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#909 : Une tradition

Deux semaines avant Thanksgiving, Eric et les enfants remarquent qu'Annie se comporte bizarrement, après qu'elle ait appris que Matt et Sarah ne pourront pas passer les vacances à Glenoak. En fait, presque chaque membre de la famille a des projets de son coté et Eric s'inquiète de la réaction qu'Annie aura en l'apprenant. Mary et Carlos décident de passer leurs vacances au Porto Rico, avec la famille de Carlos. Ils invitent Ruthie à venir avec eux. Simon a quelque chose à dire à ses parents, mais il n'en a pas le courage. Il préfère rester travailler à l'école plutôt que de les voir. Martin prévoit d'aller camper avec Mac. Lucy est déterminée à s'occuper toute seule de la cuisine et de la décoration cette année.


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Une tradition

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Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Matt (Barry Watson)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Matt (Barry Watson)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Carlos Ponce (Carlos Rivera), Kyle Searles (Mac), Rheagan Wallace (Georgia Huffington), Sarah Danielle Madison (Sarah Glass Camden) 

Guests :

  • Jason Thornton ..... Mark

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knocks)

Matt: Hi Mom... we're here.

Annie: I can see that.

Eric: Hey...

Sarah: So... ah, can we come in?

Eric: Well yes, of course, come in. Come in, I didn't, I didn't know you were coming this weekend. What a great surprise. Isn't this a great surprise, Annie? I would have picked you up at the airport if I'd known you were coming.

Matt: I know, but we didn't want to be a bother, plus we didn't know we were coming until a couple of days ago.

Sarah: Mary got us passes, and luckily, because it's a week before the Thanksgiving holiday, we were able to book a flight.

Eric: Well, whatever the reason, however you got here, we're just so happy to see you guys. Right, Annie?

Matt: Mom, are you okay?

Annie: I thought you and Sarah were coming next weekend for Thanksgiving.

Matt: We couldn't get out of working Thanksgiving, so we, we thought we'd come this week instead.

Annie: But you promised that you'd be here for Thanksgiving.

Sarah: And we are so sorry about messing up your plans, but it's...

Matt: But being medical students, we don't get pick our schedules. I mean, we have to do what they tell us and go where they tell us and work whenever they need us.

Sarah: Since all the doctors and senior staff want to spend Thanksgiving with their families, we have to fill in.

Eric: Sure, sure, no look, we're just so happy that you made the effort to spend time with us, any time; we... I mean we understand how busy you both are. Don't we, Annie?

Sarah: My parents are out of town all week, so Matt and I are all yours.

Eric: Isn't that great Annie, they're all ours.

Annie: I haven't had the entire family together for Thanksgiving or any holiday for years. I wanted this Thanksgiving to be different. This Thanksgiving I wanted everyone, together, under one roof. I'm gonna go check on the twins now.

Eric: You know I'm sorry for some reason this has become extremely important for her to have everyone together this year. She's been making plans for weeks.

Matt: Everyone...?

Eric: Yeah... why? What do you know?

Sarah: Mary and Carlos told us that they're planning on taking Charles Miguel to Puerto Rico to spend Thanksgiving with his family.

Eric: But Annie thinks they're coming here. What else do you know?

Matt: Mary told us, Simon told her, he's working at the campus radio station and can't get away for Thanksgiving. Ah, we thought he was coming this weekend but evidently he changed his mind at the last minute and by last minute, I mean we didn't find out from Mary until we landed.

Eric: So... no Matt, no Sarah, no Simon, no Mary, no Carlos, no baby, no out of town family here for Thanksgiving. Would you two be willing to break that news to your mother for me?

Matt: No...

Eric: What's cooking?

Annie: Wax...

Eric: It's almost lunchtime.

Annie: Yes, it is, so maybe you ought to think about what you're going to make for Sam and David. I'm busy with my Thanksgiving preparations. I'm making special holiday gourd candles, and then I'm gonna stencil leaves onto a tablecloth, and then I have to go out and gather seasonal berries and leaves so that I can garnish the buffet table. I still haven't finalized my menu and I cannot find those turkey-shaped Jell-O molds. What's wrong...?

Eric: Is it possible that you're going just a teensy bit overboard.

Annie: Ah... it's Thanksgiving.

Eric: I know, but I don't recall our ever making this big a deal out of Thanksgiving before. I mean, you're, you're, you're really going through a lot of trouble, and you know, you don't have to, I mean, you, you don't even have to cook this year. We could go out.

Annie: When have we ever gone out... for Thanksgiving? I don't want to go out for Thanksgiving. I like doing this; I like Thanksgiving.

Eric: Okay, it seems like you're doing just a little bit more than you usually do.

Annie: Well, of course I am. It's Charlie's first Thanksgiving. It's our first Thanksgiving as grandparents. It's a big one.

Eric: All right, but...

Annie: But what...?

Eric: What about Matt and Sarah?

Annie: What about Matt and Sarah?

Eric: Well, I just think they might feel a little underappreciated after last night.

Annie: Why...?

Eric: Well, after coming all this way to visit us you didn't seem too happy to see them.

Annie: Well, I was just surprised, caught off-guard if you will. They're not supposed to be here now, they're supposed to here next week. And they need to be here next week, when everybody else is here.

Eric: Ah, they don't need to be here. It would be nice if they were here. There's a difference, I think. We, we just want our family to here, whatever family is able to be here, right?

Annie: I need you to get the turkey today... okay... a nice big one. Make sure it's free-range and fresh, not frozen. I think about twenty-pounder should do it.

Eric: But Matt and Sarah said they can't be here and who knows, maybe some of our other kids won't be able to make it. But we can always have leftovers. Turkey sandwiches... I'll get the twenty-pound turkey.

Annie: Don't worry about Matt and Sarah, they'll be here.

Eric: Well, not unless by some miracle their work schedule changes.

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: I took care of it.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Matt: She called the Director of Medical Education.

Eric: What... she who?

Matt: Mom called the Director of Medical Education. The Director is in charge of all medical students. He's like my boss. My mother called my boss and asked if my wife and I could have Thanksgiving weekend off because I was needed at home. When the Director told here that he didn't make the schedules, she called the Dean. But it's Saturday, so the Dean wasn't at work, so she got someone at the hospital to give her the Dean's home number and then she called him. She called the Dean of my medical college, at home, and asked if I could have Thanksgiving weekend off.

Matt: (sighs)

Eric: So what did he say... can you be here for Thanksgiving?

Matt: No... no it's mom that really needs to get a grip because us not being here for Thanksgiving is not a tragedy, there are bigger problems out there.

Ruthie: You don't look so good.

Eric: Your mother is working very hard to have a big family Thanksgiving and half the family isn't going to be here.

Ruthie: I'm sorry, Dad.

Eric: It's not your fault.

Ruthie: Well, yeah it is... kinda. Since I won't be here either, at least I hope I won't be here. I was just coming down to ask you if I could spend Thanksgiving with Carlos and Mary. They're spending it with Carlos' parents in Puerto Rico.

Eric: I know, Matt told me.

Ruthie: They got me a ticket and everything. Plus Carlos' parents have a huge house, so there's tons of room for all of us. I won't need a hotel. I think they only invited me because they need help with the baby, but hey, a free trip is a free trip, right?

Eric: You can't go.

Ruthie: Oh no, I won't be flying alone, if that's what you're worried about. Carlos said he would fly here and then fly back with me to Puerto Rico.

Eric: You can't go.

Ruthie: But I promised Carlos and Mary... and they need me and I really wanna go.

Eric: Your mother needs you to be here.

Ruthie: I spent every Thanksgiving with you and mom, what's the big deal about me missing just one? Come on, Dad, I really wanna go. Please...?

Eric: Well, Mary and Carlos and the baby are gonna be here...

Ruthie: They are?

Eric: Yeah, I, I don't know how I'm gonna get then here, but I'll find a way, so you don't need to go to Puerto Rico.

Eric: (sighs)

Mac: Hey Reverend Camden.

Martin: We'll be back. We're just going to the batting cages.

Eric: Mac...

Mac: Yes...?

Eric: What are you doin' for Thanksgiving? It's just that I, I think we might have a few extra seats at our table and I thought... after you have dinner with your family you could come over here and have dinner with our family.

Mac: Wow, that's really nice, but I, I won't be here. See... every year my dad goes up north for the holiday to visit his sister.

Eric: Oh, so you're gonna be out of town?

Mac: No... his sister hates me, something I did with her Hummel collection when I was three. Oh, and the accident with her cat when I was five. And I set her kitchen on fire when I was six. The more nervous she made me the bigger the accident. So up until last year my dad was too afraid to take me, so he decided to let me stay back here and go camping with some friends and it worked out so well for everyone, he decided to let me do it again this year.

Eric: What about your mother?

Mac: She does to her boyfriend's house. I don't like her boyfriend.

Eric: Well, if you've got nowhere to be...

Mac: No offense, but I'd rather go camping. It's nothing against you and your family. It's just... Thanksgiving... it's just a meal. Everyone makes such a big deal out of it that no one ever seems to enjoy it. Sorry...

Eric: I just thought you and Martin might wanna spend Thanksgiving together, that's all.

Martin: We are. I'm going camping with Mac. I told you about it last month.

Eric: I don't remember.

Martin: I'm sure I mentioned it.

Eric: I sure you did, but I really need you here for Thanksgiving. Is there any way you would reconsider the camping trip?

Martin: Look, my aunt and I celebrated last year, and it was the first Thanksgiving we celebrated in years and it was... horrible. It's just such a family holiday, and with my dad overseas and my mom gone... well, celebrating just made both of us miss what little family we have even more than we already do.

Eric: Wow... if you two change your mind.

Mac: We're not going to change our minds.

Martin: We're ah, going camping.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Eric: I need to run some errands for mommy and then we can all get lunch out.

David: Daddy, what's wrong?

Sam: You look sad.

Eric: I'm fine or I will be when I get all your brothers and sisters together for Thanksgiving this year. Mommy wants us all together.

Sam: But we're going to Lucy's for Thanksgiving.

David: She invited us.

Eric: Lucy...? Okay, get your jackets and shoes on. I'll, I'll be right back.

Camden's House - Backyard Gate

Eric: Where's Lucy?

Kevin: She's up in the apartment thinking up new ways to torture me. She wants me to go collect acorns from people's yards and then help her glue-gun them to string so she can used them as Thanksgiving napkin-ring holders. She's making such a big deal over Thanksgiving... menus, silverware... acorns. Me, I just wanna eat turkey until I can't eat anymore, and then I wanna watch football until I fall asleep, then wake up and do it all over again. Celebrate Thanksgiving, the way God intended. But... I'm married and my wife's pregnant, so I'm off to collect nuts from people's yard. I don't even know what an acorn looks like. But, don't get me wrong, I'm glad she wants to do Thanksgiving dinner this year for everyone, but...

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: How does this sound? Maple roast turkey, chestnut stuffing, sweet potato spoon bread, root vegetables in sautéed butter, autumn succotash, cranberry-orange relish, pumpkin mousse pie and apple pandowdy.

Eric: Pandowdy...?

Lucy: It's a classic American dessert from the 19th century, but Martha has dowdied it up by cutting the dough into pieces instead of leaving it whole. I think my theme is gonna be classical colonial American, but I haven't finalized my menu up yet.

Eric: Martha...?

Lucy: Martha Stewart... the queen of Thanksgiving entertaining. I've following all her recipes and decorating ideas and crafts... this is gonna be the best Thanksgiving ever. It's gonna be my Thanksgiving. I can't wait to put my stamp on it and claim it as my own, but, but I also want mom to be proud of me, so everything has to be perfect. And you know she shouldn't be in jail especially during the holiday season, that's a cruel and unusual punishment.

Eric: Your mother isn't in jail.

Lucy: Not mom, Martha.

Eric: Oh...

Lucy: Martha Stewart shouldn't be in jail, she's suffered enough, been punished enough.

Eric: Okay, well...

Lucy: I mean, last week Kevin arrested this scummy drug dealer and he got off, but Martha's in jail. How is that helping anyone? How is that justice?

Eric: Back to Thanksgiving... ah, you're planning on having it this year?

Lucy: Yeah, I can't wait.

Eric: Have you spoken to your mother?

Lucy: Why...?

Eric: I, I think she's thinking she's planning the family Thanksgiving dinner, since she's always done it.

Lucy: Yeah, but she won't mind if I do it this year. Besides, I want it to be my gift to her.

Eric: But your mother has always made the dinner... always.

Lucy: Yeah, but now that I'm a wife and a soon-to-be-mother, it's time for her to retire, pass the spoon on to me. This year, Thanksgiving is all mine.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: Oh good, I was looking for you... I've got a question. I brought these walnuts at the store; do you think I can convince Lucy that they're really big acorns?

Eric: We have a problem.

Kevin: Fine... I'll go find some stinking acorns.

Eric: No, no, no, no... not a problem with those nuts, a problem with our nuts... Lucy and Annie. Annie is planning on hosting a huge family Thanksgiving.

Kevin: But so is Lucy.

Eric: That's the problem.

Eric: You, you have to tell Lucy that she can't have Thanksgiving this year.

Kevin: Yeah, me and what Army? Have seen her... she's manic. Why don't you tell Annie to take the year off?

Eric: I'd rather eat glass. And besides, Annie is way more manic than Lucy. Plus if I can't get Mary, Carlos, the baby and Simon here next week, then I have to break that bad news to her, that's enough.

Kevin: Lucy thinks it's her wifely duty to do this. She bought an apron and everything.

Eric: What if... you tell Annie and I tell Lucy?

Kevin: Then where will we eat?

Eric: No, no, look you tell Annie about Mary, Carlos, the baby and Simon and I'll tell Lucy that she can't host Thanksgiving this year. They'll go easier on us because we're not their husbands.

Kevin: In theory they'll go easier on us.

Eric: All right, just let me see who I can get to be here next week, and then we'll meet back here later and we'll figure out a plan. Meanwhile, keep Lucy away from Annie... I need a little time.

Kevin: How much time?

Eric: I don't know... just don't let Lucy leave the apartment.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Sarah: Look at me; I'm making candles out of squash. I shouldn't be complaining if Annie can figure out a way to freeze pumpkins, I'd making pumpkins vases.

Eric: So you're having a good time.

Sarah: Oh yeah... you know, it's not that we don't want to here over Thanksgiving, we just thought we'd be here this weekend instead. We thought if we were here and Simon was here then it would be kind of, you know, a pre-Thanksgiving.

Eric: Maybe your parents would like to join our family for Thanksgiving, help us fill out the table a bit.

Sarah: I'm sure they'd love to be here if they weren't already going to be in New York with us.

Eric: You and Matt are having Thanksgiving with your parents?

Sarah: (nods)

Eric: I have some calls to make.

Sarah: I have candles to make.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Annie: I got so carried away with making my candles this morning I forgot to make the bed. Oh, I hope you don't mind, I talked to your Dean. He is very understanding and very nice and he is...

Matt: Mom...

Annie: Yes...

Matt: You shouldn't have done that.

Annie: Oh, I didn't mind, really and I know you didn't wanna ask. Anyway, he said you could have Thursday off as long as your back Friday afternoon which works for me.

Matt: He said that because he thinks there's some family emergency. I had already told him there was a family emergency this weekend.

Annie: Well, now why did you do that?

Matt: Because... it's, it's better for us to have this weekend off than the actual holiday weekend. Do you have any idea how competitive medical school is? Do you know that we are judged from the word go, that whatever emergency we have, if we take time off for it, we will pay for it, either in our grades or when it comes time for recommendation letters or when and how we are assigned or what rotations we get? You just can't call the Dean.

Annie: Oh Mattie, Mattie, Mattie... don't let the pressure get to you. You and Sarah are gonna be just fine. It won't hurt for the two of you to take a couple days off. You know it might even be good to get away and clear your head.

Matt: Okay, seriously, what's going on with you?

Annie: What do you mean?

Matt: It's not like you to be so...

Annie: So... what?

Matt: So insistent about the holidays.

Annie: You're right... you are...

Matt: So what's gonna on?

Annie: You wanna know what happen when I didn't insist, I'll tell you what happened, nobody came. So now I'm insisting. I'm insisting you and Sarah be here and thanks to me you got the time off, so I don't see the problem. If you won't do it for yourselves, Matt, please, do it for me. I, I want you here. I need you here.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Kevin gotta problem.

Kevin: We do?

Lucy: The walnuts aren't gonna work.

Kevin: Oh...

Lucy: Maybe I should go ask my mom what nuts she would use.

Kevin: No...

Lucy: Okay, yeah, you know you're right. I still gotta tell her I'm doing dinner this year. She's gonna be so relieved. I mean, it's a lot of trouble.

Kevin: Uh-huh... where are you goin'?

Lucy: To tell mom. I think I've got the menu all worked out in my head, so now I've got to tell her about my big surprise.

Kevin: I don't think she's home. I think she took the twins somewhere.

Lucy: Oh, okay, I'll, I'll tell her later when I get the menu and the schedule all completely worked out.

Kevin: You know you can put me on the schedule. I'll do whatever you want me to do. And if you need acorns, I'll scour the neighborhood and find some.

Lucy: That's really sweet... thanks. Something's wrong?

Kevin: No, why?

Lucy: You're acting strange.

Kevin: Am I?

Lucy: Yeah...

Kevin: Well, I was just thinking...

Lucy: Thinking about what?

Kevin: Do you really want to take on Thanksgiving dinner this year? I mean there's still time to back out... you haven't told your mom yet. It's just with the baby coming and your school finals, and your church work, maybe you should let your mom host this year, and then next year when you have less on your plate, you can host. Plus, we live above a garage with a small stove and no dishwasher. How exactly are you planning on cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner for your entire family? See, next year, we'll probably have a house and it will be out first Thanksgiving together in that house; you, me and the baby. Next year will be much better for you to start hosting holidays and taking the reins and stepping up.

Lucy: I can handle Thanksgiving, the baby, school, my church work...

Kevin: Oh, okay, good.

Lucy: Kevin...

Kevin: Yeah...?

Lucy: What's going on?

Kevin: I'm gonna go out and find some acorns. You really need acorns.

Lucy: Freeze... start talking.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Sarah: I can't keep this up.

Matt: We have to.

Sarah: I know you want to be here when Simon gets home, but now that he's not coming home, we're really here for no reason.

Matt: (sighs)

Sarah: And we lied to get here.

Matt: At least Simon could have done was called us instead of calling Mary and letting her tell us.

Sarah: What do you think your parents are gonna say?

Matt: It's hard to tell.

Sarah: Poor Simon.

Matt: Don't feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him. I mean, he's, he's an adult and he's responsible for making a long list of bad decisions.

Sarah: You think your mom senses something? You think that's why she's acting so nuts?

Matt: I don't know.

Sarah: (laughs)

Matt: I just hope Simon changes his mind and comes home. I mean he has to talk to them. In the meantime, considering they have no idea of what's in store for them, I think we want to circle the wagons and make my mom and dad know we're all family, and we're here for them of they need us. You know have the support system in place, ready for when Simon drops the bomb.

Sarah: Circling and supporting is gonna be difficult considering your mother wants nothing to do with us.

Matt/Sarah: (sighs)

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room

David: Could we stay in here with you?

Ruthie: Sure...

Sam: So if mommy comes looking for us, would you hide us?

David: We're tired of doing Thanksgiving stuff.

Sam: I don't wanna make turkey drawings from my hand.

David: And I don't wanna make pilgrim hats out of construction paper.

Sam: That's schoolwork.

David: At home we just wanna play.

Sam: Last year mommy didn't make us do anything.

David: All she did was make turkey and stuffing and pie, and we ate, and ate and we didn't have to make drawings or hats.

Sam: Eating is fun.

David: This is not fun.

Ruthie: Let's go see what Matt and Sarah are doing.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Answering Machine: Hello, you've reached Carlos and Mary and Charles Miguel. Please leave a message.

Answering Machine: (beeps)

Eric on Phone: Okay, you two, you can run, but you can't hide. Well, considering this is the third message I've left it seems you can both run and hide, but call me back, please. I need you to reconsider your Thanksgiving plans. Carlos, I need you and Mary and the baby here this year. Call me.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh good, you guys are just in time.

Sarah: Please, Annie, I love you but no more Thanksgiving crafts.

Annie: Oh look, this is something I thought we could all do together as a family; you know to get ready for the holidays, because... Thanksgiving is all about family, right? What is something wrong?

Matt: Mom, isn't family meant to be celebrated every day, whenever family gets to gather? Whenever family is together? Not just during the holidays, right?

Annie: Yes, of course.

Matt: Because Mom... Sarah and I are family and even though we are in New York and we don't get to see you as often as we'd like... we're, we're here for you always... you can count on us, always, no matter what.

Sarah: We love you Annie, and we're here for you. Right now, as a matter of fact.

Matt: So come on forget about the crafts and the candles. Come with us for pizza and a movie.

Annie: Oh no, no, no, I have too much to do. Besides, you know what, I can hang out with you and Sarah when you're back for Thanksgiving.

Matt: For the last time, it doesn't matter who you called at the school or the hospital, Sarah and I cannot come home for Thanksgiving weekend. That's why were here this weekend. So, are you gonna come with us?

Annie: I can't I told you, I have too much to do.

Matt: Fine, I'll just take everybody else out and tomorrow Sarah and I will leave and you'll have wasted a chance to spend the entire weekend with us, just because it wasn't when you wanted to spend the weekend with us.

Annie: Matt... Matt, you and Sarah you're gonna miss a great family holiday. I mean everybody gonna be here. Won't you at least reconsider coming home for Thanksgiving?

Matt: Mom, wake up, everyone will not be here for Thanksgiving and you know what? It may not be a great holiday either; it might not even be a good holiday.

Simon: Simon isn't coming home for Thanksgiving. He was to work. And Mary and Carlos are going to Puerto Rico, and they've asked Ruthie to go with them.

Ruthie: And I wanna go. So can I go?

Annie: (laughs)

Martin: I won't be here either. I'm going camping with Mac.

Eric: So... it'll be just you and I and Sam and David and Lucy and Kevin, but that's enough, it is. That's plenty of family.

Lucy: Mom, Kevin says Dad says you're going crazy over Thanksgiving this year, and I wanted to go crazy over Thanksgiving this year. I want to do the dinner. I thought you knew I was gonna do it this year. It's important for me to do it this year. Okay, what's, what's going on?

Matt: Mom...?

Ruthie: Mom...?

Sam: Mommy...?

Sarah: Annie...?

Eric: Say something.

Annie: You are not my family.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Mac: What's up with you guys?

Matt: I'm not hungry.

Sam: Can we go?

David: We're finished.

Sarah: You didn't eat much.

Sam: We're not hungry, too.

David: Yeah...

Kevin: You really should eat.

Lucy: I'm too upset to eat. "We're not her family"?

Martin: How can you eat?

Mac: What I'm hungry. Hey, if I lost my appetite every single time there was some kind of domestic disturbance at my house, I would have never eaten. My parents fought constantly when I was growing up. They were always yelling and calling each other names, it was either adapt or starve, so I chose adapt. Can you pass the soda, please?

Lucy: So, what do we do?

Matt: I don't know what we can do, but I'm hoping that there is something dad can do.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: We should tell our parents.

Georgia: No, no, not yet.

Simon: Why...?

Georgia: Because I'm not ready to tell them.

Simon: Well, I'm gonna tell my parents, well at least my dad. You know, I think that after the initial shock, I think there gonna be happy for us.

Georgia: I'm not ready to tell my parents, and if your parents know, they'll tell my parts.

Simon: So, we say nothing. Matt and Sarah know, I mean, they thought we were gonna tell my family this weekend. They flew all the way in for support.

Georgia: Well, that's not my fault. I didn't want anyone to know.

Simon: That's not the point. The point is that they know... and they're with my parents.

Georgia: Well, they better not say anything. You know, this is own news, not their news.

Simon: Well, I don't want to surprise my parents with our news on Thanksgiving. That's why I thought we'd tell them this weekend, maybe they would get over it by Thanksgiving.

Georgia: Your parents are not going to get over this in a week. Okay, I just want to wait until the holidays are over altogether, okay? Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's before we say anything.

Phone: (rings)

Georgia: You should get that.

Simon: Just let the machine get it.

Georgia: I have to go.

Simon: Hey, no... just, just stay, please.

Georgia: We'll talk tonight.

Simon: Okay...

Camden's House - Eric's Office / Simon's Apartment

Answering Machine: Hi, this is Simon. Leave a message, I'll call you back.

Answering Machine: (beeps)

Eric on Phone: Simon, this is your dad... again. Please call me when you get this or when you get ah, any of these other ten messages I've already left. I need to talk to you about...

Simon on Phone: Hey, I'm here. I'm sorry, ah I was at work all day and library. What's up?

Eric on Phone: I need you to come home for Thanksgiving.

Simon on Phone: I'm sorry Dad, I can't. I, I should have told you, but I...

Eric on Phone: I know you have to work. Matt told me, but... you need to find someone to fill in for you at the radio station.

Eric on Phone: You have time, you can do this. I need you to do this.

Simon on Phone: Dad, I can't I tried. Okay, everyone who can work for me is going out of town.

Eric on Phone: Try harder.

Simon on Phone: What's the big deal? It's just one Thanksgiving.

Eric on Phone: Well, the big deal is that your mother wants us all together this year and, and I don't think I can get everyone. I'm gonna try and get as many Camdens as I can. You, you are on my can get list.

Simon on Phone: Does mom really care if I miss once stupid holiday?

Eric on Phone: Yes... stop wasting time asking questions. Hang up, call everyone you know, get someone to work for you on Thanksgiving Day, okay. And, ah, you look; you can drive down and back on the same day. I need you here, happy and eating turkey.

Simon on Phone: I can't...

Eric on Phone: Simon, you sound funny. Are you okay?

Simon on Phone: I'm fine, Dad, I just can't come home.

Eric on Phone: Please do this for me. Ah, I'm counting on you, I need you. Find a way to be here.

Simon on Phone: Thanks for not putting so much pressure on me Dad.

Eric on Phone: Bye, Simon.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Sam: We'll make hand turkey and pilgrim hats if you want.

Annie: I'm sorry I lost my temper and was a bit upset earlier. Did you eat?

David: We couldn't eat.

Sam: No one could.

David: Honest, we like doing crafts.

Annie: No you don't.

Sam: We love you and if you love that other stuff, we'll do it.

Annie: I have a better idea. Why don't you come around here and sit on my lap and look at these pictures with me, and then we can go downstairs, and I'll make you a snack, okay? Look at...

Camden's House - Ruthie's Room / Carlos and Mary's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Carlos on Phone: Hello...?

Ruthie on Phone: Hi Carlos, it's Ruthie.

Carlos on Phone: Ruthie it's late... really late.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, I'm sorry; I hope I didn't wake Charlie.

Carlos on Phone: If Charlie can sleep in New York City, he can sleep through a phone ringing. Is everything all right? Do you need to talk to Mary because she's on a trip?

Ruthie on Phone: I know... I don't, I don't need Mary.

Carlos on Phone: Okay...

Ruthie on Phone: But everything is not all right.

Carlos on Phone: What do you mean?

Ruthie on Phone: I can't go to Puerto Rico with you and Mary for Thanksgiving. I want to, but I can't.

Carlos on Phone: Ruthie what's going on?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Hey, we're hungry.

Sarah: Then let me make you guys some sandwiches.

Sam: We'll help you.

David: We're good at making sandwiches.

Sarah: Okay...

Matt: Mom, I, I want to apologize.

Annie: Oh no, let me apologize. I'm the one who went holiday crazy. I'm sorry.

Matt: We really would be here, if we could.

Annie: I understand that.

Sarah: We just can't fly here and back in one day, and the best we could hope to get off would just be the one day, so that's why we came this weekend, when we could stay all weekend.

Matt: But I was thinking... why don't you and dad and everyone else fly to New York and spend Thanksgiving with us there? That way we could all be together... not in Glenoak, but together.

Annie: That's sweet, but totally unnecessary. No, I plan to have Thanksgiving right here, in this house, with whatever family can be here.

Matt: I really feel like I'm letting you down.

Annie: Well don't. No, you and Sarah go to school, work and you know someday soon, when your schedule permits, you'll both be here, hopefully next year.

Matt: Your words say you're okay, but you don't look okay. You look upset. Is there something else going on besides Thanksgiving?

Annie: No, I'm fine. Really, I am.

Matt: You're really okay with our not being here for Thanksgiving.

Annie: Yes, I am.

Matt: (sighs)

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: What are you doin'?

Lucy: Well, I can't host Thanksgiving now. It would be like taking something away from my mother. Neither one of us would enjoy it.

Kevin: But you should hang on to that stuff, you never know, your mother might change her mind.

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: I don't think so. You saw upset she was. I can't get Matt and Sarah, Simon, Mary, Carlos and Charlie here for Thanksgiving, but I can step aside and let her make the meal and decorate and do what she's always done. What she clearly wants to do.

Kevin: I'm sorry; I know you were looking forward to this... what with the acorns and all. Someday we'll have our own house and we'll have our own family and you can have your Thanksgiving and do whatever you want. But, I guess as long as we're living here with your parents, it's going to be your mother's Thanksgiving.

Lucy: Well when we do have our own house and our own family, am I gonna end up like my mom all sad because our children ended up making other plans, or living far away, or spending the holidays with friends.

Kevin: It doesn't make you a bad son or daughter for not spending time with your family on holidays. I'm not gonna be spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with my mother, or Ben, or sister. I'm gonna be here with you.

Lucy: Do you want to go home?

Kevin: Not this year, but next year. I think it would be nice if we spent some holiday time with my family, too.

Lucy: Yeah, we should.

Kevin: I love you.

Lucy: I love you, too... thanks. Thanks for staying here and not making me choose between my family and your family.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Annie: I guess I went a little holiday nuts on you, didn't I?

Eric: I don't know how I didn't figure it out sooner.

Annie: Figure what out, sooner?

Eric: With all this rush to get the family together, you never mentioned Ginger. Why is that?

Annie: I don't know... I just... well if I invited Ginger, if I, I invited Ginger it would remind me that my father's gone.

Eric: This is the first Thanksgiving since your dad passed away. I'm such a fool.

Annie: Oh no, you're not the fool, I'm the fool. I can't get over my father's death.

Eric: The death of parent isn't something you get over; it's just something you learn to live with.

Annie: I thought if we could have the whole family together here for Thanksgiving then I might be able to forget that, that my father's not here.

Eric: It's going to be okay... you, Thanksgiving, everything.

Door: (knocks)

Martin: Do you have a minute?

Annie: Oh sure, come in. I'm glad you stopped by on your way to bed because I was thinking that um, if you wanna go camping with Mac over Thanksgiving weekend, you should go.

Martin: But, you'd rather I stay here.

Annie: Yes, I'll miss you, but I'll understand.

Martin: I don't know if you do understand.

Annie: Oh is this you?

Martin: Yeah, when I was about nine and that's my mother.

Annie: And she's very beautiful.

Martin: Yeah, she was. That picture was taken right before my mom was diagnosed with cancer and that Thanksgiving turned out to be the last one we had together... all of us together and healthy. I don't know if you guys are rubbing off on me or what, but I accidentally heard you and Reverend Camden talking tonight.

Annie: About my father... and that's why sharing this picture with me.

Martin: Most people don't understand what it's like to loss a parent, and it's not something I would wish on anybody. To not be able to see my mom, or call my mom, or hug her, or just be with her, or spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with her... it's not just difficult to me sometimes it's downright painful. She's gone and all I have left of her is a few photos and a lot of really good memories. Unfortunately around the holidays the memories never make me feel better, they make me miss her more. Then I start to miss my dad and my aunt, but it all starts with missing my mom. I don't know if I'll go camping or not, maybe I'll stay here this year... give Thanksgiving one more try. But no matter what I do, I just want you to know that I know what it feels like to lose a parent and even though I'm just a kid, I'm available to talk, if you every feel like talking to someone who's going through what you're going through.

Annie: Have I told you lately how very glad I am that you've come to live with us.

Martin: Not lately...

Annie: Well, I am.

Martin: I am, too and I want my dad to come home soon, but when he does, I gonna miss all of you. Goodnight.

Camden's House - Simon's Room

Annie: Do you have time this morning to go to church?

Matt: We have the whole day.

Annie: Oh good, 'cause you know, I sorta wanna make-up for lost time, so I thought after church the three of us could take a walk and talk a little bit about what's going on. I'd like to get caught up with you know, medical school and life in New York.

Sarah: Yeah, that would be great Annie.

Annie: Mom...

Sarah: Mom...

Sarah: Okay, who was that?

Matt: That... was my mother.

Sarah: She's gonna be fine. Whenever she hears Simon's news, she's gonna be fine.

Matt: Eventually... I just wish he's get it over with. I, I wish he'd come home.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: Mom...

Annie: Oh... I called Carlos last night and told him it was all right with your father and me if you want to go to Puerto Rico. He's on his way.

Ruthie: I thought you wanted everyone home this year for Thanksgiving.

Annie: I do, but I also know that you miss Mary and you wanna spend Thanksgiving with sister and your brother-in-law and nephew, so, I'll miss you, but I'll understand.

Ruthie: What happened to mom?

Eric: I think ah, well... why ask why?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: We'll wait for you two outside.

Lucy: Your turkey apron.

Annie: I'm passing on the torch or in this case, my Thanksgiving turkey apron.

Lucy: Really...?

Annie: That's the good news; the bad news is I wanna have Thanksgiving tonight while everyone is here.

Lucy: Okay, I accept. But, will you help me, please. Oh come on, let's do it together. It will be fun. I would really like you to help me.

Annie: Okay, we'll do it together.

Camden's House - Backyard

Eric: Shall we? I've got a church full of parishioners and a sermon to give.

Annie: Oh, wait... um, Matt you were right.

Matt: I was?

Annie: A family is meant to be celebrated everyday, not just on holidays. Whenever a family can get together, like, like now, this is a celebration and I, I just wanted to savor the moment a bit. You are all my family, and I love all of you so much.

Matt: Love you too, Mom.

Kids: Love you...

Camden's House - Dining Room

Eric: Happy week before Thanksgiving.

Annie: It sure is.

Kids: Happy week before Thanksgiving. 

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