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#817 : Des Fiançailles, deux mariages et un enterrement


Lily, la demi-soeur d'Annie, va se marier. Elle tient à ce que leur père, souffrant, l'accompagne jusqu'à l'autel mais Annie craint qu'il n'en soit pas capable. Fred et Mme Bink demandent conseil avant leur mariage à Chandler mais la mère de Fred s'oppose à leur union, persuadée que la future mariée ne s'intéresse qu'à l'argent de son fils. Jimmy et Pat décident de se marier et demandent à Chandler d'organiser la cérémonie mais les parents de Jimmy ne cachent pas leur désaccord...


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Titre VO
Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral

Titre VF
Des Fiançailles, deux mariages et un enterrement

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Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Matt (Barry Watson)

Matt (Barry Watson)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Eileen Brennan (Gladys Bink), Beverly Garland (Ginger), Michelle Phillips (Lily)

Guests :

  • Carol Arthur ..... Gertrude Fleming
  • Patrick Cooper ..... John
  • Nick Daley ..... Richard
  • Elliot Goldwag ..... Gene
  • Bill Jacobson ..... Ernie
  • Diana Elizabeth Jordan ..... Helen
  • Glen Poehlman ..... Jimmy Rodgers
  • Pam Rawuka ..... Pat Crane
  • Romy Rosemont ..... Sally
  • Al Ruscio ..... Fred Fleming
  • Dick Van Patten ..... James Rodgers
  • Pat Van Patten ..... Mère de Jimmy

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Just so you both know, the purpose of premarital counseling is, is not just to focus on the religious issues. Premarital counseling is really designed to allow couples the opportunity, in a supportive environment, to look at their, uh relationships, their, their needs, likes and dislikes, their ah, communication styles, their family background... and, and work with any issues that may exist; work 'em out before the wedding. Most, most couples find these sessions validating and affirming.

Mrs. Bink: Are we like most couples that you marry?

Chandler: Well, you two will actually be the first couple that I marry as an associate pastor. And you're a bit older than the average couple, but I think the basic principles of marital counseling still apply.

Mrs. Bink: Nothing basic has ever applied... to me. I've had two husbands, cancer, a great career... an even better retirement. I know all about love and commitment, but more importantly, I know life is short and it's to be lived... lived to the fullest. Fred and I, we don't know how much time we have left, but what time we do have, we're spending it together, and we're getting married... with or without you, if you get my drift. Now I agreed to go through with this so that you'd marry us, but...

Fred: Don't push your luck.

Chandler: All right. Considered yourself counseled.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Well ah, Lilly's getting married and she wants you to do the honors at your church.

Eric: Wow, that's great, your sisters getting married.

Annie: She wants dad to walk her down the aisle. My father can barley walk down the hall to the bathroom. He's in no shape, mental or physical, to be in a wedding party. Why would she do this?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Pat, what are you doing out so late?

Pat: I'm gettin' married.

Chandler: You are?

Pat: I'm in love.

Chandler: Well, that's great.

Pat: You have to marry me to my boyfriend.

Chandler: Okay.

Pat: He's nice. You'll like him. I just met him last night.

Chandler: Last night?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: What?

Eric: Oh, I was just reminiscing.

Chandler: About?

Eric: Uh, uh, the first couple I married.

Chandler: Oh, I just want to be prepared.

Eric: Yeah, I know.

Chandler: I want every thing to go smoothly.

Eric: Yeah, I know.

Chandler: Can't mess up my first wedding.

Eric: Yeah, I know. Ah, word of advice.

Chandler: I'll take any advice you care to share.

Eric: You can never be prepared for everything. It, it, it won't go smoothly. And most important... you're first wedding will get messed up. Something always goes wrong.

Chandler: Maybe that's how it was for you; it's not going to be that way for me.

Eric: Denial, the first stage.

Chandler: Why are you doing this?

Eric: 'Cause I want you to be prepared, and in order to be prepared, you have to know what to expect. And where weddings are concerned, what to expect is... the unexpected. I, I'm only a phone call away.

Chandler: Well thanks, but I've everything under control.

Eric: Yeah, I remember that too.

Glenoak Community Church - Hallway

Gertrude: Are you Reverend Hampton?

Eric: No, I'm, I'm Reverend Camden. Reverend Hampton's right in there.

Gertrude: Thank you, young man.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Gertrude: Reverend Hampton?

Chandler: Huh, uh?

Gertrude: Ah...

Chandler: Oh, oh, ouch, ouch, stop, ouch you're hurting me...

Gertrude: You're killing me.

Chandler: Do I know you?

Gertrude: Gertrude Fleming. I'm little Freddie Fleming's mother.

Chandler: I don't know a Freddie Fleming.

Gertrude: You're supposed to marry him in a week.

Chandler: Fred? And Miss Bink? Fred is Freddie.

Gertrude: I should have been here sooner, but I just found out. One of my grandchildren called all upset. As a man of God, you have to stop the wedding.

Chandler: What are you talkin' about?

Gertrude: Are you deaf or just stupid. You can't let that cradle-robbing hussy get her hands on my poor, sweet, innocent Freddie. She just wants to marry him to steal all his money.

Chandler: Miss Bink is not a hussy and she doesn't steal from anyone. Fred and Miss Bink are in love.

Gertrude: Ah, poppycock.

Chandler: Excuse me?

Gertrude: I said poppycock. That woman is a gold digger. She's not good enough for my boy.

Chandler: Fred is in his sixties. He's not a boy. And, and don't you think who he marries is his business? Okay, okay, all right. Fine, I'll look into it. No promises, but I'll look into it.

Gertrude: Mmmm...

Ernie's House

Chandler: Thanks for getting me the address of Fred's son, but you don't have to come with me.

Roxanne: Domestic disturbance calls are the most dangerous calls to go on.

Chandler: This is not a domestic disturbance call.

Roxanne: Not yet. You said the woman beat you with a cane. These are her grandchildren.

Chandler: All right, you can stay, but stay in the background.

Roxanne: Why didn't you just ask Reverend Camden to come with you?

Chandler: I don't need Reverend Camden's help.

Door Bell: (ding dong)

Chandler: Ernie Fleming?

Ernie: Yes.

Chandler: I'm, ah Chandler Hampton, uhm, I hear to talk to you about your father.

Ernie: My father? What's wrong? Why are you here? Did something happen to my dad? Oh my, is it his heart? Say something... what is it? Is my dad dead?

Chandler: Wait, wait, hold, hold on.

Ernie: Sally come quick, something's happened to dad. He's dead.

Chandler: I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding.

Sally: My father's dead.

Chandler: No, no.

Ernie: Then why are the police here? Why are you here?

Chandler: Ah, she's, she's not the police, she's just a friend of mine.

Sally: She's a friend who dresses up like a police officer?

Ernie: Look you better start talking or I'm calling the real police, bucko.

Outside Ernie's House

Roxanne: You are in way over your head. You better call Reverend Camden.

Chandler: I can handle it by myself, thanks very much.

Roxanne: Dr. Phil couldn't handle those people. They're crazy and not fun crazy, crazy, crazy.

Chandler: I don't need Reverend Camden.

Roxanne: Famous last words.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: So, ah..., Fred's mother doesn't want the two of you to get married, and neither do his children. But his children are willing to go forward with the ceremony as long as Mrs. Bink is willing to sign this prenuptial agreement that they gave me.

Mrs. Bink: Look, I appreciate your concern, but we're... we're getting married, and that's that. No one can stop us.

Fred: I wish my mother hadn't found out. I can't choose between you and my mother. And it's true I, I don't care for my kids, they've never done anything help me, but they cared enough to draw up that prenup.

Mrs. Bink: I have more money than you. If anybody needs a prenup, it's me. And don't let your kids fool you. They only care about themselves and their inheritance.

Fred: I, I don't know what to do.

Mrs. Bink: I'm curious, is it difficult?

Fred: Is what difficult?

Mrs. Bink: Going through life without a spine. Must make sitting in a chair quite a challenge.

Fred: I have a spine.

Mrs. Bink: Then stand up to your grubby kids and your overbearing mother, and marry me.

Fred: (crying)

Mrs. Bink: Excuse me.

Camden's House - Front Door

Chandler: Ah, help.

Mrs. Bink's House

Mrs. Bink: Am I dead?

Annie: No.

Mrs. Bink: Why... am I under arrest?

Roxanne: No.

Ruthie: Come on, get dressed.

Annie: you're coming with us.

Mrs. Bink: Where are we going?

Lucy: Don't ask, just do.

Cecilia: You're going to need a suitcase.

Ruthie: I'll help you pack.

Mrs. Bink: What's going on?

Annie: You're eloping.

Mrs. Bink: Wow...

Outside Mrs. Bink's House

Fred: What if this doesn't work? Gladys was pretty upset this afternoon.

Eric: It'll work.

Fred: Are you sure?

Kevin: She loves you, it'll work.

Fred: Ya, ya...

Kevin: She loves you, right?

Fred: Well, she did before I cried in Chandler's office.

Eric: Let he among us who hasn't cried in front of a woman cast the first stone. I'm the only one.

Chandler: Apparently.

Eric: Look, in my experience, when family becomes an obstacle to two people who are in love, marrying, then you remove the obstacle.

Martin: I'm sorry, it's not that this isn't fun and everything, but what exactly are we doing?

Peter: Fred and Mrs. Bink want to get married.

Fred: And my family doesn't want me to.

Peter: Oh, and Fred's mom beat up Chandler.

Chandler: She didn't beat me up. She hit me.

Peter: She beat him up.

Chandler: Can we talk about something else?

Martin: Yeah, I still don't know what we're doing.

Eric: Well, Fred and Mrs. Bink are eloping.

Martin: With all of us?

Eric: It's eloping... with a twist.

Mrs. Bink: I really didn't want you to see me like this until our wedding night.

Fred: Well, that could be tonight, if you'll still have me.

Mrs. Bink: What about your family?

Fred: My kids, there just looking out for themselves. When I called to talk to them today, one of them wanted to borrow money from me, the other one wanted to use my house as collateral for a business loan.

Mrs. Bink: And your mother?

Fred: I love my mother. I don't want to upset her, but she's old.

Mrs. Bink: Are you hoping that your mother dies before you have to tell her about us?

Fred: No, not hoping, but she's old. I... and maybe, if, if you don't mind, we coulda keep this wedding between us, until she passes.

Mrs. Bink: You mean you want me to hide from your family. Not see them on birthdays, and anniversaries, and Christmas, and New Year's and... huh... you gotta deal... and a wife. Come here, stud. Well, we better get going because, ah, I'm not gettin' any younger.

Fred: Don't you want to change?

Mrs. Bink: No, take me as I am or don't take me at all.

Fred: Okay.

Glenoak Community Church

Chandler: Now by the power vested in me by the state of California, I pronounce you husband and wife... you may kiss the bride.

Fred: Oh...

Group: (clapping and humming "Wedding March")

Chandler: Ah, piece of cake.


Chandler: Are you Jim?

Jim: Yes.

Chandler: Jim Rodgers?

Jim: Yes. Did you want some coffee?

Chandler: How old are you?

Jim: Excuse me?

Chandler: Well, you, you asked Pat Crane to marry you. She is significantly younger than you. I just wanted to know how old you were. And I would like to know why after only one date, you would ask Pat to marry you, ah, but we'll come back to that after we deal with the age issue.

Jim: I, I don't know what you're talking about.

Chandler: Well, you are Jim Rodgers, right?

Jim: Yes.

Chandler: Pat Crane said that you went out with her last night, and you...

Jim: Hold on a minute. Jimmy...

Jimmy: Yeah, Dad.

Jim: Would you come over here a minute, please.

Chandler: Oh, wait, I thought you were Jim.

Jim: No, no, I'm, I'm James Rodgers, Sr. and this is my son, Jimmy. Jimmy, did you ask a girl to marry you?

Chandler: Ah, Pat...

Jim: Yeah, did, did you ask Pat to marry you?

Jimmy: Pat is nice and I had dinner with her and her roommates last night. She gave me her French fries.

Chandler: Ah, she thinks you two are getting married.

Jimmy: Okay, we can get married.

Jim: Jimmy, would you go to the truck and get some of those cups, please.

Jimmy: Sure. Goodbye.

Jim: What, what are you... the girl's brother?

Chandler: I'm the Associate Pastor at the Glenoak Community Church.

Jim: Oh, yes, right, you help out with that house on Maple Street. Jimmy has friends there. I guess he met Pat there. Well, don't worry, I'm not letting him get married.

Chandler: That's not your decision, is it?

Jim: Whose decision is it? Jimmy's? He can't make a decision like that. Now you just tell this girl, thatta it was a misunderstanding. And if she's anything like Jimmy, and I'm betting that she is, she'll forget about this marriage stuff by tomorrow morning.

Chandler: Well, maybe I could Jimmy to the house and he and Pat and I could talk; straighten things out, you know, without anybody gettin' hurt.

Jim: Okay, sure, but Jimmy is not getting married.

Group's House - Living Room

Chandler: I'm a little confused. Did you or did you not ask Pat to marry you?

Jimmy: I guess I didn't.

Chandler: Why do you think you and Jimmy where gonna get married?

Pat: I love him. Isn't that what you do when you love someone, get married?

Chandler: Yes and no. It doesn't really work that way.

Pat: Why?

Jimmy: I'm the guy, I'm supposed to ask you. You aren't supposed to ask me.

Pat: You said you loved me.

Jimmy: You gave me you French fries.

Pat: So, I'm not gettin' married.

Chandler: Well, maybe someday...

Jimmy: But wait for the guy to ask you.

Pat: So ask already.

Jimmy: You can't tell me what to do.

Pat: I'm not telling you, I'm asking you. Don't you love me?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Chandler: And as you get to know other, ah, you're love will grow stronger... stronger than French fries... and over time, as you get to know each other better, then when you're really ready...

Pat: I'm ready now.

Jimmy: Okay.

Pat: Really?

Jimmy: Pat, would you marry?

Pat: Yes. Hey, everybody you can come out now, I'm gettin' married.

Chandler: Ah...

Pat: Jimmy and I are gettin' married.

John: We were listening in the other room.

Helen: Congratulations.

Richard: That's great.

Brenda: We're so happy for you.

Camden's House - Front Door

Chandler: Help...

Pat/Jimmy: Hello.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: Would you like to join us?

Pat: I'm too nervous to play.

Jimmy: Me too.

Ruthie: Can I do anything?

Pat: Jimmy and I want to get married.

Jimmy: And my father does not want me to get married. He does not want let me live by myself.

Pat: My dad said he wants to meet Jimmy, but he was happy for me.

Jimmy: My dad is not so happy because we only had one date.

Pat: But we love each other.

Ruthie: My brother loved his wife after only one date. It was love at first sight. Don't worry, if anyone can convince your dad, it's my dad. He's really good at convincing people of things.

Jim: Jimmy, let's go.

Jimmy: What about Pat?

Jim: Jimmy, let's go.

Jimmy: But I love Pat.

Jim: You can't get married, okay. End of discussion, now, let's go. And you two butt out of this.

Ruthie: They're really in love.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Chandler's House

Phone: (rings)

Chandler: Hello?

Eric: You better get over here. We've got a situation.

Chandler: A situation?

Eric: Jimmy's run away, and Pat's missing. Ah, I'm here with Jimmy's parents and Pat's father. Chandler... are you there?

Glenoak Community Church

Pat: We wanted to be the first in line when you got here.

Jimmy: So you could marry us.

Chandler: Ah, your parents are really worried.

Jimmy: We want you to marry us.

Chandler: It's, it's late, why don't I drive you home, and we can talk about this tomorrow?

Pat: No.

Jimmy: Marry us.

Chandler: I can't.

Jimmy: Because we're different?

Chandler: No.

Pat: We're not different. We're just like everyone else. We're in love and we want to get married.

Jimmy: It's not my dad's decision to make.

Chandler: I agree.

Jimmy: Then why don't you marry us?

Chandler: You've only had one date. You need to slow this relationship down. Marriage is forever... and forever is not something you want to rush into. Ah, you want to make sure that it's right. Because, well, because it's forever.

Pat: Jimmy wants to move into my house. There's an extra room.

Chandler: That's great.

Pat: So, it's okay if we live together and we're in love.

Chandler: It's doesn't matter what I think. You two are capable of living your own lives, and making your own decisions.

Jimmy: Thanks.

Pat: I like you, Chandler.

Jimmy: Watch out, she's gonna ask you to marry her.

Chandler: You two just need to slow down a bit. Date some more. Really get to know each other.

Pat: And if we do?

Chandler: Then I'll be honored to marry you, someday, in the future.

Jim: Jimmy! Your mother and I were so worried.

Jimmy: That I got married?

Susan: No, no, we were afraid maybe something bad happened to you.

Jim: You must never do that again.

Jimmy: I'm not a baby, I'm a man.

Susan: I know, I know.

Chandler: Thanks for bringing their parents.

Eric: I'm here for you.

Chandler: Yes you are.

Eric: Now get to work.

Pat: Were you worried, Dad?

Gene: A little, but I trust you.

Chandler: You know, Jimmy and Pat really want to get married.

Jim: You want to marry them?

Chandler: You should listen to them.

Jim: Why?

Chandler: Because, it's their lives. And yes, when they are ready, and when they gone through premarital counseling, just like any other couple, they want me to, then yes, I will marry them. But ah, maybe you should listen to your son, talk to him.

Jimmy: I love you, Dad, I love Pat too. And we're going to get married. I hope that you and Mom will be there, but if you aren't, I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm moving into the house on Maple.

Jim: Jimmy.

Jimmy: I want to do things for myself. I want to live on my own.

Susan: Do you know what I think? I think Jimmy and Pat make a wonderful couple. He isn't ten anymore. He's a grown man, and we can't protect him for the rest of our lives. I think it's so good that Jimmy wants to do for himself, and he has woman who loves him and wants to be with him. I will be at their wedding. I will stand up and support them, just like someday they will have to support each other. And you know what, that's gives me peace, for that I thank God. Thank you.

Jimmy: And, I love you, Mom.

Susan: And I love you, honey.

Jim: I can't say I'm happy about this, but I, I guess hum, I'll do the best to keep an open mind.

Jimmy: Thank you, Dad.

Jim: I love you, Jimmy. I just want you to be okay.

Jimmy: I'm okay.

Pat: We're okay.

Jim: Yeah... I guess you are.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hi.

Lucy: Keep your voice down.

Eric: Why, what's going on?

Kevin: We don't want to wake Annie.

Eric: Ah, that's sweet.

Sam: Mom's not happy.

David: She's mad.

Eric: I think you mean angry, not mad.

David: I think she's both.

Eric: What's she angry about?

Lucy: Guess. Lilly's wedding.

Eric: Well, she's happy about Lilly getting married.

Ruthie: Okay, well then, explain the rehearsal dinner last night.

Eric: Well... she was there.

Ruthie: But she left early.

Eric: Yeah, she was sick.

Lucy: Oh, come on. You're not falling for that, are you?

Annie: Eric!

Eric: I'm down in the kitchen.

Annie: Hi. Where is everyone?

Eric: Ah, they left.

Annie: Well, why?

Eric: Well... to be truthful, they all think you're upset about Lilly's wedding. I, I, think they wanted to give you some space. Wait, you are upset. I thought you and Lilly settled everything when she was here a few weeks ago.

Annie: This has nothing to do with Lilly and me.

Eric: Well, what does it have to do with?

Annie: Ah, dad.

Eric: Your father?

Annie: She should have never asked him to be in the wedding. He's not up to it. It's, it's too much of a strain for him, and if she would have just, you know, talked to me before she talked to Ginger, I would have told her that.

Eric: But you said he was doing well when you saw him last weekend. You, you, you had a great visit. So maybe he is up to being in the wedding.

Annie: No, he's not. I have a bad feeling about this. I'm sorry but I do. He shouldn't be doing this and Lilly shouldn't have asked him.

Phone: (rings)

Eric: Hello?

Ginger: Eric... it's Ginger.

Eric: How are you?

Ginger: Well, pretty well.

Eric: And Charles?

Ginger: Well, he's having a good week. And he's seems to understand about Lilly's wedding. And he seems to be happy to be involved.

Eric: Look, if you think it's too much for him...

Ginger: No, no, no, no. Charles wants to do this. Or the Charles that I married would want to make this a very special day for Lilly. And so we're coming. I think it's better we fly in tomorrow morning. That way, it's, you know, it would be less stress for him and for everyone.

Eric: You mean Annie.

Ginger: I don't understand why she's so opposed to having Charles do this.

Eric: She's worried about him. She has a bad feeling.

Ginger: Well, I can't not bring Charles. Thatta would be wrong and it would hurt his feelings. I mean even if I... said it was out of concern for his health, if he knew that Annie didn't want him there, ah, well, he'd really be upset. So we're coming... and we'll see you at the church tomorrow, we'll meet you there. I've rented a car, taken care of everything. You just take care of Annie.

Eric: Well, have a good trip.

Ginger: We will. Bye, bye.

Eric: See you soon.

Camden's House - Foyer

Doorbell: (ding dong, ding dong)

Chandler: I'm here to help.

Eric: Help?

Chandler: And I'm here to do what ever you need me to do. It's the least I can do after helping me with Mrs. Bink's wedding and, and Pat and Jimmy, and ah, please just use me. Let me help. There must be something you need me to do.

Eric: There is something you can do for me.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Chandler: I was just passin' by.

Annie: Ah, oh, just passin' by bedroom.

Chandler: Yeah...

Annie: Eric sent you... to talk to me. Well, I'm fine.

Chandler: Ah, he thinks otherwise.

Annie: I don't need to talk. Haven't you ever had a bad feeling?

Chandler: Yes.

Annie: A feeling deep in your gut that something bad is going to happen.

Chandler: I would like to think that's all that's making you upset, but ah, Lilly's...

Annie: Oh, that's in the past. Lilly and I settled everything between us. I'm glad she's getting married. I told her to get married. I'm happy she wants to have the wedding here, and have all of us be part of it, including Eric marrying her. We are her family... she is my sister, I, I and I love her. But what I don't want is for my father to have anymore stress in his life than he already has. He is not up to this. I can feel it in my bones. This isn't something that I need to work through or talk about, or get over. It is what it is, a bad feeling. A feeling I wish I didn't have.

Chandler: Okay.

Annie: Okay, what?

Chandler: Okay I think I believe you.

Annie: Oh, I believe me. Unfortunately, it doesn't help.

Chandler: Is there anything I can do?

Annie: No, but it was sweet of you to try.

Chandler: I guess I'll see you at the church then. Oh, and hum... I, I do hope that you are wrong. Well, if you know what I mean.

Annie: I hope I'm wrong, too. Thanks.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Where is everyone?

Ruthie: They all ran off. Hum, I was gonna go to Peter's, but I thought you might need me here.

Eric: Oh, thanks.

Ruthie: Can I ask you a question?

Eric: Sure.

Ruthie: Why doesn't mom like Aunt Lilly?

Lilly: Chandler let me in on his way out. Since Annie wasn't feeling well last night, I thought I would come here and go over the plans for tomorrow.

Eric: Ah, she's upstairs.

Lilly: Okay...

Ruthie: Do you think she heard me?

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Lilly: I think we have to talk.

Annie: Okay.

Lilly: What's going on?

Annie: Well, I'm doing the laundry.

Lilly: No, with us... what's going on with us? Are we back to where we started? After all the talking and working everything out, are, are we back to the beginning again?

Annie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lilly: You've been cold and distant since I got here and Ruthie thinks you don't like me.

Annie: Ruthie?

Lilly: I walked in on a conversation. You're not happy I'm here. And it seems you don't want me to have my wedding here. I didn't need to overhear that. That seems clear.

Annie: No, that's not true.

Lilly: You're lying.

Annie: I'm not. Look, dad's not up to this. You shouldn't have asked him to be in your wedding. That's why I'm upset.

Lilly: Really?

Annie: Yes.

Lilly: I didn't know that.

Annie: Well, I just told you.

Lilly: But Ginger said he was fine.

Annie: Ginger is not gonna to say no to you. She know how much having dad give you away means to you.

Lilly: So this is really all about dad?

Annie: Yes, I'm worried. I have a bad feeling. A very bad feeling.

Lilly: I'll call Ginger and tell them not to come.

Annie: No, you can't.

Lilly: I can't?

Annie: It would break his heart. What's done is done.

Lilly: Well, there must be something I can do to fix this.

Annie: Well, just hope that I'm wrong. And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.

Camden's House - Backyard Porch

Eric: The kids are all fed. I, I saved you a plate. How are you doing?

Annie: Did Lilly talk to you?

Eric: Yeah, she was upset.

Annie: I'm not trying to ruin her wedding.

Eric: She's upset.

Annie: I'm sorry, but I'm upset too.

Eric: It's all gonna be okay.

Annie: Can you guarantee that?

Eric: You know better than anyone, in life there are no guarantees.

Annie: How upset is she?

Eric: Well, she's a bride and you know, she needs a lot of reassuring. Ah, it's a good night for a drive.

Annie: Yes, it is, isn't it?

Glenoak Community Church

Annie: Derrick said I could find you here. Oh, Lilly...

Lilly: I'm such a terrible person. I have to cancel the wedding.

Annie: You are not a terrible person and you're not going to cancel the wedding.

Lilly: I wasn't thinking of anybody but me when I asked dad to give me away. I've have been so self-absorbed in my own life, I didn't even realize he wasn't up to this. I should have never asked Ginger to bring dad. It's just that... getting married is something that I've avoided for so long. I just thought with having my family, dad... and, all of you around me, what you know, would put me at ease. Once again, just thinking of myself.

Annie: And that's totally normal. Brides are supposed to be self-centered. It's your special day, you should have what you want.

Lilly: First the photos and now this. I, I should have talked to you. I mean you visit dad more than I do, and I should have known Ginger was just being polite.

Annie: It's okay. It'll be okay.

Lilly: Do you really believe that?

Annie: Yes... it's all gonna be okay. As long as you're okay. We can't have a wedding with a sad bride.

Lilly: What about your feeling.

Annie: It's gone.

Lilly: Really?

Annie: Yeah, come on, now dry your eyes... no more crying until tomorrow.

Lilly: I'm so glad to have you. I'm so glad to have a sister.

Annie: So am I, Lilly... so am I.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Annie: Oh, you all look so handsome. Hey, turn around.

Happy: (barks)

Annie: Good, come on. Now, no eating, drinking or playing before we leave for the church.

Sam: That doesn't sound like fun.

Annie: No it's not fun but it's clean.

Phone: (rings)

Annie: Oh, good, good, good... a little less lipstick and more hairspray.

Martin: Cecilia was helping me with my tie.

Annie: Okay, downstairs.

Lucy: Kevin and I will take everyone over to the church. You and dad can follow when you're ready.

Eric: I have to talk to you.

Annie: No, let's talk in the car.

Eric: Annie.

Annie: What?

Eric: Ginger called. She went to wake up your father from his nap, so they could make the plane and... he was gone.

Annie: No.

Eric: I'm so sorry.

Annie: Ah, he's...

Eric: Ah, in his sleep... it, a heart attack, she thinks.

Annie: I had this feeling and I didn't want to have this feeling because this is exactly what I felt. Ohhh... I felt like I was going to lose him, now I have.

Eric: I'll call the church. Lilly isn't gonna want to go through the ceremony under these circumstances and she should know about your dad.

Annie: No, no, we're not going to tell her. Not until after the ceremony. We'll tell her dad and Ginger missed the plane. Dad wouldn't wanted to ruin her wedding day and neither do I. Then after the reception, when everyone is gone, I will tell Lilly about dad, by myself.

Eric: You can't possibly go through a wedding ceremony today.

Annie: I can, and I will, and so will you. We have to for Lilly.

Eric: Are, are you sure?

Annie: Yes. It's what dad would have wanted.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: How are you doing?

Annie: Ah...

Eric: What about Lilly?

Annie: Well, Lilly's okay. Fortunately, they weren't planning their honeymoon trip, you know, until the summer, so, they can come with us to Phoenix tomorrow, bury dad. Oh, I feel like an orphan.

Eric: I know.

Annie: I knew it was coming, but you're never ready for it, are you?

Eric: No, you're never ready to lose someone you care about. And you know your parents maybe gone, and that might technically make you an orphan, but you are not alone. You have all of us, we love you, we're here for you.

Annie: I know, that's what's holding me together.

Eric: I can't believe he's gone. Remind me never to doubt your intuition again.

Annie: (chuckles)

Eric: What's this one?

Annie: Well, that's me at Christmas. Dad always used to dress up like Santa Claus at Christmas.

Eric: I didn't know that. That's sweet. Where, where did you get this book?

Annie: Well, remember when Lilly was borrowing all those old photographs of dad from Ginger? Well, this is what she did with them for me. She made a picture album of memories. She said since I can't share it with dad anymore, to bring it home and share with the family.

Eric: That's so nice.

Annie: It is. It's nice having a sister. I love this picture. That's dad at the beach. He loved the beach.

Eric: He liked the beach. He, he loved you.

Peter: Hey...

Ruthie: The boys wanted to say goodnight.

David: Goodnight.

Sam: Goodnight, Mommy.

David: We're gonna miss Grandpa.

Annie: So am I.

Ruthie: So am I.

Sam: What are you doing?

Annie: Ah, looking at pictures.

David: I wanna look too.

Annie: Come on...

Cecilia: We thought you might like something to eat. You didn't eat much at the reception.

Martin: And we wanted to do something for you... anything.

Kevin: We're all feeling a little helpless here.

Annie: Well, you could all stay around and just keep me company.

Sam: Is that you?

Annie: Yes, that's me when I was just about your age.

Sam: You were always...

Dave: Small...

Annie: Yes...

Kevin: Look at that one. You have your grandfather's eyes.

Annie: Yes, she does and they're beautiful.

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