect much why didn't you tell them you work part-time as a lab tech?

Matt: Okay, I'll trade.

Sarah: You don't think I can handle it?

Matt: You said you wanted to trade. Besides you'd do better with Napoleon.

Sarah: Why?

Matt: Hypo-manic, delusions of grandeur. He sounds a little like your father.

Goodman: Hey, where's Exam Two?

Matt: Mr. McNeil I'm Matt Camden.

McNeil: Are you a priest?

Matt: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.

McNeil: Are you a priest?

Kelly: He wants to know if you're a priest.

Matt: Ah... no. I'm a medical student. I need to ask you a few questions.

McNeil: Are you a priest?

Matt: No. I'm a medical student.

Kelly: He's confused not deaf. He's not going to be answering any questions.

Matt: Mr. McNeil why are you here today?

McNeil: Bless me Father...

Kelly: He can't' bless you Mr. McNeil, he left his holy water on the subway.

Matt: Great. So how do I get his history?

Kelly: If I were a smart medical student I'd try the old chart stored at the desk. They all look the same don't they Mr. McNeil?

McNeil: You're a very pretty nun.

Kelly: Shh...

Napoleon: Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven...

Sarah: Mr. Levesque?

Napoleon: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Sarah: And what brought you in today Napoleon?

Napoleon: The British. They're trying to send me to Alba. I need asylum. They're stealing all of my money. They want to put me on a cruise ship.

Sarah: Cruise ship?

Napoleon: Bingo. Shuffleboard, sun deck. Exile at sea. It's that Tony Blair. They implanted a receiver in my head. He warned me.

Sarah: Okay. How can I help you today?

Napoleon: I need a green card.

Sarah: Security!

New York Hospital

Matt: Please God stop calling me.

Kevin: Matt, what the heck is wrong with you?

Matt: I'm working. I'm at the hospital.

Kevin: Then why do you keep answering the phone?

Matt: I can't turn it off.

Kevin: Why not?

Matt: Cuase I can't.

Kevin: Shouldn't you be able to use a cell phone before you're allowed to work with patients?

Matt: Very funny. Nice talking to you.

Kevin: Not so fast. My wife, your sister, is in tears because of the way you talked to her earlier.

Matt: It's Lucy. She's always in tears. I have to go.

Ruby: The Encyclopedia Britannica is smaller. Here are volumes three, four, five and six. Have fun.

Liu: Fever 101, tonsillar exudates, the strep screen is negative.

Matt: Mono exposure?

Liu: I didn't ask.

Sterling: Call for lab on Mrs. Shapiro. Page surgery to do a consult on Miss Connors in five. Any questions?

Matt: No. Just having a little trouble getting history.

Sterling: Doesn't speak English?

Matt: Maybe he used to... not anymore. He's got a fever and his blood pressure is low.

Ruby: Circling the drain.

Sterling: Ruby, isn't there a phone you need to be answering? Just do a basic exam. I'll help you out as soon as I get a minute.

Sarah: They sedated Napoleon with Haldol.

Matt: Before he conquered Europe, I hope.

Sarah: I didn't get to finish my H & P. that already puts me behind.

Matt: You've got lots of time. He'll be a lot calmer after the vitamin H.

Sarah: Vitamin H?

Matt: Haldol.

Sarah: Vitamin H. there's the problem. You've worked in a hospital and seen all this before.

Matt: I haven't seen it all.

Sarah: Maybe. But enough to make it seem easy. But it's not that easy for the rest of us.

Matt: I'm glad to help.

Sarah: Showing us up isn't helping.

Norton: Idiot burocrats. You... call Mr. Jordan he needs to go over this report.

Napoleon: You stupid b...!!!

Norton: Yours?

Sarah: Mine.

Norton: I think he's calling your name. Sterling tells me you're the new record holder for blood draws.

Matt: Ah... yes but I've...

Ruby: Mr. Jordan's on line one.

Norton: Got it. Making up for your bad start?

Matt: I'm trying.

Norton: Don't try... just do it. Jordan...

Kelly: The prodigal son returns. Figured him out yet?

Matt: Who?

Kelly: Mr. McNeil, your patient.

Matt: Too many volumes. Where's his family maybe they can fill me in.

Kelly: At home, watching TV I suspect. He came from a nursing home. Family probably hasn't seen him in weeks. His blood pressure is dropping. Ninety over sixty. Maybe you should get one of the residents.

Matt: I asked sterling. She said she's swamped. She'll come over in a minute.

Kelly: His temp's 103. He's septic. Do you want me to turn off the IV?

Matt: Um... sure. Turn off the IV. Diabetes, CHF, dementia, pneumonia. Where do I start? Can you help me lift him I can't hear his lungs with this thing?

Kelly: It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools.

Kelly: His blood pressure is low. I don't think we should sit him up.

Matt: Dr. Norton expects me to complete my H & P. it'll only take a second.

Kelly: Whatever you say doctor. Up we go Mr. McNeil.

Matt: Deep breath Mr. McNeil. I can't hear any breath sounds.

Kelly: His heart rate is dropping. I don't get a pulse. He's in V-fib.

Matt: What do I do?

Kelly: Grab a crash cart. Go! Go! Come on... come on Mr. McNeil.

Norton: What are you doing?

Matt: My patient stopped breathing. I need a crash cart.

Norton: You're the doctor. Stay with the patient. You let the nurse go get the crash cart.

Kelly: He's breathing on his own.

Norton: What happened here?

Matt: I set him up to listen to his lungs and he stopped breathing.

Norton: Did you check the patient's blood pressure before examining him?

Matt: I was trying to complete the exam. I didn't check. I... I can't get it to turn off.

Ruthie: I'm just going to let it keep ringing.

Peter: Isn't he kind of busy being in medical school and all?

Ruthie: Too busy to talk to me? Are you kidding?

Peter: He's not answering.

Ruthie: He'll answer.

New York Hospital - Desk

Goodman: Heard you came close to bumping off your first patient.

Sterling: Mr. Goodman, have you finished your H & P's?

Goodman: Just tying to lighten the mood.

Ruby: Excellent try.

Sterling: Listen it's my job to supervise the students I should have listened. I should have jumped in sooner. I'm sorry.

Matt: I thought sorry was a sign of weakness.

Sterling: Here... a rash.

Matt: Tough one.

Sterling: You still have three H & P's to do. Norton let you off easy. Just get your work done. Besides... it's a good case. Trust me.

Matt: Miss... Perfect.

Pam: I'd prefer Pam. Penny Perfect is my stage name. Are you the doctor?

Matt: No. I'm a... I'm a medical student.

Pam: Well almost a doctor. Good enough.

Sterling: I see you met Pamela?

Matt: You know her?

Sterling: Everybody knows her. She shows up once a month to check out the new single residents and students.

Pam: Dr. Camden, are you coming back?

Sterling: Give him a couple of years, Pamela. All right back to work you guys.

Paramedic: Ann Hudson, 65 year old female altered and non-responsive. BP 170 over 90. Pulse 110. Reps 12 and shallow.

Sterling: Trauma Three. Chem. 20, CBC, tox screen. Who's this?

Paramedic: Her friend, Marie Martin. Pretty upset, couldn't get much history.

Marie: We just went out for a walk. She fell to the ground.

Sterling: Ms. Martin, wait here, I'll be right back. Come with me. One, two, three.

Norton: All right... what have we got?

Sterling: 65 year-old female, altered, hypertensive, probably CVA.

Kelly: BP 190 over 110.

Norton: What do you think we should do here Mr. Camden?

Matt: Baseline labs, EKG and a chest film.

Kelly: Got 'em.

Norton: And...?

Sarah: Start an IV?

Norton: Already has one.

Liu: Get a CT.

Norton: Eventually. Stick with the basics.

Matt: Get a good history.

Norton: Exactly.

Goodman: But she's unconscious.

Norton: Keen observation.

Matt: Check with the family.

Norton: Good. Any family?

Sterling: There's a friend outside. Her name is Marie Martin.

Kelly: Stats are dropping. Ninety.

Sterling: High-flow mask at 100 percent.

Norton: Open the intubation kit. 8-0 tube and a Mac Three blade. Anybody here try intubating before?

Both: No.

Sarah: I'd like to try.

Matt: I've practiced on a CPR head.

Norton: Of course you did.

Sarah: I'd still like to try.

Norton: Mr. Camden if the sats drop any further, maybe you'll get a chance to show us what you've learned. But right now go get some background history from her friend. Don't worry. I won't let Miss Glass steal your procedure. I'll call you if she needs to be tubed. Go, go, go come on.

Matt: Ms. Martin?

Marie: They made me wait out here. Is she going to be all right?

Matt: I... I need to get some information from you Ms. Martin. Does Ms. Hudson have any family? A husband? Children?

Marie: No. There's just me. What happened to her?

Matt: I'm not sure yet. I'm a medical student. I need to speak to her family.

Marie: We've lived next door to each other for over forty years. We're both widowed and both our kids stink so... we look after each other. Except she can't look after my dog because she's allergic.

Matt: Does she have any medical problems? High blood pressure? Heart disease? History of previous stroke?

Marie: She's had a stroke? Oh my God. I want to see her. I'm okay. I'm a diabetic. I just have to eat something.

Norton: Mr. Camden, we're waiting. Any information for me?

Matt: No. I haven't had...

Norton: Med list? Previous history?

Matt: No.

Marie: Are you the doctor? Is she going to be okay?

Norton: Are you a family member?

Marie: Well... no.

Norton: Then I'm afraid I can't release that information. Patient confidentiality.

Matt: Ms Martin and Ms. Hudson are lifelong neighbors. I'm sure it'll be okay.

Norton: Not unless there's a signed Power Of Attorney. Could you excuse us for...

Marie: I have one. We each have one on account of we look after each other.

Norton: I sent you out here to get a medical history.

Matt: I was trying, but she was too upset...

Norton: You're going to be a doctor. You're not going to be a social worker. So start acting like a doctor. Nurses do the handholding. Your job is to focus on taking care of the patient.

Kelly: Doctor Norton, Ms. Hudson's stats are dropping.

Matt: Ms. Martin's a diabetic, she hasn't eaten.

Norton: Let the nurses take care of it. Come on Camden let's see if your practice paid off.

Marie: I found it. Please you've got to let me see her.

Matt: I'll bring you in as soon as possible.

Marie: Is she going to die?

New York Hospital

Desai: First shot. Right in the hole.

Matt: Once I saw the cords... like butter.

Desai: Lucky you got to practice beforehand.

Liu: Where is that practice head? I'd like to give it a shot.

Matt: There's a CPR practice lab up on five. Next to hematology.

Desai: How'd you find it?

Liu: None of us has ever heard about it.

Sarah: Yeah. How did you find it way up on the five floor next to the hematology lab?

Goodman: Hey, they took that jumper to the psych unit.

Matt: Jumper? You had a jumper?

Sarah: Don't change the subject.

Liu: Where'd he jump from?

Goodman: Second floor of the hospital.

Ruby: And... lunch is over kids.

Sterling: Let's go. She dropped her pressure in CT. DC the Mannitol, mix up Dopamine. 250 in 500. Start her at 5 micrograms a minute.

Norton: It appears she suffered a massive stroke.

Marie: Is she awake?

Matt: No.

Marie: Will she wake up?

Norton: We'll know a lot more in a day or two.

Matt: Is there anything we can do for you?

Marie: I have to go home. I have a dog, Spence, I need to feed him.

Norton: Mr. Camden, will you walk Ms. Martin to the desk and ask one of the nurses to assist her? I'm sorry for the bad news.

Matt: I'll take you to the desk.

Marie: I'd like to see her.

Matt: I'll get you a nurse.

Marie: No. I'd like to see her now! Please. I'm sorry. I'm a little dizzy.

Matt: Want to sit down?

Marie: No. I'm okay now.

Kelly: Oh excise me. Go on in. we'll be right here. She's' a nice lady.

Matt: Yeah. Thank you for the stethoscope.

Kelly: I don't think the color suits you.

Matt: I'll try to do a better job at coordinating my wardrobe tomorrow.

Kelly: Bring your own in tomorrow.

Matt: Tomorrow... I don't know. I'm having trouble getting through today. Is it like this every day?

Kelly: No. today was a good day. It gets worse.

Matt: I wasn't expecting.

Kelly: What... all this? How could you? You know I go home every night after taking care of 15 patients. I come back the next morning and there's 15 new ones waiting to be seen. I just want to come in one morning and... find an empty waiting room. I just want to say: thank God we fixed them all.

Matt: Well there must be something that makes you come back every morning.

Kelly: That one thing? What's your one thing, doctor Camden? She's diaphoretic. Reps 16.

Matt: I got a pulse. Thready around a 100. Yes, I need a doctor in here now!

Norton: Hook her up. Vitals?

Kelly: Tachycardic at 110. BP 120 over 60.

Norton: EKG, Chem. 20, tox screen, pulse ox. Immobilize her neck till we clear it.

Kelly: I've got a line.

Sarah: Maybe she vaso-vagalled.

Matt: She's diabetic.

Norton: Brilliant. Thank you for informing us, Camden. Were you hoping we would eventually figure it out?

Matt: I told you.

Norton: When?

Matt: In the hall when I was getting her neighbor's history.

Kelly: Accu-check's 40.

Norton: Miss Glass, what's the treatment for hypoglycemia?

Sarah: Glucose IV.

Norton: Correct. Push it.

Marie: What... what happened?

Norton: Congratulations Miss Glass. Your first medical miracle. Now work her up. Baseline labs, IV of D-5. Camden... get her a food tray.

Sarah: You know her. You should work her up.

Matt: You saved her.

Sarah: What about that bothers you? That it wasn't you?

Matt: Norton wants you to do it.

Sarah: She's your patient.

Matt: I have to get a food tray.

Camden's House

Chandler: Hi.

Cecilia: Hi.

Chandler: I'm looking for Reverend Camden.

Cecilia: He's upstairs with Annie. I'll tell him you're here.

Chandler: Who are you calling?

Cecilia: Ruthie is trying to reach Matt. If he answers take the phone up to her. She and Peter are doing homework in her room.

Chandler: Oh.

New York Hospital

Sterling: No, I can't hold. They said they'd have the tox results twenty minutes ago. So is Matt in your class.

Sarah: Sorry?

Sterling: Camden. The two of you are thick as thieves.

Sarah: We know each other.

Sterling: That's it? Come on, there's got to be more than that. He's cute. He's a little Type A but... so you two aren't...

Sarah: What?

Sterling: Together? Hooked up? Livin' in sin?

Sarah: No.

Sterling: Good. I mean I just wanted to know. Stupid lab. They have me on hold forever. Take down the tox screen results when they come back on the line. Hello? Hello? Yes I can hold.

Matt: Can we talk?

Sarah: Actually I'm on the phone here.

Matt: Are you on hold?

Sarah: Don't you have a patient?

Matt: Don't you think we're under enough pressure without turning on each other?

Sarah: Yes, I'm here. Later, okay?

Marie: I want to go home. I have things to do.

Matt: You're on a long-acting oral hypoglycemic. We need to keep you on an IV for the next 24 hours.

Marie: What about Spence? I told you I have a dog. I can't stay here 24 hours. I don't want to stay in this place. It's too quiet here.

Matt: Well you may be the first person to call this place quiet.

Marie: I'm used to it. Ann's a talker. All the time she drives me crazy. Always talking about finding that "one thing".

Matt: That "one thing"?

Marie: The one thing that she could really be good at. The one thing that would make her stand out. Her contribution to life. She's tried painting. Writing a novel. Trained for a marathon. It just... seems so very quiet now.

Matt: If you want to talk... I'll listen.

Marie: How about you talk I'll listen.

Norton: Rounds at the desk.

Matt: I have to go.

Marie: Thank you.

Matt: I didn't do anyting.

Camden's House

Lucy: Hey, if it's meant to be...

Roxanne: It's meant to be.

Chandler: Hi.

Roxanne: Hi.

Chandler: I was just waiting here for Reverend Camden.

Roxanne: On pizza night... when Lucy and I get together?

Chandler: Nice seeing you. If Matt answers will you take that up to Ruthie?

New York Hospital

Sarah: ...after which psych was consulted. Oh I noted injection sites on his thighs. I think he's using anabolic steroids.

Norton: Good observation. But you should have documented that in your physical exam. Okay Mr. Camden. Which three cases did you complete?

Matt: Pamela Perfect, rash. Marie Martin, hypoglycemia.

Norton: Um-hm... that's only two.

Matt: Someone took over Mr. McNeil before I could finish the workup.

Ruby: Well that's too bad.

Norton: Mr. Camden, were my instructions unclear? How many H & P's are you required to perform each day?

Matt: Three.

Norton: Three, not two, not two and a half. Are you having a remarkably bad day or is this the best that you can do?

Matt: Neither.

Norton: Listen to me all of you. Up to know it's been about the theory of medicine. But from here on out, it's about the practice of medicine. You're here to learn to take care of patients. And by necessity learn to care about them a little less.

Kelly: Brilliant.

Norton: And from now on the gloves are off. There's no more excuses. And Mr. Camden I expect your work of today and tomorrow to be completed tomorrow at five.

Sarah: I'm going out with the rest of the gang to celebrate surviving day one.

Matt: Not me... thanks.

Sarah: We don't have any food at the apartment.

Matt: I'll find something.

Sarah: It's six. You're off the clock. Time to start acting like you're one of us.

Matt: I never said I wasn't.

Sarah: No. you just did everything you could to make yourself look better than the rest of us.

Matt: I wanted to return this to you.

Kelly: Well... you're off already?

Matt: Eleven hours.

Kelly: Nurses do twelve.

Matt: Nurses get paid.

Kelly: Not enough.

Matt: After today I think you're probably right. Anyway thanks.

Kelly: This may sting a little.

Matt: People always say it'll hurt a little when they mean a lot.

Daniel: Will this leave a scar?

Matt: I have one. You know how I got it? One day, my sister and I were racing across the house. I slipped and I split my head open on the bedpost. My mom took me to our pediatrician's office, Dr. Lindsay. He sewed up my forehead. Half way through he noticed I was wincing. He'd forgotten to use a local. I never said a word. He told me I was his best patient and when I grew up I should be a doctor.

Kelly: So Dr. Lindsay got you into all this?

Matt: No. Dr. Lindsay didn't make me want to be a doctor. He made me afraid of doctors. You want to be a doctor?

Daniel: No. I hate blood.

Kelly: Don't by into all that Norton stuff. He's a jerk.

Matt: Sounds like you know him pretty well.

Kelly: Maybe a little too well.

Matt: I don't know. Maybe he's right.

Kelly: He's not. Ms. Martin was asking for you. She wants to talk. She likes you. Trusts you.

Matt: I'm off the clock.

Nurse: Dr. Norton stat!

Norton: She's in V-fib. Another amp of D-50. Charge to 300.

Sterling: Sats are 88. Good air entry bilaterally with bagging.

Norton: Mr. Camden following up on your patient. Very laudable. Clear!

Nurse: Clear.

Norton: Bad timing though.

Sterling: Still in V-fib.

Kelly: Good pulse with CPR. Accu-check 80.

Matt: What happened?

Sterling: The combination of prolonged hypoglycemia and stress seem to have precipitated a cardiac event.

Norton: Charge to 300. Another 75 of lido and clear. Clear!

Nurse: Clear.

Sterling: Asystole.

Matt: Should we try Epi or Pronestyl?

Norton: Sure. And throw in the kitchen sink. Okay another Epi.

Kelly: Are you tired?

Matt: No.

Sterling: The lytes are within normal range.

Norton: Oh great. So she'll die with normal lab results. Okay, that's it. Time of death...

Matt: No, the epi needs time to circulate. Shock her again.

Norton: There's nothing left to shock.

Matt: One more try. Come on.

Norton: Mr. Camden...

Matt: That shouldn't have happened.

Norton: No, it shouldn't have.

Matt: She tried to tell us. We were too busy to listen.

Norton: Listen to what?

Matt: She told us she was a diabetic. We... we should have done something. But we ignored her.

Norton: I didn't ignore her you did.

Matt: You told me to let the nurses handle it.

Norton: No. I told you to start acting like a doctor. Nurses listen to what doctors say. Ask any of the nurses to feed her?

Matt: No.

Norton: I think it's obvious where the fault lies.

Matt: Fault? You told us we were doctors not social workers, not to care. Well we sure don't have to care about her now.

Norton: You've been doing this for what... fifteen minutes? And you have the gall to blame me for your mistakes? You arrogant little... nothing. Every rotation gets one of you. Some guy who thinks he's going to set the medical world on fire. And like clockwork they screw up every time. And they don't' have the guts to look in the mirror and say it's their fault.

Matt: Maybe I'm not the only one who needs that look.

Norton: You sanctimonious... I don't have to. I am the Director of this department, your boss, and we do things my way! And the only reason that you're still here... is because you've shown a small amount of technical aptitude in the blood draws. Other than that you're a walking disaster. But I'm going to make you a doctor in spite of yourself Mr. Camden. And if you're unhappy about that... don't bother coming in tomorrow.

Kelly: Matt...

Matt: You're wrong.

Norton: I'm warning you Camden. Go home while you still have a future.

Matt: What... the blood draws? I don't have any special aptitude. I work part-time as a lab tech. I already know how to do it. I'm just the same as the rest of them.

Orderly: Matt Camden? Somebody said you lost this.

Matt and Sarah's Apartment

Sarah: Matt...

Matt: It's okay. Go back to sleep.

Sarah: Who's that?

Matt: His name is Spence. Ms. Martin's dog.

Sarah: The apartment's tiny, Matt. We're never here. We can't dog-sit. Not even for a couple of days.

Matt: We're not. He's ours now.

Sarah: What happened?

Matt: I can't... not right now. How?

Sarah: I went to the Transit Authority Lost and Found.

Matt: All the way downtown?

Sarah: Someone turned it in.

Matt: In New York?

Sarah: The clerk couldn't believe it either. The guy who brought it in, said he had a brother in a hospital. Thought it would be bad karma not to turn it in. didn't want to mess with someone's destiny. Are you okay?

Matt: Wondering if I chose the right thing.

Sarah: I'll get 3B to let him out tomorrow.

Matt: No, the right "one thing". I decided how to spend the rest of my life just because I saw a couple of babies being born when I was a teenager. I decided what to do with the rest of my life when I was a teenager.

Sarah: You're lucky. Some people go their whole life not knowing what they want to be.

Matt: I don't feel lucky. I'm not sure I was meant to do this.

Sarah: Maybe you shouldn't mess with your destiny.

Matt: I knew he wasn't ready to come in.

Sarah: I'll go. Me and Spence need a little bonding time. Come with us? We should talk.

Matt: I... need a little time.

Sarah: Okay. Come on spence. We're going to have to talk about this.

Camden's House

Matt: Yeah?

Annie: I was just going to bed. I was thinking about you. Everything okay?

Matt: Everything's fine.

Annie: All right Matt, goodnight. I love you. We all love you.

Matt: I love you too. Goodnight. 

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