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#813 : Sport ou Études ?

Eric sent qu'il doit intervenir quand Martin, qui vient d'emménager chez les Camden, est recruté par une équipe professionnelle de baseball, les Miami Gators, et qu'il pense à quitter l'école. Ruthie demande l'aide de Lucy pour convaincre leur mère, de la laisse aller à une fête pour couple avec Peter. La mère de Chandler lui fait une visite inattendue quand il est nommé exécuteur du testament de son père. Une dispute éclate entre Lucy et Annie quand Lucy parle de quitter la maison. Cecilia apprend à Sam et David à faire du vélo. 


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Major league

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Sport ou Études ?

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Kyle Searles (Mac), Kevin Dunn (Coach) 

Guests :

  • Tanner Hoechlin ..... Joueur de baseball
  • Kevin R. Kelly ..... Lee Olsen
  • Concetta Tomei ..... Edie Hampton
  • Beau Wirick ..... Garçon 

Camden's House

Eric: So this is the kitchen.

Martin: I know. I've been in the kitchen before.

Annie: Yes, but now it's your kitchen. At least until your aunt returns from New York or your father gets aback from Iraq. So if there's anything that you want that we don't have... I'll get it for you.

Martin: I'm easy. I eat anything. But thanks.

Eric: Okay. Moving on...

Annie: And of course this is the living room.

Martin: Yeah... I know.

Eric: Okay.

Martin: Look, I know where the kitchen is. I know this is the living room and the dining room's over there. And that's the foyer and that's the staircase that leads to everyone's bedroom. I know where the bathroom is. I don't know why a house this big with this many people only has one bathroom. But I do know where it is.

Eric: Actually there are three bathrooms here.

Annie: Eric and I have our own.

Eric: And there's one in the attic.

Martin: No I didn't know. I'm okay. You'll hardly even notice I'm here really. You don't have to go to any trouble for me. And you don't have to make me feel at home because you already have... from the moment you met me. So... where am I sleeping? I'd really like to get unpacked. I've got baseball practice in less than an hour.

Annie: Oh sure.

Ruthie: Welcome to house of Camden.

Martin: Thanks.

Ruthie: Am I supposed to treat you like a brother or a border?

Martin: Ah... what's the difference?

Ruthie: I tend to be easier on the borders.

Martin: How about treating me exactly the way you were treating me before I moved in?

Ruthie: Done. Which room will you be taking?

Eric: Matt's old room.

Ruthie: Ah... the Hello Kitty suite. Excellent choice. I think you'll be very comfortable in there.

Martin: I can... take it from here.

Eric: This is going to work out just fine.

Annie: Are you asking me or telling me?

Eric: I'm... not sure.

High School - Baseball Field

Terry: Okay guys, water break.

Guy #1: Who's that guy talking to coach?

Guy #2: Maybe he's a coach from another school checking us out.

Martin: No. this is off-season. We're just training to keep in shape. It's too early for the competition to be checking us out.

Guy #3: He's a scout. Tim Bemmer told me he heard the coach talking on the phone last night to a scout saying he wanted to watch us practice.

Guy #1: So... who's he scouting?

Guy #3: I don't know. But he's definitely scouting someone.

Guy #2: It must be one of the seniors.

Terry: Okay everybody that's it for today. Hit the showers!

Camden's House - Backyard

Peter: I've been waiting for you.

Ruthie: I walking Happy. What's up?

Peter: We're invited.

Ruthie: To?

Peter: Suzanne Rogers party tomorrow night.

Ruthie: So?

Peter: It's a couples party. It's a big deal. Everyone at school is talking about it. Don't you want to go?

Ruthie: I was just fooling around. Of course I want to go. Suzanne's parties are legendary.

Peter: This is going to be so cool. My mom already gave me permission to go. Of course I told her your mom had already given you permission. Which won't be a lie when she does give you permission. What?

Ruthie: My parents don't know Suzanne. Or her parents.

Peter: So?

Ruthie: So they have these rules. And the rule for parties is that they have to know the friend throwing the party, or the parent in charge.

Peter: Do you mean they might say no? But this is a couples party. I can't go alone. Then again if my mom finds out that you cant' go she probably won't le me go either. Can't you just ask your parents to bend the rules just this once?

Ruthie: My mom doesn't bend.

Peter: Does this mean we're not going?

Ruthie: No... we're going. We're just going to need some help.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Martin seems to be settling in.

Annie: I'm not settling in.

Eric: I could tell. You want to talk?

Annie: Don't get me wrong I love Martin, you know, I'm glad that we could help him and his family. I'm glad he's here, he's a great kid. Sweet polite well-mannered.

Eric: And your problem?

Annie: Well I... I don't know how to treat him.

Eric: Treat him just like you were treating him before he moved in.

Annie: I'm afraid it's not that simple. He's under our roof now he's our responsibility. I can't treat him like a kid who came to dinner and stayed three months.

Eric: Robbie lived with us for a while.

Annie: Robbie was a grown man when he moved in. you know Martin's sixteen. He's a child but he's not our child. So do I treat him like my child? And if that's not appropriate then how am I supposed to treat him? I can tell my kids what to do. Tell them what to eat. Tell them to clean up their rooms. Do their homework, chores. I can get on them if they're being lazy or if they're saying or doing something that they shouldn't. How does Martin fir into that?

Eric: I really think you're making more out of all this than you need to. Martin isn't going to cuase us any trouble. You're not going to need to reprimand him. He's cleaner than we are.

Annie: You can't be that naive. He's a kid; he's supposed to cause trouble. That's his job, causing trouble. That's how kids learn, you know, making mistakes.

Eric: Okay look, why don't we just treat him the way we've been treating him. If a parenting situation arises and we feel we need to intervene... we'll do so on a case by case basis. Let's not borrow trouble.

Annie: We have just volunteered to temporarily parent someone else's child. We're not borrowing trouble. Trouble is coming... whether you want to admit it or not.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: You didn't record these in the checkbook register.

Lucy: Oops.

Kevin: Oops isn't going to work when one of us bounces a check because you forgot to balance the checkbook.

Lucy: I'll try harder. Does it really matter? Don't we have enough money in our account to cover any bounced checks?

Kevin: Yeah we have money. But if we don't keep track of our money eventually we wont' have any to bounce. I'm serious.

Lucy: I know. And you're so cute when you're serious.

Kevin: You need to start taking a more active role in our finances.

Lucy: Okay, okay. Give me the checkbook.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: Well I may have forgotten a few entries from today.

Kevin: That may work with me... but not with the bank.

Lucy: Are you sure about that?

Ruthie: Am I interrupting anything?

Kevin: No.

Ruthie: I need a favor. I need you to talk to mom and dad for me.

Lucy: About?

Ruthie: There's this party I want to go to.

Lucy: And?

Ruthie: And mom and dad don't know the parents... or the girl. I'm afraid they'll say no and I really want to go to this party. It's a pretty big deal. The whole school will be there. It's a couples thing. And if I can't go Peter won't want to go.

Lucy: I'll talk to mom. I'm sure we can find a compromise that makes here happy and allows you to go to the party.

Ruthie: Really?

Lucy: Don't worry.

Ruthie: Thanks. I owe you.

Kevin: Lucy...

Ruthie: Yes?

Kevin: Did you tell Ruthie she could go to that party?

Lucy: No.

Kevin: I think you did.

Lucy: Well I'm sure I can get mom to let Ruthie go. She might want to call the parents, or drop Ruthie off so she could meet them. But... it'll all work out.

Kevin: I wouldn't get in the middle of it. But... what do I know? I'm the idiot who thinks you should balance the checkbook.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Where have you been? You've been gone for hours.

Sam: It's a surprise.

David: For you.

Annie: A surprise?

Sam: A big surprise.

David: Want to know what it is?

Annie: Then it wouldn't be a surprise.

David: Oh.

Sam: Want to guess what it is?

Annie: No. I want to be surprised. Have you washed up for dinner? Are you staying?

Cecilia: Thanks. I'll get the boys ready for you.

Eric: Is there something wrong?

Chandler: Yeah. My father made me the executor of his estate.

Eric: And that's wrong?

Chandler: My father hated me.

Eric: I don't think so.

Chandler: Well if what he felt for me was love let just say I'm glad I never experienced hate.

Eric: Your father loved you and he obviously trusted you or he wouldn't have put you in charge of his estate.

Chandler: No, no, no. that's not why he put me in charge. He put me in charge as a way of saying: "Ha! I'm dead but I can still make you miserable".

Eric: Well I guess you could... you could refuse to be the executor.

Chandler: No, no, no. see he knows I wont' do that. He knows that I'm way too responsible for that. He knows that by putting me in this position, I'm going to be tortured until the day that I die. And that I'm sure allows him to rest in peace.

Eric: Is there anything I can do?

Chandler: No.

Eric: Then why are you here?

Chandler: I have no idea.

Eric: Would you like to stay for dinner?

Chandler: Yeah, okay.

Coach's Office

Martin: Coach... you said you wanted to see me?

Terry: The assistant coach told me you were still here.

Martin: Yeah. I ran an extra five miles then hit the weight room after practice.

Terry: There's someone here who wants to meet you. Martin, this is Lee Olsen, he's a scout with the Miami Gators.

Lee: Nice to meet you.

Martin: They're a great team. Almost went to the series last year.

Lee: Would you like to play for them? Would you like to be a Gator? Martin?

Martin: I... I thought you were scouting one of the seniors.

Lee: No, son, I'm here for you.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I guess I won't ask if you slept well the first night.

Annie: But I think I will ask you why you missed dinner and got home so late.

Martin: I told you, I was with my coach. Okay. I wasn't going to tell you until I go a hold of my dad, since I think he should be the first to know. But he hasn't "e" mailed me back. I have to tell someone. The Miami Gators... want me to play baseball for them.

Eric: Wow. The Gators are a professional baseball team.

Annie: And you're only sixteen.

Eric: And sixteen year olds don't play professional baseball.

Martin: I know. I won't start playing for them until I'm eighteen. If I can test out of high school early. And they're able to petition the Commissioner I may be able to start when I'm seventeen. If... if I play well in the farm league they put me in.

Annie: Farm League?

Martin: See, after they draft me they're going to start me out with one of their farm teams. And they'll pay me a salary and pay for a tutor so I can my GED. They'll pay for my room and board. And when I'm old enough they'll bring me up to play in the majors for them. Of course I'll have to get a contract and my dad will help me get a lawyer and an agent but they want me. I'm so happy. This is my dream. It's the only dream I've ever had.

Eric: It's a great dream. But you're only sixteen.

Martin: Yeah but, soon I'll be seventeen and then eighteen and then I'll be a professional baseball player for a major league team.

Annie: So what are you going to do?

Martin: What do you mean?

Annie: Well, this is what they're offering you but what are you going to do?

Martin: I'm going to play ball.

Eric: What about school?

Martin: I told you. They're going to pay for tutors. I might even test out of high school early.

Annie: What about college?

Eric: Yeah. Look if they want you now, they'll want you after you finish college.

Martin: Look, I didn't tell you this so we could discuss it. I told you because I thought you'd be happy for me. I made up my mind. No offense but... you don't really get a say on how I get to live my life.

Annie: So what is our role here? Substitute parents? Friends or concerned neighbors?

Eric: All of the above.


Kevin: Hey Chandler. How are you doing?

Chandler: Fine. Why do you ask?

Kevin: No reason.

Roxanne: I heard about you and Paris. I'm sorry.

Chandler: I don't know what you heard. Paris and I are friends.

Roxanne: Okay.

Kevin: It's just you seem a tad tense.

Chandler: It's my family.

Roxanne: is something wrong?

Chandler: My... my father made me the executor of his estate. (Phone) Hello? Hello, Mother. No I haven't changed my mind yet. No I'm not abusing my power. And don't call me a tyrant! Because it hurts my feelings. Yes, I know Napoleon was a tyrant. He also short and he was a very bad man. That's why when you call me Napoleon it hurts my feelings! Look, I am just doing what Dad asked me to do. It's my job to execute his wishes as dictated by the last will and testament. And I'm going to do that job even if it makes you upset. Hello? Hello? She hung up again! That's the fiftieth phone call since last night. And my brother Sid is back in rehab. Actually he's out... again.

Kevin: Sorry to hear about that.

Chandler: Sid wants his inheritance too. But my father's wishes specifically state that he wants me to be in charge of Sid's money.

Roxanne: And your mother?

Chandler: My father left me in charge of the estate because my mother never showed any interest in his business. All he knew whatever money she got she would share with Sid. So basically this family nightmare is payback.

Roxanne: Payback for what?

Chandler: Being born, I think. (Phone)

Roxanne: We should get going.

Chandler: Hello? No Mother. Yes, Mother. Stop calling me that!

Outside Camden's House

Cecilia: You boys are ready, I can feel it.

Sam: I don't know if I can feel it.

David: All I feel is afraid.

Sam: Yeah, I feel that too.

Cecilia: Really? I know you guys can do it. You almost did it yesterday. You just need to believe you can do it. And strike out and boldly go where you haven't gone before.

Sam: But what if we fall down?

David: Yeah. We might get hurt.

Cecilia: Well you have on the proper safety equipment. But... if you fall down I'll help you and you'll get right back up and try it again. I wouldn't be pushing you if I didn't think you could do it. So... what do you say?

Sam: I want to be bold.

David: I want to not fall down.

Cecilia: Let's see if we can do both. And then later, we'll go surprise your mom.

David: We could just jump out of the closet.

Sam: Yeah. That would surprise her.

Cecilia: Different kind of surprise. This surprise is more of a... "Wow, look at me Mom, I'm a big boy". You guys said you wanted to do this. If you've changed your mind... that's okay. We don't have to.

Sam: Let's ride.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Mom!

Edie: Chandler. What? No kiss for your mother?

Chandler: Of course.

Edie: So... this is where you talk to the Lord huh? Good for you. Give me my money. And give Sid his money. Don't let your father rule over us from the grave. It isn't fair.

Chandler: Mom...

Edie: Chandler, honey, give me my money.

Chandler: What are you doing here?

Edie: I came to get my money.

Chandler: I just talked to you.

Edie: It's called a cell phone. I was calling from a hotel. I flew in last night after your father's lawyer lowered the boom. Ouch. Give me my money.

Chandler: I can't.

Edie: Don't make your mother stay another night in that dumpy hotel. There's not even a concierge. And the sheets... 200 thread count. Like sleeping on chards of glass. Oh... and no mini-bar. And to add insult to injury, I had to carry my own luggage. Do you know the last time I had to carry my own luggage? Try never. Please... give Sid and me our money... so I can fly back to New York where civilized people live.

Chandler: You want me to give Sid, who just got out of rehab access to millions of dollars?

Edie: There's that much money?

Chandler: Don't play innocent with me. You never had any interest in dad's business. But we both know you had a lot of interest in the money from dad's business.

Edie: Is that so wrong?

Chandler: No. But giving a million dollars to a recovering alcoholic is. And that's why Dad put me in charge.

Edie: No, no, no, no, no. that's not why he put you in charge. His putting you in charge was his way of saying "Ha! I'm dead and I can still make you miserable". I know it, you know it, and everybody knows it. And Sid only fell off the wagon after you father died. So please... show a little sympathy.

Chandler: No he didn't.

Edie: After the will was read?

Chandler: Sid started drinking before Dad died. Actually I don't think Sid actually ever stopped drinking.

Edie: I'm not recovering from anything... except a night on the worst mattress I've ever slept on.

Chandler: Dad put me in charge because he knew if you were in control you'd burn through the money and ruin a business that he spent a lifetime building. And you'd give some money to Sid which he would more than likely spend on drugs and alcohol.

Edie: Don't force my hand Chandler.

Chandler: What is that supposed to mean?

Edie: It means I didn't come to this God-forsaken city for a vacation. I came to get my money. I'm not leaving here without it. And I'll do whatever I have to. That's... what that means.

Camden's House

Lucy: Will you stop worrying? It's going to be okay. You're going to that party tonight, trust me.

Annie: Party? What party? Ruthie?

Lucy: Mom, Ruthie got invited to this cool couples party and I told her I'm sure we can work something out so she could go.

Annie: We?

Lucy: Yeah. You, me and Ruthie.

Ruthie: It's just a party.

Annie: I think if that were true Lucy woudn't be in the middle of it and you would have told me about it earlier.

Lucy: Mom...

Annie: Who's party?

Lucy: Suzanne Rogers.

Annie: And who is Suzanne Rogers? Have I ever met her parents or her?

Lucy: You could drop Ruthie off and you could meet her parents and then you'd know them, and then Ruthie could go to the party... then everyone's happy right?

Ruthie: Drop me off? And totally embarrass me? No way.

Annie: Don't worry I won't be embarrassing you because I'm not going to let you go to the party, because you didn't go about this in the right way. And neither did you. What are you doing in the middle of this Lucy?

Lucy: I don't know, but I am. And I'm sure if we all try there has to be a compromise that will make everyone happy.

Annie: There's that "WE" again. What we?

Ruthie: Paris is letting Peter go.

Annie: Why is that? Is there anything you want to tell me before I call Paris and find out why she's letting Peter go to this party?

Lucy: Mom please, it's my fault.

Annie: Lucy I think you should go.

Lucy: But...

Annie: Go. This doesn't concern you.

High School - Locker Room

Terry: You're practicing on a Saturday. You are beyond dedicated.

Martin: Well... I'm going to be playing in the majors. I don't want to embarrass you.

Terry: You could never embarrass me.

Martin: I thought I'd go over to the batting cages and hit some balls before dinner. Want to come?

Terry: Martin, we have to talk. There's a problem. Reverend Camden came to see me today.

Batting Cages

Eric: Hi. The coach called me and told me where I could find you. He thought you were upset when you left his office. I know you're angry with me but... can we talk?

Martin: No.

Eric: Please?

Martin: You're not my father.

Eric: I know.

Martin: You're not even related to me.

Eric: I know. But you're living in my house, under my care. And I do care about you which is why I went and talked to your coach.

Martin: You're not trying to take care of me. You're trying to mess us the chance of a lifetime. You're trying to mess up something I worked my whole life for. If this is your idea of looking after me... no offense, but you stink at it. Oh and explain something to me. When I lived thirty yards and across the street, you didn't feel all this fatherly interference for me. But now that I'm closer you do?

Eric: Honestly? I felt this... fatherly interference for you the day I met you.

Martin: I don't need you. I don't need anybody! Well I need my father but he's not here. So I've had to learn how to live without a father. And unfortunately I also had to learn how to live without a mother. Basically I know how to take care of myself. I may seem sixteen to you... but trust me, I'm a lot older on the inside.

Eric: What does your father think? You haven't E mailed your dad yet have you? 'Cause you know he's going to say exactly what I'm saying. Stay here, finish high school and go to college, and then play pro ball.

Martin: You can't stop me! And neither can my father. I'm doing this. The scout told me I just had to have my legal guardian sign off. And... thanks to the war in Iraq, that's my aunt and she thinks this is a great opportunity.

Eric: You're making a mistake.

Martin: No. But you did.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I told you not to get in the middle.

Lucy: Ruthie needed me.

Kevin: And you let that cloud your judgement.

Lucy: Excuse me?

Kevin: Ruthie is your sister but she is your mother's daughter. How would you feel if you were in your mother's position and one of our children did what you did?

Lucy: You are so wrong about this.

Kevin: No. I'm right and you're wrong. And that's why you should apologize to your mother.

Lucy: Why did I marry you again?

Kevin: Because I love you and you love me and sometimes that means one of us has to tell the other when we've stepped over a line and done something wrong.

Batting Cages

Cecilia: Hey... I was on my way over to the Camdens and I thought I'd say hi. Hi. Are you okay?

Martin: No. Reverend Camden is trying to mess up this baseball thing. You know, I thought moving in with the Camdens was going to be a good thing. But it's not. Reverend Camden is trying to be my father. I have a father. I don't need another one. Do you agree with him? You agree with him?

Cecilia: Maybe.

Martin: Why?

Cecilia: Look, you are only sixteen. What you're talking about doing is big. Really big.

Martin: Of all the people I thought you would understand.

Cecilia: I understand how much baseball means to you. I understand you want baseball to be your life's work. I understand this is something you've worked your entire life for. What I don't understand is... why you have to do it now. Why can't you finish school here? Why can't you go to college and then play professional baseball?

Martin: Simon left town early. And Simon graduated high school early.

Cecilia: Simon was involved in a fatal car accident. He needed to get away.

Martin: Okay. So if I accidentally killed some kid with my car, you'd be okay with me leaving town to play professional baseball? Sorry... that was out of line.

Cecilia: Yeah... it was. I care about you okay? If I didn't I wouldn't say anything. Reverend Camden cares too. That's why he's gotten involved.

Martin: He cares too much. It's not his business.

Cecilia: Then I guess it's not my business either.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Edie: I'm glad you could meet with me on such short notice.

Eric: I consider Chandler a part of my family.

Edie: So do I.

Eric: Well Chandler is a part of your family. He's your son.

Edie: Yeah. You know what I mean.

Eric: What can I do?

Edie: You can get Chandler to give Sid and me our money.

Eric: I think it's more complicated than that.

Edie: No, it's not. Chandler is enjoying this little power trip. But enough is enough. I've got to get back home and I'm not leaving without my money.

Eric: I... I don't think Chandler is enjoying this. I think he wishes his father had chosen someone else to do this. But since your husband did choose him, he wants to do what's right. He wants to honor your husband's wishes and execute what is clearly stated in your husband's will.

Edie: So... you're not going to help me get my money?

Eric: I don't think I can.

Edie: You could try.

Eric: I'm sorry, but I agree with Chandler. You know I think what you and Chandler need is some unbiased third party to help you both work through the emotional baggage and clear the air.

Edie: Maybe you're right. Maybe it is time to involve someone else.

Eric: I can give you a recommendation.

Edie: Oh... that's okay. I have someone in mind.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Ruthie: You should be.

Lucy: Me?

Ruthie: I should have just asked Mom myself. Basically I'd get the same result. I'm not going.

Annie: Can I speak with you... alone?

Lucy: Why do I have to leave?

Annie: Because this is none of your business. I called Suzanne's parents. You know what they said?

Ruthie: From the look on your face I don't think I want to know.

Annie: They said nothing. They're out of town for the weekend. They've left Suzanne's sixteen year old sister in charge. That's who I talked to. She told me she has a date for tonight. So basically that means that there will be no adult supervision at this party. So even if I wanted to allow you to go, which I don't, I can't, not under these circumstances. Sorry.

Ruthie: I don't think you're sorry.

Annie: I'm not the enemy okay? I'm just the mom. I also called Paris to tell her what I found out about the party and she was surprised. Because apparently Peter had told her that I had already given you permission to go. So that's why she gave Peter permission to go. He will not be going either. So do you have anything you want to say to me?

Ruthie: Like?

Annie: I'm sorry.

Ruthie: For...?

Annie: You know what for.

Ruthie: Look, the only thing I'm sorry about is I'm not going to the party tonight.

Annie: Well I'm sorry that's how you feel. Not now Lucy, I'm really upset with you.

Lucy: I'm upset with you. It's just a party, Mom. So you don't know Suzanne or her parents... don't you remember what it was like to be Ruthie's age?

Annie: We've had the same rules in this house for years. Not because I'm too lazy to change them but because they've worked. They worked for Matt. They worked for Mary, for you, for Simon, for Ruthie and they'll work for the boys when they get older.

Lucy: Don't you care about her feelings? You're not being fair. I went to parties where you didn't know the parents and I turned out okay.

Annie: Do you know anything about this party? Suzanne's parents are out of town. And her sixteen year old sister, who won't even be home tonight, is in charge. I suggest that if you want to get into the middle of things you get your facts straight. But I think it would be even better if you didn't get involved in things that are none of your business. And just for the record... there may have been a party here or there over the years that you attended where I didn't know the parent or the girl. But if you think about wh8ch parties those were... those were the parties where something bad happened.

Lucy: Kevin and I are moving out. Consider this our thirty day notice.

Cecilia: Maybe I should come back.

Lucy: No. I was just leaving... for good.

Annie: What's up?

Cecilia: The boys are ready to show you their surprise. Is this a good time?

Annie: I could use a good surprise right about now.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: What did you say to my mother?

Eric: What?

Chandler: What did you say to my mother?

Eric: Just that I agree with you about the will and the way you're handling your father's estate. And that maybe you two needed some counseling.

Chandler: My mother is suing me.

Camden's House - Backyard

David: Mom, look at me.

Sam: Look at me.

Cecilia: Surprise. I was talking the boys on a bike ride, and they kept commenting on how everybody had just two wheels on their bikes. And they wanted to have just two wheels too. So I told them I could teach them to ride without their training wheels. And they got all excited and said they wanted to surprise you. So... surprise! Are you surprised? Is something wrong?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Martin: I need to speak to Eric alone.

Chandler: That's okay. I'm going to go buy some aspirin and talk to my mother.

Martin: You couldn't leave it alone, could you? I just got an e-mail from my Dad. He's really upset. He says he's not going to let me play baseball early. He e-mailed my aunt and told her not to sign the papers. He wants me to go to college and then go pro. You e-mailed my father... without talking to me? Who do you think you are... God?

Eric: I had to. He had to know. If I were in his position I would want to know. You should have told him. But since you didn't... I did.

Martin: Well I hope you're happy.

Eric: I'm not... happy. I'm just a dad. Trying to help out another dad who is very far away.

Martin: Well I can tell you one thing. I'm glad you're not my dad! And I can't wait for my real dad to get back here so I can get far away from you!

Camden's House

Sam: Mom are you proud of us?

David: We didn't fall down.

Annie: I know you didn't.

Cecilia: They worked really hard.

Annie: I can tell.

Sam: I want to do it again.

David: Me too.

Annie: Okay. But just in the back yard... and you wear your helmets. I'll be out in a little bit and you can show me again.

Cecilia: Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?

Annie: You taught them to ride a bike. I've always taught my kids to ride their bikes. Matt, Mary... all of them. It's kind of a mom thing. At least it's this mom's thing.

Cecilia: I had no idea. Some kid in the neighborhood taught me. I didn't know it meant anything to you.

Annie: I know. It was sweet of you to help the boys.

Cecilia: Oh, I feel awful.

Annie: Don't. You did a nice thing. I just wish I could have been there too.

Cecilia: I can't undo what I've done. But... I'll make you a promise. You can teach my kids how to ride their bikes.

Annie: That's sweet.

Cecilia: I'll finish up these dishes and start dinner.

Annie: What am I supposed to do?

Cecilia: Go outside and watch your sons ride their bikes.

Annie: Thanks.

Hotel Room

Chandler: Okay Mom, let's talk.

Edie: You want to talk... talk.

Chandler: You really want to go through with this? You're going to sue me over Dad's estate?

Edie: You could just give me my money and Sid his money. Then I'll drop the whole thing.

Chandler: I can't.

Edie: Why? You know your father did this only to torture you. Just give us our money. End the torment.

Chandler: He may have made me his executor to drive us all crazy. But I have never been one to shy away from doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is, ever. And I'm not about to start now. I never got along with Dad. I... I know that he wasn't that crazy about me. But he put me in charge. And I'm going to execute his estate according to his wishes. You can sue me if you want... but I think you'll lose. I know Sid will lose. A probate judge isn't going to give a guy with Sid's past access to a pile of cash. The judge is going to see why dad did what he did. And he's going to uphold the will. Here's your first payment according to the will. Your money to do with what you want but... please think twice before you give money to Sid. We both want him to get back on his feet the right way. Not back in rehab.

Edie: Five hundred dollars! Is that all? What... am I going to live to a hundred and ninety five? What happens to Sid's money?

Chandler: It goes into a trust. And when I think Sid can handle it, I'll be happy to give him access to it. But we both know that's going to be a long time from now.

Edie: Okay.

Chandler: Okay what?

Edie: Okay I won't sue you. Hey... I took a shot. When I get back to New York, I'll call off the dogs. Now help me with my bags. I've got a car waiting downstairs to take me to the airport.

Chandler: I love you, Mom.

Edie: And I love you.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: We're not moving. I don't want to move. I like living here. I like knowing when I'm working late at night your family is close by. It means I don't have to worry about you and I can concentrate on my job which is good... since my job involves the use of a gun.

Lucy: I want to move.

Kevin: For all the wrong reasons.

Lucy: What's that supposed to mean?

Kevin: That you'd rather move than apologize to your mom.

Lucy: That's not true. I think it's time for us to get a place of our own.

Kevin: Today it's time but yesterday wasn't?

Lucy: We're moving.

Kevin: No we're not. Just apologize.

Lucy: For?

Kevin: You know what you did. You got in the middle. You should have stayed out.

Lucy: I can't apologize.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: Because I don't like being wrong okay!

Kevin: Well tough. We're not moving. So it's either apologize or avoid your mother for the rest of your life. That's not a real choice by the way. You know you have to apologize. And I want you to start taking a more active role in our finances. I'm not your father. I'm your husbands, you're my wife and you should be balancing the checkbook. And you should be going with me to meet with the people at the bank. You should know what's going on, with our back accounts, our insurance and our investments.

Lucy: We have investments? Why are you picking on me?

Kevin: Because I love you.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Peter: Upset about the party?

Ruthie: Not exactly.

Peter: I just apologized to your mother for using her name when I lied to my mom about the party. So if you're not upset about the party, what are you upset about?

Ruthie: I caused this huge fight between Lucy and my Mom. And now Lucy is moving out and it's all because I wanted to go to some stupid party.

Camden's House - Backyard

Chandler: Is Eric around?

Annie: Hi. No, he went down to the church. He should be back in a little while.

Chandler: I just wanted to come by and tell him I think I worked out everything with my mother.

Annie: Oh that's good.

Chandler: They're riding bikes... no training wheels.

Annie: Isn't it great? They're growing up. It's hard to think that someday they may be taking care of me. It's not easy being the parent to your own parent huh? What I've learned with my Dad is... to take it one day at a time. If you ever want to talk... I'm here. I know what you're going through. A child one day... a parent the next. Helps to have someone to talk to.

Chandler: Thanks, Annie.

Annie: I'll tell Eric you stopped by. Okay boys, it's time to go in, get cleaned up.

Cecilia: I'll get the boys ready for dinner.

Peter: And I'll get out of here so you two can talk. Goodbye.

Ruthie: Mom... I'm sorry, for everything, really. Please don't blame Lucy for getting in the middle of this. I kind of asked her to get in the middle. Okay... not kind of, I asked to.

Annie: Apology accepted.

Ruthie: Please don't let Kevin and Lucy move away. I don't want them to leave.

Kevin: We're not leaving. Lucy asked if you could come up to the apartment. She wants to talk to you.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Hi.

Annie: Hi. Kevin said you wanted to speak with me.

Lucy: Yes.

Annie: To apologize?

Lucy: Yes.

Annie: For getting in the middle of something you should have stayed out of?

Lucy: Yes.

Annie: And you probably want to apologize for the way you spoke to me earlier.

Lucy: Yes.

Annie: Apology accepted. Does this mean that you and Kevin won't be moving out?

Lucy: Mom... I really am sorry.

Annie: I know.

Camden's House - Matt's Old Room

Eric: Can we talk? I'm not trying to be your father. I'm sorry if I upset you. But I had to e-mail your dad. He had a right to know what you were doing. I think you know that. Look you're old enough to know you can't run away and join a pro-baseball team without him knowing it. You can be angry with me. Or hate me for what I've done. But... I just want you to know that... I care about you and I'm trying to do my best when it comes to your welfare. Do you want to say anything?

Martin: Why don't we wait until my Dad gets home to finish this conversation?

Eric: Well that would be nice but... I don't know when your dad will be coming home.

Martin: I do. Next week. My Dad is coming home next week. He just sent me an e-mail. He's worried about me and he met with his commanding officer. He's taking an emergency leave. My dad's coming home. 

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