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#821 : L'école buissonnière

Ruthie et son petit ami Peter se retrouvent tous seuls après avoir accidentellement raté leur bus pendant un voyage scolaire. Le destin s'en mêle quand ils rencontrent des "Garçons perdus" Nicodemus et Jacob, qui prennent soin d'eux jusqu'à ce qu'Eric vienne les chercher et leur raconte la triste histoire de leur lutte pour rester en vie.


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Titre VO
Lost and found

Titre VF
L'école buissonnière

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Eric (Stephen Collins), Nicodemus A. Lim &  Jacob Puka

Eric (Stephen Collins), Nicodemus A. Lim & Jacob Puka

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Écrit par : Paul Perlove 
Réalisé par : Harvey Laidman 

Avec : James Henrie (Jeffrey Turner), Brad Maule (George Smith), Kyle Searles (Mac), Kevin Dunn (Coach) 

Guests :

  • Nicodemus A. Lim ..... Lui même
  • Al Pugliese ..... Det. Logan
  • Jacob Puka ..... Lui même

Junior High School - School Bus

Ruthie: Do you know how many times we've done this field trip to the zoo?

Peter: A thousand?

Ruthie: Every other year since first grade... five times.

Peter: Oh, seems like a thousand.

Ruthie: I mean I like it and all, but I get it, it's a zoo. Animals live there and they're probably as sick of us as we are of them.

Peter: And it's always the same thing. Wake up extra early... hurry to get on the bus so the bus can get stuck in morning traffic. What's all the rush... it's not like the animals are going anywhere.

Ruthie: Do you ever get the feeling that we're the ones in captivity, not the animals?

Peter: I'm not sure what you mean. But, I think I'm going to get a clarification.

Ruthie: Everything in our lives is prepackaged, controlled, fenced off. If we want to go somewhere, our parents... our keepers... drive us. And, everything has to fit into certain times and places. The school, the mall, our homes... that's our zoo. Our rooms are our cages. It all fits too perfectly.

Peter: And so, what is this bus?

Ruthie: The meat wagon taking us to the slaughter?

Peter: I think you went a step too far with that metaphor.

Ruthie: I'll work on it. I've got plenty of time.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Stew... such a tiny little word... stew... you can't get a teenier word than stew. But, look what goes into it. Carrots, peas, potatoes, onions, beef, pork... stew.

Eric: What are we having for dinner tonight? I'm sorry, honey. I guess I'm in another zone... Sunday's sermon. Sometimes they just write themselves. This one seems to want help.

Annie: Speaking of help, could you pick up the dry cleaning for me today?

Eric: Can it wait until tomorrow? I'm just too busy to make stops.

Annie: Too busy to pick up dry cleaning... it's on the way to the church.

Eric: I know, but I have to get there for a meeting with a painter for the vestibule that Chandler was supposed to handle. And then I have a meeting with Mrs. Lemke about the food drive. And then there's the usual house calls, hospital visits, counseling sessions. Let me put it this way, job, such a small word.

Annie: Okay, don't worry about it. How's Chandler doing with Jeffrey?

Eric: I'm not sure.. Jeffrey is staying there for a few nights. And to tell you the truth, so far Chandler seems very... un-Chandler.

Annie: Well, he's new at being a father and this is a trial for him and Jeffrey, so he's probably feels pressured. But I think he'll do just fine.

Chandler's Car

Chandler: Could you just keep buckled up there, pal? Until I've got the car in park?

Jeffrey: Like now?

Chandler: Yes, like now. In the future, could you just keep the seat belt on?

Jeffrey: If that's what you want.

Chandler: That's what I want. It's the law. There's a seat belt law.

Jeffrey: Okay, but we're here now.

Chandler: I know. See you later.

Jeffrey: See you later. Thanks for the ride.

Chandler: You're welcome.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Sorry I'm late.

Eric: Don't worry about it.

Chandler: I got all the way here and then saw that Jeffrey left his lunch in the car. So I drove all the way back to the school, but I had to go to the office for a pass and then I couldn't find his classroom so... never mind, I'm here. So, when is the painter coming?

Eric: He was here about an hour ago. Remember? You asked me to handle it.

Chandler: Oh yeah, thanks.

Eric: No problem.

Chandler: So what did you decide? Are we going to get more bids?

Eric: I think we should just do it. He comes highly recommended. And he said for the same bid he would touch up the wainscoting and...

Chandler: Now he wants to do the wainscoting.

Eric: Maybe you don't know what wainscoting is. It's just a thin strip on the wall. And he says as long as he's...

Chandler: How do people do it? Parenting and getting their work done, and looking after their own lives. I know they do it, but maybe I'm just not cut out for it.

Eric: I think it's probably just a question of adjusting to a completely new situation.

Chandler: Doesn't seem to bother Jeffrey. He's adjusting just fine. It's me. It's just too hard.

Eric: It is hard, but it'll work out.

Chandler: Thanks, but I don't know if you're really grasping what I'm trying to say here.

Eric: Maybe not, I only have seven children, but three aren't at home, although there are two others that seem to be there permanently. And I have a job too. But maybe I'm not the right person to ask. Did I count the twins? Yeah, I think I got 'em.

High School - Hallway

Cecilia: Maybe we could talk on the phone tonight.

Martin: But I want to see you tonight.

Cecilia: And I want to see you too. You know I do but I have to work.

Martin: You work practically every night.

Cecilia: It's my job I have to. Besides, you play baseball every afternoon.

Martin: It's baseball. I can't take off baseball.

Cecelia: Well, I can't take off work.

Martin: But it's different. You work for your father who owns the maintenance company. So you could take off if you wanted to.

Cecelia: And I'd lose my job like anyone ales.

Martin: Okay, then like everyone else, why can't you phone in sick once in a while?

Cecilia: Because I can't.

Martin: Don't you see? It's totally unfair. You're being punished because it's your dad's company.

Cecilia: You mean you're being punished.

Martin: Yeah, I mean, no. I just...

Cecilia: And why is this just on me? Why don't you just call in sick today and skip practice? You already know how to play baseball. What do you have to practice?

Martin: Funny, pretty funny.

Cecilia: What's funny?

Martin: That... saying that because I already know how to play ball, I don't have to practice. That's a funny line, that's all.

Cecilia: I didn't know I was so funny.

Martin: Well, you're not really.

Cecilia: Maybe I'll start laughing later, when I'm at work by myself.

Zoo Parking Lot

Peter: I think the Woolly Spider Monkey recognized me. They way he tilted his head, it was like you here again Peter... doing any better in math this year?

Ruthie: Are you hungry?

Peter: Those hot dogs smell good.

Ruthie: You can smell them? I can hardly see them.

Peter: Well, I bet they smell good.

Ruthie: Maybe we should get one.

Peter: How? We can't just go off and get a hot dog.

Ruthie: The Woolly Spider Monkey can't get a hot dog. The Tibetan Water Buffalo can't get a hot dog. We should be able to get a hot dog.

Peter: But the bus is ready to leave.

Ruthie: Sure, it is, but has the bus ever, ever left on time?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Hi, hon.

Lucy: What are you doing home so early?

Kevin: We got a new assignment... plainclothes. Roxanne, tell her while I change.

Roxanne: It's a new policy. Uniform officers, on a revolving basis, are being introduced to other aspects of police work. The idea is to get our feet wet and also to keep us from getting stale.

Kevin: And we're just talking about how being a uniform all the time can take its toll.

Roxanne: Yeah, it's like sometimes people look at us as if we're the enemy. Of course, not always... sometimes we're the answer to everyone's prayers. Either way, we're a magnet for people's emotions.

Kevin: Most uniform cops feel the same way. There's this unspoken tension that we all carry around.

Lucy: Well, you never complained about the tension when you were in uniform and women looked you up and down.

Kevin: Different kind of tension.

Lucy: So what's the assignment, or are you going to have to kill me if you tell me?

Roxanne: It's a stakeout at the jewelry mart. There's been a string of follow-home robberies.

Kevin: Nothing too exciting or dangerous. Just the two of us sitting in a car... maybe for hours.

Lucy: Sounds dangerous. When will you be home?

Kevin: Don't know.

Lucy: But we had things to do tonight. That's why I'm trying to get my school work done early. We were going food shopping; we had the bank statements to go through. We...

Kevin: It'll get done, Luce, it'll all get done. I'll try and call you.

Lucy: Ah, I thought this was supposed to be plainclothes assignment... nothing plain about that sweater.

Roxanne: Thanks.

Zoo Parking Lot

Peter: Did I get all the mustard off?

Ruthie: Yeah, close enough, the rest could just be a touch of jaundice.

Peter: Do you think they'll pick up on the telltale hot dog smell?

Ruthie: I don't think they'll notice. Because they're not here. There's no bus.

Peter: How could there be no bus?

Ruthie: Because they left.

Peter: How could the bus leave? The bus never leaves on time! Maybe we're in the wrong place!

Ruthie: It was just here a few minutes ago. Now it's not. It left.

Peter: Oh God, I'm in trouble again. I was just in trouble.

Ruthie: And now I'm in trouble.

Peter: What do we do?

Ruthie: I don't know. Maybe we can go back in the zoo and ask for sanctuary?

Peter: Am I too old to cry?

Ruthie: Maybe we could borrow someone's cell phone and call my folks. Or do you want to call your mom?

Peter: I don't think we should call anyone. I think we should try and get home on our own.

Ruthie: And how are we going to do that?

Peter: How hard can it be? We're only a couple hours away... we've got a little money. I bet we have enough for a train and that would beat the bus and no one will even miss us.

Ruthie: I don't know.

Peter: Listen, I've messed up enough over the past few weeks to last a lifetime. This would ground me until marriage.

Ruthie: And where do we get this train?

Peter: We'll ask, we'll find a map, we'll figure it out. Hey, you wanted an unstructured life. Here's your chance. We can do this.

Ruthie: Okay, let's do it.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: ...and I know it's work and I know he has to do it. But, it's always like this.

Annie: Did I miss something, like what you're talking about?

Lucy: Kevin has a special assignment with Roxanne tonight and I'm like up to here with schoolwork and now I have all this... housework. Ugh, Mom is this what married like is all about? Years of laundry and cooking and aggravation and then you die?

Annie: No, sometimes there's ironing.

Lucy: Mom...

Annie: Hey, okay, let's do a little reality check. Kevin probably does as much laundry as you do. As for cooking...

Lucy: Mom, laundry and cooking are just figures of speech. The point I'm really trying to make is that sometimes it doesn't seem fair. I mean, Kevin's out there running around with Roxanne and here I am, Little Miss Support System.

Annie: Are you sure, you're not just complaining about nothing, because what's really bothering you is Kevin and Roxanne running around.

Lucy: That's just a figure of speech.

Annie: Another figure of speech.

Lucy: This has nothing to do with Roxanne. It's just that I go to school and that's full-time job too, and then I have this other stuff, and, and... today... I have a theology textbook to read that is as big as my desk. And it feels like I'm gonna explode.

Annie: Well, don't explode, honey. Oh, you're just feeling overwhelmed, we all feel that way sometimes, okay? It will pass. Listen, I'm gonna do some laundry later, if we want me to...

Lucy: Really? Oh, that would be great, Mom, I'd really appreciate it. Wow, smells good. What are you making?

Annie: Stew... hey listen when you come later for your laundry, do you want to help me make a pecan pie?

Lucy: Mom, I'd love to, but theology...

Annie: Oh, right, sorry... theology... as big as a desk.

Jewelry Mart Street - Unmarked Police Car

Kevin: This is pretty cool, huh?

Roxanne: I know and they're right, change is good.

Kevin: Sure is. Don't get me wrong, I love patrol.

Roxanne: I know.

Kevin: But sometimes you do get a little stale. All the driving... sometimes I feel more like a trucker driver than a cop.

Roxanne: And all that paperwork we have to do before a bust, even a small bust is deadly.

Kevin: Deadly, you ticket someone for jaywalking or shoplifting, you've got paperwork up the kazoo.

Roxanne: I'll bet if they had to do the paperwork, they wouldn't jaywalk or shoplift.

Kevin: Let's face it; patrol work is so routine it's deadly.

Roxanne: And the reason most cops enter the force is they want or need excitement... you know the jolt of the job.

Kevin: And that's why something like this is just what the doctor ordered... gives us a chance to recharge.

Roxanne: Yep, nothing wrong with a little jolt now and then.

Kevin: Yep...

Roxanne: Yep...

Kevin: Can you see okay? You want me to spray the windshield?

Roxanne: No, I'm good.

Kevin: Me too... yep.

Bus Stop

Ruthie: I knew that wasn't the right bus.

Peter: But the guy told us that was the bus. He pointed right to it.

Ruthie: I told you, that wasn't a point... it was a twitch. And we could have wound up halfway across the country because of that twitch.

Peter: Are you panicking?

Ruthie: Yes...

Peter: There's no reason to panic... just because we took a couple of wrong buses and...

Ruthie: Just admit it, okay? We're not exactly Lewis and Clark. I think we should just call home.

Peter: Come on, let's not give up now. All we have to do is get to the train station and the rest is easy.

Ruthie: But we spent so much of our money on buses, we won't have enough for the train.

Peter: Don't worry about that. They probably have a student rate... or if it comes down to it, we'll just ask someone down there for a loan.

Ruthie: You mean beg. There's something you should know right now... I'm not hopping a freighter.

Peter: Let's just get on the number 53 bus, which we get on right across the street and that will take us to the train station, and then we'll worry about the next stage.

Ruthie: Okay...

High School - Locker Room

Martin: Man, I'm glad that's over.

Mac: Me too. It was dangerous out there... the way balls were bouncing off you. I mean, I could have gotten killed off a ricochet.

Martin: It wasn't that bad.

Mac: Yes, it was. But in its own way it was so bad it was good. Sublime even... like the last grounder the coach hit to you. Not only did you drop the ball, you kicked it and then you chased it, then you throw it wild to first and hit the equipment manager right in the butt... sublime.

Martin: He shouldn't have been standing so close.

Mac: Yet, he was in the dugout.

Martin: I just wasn't there today. Cecilia and I got in a fight. I think I'm not even sure. That's all I could really think about... I just couldn't focus.

Terry: Well, you better start focusing.

Martin: Yes, sir.

Terry: Maybe spending a little less time with the girls, a little more time in the field or in the batting cage could help your focus.

Martin: Coach, it's not that I'm...

Terry: Martin, you've got a real shot here. You've got all the tools, but at some point it's not about how fast you can get to first, or how quick you turn the double play. Big league scouts still want to know if you're head is screwed on right.

Martin: It is coach... it's just that...

Terry: And they ask me my opinion and I give it to them. So don't screw this up, Martin. The beer leagues are filled with guys with talent and big bellies and bad attitudes. Don't get a label... that's the last thing you need, son.

Martin: Great, now coach thinks I have a bad attitude and it's all because of Cecilia. Why do girls mess with our heads?

Mac: You know, when you really think about it, the beer leagues don't sound half-bad.

Elementary School

Chandler: Hey, big guy. How'd it go today?

Jeffrey: Fine...

Chandler: Maybe we'll walk over and grab some ice cream before we drive home.

Jeffrey: Here... might as well get this over with, you may not want ice cream after you read it.

Chandler: Hey, it says you didn't do your homework last night.

Jeffrey: I'm sorry.

Chandler: You told me you did it.

Jeffrey: I did some... then I got tired. Maybe I have low-blood sugar.

Chandler: Jeffrey...

Jeffrey: It's not all my fault. Remember I asked you to do some of it with me.

Chandler: Jeffrey, you have to do it. You know that. That's how it works.

Jeffrey: Not at this school. Most of the parents do most of the homework. Ask anybody... why do you think the grades are so high.

Chandler: How are you supposed to learn if you're not the one doing the work?

Jeffrey: Well... maybe you could do some of it with me.

Chandler: Jeffrey, homework is your responsibility. Besides, I have to work at the church all day, not counting the planning and phone calls I do from home.

Jeffrey: Well, I go to school all day... anyways forget about it. I'm used to it. It's just that... I thought it was gonna be different, that you, me would do something with it. That I wouldn't be on my own all the time and everything.

Chandler: Okay, I'll tell you what. I won't do it for you, but I'll help you. We'll try that, okay?

Jeffrey: Okay... thanks.

Chandler: You're welcome.

Jeffrey: What about the ice cream?

Chandler: We can't... we have homework.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Maybe you should call the school. They should be back by now. I have this strange feeling, Eric.

Eric: Honey, we don't need to call the school. And even if we did, which we don't, why wouldn't you, the one who has the strange feeling... not me the one who doesn't have the strange feeling, make that call?

Annie: Does it look like I can call anyone right now? I've got somethin' on every burner, here, okay? And, I'm, I'm doing laundry for us and Lucy. I still haven't bathed the twins and I have a pecan pie in the oven.

Eric: I understand... that is a lot. But, I wish you could see what's going on up in here, in this oven. Maybe I don't have a pecan pie up here, but believe me all the racks are full. Chandler, it seems has taken to fatherhood like a duck takes to... hockey, and there's still my sermon to write! So...

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello? Yeah? Uh-huh... I see... okay, thank you.

Annie: What?

Eric: Nothing to get alarmed about... the bus is back at school, but Ruthie and Peter weren't on it. They, they, they missed the bus, that's all. I, I, I'm sure they're fine.


Peter: I don't understand this is a tourist map. It should be simple enough that anyone can follow it. You are here. Well, what if you're not where here is when you pick up the map? You're here isn't the map here. We need another map to find where here is.

Ruthie: Peter, I'm hungry, I'm really hungry.

Peter: We don't have any more money.

Ruthie: I know... five wrong buses will do that.

Peter: Here, it's a raisin... I think. I was kinda saving it, but you can have it.

Ruthie: We have to find a policeman and ask for help.

Peter: But we can still...

Ruthie: Peter, we're done. Game over. People are getting worried... I'm getting worried. I wanna go home... now.

Peter: Okay, you're right... I'm sorry I got you into this.

Ruthie: You didn't do anything that I didn't want to do. Maybe those guys can help us.

Peter: I don't know, Ruthie.

Ruthie: I'm gonna ask. I have a good feeling.

Peter: Uhm... can I remind you I had a good feeling about the last two buses.

Ruthie: Hi, I'm Ruthie and this is my friend Peter. We're from Glenoak and we're lost.

Jacob: I'm Jacob and this is Nicodemus. We are from Sudan. And they call us the Lost Boys.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Street

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...?

Ruthie on Phone: Hi Dad... we missed the bus and we're sorry. I wanted you and mom to know we're fine. Could you call Peter's mother?

Eric on Phone: Yeah, where are you?

Ruthie on Phone: Uhm, I'm not sure... somewhere near the zoo. We're here with the Lost Boys.

Eric on Phone: The Lost Boys?

Ruthie on Phone: From Sudan. I think they go to school around here. They're really nice.

Eric on Phone: Ruthie, you and Peter stay there. You're in good hands. I'm gonna drive down there right now and get you. Could you put one of them on the phone?

Nicodemus on Phone: Hello?

Eric on Phone: Hi, this is Ruthie's dad. I, I wanna thank you for looking out for Ruthie and Peter. Would you mind staying with them until I get there?

Nicodemus on Phone: Of course.

Eric on Phone: All right, where are you... or where will you be in a few hours? Okay, all right, I'm leaving now and thanks again.

Annie: Okay, so what's going on? Who are the Lost Boys? Where are Peter and Ruthie? And, and...

Eric: It's complicated, but I'll tell you later. The main thing is... there in good hands and they'll be fine. I just, I wanna get on the road.

Annie: All right... go... go. Be careful, okay?

Annie: (sighs)


Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: We must have taken five buses today. All of them wrong.

Peter: Which meant we had to walk from one bus stop in one part of town to another bus stop in another part of town.

Ruthie: I may never walk again.

Peter: And all we had to eat was two hot dogs.

Ruthie: And he had a raisin.

Nicodemus: We have some food. Would you like some?

Ruthie: Oh no, we couldn't take your food.

Peter: I think we could.

Ruthie: Oh, that's so nice of you. Are you homesick for your country?

Jacob: Yes, very much.

Peter: Why did you leave.

Nicodemus: We didn't just leave... we were rescued by America.

Ruthie: Like you rescued us?

Jacob: Yes, like we rescued you.

Nicodemus: You were rescued by the Lost Boys.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Mom, I wanna apologize.

Annie: Well, you don't have to, honey, you've got a lot on your mind.

Lucy: No, no, not you... to Kevin. I was really rude to him and Roxanne today. And you were right, maybe there was a little jealousy and it's all so silly. It's... are you okay? You look like you're not so okay?

Annie: It, oh, no, I'm fine... it's, it's just that Ruthie and Peter, they missed their bus from the field trip, but there with the Lost Boys. I don't know either, but she's fine. Your father went to get them. They're, they're okay. They're okay.

Lucy: Okay... so, anyway, I thought I would go down to where Kevin and Roxanne are and apologize.

Annie: You think that's a good idea... they're working, aren't they?

Lucy: I know and if it looks like they're busy or I'm in the way or something, I won't bother them. By the way, how's the pecan pie coming?

Annie: Well, it's cooling right here. I think it came out fine.

Lucy: Can I ask you a favor? Could I take it down to him as a peace offering?

Annie: I made it for dessert.

Lucy: Well, I know, but pecan pie is Kevin's favorite and after being so inconsiderate, taking him that pie would be really considerate.

Annie: Giving him a pie that I made is considerate.

Lucy: Well, I know, I know. The logic is slightly skewed, but still...

Annie: All right, it's for a good cause... you can take it.

Lucy: Great, I'm gonna go change and then I'll come back and pick up the pie. Thanks, Mom.

Camden's House - Martin's Room / High School - Hallway

Martin on Phone: Hello?

Cecilia on Phone: Hi... how was practice?

Martin on Phone: Excellent... coach thinks I have an attitude problem and I almost killed the equipment manager.

Cecilia on Phone: I called to say I'm sorry about today. I didn't mean to snap at you.

Martin on Phone: I know, I said some things too. But I really miss you sometimes. But sometimes it doesn't seem like you...

Cecilia on Phone: I have to go, Martin, sorry.

Chandler's House - Living Room

Chandler: Anyway, the good thing about division or math in general is that you can always double check.

Jeffrey: It's just that it's so boring. Who invented it, anyway? What was their problem?

Chandler: Stay focused, okay? What I was saying...

Jeffrey: How am I supposed to keep doing this all the way to college? I sit in class like twelve hours every day.

Chandler: Uhm... eight to three... that's seven hours. Huh, see the beauty of math.

Jeffrey: And the lighting is so bad in class. I think it's ruining my eyes.

Chandler: Hmm... maybe you need glasses. Here, do this, I'll check it after.

Jeffrey: This pencil's dull I can't do...

Chandler: All right, that's it. All right, this is the deal. It's called school and it's your job... adults have their jobs kids have their jobs. You don't have to work for food or a roof over your head, all you have to do is school and your best at it. No more excuses and I know all about excuses. I've been making plenty of them myself lately. All right, sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it. It doesn't matter if you're overloaded or you're tired or if your pencil's dull or you squint. You got it!

Jeffrey: Yeah, sure.

Chandler: And you weren't the only one who wanted ice cream today!


Peter: These oranges are really good. Are they from Africa?

Nicodemus: Trader Paul's... I work there after school.

Ruthie: Why do they call you the Lost Boys?

Jacob: Because we were lost from our homes and our people, and we were just children... children looking after children... like the storybook.

Peter: Peter Pan...

Nicodemus: Yes, Peter Pan.

Ruthie: Where are your parents?

Jacob: They may have been killed or maybe they're alive somewhere in the world, because everyone run in different directions. We were in the field with the cattle when we saw our villages burning, heard bombs and gunfire, so we run for our lives. We have been separated from our families and friends since we were seven-years old.

Nicodemus: And we started to walk. First hundreds of us, then we became thousands.

Peter: Did you know where you were going?

Jacob: Away from death.

Ruthie: How far did you walk?

Nicodemus: More than a thousand miles. We walked across Sudan to Ethiopia... then we walked back across Sudan to Kenya.

Peter: What did you do for food?

Jacob: Sometimes nothing... for days, no food, no water... sometimes we would eat leaves.

Nicodemus: Sometimes we would eat wild fruit and sometimes we would drink wet mud to moisten our throats.

Jacob: Many of us died on the way, or in refugee camps... thousands died.

Nicodemus: But now we are here... going back to school, working.

Jacob: We are very, very lucky.

High School - Hallway

Cecilia: Martin...

Martin: Okay, listen, I know you're busy and all and maybe I don't always say the right things. And I miss you and you're terrific... but...

Cecilia: But?

Martin: But you've got to cut me a little slack. I'm dealing with a lot of pressure. I live with the Camdens and they're great, but it's not like my real home and I'm always worrying about my dad and I really need this baseball scholarship.

Cecilia: I know, and I try to understand. But what about my pressure? I have school and then I have to come here and... great.

George: Hey, Martin.

Martin: Hello, Mr. Smith.

George: Are you here to work because I don't remember you filling out a job application?

Martin: Ah, no sir, I just came to talk to Cecilia.

George: You mean my daughter who does work here.

Cecilia: Daddy, he wasn't going to stay long.

George: Guys, you know me. I like to think of myself as one of those cool dads, except when it comes to my business. The thing that puts food on our table and then I'm very, very uncool.

Martin: Maybe we can talk later, after work. Sorry, sir.

Cecilia: Dad, that was not fair.

George: Really?

Cecilia: He just wanted to talk.

George: What's not fair is that I pay you a good hourly wage, not to talk with your boyfriend. That's why they call it work, not talking with your boyfriend.

Cecilia: Most girls my age don't even have to work. They can talk to their boyfriends whenever they want.

George: That can be arranged... we call that unemployment.

Cecilia: And if they have to work, they don't have to work with their parents.

George: I'm sorry it's so horrible for you, having a job like this... to earn your own money, to save it or do with it what you want. There are kids in this school who would kill for a chance like that.

Cecilia: It's still very hard.

George: File a complaint with your supervisor.

Cecilia: What supervisor? It's just you.

George: Oh, I guess you're out of luck.


Ruthie: Thank you so much, you were so nice to us.

Peter: Yeah, thanks. Thanks for letting us eat your food.

Eric: I don't know how I can ever thank you enough.

Nicodemus: It was our pleasure.

Eric: Can I give you some money?

Jacob: No... thank you. We work... we have jobs.

Eric: Yes, I know, but... still, there must be something I can do?

Nicodemus: Yes, pray for peace in our country and an end to slavery.

Jewelry Mart - Street - Unmarked Car

Roxanne: Can I ask you something very personal?

Kevin: It never stopped you before. Ask...

Roxanne: Does your butt hurt?

Kevin: Killin' me and my neck too. I never got this neck pain on patrol.

Roxanne: That's because we were always in and out of the patrol car. Here we're just in.

Kevin: I know, but I guess that's what can happen on a stakeout. Some nights, nothing.

Roxanne: I think something just happened.

Kevin: What?

Roxanne: My foot fell asleep. Man, it feels funny.

Kevin: I'll tell you what, I'll rub your foot and then you can rub my neck.

Roxanne: Are we allowed to do that?

Kevin: I think we have to. What if were chasing after a perp... you can't do it with a numb foot and stiff neck. It may even be in the manual.

Roxanne: Okay, deal.

Kevin: Deal.

Roxanne: Ah... oh man, that feels good. Remind me to recommend you for an official commendation.

Kevin: I don't think they give commendations for foot rub. Maybe neck rub. Lucy!

Lucy: So this is what you call undercover!

Roxanne: Hey Luce, don't...

Lucy: Here, I brought you some pecan pie... enjoy.

Kevin: This is not good.

Roxanne: I don't think that's in the manual.

Detective Logan: What just happened here?

Roxanne: That was Kevin's wife.

Detective Logan: And what's that on the windshield?

Kevin: A pie, sir.

Detective Logan: Go home.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Sam: I don't like stew.

David: It sounds like poo.

Annie: I don't care what it sounds like, I've been working all day on this dinner and you're the only ones here, so you're stuck. Oh good, you're just in time for some...

Kevin: You shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Lucy: Of course, and then I wouldn't have been there to see it and then who knows what would have happened. Some assignment!

Kevin: Come on Luce, you know nothing happened.

Lucy: Oh please, you were playing with your partner's foot. I've been watching NYPD Blue for years and I've never seen that once. Mom, maybe I'll come back later and have something to eat, okay?

Annie: Sure...

Lucy: By myself.

Annie: So, um, how was the pie?

Kevin: I don't know I didn't want to eat it off my windshield.

Annie: Oh, thank you. Don't try and give this to Happy, she doesn't like people food.

David: Neither do I.

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: Ruthie, you scared us! How could you...?

Ruthie: Mom, you wouldn't believe their story. It's horrible and wonderful and they're coming to visit us soon.

Annie: Who?

Ruthie: Jacob and Nicodemus... they're the nicest guys; you'll like them... both.

Annie: Well, if they helped keep you safe, I, I love them already.

Ruthie: They live with seven other Lost Boys in this tiny apartment. And there are thousand of them spread out all across the country, it's good because they're here, but bad because they're separate from their friends and family.

Eric: I'll tell you all about it.

Ruthie: Mom, I'm beat. I think I better get to bad.

Annie: Okay, sweetie, why don't you say good night to the twins in the kitchen, okay and wait for me until I come in, because even though I am very relieved that you're home, we have some talking to do.

Ruthie: I thought we might.

Annie: Wow...

Eric: Exactly...

Annie: You must be beat yourself.

Eric: I am.

Annie: You don't have to tell me anything now. It can wait.

Eric: But then I wanna tell you something now. I want to tell you how much I love you. How much always loved you. Even when I don't always show it.

Annie: I know... I always know.

Eric: I'm so lucky, so blessed, we all are. And I don't always remember that we...

Annie: Later...

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Chandler's House

Chandler on Phone: Hi, it's Chandler. It's nothing really, I, I'm just calling to say thank you for covering for me for the last few days.

Eric on Phone: Oh, I hardly noticed. Okay, I noticed, but you're welcome.

Chandler on Phone: But you gave me something to shoot for. I've been feeling out of control and then I, I thought of everything you handle... family, work, all the juggling that you have to do... but you do it. It's like you look at life like it's one big... I don't know, it's, it's one big...

Eric on Phone: Stew?

Chandler on Phone: Exactly... a stew. You mush all these elements of your life together in a big stew and it works. Anyway, ah, that's it. Thanks.

Eric on Phone: Well, don't mention it. And, and I, I think you might like my sermon on Sunday.

Chandler on Phone: Actually, I might not be able to make it. I'm taking Jeffrey rollerblading and then to a ballgame. We're gonna be home kinda late, so, ah, but... Sunday? I'll be there. Thanks, good night.

Eric on Phone: 'night.

Eric: Uhm-uhm..

Glenoak Community Church

Eric: ...and since 1983 when civil war in the Sudan broke out, over two-million have died. Two million... and those who fled, some as young as five, most no older than eleven, all of them separated from their parents, they wandered across the continent for years or barely survived in terrible refugee camps. For these children... now young adults... hunger, fear, sickness and starvation was the only life they've ever known. And even though some of them are now here, their struggles aren't over. Basic things most of us take for granted are insanely difficult for them. Finding a job, any kind of job, making enough money for food, rent, school and, and for them school isn't just some career path, it's a way to get skills so they can return home someday and help save lives, end this misery. The Lost Boys have a saying, "Our education will be our mother and father. Our education will speak for us". All of us, myself included, tend to get bogged down with our problems in our everyday lives, problems that we sometimes blow way out of proportion. I'm embarrassed to admit that the other day I felt that picking up our dry cleaning seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. But, ah, that's, that's human nature, I know that and yet, every so often something or someone comes our way and helps us see things. Helps us really see what's important and what's not. And, that's what these Lost Boys of the Sudan, Jacob and Nicodemus have done for me and for my family. Even though the horrors that they have lived through are unspeakable, there is such a sweet sense of joy and optimism about them that is truly inspirational. I'll leave you with a quote from Jacob, "I maybe called a Lost Boy, but I was never lost to God". 

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