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#818 : Un ange passe

Les Camden sont soucieux car Annie qui est anormalement joyeuse ne veut pas se confronter à ses vraies émotions après la mort de son père Charles. Sa bonne humeur est communicative et se met à toucher toute la famille et même la ville. Eric essaie de convaincre Chandler qui est malheureux de penser à l'adoption, ce qui l'entraîne à consulter un avocat. Chandler est approché par une mystérieuse jeune fille qui lui donne un message codé avant de disparaître.


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Un ange passe

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Peter Medak 

Avec : Bryan Callen (George 'Vic' Vickery), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski), Brad Maule (George Smith), Michelle Phillips (Lily) 

Guests :

  • Bonita Friedericy ..... Serveuse
  • Holly Fulger ..... Mère Cecilia
  • Lorenzo James Henrie ..... Jeffrey
  • James Keane ..... Pete
  • Alice Rand ..... Angela
  • Randy Spelling ..... Alex Mandelbaum 

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: I'm trying to focus on my work and I'm not thinking about dating or marriage or children or anything of that. So, why are you pushing adoption?

Eric: I'm not pushing anything. It was just a thought.

Chandler: Are you going home already?

Eric: Ah well, I've got an errand and then I'm going home.

Chandler: Eh, you still worried about Annie.

Eric: No, I get it. It, it took my awhile, I get it. Different people react to death in different ways, and this is very different. But it's okay, it's, it's good... even.

Chandler: She's just so...

Eric: Happy.

Chandler: Yeah...

Eric: Would you care to drop by for dinner?

Chandler: Having take-out?

Eric: More than likely.

Chandler: Ah, thanks, but I can get take-out on my own.

Eric: Yeah, you could, but it's not the same as having it with a family.

Chandler: Yeah, I'm tired. I'm gonna grab a pizza from Pete's... on the way home.

Eric: You sure you don't want to come?

Chandler: I'm sure.

Eric: Look, I know you don't like being alone, and I know you want your own family, and I know you're still getting over... losing your dad and you probably find Annie's response to losing her dad a bit... strange, but it might do you some good to come over.

Chandler: Do me good how?

Eric: Just to be around people who care about you. We care about you. In the past year, you've gone through a lot, the breakup with Roxanne, and with Paris and Peter... I know you're all friends, but... just come by, be with us.

Chandler: Really, I'm okay.

Eric: You sure?

Chandler: I'm sure.

Eric: Mmmm...

Chandler: Yeah, all right, all right, it's... I'm, I'm not in the mood for all that happiness. I don't feel like being happy. I don't need happy to be happy. I'm, I'm not happy. I mean, I don't even know what happy means.

Eric: Never mind.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie/Sam/David: Ah, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... you get tingles in your fingers and tingles in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street. Oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... Oh, the rhythm of life has a powerful beat... you get tingles in your fingers and tingles in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street. Oh, the rhythm of life has a powerful...

David: Again...

Sam: Please...

Annie: Okay...

Annie/Sam/David: Oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat, you get tingles in your fingers and tingles in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street... yes the rhythm of life is a powerful beat...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: If you didn't wanna eat pizza, you should have said something. I'll take you any place you want to go.

Lucy: Well, why would you want to take me out for dinner when you're already eating pizza?

Kevin: I'm hungry, and I was really in the mood for pizza, but if you want something else...

Lucy: Well, maybe I'll go inside and see what the others are having.

Kevin: They're having Chinese food.

Lucy: But we don't know what Chinese food.

Kevin: We know your mom felt we should have dinner, just the two of us, and we know that meant she didn't want us there.

Lucy: She just doesn't want to talk.

Kevin: So leave her alone.

Lucy: Why would she want us to spend time alone?

Kevin: Maybe she's sick of us hanging around there.

Lucy: No, she's not.

Kevin: We're married, we should spend time alone.

Lucy: We spend time alone.

Kevin: But we could spend more time alone.

Lucy: She's avoiding talking to me. I know she is. Are you and my mother conspiring to keep me out of there? You sure you didn't suggest that we stay home tonight?

Kevin: Honestly, your mom suggested it all on her own.

Camden's House - Martin's Room

Ruthie: Are you sure, you don't want to eat with us?

Martin: No, I'm sending an e-mail to my dad.

Ruthie: An e-mail about my mom?

Martin: What makes you think that?

Ruthie: She's scaring you.

Martin: No. Okay, maybe a little. She's just so...

Ruthie: Happy...

Martin: Which is great. It's, it's just that since your grandpa passed away, I was prepared to be... quiet, helpful, sympathetic, not in the way, invisible even. I don't really know how to act since she's not sad. I mean, if I act happy and she's not really happy, I may come off insensitive or something. On the other hand, maybe she really is happy and I should be happy for her.

Ruthie: Maybe. But... she can't be happy.

Martin: She's sure doing a good job of pretending to be happy then.

Ruthie: What could possibly make her happy at a time like this?

Martin: I don't know, but truthfully I've been in a really good mood for the past couple of days myself... and for no apparent reason.

Ruthie: So have I... I just don't feel right about it.

Martin: I think it's okay.

Pete's Pizza

Gwen: I talked to her and she seems genuinely happy, almost blissful.

George: I get that same feeling. She's in a different place than she was, and it's a good place.

Cecilia: I haven't said this out loud to anyone, especially any one in the Camden family, but I feel good too. Whatever has happened to her seems to be rubbing off on me. I'm trying to be respectful whenever I go over there and trying not to laugh or smile, or do anything inappropriate, especially since the Camdens seem to be worried about her... but I can hardly help myself. I feel good inside.

Dairy Shack

Peter: Are you okay, Dad?

Paris: Is something wrong?

Vic: I don't know, it started sometime after Annie's father died. I feel kinda... shaken up... and not necessarily in a bad way, just kinda moved somehow.

Paris: Vic, that's so funny, I been feeling kinda strangely happy myself.

Peter: I do too, but Ruthie is worried about her mom being so happy, so I haven't said anything about how I'm feeling.

Vic: Something's going on and I like it.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: We've order in three nights just this past week. What's going on?

Eric: I think your mother just wants more playtime.

Ruthie: Where is she?

Eric: She went outside to look for something.

Ruthie: Not Grandpa, I hope. Come on, she's acting like we never lost him.

Eric: No, I don't think that's it, I, I think it may be quite the opposite.

Annie: Found it.

Eric: Champagne...

Annie: No, bubbling apple cider. The boys and I got it at the market today; we must've left it in the car. What?

Ruthie: Are we celebrating something?

Annie: Life... family... us... everybody... everything. I ordered finger foods so we can eat it with our hands, won't that be fun?

Ruthie: I've been begging you to do that for years.

Annie: I know and now I did it.


Vic: Is anyone up for a movie that would care to treat me?

Paris: Ah, I have an early meeting and I'm not prepared for it, plus I have laundry and housework...

Vic: Say no more, I will take you home.

Peter: We can watch a movie at the house. I'll treat you to a rental movie, if you stick around.

Vic: I can stick around, but only to do laundry.

Peter: Well better, I'll tackle the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Vic: I will vacuum and... dust.

Paris: Ho, ho, ho... okay, hold on, what's going on here?

Vic: I don't know... Grandpa Charles...

Paris: Okay, you two can watch a movie and I'll work. We can do the stuff that needs doing around the house tomorrow.

Vic: I'm afraid we have to decline... I really feel like dusting. Hey, look who's here. Unless you really want to see a movie alone, you're welcome to join us for a party at our house.

Chandler: What kind of party?

Peter: Housework. Me and dad are going to clean the house while my mom gets ready for a meeting tomorrow.

Chandler: That sounds like a family thing.

Peter: Well, we could make it family and friends.

Chandler: As much as I like housework, ah, I think I'll pass. Thanks, goodnight.

Paris: Goodnight.

Vic: Goodnight.

Peter: Goodnight.

Pete's Pizza

Gwen: So, are you going to see Martin tonight?

Cecilia: No, I'm going with dad to help out a clean up crew at the high school.

George: They're new, and I want to make sure they're there and doing a good job.

Gwen: Well, I have some bookkeeping to catch up with, so you can just drop me off at home.

Cecilia: Why don't you come with us instead?

George: That's a great idea.

Gwen: That's okay, the maintenance business is something you do with each other. I'll let the two of go without me.

Cecilia: I remember when I was little and I would go with the two of you and sit in an empty classroom and do my homework while you worked. Maybe you could take your bookkeeping with you and sit in an empty classroom while dad and I work.

Gwen: Really?

George: That's a delightful idea.

Gwen: Oh...

George: Hello, Chandler.

Gwen: We're off to work together.

Cecilia: We're going to help out the new crew at school. Wanta come?

Chandler: No, I'll pass.

George: You look lonely, join us.

Gwen: Yes, join us.

Chandler: No, really I'm just going to grab a pizza ad go home, watch some TV.

Gwen: That doesn't sound like any fun. Come with us.

Chandler: No, really, as, as much fun as cleaning a high school maybe, ah, I'll just go home.

George: It's not about cleaning; it's about family and friends.

Chandler: But thanks, but no.

Cecilia: Well if you change your mind, you know where we'll be.

Gwen: Bye...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Roxanne's House

Roxanne: I'm still getting e-mails from Martin's dad.

Lucy: E-mail my be the perfect solution to your problem of always getting involved so quickly.

Roxanne: That's exactly what my dad said.

Lucy: How is your dad?

Roxanne: He hates retirement, but loves having more time to spend with me. We're going to the gun range tonight, we've got a competition going.

Lucy: Good luck, I hope you... win.

Roxanne: I won't, but I'll still have fun with my dad. Goodnight.

Lucy: Goodnight. Roxanne is going to the gun range with her dad.

Kevin: Yeah, they go every night. Any interest?

Lucy: In shooting a gun? No, I don't think so.

Kevin: Yeah, that's probably best. Do you feel like taking a walk?

Lucy: That's a great idea. I do feel like taking a walk. I feel kinda funny.

Kevin: Was it the pizza?

Lucy: Not funny in a bad way, funny in a good way.

Kevin: I am too... I have been for days. I just didn't say anything since you were concerned about... your mom feeling good.

Lucy: Well, I don't know what's going on with her, and I, I don't know what's going on with me, but suddenly all feels... okay. Which is strange considering we're kinda in a period of mourning, but okay.

Pete's Pizza

Waitress: Sorry, it's coming.

Roxanne: This is Roxanne. Leave a message and make it quick, I'm waiting on an overseas call. Thanks.

Chandler: Hey, it's Chandler. Just callin' to see if wanted some pizza... I guess you're not home. I'm Chandler, ah Hampton...

Angela: Reverend Chandler Hampton.

Chandler: I don't think anyone's ever called me that before. I'm used to Associate Pastor.

Angela: But you are a reverend, a doctorate in divinity.

Chandler: Yes... and you are?

Angela: Angela.

Chandler: Angela... ah, you go to my church I take it.

Angela: Sorta... look you need to go to 4701 Chapel Lane.

Chandler: Hum... I need to go or someone at...

Angela: 4701 Chapel Lane...

Chandler: 4701 Chapel Lane needs me?

Waitress: It's on the house. Pete says he apologizes for keeping you waitin' so long.

Chandler: Ah, no... no, ah, nothing else to do here. Let me pay you.

Waitress: Nah-uh, I can't do it.

Chandler: Here's a tip.

Waitress: Now that I can do. Thanks.

Outside Pete's Pizza

Waitress: Used to be a smoke break, now it's a gum break.

Chandler: Ah, congratulations. Hey, you didn't happen to see the young girl sitting next to me in there come out, did you?

Waitress: I didn't even see a girl sitting next to you. A girlfriend?

Chandler: No, no, no, she, she was young, ah, ah; she might go to my church. Ah, tall, thirteen... maybe fourteen, blonde hair.

Waitress: No.

Chandler: You didn't see anyone sitting next to me?

Waitress: No, but... I was kinda busy.

Chandler: There was this young girl sitting next to me, while I... waiting for my pizza, and she just disappeared.

Waitress: Okay...

Chandler: Okay... have I been drinking?

Waitress: No...

Chandler: Thanks. Boy, I need to get some rest.

High School - Highway

James Darren: You're nobody till somebody loves you... you're nobody till somebody cares. Now you maybe king, you may posses... the world and its gold, but gold won't bring you happiness when you're growing old. The world...

Cecilia: Change your mind about helping us?

Chandler: No, I, I just wanted to ask you something. Does Ruthie have a friend named Angela? The... this tall, blonde-haired, cute.

Cecilia: Not that I know of... why?

Chandler: Do you know of any girl named Angela thatta goes to our church?

Cecilia: About this tall, blonde-hair? No.

Chandler: I just... I talking... this girl at Pete's Pizza...

Cecilia: Are you okay?

Chandler: Ah, I'm, I'm fine. Sorry to bother you.

James Darren: You may posses... the world and its gold, but gold won't bring you happiness when you growing old. The world is still the same you never change it...

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

James Darren: ...as sure as the stars shine above. You're nobody till somebody loves you, so find yourself somebody to love. You're nobody till somebody loves you. You're nobody until somebody cares.

Door: (knock)

Vic: Hey, hey, come on, preacher man, let's see what you got.

Chandler: No, that's okay.

Vic: What's going on?

Chandler: Nothing.

Vic: You came over here for something.

Chandler: Um... I came to ask you something, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe I didn't have a reason for coming over here.

Vic: Admit it, you feel like being around people. It's okay, you're lonely.

Chandler: Everyone's so happy. Why, why is everyone so happy? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or something.

Vic: You're just single... take it from me. I'm technically single... when I'm not around Paris and Peter, I'm not this happy.

Chandler: Ah, it's not that, I, I, I I'm used to being single, it's something else.

Vic: You okay, you look like you've seen a ghost.

Chandler: Ah, maybe it was a ghost, or an angel.

Vic: And?

Chandler: And, I don't know... maybe, I'm just looking for someone to explain the unexplainable.

Vic: Well, I'm very proud you've come to me for that. The unexplainable can't be explained. For example, how did I quit drinking? Right.

James Darren: The world is still the same you'll never change it. As sure as the stars shine above...

Camden's House - Kitchen

James Darren: ...you're nobody till somebody loves you, so find yourself somebody to love. Now you're nobody...

Annie: Come in!

Everyone: Chandler!

Annie: Come in.

Chandler: I, I can't stay. I just wanted to ask you... if you believe in angels.

Annie: Of course, I believe in angels.

Chandler: That's all I wanted to know... thanks.

James Darren: As sure as the stars shine above, you're nobody...

Outside Camden's House

James Darren: ...till somebody loves you, so find yourself somebody... get yourself somebody... find yourself somebody... to love. Find yourself somebody, everybody needs somebody, get yourself somebody... somebody... to love.

Chandler: Aughhhh...

Chandler's House

Chandler: 4701 Chapel Lane... 4701 Chapel Lane... 4701 Chapel Lane...

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Eric: Now, will you tell me why you're so darn happy.

Annie: Wasn't the past hour reason enough?

Eric: Hour... your watch is broken.

Annie: Ooohhh, I know everybody expecting me to feel sad, but I don't feel sad. It's like my father died and I've gone to heaven. Not gone... I've already been there. I just didn't realize it, before he left us, and you know what heaven is... heaven is family and friends and being surrounded by people you love and who love you. Do you know how many friends we have?

Eric: I can hardly keep track of how many family we have.

Annie: Ha, ha... isn't it wonderful that we have this big family. Isn't it wonderful that we have seven children and we're about to have a grandchild. How lucky we are... how amazingly lucky we are. Matt and Sarah will work everything out... I know they will. And, I love Carlos, he's so good for Mary... and Kevin, I mean, could, could we have been luckier.

Eric: Could Lucy?

Annie: Huh, something happened to me when dad died, and you may not believe this, but I think this happiness is a gift from him. Instead of feeling sorry that he's gone, I just feel... happy that he lived. I'm so happy that he was my dad. I feel so grateful to have had good parents. I feel grateful to be a good parent. I feel grateful to have a good husband and good children. We are so fortunate; very few people have what we have.

Eric: I know and I, I honestly believe gratitude is the key to happiness.

Annie: I really am happy. I really believe that my dad is in heaven, wherever that may be, and believing that, no really knowing that, I feel happy.

Eric: Me too.

Annie: Well, now we know what makes me feel happy, what makes you feel happy?

Eric: Like you said, ah, a gift from your dad, or maybe it's just contagious. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's as if the whole world is getting happier by the minute since you got happy.

Annie: I think getting my mood up has gotten everyone else's mood up, but I'm not high, I know you're up to something. What're you up to? Will I like it?

Eric: I think you'll love it.

Annie: Tell me.

Eric: I will, if you'll tell me what you're up to.

Annie: Me?

Eric: With Lucy and Kevin... you're just not hiding out from Lucy so you didn't want to talk to her, are you?

Annie: I'll tell you, if you tell me.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Good morning.

Annie: Oh, it is a good morning, a very good morning.

Ruthie: You're really happy, aren't you Mom?

Annie: Yes, I am.

Ruthie: I am too, but I don't feel right about it.

Annie: Oh, it's okay, Ruthie, it's okay to be happy. I think Grandpa would want us to be happy. He was a good grandpa, a good dad, a good person, and he had a good life.

Ruthie: Okay.

Annie: I know he loved you very much, and loving someone is a wonderful gift... a gift that lasts forever.

Ruthie: I guess I never thought about it that way.

Annie: Well, I didn't either.

Ruthie: I don't have a box or a ribbon for this, but I love you, Mom, I really do love you.

Annie: And I love you.

Martin: Hi, Mrs. Camden, how are you this morning?

Annie: I'm good and how are you?

Martin: I'm fine too, if that okay?

Annie: That's very okay.

Martin: I don't know what's been going on around here, but I think this morning was the first time since my mom died that... I looked at her picture and felt like smiling. I'm happy my mom was my mom. She was great.

Annie: Ah, she must have been, because you are wonderful young man.

Martin: Thanks.

Lucy: Good morning.

Annie: Good morning. How was your evening?

Lucy: Great.

Annie: Oh?

Lucy: Kevin and I had the nicest time together. We ate pizza and then we went out for a walk around the neighborhood, just holding hands and looking at the stars.

Annie: Yeah?

Lucy: And we took a look at the house down the street that's up for sale.

Annie: Oh?

Lucy: What would you think if we bought it?

Annie: Oh, I think it would be wonderful.

Lucy: You think so?

Annie: I know so.

Lucy: But, is that why you wanted Kevin and me to spend time together last night? You saw the house, didn't you? You had him walk me down there.

Annie: I love you, Luc and I love Kevin, and I love that someday you're gonna have a family and be... happy as I am.

Lucy: I am happy, Mom. And I'm happy you're happy. I love you, Mom.

Eric: Was that Lucy?

Annie: It worked.

Eric: And?

4701 Chapel Lane - Chandler's Car

Jeffrey: Can I help you?

Chandler: Ah, no, no I, I'm sorry I pulled over here last night to do some thinking, and I must have fallen asleep.

Jeffrey: Why don't you come inside? I'll make you a cup of coffee and we can talk.

Chandler: About...

Jeffrey: You... me... you and me. Ever thought about adopting? I don't have a mom or a dad, and my grandma's really, really old. I need someone.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: So you really think we can get the house.

Kevin: It's not sold, so I don't know why not. It's a big step, getting a house, but I think we're ready.

Lucy: When do you think we'll be ready to have a baby?

Kevin: One-step at a time, okay?

Lucy: You're the one who conspired with my mom to get me to want the house. Now I want it, and I want a baby even if you and my mother don't.

Kevin: And your dad. We want you to finish college. Then we'll talk about it.

Lucy: Could we get a dog?

Kevin: Hah, definitely.

Junior High School - Hallway

Peter: Do you think me and you; we'd ever get married and have a family?

Ruthie: Well, even if we don't get married, I think we have a family between your family and mine and who else we know.

Peter: You know I love you in a fourteen-year-old, first crush kinda way, don't you know... honey?

Ruthie: Yeah, I know.

Peter: And...

Ruthie: And... I like you, too.

Peter: Ah, come on...

Ruthie: All right, I hope we do get married someday, but given that were only fourteen and you're my first boyfriend, and I'm your first girlfriend, it's not likely to happen. Even if it doesn't, which it probably won't, I still love you in that fourteen-year-old, first crush kinda way, too... honey.

High School - Hallway

Cecilia: I feel like ditching school, driving to the beach, having a picnic, and talking for the rest of the day.

Martin: I said I was happy, not completely and totally irresponsible.

Cecilia: And I didn't say I would ditch school, I just said I feel like it. I've never cut a class in my entire life.

Martin: You look really nice today.

Cecilia: You do too.

Martin: Maybe we could drive out to the beach this Saturday.

Cecilia: I'd love to.

Martin: Wanna to invite your parents?

Cecilia: We could, but then we definitely couldn't make out.

Martin: Yeah, I realize that. I just feel like being with family, and since my dad's in Iraq and my aunt's in New York, I thought maybe we could spend more time with your parents. I like your parents.

Cecilia: I do too.

Cecilia: How's Mrs. Camden?

Martin: Happy.

Cecilia: And how are you?

Martin: Happy.

Cecilia: Me too.

Chandler's House / Roxanne's House

Phone: (rings)

Chandler: Hello?

Roxanne: Chandler, it's Roxanne. I'm sorry I missed you last night, but I went to the gun range with me dad.

Chandler: Again?

Roxanne: We're cops, that's what we like to do. We could go out from dinner tonight, if we went early.

Chandler: Well, because you have plans with your dad again?

Roxanne: That's right.

Chandler: Are you, ah, dating anyone?

Roxanne: No. You're not thinking that you and I could date again, are you?

Chandler: No, no, it's... let me ask you something. Do you ever think about havin' a kid? You know, single.

Roxanne: Chandler, if I don't want to date you, no offense, but I certainly don't want to have a baby with you.

Chandler: It's not what I'm talking about.

Roxanne: What are you talking about?

Chandler: Honestly, I don't know.

Roxanne: You sound funny.

Chandler: I'm, I'm, I'm a little stressed, but I, I know I'm talking to a cop, so I don't think you'd would understand. But, thanks for calling me back.

Roxanne: Wait Chandler. I'll cancel my plans with my dad, you sound like you need a friend.

Chandler: Thanks Roxanne, but ah, as much as I think I need someone... finally there's somebody who needs me. And I what to think about what I want to do about that. I have to go to work.

Roxanne: Okay, well, if you change your mind...

Chandler: Yeah, I know where the gun range is.

Roxanne: Goodbye.

Chandler: Goodbye.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Chandler: Hey, Annie told me I could find you here.

Eric: How are you? You, you, you, I mean, you look at little frazzled.

Chandler: Yeah, yeah, I ah, I am a little frazzled. Last night I was ah, at Pete's Pizza...

Eric: And...

Chandler: And ah, well, I, I was waiting for my order and ah, this girl, this, this young girl, ah, blonde, cute, about this tall, ah, she comes over and sits down next to me and tells me that, that I need to go to 4701 Chapel Lane. Then, the waitress leans in to give me my order and when she leans back... poof... the girl's gone. Angela... she ah, said her name was Angela.

Eric: Ah, what, what mean poof?

Chandler: Ah, she disappeared in, in, in, into thin air... and then I went home ah, and I couldn't quit thinking about her and, and, and, whether or not the Angela was code for ah, Angel. And, and, then I feel asleep and, and ah, this dream... ah, Paris and her family, ah, Cecilia and her family, and ah, you and your family... you were there, and, and you were all dancing to the same music. "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You", and believe me that was just the way that I felt... feel... felt, whatever. Then I was in my car and I looked into the mirror and ah, she was there.

Eric: She as in Angela?

Chandler: Yeah... And, and I woke up screaming and then ah, drove to 4701 Chapel Lane at midnight.

Eric: Midnight?

Chandler: I slept in my car, and then when I woke up this morning, there was this kid. You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Eric: No, no, not crazy. Ah, I'm, I'm sure there's ah, you know, a logical explanation.

Chandler: Why?

Eric: Pardon?

Chandler: Why are you sure there's a logical explanation?

Eric: Could you meet me at Pete's tonight 'cause I'd love to talk about this, but, I, I really have to run. Six... I'll meet you at six.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Where is Chandler?

Eric: Don't say anything to him about what I told you.

Annie: Why not?

Eric: Something went wrong. I don't know what, but something went very, very wrong.

Pete's Pizza

Peter: Hey, Eric, how's it going?

Eric: Did you, did you give that address to Chandler last night? That kid I thought he might be able to help. Your daughter's friend, Jeffrey?

Peter: No, I... I was busy but I, I, I asked my niece to do it.

Eric: Oh, Chandler thinks she's an angel.

Peter: Well, she is.

Eric: He thinks she vanished into thin air.

Peter: Well, I doubt she did that. Angela!

Angela: Hi, Reverend Camden.

Pete: Angela, uhmm, what did you tell Reverend Hampton last night?

Eric: Associate Pastor...

Angela: There was someone at 4701 Chapel Lane that he needed to meet.

Chandler: What in the name of heaven is going on?

Eric: Well, you, you know Pete, right. And ah, ah, evidently you've never met his niece, Angela.

Chandler: Not until last night. I thought... where'd you disappear to?

Angela: Uncle Peter's office. He asked me to make sure you got the address.

Chandler: So obviously you're not... ah...

Eric: An angel... ah, but a very nice young woman. I just wanted to get you over there and, and see what would happen. I didn't mean to cause you nightmares or anything. So what do you think?

Chandler: I think my life is none of your business. I think if I want to stay single and live alone for the rest of my life, that's none of your business. You had no right to trick me into getting emotionally involved with a kid just so I'll adopt him and start a family!

Eric: So you liked him.

Chandler: Yeah...

Eric: I didn't mean to trick you. Now, but, Pete came to me with the information and I met Jeffrey, and I met his grandmother and I thought of you. And, I also thought that if I approached you about this directly, just dismiss out of hand. Which you did.

Chandler: What?

Eric: I, I tried to talk to you about adoption, in the office, yesterday afternoon, you didn't want to hear it. Remember?

Chandler: I remember, but why? Why, why, me... why not you?

Eric: Why not you? Why not you, Chandler? This, this boy is dream adoption. His grandmother has custody, it, she can allow you to adopt him privately, you don't have to go through foster care, you don't have to marry his mother, you don't have to do anything, except give him a chance. He deserves a chance. Every child deserves a chance. Unfortunately, his grandmother's not going to be around give me a chance. This is a good boy and you know what... you're a good man. You'd make a good father.

Chandler: Ah, what if I don't? What if I turn out to be like my own dad?

Eric: I won't let you. And, by the way, your dad couldn't have done everything wrong, because look at you. You're an honest hard-workin' guy who leads a good life and wants to share it. Why not start with this child? Look, every day of family life can't be perfect, or even pleasant, but a lot of days are absolutely amazing. You deserve some amazing days. Someone who loves you, someone you can love. I, I just, I think you're ready.

Chandler: You do?

Eric: I'm talking to you like you are my own sons... but, I, I, I just have this gut feeling, Chandler, that you can do this. It will be good for you, it will be good for Jeffrey, it will be good for his grandmother, it will be good everybody. They say if you change a life of a child, you change the world. Change the world. Uh... there's uh, this one obstacle... the grandmother wants you talk to her lawyer.

Alex: Alex Mandlebaum, Attorney At Law. Reverends Camden and Hampton, I presume.

Chandler: You're attorney.

Alex: Just passed the bar. Legal aid. Shall we sit down? So, Jeffrey's grandmother just wants to make sure that were all in sync here. I've drawn up a contract. She wants to make sure that your intensions are to get to know her grandson, with the intension of adopting him. She doesn't want to get he's hopes up and have you take off, therefore permanently damaging the kid's ego.

Chandler: You single.

Alex: Yes...

Chandler: Do you like Jeffrey?

Alex: Of course.

Chandler: Why don't you adopt him?

Alex: Ah, I just got out of law school, I, I have a student loan to pay off and a stack of bills. Which is why I'm still living at home. And my mom won't let me. So what do you know about Jeffrey?

Chandler: Ah, he's eight.

Alex: He's ten.

Chandler: He's a good student... he makes straight A's.

Alex: He's missed a lot of school, he's a year behind, his grades are average.

Chandler: He can cook and clean and take care of himself.

Alex: He's allowed to heat frozen food in the microwave, his room's a disaster area, and although he can get along pretty well on his own, he still needs a lot of assistance.

Chandler: He likes baseball?

Alex: Not as much as violent video games.

Chandler: Ah, his favorite food is macaroni and cheese?

Alex: True.

Chandler: There... what do you know. All right, I'll do it. And by "it", I mean, that I'll, get to know him.

Alex: With the intension of possibly adopting him. Great... sign right here. Jeffrey!

Chandler: We've got a few things to talk about.

Jeffrey: Did I tell you that having a dad is something I've been dreaming about all my life.

Chandler: You told me several things, most of which weren't exactly true.

Jeffrey: I was desperate.

Chandler: Yeah, I'm kinda desperate too. Let's go.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie/Sam/David: Ah, the rhythm of life has a powerful beat; you puts tingles in your fingers and tingles in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street. Oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... Oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... you puts tingles in your fingers and tingles in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street. Oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... oh, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat... 

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