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#908 : Famille d'accueil

Kevin apprend que Simon a été renvoyé des dortoirs pour avoir permis à une amie d'école, Christina, de rester avec lui. Quand Eric s'en mêle, il apprend que Christina n'a pas de parents et que ses 3 plus jeunes frères et soeurs sont tous placés dans des endroits différents et ils aimeraient tous avoir un endroit où habiter. Eric réalise qu'il ne peut pas résoudre ce problème seul et avec l'aide d'Annie, il encourage les membres de la congrégation à faire un geste en devenant familles d'accueil.


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Why not me ?

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Famille d'accueil

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Kevin (Georges Stults) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Kevin (Georges Stults) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Simon (David Gallagher) et Christina (Lauren Storm)

Simon (David Gallagher) et Christina (Lauren Storm)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Megan Henning (Meredith Davies) 

Guests :

  • Colin Bain ..... Jimmy
  • Drake Johnston ..... Danny Davies
  • Ian Nelson ..... Monty
  • Mackenzie Phillips ..... Allison Davies
  • Kimberly Scott ..... Greta
  • Lauren Storm ..... Christina
  • Stephanie Venditto ..... Billie
  • Alyssa Spradley ..... Kelly Davis

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hey, you missed dinner.

Annie: Well, there's leftovers in the fridge.

Eric: Which I was gonna take as a lunch tomorrow so I could eat in the office and get caught up, but you're not here for dinner anyway, are you?

Kevin: We're here to rat out Simon, because evidently that's the kind of people we are now.

Lucy: He just called and asked to borrow five-hundred dollars from us.

Kevin: He asked me for the money and I told him I would give it to him.

Lucy: Without even telling me, evidently it's Kevin money, not our money.

Kevin: And evidently, Simon's your brother and not my brother. That's right I consider him my brother, and if my brother called and asked for a loan, I'd just give it to him.

Eric: Ah, both the money and brother belong to both of you, but that's an argument you can have over at your place... five-hundred dollars for what?

Kevin: Simon didn't say.

Lucy: So you know he's in trouble.

Kevin: But maybe he's in trouble that he could fix by himself if he just had the money.

Annie: Why didn't you ask him why he needed the money?

Eric: It's not like you to ask about a loan like that, Kevin, is it? Ah, ah, if your brother, Ben, called and asked for five-hundred dollars you'd probably ask him what he needed it for.

Kevin: True, but I'd thought I'd ask Simon when I drive up there tomorrow to give him the money. Is, is there somethin' wrong with that?

Annie: So many things...

Eric: I just think you might be getting a little over your head, ah don't you think I should go with you?

Kevin: No offense but do you always have to solve the family problems? Shouldn't I be able to step in and solve a problem sometimes?

Lucy: This is my father you're talking to; no one solves problems better than he solves problems. I'm not saying that you can't fix whatever going on, I'm, I'm just saying that...

Kevin: That I can't. Still, I'd like a shot.

Eric: Then please... you, you... go ahead up there if that what you think you should do.

Kevin: It's not that I think I should, it's more that Simon asked me to, and I think I can handle it. I mean, I'm a police officer and I handle difficult situations every day.

Eric: Is it a police matter?

Kevin: I don't think so.

Eric: Then it's a parent matter. You might want to think about whether or not getting in involved in a parent matter might be... again, getting in over your head. But, hey, don't you, you just go on up there and handle it just liked Simon asked.

Annie/Lucy: What...?

Eric: Well Kevin's right. Simon didn't call us, he called Kevin. He wants Kevin to handle this and I'm sure there's a reason for that. But... son, if you find that you can't handle whatever this is on your own, in a way that you know both Annie and I would both approve of, then please, give me a call, okay?

Kevin: Okay...

Lucy: It's a trap.

Eric: Okay, it's a trap.

Kevin: I don't care, I'm goin' anyway and whatever the problem is, I'll handle it.

Northern California School of the Arts - Quad

Girl 1: Hi...

Girl 2: Hello...

Kevin: Hey, there...

Simon: Thanks for coming I really appreciate it. I just, I hated to call dad especially everything that happened this summer, I didn't think he's understand, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to explain it to him.

Kevin: So make me understand.

Simon: I got kicked out of the dorms, so I have to move into an apartment. I found a place I can share with another student; I just need a deposit, like today.

Kevin: I take it that you got kicked out for something other than say... playing your music too loud.

Simon: Yeah...

Kevin: And I take it that you just can't just get kicked out for having a woman in your room, because you had a woman in your room all last year, so it has to be more that that.

Simon: Yeah...

Kevin: And I take it that you think that no matter what it it, that I won't say anything to your parents about it, and I'll just loan you the money, and you'll pay me back, and it'll just be between us.

Simon: I was hoping.

Kevin: Depends... what'd you get kicked out for, Simon?

Simon: I was letting this girl stay in my room and that's against the rules. I mean we weren't having sex, it's not like that. She's just a friend, even if Georgia doesn't understand that.

Kevin: So you risk losing Georgia and getting kicked out of school to help someone.

Simon: Exactly...

Kevin: Very noble... yet you couldn't helped her out any other way than letting her live in your dorm room?

Simon: That was the help she needed.

Kevin: Why did she need to live in your room? Why can't she get a room of her own?

Simon: Because she and her boyfriend were living together... they got in a huge fight before school started and by then it was too late for her to get a dorm room. Her boyfriend was paying all the rent; she had no money, so she needed a place to stay. It's as simple as that.

Kevin: Nothing about this strikes me as simple. How do you know this girl?

Simon: I knew her from high school, I saw her at registration, and she explained to me her situation... she asked for my help. It was only supposed to be for a night or two and it became longer that that, but it didn't become more than that. Okay, she's really nice and she feels terrible about what happened.

Kevin: Again, I just question why you wouldn't have asked me for the five-hundred dollars for her to pay the security deposit weeks ago, so she wouldn't have needed to stay with you in the dorm.

Simon: 'Cause you, you don't even know her.

Kevin: No, but I would have preferred to give her the money to keep you out of trouble. That would have been better than giving you the money after you got into trouble.

Simon: But, I'm going to get into more trouble if I don't have a place to live.

Kevin: I realize that, but now the five-hundred dollars is for an apartment to share with a woman who got you kicked out of the dorm.

Simon: Is there a problem with that?

Kevin: There might be lots of problems with that. Lucy and I feel we can't support something that we know mom and dad would not approve if, and I think it's not very likely they would approve of this move.

Simon: But the dorms are coed. So why would they object to a coed apartment, if they even had to know about it, which they don't.

Kevin: Did they know the dorm is coed?

Simon: Yes, they do. all the dorms are coed.

Kevin: Okay, in the unlikely even they would approve of your moving to an apartment with a girl, a girl they don't even know, how are you going to pay the rent?

Simon: I just got a job at the school's radio station, so I can pay my half of the rent, and she'll pay her half of the rent once she gets a job. Look, I, didn't, I didn't call Lucy and ask her for help, okay, I didn't call my mom and dad ask them for help. I called you and asked you for help, so I didn't have to answer a million questions. I just need a loan, a simple, five-hundred dollar loan to keep me in school.

Kevin: Look, Simon, Lucy got very upset about your calling me and asking for money. That's why we told mom and dad you called and asked for a loan.

Simon: Why did you do that?

Kevin: Because Lucy thought that if you needed five-hundred dollars, you might be in big trouble, and she wanted your parents to know. And you are in big trouble. I wasn't comfortable tellin' them about the loan but now I'm not comfortable givin' you the money unless you call dad and he says it's okay. So, you want me to call him, or you want to call him?

Simon: If I wanted to call my dad, I would've called my dad already. By the way, why didn't my dad come up here if he thought I was in so much trouble?

Kevin: Because I told him I wanted to handle it.

Simon: Then handle it, please, I'm beggin' you... just leave everyone else out of it.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Come on come to papa.

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...?

Annie on Phone: Have you heard from Kevin?

Eric on Phone: No, but I'm sure I will.

Annie on Phone: Should we call the school?

Eric on Phone: What and ask if they know why Simon needs five-hundred dollars?

Annie on Phone: We could call Monty. Eric...?

Eric on Phone: I called him... I didn't get an answer.

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room

Monty: We're in trouble. You're dad left a message.

Simon: Was the message for me or Kevin?

Monty: It was for me.

Simon: Why would my dad be leaving you a message?

Monty: Oh, we talk all the time, but I don't tell him anything.

Simon: Since when?

Monty: Since you're never in the room except to let Christina in. And, by the way, now I'm in trouble because Christina was living in our room. So it's no longer your friend in your room, it's your friend in our room. So now, I'm on probation. 'Course I don't have to move. Who are you?

Simon: Oh, this is... my brother, Kevin. Kevin is married to Lucy, my sister.

Monty: You married your sister?

Simon: My sister.

Simon: I thought you said he was your brother.

Simon: He has a thing about not being a brother-in-law and being a brother. You know the one big, happy family.

Monty: Oh yeah, I've heard about those big, happy families before, but I don't think I've ever really seen one. It was nice meetin' you. I have class.

Kevin: Let's just get on with this, shall we? All right, first of all, who kicked you out, Simon?

Simon: It was Jimmy, my R.A. I'll go get him.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Eric: I know you're gonna call. I know it.

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Kevin...?

Lucy on Phone: Lucy... have you heard from Kevin?

Eric on Phone: No...

Lucy on Phone: Well... I think it was completely unfair to send Kevin up there to help Simon when you know he just gonna end up callin' you to go up there and help Simon.

Eric on Phone: Maybe Kevin can handle this... who knows.

Lucy on Phone: I don't understand why you're even letting him try to handle this.

Eric on Phone: He asked to handle it. He said he'd handle it.

Lucy on Phone: I know you're trying to teach him some kind of lesson.

Eric on Phone: I'm just tryin' to get my sermon written before I have to drive two-and-a-half hours to Simons' school.

Luc on Phone: What lesson are you trying to teach him, just so I know?

Eric: Not to help... unless you really can help.

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin Kinkirk. I'm married to Simon's sister. I'm a police officer in Glenoak, and I came up here to try to investigate this situation.

Jimmy: Okay...

Kevin: How long have you been an R.A.?

Jimmy: Since school started...

Kevin: What year in school are you?

Jimmy: Third... okay, I still have a few sophomore classes to make up.

Kevin: Have you ever done anything that would get you into trouble? Ever had anyone in the dorm who wasn't supposed to be there?

Jimmy: No, never...

Kevin: Have you ever brought alcohol into the dorm?

Jimmy: No...

Kevin: Pot...?

Jimmy: No...

Simon: What are you doing?

Kevin: Everyone makes mistakes, Jimmy, everyone. I'm just trying to find a mistake you've made to use as an example.

Jimmy: Look, I haven't made any mistakes, I swear. And when it comes to dormitory rules, three strikes and you're out. Now Simon broke all the rules more than three times... he's out.

Kevin: Who's your supervisor, Jimmy?

Jimmy: The Dean of Students...

Kevin: Why don't tell him, I'd like to see him.

Jimmy: 'Cause he's like the Dean, you know, you gotta go see him. All right, I'll go get him.

Simon: Are you sure about this?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: (sighs)

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room

Troy: You wanted to see me, Officer? Are you a plain clothes officer?

Kevin: I'm an off-duty officer. I'm married to Simon Camden's sister, Lucy.

Troy: So you have no authority in this county or like on this campus, right?

Kevin: Right... I'm just here to get to the bottom of this matter with Simon getting kicked out of the dorm.

Troy: Well, you were at the bottom of it when you talked to Jimmy. Whatta you want to talk to me for?

Kevin: The whole thing just seems a bit suspicious, that's all.

Troy: Um, how so?

Kevin: Maybe you can tell me. Are you always this strict when enforcing dorm rules? No exception has ever been made to the three strikes you're out rule, ever?

Troy: Well, you know, maybe but... this time we just can't. Well, Simon's already on disciplinary probation. If, if I could help you out, I would, really, but I can't, so... no offense officer, but Simon has to go.

Kevin: Is there anyone else I can talk to?

Troy: Well, you could try the Dean of the school, but perhaps you should go to her, I mean, she really doesn't have a sense of humor like I do.

Northern California School of the Arts - Campus

Billie: So Simon put everything at risk, his parents, his family, his education, all to help out a poor girl who had no place to stay?

Kevin: That's basically it.

Billie: That's not the first time I've heard a woman blamed for a guy's problems. You're not a parent, are you?

Kevin: Not yet... my wife, Simon's sister, and I are expecting our first child... a daughter.

Billie: When you get that child and she goes to school and she gets in trouble, if all you can do is blame the teachers and the administrators and interrogate the people who don't think your daughter's playing by the rules and should pay the consequences, then your daughter's gonna be in trouble her entire life. You have a lot to learn, officer, which is why I imagined Simon's dad let you come up here. Now I want him living off campus by midnight tonight.

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room

Simon: Well...?

Kevin: I think we need your dad.

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Kevin...?

Kevin on Phone: I'm in over my head.

Northern California School of the Arts - Dorm Room

Eric: I couldn't get the school to let you back into the dorms, but the Dean told me about ah, a man who rents low-income single apartments to students, to graduate students. I talked to this man, and he has a couple of singles that he's willing to rent to you and your friend. Even though you're not graduate students, he's going to make an exception, provided you understand that people who live in these apartments are serious about studying, not partying, but studying.

Simon: What's the difference between getting this, this single and getting the apartment that I wanted?

Eric: They're singles... you and Christina wouldn't be living together. Let me say it again, these apartments are for students who are interested studying.

Simon: Dad, I didn't do this to get out of the dorms, okay, or to live with a woman, I swear. We're not doing anything. She asked me for help, you know, I let her stay here... which of course, I shouldn't have done.

Christina: Hi, I would have been here earlier, but I didn't want to missed a class. Hi, Simon.

Simon: Christina this is my dad.

Eric: Hi... Eric Camden.

Christina: Hi, I'm really embarrassed about what happened, but I just didn't know what to do.

Simon: Ah, my dad has some, some good news and some bad news. We're not gonna be getting an apartment together. Um, but my dad did find some singles that we can rent, you know over where the graduate students live.

Eric: You know, I think before we go any further, ah, we should, we should talk to your parents Christina and get them involved.

Christina: I was wondering when the subject of my parents would come up. I don't have parents, I came out of Social Services. Last summer, when I turned eighteen I was no longer allowed to be in Social Services. I'm out on my own and the guy that I was living with thought since I was homeless and I needed a place to stay, that he'd could take advantage of that and that led to the argument that broke us up.

Eric: So you were in Social Services.

Christina: For about ten years... but I managed to graduate high school despite the fact that I moved around a lot. You know how it is, one foster home after the other, one school after the other and I managed to make good enough grades to get a partial scholarship and I got a school loan, but I didn't have the money to pay for a dorm. And I don't have the money to pay for the apartment... I don't have a job. I, I had one, but they cut back at the end of the summer.

Eric: Yeah, Simon had, had mentioned that. Ah, there's an opening in the cafeteria, and the Dean said that she would have them give you first consideration.

Christina: I don't have a security deposit.

Eric: Simon could share part of the money that ah, Kevin loaned him and I think I can probably get the rest for you out of a emergency fund we have at the church.

Christina: Why would you help me? I mean, why now... I just got your son kicked out of his dorm. Not, not that I don't appreciate it, I do, but I've lived in your community for a long, long time and you didn't help me... nobody did, not really.

Eric: I'm sorry, I didn't know ya'. I didn't know you needed help, although I'm well aware of the number of children there are in social service and that they all need help, but...

Christina: I have a younger sister. I don't know if you remember her Simon, but she needs more help than I do.

Eric: A sister, okay, okay, I'll yeah, I'll, I'll get right on that.

Simon: Hey, thanks, Dad, uh, for helping me. I mean that.

Eric: You're welcome. Ah, but before I leave, let me just remind you that ah, living off campus is a big responsibility and a big leap of faith on my part and on your mother's part. I talked to her about this and she's gonna go along with it but she's not gonna be happy about it unless you come home more and unless you maintain your grades.

Simon: I promise, I will.

Eric: This apartment is a privilege, not a right and...

Simon: Privileges can be taken away.

Eric: So...

Simon: Act responsibly.

Eric: Now, I'm gonna need a little more information about your sister.

Social Services - Waiting Room

Meredith: Thanks for coming. I was hoping you would have paid me a visit weeks ago. Harry, Ruthie's boyfriend and I were supposed to get married to get out of here and then your family saved a bird and that plan went right out the window. Of course, Harry thinks that God saved the bird and saved him, but I credit you with finding Harry another foster home. I, by the way, don't want another one, unless you can guarantee my safety. The last one I was in, I got my wrist broken and not by the parents, by there other foster kid, an adorable, psychotic ten-year-old boy. Imagine what the little darling would be able to do after a few more growth spurts. Of course, the parents blamed me for breaking my own wrist and sent me packing. So now, I'm here... home sweet home.

Eric: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Meredith: Yeah, well, I'm sorry that I was ever born, at least most of the time. Look, are you here just because you told my sister you would come, or are you actually gonna find me a new home?

Eric: I'm gonna try.

Meredith: Well, trying isn't good enough. I need action... I need a home.

Eric: I don't think we got a chance to introduce ourselves. I'm Eric Camden and you're Meredith, right?

Meredith: Yeah, on top of everything else, I got stuck with Meredith.

Eric: I promise you, Meredith, that I'm gonna help you, I just don't how yet.

Meredith: What about your family... you hafta have a few rooms open, right? Simon's not taking up any space at your house, so there's a room.

Eric: Well...

Meredith: And Simon's older sister, the one who got kicked off the basketball team, she's married and living in New York now, right? So, another room.

Eric: That's true...

Meredith: And Simon's other sister, the one living in your garage apartment, expecting a baby with her husband... I mean, they gotta get out of there at some point, right? So, that's a whole apartment.

Eric: Yes, but...

Meredith: And, your doctor-son, Simon's older brother... another room. So you have to have a room at your house, even with that hunky Martin guy staying there, which I wouldn't mind sharing a house with him, believe me. I cook, I clean, I don't eat a lot.

Eric: All right, but...

Meredith: I'll do whatever you tell me to do, I'm used to not having a lot of money. I don't need any money, I just... I need a safe place I can to call home. So, what d'ya' say?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: And you said...?

Eric: I said we'd think about it. But, I also said we might not be the best home for Meredith.

Martin: Meredith ah, Davis... the one who was gonna marry Harry?

Eric: Yeah, do you know her?

Martin: Everyone knows her. She's a really friendly girl, likes to talk a lot, kind of desperate to make friends.

Annie: Does she have any friends?

Martin: Ah, I don't think so. I... kids don't usually like kids who are desperate to make friends. It scares people... that and the fact that she lives in Social Services. I mean those kids are tough, well except for Harry, he didn't seem that tough.

Eric: Well, thanks for the information.

Martin: Sure... so are you going to help her?

Annie: I'm sure we will, but probably not by having her come to stay at the house.

Martin: If I wasn't living here, would you take her in?

Annie: Oh, probably not... no I think Meredith needs a home where the family's focus is just on her. She deserves that and I think Eric can find here that, can't you, dear?

Eric: Well, I'm, I'm certainly gonna try.

Annie: Well, it's just that Kevin and Lucy still haven't found a house, and they're gonna have their baby soon, I'm not sure we can take on any more challenges at the moment. We have seven children and two grandchildren seem like a lot to me at the moment.

Martin: And then you've got me.

Annie: We're happy you're here, Martin, really. I'm just saying I don't think we can take on any more children right now.

Ruthie: Whatta we talkin' about?

Martin: That girl at school, Meredith, the one whose gonna marry Harry.

Ruthie: Oh yeah... is she coming to live here?

Annie: No, I don't think so, but your dad... is going to find her a home.

Eric: I'm gonna try and find here a home.

Annie: That's what I said.

Ruthie: What about the sister?

Eric: Well, I managed to find her a cheap apartment and help her get a job. Christina should be fine.

Ruthie: No, I meant the other sister.

Martin: Who's the other sister?

Ruthie: She's in my class, the one in the wheelchair.

Eric: The one in the wheelchair... Meredith has a handicapped sister?

Annie: Christina and Meredith have a handicapped sister.

Ruthie: I don't know if she's handicapped, but ... she's in a wheelchair.

Martin: I've probably seen her, but I don't know her. I didn't even know Meredith had a sister.

Ruthie: They don't live in the same home. Kelly has to live at a home for special needs kids. They just get to see each other at school. It's sad.

Social Services

Kelly: So... you're the Davis family's guardian angel? Where have you been all these years... sleeping on the job or what?

Eric: (laughs)

Kelly: What, a girl can't have wheels and a sense of humor.

Eric: No, of course, ah, I'm Eric Camden... it's nice to meet you.

Kelly: I'm Kelly. Meredith and Christina called. They were going to spring me on you after you got Meredith a family, but well, someone blew the surprise.

Eric: My daughter, Ruthie, I believe she's in your class.

Kelly: Yeah, I knew her dad was a minister, but I didn't know you actually helped people. I mean, a lot of you Godly-types talk about helping, but who ever does anything, right?

Eric: Um...

Kelly: So...

Eric: So...?

Kelly: Are you gonna help Danny, too?

Eric: Danny...?

Kelly: Nobody told you we have a brother?

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: Hey, Greta... this, this must be Danny. Hi, I'm Eric.

Greta: Hi, I'll just sit over here out of your way.

Danny: Don't let the black eye fool ya', I don't get into a lot of fights. I mostly get beat up. I'm in a group home. I reached for a pudding and a big kid elbowed me in the eye. He didn't do any permanent damage, and besides I've been hurt worse, way worse. So, um, I understand you talked to my sisters, all three of them.

Eric: I did.

Danny: Gee Mister, I haven't talked to my sisters in a long time, a long, long rime. I really miss them. It stinks that I never get to see the only family I have. Hey, you got a restroom that doesn't have a line? That'd be great.

Eric: Oh yeah, it's right down the hall.

Danny: Great, thanks.

Greta: See, some things are your business and some things are my business. Now you've stepped into my business and you think you going to solve this little problem, all on your own, like I never even tried.

Eric: No, I'm sure you've tried.

Greta: Yes, I have. I know the Davis family, know them very well, but you never called me to ask me if I knew them, or if I could help you. You just went right from one to the other.

Eric: Yeah, I kinda of did do that, didn't I?

Greta: Christina Davis is one of our success stories. Most kids who spend their childhood in Social Services don't end up doing that well. As you know, and I know you know, there just isn't any kind of support system in place for kids who age out of the system and never get adopted. When these kids turn eighteen like Christina, we just show them the door and sadly wait for them to return... pregnant, drug addicted, victims of domestic violence. That's the future for most of these kids and ironically, if they get addicted to drugs, we have programs to help them. Pregnant, abused, we have programs. We have all kinds of programs to help them when the worst happens, but we have no program to help them when they succeed. We're a government agency... each year we get less money and more kids. So what are you gonna do Reverend... 'cause the Davis family problem is a nationwide problem. You wanna come to our rescue, great, 'cause we need some help.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Kevin: Let me get you a plate.

Eric: Thanks...

Kevin: Sorry about yesterday; I didn't want you to have to drive up to the school. I thought I could handle it.

Eric: Well, that's okay, sometimes we all take on somethin' we can't quite handle.

Lucy: Tell him about the other thing...

Kevin: I learned my lesson. You do what you do, and I do what I do, and I was way in over my head. I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to begin to help that family. I couldn't even help Simon. I'm not a parent, I don't parent. Should've left it all up to you, Dad.

Eric: I'm sure you'll do just fine with parenting when the time comes. It's, it's just a little tough to, to jump into cold.

Eric: (sighs)

Sam: Why are you looking at everybody, Daddy?

David: Are you okay?

Eric: Yeah, I'm fine... this is just something that a lot of families take for granted, just having dinner with each other, helping each other out, getting one another though the tough times, being there during the good times.

Lucy: Teaching each other little lessons...

Eric: Yeah... really, it was very nice of you to apologize, but maybe I shouldn't have done that. I really don't know everything about everything.

Kevin: Pretty close. So, what's your plan for helping out this Christina and her two sister and her brother? How are you going to do that?

Eric: Well... I'm sure there's something that can be done.

Annie: You didn't volunteer us for anything, did you?

Eric: No, I didn't.

Ruthie: I don't mind getting a couple of more sister.

Martin: And I don't mind sharing the room in the house you're all sharing with me. I'd be okay in a tent in the backyard, really.

Annie: There are a lot of things I'd like to volunteer for, but we just can't take on any more children right now.

Lucy: Kevin and I obviously can't take a child right now, but if you need me or Kevin to help in anything else...

Kevin: Yeah, just name it.

Martin: I'm available if you need me.

Ruthie: I am, too.

Sam: So am I.

David: Me, too...

Eric: I don't know what to do yet.

Sam: But you'll figure it out.

David: Yeah, you'll figure it out. You always know how to help everyone.

Sam: Yeah, you're good at helping.

Camden's House - Eric's Office / Social Services - Greta's Office

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...?

Greta on Phone: Eric, it's Greta. I found the information on the Davis kids' mother. I have an address for you.

Eric on Phone: Ah, good...

Greta on Phone: I'm telling you, visiting her is not going to solve anything.

Eric on Phone: I have to try.

Greta on Phone: Well, take your son-in-law with you, you're gonna want the company and maybe the protection. Tell him to go in uniform.

Eric on Phone: Okay...

Greta on Phone: I don't know why you're doing this.

Eric on Phone: Isn't the whole foster system about reuniting families? Shouldn't we try to reunite this family?

Greta on Phone: You can't reunite this family, Reverend. The dad's dead of a drug overdose, and the mom's working on it. She's been in and out of rehab.

Greta on Phone: That's one of the things that keeps the kids from being adopted.

Greta on Phone: The mom gets out, she makes her case, some judge allows her to take the kids back, she gets back on drugs, we take the kids again.

Eric on Phone: She might be their only chance.

Greta on Phone: That's what you've come up with... that the mother may be the only chance?

Eric on Phone: I don't know what you want me to do?

Greta on Phone: Well, go see the mom, and maybe she'll inspire you to come up with another solution because that one's not going to work.

Eric on Phone: All I can do is try.

Greta on Phone: Well, you're gonna want to try something else, but go on, pay the mom a visit.

Outside Halfway House

Eric: It's a halfway house.

Kevin: Halfway between here and hell.

Eric: I have to do this.

Kevin: Of course, you do, and my guess is you'll succeed. I'll be right here, unless you've changed your mind and want me to go in with you.

Eric: No, I'll go alone. Hi...

Alison: Reverend Camden?

Eric: Yeah...

Alison: You really figure you need a police escort. I mean, aren't you a minister, isn't God watching over you or is God too afraid to come to this neighborhood, too? Oooh, who's the hunk?

Eric: This if Officer Kinkirk or Kevin. He's, he's my son-in-law. He was gonna be in the neighborhood anyways. Can we talk?

Alison: Sure...

Halfway House - Outside / Camden's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello...?

Lucy on Phone: How's it goin'?

Kevin on Phone: It's goin'... I'll call you back.

Lucy on Phone: Have you seen the mother yet?

Kevin on Phone: We just met her. I'll call you back.

Lucy on Phone: What does she look like?

Kevin on Phone: Can I call you back?

Lucy on Phone: Is she standing right there?

Kevin on Phone: Pretty close, yeah. I really would appreciate it if I could call you back.

Kevin on Phone: I'm working.

Lucy on Phone: You're watching my dad work.

Kevin on Phone: True, if he can reunite this woman with her children and have it all turn out okay, he really should just hang out a sign as a miracle worker.

Lucy on Phone: What are you saying?

Kevin on Phone: I'm saying that when I got in over my head, I got some help, and I think your dad just may be getting to the point where he knows he's in over his head, and he should get some help.

Lucy on Phone: Well, don't do anything to discourage him. Don't be all negative like that... say something encouraging.

Kevin on Phone: All right, I'll try.

Lucy on Phone: Because if anyone can pull this off, he can.

Kevin on Phone: I realize that, it's just not going to be easy. I have to go.

Outside Halfway House

Eric: I didn't mean to upset you, I just... I wanna help you, so I can help your children.

Alison: I don't need your help. That was a court ordered rehab I went through and now I'll spend a couple weeks here and then I'll be released. And then this time, I think I'm gonna pass on the time with the kiddies and just go back to doing what I do best... gettin' high.

Eric: So you're not even gonna try to stay sober and get your kids back?

Alison: Nope... I'm done with all that. They're all fine, anyway.

Eric: What do you mean, they're anything but fine. They, they need a home... they need to be with each other.

Alison: They have homes.

Eric: They have places to live, they don't have homes.

Alison: They'll be fine... they're tough kids. They've got each other.

Eric: No, they don't; they're all separated. You knew I was gonna come by here tonight, so you must have wanted to talk to me. There must be something we can do together to help your children, get you into some better drug program, some counseling, some classes, maybe if you went back to school, maybe if you came to church. Would come to church?

Alison: (laughs)

Alison: You are such an innocent, little lamb, aren't you?

Eric: I'm not that innocent, I'm just the eternal optimist. I, I, I just feel that something can be done here, for your children and if you don't want to help them, then maybe, maybe you'd be willing to give up your rights to them, and let some other family help them. Giving up your rights might mean they'd have a better chance at adoption.

Alison: I am not giving up my rights to my children. They are my children. If that's what you came for, good riddance and goodnight.

Eric: Were you hoping I was here for you, 'cause... I'm here for you, too, Alison. What do you need? Talk to me.

Alison: I need what everybody else needs... money. The only reason I agreed to let you come by as I thought you might give me a couple of bucks.

Eric: If I had any money, I would give it to your children.

Alison: Then I'm just wasting my time, aren't I? See you, Rev.

Halfway House - Outside / Car

Kevin: How'd it go?

Eric: Seems to be spiraling downward.

Kevin: You'll pull this out, you can do it. I know you can.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Martin: How was your night?

Eric: Oh, not that good...

Martin: I really hope you can figure out how to help this family. Ever since my mom died, that's been my greatest fear, being put in Social Services. It's really scary and especially for kids like me who don't really have any extended family.

Eric: You have your aunt.

Martin: Yeah, but when I was younger and she was younger, I didn't picture a judge, you know, letting her be in charge of me.

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: Yeah... well, I'm gonna try figure something out for the Davis family, it's a bit of a challenge, but hopefully there's an answer to their problem out there somewhere, there's always hope, right?

Martin: Right, I'll ah, tell Meredith that when I see her at school tomorrow.

Ruthie: What's he gonna tell Meredith? Let me know so I can tell Kelly.

Eric: I don't think either of you should tell either of them anything, 'cause I don't know how I'm gonna help them yet. I'm trying, I, I really am.

Ruthie: I know you are, Dad. Goodnight...

Happy: (barks)

Eric: I, I don't know. I really don't know.

Happy: (whines)

Eric: I don't have the solution, okay?

Happy: (barks)

Eric: (mumbles)

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room / Social Services - Greta's Office

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Greta on Phone: I told you so.

Eric on Phone: Yeah, I know, but...

Eric on Phone: ...maybe we could get Alison to relinquish her rights or maybe...

Eric on Phone: ...we could get the court to terminate her rights... something.

Eric on Phone: Look, I hate to admit it, but maybe I should just give up on this one...

Eric on Phone: ...get you someone else to help you help the Davis family.

Greta on Phone: And who would that someone be? You can't quit now, Reverend.

Eric on Phone: Sorry, this isn't like me. I just feel at a complete loss...

Eric on Phone: ...I, I don't know what to do. I almost always know what to do or...

Eric on Phone: ...or an answer almost always comes to me in one form or another, but... I just feel so...

Greta on Phone: Hopeless, useless, pessimistic, despondent, depressed, sad, and heartbroken by what you see?

Eric: Yeah...

Greta on Phone: Welcome to Social Services...

Eric on Phone: I forget sometimes what you people do, what you do, Greta.

Greta on Phone: Well, I don't forget what you do, so you keep praying, see what you can come up with. Goodnight.

Eric on Phone: Goodnight...

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Eric: I can't do this alone. Come on... I just, I just need an idea... something I haven't thought of...

Annie: Have you thought about getting the whole church involved? Ah, Lucy and I were just talking, and we'd be willing to go through the process of, you know, becoming licensed foster parents.

Eric: What...?

Annie: Oh no, I mean, not actually taking on foster children, but to support those at our church who would be willing to go through the process. Social Services needs more foster parents and the reason I think there aren't enough is because people are just afraid. They're afraid of being turned down, they're afraid of taking on a child who's been abused or abandoned or has problems. They're afraid the mother will come back, and that they'll have their child taken away from them. They're afraid of taking on too much. They're afraid of adding to their own family, they're afraid of starting a family, they're, they're just afraid. But what if we all went through the process of licensing together, you know, sorta like one big family... the family of our church... all helping each other to not be afraid.

Eric: You think that would work.

Annie: Well, of course, why not. I mean, we can call everybody, get everybody together, people who are willing to become foster parents, people who have been successful at being foster parents, social workers who need people who want to be foster parents and who know how to take them through the process. And somewhere in our church, there has to be a family for those four Davis children. And with all the churches around here, there's gotta be other families for all the other children. I mean, we can find them; we can do this. You can help everybody do this, those who are willing.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: I started out my week trying to prove to my son-in-law that he was in over his head when he offered to go up Simon's college and loan him some money for some problem yet to be explained.

Group: (laughs)

Eric: The explanation was that Simon had a friend who needed money. This, this friend had been turned out from Social Services at eighteen. And ah, yeah, she needed the money. But more than that, she needed a family for her three younger siblings who were still in Social Services, but separated into different homes. I haven't found that family, but I'm going to. And I hope to find a home for the half-million... half-million other children in American who are in some form of foster care right now. There are almost a hundred and thirty thousand in need of immediate placement across the United States. The older children are the hardest to place, the, the last to get adopted or they don't get adopted, and at eighteen they're out on the street with no support, like Simon's friend at college. But I've decided I'm not going to limit myself to children in America, since I'm in over my head anyway, I'm gonna open this church up to adoption agencies who work in other countries, 'cause worldwide there are millions of children who need a home. Those countries who can't take care of their own children are asking for our help and I'm gonna give them whatever help I can. Now, I'm sure this seems like an impossible task, getting every child a home, but with God, all things are possible. I truly believe that. There's a saying that I love that most of you have heard me say before, save the life of a child and you save the world. So let's do it, let's save the world, one child at a time, one family at a time, one church at a time. We can make a difference. You can make a difference.

Song: What a difference you've made in my life, what a difference you've made in my life, you're my sunshine day at night, oh, what a difference you've made in my life. What a change you have made in my heart, what a change in my heart, you replaced all the broken parts, oh, what a change you have made in my heart. Love to me was just a word in a song and had been made over by you. But now I've gone into singin' 'cause you've shown me loves for me that's why I want to spread the news. What a difference you've in my life, what a difference. 

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