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#907 : Quiproquo

Quand Kevin fait croire à Venus, une jeune femme, que Martin est un apprenti policier, elle montre tout de suite de l'intérêt pour lui. Mac, l'ami de Martin, l'encourage à draguer Venus. Martin a du mal à dire la vérité , après qu'il ait appris que le père de Venus était un militaire envoyé au Moyen Orient. Eric et Annie ont peur que Martin s'implique trop avec Venus et demandent à Kevin de s'en mêler. Il y a une rumeur au poste de police qui dit que Kevin tromperait Lucy. Ben continue de cacher sa relation avec le nouveau docteur de Lucy, même si ils passent le week-end ensemble. 


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Regret to inform

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Venus (Martha Plimpton)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Venus (Martha Plimpton)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Venus (Martha Plimpton)

Venus (Martha Plimpton)

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Écrit par : Jeffrey Rodgers 
Réalisé par : Harvey Laidman 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Captain Michaels), Kyle Searles (Mac), Geoff Stults (Ben Kinkirk) 

Guests :

  • Grant Garrison ..... Lief
  • Richard Jenik ..... Leif
  • Deren LeRoy ..... Rick
  • Jules Leyser ..... Docteur Pearson
  • Alec Medlock ..... Bart
  • Martha Plimpton ..... Venus
  • Kenneth Schmidt ..... Mark
  • Peter Simon ..... Perp

Pool Hall

Kevin: What's going on?

Martin: We were gonna play some pool to blow some steam after studyin', but ah, it looks like all the tables are full.

Kevin: You can wait with us if you want to.

Martin: Sure...

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello?

Pool Hall / Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy on Phone: Hi, ah, I know you're out with the guys, and you should spend time with your friends, but on your way home, could you pick up a chocolate shake for me.

Kevin on Phone: Of course...

Lucy on Phone: Oh, so when are you coming home?

Kevin on Phone: I shouldn't be long... an hour or so... or now.

Lucy on Phone: Perfect... see ya' soon.

Eddie's Pool Hall

Leif: Sure is keeping you on a short leash.

Rick: Doesn't your wife realize that this pregnancy thing is just as hard on you. You need your alone time, too.

Kevin: The fact that you two aren't married truly amazes me.

Venus: Hi, guys.

Leif: Hi, Venus...

Rick: How've you been?

Venus: I've been good. So, you guys are new?

Mac: Yeah, we just got here.

Venus: No...

Venus: (laughs)

Venus: ...new on the job.

Martin: We don't work here.

Venus: Looks like you're gonna have some fun breaking those new guys in.

Kevin: New guys...?

Venus: They're coming out of the academy looking younger and younger every year.

Kevin: Oh, yeah... you know rookies.

Venus: The dark-haired one is kind of cute. Make sure you keep them in line.

Kevin: We'll do. Good luck...

Mac: What did that mean?

Martin: Who knows...

Mac: Hey, don't look now, but that woman is checking you out.

Martin: What woman...?

Mac: Smooth move...

Martin: She's not looking at me. She's like five-years older than us.

Mac: Whatever... she's looking at you.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Annie: Martin's still not home?

Eric: No sign of him and he hasn't called.

Annie: Why don't you try him on his cell phone?

Eric: Do you have the number?

Annie: (sighs)

Eric: Neither do I. I've never had to call him before, so I guess I never thought to ask for it.

Annie: He's always been so great about coming home on time and doing his homework. I hope nothing's wrong.

Eric: I'm sure he just lost track of the time.

Annie: That's probably true; you're still going to try to find him, right?

Eric: Yeah...

Annie: Yeah...

Pool Hall

Venus: Don't pay any attention to them.

Martin: I'm not...

Venus: Good for you. They try to make it hard for ya', but they respect you more if you don't take everything they dish out.

Martin: Good shot...

Venus: Thanks... Where did the time go?

Martin: I know... it's ah kind of late and I should be getting home.

Venus: You're gonna take me hone, right?

Martin: You want me to take you home.

Venus: Yeah, my friend dropped me off earlier, but she already left. I need a ride. Can you handle it?

Martin: Uh, yeah, I can handle it

Venus: I'm sure your friend can find his own way home.

Martin: I'm giving her a ride home.

Mac: We're giving her a ride home?

Martin: Actually, I think she just wants me to drive her.

Mac: What am I supposed to do? You drove me here.

Martin: I'm sure one of Kevin's buddies can take you.

Venus: Ready...?

Martin: Sure...

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room

Eric: I'm glad you're still up. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Ruthie: I was just doing some reading before I go to sleep. I'm willing to postpone it if you need anything... shoot.

Eric: Do you have Martin's cell phone number?

Ruthie: No, why don't just snoop around his room and get it yourself? That's what I would do.

Eric: I'm not going to snoop around his room looking for a phone number. Okay, I couldn't find it. Do you have his friend Mac's number?

Ruthie: Noooo... he's too old for me, remember?

Eric: Do you have any idea where Martin might be?

Ruthie: I don't know. He's usually home by now. Oh... the pool hall... he said something about studying and then going to the pool hall.

Eric: The pool hall... thanks.

Ruthie: Glad to help.

Venus' House - Living Room

Venus: Thanks for the ride.

Martin: My pleasure...

Venus: And thanks for walking me inside.

Martin: No, it was nothing, just a few feet from the car to the door.

Venus: True, but you can never be too careful.

Martin: Well, now that I know you're safe, I think I'll be on my way.

Venus: What's the rush?

Martin: Ah, no rush, really, just probably get home.

Venus: Are you sure don't want to stay for a drink.

Martin: Ah, thanks, but I don't drink.

Venus: Coffee...

Martin: Hmmm...

Venus: ...afraid it will stunt your growth?

Martin: Nah, just don't like the taste.

Venus: Also, it could make you jittery, and in your line of work, you need to keep your cool. Then how about a soda... juice... water? You were so nice to me; I should do something to try to return the favor. Come on; stick around for a while.

Martin: Okay, but just for a minute, then I really need to get home and get some sleep.

Venus: Don't worry, I'll make sure you get to your shift on time. I'm just gonna go make some tea. You rookie cops are all alike.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Door: (knocks)

Eric: Sorry to bother you, but Martin hasn't come home. I was wondering if you have any idea where he was?

Kevin: I was at the pool hall with him earlier. He was there when I left.

Eric: Yeah, Ruthie told me about the pool hall, but I called, he isn't there anymore. Did he say something about going somewhere afterward?

Kevin: He's probably with his friend Mac, hanging out somewhere.

Eric: Everything on the Promenade is closed by now. Where else could he be?

Kevin: I'm sure he's fine.

Eric: He's never been late like this before.

Kevin: I'll make some calls.

Eric: Maybe we should go look for him.

Kevin: No, let me make some calls first.

Eric: Or maybe we should call the station, see if there have been any accidents.

Kevin: Don't worry... it's nothin'.

Eric: How do you know it's nothing?

Kevin: Martin was talking to this girl. He's probably just out with her.

Eric: What kind of girls are out until this time of the night on a school night?

Kevin: Lots a girls...

Lucy: Yeah, lots of girls. Like the twenty-something-year-old woman who you lead to believe that Martin was a rookie cop.

Eric: Why would you do that?

Kevin: She likes cops, she's always hanging around. I'm sure she's figured out the truth by now. It was just a joke.

Eric: It doesn't sound very funny... older woman picking up younger men. Martin's only seventeen. Not only is it not funny, it's illegal. Don't you have some calls to make?

Kevin: Go back to the house, I'll find him.

Lucy: I don't think it's funny either.

Venus' House

Venus: Sorry it took so long. The minute I walk through the door, I have to change into my pajamas. Clothes are so confining, don't you think?

Martin: Yeah, confining... look, look, when you called me a rookie earlier...

Venus: Sorry about that... I'm not sure what the other guys are calling you nowadays: rook, meat, newbie, plebe...

Martin: You think I'm a, a, a rookie cop?

Venus: It's kind of obvious, isn't it? You got a real boyish thing that none of the other guys have. You couldn't have been on the force for very long, right?

Martin: Ah, not exactly, ah, I...

Venus: Don't worry, it's not important. I know some of you guys don't like to talk about the job too much.

Martin: No, really, it's not that... it's...

Venus: My dad's the same way. He hates to talk about work. Not that's he's a cop, but being a Marine...

Martin: You're dad's a Marine?

Venus: In Afghanistan...

Martin: My dad's a Marine in Iraq.

Venus: Really...?

Martin: I wouldn't like about that, ah Master Sergeant Beau Brewer.

Venus: Captain Tom Graybridge. It's hard, isn't it?

Martin: The worst...

Venus: Being so far away from them...

Martin: Knowing that they're risking their lives every day.

Venus: Always worrying about them...

Martin: Dreading late night phone calls...

Venus: And every single knock at the door...

Martin: And trying to watch reports on the news, but...

Venus: They're either too much to take...

Martin: Or not enough information...

Venus: It, it just drives you crazy.

Martin: And then there's trying to keep in contact.

Venus: Knowing that your e-mails are never enough...

Martin: But they're all you can do because they can't call that often.

Venus: But when he does call, and I hear his voice...

Martin: That's the best thing.

Venus: Just to talk to him, and for a minute everything seems...

Martin: Normal...

Venus: Like he's just down the street.

Martin: Yeah...

Venus: Only he's not.

Martin: No...

Venus: But then the phone call's over...

Martin: And you remember where they are.

Venus: And what they're going through. I miss my dad.

Martin: Yeah... so do I.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin on Phone: ...so you don't have Venus's phone number? Thanks anyway, and again sorry to wake you... goodnight.

Lucy: No luck...?

Kevin: Not yet...

Lucy: Well, hurry up; it's not easy to fall asleep like this.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Phil's House

Phone: (rings)

Phil on Phone: I have a sleeping baby in this house so this better be important.

Kevin on Phone: Phil, hi, it's Kevin.

Phil on Phone: Kinkirk... want do you want?

Kevin on Phone: I was wondering if you knew Venus's number?

Phil on Phone: Venus? Uh... might have it around here somewhere, hang on.

Venus' House

Venus: So...

Martin: So... ah, look I um...

Phone: (rings)

Venus' House / Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Venus on Phone: Hello...?

Kevin on Phone: Venus, hi, it's Kevin... Kinkirk.

Venus on Phone: Hey, Kinkirk...

Kevin on Phone: You wouldn't know what happened to Martin, would you? You know the dark-haired rookie from tonight?

Venus on Phone: He's sitting right across from me.

Kevin on Phone: Could you put him on the phone? It's important.

Venus: Sounds like urgent police business.

Martin on Phone: Hello...?

Kevin on Phone: Do you have any idea what time it is?

Martin on Phone: Ah, oh... it's ah, late.

Kevin on Phone: Yeah, it is. There better be nothing going on.

Martin on Phone: Whatta mean? We're, we're just talking...

Kevin on Phone: Get home now.

Martin on Phone: I'm on my way.

Venus' House

Martin: I have to go.

Venus: So I heard. Will I see you tomorrow night?

Martin: Ah... I don't know.

Venus: Oh, do you have some kind of special case you're working on?

Martin: Ah, something like that, I'd tell you more, but I can't. I, I really can't.

Venus: That's okay, I understand. Are you forgetting something?

Martin: Ah...

Venus: Aren't you going to kiss me goodnight?

Martin: Ah, no... that wouldn't be right. This was just a ride home, it wasn't a date. In fact, I...

Venus: I love a man with a sense of honor. That is so rare, except with men like our dads, of course.

Martin: Goodnight, Venus...

Venus: Goodnight, Martin...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: It's ah little late, isn't it?

Annie: (sighs)

Eric: We were gonna ask you the same thing.

Martin: Are you waiting up for me?

Annie: Yes, we are.

Eric: No one knew where you were, you should have called, we were worried about you.

Martin: You shouldn't have been. I, I, I, I was fine. I am fine. I'm sorry I came home late, and I'm sorry you were worried, but Venus and I got to talking, and I just lost track of time.

Annie: Venus... the older woman you were out with?

Eric: Kevin told us about her.

Martin: Really... did he ah, also tell you this whole thing was his fault?

Eric: Whole thing, meaning...?

Martin: Nothing happened. We talked, that's it. It's not like I have a curfew.

Eric: I know you don't have a curfew. You've always been responsible enough that we never though you needed a curfew.

Martin: You're not my...

Eric: I know... we're not your parents, but your father trusted us with the responsibility of making sure you stay out of trouble.

Annie: Staying out late on a school night, with an older woman... we see these things as signs of trouble.

Martin: This has nothing to do with an older woman. Now, if, if you'll excuse me, I have school in the morning, and I need to get some sleep. Goodnight.

High School

Mac: I had to walk home last night.

Martin: Sorry...

Mac: So, what happened with Venus?

Martin: I stayed out late, I came home late, the Camdens were waiting up... end of story.

Mac: Sure... end of story. You got in trouble with the Camdens, but did you get in trouble with Venus?

Martin: It wasn't like that. We just talked.

Mac: Just talked... sure?

Martin: But get this, she thinks we're cops.

Mac: You told her we're cops?

Martin: We were with Kevin. I guess she just assumed we worked with him.

Mac: And you never told her otherwise.

Martin: I tried, but... I'm gonna tell her. I'm gonna call her and tell her tonight.

Mac: You might get your chance sooner than that.

Martin: What's she doing here?

Mac: I don't know, but she's headed this way.

Martin/Venus: What are you doing here?

Venus: I'm a substitute teacher. Mr. Newton's out sick, so they called me. What about you? Wait... are you undercover? Is that it? Narcs, right?

Mac: Right... narcs...

Venus: Wow, how very Starsky and Hutch.

Mac: Oh, please, it's nothing like you see on TV. Most of the time the job's pretty tedious, but when the action go down, it's an adrenaline rush you can't believe.

Venus: So, I've heard. Well, don't worry, your secret safe with me. I had fun last night.

Martin: Yeah, I, I, I, did too.

Venus: So, call me... you know about tonight.

Police Station

Leif: Did Kinkirk call you looking for Venus's number, too?

Rick: I had a message on my machine from him when I got home. I didn't wanna give him any trouble, though, so I didn't call him back.

Leif: Yeah, neither did I... clever use of the kid, gotta hand it to him.

Phil: What are you talking about?

Rick: Kinkirk... looking for Venus late last night.

Leif: You didn't give him her number, did you?

Phil: Yeah, I did. What... my wife had her number. Venus babysat for us a couple times, I didn't see what harm could come from it.

Rick: Why'd you think he wanted the number?

Leif: He didn't need a babysitter, 'cause the baby's not here yet.

Phil: Oh come on, you don't think...

Leif: She's a minister, he's just a lost little lamb.

Phil: He's cheating on Lucy?

Captain Michael: Are you talking about who I think you're talkin' about?

Phil: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: His father is counting on us.

Kevin: I understand, and again, I'm sorry.

Annie: He looks up to you. There's enough bad influences for him out there.

Ben: How's everyone doing?

Kevin: Back from your camping trip... how was it?

Ben: It was great. I went camping with some of the guys from the station house. You know, fireman... who fight fires. That's who I was camping with... fireman.

Lucy: Why are you still here? Captain Michael called looking for you.

Kevin: Gotta go...

Lucy: Oh, how was your camping trip with the guys?

Ben: Ah, it's was great.

Lucy: Well, I thought you were supposed to come back last night.

Ben: Yeah, one of the guys wanted to stay a little longer, so... ha... we did.

Lucy: Ah, that's nice. Oh, um, someone called for you, too.

Ben: Really...?

Lucy: Dr. Pearson...

Ben: Isn't that your doctor, the woman doctor Kevin didn't like? Ah, what did she want?

Lucy: She called to say she had a wonderful time with you this weekend. So call her.

Ben: Thanks...

Lucy: I'm very uncomfortable when a Kinkirk lies to me. If you could lie bout something, then Kevin could lie about something, and that's not a very good feeling right now.

Ben: Ah, sorry...

Police Station

Kevin: Smitty said you wanted to see me, sir.

Captain Michaels: How is everything going with Lucy? How's everything at home?

Kevin: Lucy's great. Everything else is fine, too, except the Camdens are giving me a hard time.

Captain Michaels: About...?

Kevin: It's this stupid thing with Venus. Obviously, you've already heard about.

Captain Michaels: Eric and Annie know?

Kevin: Yeah, and they're not too happy about it.

Captain Michaels: I would imagine.

Kevin: I made a mistake... I'm gonna fix it.

Captain Michaels: How are you gonna do that?

Kevin: I'll talk to her.

Captain Michaels: I don't think you should do that. In fact, I'm gonna give you an order not talk to her or go near her. Got it?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Ben: So you hate me, but what do you think about Miranda... Dr. Pearson?

Lucy: Well, I only met her the one time filled in.

Ben: I hope you'll use her for the delivery, I'd feel more comfortable with that. She's very professional.

Lucy: While it nice of you to worry about things you shouldn't worry about, Kevin and I decided to back to our regular doctor.

Ben: Dr. Kline...?

Lucy: How do you know that? You and your doctor have been talking about our doctor?

Ben: It's kinda of funny, actually Dr. Kline is Miranda's ex-husband. So you see, you really can't go back to him now, it's a conflict of interest.

Lucy: For you, maybe, but not for us.

Ben: Okay, I'll just come clean and tell you the truth, since you're into that. Your doctor's really not a nice guy.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Ben: They went to med school together, started a practice together, they had children together, now he wants his freedom, so he bought himself some fancy condo, and he's dating.

Lucy: Well, Dr. Pearson... Miranda... is dating, too.

Ben: I'm the first guy she's gone out with.

Lucy: So she went on a three-day-out-of-town date with you?

Ben: I'm just trying to help you guys out.

Lucy: How...?

Ben: You don't want that sleazy ex-husband delivering my niece, do you?

Lucy: Well...

Ben: Don't worry, I'll talk to Kevin about it. I'm sure he'll see things my way.

High School

Mac: You know that substitute teacher in Mr. Newton's class; Martin's going out with her.

Student 1: Really... how'd that happen?

Student 2: She's hot.

Mac: I know they met at the pool hall last night. He was over at her house until late... really late.

High School - Parking Lot

Kevin: Martin, we need to talk. Look, I never meant for you to go off last night with Venus. She's older than you are, and she's much more experienced than you are.

Martin: I know that. We didn't do anything. We were talking, that's it... talking.

Kevin: Good, because if anything did happen it would be against the law because you're under age.

Martin: You know what else is against the law? Ah, impersonating a police officer, but thanks to you I'm guilt of that now.

Kevin: That was a joke. I figured the cop thing and the age thing would come out naturally in the course of the evening.

Martin: Well, you figured wrong.

Police Station

Captain Michaels: You're Kinkirk's brother, right?

Ben: Yeah... Ben... Kinkirk. I'm just waiting for Kevin, I need to talk to him.

Captain Michaels: And this can't wait until he gets home?

Ben: It's not the kind of conversation I want to have in front of Lucy.

Captain Michaels: Well, this isn't the kind of conversation I want to have in front of everyone here. This behavior isn't like Kevin, and frankly, I find it quite concerning. I hope as his brother, you are not doing anything to encourage Kevin with this sort of activity.

Ben: Of course not.

Captain Michaels: A person can do one wrong thing and it makes you start questioning his entire character. I've know Lucy since she was a baby, and the thought of Kevin cheating on her, well... there's no excuse for it.

Ben: I'll talk to him.

Captain Michaels: I've got him working tonight. I thought it would keep him out of trouble, give him time to come to his senses, but he's gotta put a stop to this, and sooner or later, he needs to tell Lucy the truth.

Ben: Yeah, she's a stickler for that.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: How was practice?

Martin: Fine...

Eric: About last night...

Martin: If this is about my coming home late or Venus, you don't have to bother. I've had enough lectures for the day.

Eric: I don't wanna lecture you, I just wanna...

Martin: Tell me what I can and cannot do?

Eric: Your father trusted us to take care of you. That's what I'm doing, the only way I know how... by treating you like my own son. I don't wanna give you the my house, my rules speech, but... if you're living in my house, you have to live by my rules.

Martin: Then maybe I shouldn't live in your house anymore. Like you won't have to worry about me much longer. I'll be just fine on my own.

Eric: You can't just go off and live by yourself. Do you think your father would give you permission to do that?

Martin: I'm going to become emancipated. It's something my dad and I talked about awhile ago, and decided not to go through with. But now, it, it, it seems it might be a good idea.

Eric: Emancipated...?

Martin: With my father overseas and my aunt in New York, it makes sense. I... what if something were to happen to my father... what if something were to happen me? I should be able to look after myself and make decisions for myself.

Eric: Don't you need to have an income to become emancipated?

Martin: I have an income. My mother had life insurance she put in a trust for me. I get a check every month. It's not a lot, and it's been going into my savings, but it'll, it'll be enough for me to take care of myself. I know what you are going to say.

Eric: You do?

Martin: You're gonna say I haven't thought this through. You're gonna say I'm making a mistake, you're gonna say I'm too young to making all these decisions for myself. Believe me, I've thought about those things. I'm seventeen-years-old. In ten-month for now I'm gonna be eighteen. Well, in, in ten-months, I'm going to become a responsible adult, but until then I'm just some stupid, irresponsible kid. What is going to change in those ten-months? Why is some arbitrary date gonna make me responsible for everything that I do, but now, I can't do anything without the approval of family, who I don't know if you've noticed isn't exactly nearby to lend me a hand. Or you, who I don't know if you've noticed, aren't exactly my family. If I need a piece of paper to say that I'm adult, then I'm gonna get that piece of paper.

Camden's House - Martin's Room

Ruthie: What are you doing?

Martin: Packing my things.

Ruthie: Are you moving in with your girlfriend?

Martin: What are you talking about?

Ruthie: I hear you're dating a substitute teacher.

Martin: Where'd you hear that?

Ruthie: It's going around at school.

Martin: Mac... she's not just sub, she's a friend, and I'm not dating her.

Ruthie: So, you're moving out to move in with this friend that you're not dating?

Martin: I'm not moving in with her.

Ruthie: So you're just moving out? Dad's never gonna let you do this, you know. See you at school.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Sam: We just wanted to say goodnight, Martin.

David: And goodbye... we'll miss you.

Martin: Did you hear everything?

Sam: Yes...

David: Good luck with your teacher.

Sam: We like our teacher, too.

David: Yeah, but we would never leave mom and dad to date her.

Martin: (sighs)

Martin: I'm not dating her... bye, guys.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh Martin, we don't want you to leave.

Martin: I'm sorry, Mrs. Camden, but I... I have to go.

Eric: Why does this have to be tonight? Why can't you sleep on this for a night, a week, longer?

Martin: Things aren't going to change in a night or a week or longer. This decision has been coming for a while. It, it doesn't matter if I leave tonight, tomorrow, next week or in a month. I'm still gonna leave. I, I might as well get it over with.

Eric: Look, I know we're not perfect, and our own kids certainly aren't perfect, but all, all families argue and confront challenges... have we been so horrible to live with that we've ever kept you from anything you've wanted to do? I mean, have we ever done anything but try to help you?

Martin: It's not that I don't want your help, it's, it's that I don't need your help.

Eric: Don't you think you're trying to grow up a little too fast here... like overnight?

Martin: I'm already grown up. Do you think I wanted to grow up this fast? I didn't want my mother to die. I didn't want my dad to be fighting a war on the other side of the world. I didn't want any of that. I grew up because I had to, not because I wanted to.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Ben: Are you hungry?

Lucy: No...

Ben: Thirsty?

Lucy: No...

Ben: Because if you're hungry or thirsty. I can run out and get you something... anything.

Lucy: Thanks, I'm fine.

Ben: Sure, I can't get you anything?

Door: (knocks)

Eric: Where's Kevin? I thought he had the night off.

Lucy: Something came up. He had to work.

Ben: He's really workin'. I know because I talked to Captain Michaels, he told me he's working, so he's not lying about working.

Ben: He's working.

Eric: Okay, if you hear from him...

Ben: At work...

Eric: Right... if you hear from him when he's at work, would you let him know I need to talk to him?

Lucy: Sure... What was that all about?

Ben: Nothing... Kevin's working.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Police Station

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Kinkirk...

Lucy on Phone: Kevin, it's me.

Kevin on Phone: Luce, I'm back at the station, but I just made an arrest. I can't talk now. I'll call you later, okay?

Lucy on Phone: Okay...

Kevin on Phone: Sorry...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Did you talk to Kevin when you were down at the station this afternoon?

Ben: No, I talked to Captain Michaels and he told me... I swear that Kevin's working tonight.

Lucy: I know he's working, I'm just wondering why you're making such a point of telling me that he's working.

Ben: No reason...

Lucy: Where's your girlfriend doctor tonight?

Ben: Oh, I was with her for the last three days. I can't see her every night. Besides, I'm here to spend time with you and Kevin, so I'm spending time with you and Kevin.

Lucy: You spent the last three nights away from me and Kevin.

Ben: Well, I can't see you guys every night either. I can't see anyone every single night of my life. That's why I'm not married.

Lucy: I find it hard to believe that's the only reason you're not married.

Ben: No, it's true.

Lucy: Do you think Kevin asked to work tonight to get away from me?

Ben: Oh, no, no, no, Kevin is working tonight because Captain Michaels asked him to work tonight.

Lucy: Why would he ask him to work?

Ben: I don't know.

Lucy: Yes, you do.

Ben: I don't... I swear. Where are you goin'?

Lucy: Down to the station so I can talk to Kevin face to face.

Ben: I'll go with you.

Lucy: No, you won't.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Police Station

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Kinkirk...

Ben on Phone: Kev, it's...

Kevin on Phone: I'm busy.

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: I said I'm busy.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Doctor Pearson's House

Phone: (rings)

Dr. Pearson On Phone: Hello...?

Ben on Phone: Hi...

Dr. Pearson On Phone: I was wondering when you'd call.

Ben on Phone: This weekend was great.

Dr. Pearson On Phone: I thought so too, but the funniest thing happened when I got back.

Ben on Phone: What's that?

Dr. Pearson On Phone: My ex-husband decided to come home. He wants to give us another shot.

Ben on Phone: I thought you said he was a bad guy.

Dr. Pearson On Phone: Nah, I was probably exaggerating, you know, getting all the pent-up anger out of my system. But, what it all comes down to, is that we're a family, and now we're back together.

Ben on Phone: That's great...

Dr. Pearson On Phone: And we have you to thank for it.

Ben on Phone: What'd you mean?

Dr. Pearson On Phone: When my ex picked up the kids and got one look at you, he realized he was wrong. So thanks.

Ben on Phone: You're welcome.

Police Station

Perp: Who's that?

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Lucy: What's, what's going on?

Kevin: Nothing... except for me doing my job. You should go home.

Perp: He's cheatin' on ya'. Some chick named Venus.

Kevin: Lucy, wait...

Perp: Marriage is tough, isn't it?

Camden's House - Living Room / Outside Venus' House

Phone: (rings)

Eric: Hello...?

Martin: Reverend Camden...

Eric: Martin, I'm so glad you called. Come home, we'll talk.

Martin: I, I can't... I need your help.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Ben: You can't go to either Dr. Pearson or Dr. Kline.

Lucy: What...?

Ben: Miranda just broke up with me to get back together with her no-good husband... ex-husband... husband... whatever. You need a new doctor.

Lucy: Sorry if I can't worry about which doctor is gonna deliver my baby right now, I've got to plan to raise my daughter as a single mother.

Ben: What...?

Lucy: Kevin's cheating on me with a girl named Venus. You knew?

Ben: I heard a rumor about it when I was down at the station today, but I haven't had a chance to confront Kevin about it yet.

Lucy: I confronted him.

Ben: What did he say?

Lucy: Well, I ran out before I had to listen to any of his lies.

Ben: There's got to be an explanation. Kevin would never do anything like that to you. You're everything to him. If there's one-thing Kinkirk men are it's loyal. Sometimes we fib a little, well I do, but Kevin doesn't, but we're loyal.

Lucy: You can't even be with the same woman every night, you said so yourself. If that's an example of Kinkirk loyalty, what does that say about your brother?

Ben: It says Kevin's a luckier man than I am. I've never been able to find the right woman, or when I did, she didn't see me as the right man, but Kevin did find the right woman. He found you. He would never cheat on you, I don't care what anybody says. Don't believe it.

Lucy: You did...

Ben: Yeah, well... I'm not very smart, so I had to sit with the information a little while before I realized it wasn't true.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Martin? You're going to find Martin?

Eric: His friend got some bad news. She's gonna need him.

Ruthie: Why are you going?

Eric: Because he needs me.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I need to talk to my wife.

Ben: Okay, but after that, we need to talk about your doctor.

Kevin: Get out...

Lucy: It's been an interesting evening.

Kevin: What do you want me to say?

Lucy: I want you to say that the Venus rumors aren't true. I, I want you to say that you're never gonna leave me and our daughter. I want you to tell me that you're gonna love me forever.

Kevin: All those Venus rumors aren't true. I'm never going to leave you and our daughter and I am going to love you forever.

Lucy: And I want it to be the truth.

Kevin: Lucy, it is the truth. How could you even believe something like that?

Lucy: You're a cop and isn't she like some type of cop groupie? And with what everyone was saying, I don't know... maybe it just felt like familiar territory for me. I know you're not cheating. I know you'd never cheat on me.

Kevin: Just to let you know how the rumor got started, when I was calling around trying to get Venus's phone number last night to track down Martin, the guys thought I wanted to track her down for a different reason. I guess they started talking.

Lucy: I swear you guys gossip more than old ladies. Do you want me to go down there and tell each and every one of them that I trust you?

Kevin: Not really, no, I think I can handle it.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Police Station

Phone: (rings)

Lucy on Phone: Hello...?

Captain Michaels On Phone: Lucy, it's Captain Michaels. Did Kevin make it home?

Lucy on Phone: He did...

Captain Michaels On Phone: And did he explain how everything was all just a big misunderstanding?

Lucy on Phone: He did...

Captain Michaels On Phone: And did he get to the part where he apologies for me for helping to spread such a nasty rumor, even though, in my defense, I did it only to stop something I now know never happened?

Lucy on Phone: He wasn't got to that part yet.

Captain Michaels On Phone: Oh, well, I guess I'll apologize for myself.

Lucy on Phone: Apology accepted.

Captain Michaels On Phone: Have a good evening.

Lucy on Phone: Goodnight...

Lucy: (sighs)

Outside Venus' House

Martin: You always expect that knock on the door. You have to. You hope it never comes, but you have to expect it. That way, when every deployment ends, and your dad comes home, it's such a blessing. You thank God for every day you get to spend with him, because you know it won't last. He'll get the next call and have to spend six months, a year, two years, far, far away from you. So, you tell him love him and send him on his way, and then you start to wait for the knock again. You always expect the knock, but you're never ready for it.

Eric: My father was casualty assistance officer in the Marines. He's had to knock on more doors and tell more wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers that they're just lost a loved ones than I can even imagine. It's an awful job. I've had to do it quite a few times myself, you know, when there's been a car accident or a suicide or a sudden death in their family, but the most important thing is what happens after I leave, the people who come forward to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. You know, what you were saying earlier is true, in a lot of respects, you're a grown man, and this is your friend, and I can go in there with you, if you want, but she's expecting you, her friend whose dad is a Marine. Can you handle it?

Martin: I think I can handle it. It'd be easier if I hadn't lied to her.

Eric: It still wouldn't be easy.

Martin: Thanks for coming over.

Eric: You should know by now, I'd do anything to help my family.

Martin: 555-0192... my cell phone number... in case it's late and I'm not home.

Eric: We, we won't be waiting up for you tonight. You, you come home when she's okay, or when someone can take over for you, or when she wants to be alone, okay?

Venus' House - Front Door

Door: (knock)

Venus: The last time I answered the door, something terrible happened. This probably isn't a good time for you to be here.

Martin: I was outside. I was waiting for them to leave. I'm not a cop. I'm only seventeen years old.

Venus: I know.

Martin: You do.

Venus: I pretty much figured it out at school today. I didn't figure a narc would brag about going out with a substitute teacher.

Martin: Oh, Mac... yeah, well, I just wanted everything to be out in the open, and for you to know why I'm here. I'm here for you... as the son of a Marine, and as your friend.

Venus: (cries)

Venus: Why him... why did he have to die?

Martin: He died with honor, the way all Marine do, fighting for what they believe in.

Venus: I miss him already. 

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