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#901 : La Rentrée des classes (1/2)

Simon semble très proche de sa nouvelle petite amie Georgia. Eric et Annie les suspectent d'avoir des relations sexuelles. Kevin a peur que Lucy n'accepte pas sa grossesse quand elle refuse d'aller acheter des vêtements de maternité. Matt vient à la maison pour une visite et se retrouve instantanément au milieu des drames familiaux. Ruthie et les jumeaux rencontrent des problèmes pour leur premier jour de lycée et de grande section. 


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Titre VO
Dropping trou (1/2)

Titre VF
La Rentrée des classes (1/2)

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Première diffusion en France

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Rosie joué par Mackenzie Rosman

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Simon (David Gallagher) et Georgia (Rheagan Wallace)

Simon (David Gallagher) et Georgia (Rheagan Wallace)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon (David Gallagher) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Simon (David Gallagher) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Matt (Barry Watson)

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Rheagan Wallace (Georgia) 

Guests :

  • Andi Chapman ..... Doyen de l'école
  • Melissa Zanit ..... Fille au lycée

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Okay, now...good...okay, smile. Okay, one, two, three. Oh...

Annie: (sighs)

Annie: Huh-uh...? You know I went to school the first day with Matt, with Mary, with Simon, with Lucy and with Ruthie.

Sam: They must have been big babies.

David: Yeah, we're men.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, we men headed off to the first day of kindergarten.

Annie: Did you tell them to tell me not to go?

Eric: No, of course not...they, they wanted daddy to take them the first day to school. Didn't you guys?

Sam: Yeah...

David: We want Daddy.

Eric: Come on, I mean you, you took Matt and Mary, Lucy and Simon an' Ruthie..., let, let me taken 'em.

Annie: Okay...

Eric: I'll see ya' later.

Annie: Okay...oh, keys? There, there upstairs. I'll get 'em.

Sam: We'll wait outside.

David: 'Cause that's what men do.

Eric: Right... So, first day of high school...excited?

Ruthie: No...

Eric: Scared...?

Ruthie: No...

Eric: So how are ya' feeling?

Ruthie: Angry...

Eric: At Peter? I mean, Peter can't help it if his family had to move closer to his dad's work, but that duplex is...is the perfect set-up for them and he'll be around...you'll see. He's just busy getting settled in.

Ruthie: I'm not angry at Peter, I'm angry at Martin. Why can't he take me to school?

Eric: Well, ah, I'm sure there'll be plenty of other times when he will, but he just got his license and his car and he wants to go with his friends. I could take you; I'm taking the boys to kindergarten.

Ruthie: No thanks, I'll let Kevin and Lucy drop me off. That should be embarrassing enough.

Martin: I'm off...goodbye. Huh, I'll see you there.

Eric: Are, are those new jeans?

Martin: Ah, new school clothes. My aunt sent them to me.

Eric: Kinda baggy aren't they?

Martin: Ah, yeah, but I promised her I'd wear them. She thinks there cool, so she's a designer.

Eric: Is, is there a rule at school about baggy jeans?

Martin: Um, I think they'd have to be a lot baggy than this to ah, break any rules. See ya'.

Eric: Wow...hope those don't fall off...that would be embarrassing, huh?

Lucy: (nods)

Kevin: We're ready to go.

Eric: Where is Lucy? Looking for pants?

Kevin: I don't know that the big deal is...she looks beautiful. She just needs bigger pants.

Lucy: You were talking about me, weren't you?

Eric: You want your mom to take you shopping for maternity clothes, Luce? She's had a lot of experience.

Lucy: Sure...when I need maternity clothes, she can do that. Right now, I'm just fine.

Eric: Okay...

Ruthie: There's no use putting this off, let's go.

Simon: Good morning. I'm going shopping for some things I'll need at school?

Eric: Have you heard from Cecilia? How's the vacation going?

Simon: I haven't heard from her.

Eric: Oh, I'm sure you will.

Simon: (shrugs)

Simon: Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Daddy she's, she's been gone like twenty-four hours.

Eric: Yeah, but, you've two been so close all summer...we've hardly seen you, so I know you must miss her, huh?

Simon: Bye...

Annie: Here ya' go. You sure you don't want me to take them?

Eric: I'm sure.

Annie: Okay...

Eric: They changed their minds. They want you to take 'em.

Annie: I knew it! My two babies...come on, come on...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Sam! David!

David: I'm sorry.

Sam: Me too...I'm real sorry.

David: I'm real sorry, too.

Annie: What happened?

David: The girl was going to hit him so I hit her.

Sam: Then she cried.

David: So I tried to hug her.

Sam: Then she screamed.

David: So I decided to run.

Sam: Then I ran after him.

David: So the teacher ran after us.

Sam: Then we ran faster and faster.

David: So she ran faster.

Sam: Then she fell down.

David: So we kept on running.

Sam: Then we got tired.

David: So we hid in the bathroom.

Sam: Then the teacher found us.

David: So she wrote you a letter.

Annie: (sighs)

Sam/David: The end.

Camden's House - Foyer

Annie: Helloooo...

Simon: Hi, Mom. Um, this is Georgia; she's a friend of mine from school. I ran into her while I was shopping.

Annie: I didn't know you were home.

Simon: We were just leaving.

Annie: Oh, well, it's nice to meet you, Georgia. Could I talk to you in the living room, Simon?

Simon: Mom, I'm...kinda busy.

Annie: Oh, it will only take a sec. Excuse us, Georgia.

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: Look, I could be wrong here, but it looks as if the two of you were upstairs and you weren't expecting the boys and me to be back so early, and now you're trying to sneak out of the house.

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I didn't know they got out of school so soon.

Annie: That's not the point. The point is...the point is...that, that is the point. What, what were you doing upstairs...and what happened to Cecilia?

Simon: She's on vacation.

Annie: So you just brought over some other young woman you know from school and took her upstairs and...did what?

Simon: Well, that's kinda personal?

Annie: How personal?

Simon: Mom, I'm, I'm a grown man and what I do in my room is...it's personal.

Annie: Well, maybe this isn't the time to discuss this. I'd like to wait till your father gets home and then, just, you know, sit down and talk about it.

Simon: About what? Mom...Georgia and I are over eighteen-years old, we're adults. Okay, I don't feel like sitting down and having a chat with you and dad about what we are or are not doing.

Annie: Are you having sex with Georgia?

Simon: You, you know Mom, I'm gonna pleading the Fifth Amendment. Mom...

Annie: I need a time out. You know, we'll continue this when your father gets home.

High School - Counselor's Office

Eric: I, I'm, I'm not sure I understand.

Counselor: It's the first day of high school, sometimes students...

Eric: Talk to me.

Counselor: I think what your father wants to know, what we'd all like to know Ruthie is...did you have a reason to do that? Maybe you had a bet with someone, or you did it on a dare? Was it dare...did someone make you do that?

Ruthie: I don't know! I just did it because I felt like doing it! Just leave me alone!

Martin: Hi...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: What are you doing here?

Matt: Just...visiting.

Lucy: Did Kevin call you and ask you to fly out here?

Matt: No, he didn't. Since I didn't work at the clinic this summer, I just kinda missed being here, though I'd visit you, see how you're doing. How 'ya doin'?

Lucy: Well, I was doing fine until someone started sharing our pregnancy with my brother.

Matt: No one is sharing your pregnancy, but hey, just so you know, a lot of women share more with their husbands. Sometimes they even drive them crazy with sharing the first few months.

Lucy: Really, do they. You would know...?

Matt: I'm a doctor.

Lucy: No, you're not.

Matt: Not...technically, but I do know a lot pregnancy and expectant mothers. I've delivered a few babies or helped so if while I'm here, you want to talk...

Lucy: One, I don't have time to talk, I've got classes and trying to graduate this semester and two, I don't want to talk. Well, I'd like to have a word with Kevin, but I don't want to talk to you.

Matt: Then talk to Kevin...that's good. You should talk to your husband, tell him everything you're feeling, share your experience with him.

Lucy: Now I get it...now I get it...Kevin called you because I'm not sharing with him. What...is that it? Well, tell Kevin, Mr. Smarty Doctor Pants, that I don't need him to call my brother and ask him to talk to me about talking to him because maybe I don't want to talk about every little moment of my pregnancy!

Matt: Okaaaay, I, it's that um....

Lucy: It's just what?

Matt: Uh, I think your pants fell off.

Lucy: (screams)

Matt: Whewww...

High School - Hallway

Eric: I don't understand why she would do that, but...you know recent studies of the brain show that...you probably going to find this very interesting, 'cause I, I really thinks this applies here. The brain of the teenager is actually lacking in development in the area of the brain that makes decisions.

Martin: What?

Eric: It's true. There's a scientific reason why teenagers sometimes don't connect their actions with results and that's what keeps them from making rational decisions sometimes.

Martin: I don't believe this. You're making excuses for her?

Eric: I'm not making excuses. I'm just...you know, exploring some possibilities as to what really happened.

Martin: I know what really happened. She pants'd me in from of my friends in a hallway filled with students all because I didn't give her a ride to school. She just wanted to embarrass me.

Eric: Okay, but if you, if you follow what I was saying about the brain, she probably wasn't thinking at all. Just acted on impulse...and it was childish and no one saw the humor in it, and now Ruthie's upset that she did it, and she's embarrassed.

Martin: She's embarrassed? What about me? I mean, I know I'm not your son, but I expected a little sympathy and understanding, but hey, maybe your brain's not working either. Maybe your whole family has brain problems.

Eric: Ready to call it a day?

Ruthie: Yeah, I am, but unless they let me out of detention, I'm gonna be here for another hour or two...every day for the rest of the week. My day has been bad enough...so just leave me alone, okay?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Matt: I left my suitcase...

Matt: ...I didn't want to come back for it without you.

Kevin: No problem, Lucy's at class.

Kevin: Hi, aren't you in the wrong house?

Simon: We came up here for some privacy...sorry.

Kevin: You want privacy...get a room.

Simon: Maybe we will.

Matt: Hi, I'm a Simon's brother, Matt.

Georgia: Oh, you are the one in med school.

Matt: Right...

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin Kinkirk, married to Simon's sister, Lucy. We live here.

Georgia: Oh, the cop...hi.

Kevin: And you are...?

Georgia: I'm Georgia. Um, Simon and I know each other from school.

Kevin: Nice to meet you.

Matt: But if you don't mind, we'd like to talk to Simon, alone.

Simon: About?

Matt: About a lot of things.

Simon: A lot of things are personal, Matt. A lot of things are none of your business.

Matt: Maybe it's not Kevin's business, but this is my business...Simon.

Kevin: And this is my apartment, so no offense to anyone, but my apartment, my business.

Matt: Could you just give me a second with Simon?

Kevin: I don't think so, because again, I live here.

Matt: (sighs)

Lucy: What is going on?

Georgia: Oh great, is this more of your family?

Matt: I forgot my suitcase.

Lucy: And I forgot to ask you, how long are you in town for?

Matt: Ah, two weeks...give or take a little.

Lucy: And are you spending the entire two weeks here with the family? I was just wondering if you're gonna go do something fun...like the beach or the mountains.

Simon: Europe?

Matt: Hmm...Europe doesn't like us right now.

Lucy: Where's your wife?

Matt: At home...in New York...working. We can take separate vacations you know, it's healthy.

Kevin: They were here when we got here.

Lucy: Why don't you two guys go outside and talk since you're big buddies now, and ah, I'll stay here and talk to Simon and...?

Simon: Ah, this, this Georgia.

Georgia: Hi...

Simon: Look, we have no where else to go and we didn't think that you'd mind us being up here when you were at class, so it's, it's not a big deal.

Georgia: Let's just go.

Lucy: Ah, not so fast. Now, I've got something to say about you guys...helping yourself to my apartment. You want to end up like this?

Georgia: Chubby?

Lucy: Pregnant...

Georgia: Oh, oh, well...no.

Lucy: I didn't think so.

Simon: Look, we're not going to get pregnant. Okay, we were just talking.

Lucy: Hmm...

Simon: We were.

Lucy: Save it for mom and dad, you're talking to a pregnant woman, sonny. Now get out of here and don't come back ever, when Kevin and I aren't home, and...keep your hands off each other until you're married.

Camden's House - Backyard

Simon: Don't worry; we'll be back at school in a couple of weeks.

Georgia: I can't believe I broke up with you. I'm crazy about you. I've missed you all summer.

Eric: Simon, Cecilia...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: (overlapping) I think those two are having sex.

Eric: (overlapping) Ruthie pants'd Martin at school today.

Annie: (overlapping) Sam and David you know got sent home with a note for hitting a girl and made her cry and then ran away from the teacher.

Eric: (overlapping) What two? Simon and Cecilia...having sex? They promised.

Annie: (overlapping) Pants'd...what is pantsing? What is that?

Eric: (overlapping) They hit a girl? Isn't Cecilia on vacation?

Annie: It's not Cecilia.

Annie/Eric: What...!?

Eric: You go first. I, I heard the word sex.

Annie: Well, I came home from picking Sam and David up from school and I was reading this note from their teacher and I heard footsteps, so I went out to see what was going on, and Simon is there with this girl he brought home from school, Georgia, and it looks like they've had...you know...upstairs in his room...and I asked him about and he said it was none of my business. That he was a grown man.

Eric: What happened to Cecilia?

Annie: Did you hear what he said? He said it was none of my business. My own son said that his life is none of business. Not just his life but his sex life...if he's having sex and I think he is...a day after his girlfriend goes on vacation. Who is he?

Eric: I'm gonna talk to him.

Annie: Yes, please do and then talk to the twins.

Eric: Oh...what?

Annie: Well, they're first day and they're not going back to school again. They want to stay home with mommy where it's safe.

Annie: What?

Eric: Maybe I should have taken them.

Annie: Well you can take them tomorrow...should be fun. And what did you say Ruthie did...something to do with pants?

Eric: She pulled Martin's pants down in from of an entire hallway filled with students.

Annie: (sighs)

Eric: It's not funny. No, no one laughed.

Annie: Then they don't have a sense of humor, you know I hate to say it, but he shouldn't have been wearing those baggy pants.

Eric: Then why didn't you tell him that?

Annie: Oh, what's this...it's my fault, too, huh? No, you know, if he had just given her a ride this morning, this probably would never would have happened.

Eric: Don't, don't do it. All right, don't go there. Don't, don't blame Martin, 'cause he's already angry at me.

Annie: Because?

Eric: Because he thinks I was more concerned about Ruthie and how she's feeling than about him and how he's feeling...which isn't true at all. I was just trying to explain that...

Annie: Go on...

Eric: I was trying to explain to him that Ruthie made a bad decision, but...

Annie: Oh, geez, not the teen brain thing again. You can't blame everything on the teen brain.

Eric: It's a very real...

Annie: Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it. It may be real, but it's just turned into a big excuse. Now every time a teen does something wrong, they can blame it on their brain. Well, don't you put that idea into Ruthie's head or Martin's head. Oh right, you've already put it into Martin's head. Well, I will talk to him.

Eric: Er, thanks, but I'll talk to Martin and, and you can talk to Ruthie.

Annie: Oh, because, let me guess, she's not talking to you. Where is our daughter by the way?

Eric: Detention...

Annie: Oh Eric, detention? You didn't let her get detention on her first day of high school?

Eric: I don't know what you wanted me to do about it.

Annie: Well, did you give your teen brain speech to the counselor?

Eric: Uh, well, no.

Annie: Well, I have a feeling there will be other opportunities.

Simon: Hi...

Eric: Hi...

Simon: Hey, can I borrow fifty bucks?

Eric: For...?

Simon: Dinner...Ii haven't got my last paycheck from Cecilia's father and I want to go out.

Eric: Takin' the whole family out?

Simon: No, just me and Georgia. You saw her outside.

Eric: Yes, I ya', I saw her...wasn't introduced, butta I saw her, saw you both and'da my wife, your, your mother was wondering ah, you having sex.

Simon: Look Dad, I, I don't really want the credit card charge and I don't want to use my ATM, can I just borrow the fifty bucks, please?

Eric: No...are you having sex?

Simon: I just want to take her dinner.

Eric: So you can have sex?

Simon: God, no, guys don't have to do that anymore.

Eric: Don't have to do what?

Simon: Dad, if, if you want to have sex you just hook up with a, with a woman, you know, you don't have to buy her dinner. It's not like it was back in the '20's, you know. The fifty buck is just for food, okay, it's just food...it's nothing to do with sex and just so you know she's pitching in her own fifty bucks for her side of the meal.

Eric: Try the '60's. And, and you know, I would, I'd like...wait, so it's a hundred dinner? Are you insane? You know, I'd like to take my wife, your mother out for that kind of dinner, but we don't have that kind of money, that, that's why, that's why we eat at home. Oh and because, we're, we spend our money to send you to college.

Simon: I help pay for college and I have a partial scholarship.

Eric: Since when did you get that?

Simon: Um, I applied for it at the end of the school year. I just found out over summer.

Eric: And you, you didn't tell me and your, your mother because...?

Simon: We'll, it's not that much money, Dad. It's only like a fourth of my tuition.

Eric: A fourth of your tuition is...a lot of money. I were, I, were you, were you just going to keep taking the checks I'm sending you without telling me?

Simon: No Dad, I was going to tell you.

Eric: When? When were you going to tell me?

Simon: I just told you. You know, forget it, I'm really sorry that I asked. Okay, I'll just take the money out of my savings like I did the last time...

Eric: I, I, I...

Simon: ...you, you can just forget about, okay?

Eric: I'm sorry, I'm sorry...the, the last time? You've done this before? When?

Simon: We drove down a couple times from school. I took her to this restaurant on our anniversary and...the night I met her parents and now we want to go back and just celebrate that we're getting back together.

Eric: I don't, I don't recall you being here during the school year.

Simon: That's because I didn't stop by here.

Eric: You, you went to meet her parent but you didn't bring her by her to meet your parents?

Simon: Her parents wanted to meet me.

Eric: Well, maybe we would like to have met her...had we know about her.

Simon: Dad, I'm young, okay. I'm gonna have a lot of relationships. I'm really sorry but I can't introduce you to all of them.

Eric: But you drove hours from school...you were in the neighborhood, you, you didn't, you didn't come by here?

Simon: Yeah...

Eric: Okay, what about Cecilia? What happened with Cecilia?

Simon: God, Dad...

Eric: Simon, I'd love an answer and I, I, I've a few more questions, quite a few more questions, a lot of questions, dozens, hundreds, maybe.

Simon: Can we talk about this later?

Eric: No...sit down, please...

Simon: I'd rather stand.

Eric: It's like you've been avoiding me all summer, you've, you've worked late, you've gotten up late, you're off to work before I get home, you're gone all weekend with Cecilia. Let's talk...I, I just want to know what's going on with you, because evidently I've missed a lot and right now, I feel completely overwhelmed with this new knowledge. So come on, sit down, let's sort some of this out.

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello? I'm sorry, yeah, yeah, I'll be right there.

Eric: I have to pick your sister up at school...from detention, but I'd like to have dinner with you and your friend if you like, here, and then...later we can all, we can all talk...okay, about a lot of things. And then when ya'...what's her name?

Simon: Georgia.

Eric: When Georgia goes home then we can talk about Cecilia...and we can talk about you...you and school, you and...money, you and...sex...you and life, okay? We need to talk.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: I guess you've seen all this stuff?

Matt: Yep...

Kevin: I kinda prefer the mystery rather then the actual photographs.

Matt: Hi...

Eric: When did you get her?

Matt: A couple of hours ago.

Eric: What, what are you doing here?

Matt: Bonding...

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Annie: Hi...

Simon: Hi...look, um, Mom, I'm not trying to shut you out. I'm just trying to grow up.

Annie: I know you're trying, Simon, but I can help you with that, your dad can help you with that, your family can help you. You know, you don't have to do it alone. You don't have to grow up overnight. It's a process, it's a long process.

Simon: I know, Mom.

Annie: Well dinner should be ready in about an hour.

Simon: Would you mind if I skipped dinner tonight? I actually would really like to talk to Georgia and have dinner with her, it's, it's important.

Annie: Okay, Simon.

Simon: Thanks...

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: I can handle this. You can go down to the church like you planned.

Eric: I'm sure you can handle this, but I think we ought to handle this together, since we created this situation by our handling this separately.

Annie: How many times do I have to say it? I didn't know that you had told him to stay home. I didn't know anything about the dinner. This is not about what I did or didn't do; this is about what Simon did. Eight, nine, ten...okay, say what you want to say.

Eric: We're not going to get anywhere divided, so can't we just stick together as a team? We're much stronger that way.

Annie: Yeah, you say that but what you really mean is that you don't think I can handle this by myself.

Eric: Come on, honey, let's not argue, okay?

Annie: You're right, let's not. Why don't you go talk to Ruthie and I'll talk to Martin. I think he just walked through here with a tent. Well?

Eric: Well, I wanted to think through what I want to say to her first.

Annie: What are you gonna say to her?

Eric: I know, I know what I'm gonna say to her.

Annie: I'll go with you. We're not gonna get anywhere divided, so can't we just stick together as a team?

Eric: Yeah, that's what you say, but what you mean is...why don't you go check on Martin and his tent? What happened to that?

Lucy: Have you seen Kevin and Matt?

Annie: Oh, not since dinner. Weren't they going down to the pool hall?

Lucy: That's where they said they were going to be, but they're not down there, I looked.

Annie: Is something wrong?

Lucy: I don't like the two of them hanging out together. Matt thinks he's a doctor.

Eric: Well...he's...

Lucy: Not a doctor. And, and he's giving Kevin advice and Kevin is telling him stuff that he's not telling me and...and...if I want anyone to know anything then I will tell them.

Annie: Honey...

Lucy: Never mind, I don't have time for this. I have a paper to write, but if they do come here, kindly tell my husband to come home.

Eric: She's she's just so overwhelmed and, and she won't let anyone help her. I, I told her I had once written a paper like the one she has due, but she doesn't want my help.

Annie: That's because it's not about the paper. It's, it's about the baby, but she doesn't want to admit that, so until she's willing to admit it, no one can help her, not even me. So, why don't I go up and talk to Ruthie at least that will make me feel useful.

Camden's House - Backyard

Martin: If you're looking for Lucy, she's headed for the garage.

Eric: I'm looking for you. What are you doing out here?

Martin: Matt's home...I'm gonna let him have the room to himself and I just wanted some time away from everyone.

Eric: Does everyone include me?

Martin: No offense.

Eric: None taken...tough being away from your dad for so long, huh? I'm sorry if I didn't seem concerned about you today. What Ruthie did was wrong and I know that.

Martin: Does she know that?

Eric: Of course, she knows that.

Martin: Does she? She didn't apologize.

Eric: I'm sure she will.

Eric: You remember your first day of high school, right?

Martin: I can see where you're going with this.

Eric: I guess you can. I can, but just so you know, I'd fall into the same trap with Ruthie even if you were Simon or Matt. She was the baby in the family for a long time and it's hard for me as a parent to make that transition to her being a young adult and now that I say that out loud, I admit, I may be part of the problem of her not seeing herself as a young adult, not taking responsibility for doing what she did. And, and it's, it's tough for dads and teenage girls...there I go again...making another excuse. Okay...what she did was wrong and she needs to apologize. Annie's talking to her right now...I'm sure she'll probably be out here any minute to set things straight, but in the meantime, I apologize for not supporting you while I was supporting her. I care about you Martin. I think you're very responsible, reasonable young man and we love having you here. Even if you think we all have problems with our brains.

Martin: Yeah, sorry about that...and thanks. I mean most the time I love being here and I appreciate your letting me stay here. I just need to be by myself tonight.

Eric: I'll leave the back door unlocked when I go to bed, case you change your mind.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: What?

Eric: Nothing, I was out in the backyard talking to Martin and just thought I'd walk over.

Lucy: I have a paper to write.

Eric: I know, I know...still don't want my help?

Lucy: I'm quite capable of fisnishing it on my own, but thanks.

Eric: You're really something, you know. You're finishing college, starting a family...wow.

Lucy: Go on...

Eric: I just...I admire you.

Lucy: Because I'm finishing college and starting a family?

Eric: Yeah...it's a lot to deal with.

Lucy: Uh-huh...

Eric: How are things with Kevin?

Lucy: They're fine. I can handle it, okay, being a wife and a student while I'm pregnant. It's fine, other students have done it under worst conditions.

Eric: Kevin must be a big help.

Lucy: What's he got to do with it?

Eric: Well, I mean, he must be really supportive and helpful, I mean, he's always been supportive and helpful, right?

Lucy: I don't think he has any thing to do with it. I mean, except for the fun part.

Eric: Okay...

Lucy: I'm doing this myself, by myself. It's not like he can have the baby for me or finish my degree for me, right?

Eric: Well, no, but ah...I, I do know he would do anything to help you while you're having the baby and finishing your degree.

Lucy: Maybe I don't need him to help me with anything.

Eric: I just meant if you ever do need any help...

Lucy: You think I'm overwhelmed, don't you?

Eric: What...?

Lucy: You think, oh, poor crazy Lucy got herself pregnant before she got out of school, and now she's got papers to write, a husband to deal with, and her pants don't fit.

Eric: (sighs)

Lucy: Well, let me tell you something, Dad, I'm capable of doing it all. I am capable of finishing my degree, having our baby, being a wife and a mother, and I can still find time to fill in where Chandler left off at the church only you can't ask me for any help, especially mine, because you still see me as an over-emotional teenager and you don't take me seriously, otherwise, you would have given Chandler's job when he left. You think I can't be the associate pastor just because I'm in school and having a baby? Is that what you think? You must think something like that otherwise you would have offered me the job.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric on Phone: Hi, this is Eric Camden. I was supposed to meet my son and his girlfriend for dinner and I forgot the restaurant. Can you, can you tell me if he's there, Simon Camden?

Eric: You hungry?

Annie: Why?

Eric on Phone: Oh, nine o'clock...excellent, excellent. We still have time. Thank you.

Eric: Yeah, I was thinking...that anyone who pays a hundred dollars for a meal eats late...let's go have dinner with Simon and Georgia.

Annie: Well, I was just, just getting ready for bed.

Eric: Ah, stay up...come on, don't you feel like a steak?

Annie: (sighs)

Eric: I do...I feel like a steak and I feel like having dinner with our son and whoever Georgia is. Let's not wait until he gets home and try and talk to him while we're thinking what we'd really like to so is roll up a newspaper and pummel him. Let's, let's go have a steak with him in a neutral setting; it's always good to be in a neutral setting.

Annie: Okay, that's a really good idea and I like it, but I have bad news for you. I don't think we have a hundred dollars. Forty, maybe...

Eric: You go change and I'll find the money.

Annie: Okay, partner, let's do it.

Eric: You think Lucy should go to work at the church...as the associate pastor? She wants to and I told her I'd think about it.

Annie: Oh, I don't know. We can talk about that in the car. Really...associate pastor, now?

Eric: Yeah...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I'm sorry we missed you at the pool hall. We decided to just drive around instead.

Lucy: And talk?

Kevin: Yeah, you know, I'm sorry I've been difficult to talk to these past few months. I had it in my head that I just needed to kinda stand by and do whatever you asked, but that was putting you in a position to have to ask, and that was wrong.

Lucy: What did you talk about?

Kevin: Just guy stuff. How it's difficult you know, to be a husband. Not that difficult. The difficulties of being a husband...not the difficulties, the challenges...yeah that's it, the challenges of being a good husband. I just wanna be a good husband and a good father.

Lucy: Challenges like...?

Kevin: Like...I know you have to be scared, Luce. Scared about all the changes that are going on...inside of you, outside of you and yet, you seem to be putting on this brave front, like nothing has changed. Like nothing's changed between us. Everything has changed. I wish I knew how to get you to talk to me about that, about what you're feeling.

Lucy: What about you?

Kevin: What? This is easy for me, considering what you're doing. I feel like I'm doing nothing contribute. I can't even get you to complain to me. You talked more when you weren't having a baby. You complained more when you weren't having a baby. You cried more when you weren't having a baby. Isn't this supposed to be a very emotional time for you? Because it seems like it's just an...efficient time for you. You're finishing college and you're having a baby, you're doing it all and I'm doing...nothing. Couldn't I do something? You know something other than what I...did.

Lucy: I just wish you and everyone would stop making such a big deal out of this.

Kevin: How...how can I stop making such a deal about this? It's a big deal. It's the biggest deal ever and you're just sitting there in your regular old pants thinking nothing's happening. Something's happening.

Lucy: I knew this would come down to my pants. Why are you and my mother so interested getting me into big pants? I'll be getting the big pants when I need the big pants.

Kevin: I got 'em.

Lucy: I want the job of associate pastor at my dad's church and I told him tonight.

Kevin: You want to take that on now?

Lucy: You know what you can do? You can support me on that.

Kevin: I support you...if that's what you want, I totally support you. Who called?

Lucy: I didn't notice.

Answering Machine: (beep)

Myrna: Hi, Lucy, this is Myrna at Dr. Kline's office. We have a cancellation for tomorrow so if you and Kevin want to come in a couple days early, then four o'clock is all yours. I know you're anxious to find out the sex of the baby, so I'm gonna put you down. See you then.

Answering Machine: (beep)

Camden's House - Backyard

Ruthie: Knock, knock...

Martin: Hi, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Look, I regret that...

Martin: Yeah...that, you, you regret that...

Ruthie: I regret that you wouldn't give me a ride my first day of school and that you have absolutely no sense of humor.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: How'd it go?

Ruthie: Fine...I apologized.

Eric: Great...

Annie: Something's not right.

Eric: We'll find out tomorrow.

Matt: Where you going?

Eric: Ah, we're going out to dinner.

Matt: It's ah, almost nine o'clock.

Eric: Right, we have to get going. Keep an eye Ruthie and the boys of you don't mind. Boys are in bed and Ruthie can pretty much take care of herself.

Matt: I don't mind, but why are you guys going out to dinner at nine o'clock when you've already had dinner?

Annie: We're gonna meet Simon.

Eric: Yeah, and we have to get going.

Matt: Ah, wait...ah, does Simon know you're meeting him? I thought you two were upset that Simon was taking this new chick to this expensive restaurant.

Eric: It'll be fine.

Matt: No, wait, really. You're just going to surprise him?

Eric: Yes, we're going to surprise him.

Matt: What are you thinking?

Eric: I'm thinking I told Simone I'd like him to have dinner with us because we'd like to talk, and since he didn't have dinner here, we'll have dinner there.

Matt: You can't do that. No, you don't want to do that...do you?

Annie: We do...don't we?

Matt: No, you don't. I, I know why you're upset with him. I mean, besides not showing up for dinner and talking to you...I saw them. They're either having sex or they're thinking about having sex and you can't stop them.

Eric: We'll, excuse me for being the external optimist, but you...I think this is a creative and a lighthearted way of doing exactly that...stopping them.

Matt: Dad, you know the statistics, you know how many guys Simon's age are having sex. My advice to you...and not as your son, but as a doctor who deals with pregnant women day in and day out...is talk to him about responsible sex and buy him a pack of condemns.

Annie: We appreciate your advice, but...

Eric: We have to go.

Matt: This is a mistake, a big mistake. 

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