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#910 : Recette d'une soirée mouvementée

Georgia, l'ex petite amie de Simon, lui annonce qu'elle est enceinte, et il ne sait pas comment le dire à ses parents. Matt emmène d'urgence Lucy à l'hôpital après qu'elle se soit évanouie dans un magasin. Ils n'arrivent pas à joindre Kevin, qui essaie d'arrêter des trafiquants de drogue. 


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Recette d'une soirée mouvementée

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Écrit par : Fred Einesman 
Réalisé par : Fred Einesman 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Capitaine Michaels), Rheagan Wallace (Georgia Huffington)

Guests :

  • Yvette Nicole Brown ..... Leah Morris
  • Kristy DiBiccari ..... Fille
  • Matthew Gould ..... Dealer
  • Susan Grace ..... Commis
  • John Higgins ..... James Newton
  • Richard Jenik ..... Docteur Paul Klein
  • Ann Marie Lee ..... Infirmière
  • Mary Mara ..... Infirmière
  • Seth William Meier ..... Infirmier
  • Tait Ruppert ..... Caissier

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: What...?

Kevin: Go back to sleep. I'm just gettin' ready for work.

Lucy: As who... Nelly?

Kevin: I'm working undercover. I need to fit in. Whatta you think?

Lucy: I need a hamburger.

Kevin: Huh?

Lucy: No, two hamburgers... fresh, not frozen... no bun, no mustard, no onions, just hamburger... and ketchup.

Kevin: Hon', I've got to get to work and hamburger places don't have hamburger at breakfast.

Lucy: You know how to make a hamburger.

Kevin: I do, but honestly, I don't have time.

Lucy: Your daughter's hungry... and so is your wife.

Kevin: A hamburger...

Lucy: And maybe some French fries. Oh, and ah, about the cap... anyone who wears a hat backwards over the age of fourteen is ah, way too much MTV, dude.

Kevin: Hamburger...

Lucy: Yeah, and French fries. Thank you.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Kevin: Great... no hamburger. I hate it when mom goes out of town. Why can't anyone else buy groceries? Maybe she can live with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Matt: Are you talkin' to me?

Kevin: Yes, I've got to get to work. Do you think a grilled cheese sandwich will do?

Matt: Do what...?

Kevin: Hamburger... with ketchup. She wants ketchup.

Matt: Lucy...?

Kevin: Yes, Lucy... she wants a hamburger. She's pregnant.

Matt: I know... the second part.

Kevin: There's always hamburger in there. When are they comin' back?

Matt: Ah, from Ginger's?

Kevin: Don't tell me they're going somewhere after Ginger's.

Matt: Would you relax... they'll be home sometime tonight.

Kevin: They don't wanna drive on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it's the worst possible time, everyone will be on the road.

Matt: Well, that was the plan.

Kevin: It's a bad plan. They should have come home last night.

Matt: You're not going on some undercover drug bust, are you?

Kevin: It's that obvious?

Matt: Don't worry, I mean, maybe they'll be too high to notice you're a cop.

Kevin: Great... gotta go. Tell Lucy we're fresh out.

Matt: No, no, not my job.

Kevin: Could you help me out here?

Matt: Okay, but... be careful out there.

Matt: Hamburger... Simon!

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Door: (knocks)

Matt: Simon...

Door: (knocks)

Matt: Simon...

Matt: (sighs)

Eric and Annie's Car

Eric: (sneezes)

Annie: You are not going to get sick.

Eric: Gesundheit might have been kinder.

Annie: You'll ruin Thanksgiving.

Eric: We already had Thanksgiving... last week and again last night.

Annie: We'll now we're having an encore and you cannot get sick.

Eric: I took an antihistamine, Echinacea, zinc and Vitamin C... a 1,000 milligrams.

Annie: A 1,000 milligrams?

Eric: That's right... that's the correct amount.

Annie: Since when did you become a medical expert?

Eric: Since our son became AAD... almost a doctor. I figured I'd look things up to impress Matt.

Annie: Don't get sick. That will impress him.

Eric: (sneezes)

Annie: Oh... great. I'll got get the boys.


Simon: Maybe you're right. Maybe we shouldn't tell them until after the holidays.

Georgia: You're the one insisting on telling them.

Simon: I'm having second thoughts. You're not... feeling any like morning sickness, are you?

Georgia: No, not at all.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Ah, does anyone in this family ever knock? Where's gangster-rapper boy?

Matt: He got paged from work. I'm his official representative.

Lucy: Where's my hamburger?

Matt: Come on, I'll take you out.

Lucy: Okay, we'll go eat, and then we'll pick-out the turkey.

Matt: Another turkey... didn't we do that last week?

Lucy: Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, don't you want turkey?

Matt: I'm having turkey with my wife in New York.

Lucy: Right... and why aren't you back there already?

Matt: Oh, because, Mom made such a big deal about there being a family emergency here, I, I was too afraid to go back.

Lucy: So, you're not just sticking around waiting for Simon to show up? Something is going on.

Matt: I'll just get my car keys.

Lucy: Simon has your car... and he didn't come home last night, so... I'll drive and you can answer all my questions about Simon.


Georgia: You need money?

Simon: No, I have money... for now. Just with school and my job and... the baby, it's not enough money. We'll figure it out.

Georgia: Did you tell your brother you wouldn't be sleeping at home?

Simon: No, I just kinda snuck out without saying anything to anyone.

George: Our son better never do that to us.

Simon: Son...?

Georgia: Or daughter... so what do you want... a boy or girl?

Simon: I, I don't know. I guess I never really thought about it.

Georgia: I know... I know, sometimes it doesn't seen real to me either.

Simon: A boy...

Georgia: I'd rather have a girl.

Simon: Girls seem like a lot of trouble to me, you know?

Georgia: Why do you say that? Is that some kind of comment about me?

Simon: No, no, no, no, no... I just grew up with three sisters... that all. I, I don't know why I said that.

Georgia: It's okay. It's okay, I guess I'm feeling a little sensitive. I think a girl would be lucky to have you for a father.


Lucy: You're sure that's a free-range turkey?

Matt: This is a free-range turkey.

Lucy: Oh, hey, good, I gotta make sure I get organic yams and sweet potatoes.

Matt: Organic yams... you're scoffing down pork rinds.

Lucy: They're sodium-reduced low fat.

Matt: Right, and full of vitamins.

Lucy: No, protein... you know, you have to turn off the young Dr. Carter thing every now and again.

Matt: I'm just looking out for you.

Lucy: I can look out for myself. Hey, look cranberries.

Matt: (sighs)

Eric and Annie's Car

Sam/David: It's fun to say it, YCMA... it's fun to say it, YMCA...

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: Need more Vitamin C?

Eric: I think I'd feel better if they'd just quit singing.

Annie: Boys, boys, do you wanna... you wanna do the ABC's?

Sam: No...

David: No...

Sam: I'm hungry.

David: I have to go to the bathroom.

Eric: You just went to the bathroom.

David: That was Sam.

Sam: That was me.

Eric: Well, why didn't you go when Sam went?

David: I didn't have to go then, I have to go now.

Sam: I want a hamburger.

Annie: Well, there's turkey sandwiches in your bag back there.

Sam: I'm tired of turkey.

David: Me too, I want a hamburger, too.

Annie: You couldn't just let them sing.

Eric: (sneezes)


Lucy: This new taquito flavor is great. Hey, Fiesta corn, is that's the new twist on Thanksgiving tradition.

Matt: Okay, this little Thanksgiving again dinner is turning into an insanity feast. You don't wanna cook all this stuff. Don't you think you should be takin' a little easy?

Lucy: Why, because I'm pregnant? Do you know that women in China work up to the day they go into labor. They deliver in the fields and an hour later, they go back to work. Hey, spicy, garlic green beans... goes with the corn.

Matt: One, you're not a Chinese peasant working in the fields and two, I don't think Chinese peasant women have spicy, garlic green beams and Fiesta corn in their diet. And three I don't believe that myth anyway.

Lucy: You just can't stand it when you're not in charge, can you?

Matt: What are you talking about?

Lucy: I'm talking about how you've got something going on with Simon that no one else can handle, so you're still in town and while you're in town you're trying to handle my life, when my life is quite perfect, thank you.

Matt: You okay?

Lucy: Yeah, it's probably just the pork rings.

Matt: Sit down.

Lucy: No, no, I'm fine. Oh... maybe just for a minute.

Matt: All right, I'm goin' to get some help.

Lucy: No, no, really I'm, I'm fine. Why don't you go get in line and ah, I'll be there in a minute.

Matt: I can't leave you here.

Lucy: No, it... you know it's probably just the pork rinds. I need some space anyway, if you don't mind, um, I'll meet you at the checkout.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Puerto Rico

Phone: (rings)

Martin on Phone: Hello...?

Ruthie on Phone: Martin...?

Martin on Phone: Hey, Ruthie.

Ruthie on Phone: I thought you went camping.

Martin on Phone: I changed my mind. We spent last night out and it rained, and it was cold, so we came home.

Ruthie on Phone: Are mom and dad back yet?

Martin on Phone: Ah, no, they're driving back today.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh...

Martin on Phone: Is anything wrong?

Ruthie on Phone: No...

Martin on Phone: Are you having fun?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, it's, it's... great.

Martin on Phone: How's your nephew? How's, how's Charlie?

Ruthie on Phone: He's great...

Martin on Phone: Carlos and Mary?

Ruthie on Phone: Great...

Martin on Phone: Carlos' family?

Ruthie on Phone: Great...

Martin on Phone: You sound funny. Ruthie...?

Ruthie on Phone: I'm here.

Martin on Phone: Did you want to talk to anyone else? I don't think anyone's home.

Ruthie on Phone: No, I'll call back later.

Martin on Phone: Okay, bye...

Ruthie on Phone: Bye...


Matt: Lucy, Lucy...!

Lucy: Matt...

Matt: C'mon, Lucy, you okay?

Lucy: I guess I'm not a very good peasant girl.

Matt: I need some help.

Matt: Call 911... now! Go... You're gonna be okay, Lucy. Everything's gonna be okay.

Lucy: (wincing)

Glenoak Community Hospital

Rebecca: 18 angio in the right antecubital.

Peggy: I'll hang a liter of saline and draw a blood panel.

Matt: She'll need a CBC and an ultrasound.

Rebecca: Why don't we wait for Dr. Kline?

Matt: Who's he?

Lucy: He's my doctor.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: Hi...

Simon: Hi...

Martin/Simon: I thought you were at school/camping? I changed my mind.

Martin: So, how's ah school?

Simon: It's great...

Martin: Well your mom's gonna be really excited to see you.

Simon: No, she's not.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Rebecca: It's okay, Dad, you can move closer.

Lucy: Oh, gross...

Matt: (laughs)

Matt: No, I'm, I'm not her husband...

Peggy: Oh, that's okay... I have a nine-month old and I'm getting married next month.

Matt: Ah, no, no, I'm, I'm not ah...

Dr. Kline: Hi Lucy. Okay, let's see what mischief you've gotten yourself into. Who are you?

Peggy: That's her boyfriend. They're getting married.

Dr. Kline: Really Lucy, and how does Kevin feel about this?

Lucy: Oh, God...

Matt: I'm ah, Matt, her ah...

Dr. Kline: Matt, the medical student. Lucy brags about you all the time.

Matt: Me...?

Dr. Kline: Does she have another brother Matt whose in medical school? All right, Matt the med student, I'm going to examine your sister now, so maybe you ought to ah...

Rebecca: BP 100 over 70, pulse is a 104.

Dr. Kline: Good... I'll need a CBC, chem. 1, U/A type and screen and an antigen profile.

Matt: I'll be right outside.

Dr. Kline: Run 500ccs of saline, another 250 per hour.

Lucy: Call Kevin...

Matt: I don't have my cell.

Rebecca: There's a pay phone out in the hall.

Dr. Kline: Okay... now... I've got medical stuff to do.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Matt on Phone: Yes, it's Matt Camden... again. Did anyone get in touch with Kevin Kinkirk? Yes, it's important. His wife is in the hospital... Glenoak Hospital... right, I... no, I'm his brother-in-law. Well, how long before you can reach him? Okay, just get him the message... thanks.

Rebecca: Matt, you can come back in now.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Puerto Rico

Phone: (rings)

Simon: Martin!

Ruthie on Phone: Hello...?

Simon on Phone: Ruthie... hey... hi... how's Puerto Rico?

Ruthie on Phone: You're home for Thanksgiving?

Simon on Phone: Yeah...

Ruthie on Phone: I thought you were working.

Simon on Phone: I got someone to fill in.

Ruthie on Phone: Why...?

Simon on Phone: Why...?

Ruthie on Phone: We had Thanksgiving last weekend. You missed it.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, I know, but I mean, Matt was still at the house and so...

Ruthie on Phone: Matt's still home?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, well he already lied to the Dean, so, he, he felt like he had to stay out of town.

Ruthie on Phone: No one was supposed to be home for Thanksgiving.

Simon on Phone: Ruthie, what's the difference? You're, you're in Puerto Rico.

Ruthie on Phone: I know, I'm in Puerto Rico.

Simon on Phone: Is everything okay?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, everything's great.

Door: (knocks)

Georgia: Anyone home?

Simon: Um, Martin's here.

Georgia: Just Martin...

Simon: Um, yeah, my, my parents are on their way back. They, they're gonna be here tonight.

Georgia: Um, I was thinking about going shopping for maternity clothes. Soon you'll be able feel her kicking. What...?

Simon: Okay, hold on... this is happening way to fast.

Georgia: We've talked about this.

Simon: Actually, but we haven't, okay? It, it's just it's sorta happening and we're not talking about it and the first time we're gonna talk about it is gonna be my parents.

Georgia: But there's nothing to talk about. What are we supposed to do?

Simon: I don't know, maybe we should just talk to Matt, okay, together, just the two of us.

Georgia: No, no, I don't even like that you talked to your brother. I'm not going to talk him. He doesn't even like me.

Simon: That's not true. What, what about my shrink, okay, Dr. Gibson?

Georgia: No... hell, we can do this without anyone's help. It'll be okay.

Simon: I knew you weren't gonna want to talk to Matt, okay, so I made an appointment at the family planning center. Just, just to get some advice.

Georgia: Advice? I don't need any advice. I need you to step up. It's what I expect and it's what you're going to do.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Lucy: I don't understand.

Dr. Kline: Unless we stop them, you may go into preterm labor.

Lucy: But it's too early...

Dr. Kline: I need to perform an ultrasound to check the size and position of the baby. I'll be right back with the machine.

Lucy: Where's Kevin?

Matt: He's on that assignment and I couldn't reach Captain Michaels, he's in court. It'll be okay, Lucy.

Lucy: I need Kevin.

Fast Food Parking Lot - Car

Annie: Are you sure, you're allowed to mix those cold pills with your regular medication?

Eric: Oh, yeah, I'm, I'm...

Eric: (yawns)

Eric: ...I'm fine, too much turkey.

Sam: You should have had a hamburger.

David: Or a cheeseburger...

Eric: Did you go to the bathroom?

Sam/David: No...

Sam: We forgot.

Eric: (sneezes)

Eric: I'll take them.

Annie: Oh, thank you.

Erick: Yeah...

Annie: What...?

Eric: Ah, maybe I should've had a hamburger.

Annie: Oh, you don't need a hamburger. You can eat those turkey sandwiches; they're make on low-fat bread.

Eric: I think a second turkey in a week kind of did me in on turkey.

Annie: I hope not, 'cause, I'm pretty sure Lucy's plannin' on cookin' one tomorrow.

Eric: I thought we were doing nothing tomorrow.

Annie: Well, don't count on it.

Eric: Well, then I'm havin' a burger.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Dr. Kline: Good position... normal movement... placenta looks great... amniotic fluid looks fantastic, too.

Lucy: Is she all right?

Dr. Kline: She's fine. We've just gotta get the contractions stopped.

Rebecca: Dr. Kline, they need you in OR 2.

Dr. Kline: I've got to go. The nurse will start you on the medication and I'll check back on you in half an hour.

Lucy: But I have some questions...

Matt: Maybe I can answer your questions.

Lucy: Where's Kevin?

Matt: I called... I left messages everywhere. He hasn't called back yet. I don't know.

Lucy: That's the only question I need you to answer. She's so tiny... I don't want to lose her. I'm supposed to protect her and keep her safe.

Matt: You didn't do anything wrong.

Lucy: If that's true, then why is this happening?

College Campus

Leif: Guy in black is our man, Ryan Miller... main source for crystal on campus.

Kevin: The rest...?

Leif: The guy in the blue jeans... our guy. Don't want to expose him. We'll make the buy, make the arrest. Our guy stays clear... keeps his cover.

Pager: (buzzes)

Kevin: It's the station.

Leif: Later for that... we don't want to blow this.

Family Planning Services

Clerk: Simon... LeBon?

Simon: Hi, that's me.

Clerk: Okay, Simon, ah, is your partner meeting you here.

Simon: No... no, it's just me.

Clerk: Okay, well, why don't you sit down and one of our counselors will be with you soon.

Simon: Thanks... Um, pardon me. Thanks...

Leah: You don't look pregnant.

Simon: No, no, I'm, I'm not. I mean my, my girlfriend...

Leah: If you get embarrassed that easily, it takes all the fun out of teasing you. I'm Leah... Leah Morris.

Simon: Hi, Simon... LeBon.

Leah: Isn't that the name of the lead singer for Duran Duran?

Simon: Yeah, um, I panicked.

Leah: So you're here undercover?

Simon: Sort of... yeah, I guess.

Leah: She meetin' you here?

Simon: Who...?

Leah: Your girlfriend.

Simon: Ah, I don't know and ah, I, I asked her to, but I think so.

Leah: Oh... scary time for the two of you... lots of big changes.

Simon: Yeah, um, I just wanted some advice, you know, someone who's not my family.

Leah: That's good. Say it all aloud first, think about it. You're playin' it smart.

Simon: I think if I was playin' it smart, I really wouldn't have to be here in the first place, you know.

Leah: Well, brave then.

Simon: I'm terrified.

Leah: Look around you. Most women have to come here on their own... yet you're here. Terrified or not, I'd say your girlfriend's pretty lucky to have you. Maybe your child will be lucky to have you.

Clerk: Simon... Simon LeBon.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Matt: Magnesium... are, are you sure Dr. Kline didn't want to start with Terbutaline?

Lucy: Is something wrong?

Rebecca: No... he ordered Magnesium.

Matt: Do you mind gettin' him? I, I wanna ask him something.

Rebecca: I checked the order.

Matt: I'd still like to talk to him.

Rebecca: Okay...

Lucy: Is it the wrong medicine, Matt? Tell me.

Matt: No, I just want to ask Dr. Kline a question.

Lucy: Matt, stop the medicine. I don't want them to hurt my baby. Matt...

Matt: Lucy...

Dr. Kline: What's the problem here?

Lucy: They gave me the wrong medicine. Matt, tell him.

Dr. Kline: This is exactly what I ordered, Lucy.

Lucy: Matt...?

Matt: I was taught that Terbutaline was the first line treatment.

Dr. Kline: In this case, I chose Magnesium. Lucy, don't worry, it's the right medicine.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Dr. Kline: Yes, I'm sure. I graduated medical school quite sometime ago. This is not my first time around.

Lucy: Matt, you're making me crazy!

Dr. Kline: Could I speak with you for a second?

Lucy: No, no, no secrets... if you wanna say something, say it in front of me.

Dr. Kline: No, Lucy, I think we'll save your brother the embarrassment of a public flogging and we'll go talk outside.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Dr. Kline: What were you doing in there?

Matt: Looking out for my sister.

Dr. Kline: Okay... okay... you know the cliché about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

Matt: You agreed that Terbutaline was the first line drug.

Dr. Kline: And what are the relative contraindications to Terbutlaine? Your sister has a mild prolapsed mitral value. It's asymptomatic, but given my extensive experience, I thought Magnesium would be the more appropriate choice for her.

Matt: I didn't know about the prolaspe.

Dr. Kline: That's because you're her brother... not her doctor. I'll do my job, you do yours, okay? Okay, then.

College Campus

Leif: For seventy-five it better be good.

Ryan: Hey, all my stiff comes with a money-back guarantee. Just like your finer retail establishments.

Kevin: We're having a party next week, can you handle it?

Ryan: Hey, why don't we take care of one thing at a time. That's seventy-five... cash on delivery. Nice doing business with you.

Kevin: One last piece of business... I'm sure you know the drill. Why'd you have to go and do that?

Leif: Ooo-ee, nice tackle, bro...

Kevin: Ahhh...

Eric and Annie's Car

Eric: I remember when road trips were fun...

Annie: That was seven children ago.

Eric: Matt is now older than we were when we were married.

Annie: (sighs)

Annie: We used to make this trip a lot when the children were younger.

Eric: Yeah, but the key is, we were younger.

Annie: (laughs)

Eric: You gonna be okay tomorrow?

Annie: Yeah, I'll be fine. Counting last night, it'll be our third Thanksgiving in a week without my dad, so it's getting easier.

Eric: Well, I, I know Ginger's glad we came.

Annie: Me too... I like her a lot better now that my dad is back with my mom.

Eric: (laughs)

Annie: (laughs)

Eric: It's still fun being on the road with you.


Simon: I hope you're not upset at me. I felt I had to get this all straight in my head, you know, and, and now it all makes sense. And, I, I can do this.

Georgia: Do what?

Simon: Be a dad... a really great dad. and raise a son or daughter. I can teach them stuff and, and be there for them.

Georgia: Are you sure... you know, what about school... your job... your plans?

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: I'm sure... and school and, and the job and everything... we, we can figure it out, you know... together. I'm ready to do this.

Georgia: You're ready to tell your parents, my parents, because we can wait. Only we're just getting used to the idea of getting married and having a baby ourselves.

Simon: We're gonna tell them... as adults... parents to parents.

Georgia: When...?

Simon: Tonight... today... as soon as possible.

Georgia: Parents to parents...

Simon: Right...

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Lucy: Not any more free medical advice?

Matt: No...

Lucy: Good...

Lucy: Kevin...

Matt: Called again...

Lucy: Not his fault... I knew he wouldn't be reachable today. I wanted him to take the assignment before we got to close to our due date. I should have taken better care of myself... of us.

Matt: You have to stop blaming yourself.

Lucy: I tried to do too much. But, with school, church, wife, Thanksgiving dinner... I thought only of myself and I should have thought of the baby first.

Matt: Lucy, being pregnant doesn't mean you have to put live on hold.

Lucy: I'm not talking about hold. I'm talking about changing. It's not about me anymore. I'm responsible for another human being. Matt, I'm gonna be a mom. It changes everything. I guess it's time for the Camden kids to grow up.

Matt: I'm workin' on it.

Lucy: What's goin' on with Simon?

Matt: Let's not worry about Simon right now.

Lucy: I have a confession to make. I really don't like Georgia. I just...

Matt: ...don't trust her? No, I don't either, but let's not talk about them right now.

Lucy: Do you ever think about having kids?

Matt: No... mean yes... I mean with, with med school and with Sarah and I working things out... I'd like to have kids when the timing's right.

Lucy: (gasping)

Matt: Lucy... Lucy... you okay?

Lucy: Can't catch my breath. Matt...

Matt: We need some help in here. It's okay, Lucy. Need some help. It's okay, it's okay...

Dr. Kline: Bilateral rales... another 40 of Furosemide IV push.

Rebecca: BP 90 over 60... resps 28...

Peggy: Pulse OX is 88...

Dr. Kline: High-flow 02 by mask. Lorazepam 5 milligrams.

Matt: She's hypoxic. Shouldn't we intubate her?

Dr. Kline: Let's the med circulate?

Rebecca: Pressure dropping, 85 over 50.

Matt: She's hypotensive... she needs to be on a dopamine drip.

Dr. Kline: Trandelenberg... Side effects of all the medicines...

Matt: What do we do now?

Dr. Kline: Breathe... slowly.

Peggy: She's stopping.

Rebecca: BP's coming back up 100 over 70. Pulse Ox up to 96.

Matt: Color's improving... she's pinking up.

Dr. Kline: Vitals q15. Keep her on the monitor and get the ultrasound back in here.

Matt: Is she okay? Is the baby okay?

Dr. Kline: I don't know yet, Matt.

College Campus

Paramedic: Doesn't look dislocated, maybe an AC separation. You'll have to get an x-ray at the ER.

Capt. Michaels: Nice work, Kinkirk.

Kevin: Thank you, sir.

Capt. Michael: I just got word Lucy's tryin' to get in touch with you.

Kevin: Did she say anything about hamburgers?

Capt Michaels: Now, don't panic. She's at the hospital. Matt's with her... she's gonna be okay, but we need to get you down there... right away.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Hello... anybody home?

Eric: Anyone...?

Sam: We'll go check upstairs.

David: Yeah, well check upstairs.

Annie: Thank you and then get ready for bed.

Sam: We slept all day in the car.

David: We're not sleepy.

Eric: AH, well, your mom and I are very sleepy, so maybe we'll go to bed and you can stay up all night of you're very quiet.

Sam/David: Yeah/Yeah

Annie: Stay up all night?

Eric: Oh, don't worry, they'll never make it. Well, somebody's been here.

Answering Machine: (beeps)

Matt on Answering Machine: Kevin, if you get this call me at the Glenoak Hospital right away. I had to bring Lucy in to be checked. She's, she's all right, but I need you to call me as soon as you get this.

Annie: Eric...

Eric: I'll call...

Annie: No, I, I want to go to the hospital.

Eric: We should call.

Annie: Well, I need to be with her. Ah, stay with the boys.

Eric: (sighs)

Eric on Phone: The number for Glenoak Hospital emergency, please.

Eric: Simon... Georgia... what are you doing here?

Simon: Visiting... Georgia and I... it's a surprise.

Eric: It's good to see you. Can you watch the boys, I've got to go.

Simon: Where... didn't you just get home?

Eric: Yeah, I have to go to the hospital. Something's wrong with Lucy; your mom just left.

Georgia: The baby...?

Eric: We don't know. We'll call you.

Simon: No way, I'm going with you.

Georgia: Yeah, but, we're going with you.

Eric: I need you two take care of the boys.

Simon: Well, Martin's here. He can watch the boys, I'll get him.

Eric: Simon, look, look, we don't know if Lucy would want everyone there. Please, you and Georgia stay here. I'll feel better if you're here. You can come down later.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Matt: How's see doing?

Dr. Kline: The contractions have stopped.

Lucy: The baby...?

Dr. Kline: Here that... perfect baby heartbeat.

Pager: (beeps)

Dr. Kline: I've gotta answer that. I'll look in on you in a half hour. Good job, Matt... maybe that medical school thing will work out. Nice timing, Dad, you shouldn't keep an expecting mom waiting.

Kevin: Lucy, you okay? The baby...?

Lucy: She's fine... we're both fine.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Lucy: What happened to you?

Kevin: Nothing, Luce, I'm fine.

Lucy: (sighs)

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Annie: Matt, is she... the baby?

Matt: They're fine. Go in and see for yourself. Kevin's with her.

Eric: Thanks for being here.

Matt: It's okay...

Camden's House - Kitchen / Puerto Rico

Phone: (rings)

Martin on Phone: Hello...? I mean Camden residence.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, it's you.

Martin on Phone: Yeah, it's just me. Simon's around, he's with Georgia, you want to talk to him?

Ruthie on Phone: No, I wanna talk to mom and dad. Did mom and dad get home?

Martin on Phone: Ah, they did.

Ruthie on Phone: So where are they?

Martin on Phone: They had to go do some stuff. There aren't any groceries. They probably just went to the market. I'm watching the boys. Ah, you sound kind of lonely. Where's everyone there?

Ruthie on Phone: They're all watching Charlie sleep. I thought I was going to helping babysit, I can't even get my hands of the kid. And, Mary and Carlos are acting like it's their honeymoon, or something. I feel completely out of place, I should have stayed home.

Martin on Phone: I knew you didn't sound great when you called before.

Ruthie on Phone: I really miss my family. I want to be home for Thanksgiving. I can't even believe I'm not there.

Martin on Phone: It's okay, Ruthie. It's, it's gonna be okay.

Ruthie on Phone: No, it's not.

Martin on Phone: Listen to me. I never get spend Thanksgiving my family. I've had a lot of experience with this and I can help you.

Ruthie on Phone: How...?

Martin on Phone: First thing tomorrow, I'd go straight to the kitchen. Someone there is cooking and cleaning and that someone needs you. Work is good. It'll make you feel better to help out.

Ruthie on Phone: It's Puerto Rico, it's not even Thanksgiving here tomorrow.

Martin on Phone: It's a U.S. territory. I'm pretty sure they adopted the holiday.

Ruthie on Phone: No kiddin'?

Martin on Phone: No kidding and Thanksgiving is just a meal where you feel grateful for what you have anyway.

Ruthie on Phone: I am feelin' grateful for my family and I'm including you in that.

Martin on Phone: Thanks... it's gonna okay. I'll make sure everyone calls you tomorrow, promise.

Ruthie on Phone: Thanks... I love you, Martin. Like a brother, I mean.

Martin on Phone: (sighs)

Martin on Phone: I love you too, Ruthie. Goodnight...

Ruthie on Phone: Goodnight...

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: As it turns out, maybe it isn't the best time to say anything, so, we'll wait. But, when we do tell them, everything will be fine. Everything's gonna be okay.

Georgia: I don't think I'm gonna wanna go the hospital. I'm not gonna have a baby.

Simon: Oh, no, no... I know everything is really scary right now.

Georgia: No, there is no baby... there never was. It was just...

Simon: ...a lie. Why would you...?

Georgia: I didn't wanna lose you.

Simon: You thought lying to me about getting pregnant wouldn't make you lose me? What!? What is wrong with you?

Georgia: Simon, you know you and Christina...

Simon: Christina...? We're just friends, she's my neighbor... my dad's helping her family.

Georgia: You like her.

Simon: So what... we're just friends.

Georgia: So I didn't want it... you know, to become more than that.

Simon: So you lied. You lied about something this important.

Georgia: I'm sorry, okay.

Simon: Georgia, I can't believe you did that.

Georgia: I'm sorry. Okay, I shouldn't have... I shouldn't have, but, I'm sorry.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Matt: I think we should go home now.

Lucy: Thank you.

Kevin: Yeah, thanks. Thanks for being here for us.

Eric: Always...

Annie: We love you.

Lucy: (sighs)

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Simon: Matt...

Matt: Lucy's fine and the baby's fine. I'm sorry, I should have called home.

Simon: Georgia's not pregnant. She lied to me. She was just gonna let me think that so I'd marry her. I'm sorry, I know that you were staying in town just to be with me when I tell mom and dad.

Matt: It's okay, I'm glad I was here.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Maternity Floor Room

Eric: We have a lot to be grateful this Thanksgiving. 

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