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#10.01 : Au pied du mur

Les Camden se retrouvent dans une série de situations difficiles : Eric essaye d'éviter de dire à ses parents, Ruth et le Colonel, que Mary a divorcé. Il espère que personne de la famille ne le leur dira, plus particulièrement les jumeaux. Simon et Rose qui sont fiancés viennent à Glenoak pour passer du temps en famille. Rose veut rencontrer les grands parents de Simon. Rose harcèle Simon pour qu'il avance la date de leur mariage. Lucy réalise qu'être pasteur associée est plus difficile que ce qu'elle imaginait. Toute la communauté de Glenoak et la congrégation de l'église se soulève quand Lucy fait un discours très controversé sur les mères qui travaillent dans son sermon du dimanche. 


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Titre VO
It's late

Titre VF
Au pied du mur

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Serment de Lucy (VO)

Serment de Lucy (VO)


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Rose (Sarah Thompson) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Rose (Sarah Thompson) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sam et david  joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Sam et david joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) discutent

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) discutent

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Martin, Rose et Simon

Martin, Rose et Simon

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Rose (Sarath Thompson)

Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) et Rose (Sarath Thompson)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Peter Graves (John 'Le Colonel' Camden), Christopher Michael (Capitaine Michaels), Carlos Ponce (Carlos Rivera), Barbara Rush (Grand-mère Ruth Camden), Garrett Strommen (Jack), Alan Fudge (Lou Dalton) 

Guests :

  • Jason Thornton ..... Henry

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: It's late, we gotta get on home. It's late, we've been gone too long. Too bad, we should've checked our time. Can't phone, we done spent every dime. It's late, we've about to run out of gas.

Eric: It's late, we gotta get home fast.

Eric: Can't speed, we're at a slow down zone. Well, baby, look at that clock why can't it be wrong. If we could've left home at a quarter to nine, would've had fun in plenty of time. We got started just a little bit late...

Eric: ...hope this won't be out last date. Look up...

Eric: ...is that the moon we see? Can't be, looks like the sun...

Eric: Just getting my mood up.

Lucy: I see that.

Eric: Looks like you've got a lot to say.

Lucy: I do... and this is just the beginning.

Eric: Well, just, just remember you've got a lot of Sundays to say everything... a lifetime really. You know I cam remember a couple of Sundays when I thought what I had to say was more important than anything else.

Lucy: I'm well aware.

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: I wish my parents had made arrangements to be in church in time hear your sermon.

Lucy: On the other hand, once they get here...

Eric: We have to tell them about Mary and Carlos.

Lucy: You have to tell them.

Eric: (sighs)

Glenoak Community Church

Sound: (organ music)

Anne: Hi... Hey can you move over, Ruthie needs to sit down.

Ruthie: Hi...

Meredith: (mouths) Hi...

Annie: Is that Meredith?

Ruthie: Yeah, and that's her friend from school. She invited him.

Annie: He's not a teacher is he?

Ruthie: No, his name is Jack; he's barely older than I am.

Annie: Are you interested in Jack?

Ruthie: I might be, but that's okay, Meredith knows.

Annie: How old is he?

Ruthie: I think he's seventeen, maybe eighteen. He's in Martin's class.

Annie: Oh...

Hey, is your dad coming?

Martin: No, he's working.

Annie: How is the landscaping business?

Martin: It's going well.

Ruthie: Meredith's here.

Martin: I know... saw her walking in.

Annie: Is Martin's interested in Meredith?

Ruthie: Yeah, and Meredith's interested in him.

Annie: So why is she with Jack?

Ruthie: He was her summer boyfriend; believe me, it's over.

Annie: But, Martin went out with Cecilia. Cecilia's parents took in Meredith and her sisters and brother. They all became a family. I mean Meredith is Cecilia's sister.

Ruthie: Meredith called Cecilia and asked her if it would be okay if she went out with Martin. She doesn't care.

Martin: I didn't know Simon was coming home this weekend.

Annie: Oh, hey, why are you here?

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: You know the Colonel and Ruth won't be here 'til later. Are you gonna introduce Rose to your grandparents?

Simon: No, no, Rose just really wanted to come to church. But, we're going to drive back later.

Annie: Good, good... there's no reason to stick around.

Rose: We'll sit with Martin.

Sandy: Oh, hi, I'd hoped you'd be here. I think we should talk about what happened last summer. I feel like we need to clear the air, you know. I tried calling, but you didn't return any of my calls.

Annie: Oh, where's Savannah?

Kevin: I left her in the nursery. I was afraid she'd yell out to Lucy during her sermon.

Annie: Do you know what Lucy's sermon is about?

Kevin: No...

Kevin: (reading) "The Working Mother of Christ".

Kevin: I hope she's not going to drag our debate about raising Savannah into the church. It's no one's business. It's personal.

Annie: Welcome to my world.

Sound: (organ music)

Glenoak Community Church

Lucy: So anything that offers you a reward is a suggestion, anything that offers you some punishment is a suggestion. We are subject to suggestion one-hundred percent of the time, unless we are aware that what we are doing is blindly following suggestion. As women, as mothers, we hear a lot of suggestions, this being the big one... stay at home and the children will be better off, go to work and the children will suffer. But, then there are child experts who say that it's better if the mother works, especially if there are daughters involved. It's better for the daughter to see that women are valued in the world, valued in jobs that serve others outside the family, better to see mom as a wage earner who makes a contribution outside the home as well as inside the home, just like the working father. Look at my family, the family I grew up in; each of my brothers and sisters has responded differently to the same situation, a father who works outside the home, a mother who works inside the home. As you've observed over the years, each of us, each Camden has had his or her challenges, and our achievements and failures have been right out there for all of you to observe, comment on, and be a part of even. This morning I'm just sharing with you some of the questions that I've been faced with this summer as my husband and I are considering some of the suggestions that we're bombarded with as we make our decisions regarding our daughter Savannah and our plans for her and for our family's future.

Sandy: I can't wait any longer; I have to go to the restroom.

Lucy: It seems that Kevin and I are discovering what a lot of you parents know already. The books aren't always right; the experts are often divided on the issue of working mothers.

Martin: I can't believe you bought her here.

Simon: I had to.

Martin: No, you didn't.

Lucy: So how do we know the right thing to do, especially in terms of our children and our families?

Simon: Remind me to never introduce you to one of Rose's friends again.

Martin: You won't have to.

Lucy: Do we follow in the footsteps of our own parents, or do we try to avoid footsteps in hopes of not repeating their mistakes? The questions are simple. The answers are complex. But... we have a guide and life itself is our teacher.

Sound: (book crashing)

Annie: Oh...!

Sam: Is she done yet?

Annie: No...

Congregation: (laughing)

Lucy: Yes, I am... or almost. I just wanted to say that we'll all be learning as we go through this life together, and once a month, I will be speaking to you, to all of you, about the challenges life presents to all of us as the students of life in the school called family. Thank you.

Eric: May God bless you and keep you while we are absent one from another. Amen...

Sound: (organ music)

Kevin: That was a little personal, wasn't it?

Lucy: I've gotta get to the front of the church. We'll talk later.

Lou: We should talk.

Eric: About?

Lou: It's 12:30.

Eric: I'll talk to her.

Lou: Maybe we should talk first. I don't think people are happy with that sermon.

Eric: I saw some happy faces.

Lou: Yeah, around noon when people thought she was finished.

Eric: My office... tomorrow.

Annie: I think you're gonna to head back home. The boys are hungry.

Eric: I'll say my goodbyes as quickly as possible.

Annie: That shouldn't be a problem since everyone is in such a hurry to get out.

Eric: The sermon was a little long.

Annie: Yeah, and I don't think everyone liked it.

Eric: You?

Annie: Did she imply that even though I choose to stay home with my children some of them turned out rotten?

Eric: I, I don't think she said that, no. And they're not just your children, they're our children, so if they're rotten, then I'm equally responsible.

Annie: I don't think she said that. I think she said the mom's responsible.

Sam: Yeah, I think she said that.

David: You don't know. You were asleep.

Sam: So were you.

David: I'm hungry.

Sam: I'm starving.

Annie: We'll see ya' back at the house.

Eric: (sighs)

Joyce: Sure "Reverend", you've got choices, but what about those of us who don't have husbands who are loaded?

Donna: How long have you been a mother? Like five minutes?

Herman: Have you read the book your sermon is based on?

Lucy: What happened?

Eric: I'm just not sure that they got your point. What exactly was the point you were trying to make? Not about you, ah, ah about working mothers in general. I'm not, not sure I quite clear on that.

Lucy: Just because you've been doing this forever doesn't mean you get to critique my sermons.
Eric: Actually, since I'm the pastor of this church and you're the associate pastor, even if you're my daughter, I think I do get to comment.

Helen: Excuse me... I think you forgot something.

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry. I was waiting for my wife.

Helen: No, we were all waiting for your wife.

Jack: That was a long sermon, huh? My church, people just start walking out the doors at 12:15, whether it's over or not. I'm usually home and changed by now.

Meredith: Well, if you're in a hurry to get back, I can just get a ride with the Camdens, Ruthie and I could just hang out at her house or something.

Ruthie: Right...

Jack: That's okay. I don't think Meredith's dad would like it if I picked her up and then didn't bring her back. We should get goin'.

Ruthie: Well, I'd invite you guys over to our house for lunch later, but Simon showed up with some of his friends from school.

Jack: Maybe some other time.

Ruthie: Well, do you guys want to meet Martin and me at the Promenade tonight; we could see a movie then get a pizza or something?

Jack: We'll see. It's a school night. We don't usually go out on school nights, but maybe. We'll call you later.

Sandy: Look, I just thought you'd call me.

Martin: I'm really sorry, I guess I should have but... I, I was... I don't know... embarrassed.

Sandy: Really?

Martin: I just, I don't know why I let that happen.

Sandy: Wait, was that your first time? I mean, it didn't seem like it was your first time. I only asked because you said you were embarrassed.

Martin: Yeah, um, do we, do we have to talk about this... especially here?

Sandy: No, we don't have to talk about this here. I definitely think we should talk about this.

Rose: We can stay until they get here, I don't have a class until eleven tomorrow.

Simon: No, you can meet them some other time.

Rose: Why not now?

Simon: Because now's not a good time. I, I think mom and dad want to tell them about Mary and Carlos.

Rose: Don't you think it would make them happy if they know that while one Camden is getting divorced, another one is getting married?

Simon: I don't know. I don't think Martin's too happy to see Sandy.

Rose: I think they look cute together.

Simon: Oh, cute or not, I don't think he's very interested in her.

Rose: He was interested enough to sleep with her.

Simon: What... no... Martin doesn't do that. Believe me, I know, we talk. He comes to me for advice.

Rose: Have you talked to him recently?

Simon: No, but I'm sure Martin hasn't slept with Sandy. When would Martin have slept with Sandy?

Rose: When? The only time he's ever been out with her; when he came up to visit you this summer. What's the big deal? Why do you care?

Simon: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

David: Do you wanna eat?

Eric: I should probably wait for your mom, and Kevin and Lucy and Savannah, I suppose.

Sam: Why don't you call them?

David: I know the number. I can tell it to you.

Eric: I know the number, I called, they didn't answer.

Sam: Then maybe they're eating at their house.

David: Yeah, maybe they're not coming. Pass the gravy.

Eric: Yeah, maybe I should help mommy get the garage apartment ready for the Colonel and Grandma Ruth. Oh, didn't we tell you? They're just coming for a few days. We haven't seen they in a long time.

David: I can't wait to see them.

Sam: We love playing soldier with the Colonel.

Eric: Yeah, and your mother and I just love seeing the three of you pretending to shoot each other, but... there's something that maybe we should talk about. Ah, see the Colonel and Grandma Ruth don't know about Mary and Carlos. And, your mom and I would like to be the ones to tell them, so I'm hoping that maybe you won't say anything about Mary and Carlos, you know, until we've had a chance to explain things to them.

Sam: How are you gonna explain Mary?

Eric: That's a very good question and I'll just have a bite of the roast while I think about that.

Camden's House - Living Room

Rose: Why don't we get Martin and go get something to eat?

Simon: Because my mom made lunch. She said we didn't have to wait, we can eat now if we want.

Rose: No, then she'd think I'm impolite. But, maybe Martin would like to wait with us.

Simon: If he wanted to wait with us, I'm sure he would wait with us. It's not like he doesn't know we're all in here.

Sandy: Then maybe I'll go find him and wait with him.

Simon: I didn't know we drove all the way down to Glenoak just so you could see Martin.

Rose: But that's what we did, so go and get him.

Simon: He's too young for you. He's still in high school.

Sandy: So? He's very mature.

Simon: No, he's not. Look, I know him, he's not that mature.

Sandy: Well, maybe, it's time he grows up a little bit.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Ruthie: Hey, I tried. I got them to church then you blew it talking to Rose's friend.

Martin: I know, but you could have kept them around if you really tried.

Ruthie: Don't blame me. After that sermon, everyone was in a hurry to leave.

Martin: Maybe she really likes that guy.

Ruthie: No, she doesn't. She wants to go out with you and she said I could have Jack, and I'll take him. I don't wanna waste half the year trying to find someone like I did last year.

Martin: You don't have to have a boyfriend. Especially that guy; he's a senior.

Ruthie: So? Meredith's younger than you. What's the difference?

Martin: By one year, and the difference is I'm really attracted to her and she's really a nice girl. And we have a lot in common, she lost her mom to drugs, I lost my mom to cancer. I mean, her mom's not dead or anything, but she's never really been there for her.

Ruthie: Well, Jack's a really nice guy and we might have a lot in common.

Martin: But you don't know that. You don't know anything about him and neither do I.

Ruthie: I know he's cute and he's popular and I can get to know him, once I get you hooked up with Meredith.

Martin: I'm not really comfortable with the fact that you two have this deal where you trade one guy for another one.

Ruthie: They do it that all the time in baseball. You don't seem to mind then. By the way, why is your dad doing landscaping on Sunday?

Martin: (shrugs)

Martin: I don't know. It's a job. A job he really likes. He finds it relaxing after being in the service for so long.

Ruthie: Don't you find it a bit strange for a career Marine to go into... gardening?

Martin: No, I don't.

Ruthie: If you ask me, he's in the CIA

Martin: No, he's not.

Ruthie: Did he tell you that?

Martin: No... he would tell me if he was in the CIA.

Ruthie: Would he?

Martin: That's crazy. He's in landscaping.

Ruthie: Okay, he's in landscaping.

Rose: Hey guys, want to wait with us in the living room?

Ruthie: No we don't, but thanks.

Rose: What about you?

Martin: I'm fine out here.

Rose: You know Sandy came all this way just to see you.

Martin: Well... she shouldn't have.

Rose: But she did.

Ruthie: Why?

Rose: Ask him. If Lucy and Kevin aren't here in ten minutes, I think we might go somewhere else to eat and then eat again once everyone gets their act together around here. Sure you don't want to come in, Martin?

Martin: I'm sure.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: I can't believe you and Martin... you know...

Sandy: Why not? You and I did.

Simon: That was before I met Rose.

Sandy: That's how you met Rose... through me, or have you forgotten that already?

Simon: No, I haven't forgotten... went to high school together. Rose doesn't know that you and I...?

Sandy: No, but she knows about Martin and me.

Simon: And what's to know other than you slept with him, which by the way, I think was really wrong. You know he's in high school.

Sandy: Well, it's not like I had to talk him into it.

Simon: So what are you here for anyway? If he had wanted to see you, he'd call you.

Sandy: I have my reasons.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: We better get over there. They're waitin' on us.

Lucy: Yeah, I guess. Oh, I love having our own house.

Kevin: I do, too.

Lucy: But really, we have to stop fighting about work and fatherhood and motherhood and...

Kevin: Who's fighting?

Lucy: That was a pretty good fight.

Kevin: And an even better apology.

Lucy: Still...

Kevin: Still what? If fighting means we get to do that more often, I say we should keep fighting about who's staying home with Savannah until she graduates from college.

Lucy: But we've been fighting all summer.

Kevin: I know... thanks.

Lucy: Really, this sharing child-raising responsibilities isn't working out. It's one thing so say you'll take care of Savannah during the day and I'll take care of her at night, but it's like we both have two jobs.

Kevin: No it's not, really, I love being at home with Savannah.

Lucy: Well, I have to admit; you are pretty good with her, but...

Kevin: But so are you. I think we should think about having another one.

Lucy: Wait... another... baby?

Kevin: Why not?

Lucy: Why not? Are you crazy...? No, no, no, no, no it is way too soon and I'm already struggling with my job and raising one child. I feel torn. Like I'm not giving my work or my family my full attention.

Kevin: I'm getting plenty of attention. More attention than I've ever gotten. I'd be willing to quit my job and stay home with the kids.

Kevin: I would, I love being a cop, but I love being a dad more.

Lucy: You can't quit your job.

Kevin: Why not?

Lucy: No, you were a cop long before I was a minister, it wouldn't be fair.

Kevin: I have an idea. Why don't you write a sermon about it and see what the member of the congregations say?

Lucy: We're not fighting again.

Kevin: Please...?

Lucy: You take Savannah, I'm gonna go clean up. I'll meet you over there.

Kevin: Don't you want a sister or a brother?

Lucy: No, she doesn't.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: So you're eating?

Martin: Not officially, it's a paper plate.

Kevin: So everyone's waiting on us?

Martin: Not really.

Lucy: Mmmm... thanks for waiting on us.

Martin: Can I ask you something?

Martin: You know, as a priest or whatever you call it.

Lucy: I'm a not a priest, I'm an associate pastor, but... go ahead.

Martin: Does it work the same way if I ask you something or tell you something, can it be completely confidential and you won't tell Kevin or Reverend Camden or Mrs. Camden or my dad, especially my dad?

Lucy: Yes, it works the same way. I promise. This is between you and me. Now, how can I help?

Martin: That girl who came to church, Rose's friend, Sandy, I went out with her when I went to see Simon this summer.

Lucy: Okay...

Martin: And I don't want to see her again. She keeps calling me and today she showed up here.

Lucy: So your question is... how do you dump her?

Martin: (nods)

Lucy: Well, you only saw her the one time, but of course, you still want to be polite and respectful of her feelings since she obviously has feelings for you. So... tell her that you enjoyed meeting her but she's in college and you're still in high school and you think it would be best if you found someone to date who's closer to your age and closer to home.

Martin: That's true...

Lucy: Wait a minute, why are you asking me this... what don't you want my dad or your dad and anyone else to know?

Simon: I need to talk to Martin.

Lucy: Well, I'm talking to him.

Simon: You can talk to him anytime, and I'm only here for the day, most of which was spent listening to your very long sermon, so if you don't mind...

Martin: Thanks for the advice.

Simon: You slept with her?

Martin: No judgment, okay, especially from you.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: For the garage apartment... for Grandma Ruth and the Colonel.

Eric: Everyone else is here we can eat.

Ruthie: I think everyone already ate. I know I did.

Eric: I haven't, or I didn't eat that much and your mom hasn't eaten. Where is she?

Ruthie: Down in the basement look for old jazz records for the Colonel. She thinks if she makes them comfortable enough, they won't leave the garage.

Eric: Ah, not likely.

Ruthie: So what's the plan?

Eric: The plan is, that ah, they'll get in here later tonight and we'll get them over to the apartment so they can get to bed early and not ask any questions. Then tomorrow morning, I'll whisk the boys over to school before they have a chance to spill the beans. Then I'm going to work, and your mother is going to give them the car so they can roam around, while she's busy doing what she does, and then we'll have an early dinner and Kevin and Lucy will keep them busy showing them the new house and Savannah and ah, we'll go to bed early. And, we'll continue playing cat and mouse like that through the week until we get trapped in a corner and have to tell them about the divorce. At which point, I'm sure they'll head straight to the airport, angry that we didn't tell them sooner and blaming me for what happened with an order from the Colonel to do something about it.

Ruthie: So it really doesn't matter if I stick around tonight. Like I can go out if I want.

Eric: Ohhh... with the guy sitting across the aisle from you in church?

Ruthie: Maybe...

Eric: Doesn't he have a girlfriend already?

Ruthie: Meredith? No, she's interested in Martin and Martin's interested in her and I'm interested in Jack, so now all we just have to get Jack interested in me and everything should work out fine.

Eric: How do you plan to get him interested in you?

Ruthie: By being there when Meredith dumps him.

Eric: Well, that sounds like a complicated and dishonest plan of action.

Ruthie: No disrespect intended Dad, but kind of like your plan?

Eric: Yeah, but mine involved family and yours involves innocent outsiders, and how old is that guy... Jack?

Ruthie: He's a senior.

Eric: And you're a sophomore and I don't know that you should be going out with an older guy.

Ruthie: Well, Meredith's younger than Martin and she's going out with him, or at least she wants to go out with him.

Eric: Isn't she just a year younger?

Ruthie: So, I'm a couple of years younger. A lot of girls in my class are dating seniors.

Eric: I can't really do much about them.

Ruthie: Dad, I've been dating for almost a year now. I think I can handle going out with a senior.

Eric: Not a senior I haven't met and know nothing about, other than he looks more like a twenty-one-year-old adult.

Ruthie: You investigated everyone Mary ever went out with in high school and her life and her relationships haven't turned out well at all.

Eric: I did the same with Lucy, and her husband's a gem.

Ruthie: True, but if there's a Kevin out there for me, I have to be the one to find him; you can't do it for me. I think I'm responsible enough to choose my own dates and my own boyfriends. Don't you trust me?

Eric: I trust you, I just, I don't trust some eighteen-year-old senior that I've never met. Just ask him to come over, let me get a sense of what kind of guy he is, and then your mother and I will talk it over.

Ruthie: And what if I don't want to? What if I don't want to look like a big baby who has to have her parents' approval if she wants to go out for a pizza or to a movie? What if I just want to be a normal teenager with normal parents and not the daughter of a minister who thinks he has the God given right to ruin my life?

Annie: What is going on?

Eric: What's going on is that Ruthie suddenly thinks she should be allowed to do anything she wants, and I'm going to go talk to her.

Annie: I think that we have enough going on with your parents coming to visit, so let's not get into an argument with Ruthie that can wait.

Eric: I don't think it can wait. She wants to go out tonight.

Annie: Well, she can't go out with him tonight.

Eric: She can't go out with Jack any time if I don't think she should. We don't think she should... we don't think she should, do we? We don't know him; he's a senior. He's too old for her.

Annie: We don't even know if he wants to go out with her, and neither does she. Why don't we just you know, wait and see what happens, okay. Slow down, take it one guys at a time, one day at a time.

Eric: Maybe, or maybe the problem isn't whether or not Jack wants to go out with her, maybe the problem is that we are once again on the road to teenage daughter hell and I say we turn and head in the other direction before we find ourselves down at the city jail paying bail money.

Annie: She's not Mary.

Eric: And she's not gonna become Mary.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Martin: Because I, I wasn't planning to do anything.

Simon: Well, you shouldn't have done anything.

Martin: It just, just happened.

Simon: What if... what if... I don't know. I just... I have a bad feeling that she wants to see you for some other reason than she just wants to see you.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: You sure you don't want some dessert?

Rose: And get fat before the wedding?

Simon: I think there's enough time before the wedding for you to get fat and then you can get thin again and maybe you can even get fat again and get thin again.

Rose: That's if we wait until we graduate.

Simon: And we agreed to wait until we graduate, a year from next May.

Rose: I don't wanna wait.

Simon: I know, but we agreed to.

Rose: Then can we please get engaged sooner?

Simon: We agreed to wait until May, and then we're gonna spend the whole last year of school engaged and then we're gonna be married, okay. So let's just stick to the plan.

Rose: Plans are good, but I also like to be spontaneous.

Simon: You're not looking at rings again, are you?

Rose: I love this one.

Simon: Yeah, it's a nice ring all right, but I don't make that kind of money, I make minimum wage.

Rose: You could make payments.

Simon: Making payment on a ring is like paying for it several times over.

Rose: You might understand money, but you don't understand me. I don't think I can wait until May to get a ring.

Simon: Oh, yes, you can. It'll give us a chance to get to know each other better.

Rose: We know each other.

Simon: Yeah, but we'll know each other better next May, and even better the next May when we get married. Everything seemed to be going along just fine, what happened?

Rose: I just don't want Martin and Sandy to get married before us.

Simon: Married?

Rose: (shrugs)

Simon: She doesn't think she's pregnant does she?


Sandy: All I know is that I'm late.

Martin: Late...

Sandy: Yes, you do know what that means, don't you?

Martin: Yeah, but couldn't it mean other things. Couldn't there be other reasons?

Sandy: No. Sweetie, I don't think so. You visited the campus in June.

Martin: I don't wanna anything to do with this.

Sandy: Yeah, well, expect you had everything to do with this.

Martin: I don't even know you.

Sandy: Well, I think we're going to get to know each other pretty well over the next few weeks and months and years.

Martin: No, no, no, we're, we're not. Look, you do whatever you wanna do.

Sandy: Hey, you better talk to me or I'm going to talk to someone else.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello? Oh, I, I think she's here, Jack. Do you mind if I ask what this is regarding?

Rose: Hi...

Eric: Hi...

Rose: I can't wait to meet your mom and dad.

Eric: Are you and Simon gonna wait around for them? You know, it might be eight, maybe nine, even later before they get here.

Rose: Of course, we're going to wait. Simon wants to tell them we're getting married. You haven't already told them, have you.

Eric: Uh, no... maybe you should wait until it's all official.

Rose: It's official.

Eric: Yeah, but, I mean there's not really a date yet.

Rose: Yes, there is. This May we're getting engaged, and the following May we're getting married, unless of course, our plans change and we decide to do it all sooner.

Eric: Of course. Is Simon in the living room?

Rose: (nods)

Eric: Excuse me.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: You know, you and Rose don't have to wait around. I'm sure your grandparents would understand.

Simon: I know.

Eric: I, I don't like the idea of your driving so far late at night, so...

Simon: I know.

Eric: And, to tell you the truth, this might not be the best time, considering while they're here, we plan to tell them about Mary.

Simon: Maybe you can give them that bad news and then I can give them my good news.

Eric: But you know, it's a long time until May and you're young, and plans can change between now and then. If you wait until you're certain about your plans with Rose, absolutely certain, it might be better. 'Cause then if you decide for some unknown reason, any reason, that you're not getting married, well then you don't have to go back and tell people, like my parents, who might then feel disappointed and want to ask a lot of questions about what happened, which they tend to do.

Simon: I don't mind if we don't tell them. Rose wants everyone to know... everyone, family, friends, acquaintances... strangers.

Eric: Yeah... you're... buying a ring?

Simon: She wants me to buy her a ring.

Eric: That, that ring?

Simon: Don't worry, it'll only take me until May to come up with the money.

Eric: What are you planning to do, rob a bank?

Simon: She seems to think that we could pay for it together, if we both pick extra jobs.

Eric: Oh... as what... astronauts?

Simon: I don't think they make that kind of money.

Eric: Simon...

Simon: Dad, I know what you're going to say.

Eric: What am I gonna say?

Simon: You're gonna say that I'm young and that marriage is a very big deal and I should make absolutely sure that I'm spending it with the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Eric: Something like that.

Simon: I love her. I can't help it. I really do. She's, she's demanding and she's selfish and controlling...

Eric: And that's what you love about her?

Simon: I love what her being selfish and demanding and controlling does to me. I mean, she really, she really pushes me to take risks, to take on challenges I wouldn't normally take on.

Eric: Like...?

Simon: Like changing my major.

Eric: You changed majors?

Simon: Yeah, I mean, I'm still interested in film, but now I'm going for my degree in business law. You know, maybe I'll get into to law school and become an attorney for the industry. I can get a job as, as an agent or studio executive or work at a network. I don't know.

Eric: I had no idea.

Simon: Yeah, well it combines my interest in money with my interest in, in film. That's what the film business is all about... making deals and money. I think I'd be good at that.

Eric: Yeah, that sounds good. I do, too.

Simon: So, she's not all bad. I know you and mom don't like her, but you don't really know her.

Eric: It's not that we don't like her. We never said we don't like her. Give us time, okay? And, give your grandparents time, too. You don't have to tell them you're getting married the first time they meet your girlfriend.

Simon: I already lost that battle, but ah, I'll talk to her, okay.

Eric: Thanks...

Door: (doorbell)

Eric: That couldn't be them already.

Camden's House - Foyer

Ruthie: What is this in regard to? Did you say that?

Eric: Just a second.

Carlos: Hi, we're here.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Carlos: It was Mary's idea. She gave me the flight passes and I thought why not.

Eric: Oh, Mary's idea.

Carlos: She wants you, and Annie, and the rest of the family to stay in contact with your grandson, and I agree. I think I should bring him more. That's okay, right? I mean, if this is too hard for you or... Mary was supposed to call you and let you know that we were coming but I guess I should have called first and made sure you knew.

Eric: You and Charlie are welcome here anytime and Annie and I are just so... happy that you're here.

Carlos: Are you sure?

Eric: Of course, it's just this one little problem... not a problem really... a challenge. My mom and dad are flying in tonight and this is the first time we've seen them face to face in a while, and we're using this opportunity to tell them about the uh... about you and Mary.

Carlos: Oh, I didn't know that. I guess I was right; I should have called.

Eric: No, really, you never have to call first. But, ah, since you didn't and you're here, maybe...

Carlos: No, no, no. I met them a couple of times, and I don't think I should be the one to break the news to them. I'll just go check into a hotel.

Eric: No, you can't do that, I, I really looking forward to spending time with Charlie and you, so we'll just spend time with my parents as well. It'll all work out.

Door: (knock)

Meredith: Is Ruthie home?

Eric: Sure, come in. Oh, you, you two haven't met. Uh, Meredith this is... Carlos, Mary's... this is our...

Carlos: I'm Carlos.

Meredith: (laughs)

Eric: Ruthie is upstairs, that's all the way upstairs in her bedroom... third floor.

Meredith: Thank you.

Eric: I'm so sorry. I just, I got caught off guard. It's not something I've thought about... who you are now.

Carlos: So... you just call me Carlos, and I'll just call you Eric.

Eric: I still can't believe this happened. I still don't know what happened.

Carlos: Well, there were two us in this marriage and I have to take equal responsibility for things not going right, so...

Eric: That's very generous of you... but...

Ruthie: Hi, Carlos.

Carlos: Ruthie... nice to see you.

Ruthie: It's nice to see you, too. I apologized to Jack for you, even though he thought you were just trying to be funny.

Eric: Apologized for...

Meredith: He's really a nice guy... Jack.

Eric: Not as nice as Martin.

Ruthie: Where is Martin, anyway?


Sandy: Okay, so I got the test; where's the restroom?

Martin: Ah, it's over by the movie theater.

Sandy: Okay, here goes nothing...

Martin: Should I come with you?

Sandy: No, I'll be fine. You should just wait right here, okay.

Rose: I told Simon we'd find you here. Where's Sandy?

Martin: Ah, she's around. Look, why don't we just catch up with you guys later, at the house or something.

Simon: Yeah, okay.

Rose: Not okay... so how are things going? Sandy's great, isn't she? What's wrong?

Simon: Maybe we should just catch up with them later.

Rose: I something wrong?

Martin: Not yet... no.

Glenoak Police Department

Kevin on Phone: How's my daughter?

Lucy on Phone: You just left ten minutes ago.

Kevin on Phone: Let me talk to her.

Lucy on Phone: Are you at your desk or are you in the car?

Kevin on Phone: I'm at my desk. I'm getting ready to go. I want to talk to her before I go out.

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: It's Daddy.

Kevin on Phone: Hi Savannah, it's Daddy.

Kevin on Phone: How's my little girl, huh?

Savannah: (gooing)

Kevin: It's Savannah.

Capt. Michaels: (nods)

Kevin on Phone: Give Daddy a kiss.

Kevin: (kissing noises)

Savannah: (gooing)

Lucy on Phone: She doesn't know how to do that.

Kevin on Phone: I love you. I have to go.

Lucy on Phone: I love you, too. I'll see you later.

Capt. Michaels: Hope I'm not interrupting?

Kevin: No, not really, I can always call them back.

Capt. Michaels: You really love being a dad, don't you?

Kevin: Yeah, I really do.

Capt. Michaels: I hope you still love being a cop, 'cause I've got an assignment for you.

Kevin: Love being a cop.

Capt. Michaels: We located the suspect in that freeway shooting. I want an arrest. You and Slotkin are backup.

Kevin: We're on our way.

Capt. Michaels: Kinkirk? Focus, son, I don't want anyone hurt out there.

Kevin: Got it, Captain and don't worry, no one's gonna get hurt. I have my daughter waiting for me.


Simon: I feel responsible for this. I never should have let him go out with her.

Rose: Are you kidding? You have nothing to do with this. You didn't know he was going to sleep with her.

Rose: (shrugs)

Rose: It happens.

Simon: It doesn't have to happen.

Rose: But it did and it has nothing to do with us. Other than, again, they're not getting married before we get married.

Song: Young emotions are mixed emotions. For it's a world where love and confusion reigns. A world of hope and laughter and tears and pain... 

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