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#812 : Le père prodigue

Peter est bouleversé quand il apprend que son père alcoolique et méchant, Vic, qui a abandonné sa famille trois ans auparavant, a changé d'avis et voudrait refaire partie de la vie de Peter. À la suite de cette grande nouvelle, Chandler doit décider comment ça va affecter sa relation avec Paris et Peter. Ruthie sent que Peter la repousse pendant cette période chaotique. Le révérend Camden trouve un moyen philanthropique pour sa communauté et sa famille d'accueillir Vic


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Titre VO
The prodigal father

Titre VF
Le père prodigue

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Harvey Laidman 

Avec : Bryan Callen (George 'Vic' Vickery), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Patrick Cooper ..... John
  • Nick Daley ..... Richard
  • Diana Elizabeth Jordan ..... Helen
  • Kellie McKuen ..... Bren
  • Pam Rawuka ..... Pat
  • Eugene Roche ..... Père de John 

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Paris: He asked me for the one thing that I wanted to do even less than those things. He asked if he could be a part of my life and Peter's life again. He's sober. He, he went through rehab, hasn't had a drink in three years. He's an artist, he just got this job teaching at a small college; it doesn't pay much, but he's managed to save enough money to give me child support due to Peter since the time he left. He wants a second chance.

Eric: What do you want?

Paris: I want to go back in time and never return his phone call. I wanna, I wanna take back that cup of coffee and the conversation.

Eric: Given that that's not gonna happen, what do you really want?

Paris: I want Vic to be someone other than Vic. He's still the same irresponsible, annoying, angry guy he always was. I thought it was the alcohol, turns out it's him. I don't like him. Maybe I'm judging him too harshly. And it doesn't matter what I think, because we have a child together, and I stupidly gave him visitation rights when I divorced him, which up until now, he's never requested. Please, you've got to help me. Do something, anything that doesn't let his reappearance ruin our lives. I'm going to talk to Peter, then I'm going to go find Chandler and talk to him.

Eric: Chandler seems to be getting very close to Peter. Are you and Chandler considering... marriage?

Paris: No, no. And even if we were, this, this turn of events would mean reconsidering. Not that Chandler's not a great guy, he is. Chandler's the best thing that's happened to me and Peter in years, but...

Chandler: Did I just hear my name mentioned?

Chandler: I've missed you.

Paris: Oooo, I've missed you, too.

Eric: I better get going.

Chandler: I, I was assuming when I heard you talking that you were waiting for me, but... you weren't waiting for me, were you?

Paris: No. Ah, but I, I would like to talk to you.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Eric: Hi.

Ruthie: Hi, I just wanted to say goodnight.

Eric: Oh, that's very nice of you. Goodnight. I love you.

Ruthie: I love you, too. That's why I'm hoping you can find out what's going on with Peter. He sounded really angry on the phone tonight. He practically hung up on me after making me promise to call him after I finished my homework. I know you met with his mother this afternoon.

Eric: And you know my counseling sessions are private matters that I don't share.

Ruthie: Oh. So it was a counseling session, not just, say, a friendly meeting.

Eric: Goodnight.

Ruthie: Fine. Goodnight. I just hope that Paris didn't say no to Chandler. I hope that's not what's making Peter angry.

Eric: No to Chandler?

Ruthie: Good night.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: What's up?

Peter: I hate my mother.

Kevin: Eh, we probably all hate our mothers at one time or another. Restrict you?

Peter: No.

Kevin: Took away something?

Peter: No.

Kevin: Won't let you buy something?

Peter: No.

Kevin: Doesn't want you to play some sport because it's too dangerous?

Peter: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Made you eat something that's good for you that you don't like? Made you wear bad pants? Enrolled you for dance classes?

Peter: That's just stuff all mother do. That's not stuff that would make me crazy enough to hate her.

Kevin: You don't really hate your mother.

Peter: I might.

Kevin: Because?

Peter: She talked to my dad. When she was on her business trip, they met and had coffee, and talked about me and how we could all be one big happy family again, because now he's sober and responsible.

Kevin: How do you feel about that?

Peter: How do I feel? If I had wanted to talk to a shrink, I would have gone to one. I wanted to talk to a man. How would you feel if you were put in my position? I don't want to talk to him. I wish he were dead.

Kevin: You know, my father is dead and I can't tell you how much I miss him. Maybe I'm not the right person to talk to after all.

Peter: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you, but my father was a drunk, a mean drunk, and he left us, and my mom's worked really hard to get us what we have now, and we're happy, and we were going to marry Chandler, and once again my dad has showed up and ruined everything.

Kevin: Marry Chandler?

Peter: Well he hasn't asked her yet, but he asked me, and I said yes. But now that isn't going to happen. Now everything is ruined.

Kevin: Now everything is more complicated, but maybe it's not ruined. What is your mom asking you to do? Just see your dad? Just talk to him?

Peter: One or the other.

Kevin: It sounds like you're really angry with him. Maybe this is an opportunity to tell him how angry you are.

Peter: I'm not going to forgive him and I'm not going to forget what he did.

Kevin: Aren't you the guy who recently helped facilitate a meeting between an alcoholic father and his son? What's the difference between what your mom is asking you to do and what you asked that father and son to do?

Peter: I'll tell you. That was them and this is me. I liked that father he was nice. And I liked that son he was nice. But I don't like my father, and he really isn't nice, at all. Trust me.

Kevin: It's going to be okay, Peter. Everything is going to be okay. You can do this. And if you can't do it alone, Reverend Camden will go with you, or your mom will go with you. Or even both of them.

Peter: Would you?

Kevin: Sure. But why me?

Peter: Because if Reverend Camden or my mom go with me, I'll have to be a good little boy, but if you go with me, I can say whatever I wanna say. You're a cop, you know the dark-side of life.

Kevin: Does Chandler know about this?

Peter: Oh yeah, he and mom are fighting about it right now.

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Paris: You did what?

Chandler: I wouldn't have asked him if I had known that you were having coffee with your ex with the dream of getting back together with him.

Paris: Getting back with my ex-husband would be a nightmare, not a dream.

Chandler: Then why did you meet with him?

Paris: Because he's Peter's father and he asked me to meet with him.

Chandler: Would you go back with him simply because he's Peter's father?

Paris: There's nothing simple about it. If you were serious about me, Peter and me, ah, ah, about us, why didn't you tell me before you told Peter?

Chandler: Would it have made any difference?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Please, please, please.

Kevin: I can't say anything.

Lucy: Did Peter tell you not to say anything?

Kevin: No, but obviously he doesn't want you to know or he would have talked to you.

Lucy: Okay, you're right. And I'm sorry I shouldn't even of asked.

Kevin: Thanks.

Lucy: You want a cookie? I feel like a cookie.

Kevin: I do feel like a cookie and a big glass of milk.

Lucy: We have cookies... we don't have milk. I'll walk over and get some.

Kevin: It's cold out. I'll go.

Lucy: No, I'll go. I owe you.

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room / Petrowski's House - Peter's Room

Peter: I just got home.

Ruthie: Where were you?

Peter: At your house.

Ruthie: Why didn't you come up to see me?

Peter: I went to see Kevin. I just called to apologize about before. I've got some stuff going on.

Ruthie: It's about that business trip your mom went on, isn't it?

Peter: I might as well tell you. She saw my dad.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Roxanne: What's the big emergency?

Kevin: It's not an emergency, I told Smitty just to tell you to call me when you called in.

Roxanne: They told me it was an emergency. Do ya have any cookies.

Kevin: I need you to run a check on Peter's dad, find out if he has a record or anything.

Roxanne: Why can't you?

Kevin: Kinda ran out of favors.

Roxanne: Is it to my advantage for the guy to have a record?

Kevin: Either way, Paris is taking time away from Chandler.

Roxanne: What's his name?

Kevin: I'll have to find out.

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room / Petrowski's House - Peter's Room

Peter: So here we go again. Just when I thought we were going to settle down with Chandler. Chandler's got the potential to be a great dad, a dad I can be proud of. And I care about him, and he cares about me.

Ruthie: But your dad still cares about you too. And you can still care about him and Chandler.

Peter: Look, I don't need any of your sage advice, ah, this is why I didn't tell you about it in the first place. What do you know about it? You're a Camden.

Lucy: I can't believe you.

Eric: Ah, I was listening. I did it. I can't believe I sunk so low, but I did. I apologize. I'll never do it again. It's just you left me downstairs wondering... No excuses, I was wrong.

Ruthie: Okay, I guess you owe me. So I'm assuming you know that Mrs. Petrowski went out for coffee with the ex-Mr. Petrowski. Paris and Chandler are having a big fight about it, so are Peter and I. Peter thought Chandler was going to be his new dad. And I don't think he wants his old dad back.

Eric: Chandler?

Ruthie: Did Kevin tell you?

Kevin: No, I didn't. We have milk.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: I thought I heard somebody. What is going on?

Chandler: Ah, Paris is seeing her ex. She wants to give him a second chance. She wants Peter to give him a second chance.

Annie: And you were hoping to make Paris your wife and be a dad to Peter. I know.

Chandler: Who told you?

Annie: Nobody had to tell me. You're gonna have to let them go, let them all have their second, because that's all you really can do. That's all that you can do that you would feel good about, anyway. I'm, I mean, I'm assuming they both know how you feel. Good. I have a feeling everything's gonna work out in the end. So go home and get some sleep. And then here's an idea. Maybe you should consider that when you first came here, you jumped in and did practically everything at the church for Eric, and you did a great job, but then you know Eric came back, you stepped aside and kinda lost you footing. Not that you didn't do everything that anyone ever asked you to do, but you've been waiting to be asked. And you don't have to do that. The church needs you, the community needs you, the world needs you. So do something. Make a contribution. Goodnight. Hey, there's some hidden brownies in the drawer under the dish towels. And 'um there's plenty of milk in the frig.

Chandler: Did you have her say that?

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Peter: Hey, look who's here. The guy we like.

Paris: I'm, I'm sorry, I really have to get to work.

Chandler: I won't keep you. I just, ah, I have something I want to say to both of you. My, my timing might have been bad last week, when I talked to Peter about ah... my intentions. But ah, I'm glad that the both of you know how much I care about you. I don't want either of you, especially Peter, to think that I'm abandoning you. I still wanna to see you, still wanna to talk to you, but only if it appropriate. And Peter, I think we need to let your mom decide that. I know, ah, I know you have a lot to think about, if you need my help with anything, or get lonely, or you just miss me, please, ah, just let me know.

Peter: What, are you afraid of a little competition?

Paris: Peter.

Chandler: It's not a competition. If it was I'd jump right in and fight to the finish, but it's not. He's your dad. This isn't about me, it's about you and your mom and your dad.

Paris: I'm glad you dropped by. But I better get to work and I better get Peter to school.

Peter: I wanna talk to my dad alone, man to man.

Paris: No, I think I should be there.

Peter: I think if any adult has to be there, it should be Kevin.

Paris: Kevin?

Peter: I'd be safe with Kevin, and I have some things to say to my dad that I don't think I should say in front of you or a reverend. Please don't tell me that after what he did I can't say anything. I mean, I've been waiting all this time to say plenty.

Paris: But, I, I just think that your dad would be uncomfortable talking to you with Kevin there. He doesn't even know Kevin.

Peter: What about what I'm comfortable with?

Paris: Ah, okay, I, I gotta get to work. Listen, let me think about this, okay. Let me talk to your dad.

Peter: Wait. Please. I don't want to make you late, but Mom, it's been me and you for the past three years. You've made all the big decisions, and you've let me be a part of that decision making. Don't cut me out now. Please.

Paris: Peter, you are right. You are absolutely right. If your dad wants to talk to you and you want Kevin there and then you should have Kevin there. I'll let him know.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: So why you continue to help individuals and save the world one person at a time, what I thought I could do is gather up all the young people in the congregation who haven't found who they want to help or what they want to do yet and get them all together as a team. We could make ourselves available to community groups, or social services, ah, ah, veteran's organizations, local charities, global charities, whoever needs us. But only if that's okay with you.

Eric: Oh, it's more than okay. It's, it's terrific. And if you want my help, let me know, otherwise, I'll just stay out of your way.

Chandler: Thanks for supporting me. I'm excited to get started.

Vic: I'm here to see Reverend Camden. Are you...?

Chandler: No, I'm not. First door on the right.

Vic: Reverend Camden?

Eric: Oh, Vic Petrowski?

Vic: Vickery, George Vickery. People just call me Vic. Petrowski's her name. And I allowed Peter's name to be changed. Thought it would be easier for them at the time. 'Course at the time I was drunk.

Eric: Have a seat. I'm happy you could stop by.

Vic: Believe me, I didn't want to. I was hoping for a simple conversation between my ex-wife and my son. But, if this is what she wants, then this is what I'll give her. What would you like to know? Let's see, umm, I went through rehab. I've been sober for three years and nine days. Woowoo. Umm, I have a job, a crummy job; I teaching art to a bunch of loser at St. George Community College. Yeah, I'm a freakin' art teacher.

Eric: So I guess you're also an artist?

Vic: Not really. Whatever.

Eric: I'm sorry if you felt this meeting was forced on you. Paris thought I could be of more help to her and Peter in discussing this... reunion if I knew you a little better.

Vic: So if you like me, you'll get Peter to talk to me, yeah, great. Nobody likes me. But that never stopped me from living my life. Look, I didn't get sober for nothing, so let's just get on with this, all right?

Eric: All right. You mind if I ask, are you in AA?

Vic: Isn't that Alcoholics Anonymous?

Eric: Yes, it is. I'm sorry.

Vic: I'm not in it. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm sober. And I don't like people.

Eric: What about you? Do you like you?

Vic: Truthfully, not that much, no. But I'm not changing for anybody, even me. Giving up alcohol is as far as I want to go with self-improvement. I don't have to be any better than I am right now for my son to love me. And that's the way I see it.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Peter: You weren't nice drunk, and the two or three times I remember your being sober, you weren't nice then either. You stink as a father, and you stink as a husband. I don't care how much money you coughed up, you can't buy us back. You're a lousy, no, good rotten piece of...

Martin: Whoa. You can't talk to your father like that.

Peter: Why not? That's what I think of him.

Martin: Still, if I talked to my father like that, I'd be picking myself up off the ground.

Peter: Your father would hit you?

Martin: Well, he never has, but if I talked to him like that, I think the chances would be good that he would. My father's in the Marines. You can't talk to a Marine like that, or a dad like that. If you ask me, a father/son relationship is about honor and respect, and I'd suggest being honorable and respectful, no matter how upset you are. Sorry maybe you should ask someone else.

Cecilia: Are you quoting from a movie?

Peter: No, I'm just saying what's in my head. I've been rehearsing it for years.

Cecilia: I think you should rehearse something else. You can't say any of that.

Peter: I don't think I should even see the guy, but I have to. And if I have to, I'm going to say how I feel.

Cecilia: Okay, fine. Say what's in your heart, but use your head. Know what I mean.

Peter: Yeah, I know just what you mean, but I don't feel like censoring my feelings.

Cecilia: Maybe you should ask someone else about this.

Ruthie: You could ask me. I promise I won't give you any of my "sage advice" as you call it.

Peter: Forget it. I'm looking for someone who will agree with me.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: You can't talk to your dad like that. I understand that you're angry, but you'd be getting off to a really bad start.

Peter: That's the nice version. What would you say?

Lucy: Dad, I'm very happy and proud that you stopped drinking, but I'm still angry with you for the years that you did drink, for the years that you weren't so nice to mom and me, and I'd like to tell you how it felt when you left us, because it was hard for us, maybe a lot harder than you realized.

Peter: This is why I asked Kevin to take me. You Camdens have really lived a shelter life.

Kevin: Just give me a few minutes to change, and I'll be ready.

Lucy: Ah, whoa. Maybe while you're getting ready, Peter can run his speech to his dad past you, and you can help him with it.

Kevin: I could, but I think Peter should say whatever he wants to say.

Lucy: Ah...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Well? How'd it go, with Peter's dad?

Eric: I was reminded of what a complex and difficult task it is to for us to... love one another. I somewhat hope Peter has the guts to tell Vic what a mean, rotten guy he is, because I spent a couple of hours making him try to come to that conclusion himself and do something about it, 'cause he wants to be loved, and I think he'd respond to being loved, by anyone. But unless something shifts, believe me, he's, he's going to remain an island of self-loathing and self-hatred forcing himself on the only people he can, Peter and Paris. I don't think that's to Vic's benefit, and it's certainly isn't to Peter or Paris's benefit.

Annie: Is there anything I can do? Anything anyone can do?

Eric: My gut feeling is that we need to circle the wagons and just surround this man with all the love that we can muster, and I'd love to lead the way, but, ah, I'm exhausted from just trying not to smack him with the newspaper that was on my desk.

Pete's Pizza

Vic: You had to bring a cop. You thought I'd do something stupid?

Peter: Actually, I thought I'd so something stupid. I thought I was going to tell you how much you...

Vic: Go ahead.

Peter: I wasn't counting on being happy to see you.

Vic: But you are, right?

Peter: Sort of, it's just that...

Vic: Just that what? I'm heavier than you remember? I'm balder, older... It still me, kid.

Peter: I know. But you weren't very nice to mom or me when I last saw you.

Vic: Yeah, I know. But...I'm still your father. You're supposed to love your father no matter what.

Peter: Yeah, I know. But you left without even saying goodbye, and you never even called, not even on my birthday or Christmas.

Vic: Once I was out of the house, I didn't want to come back until I was back on my feet and sober. I didn't know it was going to take this long. I didn't want to spoil your birthday or Christmas by calling, you might not wanna hear from me.

Peter: Yeah, I guess I didn't. But I didn't really want to hear from you now either. Things are going really good for mom and me.

Vic: Now things can go even better for all of us. Especially your ol' dad.

Peter: Why now? Really. You quit drinking three years ago, and you've had your job awhile.

Vic: 'Cause I couldn't go any longer without seeing you. I'm... bored, lonely and I missed you. Is that a crime?

Peter: No.

Vic: Good. So is your mom seeing anybody?

Camden's House - Kitchen / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Ruthie: Hello?

Chandler: Ruthie, ah, just the person I was hoping to talk to.

Ruthie: How can I help you?

Chandler: I'm working on this new project where I get different teams of people from the congregation to help out with all the local charities and civic groups who need support with their projects, and the word got out so fast that I just got a call and I need some volunteers for Saturday.

Ruthie: That's tomorrow.

Chandler: Yes, it is. How would you like to help a really nice group of people move into a new home?

Ruthie: Okay. I'm not much on heavy lifting, but I'm pretty good at bossing people around.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: I tried to find something good about him today. And, and there's good in everyone, but it's more difficult to see in some than others. My hunch is if he could see his own value, love himself, respect himself, you'd all, all be coming at this from a better place.

Ruthie: Dad, tomorrow Chandler needs me...

Eric: Great.

Ruthie: ...to help move...

Eric: Well, terriffic. May, maybe Cecilia and Martin would like to get involved.

Cecilia: We're going.

Martin: We're involved already.

Eric: And don't forget to ask Peter.

Paris: Ah... about spending time with Chandler. Is that a good idea?

Ruthie: What makes me think you're up to something?

Paris: I was wondering the same thing?

Peter: Hi.

Paris: Hey...

Peter: Kevin went home.

Paris: So, how, how'd it go, you two?

Peter: Okay. Good even. Thanks for making me do this. Dad, this is Ruthie and Cecilia and Martin.

Vic: Oh yeah, you're the Marine's kid, huh? When are you signing up, next month?

Martin: I'm only sixteen, but when I'm eighteen, yeah, I might. Why? Was that a crack at the Marines?

Vic: Calm down, that wasn't a crack. I was just being friendly. Apology accepted. You don't live here either, right?

Cecilia: No.

Vic: It's like an orphanage, only the ah, kids have parents waiting for them at home, huh. Well, if you're all done staring at me, I think I'll go home. Peter, I'll call you tomorrow. Paris, goodnight.

Eric: Goodnight.

Paris: We, we better be going, too.

Peter: Yeah, goodnight.

Eric: Everything's gonna be fine.

Lucy: So Kevin says it went pretty well.

Martin: I don't know how that happened.

Cecilia: Does Peter have to see his father?

Eric: Well, it's not a matter of having to see him. Most children want to see their mom and dad, no matter who they are or what they've done to them. Since we all love Peter, we're going to find a way to love Vic.

Lucy: So what's your plan?

Eric: All will be revealed in due time. In due time.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Annie: Hiding?

Eric: No, I'm not hiding.

Annie: What do you know about this group of people that Chandler's going to help tomorrow?

Eric: I know they're nice people, and I think they have something to teach us all.

Annie: About loving Vic? Does Chandler know he and his project are being used for your project?

Eric: Well, Chandler won't mind when he understands that it's, it's also to his benefit.

Annie: When are you going to tell him?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Eric:

Eric: How did you know it would be me?

Chandler: Because I finally figured out that you were the only person that knew about my idea, so you must have made a phone call.

Eric: I, I was inspired. I, I acted in the moment.

Chandler: It's okay. I'm grateful to jump right in and get going, so thank you.

Eric: You're welcome.

Chandler: Okay, what don't I know.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Ruthie: Can I come up?

Lucy: Sure.

Ruthie: I brought pie. I didn't want to show up uninvited and empty-handed.

Kevin: Did you talk to Peter?

Ruthie: No, I met his dad. Wow. By the way, we need to help move some people tomorrow.

Kevin: What people?

Ruthie: I don't know, just some people that Chandler said he'd help move.

Kevin: Fine with me. We're out of milk.

Ruthie: Could you go get it, Kevin? I need a sister right now.

Ruthie: Ever since Peter's dad came around, he been angry with me. He doesn't want to talk to me. He doesn't think that I'll be able to understand what he's going through because were Camdens and our parents never divorced.

Lucy: This was a sudden change for Peter, and I think he was a little scared and angry before he sat down and talked to his dad.

Ruthie: You should see his dad. I mean, I'm surprised he wasn't more scared and angry after he sat down and talked to him.

Lucy: Yeah. Kevin met him, he had the same reaction.

Ruthie: I don't know why Peter's angry with me. I'm the one who told him it was okay if he wanted his dad in his life. I told him he could love his mom and Chandler and his dad, too.

Lucy: It may have seemed that you were giving Peter permission to love his father, when he hadn't yet given himself permission. He has to get to know him again. None of us know his dad. We don't know if we like him or not, we don't know if he's capable of being a positive addition to Peter's life or not, and that's none of our business anyway. That's Paris's and Peter's business. All we know is that we love Peter, and he's a positive addition to our lives, so what I think Dad's in the process of doing is making it easier for all of us to accept Vic into our circle, so we don't push Paris and Peter out. Especially while they're vulnerable and scared and going through a difficult time.

Ruthie: How's he going to get us to accept Vic?

Lucy: Seems to be a big secret. But we'll find out tomorrow.

Ruthie: Thanks, sis. I really needed that.

Kevin: What? We have milk.

Lucy: I know. Thanks.

Kevin: Yeah?


Roxanne: I finally got the information you wanted. Nothing. Squeaky-clean. Not so much as a parking ticket.

Kevin: Thanks.

Roxanne: Think Paris will go back with him?

Kevin: I kinda doubt it.

Roxanne: But there's nothing wrong with him.

Kevin: Oh, there's plenty wrong with him, just nothing legally wrong with him, but thanks.

Lucy: Can't you get in trouble for running checks on people all the time for no reason?

Kevin: Yes. Nevertheless that never stops you or your family from asking.

Petrowski's House - Kitchen / Camden's House - Kitchen

Peter: Hello.

Ruthie: Hi. I just wanted to say goodnight and thanks for introducing me to your dad.

Peter: I was gonna call you.

Ruthie: You were?

Peter: I'm sorry if I've been a jerk lately.

Ruthie: No, I've been a jerk. I don't know what you're going through, and I just want to say that I hope you still have room for me in your life no matter how things go with your dad.

Peter: Always. But just so you know, I'm kind of expecting my life to be a little like a roller coaster now that he's shown up. I don't think this is going to be an easy ride, and I don't know if we're going to make it back safely or if everything is just going to break down again.

Ruthie: Is there anything I can do for you?

Peter: I'm bringing my dad over to the house tomorrow and we're all going to help Chandler move those people in. So if he gets mean, or insulting or anything, if you could just, well, not judge him or anything, or judge me because he's my dad, that would be great. I know people don't always like him, I don't always like him. He's embarrassing at times, but he is my dad.

Ruthie: No problem.

Peter: It'll be a problem, but thanks. Goodnight.

Ruthie: Goodnight.

Group's House

Mr. Thomas: I don't know how I could have gotten this done today without your help... most of the parents are like me, too old to be much good when it come to physical labor. Of course that's why we have to do this, because all the parents are older. When they pass away, the children have to have some place to go. Ah... relatives certainly usually don't want to take them and social services isn't the place for them since they've always had a home. You know it's hard to get people to adopt adults, although some do take them in. I've just been waiting for a house to become available in my neighborhood that my wife and I could afford to help buy. There's John, my son. I'm so proud of him. Your dad must be proud of you. It's an honorable profession you've chosen.

Chandler: Oh well, my dad passed away last summer, and honestly, he never really liked the idea of me being a minister.

Mr. Thomas: Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I'm sorry to hear that he never told you he was proud of you, but you take my word, fathers are proud when they're sons succeed. And you've obviously done very well with your life, Chandler. You're a good man.

Pat: So you're a minister of a church.

Chandler: Ah, my official title is Associate Pastor.

Pat: That's nice.

Brenda: Yeah.

Helen: Would you marry me?

Chandler: Uh... well...

Pat: He thinks you want to marry him.

Helen: No, I meant would you marry me to my boyfriend.

Chandler: Oh, of course, I could do that.

Brenda: But first you have to get a boyfriend.

Pat: Yeah.

Helen: That's first.

Chandler: Thank you.

Chandler: Where did John find his housemates?

Mr. Thomas: They all work together at a local TV station. They help out with anything anyone needs help with. You know deliverying package, or pick-up lunches, help out at corporate events, almost everything. They've worked together for so long, that Mrs. Thomas and I have become close friends with the other parents, also the kids. 'Course they're not kids anymore.

John: Looks like a clown car.

Crowd: (laughs)

Chandler: Is ah, Peter with you, or is he coming with his dad?

Paris: Oh, he's coming with his dad.

Chandler: Good. That's good, I guess.

Group's House - Room

Lucy: After I finish this, I'm going to go get the smoke detectors. You need a new one in here, and we should put one in the hallway.

Paris: And what can I do. I'm good with money, so if you have any budget problems. And I'm a mom, so I can cook and clean and laundry...

Pat: That's nice of you to offer, but we like doing that all ourselves.

Brenda: How many children do you have?

Paris: Oh, just one, Peter.

Pat: What's your husband's name?

Paris: Oh well, I'm divorced, but his name is Vic. He ah, he hasn't been around in the past few years. In fact, this weekend is the first time he's seen Peter in three years. They're supposed to come by later and help out.

Brenda: I'm sorry.

Pat: This must be a hard time for you.

Brenda: It must be scary for you, too.

Paris: Yeah, it is.

Lucy: I never even thought to offer Paris any sympathy.

Cecilia: I know. Me neither. I didn't even say anything to her.

Lucy: I think this is one of the many lessons my dad was hoping we'd learn here today.

Outside Group's House

Kevin: Are you excited about moving into a new house with your friends.

Richard: I have to. My mom is making me because if I stay at home with her, when she dies, I'll be all alone, and that won't be any good. My father's dead.

Richard: Do you have a father?

Kevin: No, he died when I was young.

Richard: Who are you going to live with when your mother dies?

Kevin: I live with my wife, Lucy, and we live in her family garage apartment, so we have lots of family around.

Richard: That's good. I'm sure your dad is happy when he looks down and sees you.

Martin: We just attempted our first ceiling fan installation.

Kevin: How'd you make out.

Eric: We were thinking maybe we should get Annie over her a little sooner.

Kevin: I bet Lucy could help.

Richard: I could ask Lucy. I'm not afraid to ask for help.

Eric: Oh, thanks, but I should ask her. Like he told me to an hour ago.

Kevin: I'll go with you. Martin can help Richard move this table inside.

Richard: I heard you play baseball.

Martin: Yeah, I do.

Richard: How did you learn to play baseball?

Martin: My dad.

Richard: That's wonderful. You'll always have that. Your dad taught you how to play baseball.

Ruthie: My mom and little brothers are bringing lunch over for everyone.

Helen: (laughs)

Ruthie: What?

Helen: You're not waiting for your mother.

Ruthie: No, I'm not. I'm waiting for my boyfriend, Peter. He's coming over with his dad.

Helen: Do you like his dad?

Ruthie: I'm trying to, but... you'll see.

Helen: Everything will be fine. You know how I know?

Ruthie: No.

Helen: Because everything is fine.

Ruthie: Peter and Vic are here! Hey! They're here!

Peter: Wait till you see this! You're not going to believe it. Hi. I'm Peter and this is my dad, Vic.

Vic: Stupid! Idiot! Moron! Jackass! Pinhead!

John: I think he's talking about him, not us.

Vic: I painted this. I wanted to give you something for your house. I can't believe I ripped it.

John: Can we see it?

Richard: It's beautiful.

Vic: It's not beautiful, it's torn.

Helen: So it's not perfect.

Peter: Nothing's perfect.

Vic: Ah, come on. I stink.

Brenda: So you're not perfect either.

John: We all love you.

Crowd: We love you.

Helen: Thank you Peter's dad.

Pat: You're great.

Brenda: Good work.

Richard: You're wonderful, Peter's dad.

Vic: Thank you very much. Okay, that's nice. Thank you. That's a nice group hug. I appreciated it.

Cecilia: He might be all right. And whether he is or isn't, we love you.

Paris: Thank you, Cecilia.

Martin: When we get finished here, feel like going to the batting cages?

Cecilia: Just the two of us?

Martin: Maybe we'll take Richard. I think he'd like it.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: I was just thinking how great it is to have a wife and a family.

Chandler: Amazing. You said to expect a miracle and there are little miracles happening all around us.

Eric: In matters of the heart, always best to go to those with the biggest hearts.

Peter: Thanks. Both of you. And thank your Boss. 

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