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#10.03 : Oh les filles, oh les filles

Lorsque Rose et Simon décident d'apporter certains changements à leur relation, Annie et Eric supposent qu'ils sont en train de se séparer. Enceinte, Sandy décide d'emménager dans l'ancien appartement de Rose. Cette dernière souhaite alors s'installer avec Simon. Kevin décide, finalement, de quitter la police après avoir frôlé la mort durant son service. Malheureusement, il n'a pas informé Lucy de ses intentions. Eric joue avec son groupe à l'occasion de la fête paroissiale organisée par Lucy


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Titre VO
Moma's gonna buy you a diamond ring

Titre VF
Oh les filles, oh les filles

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Eric (Stephen Collins) joue de la guitare

Eric (Stephen Collins) joue de la guitare

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Kevin joué par Georges Stults

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

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Écrit par : Jeff Olsen & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Garrett Strommen (Jack) 


  • Eric Artell ..... Steve
  • Amita Balla ..... Courtney
  • Sally Ann Brooks ..... Maxine
  • Matt Knudsen ..... Jerry
  • Bubba Lewis ..... Alan
  • Athena Stamos ..... Paroissienne
  • Jon Walmsley ..... Membre du groupe

Quand Simon et Rose décident d'effectuer des changements dans leur relation, Eric et Annie sont heureux car ils pensent qu'ils ont rompu.

Sandy qui est enceinte décide d'emménager dans l'ancien appartement de Rose, car elle ne veut plus dormir dans les dortoirs de l'université.

Rose se rend compte que c'est l'excuse parfaite pour pouvoir emménager avec Simon, et c'est ce qu'elle fait.

Sandy vient à l'événement organisé par Lucy à l'église pour voir Martin qui ne veut pas lui répondre au téléphone et qui est occupé à prévoir son premier rendez-vous avec Meredith.

Martin joue les entremetteurs pour aider Ruthie, car celle-ci a décidé de ne plus s'intéresser aux garçons pour l'instant. Elle accepte de laisser Martin l'aider à trouver quel garçon devrait lui convenir.

Kevin prend la décision de quitter la police après avoir failli se faire tuer au travail. Malheureusement, il n'a pas encore annoncé ses intentions à Lucy. Par contre il en a parlé à un groupe de jeunes mères à une réunion d'une association ("Maman et moi") dont il est membre.

Eric et son nouveau groupe jouent leur musique à l'église pour la réunion de Lucy.

Simon's Apartment

Rose: Welcome home.

Simon: It doesn't quite look like my home.

Rose: How was work?

Simon: Work was fine. What are we doing?

Rose: We are... living together... we're kind of... not officially. I just thought I'd put some of my things in here so, you know, I could stay over more, like every night if you want.

Simon: And the difference between that and living together would be...?

Rose: I still have my place. Although, I told Sandy she could move into my place because she's still in the dorm and since she's pregnant with Martin's baby, living at my place will give her more privacy and buy her a little time before everyone starts talking about her.

Simon: Okay, I see, that's good, I guess. But... we can't live together. My parents would never let us live together.

Rose: I know. That's why I kept my place, so officially we're not living together.

Simon: But if my parents show up at my place, it's, it's gonna look like our place.

Rose: Ah, you don't like it? I worked really hard to make it all nice for us.

Simon: No, no, I like it... it looks, it looks very, very nice, but...

Rose: What were you saying?

Simon: Nothing...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: So do you think you can get Jack to ask Ruthie out.

Eric: Why would I do that?

Annie: Well, to make your daughter happy.

Eric: What about me... shouldn't I be happy?

Annie: Well, aren't you happy in general?

Eric: I'm very happy.

Annie: Well, our daughter's not. Ruthie feels that you made it so difficult for Jack to ask her out that well, he decided they can't date or they should just be friends.

Eric: After many years of trying to interfere with Mary's and Lucy's dates, seems I've finally hit my stride, huh? A couple of serious looks, a couple of questions, and viola, just friends... I... I've perfected the art of the initial interview.

Annie: Okay one, I don't think so. And two, wouldn't it have been easier just to let Ruthie see for herself that Jack's too old for her?

Eric: Easier than what?

Annie: Easier than living in a house with a teenager who is angry with you.

Eric: But the way I figure it, she's gonna be angry at me until she needs my give her permission to go out with the next guy and then suddenly, she'll get nice again.

Annie: Oh know, she says she's never going out again. It's Jack or no one. And you, you're responsible for that. You make Jack way too important, set up this fence between you and Ruthie. It's not good, Eric, it's not.

Eric: I'll go talk to her. I'm not going to go talk to Jack, but I'll go talk to her.

Annie: And say what?

Eric: I don't know. Something will come to me.

Annie: Like what?

Eric: Do I have to run everything I wanna say to Ruthie past you now?

Annie: Maybe you could say you never said she couldn't go out with him, that you only said that you only wanted like to get to know him better, and now that they're friends, he can come around and hang out and we'll go from there.

Eric: Or, I could say, "Sorry kiddo, the guy looks like he's twenty-one and as nice as he is, the thought of the two of you out on a date together really kinda creeps me out".

Annie: Oh...

Annie: (sighs)

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: So, really my power base is the teen girls at the church, they're the only ones who really like me, they're the only ones who have any relationship with me. So, I went out to lunch with the single women at the church, and they feel that I should be doing more in helping them finding husbands and getting single guys into the church.

Kevin: So church is basically about meeting men.

Lucy: No, it's not, but I do think that relationships in everyday life have a lot to do with one's relationship with God.

Kevin: I don't think you're going to be able to sell them on that. If they wanna meet guys, they wanna meet guys. Maybe you should have church at the pool hall or the gun range or somethin'.

Lucy: I wish you'd quit commenting on what I'm saying, I'm just thinking out loud.

Kevin: Yeah, all right. Where's is the Mommy and Me Class? It's at ten... ten to twelve?

Lucy: It's at the community center.

Kevin: Any other dads go?

Lucy: It's a Mommy and Me class.

Kevin: Yeah, I know.

Lucy: There are no daddies at the Mommy and Me Class.

Kevin: There will be tomorrow.

Lucy: Wait a minute. You can't just go to Mommy and Me.

Kevin: I was invited. Some woman named Joan called. I told her you're working and I'm staying home with Savannah and she said they'd love to have me.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Like... like that.

Annie: Now you're objecting to Ruthie dancing?

Eric: No, it's not that she was dancing, it was the way she was dancing.

Annie: Did you talk to her?

Eric: No, I think this is something that you should talk to her about.

Annie: So, you think I should talk to Ruthie about her dancing.

Eric: No, I think you should talk to her about... her... sexuality.

Annie: I see. Okay, let me, let me think about this a minute. The real problem with Ruthie going out with an older guy like Jack or really dating any guy is that she is becoming a sexual being and that's really frights you.

Eric: It doesn't frighten you?

Annie: Well, I think it's a natural process. It's a part of growing up and all our other children went through the same thing. You know, Ruthie's a young woman.

Eric: She's Ruthie.

Annie: I know she's your baby girl, Eric, but she's not a baby anymore.

Eric: She's not old enough to have sex or to even be thinking about having sex and I'm tellin' you if she's dancing like that, she's thinking about having sex.

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Simon's Apartment

Simon on Phone: Oh, hi Dad.

Eric on Phone: Everything okay?

Simon on Phone: Yep, everything's fine.

Eric on Phone: You need money?

Simon on Phone: No, no, I'm doing fine. I'm sticking to the budget, hoping to even save some money.

Eric on Phone: Well that's great; so why you calling?

Simon on Phone: I... I... I just wanted to say hello.

Eric on Phone: No, you didn't.

Simon on Phone: Maybe I'll come home and talk to you about this.

Eric on Phone: This...?

Simon on Phone: Rose and I have made some changes in our relationship and I just thought that you should...

Simon on Phone: ...I just want to talk to you about Rose and me.

Eric on Phone: Correct me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't sound like good news.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, I guess it isn't. I'll come home this weekend. Bye, Dad.

Eric: Praise God... I think Simon may have broken up with Rose.

Camden's House - Eric's Office

Eric: (whistling)

Lucy: Can I come in?

Eric: Please, be my guest. Pull up a chair.

Lucy: What's going on?

Eric: Nothing really, the world is just full of delightful possibilities.

Lucy: Simon and Rose broke up?

Eric: I think so.

Lucy: Wait, you think so or you know so?

Eric: Well he's coming home to give me some bad news regarding the two of them and a change in their relationship.

Lucy: And you think that they broke up.

Eric: That's how he made it sound, yeah.

Lucy: Oh Dad, that is good news, that is really good news.

Eric: Yes it is. How was your day?

Lucy: Oh, it was okay. It seems that as I try to repair my relationships with the women at the church, that all they really want from me is to...

Eric: Find them men or make their men behave more they want them to behave.

Lucy: (shakes head)

Eric: What, I don't know that after all the years I've been at the church? My advice is just to be careful to encourage the married couples to talk to each other or talk together with you, and then encourage the single women to pursue interests that naturally put them in the company of men with similar interests.

Lucy: Yeah, Kevin had some thoughts on that, too.

Eric: I know it's easier for women to meet a guy who have something in common with them if they're participating in activities together. You like to bowl, then go bowling to meet a guy, you like baseball, you go to baseball games, if you have an interest in reading, then, then you go to the book fair, you like to travel, then travel.

Lucy: No wonder there are so many single women at church.

Eric: What does that mean?

Lucy: Well, I know it's been a long time since I dated, but it's been a really long time since you dated. Women don't meet men bowling or at sporting events or traveling, they meet men on the internet or through dating services or at bars.

Eric: But that's not a very good way to meet a potential husband, do you think?

Lucy: Well no, I mean, it's nice if you get introduced by friends, or a family member introduces you.

Eric: That's, that's how you meet Kevin.

Lucy: Mary didn't introduce me to Kevin, I met Kevin when I was being detained at the airport in New York for having a suspicious bag. Then as it turned out, he was Mary's boyfriend's brother.

Eric: Kevin arrested you? Did, did I know that?

Lucy: Detained... but like I was saying, it's nice if you get introduced by friends or family of if you can meet a nice guy at work.

Eric: Yeah, but don't companies frown on that?

Lucy: Some of them are changing their minds. Someone did some research that said most men and women would happily risk losing a lousy job for a good relationship. But, you know, anyway, here's what I was thinking, and tell me if you think this is a stupid idea. What if we had an old-fashioned, covered-dish church social with music and dancing.

Eric: And you think I've been away from the dating scene too long? I think the young people wouldn't come and the single women wouldn't find any single men there.

Lucy: I was thinking of asking some of the young married couples like Kevin and me to each bring with them a single guy who's interested in a nice woman, and everyone at the church could come, children, teens, adults, singles, married couples of all ages. It'd be fun.

Eric: A church social?

Lucy: A church social.

Eric: I don't know, Luce.

Lucy: You could put a band together and sing.

Eric: I'm impressed that you are so committed to your project that you would stoop so low as to bribe me. Sold...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knock)

Martin: I hope I'm not too late; anything left over?

Ruthie: Oh, I thought you were eating at home.

Martin: I did, my dad threw together this horrible canned vegetable soup with ground beef and onion added to it and called it Marine stew. He thought it was great. He's been eating out of cans for over twenty years and he can't quite give it up, so he's hopeless... as a cook, not as father.

Ruthie: Well, I think my mom saved you a few pieces of fried chicken.

Martin: Man, I miss your mom's cooking. So, I'm taking Meredith out Saturday night, any ideas?

Ruthie: Why would I have ideas? I don't date.

Martin: Yeah, yeah, complain to someone who's sympathetic. You can date if you want.

Ruthie: Not if it's with who I want.

Martin: Look, just give it up already, okay. Help me out here. It's my first date with Meredith, I want it to be special, you know, not something school related.

Lucy: So, your first date with Meredith. I like her.

Martin: I do, too.

Lucy: I have an idea. I'm organizing a church social.

Martin: What's that?

Ruthie: It's a desperate attempt for her to fix up the women at the church up with some men so they'll like Lucy.

Lucy: Well, you can come, too.

Ruthie: Yeah... right.

Lucy: It's kind of an old-fashioned way of getting people together of all ages with food and music, people used to do it all the time, I think that kind of socializing is a lost art.

Ruthie: I think it's a lost cause.

Martin: I think it sounds good. I'll ask her.

Ruthie: You're asking Meredith to a church social?

Martin: Yeah, it sounds like fun.

Ruthie: What sounds fun about it?

Martin: I don't know. There's food.

Ruthie: Yeah, so how's Sandy?

Martin: Sandy?

Ruthie: Simon's friend?

Martin: Don't know, don't care. Thanks for the chicken.

Simon's Apartment

Rose on Phone: No, no, really, we don't have to share the rent, I'll pay the rent, I'd be paying it anyway. And you've already paid for a dorm room that you're not living in. Did he call you back? Well, keep calling him... he can't just ignore you, you're having his child. Hang up and call him, okay? Talk to you.

Rose: You have to call Martin, he still hasn't returned any of Sandy's calls.

Simon: I think we should just stay out of that, okay? This is Martin's and Sandy's problem.

Rose: You introduced them.

Simon: That's all I did. I introduced them, and by the way, you were there too, so you introduced them as much as I did.

Rose: No, no, no, I would never have fixed Sandy up with a high school guy.

Simon: Why not?

Rose: Because... she's Sandy.

Simon: And...?

Rose: In high school, she has sex with every guy she went out with, and I don't think she changed that when she got to college. You never went out with Sandy, right? I mean, you knew her from class, but you never slept with her.

Simon: Right... I knew her from class.

Rose: I think she's always been just a little too desperate to have guys like her, know what I mean? I'm going to bed. Are you coming?

Simon: I have this take-home statistics test. I have to finish this.

Rose: Couldn't you do that in the morning?

Simon: No, it's my first class.

Rose: I'll set the alarm. I'll get you up early.

Simon: Rose, you were supposed to get me up. I've got fifteen minutes to get to class and I, I didn't even finish my test.

Rose: I forgot. I'm sorry.

Simon: Rose!

Rose: What? It was your responsibility to set the alarm.

Simon: I thought that you were setting the alarm.

Rose: Why did you think I was setting the alarm?

Simon: Because you said you would.

Rose: Did I? I don't remember.

Simon: Yes, you did and you asked me what time do I need to be up, I told you six o'clock.

Rose: That didn't mean I was setting the alarm.

Simon: Then why'd you ask me what time I need to be up?

Rose: Look Simon, if we're going to live together, we've got to communicate better. A good relationship is all about good communication.

Eric's Car

Eric: You know, I think Simon's coming home this weekend, and I think it's to tell us that he and Rose broke up.

Ruthie: Really, or is this just your last attempt to try to get me to talk to you before we get to school?

Eric: Seriously, I think they broke up, but yes, I am trying to get you to talk to me because I miss talking to you.

Ruthie: All right, I'll talk to you, but only because mom asked me to. I hope Simon and Rose did break up, I don't think Simon's happy.

Eric: Neither do I.

Ruthie: They why didn't you just tell him that he can't date her anymore?

Eric: Simon's almost twenty-one years old... twenty-one. He's living on his own at school. He's got his scholarship, he got a job. He's gonna graduate next year and be on his own.

Ruthie: And yet, he continues to make one bad decision after another.

Eric: Perhaps because he doesn't respect my opinion or ask my advice when it comes to making decisions.

Ruthie: I see. Well, I'd like to ask your advice on something. If you were sixteen...

Eric: Almost sixteen...

Ruthie: ...almost sixteen and you had the opportunity to date one of the most popular students in school, and then your dad messed that up for you. Would you just say "hey, thanks, I guess you know best", or would you be angry and decide that you weren't going to give your father another chance to mess up something that meant so much to you a second time?

Eric: I'd go with the first. Yeah, I, I'd say, "thanks, Dad, you know best and you always will because you're older than me and wiser than I am". That's a very good way to go. All right, I'm kidding... sort of. Look, Ruthie, maybe, just maybe, I'm not comfortable with your going out with an older guy like Jack; well Jack. Because I'm not comfortable with the fact that you're becoming quite... ah, I, ah, I, I don't know hold to say this, it's very awkward for any dad to say this to his daughter, the way you're looking and acting and even dancing is what one might call... sexy. And, um, sexy means to me, that one is ready to have sex... and you're not ready to have sex... even if you're thinking about it a lot. And, it just seems that you'd be less tempted to explore your sexuality if you were out with a guy your own age, with whom you share certain interest and who looks less like... Jack.

Ruthie: So, you think guys think I look... you know, sexy? I mean, real guys, guys in high school. You think they think I look like that?

Eric: Yeah, I do.

Ruthie: Wow... thanks I had no idea. I mean, I feel sexy, but I didn't know I actually looked sexy. I mean, I'm trying, but I didn't know I was actually there. I actually thought guys were mainly interested in me because I'm friendly and fun to be with.

Eric: (sighs)

Ruthie: You know, this is great... not saying that I, you know, I'm ready to have sex or anything, or that I would or anything, but it's nice to know you think that guys would want to have sex with me. That's quite a compliment. Mom was right; I do feel better now that we're talking. Bye...

Community Center

Kevin: So, I wasn't paying attention, I was thinking about Lucy and Savannah...

Mommies: Ohhh...

Kevin: And I turned my back to cross the squad car and bam... the kid pulls out a gun and takes a shot at me ad then takes off running.

Mommies: Ahhh...

Maxine: You are so brave.

Rhonda: See, if more dads would spend more time with their children, I think this wouldn't happen.

Courtney: Weren't you scared?

Kevin: Scared, yeah, but really, I felt stupid. I just endangered my partner and myself by not following basic procedures. It's like I was telling my Captain, it was different when it was just me, even when it was just Lucy and me, but once you have a baby...

Rhonda: Everything changes.

Joan: Um, so did this incident influence yours and Lucy's decision that you should leave the job and stay home with Savannah?

Kevin: Actually, I didn't tell Lucy...

Joan: Oh, don't worry, what's said at Mommy and Me, stays at Mommy and Me.

Kevin: It's just that I didn't want to frighten her or for her to make the decision out of fear. I had been thinking about it all summer, but that was definitely the decisive moment.

Maxine: For me, the decisive moment was when I leaked breast milk through a Dian von Furstenberg dress at a board meeting.

Courtney: Yeah, that's the worst.

Kevin: I haven't of course had that kind of experience myself, but I have to say I sympathize and I have so much more respect for my wife and for all mothers now that I've witnessed firsthand the physical changes that take place with a pregnancy and child birth.

Joan: Kevin, I think I speak for all of us when I say you are just a welcome breath of fresh air to this class.

Kevin: Well, thank you, Joan. I think I'm really going to enjoy this.

Simon's Apartment

Sandy: Oh, hi, I was just dropping off some things Rose asked me to bring by. Her mail and the book she was looking for.

Simon: You have a key?

Sandy: Yeah, she gave me one incase she ever gets locked out. Look, it was really nice of her to help get me out of the dorm, even though I know that it was just her excuse to get to move in with you.

Simon: Well, I don't think it was totally motivated by that.

Sandy: Maybe not. Anyway, I heard you were driving down to Glenoak for the weekend.

Simon: Yeah, I thought I would.

Sandy: Any chance I could ride down there with you; I really need to talk to Martin.

Simon: Um, I'd rather not get in the middle of that.

Sandy: Simon, you're in the middle of it, whether you want to be or not. And I'm pregnant whether I wanna be or not, and Martin is the father whether he wants to be or not.

Simon: Sandy, what about your family; have you talked to them. Have you told your parents?

Sandy: I never talk to my parents. They're divorced and I hate my step dad so I have nothing to do with my mother, and I haven't spoken to my father since he left us.

Simon: Oh... I'm sorry that you're going through this alone.

Sandy: I'm not going to go through this alone. I'm going to go through this with Martin.

Simon: Let's talk, okay? 'Cause last time we talked, I wasn't sure that I should tell you this, because I haven't told Rose this. I was once in Martin's situation or at least I thought I was, and I wasn't any too happy about it either. I went to a counselor, I talked to someone who helped me think things through and I came around. Unfortunately, well, no really, fortunately, as it ended up, there was no pregnancy.

Sandy: I'm pregnant.

Simon: Yes, but my point was, maybe give Martin a little more time, at least let him get used to the idea, let him talk it through with his dad or with my dad or with some adult who will give him some perspective, give him a chance to sort out his feelings. I mean, you don't even know Martin, what is it that you want him to do? What role do you want him to take? How involved do you want him to be?

Sandy: Ideally, I want him to go to birthing classes with me, be there with me when the baby is born, share 50/50 in the financial responsibilities, raise the child with me, and I want him to do that as my husband. I think he's a nice guy, and I'm nice, and if it doesn't work out, then, you know, we just get divorced. And actually, I don't need a ride to Glenoak. I'm perfectly capable of driving myself down there, finding him and telling him all this.

Simon: Yes, you are perfectly capable, but please don't, just not yet.

High School

Ruthie: Hello...

Jack: Ruthie, wait up. What's up?

Ruthie: Nothing...

Jack: Something is definitely up, or you're up to something.

Ruthie: No, not really; how are you?

Jack: I'm fine.

Ruthie: Good...

Martin: Do you wanna go? You wanna go to this church social thing? Hello?

Meredith: Oh, um, of course that sounds great.

Ruthie: Hello...

Meredith: Martin's taking me to the church social.

Ruthie: (snickers)

Ruthie: Every time I hear somebody say that, I feel like we're living in the Little House on the Prairie or the Waltons or something.

Meredith: I think it sounds nice... sweet really.

Ruthie: I think it sounds boring.

Martin: Well, then don't go.

Ruthie: I'm not.

Martin: Some of the guys on the team are coming.

Ruthie: You're kidding.

Martin: Nope...

Ruthie: Why?

Martin: Because Lucy asked me if I'd ask some of them to come.

Ruthie: Well, I'm not interested in any of them. I'm interested in Jack and I'm going to get Jack interested in me.

Martin: Why can't she just leave him alone?

Meredith: I think it's a challenge. You know, he rejected her. So now she thinks she has to go out with him.

Meredith: I thought Reverend Camden said he didn't want her to go out with him.

Meredith: No, he just said he had to get to know him better.

Martin: That doesn't mean she can go out with him.

Meredith: It's so hard to find someone to go out with, somebody that you really care about.

Bell: (rings)

Martin: Yeah, it is.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you came, it's a church social, everyone's invited.

Maxine: And we can bring the babies?

Kevin: Yep... the nursery will be open.

Maxine: That sounds so... nice. We never get out. We never wanna leave little Max.

Rhonda: You're so lucky to have family here to babysit. You and Lucy can go out anytime you want. I never get to go anywhere. I'm too tired to go anywhere. Being a single mom is so hard. I'm not even back at work yet.

Kevin: I didn't know you're a single mom.

Rhonda: Yeah, I never found the right guy. Sperm bank...

Kevin: Ah...

Rhonda: I was approaching forty and I always wanted a baby, but what I really want is a...

Rhonda: (crying)

Rhonda: ...family.

Lucy: Oh, hi, Maxine... Rhonda.

Simon's Apartment

Rose: What are you doing with my shoes?

Simon: I just opened the closet door. I'm not doing anything with your shoes. Do you need all of these shoes?

Rose: Oh silly Simon, a girl's gotta have shoes.

Simon: It's just studio apartment. There's just one closet and as much as I love you Rose, I don't think that this is the place we should start our lives together.

Rose: Well, we could move to my apartment and let Sandy have this apartment.

Simon: Half of your rent to more than my rent; I can't afford to move to your apartment, my parents can't afford for me to move to your apartment, no that they would ever volunteer to pay half your rent so that we can live together. Which by the way, this just occurred to me, are you planning on paying half the rent here?

Rose: Of course not, I'm still paying for my apartment.

Simon: Your parents pay for your apartment.

Rose: Well, they won't pay for my apartment and half your apartment, too.

Simon: If you got a job, you could pay half the rent here.

Rose: But your parents pay the rent here.

Simon: Yes, but I'd like to be able to tell my parents that you're willing to pay half the rent here before I tell them you've just moved in here.

Rose: I can't do that. My parents pay my rent so I don't have to work and go to school. They want me to focus on my studies.

Simon: Are you gonna tell them that you moved in here?

Rose: No, if I told them that, they'd expect me to have a ring and a date for the wedding. So, Sandy just doesn't answer my phone and she calls me here when they call.

Simon: I don't think we should hide living together from your parents.

Rose: Then buy me a ring and set a date.

Simon: The date has been set for May, 2007, after we graduate. I'll buy you a ring... I promise. Hopefully, I can save enough money by May, before the end of the school year. But, if my parents are going to know about our living arrangement, then I think your parents should know, too.

Rose: You want to tell them?

Simon: No, I haven't even met them. You should tell them. I'll tell my parents, and you tell your parents.

Rose: Okay...

Simon: Okay?

Rose: If that's what you want to do. But, like I said, a ring and date would help.

Simon: Maybe there's a compromise. Maybe we can tell them we want to try living together to, to see whether or not we wanna get married.

Rose: I don't think my mother would want me living with you as some kind of experiment. We're getting married.

Simon: I know, but if this is going to get me off on the wrong foot with your mom, or your dad, then honey, maybe we should just slow down a bit, maybe we shouldn't live together just yet.

Rose: But we are living together.

Simon: Maybe you could just come over here some of the time, like you were doing before.

Rose: I'm in. I live here now. It's going to be fine, really. I'll tell my parents. When they get back and when we've agreed on the date and preferably when I have a ring on my finger. Then you tell your parents this weekend or next weekend or next month or next year or whatever you want... deal?

Simon: I'm going home this weekend and tell them this weekend... alone. If they're going to get upset, they might as well get upset with me, not the both of us.

Rose: Your choice... I can go with you of you want.

Simon: No, I'll go.

Sandy: Helloooo... anybody wanna see the baby? I got my first sonogram today.

Rose: Sure...

High School

Ruthie: Hi, George.

George: Hi...

Ruthie: Hi, Alan.

Alan: Hi, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Steve, how are you?

Steve: I'm good, thank you.

Martin: Hey, why don't you change your mind about that church thing and go? I'll try to find some guy to introduce you to.

Ruthie: Really? Like who?

Martin: I don't know, but there are more guys at school than Jack who would go out with you.

Ruthie: I guess. Like someone on the baseball team? Not Mac, I don't wanna go out with Mac.

Martin: And I don't think you should go out with Mac. He's too old.

Ruthie: He's not too old, but I already know him, I wannna out with someone more like...

Martin: Jack, yeah, I know. But maybe if you weren't so focused on Jack, you could find a guy that you like and your parents like.

Ruthie: Parents don't have to like him.

Martin: No, but it wouldn't hurt.

Ruthie: I guess, but he has to be good looking, popular and... hot.

Martin: Hot?

Ruthie: Yeah, you know, sexy.

Martin: Why do you want someone who's sexy?

Ruthie: There's nothing wrong with being sexy, some people even think I'm sexy.

Martin: Why do you want people to think you're sexy?

Ruthie: Why not? People think you're sexy.

Martin: No, they don't.

Ruthie: Ha, yes, they do.

Martin: Well, I'm not.

Ruthie: Well, you are.

Martin: Hey look, I'll bring a guy for you to meet, a guy I think you'll like. I'm no judge of whether or not a guy is um, sexy, but I think I could find a better date for you than Jack.

Ruthie: All right, fine, I've got nothing else to do.

Sam: Hey, can I be the guy you fix her up with?

Martin: Uh, how old are you?

Sam: I'm a sophomore, and I'm an honor student and once Ruthie talked to me in the halls, she used me to make that guy she was going out with, Vincent, jealous.

Martin: Ah, okay... ah, meet us at the church around seven.

Sam: Hey, thanks, I owe you.

Martin: Uh, wait... ah, what was your name?

Sam: Sam... Sam Walker.

Martin: All right, Sam, we'll see you later.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Song: When I die and they lay to me to rest, goin' go to the place that's the best. When they lay me down inside, I'm gonna go up to the Spirit in the sky. Goin' up to the Spirit in the sky...

Eric: I love that song.

Annie: (laughs)

Sam: We're practicing for Saturday night.

David: Can you play that song, Dad?

Eric: Well... yeah, of course.

Sam: We really like it.

Annie: Remember when we used to dance to that song?

Eric: Yeah, it's a good song. Ruthie's not going Saturday night, right?

Annie: Ah, well, she says she's not, but she'll probably change her mind. Oh please, you're not worried about her dancing still, are you?

Eric: Well, kind of.

Annie: Did you talk to her? Oh, hey, Sam and David would you please take your boom box upstairs to practice; I have to talk to Dad.

Eric: I talked to her.

Annie: And?

Eric: And... she's speaking to me again, and that's good.

Annie: And?

Eric: And evidently, she had no idea that young men might find her attractive physically.

Annie: Well, surely, she must have had some idea that she's an attractive young woman. I mean, I thought the plan was to talk to her about how sexuality is just part of the whole picture, just part of who she is, not all of who she is.

Eric: I, I, I was going down that road and I, I took a wrong turn and long story short, she now thinks guys like her because she's sexy and she's quite happy about that. It seems to be a complete surprise to her. I don't know.

Annie: But what about all her other attributes?

Eric: Those don't seem to matter right now. Since Ruthie's talking to me again, I'll get back into another conversation with her and I'll try to steer her in some other direction.

Annie: No, no, no, no, you've had your chance, I'm gonna talk to her.

Eric: Great, great... I'm sure you'll do better than I did. You talk to Ruthie and I'll talk to Simon and I'll, I'll comfort him when he tells us the bad, bad news about Rose.

Glenoak Community Church - Recreation Hall

Eric: When I die and they lay to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best. When they lay me down inside goin' up to the Spirit in the sky. Goin' up to the Spirit in the sky, where I'm gonna go with I die. When I die and they lay to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best. Prepare yourself, you know it's a must. Gotta have a friend in Jesus.

Lucy: Your friend is dancing with Maxine.

Kevin: Yeah, I pointed her out. He looks like he's happy and so does she.

Lucy: Ah, well, ah, Maxine's husband doesn't look happy.

Kevin: I didn't think she had a husband.

Lucy: Rhonda doesn't have a husband.

Kevin: Oops...

Lucy: Yeah...

Kevin: Well, still, I mean, look at this place. This is a huge success.

Lucy: Is it?

Kevin: Are you kidding?

Jerry: Hey... Jerry... Maxine's husband.

Kevin: Oh, sorry about that, I got her mixed up with someone else.

Jerry: Someone else in er, in your Mommy and Me class?

Kevin: Yeah...

Jerry: You planning on becoming a regular member?

Kevin: Yep...

Jerry: Well, I guess if I got shot at by some kid, I might quit my job and become a woman, too.

Lucy: What was he talking about? Shot at? You were shot at?

Kevin: Kind of...

Lucy: When were you gonna tell me?

Kevin: Never...

Eric: I've got a friend in Jesus. So, you know, when I die...

Meredith: I'm really glad we came. This is gonna be fun.

Martin: I don't really dance, you know.

Meredith: I didn't know that. I don't care.

Ruthie: So, where is he?

Martin: Ah, he's here. Ah... over there...

Ruthie: I already know him. He asked me out before. I said no, I turned him down.

Martin: Sorry...

Ruthie: He's not sexy.

Martin: I told you I'm not the judge of that.

Meredith: He looks like a nice guy.

Ruthie: I knew I shouldn't have come here.

Sound: (music playing)

Simon: Hey...

Annie: Hey...

Simon: I had no idea this was gonna be such a big event.

Annie: I didn't either. Isn't it great?

Simon: Yeah...

Annie: So... how's everything?

Simon: Everything's fine.

Annie: Rose...?

Simon: Fine...

Annie: Fine...?

Sandy: Finally...

Sandy: ...I've been looking for you everywhere.

Simon: Mom, you remember Sandy.

Annie: Hi...

Sandy: Do you mind if I talk to Simon alone?

Annie: No, you two talk, and then I wanna talk to Simon alone.

Simon: What are you dong here?

Sandy: I came to talk to Martin. He has to talk to me.

Simon: He will, okay, just give him some time. I told you just give him some time.

Sandy: I can't. I don't have the time to give. I mean, if I could control time, I'd go back to the night I first met him.

Simon: It's okay. Hey, it's gonna be fine... everything's gonna be fine.

Eric: I'm gonna go to the place that's the best.

Sound: (music playing)

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