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#920 : Les choses de la vie

Simon revient à Glenoak extrêmement nerveux car il attend le résultat de son test de MST (maladie sexuellement transmissible). Eric conseille une femme, qui s'inquiète pour ses deux filles qui souffrent d'anémie, car leur père veut les emmener avec lui à Memphis pour les faire soigner à l'hôpital de recherche pour enfants de St Jude. Peter, l'ex petit ami de Ruthie, lui rend une visite surprise, ce qui créé des problèmes avec son petit ami actuel, Vincent. Lucy et Kevin ne sont pas d'accord sur qui s'occupera de Savannah quand Lucy reprendra le travail. Martin manque un appel important de son père en Irak alors qu'il est parti en cachette de la maison pour voir sa petite amie. 


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Titre VO
Leaps of faith

Titre VF
Les choses de la vie

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Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

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Écrit par : Jeffrey Rodgers 
Réalisé par : Ronald E. High 

Avec : Bryan Callen (Geroge 'Vic' Vickery), Thomas Dekker (Vincent), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski), Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Erika Alexander ..... Lynn Miles
  • Victor Love ..... Ruseell Miles
  • Jason Thornton ..... Henry
  • Athena Stamos ..... Employée du Dairy 

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hospital Room

Door: (knock)

Eric: I hope I'm not intruding.

Lynn: Of course not.

Kristi: Hello...

Tonya: (waves hello)

Eric: I just wanted to stop by and see how Tonya was feelin'.

Lynn: We just finished Tonya's transfusion, so she's a little worn out, and next week, Kristi's in, so it's the usual. We're fine... gettin' by.

Eric: I know it's tough.

Kristi: (nods)

Lynn: Yeah, but we're used to it, aren't we, girls? I was actually goin' to stop by your office today to talk to you.

Eric: About...?

Lynn: I'll be right back.

Eric: I hope to see you both Sunday.

Eric: I'll be thinking about you.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Hallway

Eric: Having problems with work again?

Lynn: No, no, I transferred to another department, and I can work whatever hours I can. Of course now I'm considered a part-time employee, so I'm losing money and benefits.

Eric: Oh, that is so not fair. Who can I talk to?

Lynn: For starters, my ex-husband. On top of everything else, he called. He's in town.

Eric: I don't think I've ever met your ex-husband.

Lynn: Russell left years ago, moved back to Memphis right after we learned Kristi had sickle cell disease, too. He couldn't face the prospect of having two sick daughters, so he left me to deal with it on my own.

Eric: Does he support you?

Lynn: Financially, yes, emotionally, no. The girls get a card on their birthdays and at Christmas. That's about it.

Eric: Do you have any idea why he's back now?

Lynn: He says he wants me to think about letting the girls move to Memphis to live with him for a while. They don't even know him.

Eric: Did he say why? Why now?

Lynn: He said he'd tell me when he saw me. I don't care why. They're not going.

Eric: You want me to talk to him?

Lynn: If you don't mind.

Eric: You want to be there?

Lynn: No, I don't. I haven't seen him since he left, and after walking out on us, I don't think he deserves to see me or my girls.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: You guys are doing it wrong.

Sam: We're doing it our own way.

David: Yeah, our way is better. We like the fork next to the hand that uses it.

Ruthie: But, you use the fork with both hands, and it's always been on the left.

David: I think our new way is better.

Ruthie: Okay, maybe we can try it your way tonight, just to test it out.

Simon: Hey, something smells good.

Sam/David: Simon!

Ruthie: What are you doin' here, I thought you have finals?

Simon: Not for a few weeks. I've got a paper to write. I always write better when I eat, and what better place to eat than right here?

Ruthie: Why don't you guys go set another spot at the table?

Lucy: Hi, I've been trying to call you, or Kevin's been trying to call you. Oh, we, we just wanted to say hello and see how you're doing. How are you doing?

Simon: I'm fine...

Lucy: Yeah, well, you could let someone know. Oh, Ruthie, I, I don't think I've asked how you are today. How are you?

Ruthie: I'm fine.

Sam: I'm fine, too.

David: So am I.

Lucy: I'm a new mother.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment / Zoe's House

Phone: (rings)

Martin on Phone: Hello...?

Zoe on Phone: Hey, Martin, it's Zoe. What are you doin'?

Martin on Phone: Homework...

Zoe on Phone: Oh, can you help me with my homework?

Martin on Phone: I can do that.

Zoe on Phone: Great, you can pick me up at nine-thirty.

Martin on Phone: Nine-thirty?

Zoe on Phone: It's for my astronomy project.

Zoe on Phone: I'm supposed to observe the meteor storm. The earliest I can see anything is nine-thirty.

Martin on Phone: I really don't know if the Camdens are going to let me out at nine-thirty on a school night.

Zoe on Phone: Well, if you ask them and they say no, then I'm gonna make an "F" on this assignment, and I can't afford to lower my average.

Martin on Phone: I just don't know if I can talk them into it.

Zoe on Phone: So why don't you take a chance and not ask them, live dangerously, you can walk out to your car and drive away. Where's your sense of adventure? Come on, be a man. I need you. Come rescue me. Come on, what would your dad have done if he was in your situation at seventeen? Nine-thirty...

Camden's House - Nursery

Lucy: Did you see Simon?

Kevin: Simon's here?

Lucy: Yep, he's here.

Kevin: And?

Lucy: He said he's fine.

Kevin: That was nice of him to let us know.

Lucy: Well, I didn't get say anything because Ruthie and the boys were there. So, go find him.

Kevin: Why? He said he was fine.

Lucy: That was a generic "I'm fine", it wasn't the official medical "I'm fine".

Kevin: He would have let us know if he caught something.

Lucy: Would he or would he just not have called?

Kevin: He wouldn't have come home if he had a problem.

Lucy: Well, maybe he would have and maybe he wouldn't have. Go ask him, and then come back up here because we need to talk about me.

Camden's House - Kevin and Lucy's Room

Kevin: What's wrong with you?

Lucy: I've been thinking.

Kevin: I wish you wouldn't do that.

Lucy: When do you think I should go back to work?

Kevin: Whenever you're ready.

Lucy: Well, that's just the thing, I'm ready now.

Kevin: Okay, then you should go back to work now.

Lucy: But I don't know if I should leave Savannah.

Kevin: Then wait awhile.

Lucy: I don't want you to agree with whatever I just said, I want you to tell me what you think.

Kevin: I think you should go back to work... whenever you're ready... if you want to.

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: That doesn't help.

Kevin: Look, I think you're a great mother, and I think you're a great associate pastor, and I think when the time is right, you'll be able to be both at the same time, but I can't decide when the time is right, you have to.

Lucy: Well, if I go back to work now, mom can take of Savannah.

Kevin: Oh, I don't think so. Savannah's our responsibility. If you go back to work, you and I have to take care of her.

Lucy: How are we gonna do that?

Kevin: I don't know, but we better figure it out, because when we move, we can't just stick your mother with raising our daughter, so we shouldn't just start doing it now.

Lucy: It takes a village.

Kevin: Then we'll hire one.

Lucy: We don't have to hire one, we have my mother. I'm sure she'll take care of Savannah if I start back at work.

Kevin: No...

Lucy: No, you're not sure she will.

Kevin: No, I don't want to ask your mother.

Lucy: Oh, then I will.

Kevin: No, I don't want you to ask her either. It's just not right, okay?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh good, you're here. The boys just went up to wash their hands. Dinner's almost ready. Bad day?

Eric: Ah, hospital visit.

Annie: Oh, right... I forgot. How, how are Tonya and Kristi?

Eric: They're hanging in there, but their dad is supposed to give me a call to set up a meeting.

Annie: Their dad? I didn't know there was a dad in the picture.

Eric: He hasn't been for long, long time, but apparently he's in town, he wants to talk to Lynn about moving the girls to Memphis to live with him.

Annie: I don't remember Lynn's ex-husband. She's always been a single mom for as long as she's been coming to church, hasn't she?

Eric: Yes, she has. The father left right after Kristi was born.

Annie: And now he wants them back?

Eric: (nods)

Annie: Why... can't wait to hear what he has to say?

Eric: Yeah, me too.

Doorbell: (rings)

Eric: I'll get it.

Camden's House - Foyer

Ruthie: Hi...

Peter: Hi... surprise.

Ruthie: Yeah, it is.

Eric: Peter... come in. Are you alone, or...

Vic: Hi...

Camden's House - Living Room

Paris: We thought it would be nice if we were married when the baby arrives.

Vic: I want Paris to make an honest man out of me.

Paris: And we'd like you to perform the ceremony.

Vic: We figured that since you know about all the garbage I put Paris and Peter through, it might be special if you were there when I did something right for a change.

Eric: I'd be honored to perform the ceremony.

Paris: Thank you.

Annie: When do you have in mind?

Vic: The sooner the better, obviously.

Vic/Paris: (laughs)

Paris: We don't want anything big; really just the two of us is all we need.

Vic: And Peter as my best man.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Kevin: Great, it's about time I got you alone. What have you been avoiding me?

Simon: What?

Kevin: What? How are you?

Simon: I'm fine. Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Kevin: Because last I heard from you, you were scared to death that you got an STD from your one-night stand.

Simon: Would you be quiet?

Kevin: We've been calling you and calling you. Why haven't you call us back?

Simon: Because I didn't know anything.

Kevin: What?

Kevin: You did see a doctor?

Simon: Yeah... yesterday.

Kevin: You waited until yesterday?

Simon: I'm sure I'm fine.

Kevin: Did they tell you you were fine?

Simon: They're gonna call me. I have my cell phone on me. I'm not worried.

Kevin: You're worried.

Simon: I don't know. I don't know, okay? I just got tested yesterday.

Eric: All right, well, still, it'll be good to get the official all clear.

Simon: Yeah, of course.

Eric: And when you do...?

Simon: When I do, I'll be relieved... not that I'm worried.

Eric: No, I mean, are you gonna be changing your... social life?

Simon: Dad, I've already changed. All I've done is study since it happened.

Eric: We'll talk about this more. Ah, I've gotta say goodnight to our guests and meet someone down at the Promenade.

Camden's House - Nursery

Paris: Oh, she is really beautiful.

Lucy: Ah, thanks. So, what are you gonna do about taking care of the baby and going back to work?

Paris: Well, I have to work. We need the money and I'm still our primary support, even though Vic is still teaching. So, I'll have some time off, and then when I go back to work, Vic's on summer break, so he can stay home with the baby, and when fall comes and he has to go back to work, he's gonna teach night classes so he can stay home in the daytime.

Lucy: (nods)

Paris: When are you gonna go back to work?

Lucy: Oh, Kevin and I were discussing that this afternoon.

Paris: Yeah, but you're so lucky your mom can just take care of Savannah, right?

Lucy: Yeah, I think she can, but ah, Kevin wants to make some other arrangements.

Paris: But your mom, she's right here, she's had seven children.

Kevin: True, but we're moving.

Lucy: Well, somewhere close by.

Paris: Oh, I think that's my cue to leave. Goodnight.

Kevin: What are we talking a survey now?

Lucy: No, but did you hear what she said.

Kevin: Yeah, I heard every word. I was right in there. And you know what else I hear? She said she was gonna stay with the baby at night while Vic works, and then he's gonna stay with the baby during the day while she works. Why can't we do that? Why can't I work a night shift and stay with Savannah during the day while you work? Well...?

Lucy: Well... I just don't see you as a stay-at-home dad.

Kevin: Maybe I wanna be a stay-at-home dad. I'm off tomorrow; maybe we should have a trial run.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Martin: Hey, I was at the library.

Simon: Sure you were.

Martin: Do you want something?

Simon: Oh, if you don't mind, I'd like to just crash on the couch. I just don't want to stay over at the house, you know and honestly I'm expecting a phone call, so I need some privacy.

Martin: Well, you wouldn't exactly have privacy here either. I mean, I'm here.

Simon: Yeah, you're here now, but clearly when I came in, you were leaving, so...

Martin: Okay, but I'm leaving because I have to do something for school, I swear. It's a homework assignment.

Simon: You don't have to explain anything to me.

Martin: I know, but if your dad comes looking for me...

Simon: I don't know where you are.

Martin: (nods)

Simon: Hey, be careful...

Martin: Okay...

Simon: God, um, if everything's okay, if I turn out okay, then I promise I'll, I will never have sex again until after I'm married. And I'll promise I'll, I'll start going to church again. And I'll promise, I'll try to be a better... Christian.


Torin: Hi, Reverend Camden. Ah, glad we ran into you. We were looking for someone we know.

Eric: Well hi, Torin, Preston. What can I do for you?

Preston: Could we borrow ten bucks for coffees?

Eric: Ten bucks... for coffee? I don't think I can afford that.

Torin: Yeah, neither can we.

Preston: Thanks anyway.

Russell: Are you Reverend Camden?

Eric: Yes...

Russell: Russell Miles. Thanks for meeting me. My wife, my ex-wife... Lynn told me you're a good person, a good listener.

Eric: Well, that was very nice for her to say so; I hope I can live up to that expectation. Ah, so, what's going on, Russell?

Russell: I'm sorry. I don't know how to begin.

Eric: That's okay. I didn't mean to rush you.

Russell: I understand you saw Lynn and the girls today. How are they?

Eric: Your wife and your daughters are... ah, well... they're having a tough time. The girls have been going through these blood transfusions for a number of years now, and so they're sleeping at night with this needle stuck in 'em, you know, for the drug that takes care of the iron overload. I don't remember what it's called, and they're sick a lot and they miss school a lot and Lynn has missed so much work lately, that she's been transferred to a new, part-time job, and she's exhausted...

Russell: That's pretty much the way I pictured it. I know what it's like having sickle cell in a family. My mother died from the disease. I ah, can't bear to think of what they've been going through, what they're going through now, I couldn't... I couldn't until now.

Eric: It's okay. Take your time... take your time.

Russell: I know Lynn must have plenty of horrible things to say about me through the years.

Eric: Ah, she actually never told me anything about you until she asked if I would meet with you.

Russell: I don't blame her. After the way I left, she deserves every ounce of hate she has for me.

Eric: She never said she hated you.

Russell: How could she not? I abandoned her and my daughters. You know, Lynn and I both knew we carried the sickle cell trait, and we knew that there was a chance we'd pass the disease on to our children. When Tonya was born and the test indicated she has it, well... we took a wait and see approach and both promised to be strong. But, it wasn't long before she started developing problems, the pain, and the pneumonia, infections. The doctors addressed the problems as they came up, but she was sick a lot, then... I don't know, we hadn't planned on having another baby, but we just... weren't very careful, and so we had Kristi, and we hoped against hope that she would be okay, but she wasn't. And ah, we promised to be strong again, but I broke the promise. I bailed. I was young when my mother died, but believe me, the memories stayed with me. I saw her being turned away from the emergency room time and time again, because some doctor knew nothing about sickle cell disease and thought she was complaining about nothing. You know, there's no swelling, there's no signs to show that you're in pain, and they treated her like she was a drug addict trying to get pain killers. There were little strokes along the way, and then she had a stroke that ah, crippled her, and ah, then she had one that killed her. I know it's no excuse for leaving, but I couldn't bear to go through that again with my own daughters.

Eric: And now?

Russell: And now, I see that it doesn't have to be that way with them and that's why I'm here.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Lucy: I wanna talk.

Annie: Okay...

Lucy: What do you think about the idea of my going back to work?

Annie: Well, it doesn't really matters what I think, it's up to you and Kevin. What does Kevin think?

Lucy: He thinks and you're not going to believe this, he thinks it would be a good idea if we took turns. He thinks he should take the night shift while I take care of Savannah, and when I got to work, he'll take care of Savannah.

Annie: What's so crazy about that? I mean, they'll be fine. What?

Lucy: I just thought that you would want to take care of her if I go back to work.

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: That's funny. No, no, let me just say this for the record, I do not want to take care of my beautiful granddaughter whom I love dearly, while her mother goes back to work. No!

Lucy: (sighs)

Camden's House - Attic Room / Vincent's House

Ruthie on Phone: Do you know why he said he didn't call me, because he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. Can you believe that? We went through a lot together in that year and half. Don't you think he'd have some feelings for me? I was his first girlfriend, and he was my first boyfriend. Doesn't that mean anything? I guess not. I don't expect him to be madly in love with me or anything, but no feelings at all? Doesn't that strike you as odd? Are you still there?

Vincent on Phone: Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.

Ruthie on Phone: What do you think?

Vincent on Phone: I think it's getting late, and I better finish my homework.

Ruthie on Phone: No, what do you think about what I just said?

Vincent on Phone: I really don't have an opinion one way or the other about it.

Ruthie on Phone: You have to think something about it.

Vincent on Phone: Well, I do think it's a bit awkward that you, my girlfriend, are talking to me, your boyfriend, about how Peter, your ex-boyfriend, doesn't seem to care for you anymore. And I think maybe he doesn't have feelings for you because he has a girlfriend. But I doubt he's talking to her about you.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Eric: Oh, you're up here.

Simon: Yeah...

Eric: I just noticed Martin's car is not in the driveway, so looked inside the garage, and it's not in the garage either.

Simon: I don't know anything about that.

Eric: Is he here?

Simon: I saw him at dinner.

Eric: Well, so did I.

Simon: I have no idea where Martin is right now.

Eric: Maybe I should call him.

Simon: You can't. He left his phone here. It's been ringing all night.

Eric: He left his cell phone on purpose so I couldn't call him?

Simon: I don't know. Was that you calling him?

Eric: No...

Simon: Well, somebody's been calling 'em. His phone has been ringing off the hook for like every half hour.

Eric: And he didn't tell you where he was going?

Simon: No...

Eric: Okay, well, I guess I'll wait... and while I'm waiting, maybe we can talk. Are you worried?

Simon: About the test... the medical stuff? No, we used protection. I should be fine.

Eric: Are you sure you're not here 'cause you're concerned you might not be fine?

Simon: No...

Eric: You're not just saying you used protection because you don't want to tell me you took a risk, are you?

Simon: No Dad, honest, I wouldn't do that.

Eric: Are you reading the Bible?

Simon: I might be.

Eric: Interesting...

Simon: Why is that interesting?

Eric: Why do I sense that maybe you've struck up a bargain with God?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knock)

Kevin: Who is it?

Vic: It's Vic.

Kevin: Eric's not here.

Vic: Nah, it's okay, you'll do.

Kevin: Thanks... what do you need?

Vic: Well... it's just that... you think Paris would be marrying me if we hadn't gotten pregnant?

Kevin: Guess you'll never know for sure, but come on; she doesn't have to marry you, even now. She could stay single and have the baby, lot of women do that. The two of you can continue living next to each other in a duplex. Nothing says you have to get married.

Vic: Yeah, you're right. I mean, we're happy, life's been great for us this past year. So why in the heck am I screwing that up? I'm the one pushing to get married; maybe we should forget about it. Thanks, Kevin... thanks. You know, I thought I was doing the right thing, but maybe not, maybe I ought to leave well enough alone. I mean we're having a baby, that oughta change life enough, don't you think?

Camden's House - Attic Room / Petrowski's House

Peter on Phone: Hello?

Ruthie on Phone: Hi, it's me.

Peter on Phone: Oh, hi.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, hi?

Peter on Phone: Look, I'm sorry if you thought that I showed up with my family so that we could get back together again. I'd already heard that you have a boyfriend.

Ruthie on Phone: Where did you hear that?

Peter on Phone: I still talk to people who know you.

Ruthie on Phone: But why don't you talk to me?

Peter on Phone: Because you have a boyfriend.

Ruthie on Phone: I didn't have a boyfriend all year long. Vincent and I just started going out.

Peter on Phone: I have a girlfriend. We're in a committed relationship.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, I didn't know.

Peter on Phone: I think it doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, you're seeing someone else too, right? You are still with that Vincent guy, aren't you?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, Vincent and I are still going out.

Peter on Phone: So, I guess there's nothing else to say, is there?

Ruthie on Phone: I guess not.

Peter on Phone: Nice talking to you.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Eric: Believe me nothing would make me happier than if you've decided to seriously consider your life in terms of spiritual matters, but...

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...? Ah, Martin's not here. This is Eric Camden, could I give him a message?

Eric: Comin' up! Good morning!

Martin: I got in late last night, so I didn't come over when I got your message. I didn't want to wake anyone.

Eric: What time did you get home?

Martin: Ah, it was around two.

Eric: Something to do with school?

Martin: (nods)

Martin: So Simon told you?

Eric: Yes, but that's all we knew, so when your dad called looking for you...

Martin: That's why you wanted to talk to me? My dad called?

Eric: Yeah, I mean, he called and called and called on your cell phone, and I finally picked up. I thought maybe it was an emergency.

Martin: I knew you wouldn't approve that I was out with Zoe, even though it was only for school, and there are witness. She had to watch a meteor storm as part of a class, and she didn't want to go out to the park late by herself, so I took her.

Eric: I wished you had just asked. I mean, I wished you had trusted me to trust you, but you didn't.

Martin: No, I didn't, so I took a risk.

Eric: Yeah, and while you were out taking a risk, you missed an important call from your dad.

Martin: Did he say why he was calling?

Eric: He said it was something he wanted to tell you himself. He didn't want to leave a message.

Martin: That can't be good. Who knows when he'll get the chance to call again?

Eric: He said he'd try to call you back tonight.

Martin: Was he angry that I wasn't home?

Eric: I think he was a little upset that I didn't know where you where and that you hadn't told me where you were, but... that wasn't why he called. Look, don't worry, okay? Ah, whatever it is... he sounded fine. I have to go to work. I've got a busy morning... so.

Simon: Good morning.

Eric: Oh, how are you this morning?

Simon: God willing, I'm fine.

Eric: Let me know.

Simon: I'll pray that everything is fine with your dad.

Martin: All right... thanks, I guess.

Camden's House - Nursery

Lucy: I won't be gone that long. I just need to go out and check on some things so I can start thinking about putting her on a bottle.

Kevin: Great... once she gets on a bottle, I'll be able to take care of her all by myself. I can.

Lucy: Bye, baby.

Kevin: Lucy... if you're gone longer than you think and she gets hungry, if I give her a bite of my sandwich, do I have to burp her more or less than if she just has milk?

Lucy: No, you're not supposed to give her any of your sandwich.

Kevin: (laughs)

Kevin: I was just kidding.

Lucy: It's not funny.

Kevin: We'll be fine.

Savannah: (baby noises)

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Door: (knock)

Lynn: Did you talk to Russell?

Eric: I did.

Lynn: And...?

Eric: And...

Lynn: Oh please, don't tell me that you're on his side.

Eric: I wanna tell you why he wants the girls to go to Memphis. Have you ever heard of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis?

Lynn: Tonya and Kristi don't have cancer, they have sickle cell disease.

Eric: St. Jude treats more than just cancer, it was actually established to do clinical research and provide treatment for catastrophic childhood disease, including sickle cell disease. Now when Russell... when he heard about what they were doing for children with sickle cell disease who have also had strokes before, like Tonya and Kristi, he went in and talked to some of the doctors and what he found out is pretty interesting.

Lynn: I'm not letting them go. I am not giving them up just 'cause Russell thinks something is interesting.

Eric: They have a new drug for treating sickle cell disease, actually, it's not so new, some patients have been using it for years without any serious side effects, whatsoever. It was developed as an anti-cancer drug, but the results for sickle cell disease have been phenomenal.

Lynn: Well, I can't afford a new drug, the one we're using now for the iron overload is very expensive. Along with the cost of the transfusions, it's over thirty thousand dollars a year for each of them.

Eric: St. Jude pays for everything not covered by insurance, it won't cost you anything. But, more than that, Tonya and Kristi could get off the blood transfusion, it could get them off this expensive drug you're using now. The new drug it costs a couple of dollars a day and it's taken orally. The children who are using it are in less pain, they're in the hospital less often and the drug decreases the need for the transfusions. They're also hoping that it decrease the likelihood of strokes, too.

Lynn: But it's a risk.

Eric: Yeah, it is. They don't know the long-term effects, but they know the long-term effects of blood transfusions and so do you.

Lynn: But even if I wanted to take the risk, I could do it here with them. Why would I consider letting Russell just move them to Memphis and take over?

Russell: Oh, please, let me explain. I don't want to take over. Look, I don't... it's just that from everything that I've seen, St. Jude is on the cutting edge of finding a cure for sickle cell disease, not a treatment... a cure. And, while they're not there yet, they have cured several patients by using bone marrow transplants from their parents. It's still too risky maybe for us to try that now, but in the meantime, there's this drug.

Lynn: I'll think about the new treatment plan, but I don't want to think about the girls going to Memphis. You are not taking my daughters away from me.

Russell: I don't want to take your daughters away from you. I want you and our daughters to move to Memphis.

Lynn: What?

Russell: You don't have to move there, they take anyone from anywhere in the country and they pay for housing, but... I was wrong to leave. I did a terrible, terrible thing. And, I'm asking, I'm asking for another chance. I have a good job. I can support you and the girls. You don't have to work. You can be there for them full-time, and I'll be there for them, too, in all the ways that I haven't been. And, I'll be there for you, if you'll let me. This new drug, the nurse said that it doesn't just heal sickle cell patients, it heals families.

Eric: It's not something you have to decide today.

Russell: But for the sake of Tonya and Kristi, I'd say the sooner, the better. Can I... can I buy you a cup of coffee?

High School - Hallway

Ruthie: Hi...

Vincent: Hey...

Ruthie: I thought you would call me back last night.

Vincent: Why?

Ruthie: Don't you think you overacted? I mean, it's not like I like Peter or anything, not like I like you.

Vincent: But if Peter had shown up hoping to get back together with you, what would you have done?

Ruthie: I would have told him I had a boyfriend. I would have told him I wasn't interested.

Vincent: If you ask me, you seem a little upset that you didn't get to reject him and that he rejected you.

Ruthie: That's not true.

Vincent: So did you find out if he has a girlfriend?

Ruthie: No, I mean, yes... yes, he has a girlfriend.

Vincent: Did he call you or did you call him?

Ruthie: He... I... He...

Vincent: So, you called him... because you just had to know.

Ruthie: Please, don't be angry with me.

Vincent: That's the chance you took last night when you picked up the phone last night.

Martin: He never calls. He e-mails, but this was a phone call and I missed it.

Zoe: He'll call back.

Martin: I just hope it isn't bad news. I wish I had been there.

Zoe: I wouldn't have asked you to stay out with me if I had known he was going to call. It's not my fault.

Martin: You're right, it isn't. It's my fault. I shouldn't have gone out when I wasn't supposed to. I shouldn't have listened to you.

Zoe: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I didn't have any way of knowing how big a risk it was. I thought the worst that would happen would be Reverend Camden would get angry at you, and if he did, he's get over it. I didn't think it was that big of a risk.

Martin: It's always a risk, doing the wrong thing is always a risk. And my dad is adventurous and all that, but he never does the wrong thing. I wasn't being any thing like him. I'll call you when I hear from him.

Camden's House - Nursery

Paris: Hey...

Paris: So, is it true?

Kevin: Is what true?

Paris: Well, did you point out that Vic and I would be taking a big risk if we got married, that, that things are fine just the way they are?

Kevin: Ummm, not exactly.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Simon: Simon Camden... yes, thank you, thank you. Yeah, I've been waiting for your call...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Vic: I don't know, Kevin pointed out that things are fine like they are and I just...

Eric: Just...?

Vic: I just didn't want to mess things up.

Eric: And you didn't think it would mess things up to tell Paris, who is seven months pregnant, with your son or daughter, that you're having second thoughts about marrying her?

Vic: I'm not... I mean, I was... but I'm not. I'm ready to do this.

Eric: Good, good... then let's do it.

Vic: Let's...

Eric: Living room...

Vic: Yes, living room...

Simon: Oh hey, I'm glad you're home. I wanted to tell you know that I got the phone call, and I'm officially fine.

Eric: Except that you've now made a pact with the Almighty out of fear that you might have an STD.

Simon: If that's what it took to get me to see the light, so be it. You know, the first step to wisdom is the fear of God... or something like that.

Eric: Yeah, something like that. You going somewhere?

Simon: Yeah, I gotta get back school.

Eric: Well, you're not even staying for the weekend?

Simon: Dad, I came down here in case I needed you, but now I don't need you. What I do need is a higher power in my life and I've got that now.

Eric: You wearing a cross?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, mom gave it to me.

Eric: That's, that's, that's good. It'll be a nice reminder of the promises you made.

Simon: Goodnight... God bless.

Camden's House - Living Room

Kevin: I'm sorry about everything, I don't even know why I said that stuff.

Vic: Me neither.

Kevin: The important thing is, I got it all figured out... with a little help from dad, of course.

Vic: Of course.

Kevin: Were you this nervous before your first wedding?

Vic: Actually, I don't remember my first wedding.

Sam: Why not?

Vic: I wasn't feeling very well that day.

David: Were you sick?

Vic: Yeah, yeah, for many, many years.

Peter: You look nice.

Ruthie: Thanks... didn't you bring your girlfriend?

Peter: It was kind of last minute.

Peter: Didn't invite your boyfriend?

Ruthie: It was kind of last minute.

Doorbell: (rings)

Vic: Girlfriend? You don't have a girlfriend.

Peter: Yeah, I know.

Camden's House - Foyer

Vincent: Hey, I thought I'd stop by just in case you weren't doing anything, maybe we can go out, talk.

Ruthie: Come in.

Vincent: Oh, sorry, looks like you're busy.

Ruthie: You wanna come to a wedding?

Vincent: Peter's mom and dad?

Ruthie: Come on.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: Peter... this is Vincent. Vincent... this is Peter and his dad Vic.

Vic: Well, looks like everybody's here. Where's the bride?

Eric: Oh, she'll be down momentarily.

Doorbell: (rings)

Eric: I'll get it.

Camden's House - Foyer

Lynn: Hi... we just wanted to talk to you a few minutes. We still have some things to work out. Are you busy?

Eric: A little.

Lynn: A nurse from the hospital volunteered to sit with the girls tonight so Russell and I could spend some time together.

Russell: It's kind of our first date.

Lynn: Or our second counseling session. Oh, you have a household full of people. And how crazy are we, just dropping by?

Eric: Ah, no, not crazy at all. How's a wedding for your first date? Come on in.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: Ah, everybody, these are friends, Russell and Lynn.

Annie: Hi...

Eric: So, let's all take a seat and we can get started. Okay, bride and groom and best man...

Ruthie: Thanks for coming.

Vincent: Thanks for letting me in.

Kevin: So, I did pretty well today, didn't I?

Lucy: You did okay.

Kevin: So?

Lucy: We'll see.

Kevin: You got a better plan?

Lucy: Not yet.

Eric: Often in our lives, we're, we're faced with choices where the answers are quite simple. Yes or no... left or right... right or wrong... soup or salad?

Paris: (laughs)

Eric: Because sometimes the answers aren't so cut and dry, that's, that's where we have to take a risk and with every risk, we need be careful not to make choices without fully thinking through the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we need to look deep within ourselves to see which path to take; sometimes we may need the guidance of a higher power. We may know instantly or we might not know for years if the risks we're takin' today are gonna pay off tomorrow. Doesn't mean we shouldn't take those risks. Without risk, there is no reward. Today, for Vic and Paris, the risk of deciding to see each other again is about to pay off.

Phone: (rings)

Martin: Sorry... Dad?

Eric: Do you, Paris Marie Petrowski, take George to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?

Paris: I do.

Eric: Do you, George Willard Vickery, Vic, take Paris to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?

Vic: I certainly do.

Eric: By the power vested in me, I am pleased to announce that you are once again, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Vic: Oh...

Paris: Oh...

Paris: (laughs)

Annie: (laughs)

Crowd: (applauds)

Martin: My dad's coming home! My dad's coming home!

Eric: (laughs)

Eric: All right!

Happy: (barks) 

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