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#820 : Sur la mauvaise pente

Lucy et Kevin fêtent leur premier anniversaire de mariage et se demandent s'ils sont près à fonder une famille. Les choses se gâtent quand Lucy refuse de boire du champagne avec Kevin pendant leur dîner d'anniversaire. Cecilia et Martin réalisent que leur relation aura du mal à tenir si Cecilia part dans une université éloignée. Le fils adoptif de Chandler lui demande de débarrasser la maison de toutes les boissons alcoolisées. Peter ment à Ruthie sur ses plans pour la soirée quand elle lui demande de l'aider à garder les jumeaux. Ensuite, Peter disparaît, Eric et Vic le retrouvent en train de boire de l'alcool avec des amis dans le parc. Un couple de nouveaux arrivants demandent de l'aide à Eric et Annie pour décorer leur nouvelle maison.


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Titre VO
High and dry

Titre VF
Sur la mauvaise pente

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Écrit par : Jeffrey Rodgers 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Bryan Callen (George 'Vic' Vickery), Lorenzo James Henrie (Jeffrey Turner), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Pat Delaney ..... Secretaire
  • Vince Grant ..... Keith Johnson
  • Blair Hickey ..... Maître d'hôtel
  • Brendan Hill ..... Alex
  • Judith Hoag ..... Madame Johnson
  • Connor Ross ..... Luke

Junior High School - Hallway

School Pals: So, what time do you think you can get out of the house tonight?

Peter: Probably about six.

School Pals: Hey, you know where to meet us, right?

Peter: Yeah... I have to go.

School Pal 1: All right... bye.

School Pal 2: See ya', Pete.

Ruthie: Pete?

Peter: That's what those guys call me.

Ruthie: Who are those guys?

Peter: That's Luke and Alex... there in my English class. Don't you know them?

Ruthie: No...

Peter: What? I do have friends other than you, you know.

Ruthie: Okay... what time are you coming over tonight?

Peter: I'm not sure I'm coming.

Ruthie: I though you were gonna help me babysit.

Peter: I know, I'm sorry, but my dad's in from out of town and I promised I'd spend time with him.

Ruthie: This is the first time I'm officially babysitting the twins by myself. It's two on one; I need you there to even out the odds a bit.

Peter: I'll see what I can do, but my dad really wants me to come over. It's just gonna be take out and movie rentals, but you know how my dad is, once he gets an idea in his head... I'm sorry. Maybe I can ask him if we can do it tomorrow night instead.

Ruthie: Thanks...

Elementary School - Front Office

Secretary: Can I help you?

Chandler: I'm Chandler Hampton... somebody called me about Jeffrey Turner.

Secretary: What's your relationship with Jeffrey?

Chandler: I, I'm in the process of adopting him. Uh, it should be in his file. Uh, I know that I have clearance from his grandmother to pick him up and I met with the principle and I've talked with others from the school, but what I don't know is, is why you called me.

Secretary: You should calm down.

Chandler: Well, I, I know I should, this, this is the first time I've been called to the school for him. I just want to know what's wrong with Jeffrey.

Secretary: Well, why don't you ask him yourself?

Chandler: What's wrong?

Jeffrey: Nothing...

Chandler: Are you sure?

Jeffrey: As far as I know.

Chandler: Then why did they call me.

Jeffrey: Because I told them to.

Chandler: Why?

Jeffrey: Because you were supposed to pick me up.

Chandler: I didn't know that.

Jeffrey: I figured you knew, because my grandma's in the hospital for tests and I'm staying with you tonight.

Chandler: Well, I didn't know that either.

Jeffrey: Oh, then I guess I forgot to tell you.

Chandler: Yeah...

Jeffrey: That's not a problem is it?

Chandler: I was worried when I got that call that there was an emergency.

Jeffrey: I hope you have food in the fridge, because if I don't eat soon, there will be an emergency.

Secretary: Have a good night.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Nice try.

Eric: I was just having a little snack before we left.

Annie: We're going to the dinner at the Johnson's house.

Eric: Well, I know, we've never been to the Johnson's before and I don't know if the food there will be as good as yours.

Annie: Oh again, nice try.

Eric: Are you, are you sure, we should be doing this?

Annie: Absolutely, you know you're not supposed to eat ice cream.

Eric: No, I meant, are you sure we should be leaving Ruthie alone with the boys. Not that I don't trust her, I do, but we can reschedule, you know, we can... go to the Johnson's for dinner another night when there are more people around to watch the boys.

Annie: The Johnson's are new to our church. They invited us to dinner tonight. We're going... end of discussion. Besides I, I think it's time to give Ruthie a little more responsibility.

Ruthie: Well, thanks Mom. I'm glad someone has a little faith in me.

Eric: I have faith in you. It's just we never left you alone with the boys before you know... at night, for hours, alone with Lucy and Kevin out.

Annie: What your father's trying to say is that, um, were new to this. We know that you're responsible enough and mature enough to be left in charge of the boys. What we have to come to terms with is the fact that you and your brothers are growing up. That's why this is so hard.

Eric: Right, that's what I meant.

Annie: Right, now I wrote down the Johnson's phone number. If any thing should happen, don't hesitate to call, okay? I also wrote down Kevin's cell number just in case. Okay, and Cecilia's parent's number in case you want to track down her and Martin after his game. Also, Matt's cell phone number, if it's an emergency, Mary and Carlos's, Simon's the police station and...

Eric: ...and there's plenty of food in the fridge so you can make dinner later.

Ruthie: You want me to make dinner?

Eric: Or... you can order pizza.

Ruthie: Don't worry we'll be fine. Peter might come over and help.

Eric: Oh, is that... that doesn't exactly ease our worries.

Ruthie: Oh, well you trust me, right. Well, and you trust Peter, right? So you trust both of us, right? Come on, Peter will come over and we'll all...

Annie: Again, keep everything downstairs in the presence of your brothers.

Ruthie: Exactly, now go, have fun... bye.

Eric: We're, we're going, but I'm not sure we'll have any fun.

Chandler's House

Chandler: Yah...

Jeffrey: When we goin' to eat?

Chandler: I'll make us some dinner as soon as I get these groceries put away.

Jeffrey: You, you aren't going fast enough, you want me to help?

Chandler: Sure...

Jeffery: Where does this go?

Chandler: In that cupboard.

Jeffrey: Where does this go?

Chandler: On that shelf.

Jeffrey: I can't reach that shelf.

Chandler: Here, eat this Jell-O pudding while I finish putting the groceries away, then I'll make us some dinner, we can watch one of those movies we rented.

Jeffrey: Okay! Where are the spoons?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Can you believe that it's been a year already.

Kevin: Seems like only yesterday. Yesterday was the best day of my life.

Lucy: What about tomorrow?

Kevin: What?

Lucy: Well, tomorrow, the future, where do you see us in the future?

Kevin: How far in the future?

Lucy: Five years... I was reading this book.

Kevin: What did I tell you about that?

Lucy: I'm serious.

Kevin: So am I. You're always reading those self-help books that are filled with nothing but mixed metaphors and so-called advice that contradicts other so-called advice from the last book you read.

Lucy: Not all of them.

Kevin: Most of them.

Lucy: True... but this one...

Kevin: Go ahead...

Lucy: This one's about making a plan, a five-year plan for our relationship and ourselves. We need to figure out where we want to be in five years and figure out what's the best way to get there.

Kevin: In five years, I want to be right next to you.

Lucy: That's sweet but where do you want to be next to me... in the garage apartment, in our own house... still in Glenoak. And what about kids, are we going to be ready for kids by then.

Kevin: We've talk about this. I'll be ready to have children whenever you are, as long as it's after you graduate from college.

Lucy: I know we've talked about it and you said, you'll be ready, but when will we be ready?

Kevin: Lucy, I love you, and I want to spend the rest my life with you, but tonight I just want to celebrate tonight. We can talk after tomorrow, tomorrow.

Lucy: You're right. Let's go celebrate.

High School - Locker Room

Cecilia: Great game...

Martin: Thanks, it's always good when the home team wins. And, it doesn't hurt when I go four for five, either. So what do you want to do tonight, the usual, pizza and a movie?

Cecilia: Sounds great.

Martin: I'll be out in a few minutes. What's wrong?

Cecilia: Why does something have to be wrong?

Martin: We can do something other than a pizza and a movie if you want.

Cecilia: It's not that.

Martin: Then what is it?

Cecilia: It's just... I'm gonna miss this next year.

Martin: Miss what?

Cecilia: This... watching you play and going to dinner and a movie with you afterwards.

Martin: Why would you miss this?

Cecilia: I'm graduating... I'll be in college and even if I do go to college around here, chances are I'll be too busy to come to your games and too busy to go to dinner and a movie.

Martin: I know you're graduating, I guess I just figured you'd be staying close to home.

Cecilia: It's still an option... but I did get into a few colleges. I haven't made up my mind yet... and, ah, what if I did stay around here, does it still mean you'll be around? Your dad might be home by then. He'll be stationed somewhere else, you won't be here. Do you want me to stick around for something that not even a sure thing?

Martin: I guess I never thought about that.

Cecilia: I have.

Martin: I need to take a shower.

Cecilia: Sorry I brought this up.

Chandler's House

Jeffrey: I don't like tomatoes.

Chandler: I know you told me. So, I'm not putting any more tomatoes in the sauce other than the ones that were already in the jar.

Jeffrey: Just makin' sure.

Chandler: All right.

Jeffrey: I don't like onions either.

Chandler: I know I'm not putting any onion in there either.

Jeffrey: What about mushrooms?

Chandler: Nope, no mushrooms.

Jeffrey: Too bad, I like mushrooms.

Chandler: I'll have to remember that.

Jeffrey: I'm thirsty.

Chandler: There's juice boxes in the refrig.

Jeffrey: What's this?

Chandler: What's what?

Jeffrey: This...

Chandler: That's a bottle of wine that's not for you. Here...

Jeffrey: I know what wine is and I know it's not for me, but what are you doing with it? I thought you didn't drink, except for an occasional beer at the pool hall, which you were givin' up.

Chandler: Sometimes I like to have a glass of wine with my dinner.

Jeffrey: And how is that not drinking?

Chandler: I don't drink it every night... just once in a while... with dinner. You're right, I promise, no more drinking. Here give it to me... yah. There... happy now?

Jeffrey: No, still hungry.

Chandler: (sighs)

Johnson's House

Eric: We can still cancel this, you know. All we have to do is say we have an emergency.

Annie: We're here... I told you on the way over Ruthie will be fine and I meant it.

Eric: It's just not Ruthie, I, I'm also worried about the dinner. Well, you know how these things are... the Johnson's are new in town, their new at church... they just invited us over because they just have some sorta of problem they need our help with... I've seen it a hundred times. Okay, I'm worried about Ruthie and the boys.

Annie: Well don't be. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Door: (doorbell rings)

Mr. Johnson: Reverend Camden, Mrs. Camden, so glad you're here. We need your help.

Annie: At least Ruthie's fine.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room / Petrowski's House - Peter's Room

Sam: Oh...

Ruthie: Do you guys want to play a game or order dinner first?

Sam: Play a game.

David: Order dinner.

Sam: Game...

David: Dinner...

Happy: (grunts)

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie: You guys can decide which one you want to do first, while I go answer the phone.

Sam: Game...

David: Dinner

Ruthie on Phone: Hello?

Peter on Phone: Hey, Ruthie... how's it going?

Ruthie on Phone: So far, so good.

Peter on Phone: That's great; I knew you could handle it.

Happy: (barks)

Peter on Phone: What was that?

Ruthie on Phone: Hold on.

Ruthie: What happened?

Sam: David broke my game.

David: No I didn't.

Sam: Yes, you did.

David: It broke by itself.

Sam: He threw it on the floor.

David: It fell off the table. Now we can eat dinner first.

Ruthie on Phone: Peter?

Peter on Phone: Sounds like you got your hands full.

Ruthie on Phone: Please tell me you're coming over.

Peter on Phone: I'm sorry, I can't. My dad really wants me to spend time with him tonight.

Ruthie on Phone: Fine, I wish you could, but I understand.

Peter on Phone: Hey, I gotta get going. My dad's on his way to pick me up. Bye.

Ruthie on Phone: Bye.


Lucy: What's this?

Maitre'd: A bottle of our finest champagne.

Lucy: From whom?

Kevin: I called ahead.

Lucy: That's so sweet. Oh, I'm not drinking anything tonight.

Kevin: Are you sure? We're celebrating remember.

Lucy: I remember... I'm not in the mood.

Maitre'd: Your waitress will be with you in just a moment.

Kevin: Are you sure you don't want any? Maybe I shouldn't have any either.

Lucy: No, enjoy yourself. Just because I'm not having any, doesn't mean you can't. We're celebrating, right?

Kevin: Here's to us.

Lucy: Ahhh...

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Ruthie: Here you go, guys. I brought dinner up for you.

David: Thank you.

Ruthie: Where's Sam?

David: Next door...

Ruthie: Next door?

David: In Simon's room.

Ruthie: I brought some dinner up for you and David.

Sam: I don't wanna eat with him.

Ruthie: Well, that's not very nice.

Sam: David's not very nice. I'm moving into this room.

Chandler's House

Jeffrey: It's actually pretty good.

Chandler: Thanks...

Jeffrey: It would be better if it had mushroom in it.

Chandler: Now, I promise next time I'll remember the mushrooms.

Jeffrey: It could also use some more salt.

Chandler: Here, I'll get it.

Jeffrey: I can do it... I can do it. What is Marie Antoinette XII?

Chandler: Hey, don't drop that. Wheew...

Jeffrey: Is this more booze?

Chandler: It's not booze, it's cognac. This belong to my father. Well, I mean it's alcohol, but...

Jeffrey: You know what to do.

Chandler: You want me to dump this out. Do you have any idea how much this costs?

Jeffrey: How would I know how much that costs.

Chandler: Good point... well I'll let you know that it's quite expensive. Even if it wasn't, ah, I still couldn't dump it out.

Jeffrey: Why not?

Chandler: My father gave this to me.

Jeffrey: I thought you hated your father.

Chandler: Well, I did, but now that he's gone, I can't anymore. This meant a lot to him. This means a lot to me.

Jeffrey: It means a lot to me that there is no alcohol in this house.

Chandler: (sighs)

Johnson's House

Eric: You're in a difficult spot here. Any choice you make is gonna have a real impact on decisions you'll have to make in the future. You should consider that before acting to hastily.

Mrs. Johnson: Please tell us what you think.

Eric: Uhm... really this is something that, that two of you should decide for yourselves. I, I don't even know what I would do if I were in your position.

Mr. Johnson: You can level with us. Which do you prefer, cream or the brown?

Eric: I don't know. I mean, Annie's better at this than I am. What...

Annie: I've already told them what I thought. It... what are you're ideas?

Mrs. Johnson: He thinks we should keep it a basic cream... to lighten up the room. I think we should do the walls in brown to highlight our artwork.

Annie: Well...

Mr. Johnson: If we go brown, we will need to recover the furniture.

Mrs. Johnson: Good... I never liked this pattern.

Mr. Johnson: We really need another unbiased opinion. What do you think?

Eric: Brown?

Annie: Yeah...

Mrs. Johnson: Good, see, I told you.

Mr. Johnson: I'll think about it. Now we have to show you the bedroom. We have no idea what to do in there.

Eric: Well...

Annie: Well...

Mrs. Johnson: Here we go.

Annie: (laughs)

Eric: Okay


Cecilia: What's wrong?

Martin: Why does something have to be wrong?

Cecilia: Very funny... you've barely said a word since we got here.

Martin: I've been thinking about what you said earlier.

Cecilia: Oh... but... forget it about that, okay? We don't need to worry about that now.

Martin: You know what, you're right. You are going to be going to college. Maybe around here, maybe not. But, even if you do school around here chances are I won't be here anymore. Maybe we should cool things off a little.

Cecilia: That's not what I meant. I care about you. And it's not going to matter if I go to school in Seattle or Denver or Glenoak, I still want you to be a part of my life. And if your dad gets stationed in wherever they have Marine bases, I hope you would still want me to be a part of your life too.

Martin: We should think about this then. There's no point getting too serious about each other when we don't even know if we have a future together.


Lucy: What?

Kevin: I love you... I mean it... I do love you.

Lucy: I know you love me; you're just not great at showing this side of you in public.

Kevin: When we're together, it seems like were the only two people in the world.

Lucy: Maybe you don't need anymore champagne.

Kevin: I only had the one glass.

Lucy: Are you sure you didn't sneak any while I was away in a restroom?

Kevin: Of course, I'm sure. Are you sure you don't want some?

Lucy: I'm fine with water. I'm sorry you feel you need to ply me with alcohol to celebrate our anniversary.

Kevin: It's not that.

Lucy: What is it then?

Kevin: This is a $200.00 bottle of champagne.

Lucy: Really, you spent $200.00 on a bottle of champagne.

Kevin: Actually, since you're not having any... I'm just having the one glass; I spent $200.00 on a glass of champagne.

Lucy: Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Ruthie: Maybe you should wait until you decide this is really what you want to do.

Sam: I know for sure.

Ruthie: You can't move in here. This is Simon's room.

Sam: Simon doesn't live here anymore.

Ruthie: But it's still his room.

Sam: It's mine now.

Phone: (rings)

Camden's House - Simon's Room / Petrowski's House - Paris' Room

Ruthie on Phone: Hello?

Paris on Phone: Hi, Ruthie, it's Paris. How's the babysitting going?

Ruthie on Phone: Uhm, fine, so far.

Paris on Phone: Ah... great, I knew you two were up to it. Could you put Peter on the phone?

Ruthie on Phone: Peter's not here.

Paris on Phone: Oh, he's not there. What do you mean?

Ruthie on Phone: Just that, he's not here.

Paris on Phone: Peter told me he was going to help you babysit.

Ruthie on Phone: Well he told me he was doing something with Vic tonight.

Paris on Phone: No, he's not.

Ruthie on Phone: Well that's what he told me.

Paris on Phone: I just got off the phone with Vic. He's on his way down here. He's not planning on seeing Peter until tomorrow.

Ruthie on Phone: Then where is Peter?

Paris on Phone: (sighs)

Paris on Phone: I don't know.

Johnson's House

Mrs. Johnson: We want this entryway to explode with color and be a sorta of focal point for the entire house.

Mr. Johnson: The color scheme should contain as many common elements as other rooms to tie everything together, but still be unique enough to stand on its own.

Mrs. Johnson: So what do you think?

Phone: (rings)

Mr. Johnson: Excuse me.

Mrs. Johnson: Okay, we can't decide between green or blue.

Eric/Annie: Blue/Green

Mr. Johnson: Excuse me Reverend, the phone's for you.

Mrs. Johnson: They can't decide either, but Annie said green.

Mr. Johnson: Ah, I knew it.

Johnson's House / Camden's House

Eric on Phone: What's going on?

Ruthie on Phone: Peter told me he didn't come over tonight because he was spending time with Vic, but Vic not even in town yet.

Eric on Phone: So where's Peter?

Ruthie on Phone: No one knows. Paris called looking for him because he told her he was helping me babysit tonight.

Eric on Phone: Ah, we'll, we'll be home in a few minutes. You should call Lucy and Kevin ask them to meet us there too.

Ruthie on Phone: But, it's their anniversary.

Eric on Phone: They'll understand... ah, ah, check on the boys make sure they're okay and we'll, we'll see you soon.

Ruthie on Phone: Thanks Dad.

Johnson's House

Eric: I'm sorry, there's a problem at home. Annie and I have to leave.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson: Ohhh... Ohhh...

Mrs. Johnson: Is everything okay?

Eric: It will be. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Annie: Really, your home is beautiful and we can show ourselves out.

Mrs. Johnson: Oh... well I... fine...

Annie: Great thinking coming up with that phony excuse.

Eric: I didn't.

Annie: Is there something with the boys?

Eric: Peter's missing.


Kevin: Just try one glass.

Lucy: No!

Kevin: It's $200.00.

Lucy: Stop pressuring me to drink.

Kevin: I'm not pressuring you.

Lucy: What about tomorrow?

Kevin: It will probably go bad by tomorrow.

Lucy: I mean tomorrow the future. I'll have a glass of champagne if you agree to talk about the future.

Kevin: I'm not going to bribe you to drink.

Lucy: It's not a bribe... it's a trade.

Phone: (rings)

Kevin: It's your house.

Lucy on Phone: Hello? Hi, Ruthie... we're kinda in the middle of something right now. What? We're on the way. Actually, I won't tell Kevin to drive fast, but I'll get us there as soon as possible.

Lucy: We need to get the check.

Chandler's House

Chandler: The only drink I've taken from it is the one I had right after his funeral, but, ah, this bottle is how I remember him. It's also how I remember not to like him.

Jeffrey: I understand... what I don't understand is now you told me why it's so important to you to keep that bottle, you never once asked me why it's so important to me that you don't keep that bottle. Good night, I'm going to bed.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Ruthie: It makes me sad to see my brothers fighting. I want you and Sam to make up.

David: We made up.

Sam: Yeah, were friends again.

Ruthie: Well that's great. Now you don't have to move in here... in Simon's room.

Sam: I'm still moving.

Ruthie: Don't you want to live with David now that you've made up?

David: I'm moving in here, too.

Ruthie: There's only one bed.

Sam: It's a big bed.

David: Big enough for both of us.

Ruthie: I don't have time to worry about this. Have fun moving.

Sam: We will.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Eric: Any word on Peter. I'm gonna call Paris.

Annie: How are the boys? Are they getting ready for bed?

Ruthie: Basically.

Eric on Phone: Paris, it's Eric. Have you heard from Peter?

Paris on Phone: No, all I know he, he not at your house where he told me he would be. And, he's not with Vic where he told Ruthie he would be.

Eric on Phone: Have you talked to Vic... told him the situation?

Paris on Phone: He just called me from his motel to tell me he made it here, but, no, I, I didn't tell him about Peter.

Eric on Phone: Why not?

Paris on Phone: I'm just not sure Vic's ready to deal with this much parental responsibility.

Eric on Phone: You know, Peter is Vic's son, too, I think he's earned a right to a little responsibility.

Paris on Phone: (sighs)

Lucy: Still no Peter?

Eric on Phone: Ah, I'm gonna go out and look for him.

Paris on Phone: Okay, what do you want me to do?

Eric on Phone: Ah, you should just stay close to home incase he comes back and ah, give Vic a call tell him to be ready in ten minutes. Kevin and I will swing by his motel and pick him up.

Paris on Phone: (sighs)

Eric on Phone: Trust me.

Paris on Phone: Okay, okay, I'll call him.

Eric on Phone: And don't worry, we'll find Peter.

Paris on Phone: (sighs)

Eric: The rest of you should just stay here incase he shows up.

Kevin: Let's go.

Ruthie: Good luck.

Eric: Have you had anything to drink?

Kevin: Just $200.00 worth.

Eric: I'll drive.


Cecilia: What'd you think?

Martin: About the movie? I don't know I wasn't paying attention.

Cecilia: Me neither. I couldn't concentrate on the movie. I couldn't stop thinking about what you said and what I wanted to say.

Martin: I thought you didn't want to talk about it.

Cecilia: I thought wrong. Let's just lay our cards on the table and be honest with each other.

Martin: You're going to college scares me.

Cecilia: Not that honest.

Martin: When you go to college, you're going to be in a new environment, new people, new friends, more parties, more alcohol.

Cecilia: What you think I'm gonna go to college and become an alcoholic.

Martin: No, not that... but I've been to a few parties with you. Parties where your friends were drinking.

Cecilia: Is that why you didn't want to go out with my friends tonight. They drink, so what, I don't drink.

Martin: I know.

Cecilia: And they only drink beer. They're very responsible about alcohol.

Martin: Are they? It's illegal to drink beer if you're under age. If you're doing something illegal, you're doing something irresponsible. I'm a responsible person; I don't want to be around illegal activity.

Cecilia: Why didn't you just say that that's why you didn't want to go out with them instead of getting in this huge argument about my going away to school?

Martin: You're the one that brought that up.

Cecilia: Did I?

Martin: Yeah...

Cecilia: But, why didn't you say anything about friends drinking when you were around them?

Martin: Because they're eighteen and I'm sixteen and I didn't want you to think that I'm too young to understand it. I understand it... I don't like it. But I love you.

Cecilia: I love you, too. I don't know what I would have done this year if it hadn't been for you. I'm not ready to give that up. Can you trust me enough to not give up either?

Martin: Of course.


Vic: Not that this isn't fun and everything, but aren't we wasting our time.

Eric: What do you mean?

Vic: I doubt we're gonna find him.

Kevin: It's Glenoak, we'll find him.

Vic: Well, if it was up to me, I'd wait until he gets home and let Paris chew him out for lying to her. By the way, thanks for sticking in the car with this guy, these nothing I like more spending time with someone who's been drinking.

Kevin: I told you I've only had one glass of champagne.

Vic: I can smell it on you.

Eric: Can we just deal with the task at hand and find Peter.

Vic: Peter's fine. He's probably been hanging out with some of his friends, doing things he shouldn't be doing. All kids his age do it...I did. All right, bad example. I'm sure it's nothing. Paris is worried about him, now I'm worried about him. Peter...

Peter: Oh, no.

Kid 1: Who's that?

Peter: My dad, Reverend Camden and Ruthie's brother-in-law... who's a cop.

Vic: Peter, what are you doing here?

Peter: I'm just hanging out with some friends.

Vic: Your mother had no idea where you were. She's been worried sick about ya'.

Peter: Sorry...

Eric: Your parents know where you are?

Kid 2: I'm sure they do.

Kid 1: There's nothing wrong with being in a park, is there?

Vic: Come on, Peter, let's go. What's the hold up. Peter... you've been drinking? I can't believe he was drinking. Of all the stupid things he could be doing, why was he drinking?

Eric: This must be hard on you.

Vic: You have no idea. When Paris gets here, that kid's gonna get it.

Eric: Why don't you say something to him?

Vic: Me?

Eric: You're his father... aren't ya'?

Vic: You think me being around here the past couple months gives me the right lecture him about anything?

Eric: Don't take this the wrong way, but I, I think you're more than qualified to talk to him about this.

Vic: I can't... I'll just be yellin' at him.

Eric: In this case, that might be exactly what he needs. Just so you know, it's okay for Peter to see his father angry... justifiably angry. You're human and you're sober... you've been sober for three years. Go for it.

Kevin: I called Roxanne; she's on her way here to pick up the other guys.

Eric: Why don't we take them home and talk to their parents?

Kevin: I'm not sure if I should like this.

Eric: What do you mean? Oh...

Vic: Why don't you take Mr. Top Shelf home, I'll wait here for Paris and Roxanne. Maybe I'll even think of something to say to Peter without yellin' at him.

Eric: Another fine choice.

Vic: Once you gave me permission to yell the urge just kinda left me.

Eric: You're a good man.

Vic: Yeah, yeah...

Chandler's House

Chandler: Do you wanna talk about it?

Jeffrey: No really... okay, I guess we can talk.

Chandler: I'm sorry I didn't ask about your feelings. I should've but I didn't. I have to learn that I'm not the only one that's affected by my own actions and decisions anymore. You wanna tell me about it.

Jeffrey: It's my mom. Drinking wasn't her problem. I bet she did her share of that. She was into other stuff... she was never in control. She made bad choices, she ruined her life, she could have ruined mine. I don't remember much about her. Grandma told me some things. I'm sure reality worse than her version. My mom's not around, she'll never be around, I'll never know her.

Chandler: I'm sorry, I should've thought about that.

Jeffrey: Yeah, you should have. You've told me about your brother, I thought you'd feel the same way about Ben, so it would make it easy for a person... loose control. I like you Chandler. I think you're a good person, I'm just surprise you would need alcohol to remember you're a good person. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm really tired.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Have they called?

Annie: They should almost be home.

Ruthie: They find Peter? Is he okay?

Annie: Ruthie, Peter was out with a couple of other boys tonight, they were drinking.

Ruthie: What? That's why he lied to me... to drink.

Annie: I'm sorry.

Ruthie: That's crazy. Peter would never do that. I don't believe it.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Eric: (clears throat)

Cecilia: I was just... leaving... good night.

Eric: How was the game?

Martin: Ah, we won.

Eric: That's great! How was the movie?

Martin: Ah, I'm not sure. We're going to go see it again tomorrow. This time we'll, ah... pay attention

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: Good night.

Annie: Peter was really drinking?

Eric: If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Does Ruthie know?

Annie: I told her. He didn't take it well.

Eric: Yeah, I didn't either.

Annie: Me neither.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Peter... drinking. You'd think having a dad like Vic would have taught Peter something.

Kevin: You should have seen Vic. I really feel for him.

Lucy: Peter?

Kevin: Vic...

Phone: (rings)

Lucy on Phone: Hello?

Roxanne on Phone: Lucy, it's Roxanne. I just wanted to let Kevin know that the other boys made it home.

Lucy on Phone: How'd their parent take it?

Roxanne on Phone: I'm not sure they're ever be allowed to leave again.

Lucy on Phone: I imagine we've seen the end of Peter for a while, too.

Roxanne on Phone: So how was the anniversary?

Lucy on Phone: Really romantic.

Roxanne on Phone: Great... well, I have to go; you can tell me all about it on pizza night.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: I was thinking about tomorrow.

Lucy: What's happening tomorrow?

Kevin: Tomorrow, the future...

Lucy: Well, Mr. Kinkirk what in the world has gotten into you?

Kevin: Me... other than a $200.00 glass of champagne, which wasn't worth by the way. We really can talk about the future if that's what you want to do.

Lucy: Sometime... but not tonight.

Kevin: No?

Lucy: No. Let's just make tonight about tonight. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Kinkirk.

Kevin: Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Kinkirk.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Annie: Good night, boys.

Sam/David: Good night, Mommy, Daddy.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Annie: What are you doing in here?

Sam: This is our room.

David: We live here now.

Sam: Good night, Mommy. We love you.

Annie: I love you, too.

Petrowski's House - Dining Room

Peter: I'm sorry.

Paris: Are you sorry you lied to me. Are you sorry you drank or are you sorry you got caught? Okay, we will deal with the fact you lied to me later, but why in the world were you drinking?

Peter: I don't know... I just had a little bit... it's no big deal.

Paris: Excuse me, young man; it is a very big deal.

Peter: All the other guys... was...

Paris: Don't even think saying that all the other guys were doing it. You're not all the other guys... you are my son. You're are my fourteen-year-old son.

Vic: I wish I could hold on to some of the angry I felt when I saw you with your little buddies, 'cause it might help me to stop from crying. I was fifteen when I had my first drink.

Peter: Tonight was the first time I even tired beer. And I didn't even like the taste.

Vic: I didn't either... at first. I was fifteen. You just turned fourteen. Gives you a year and a half on me. At this pace, you'll be sleepin' through mid-terms by fifteen. Wake up in strange places not knowing how you got there by sixteen, droppin' out of college by seventeen, throwing up before breakfast by eighteen, spending a night or two in jail by nineteen, embarrassing your wife on a daily basis by twenty. Crashing your father-in-law's car into a ditch by twenty-one. Spending more time with your drinking buddies than you do with your own son by twenty-two. And, when you're twenty-three and you get divorce paper from your wife's lawyer, you'll have just about nine years more than I did to start hatin' yourself. Then some where down the line you realize how much you lost, how many people you've let down and how much your son, who you haven't seen in years, really means to ya'. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to turn your life around before I did too. Don't be like me. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I hadn't taken that first drink. Most people can handle it, some people can't, I couldn't. Chances are you won't be able to either. It's gonna be harder for you because of me. I saddled you with a lousy situation... but you won't have to quit drinking if you don't start. Okay?

Paris: We aren't anywhere close to finish with this yet. I may need to go to bed and think about what we said. We're gonna sit down and talk about this again tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that. Do you understand?

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room

Eric: Hey, kiddo. I know you're upset. Imagine your confused. If, ah, you need me I'm here for ya'.

Ruthie: Why did Peter do something so stupid?

Eric: I don't know. I wish I could give you an easy answer, why Peter did what he did tonight. But sometimes there are no easy answers. And sometimes people you love do things we can't understand and things that are so out of character, that they don't seem like the same person anymore. I hope Peter sees what he did tonight was wrong and potentially very dangerous. He needs our love and support now, more than ever. Without that, he may never realize what he has to lose by doing this again and Peter has a lot to lose if he continues drinking. See children of alcoholics are four-times more likely to become alcoholics themselves than children of non-alcoholics. Some of that is because genetics and some it's because of the environment they were raised in. And temptation to drink is probably greater for Peter, because his dad's an alcoholic. So, Peter's gonna need all the help he can get to make sure that doesn't happen to him. Help from his family and his friends... from you.

Annie: How's it goin'?

Ruthie: We were just trying to figure out how we can help Peter.

Annie: You still angry with him?

Ruthie: A little... ah, mostly I'm scared... and worried and sad.

Eric: How are the boys?

Annie: They're in bed... not their own beds, but there in bed. Nothing we can't fix in the morning.

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Peter on Phone: Reverend Camden, it's Peter. Can I talk to Ruthie.

Eric on Phone: Hi, Peter.

Eric: You want to take this?

Ruthie on Phone: Hello...

Peter on Phone: My parents gave me one minute before they put me on restriction to apologize to you... but I don't know how to begin to do it.

Ruthie on Phone: Well, you can say you're sorry.

Peter on Phone: I'm sorry...I'm sorry I was drinking, sorry I lied to you.

Ruthie on Phone: Why did you do it?

Peter on Phone: I don't know, I... there's no explanation.

Ruthie on Phone: You scared me. We didn't know where you were. We thought something happened to you... that you were hurt... in trouble. Then I found out you were drinking and now I'm always going to be scared for you. That changes things between you and me. I wish it didn't, but it does. I still want you to be my boyfriend. I still love you, Peter, but now I'm always going to look at you differently. Wondering if it's the only time you'll drink.

Peter on Phone: I'll never do it again, I promise. My dad told me there's this place I can go that's like AA only it's for teenagers who have parents that had or have drinking problems. It's called Ala-teen. I'm gonna give it a shot and I have no intention of ever drinking again. But I think I scared myself tonight.

Ruthie on Phone: That's good Peter. That's really good. If you need a hand to hold, I'll be here for you.

Peter on Phone: Thanks Ruthie. 

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