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#10.05 : La Confiance règne

Matt fait une visite surprise à ses proches et accompagne Kevin à une fête d'enfants. Alors que Lucy va rencontrer Sandy, elle ignore qu'elle est suivie par Matt et Kevin. Eric et Matt ne tardent pas à découvrir que Sandy est enceinte. Meredith devient soupçonneuse à l'égard de Martin et ne comprend pas pourquoi il ne souhaite plus avoir de téléphone portable. 


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Titre VO
The rat's out of the bag

Titre VF
La Confiance règne

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Matt joué par Barry Watson

Matt joué par Barry Watson

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Lucy (Beverly Mitchell)

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Écrit par : Jeffrey Rodgers & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Barry Watson 

Avec : Barry Watson (Matt Camden) 

Guests :


Matt fait une visite surprise à Glenoak et accompagne Kevin à une fête costumée pour enfants.

Lucy va voir Sandy pour lui parler en privé de Martin. Elle ment à Kevin en lui disant qu'elle va voir Simon.

Matt et Kevin décident de la suivre.

Eric aussi doute que Lucy aille vraiment rendre visite à Simon, et après l'avoir espionnée, il découvre toute la vérité sur la grossesse de Sandy et sur le rôle que Martin y a joué.

Quand Lucy se rend compte que MattKevin et Eric l'ont suivi elle est furieuse et appelle sa mère pour la prévenir.

Annie appelle alors Eric et lui demande de revenir tout de suite à la maison avec Matt et Kevin

Avant de repartir pour New-York, Matt raconte une histoire aux jumeaux avec le costume de rats. À la fin de l'histoire, il rejoint sa mère qui l'écoutait dans l'escalier. Il parle un peu ensemble. 

Ruthie se demande pourquoi Martin veut se débarrasser de son téléphone portable.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knock)

Matt: Come in. What the heck?

Kevin: I'm doing a birthday party, or I'm supposed to do a birthday party. I told one of the mothers from my Mommy and Me class I would, but now Lucy's driving up to see Simon, and I think Savannah's too young to take to the party, so I'm hopin' mom can babysit. Otherwise, I'll have to drag Savannah along and I don't like her hanging out with the older kids because they're way too germy at that age.

Matt: Boy has your life changed.

Kevin: Hey, I love my life.

Matt: Yeah, who wouldn't love putting on costumes and hanging out with mommies all day?

Kevin: Seriously, it's great. You should try it. Maybe you could babysit.

Matt: No, I couldn't. What are you?

Kevin: You're kidding me, right?

Matt: No...

Kevin: I'm Roscoe... Riverton.

Matt: Oh, of course, Roscoe Riverton.

Kevin: You haven't seen Roscoe Riverton.

Matt: Oddly enough, I, I rarely have time to catch a cartoon between shifts.

Kevin: You have time to fly across the country to visit your family, you have time to watch Roscoe. He's great. He's like the Loch Ness Monster, only he's this gigantic rat and lives in the Mississippi River. And, he's friends with this little boy, and at night he goes home with him because he's scared of the dark... the kid, not Roscoe.

Matt: Kevin, are you on any medication?

Kevin: Never mind... are you sure you can't babysit?

Matt: I'm positive. I have a very busy day planned.

Kevin: Doing what?

Matt: Well, if Lucy's goin' to see Simon, I think we can assume that there's something interesting going on, so I'm gonna go with her.

Kevin: I don't think Lucy wants anyone to go with her.

Matt: Even more interesting; what's the problem?

Kevin: I don't know. What makes you think there's a problem?

Matt: (laughs)

Matt: You don't, you don't think there's a problem?

Kevin: Other than my needing a babysitter, no. Lucy just wants to drive up and see Simon.

Matt: What's happened to you? Can you not put together a simple crime investigation anymore? Maybe you need to get out of the costume and slip back into the uniform. I mean, just, just imagine you're in blue, carrying a gun. You sure you don't see anything suspicious?

Kevin: There's been no crime committed. My wife just wants to see her brother.

Matt: Roscoe, is that not your first clue? Something's going on.

Kevin: Maybe you're right. We need a plan.

Matt: (nods)

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

David: Who's in the bathroom?

Sam: We got to get in there... fast.

Door: (knocks)

Matt: No one.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: I thought we agreed those kids are germy; they're in daycare, they're older, they, they got things, lots of things. I, I don't want Savannah to get any of those things.

Kevin: Matt will hold her. He won't let her get anything.

Lucy: What is he, Super Doctor? He can't keep her from getting sick. I thought you were going to ask my mom to watch her.

Kevin: Matt said he would do it.

Lucy: Well, then why can't he come here and babysit?

Kevin: Well, I guess he could.

Lucy: Good... ask him to; insist on it.

Kevin: Or you can take her with you.

Lucy: I could, but it's gonna be a long ride, and I don't think she'd enjoy it much.

Kevin: She would if you play her tapes in the car and bring the Cheerios in a bag and she holds her rag doll.

Lucy: I taught you that, okay? You don't have to tell me how to make Savannah happy in the car.

Kevin: All right.

Lucy: It's too long a ride.

Kevin: How long are you gonna be up there?

Lucy: I don't know.

Kevin: What are you gonna be doing?

Lucy: Hanging out, talking, brother-sister stuff.

Kevin: Doesn't he have classes?

Lucy: Yes, he has classes. That's why I didn't leave earlier, he's in class in the morning. He'll be finished by the time I get up there.

Kevin: So you're going to do what... go out to lunch?

Lucy: Look, Officer, I'm going to visit with my brother, okay? What's with all the questions?

Kevin: Just trying to get a feel for your day, that's all.

Lucy: Because?

Kevin: Because you're my wife and I care about you, and I'm just wondering if there's some other reason you're driving all the way up there other than just to see Simon.

Lucy: You're up to something.

Kevin: You Camdens are a suspicious bunch you know that. You sure you aren't up to something.

Lucy: Careful, you're starting to sound like one of us. I have to go.

Kevin: What time will you be home?

Lucy: I'll be home when I'm home. I've got my cell phone, you can call me if you need me for anything.

Kevin: You sure you're just going up there to see Simon?

Lucy: Bye...

High School

Meredith: Hi, I haven't seen you lately. How's it going?

Ruthie: It's going fine, other than I can't find anyone to date.

Meredith: I'm sorry about Sam. He's a nice guy but I understand.

Ruthie: Yeah, I'm just not attracted to him.

Meredith: Well, maybe if you got to know him better.

Ruthie: I think that's out of the question, seeing how he's not speaking to me. I offered to be friends with him, but it don't think it would've worked out anyway.

Meredith: What about Jack?

Ruthie: Every time I see him, he's talking to some girl... a different girl every time.

Meredith: Yeah, he's pretty popular, I guess I didn't realize how lucky I was that he liked me.

Ruthie: But you didn't like him, right, so it doesn't matter.

Meredith: Right, doesn't matter.

Ruthie: You don't still like him, do you?

Meredith: No, I mean things are great with Martin and me.

Ruthie: You sure?

Meredith: Yeah, it's just that... when you call him, does he answer his phone?

Ruthie: No, he never answers. I leave him messages and he doesn't even call me back.

Meredith: Yeah, he never answers when I call him, and he never has the phone with him when we go out anymore. It just makes me think that... yuck... never mind.

Ruthie: What?

Meredith: I guess I'm just feeling a little bit insecure. I mean, he has a cell phone. He calls me on his cell phone, but he never has it with him. Like he doesn't want someone to call him when he's with me. You don't think that he's going out with anybody else, do you?

Ruthie: No, I don't think so.

Meredith: He seems so serious about me, I mean, I don't think he'd be going out with somebody else, but... it's just odd.

Ruthie: Well, have you asked him about it?

Meredith: No, I don't want him to think that I don't trust him.

Ruthie: There might be a simple explanation that would make you feel a lot better. Have you asked him why he never has the phone with him?

Meredith: No...

Ruthie: Just so you know, I call him sometimes. Were friends, I mean, he lived at our house.

Meredith: I know. That's why I was thinking that maybe you could ask him.

Ruthie: Okay, I'll ask him, but that doesn't mean he'll tell me.

Meredith: Well, he doesn't have practice today, so maybe you could ask him for a ride home.

Meredith: Won't he be giving you a ride home?

Meredith: No, I have a dentist appointment.

Ruthie: Okay, I'll ask him.

Meredith: And find out if he's seeing anybody else... please?

Ruthie: I'll try.

Meredith: Thank you.

Glenoak Community Church

Lucy: Hi...

Eric: I think it is so smart of you just to take a day off and get away from it all.

Lucy: Yeah, I just wanted to take a drive.

Eric: To see Simon, I hear.

Lucy: Kevin told you.

Eric: Matt, but it was really an educated guess. Why wouldn't you want me to know?

Lucy: I don't care if you know.

Eric: So, what'd you come by for?

Lucy: Oh, I just wanted to grab a book or two.

Eric: Oh... which ones?

Lucy: Oh, I just wanted to grab something to read incase I have some time to kill, waiting around for Simon.

Eric: So, ah...?

Lucy: So any of them. You pick.

Eric: You had no particular book in mind.

Lucy: Nope...

Eric: Read this; there's a chapter on, ah, developing a good poker face and the importance of that to the game.

Lucy: But I don't play poker.

Eric: That's probably good because you have no poker face. Sometimes as a minister, it's good to put on a face that doesn't give anything away so that others don't suspect that we're up to something other than what we say we're up to, you know what I mean?

Lucy: I think so.

Eric: You're not going up to see Simon for the reasons you said, you're going up there for some other reasons. Did, did Rose not move out?

Lucy: As far as I know, she moved out. I have to go.

Eric on Phone: Lou, it's Eric. Ah, look, I have to have some more time to go over the fourth quarter budget. I wanna ask Annie about a some things and get her advice. So let's get together tomorrow afternoon instead of today. I'm sorry for the last minute change. I'll talk to you.

Kevin's Car

Matt: How long's this party?

Kevin: She just wants me for half-an-hour. She's got Superman and Batman and all the other superheroes coming in one after the other. I'm kind of opening for them.

Matt: Opening act... congratulations. Simon knows Lucy is coming up there, right?

Kevin: I would assume so.

Matt: Why would you assume anything, Roscoe?

Kevin: Why would she go up there and take the chance on him not being around?

Matt: I don't know, but why don't we find out?

Simon's Apartment

Phone: (ringing)

Simon onPhone: Hello?

Matt on Phone: Hey, Simon.

Simon on Phone: Oh, it's you.

Matt on Phone: You were expecting...

Simon on Phone: Nothing.

Matt on Phone: I just wanted to let you know that I would have come up with Lucy today, but I have to help Kevin babysit.

Simon on Phone: Lucy's coming here?

Matt on Phone: Yeah...

Simon on Phone: Are you sure?

Matt on Phone: You didn't know?

Simon on Phone: No, I didn't know. Why is Lucy coming up here?

Matt on Phone: You tell me.

Simon on Phone: Ah, maybe she just wants to see me.

Matt on Phone: You're not in any trouble or anything, are you?

Simon on Phone: No, no, I'm not. Rose moved out, everything's cool. What is she checking up on me?

Matt on Phone: Maybe... you're sure you're not hiding anything?

Simon on Phone: What would I be hiding?

Matt on Phone: I don't know, it just seems kind of strange that Lucy would be making a surprise visit if there isn't anything wrong.

Simon on Phone: Did she say something was wrong?

Matt on Phone: No, she just said she wanted to see you, we assumed you knew.

Simon on Phone: We who?

Matt on Phone: Kevin and me.

Simon on Phone: All right...

Simon on Phone: ...if she's coming up here, she's coming up here. I don't really care...

Simon on Phone: ...but I've got nothing to hide, so...

Simon on Phone: ...maybe she does just want to see me. I've got to get back to class, so bye.

Simon: (sighs)

Rose: Are you coming?

Simon: That was Matt. He said that Lucy's coming up here.

Rose: Is that today? She's coming up to see Sandy.

Simon: What!

Rose: Yeah, I thought I told you?

Simon: No, you didn't tell me. When did she talk to Sandy?

Rose: I think it was the first of the week. If I still lived here, you'd know these things. As it is, I guess I just forgot to tell you. Sandy said Martin talked to Lucy. He still hasn't called Sandy, but he talked to Lucy.

Simon: I told him not to talk to her. I told him to talk to my dad. She's inexperienced. She's gonna mess this up. She can't handle something this big.

Rose: Yeah and Sandy has a big mouth.

Simon: Would you ask her to please leave us out of any discussion she has with Lucy?

Rose: I don't even know where she is.

College Campus

Sandy: I can't even focus; all I can think about is how am I gonna take care of this baby, where are we gonna live, where am I gonna work, who's gonna take care of the baby when I'm at work? I need Martin.

Lucy: Or... maybe you don't. It would be nice if you two were in love and wanted to get married and have this baby together, but marrying someone you don't wanna be married and doesn't wanna be married to you, well, that could make a tough situation a lot tougher.

Sandy: But I mean, Martin, he's such a good guy, he's so innocent, and honest and nice and not to mention really, really good-looking and he is the father. I'm sure he's the father. Believe me; I would not be pushing the poor guy into this if I wasn't for absolute certain he's the father.

Lucy: I'm not saying he doesn't have some responsibility in this. And, I'm not saying he should never be involved in the child's life. I mean, he should, he absolutely should, but...

Sandy: Go ahead.

Lucy: I hate to be so blunt, but...

Sandy: No, I can take it. Just tell me what you're thinking... please. It's just so nice to have someone to talk to.

Lucy: Martin is a high school senior who you had casual sex. And you don't know him, and he doesn't know you. He's a nice guy and you're a nice woman, but getting to know someone take time, and I know it feels like you've got to make this relationship happen right now because you've only got until the baby comes, but in reality, I mean, you've got a lifetime to get to know Martin.

Sandy: But what am I supposed to do? I mean, I can't go through this alone, I can't. I've always been alone and that's one reason I really want the baby. Because I want someone to love and I want someone to love me, and I think Martin could love me and he could love the baby and I could love him.

Lucy: Could... he could love you and he could love the baby, but if you try to force that, if you try to make him love you and the baby, I think he's going to just resent you and want to turn and run the other way.

Sandy: So what am I supposed to do?

Lucy: I don't know what you're supposed to do, but I know what you could do. You could give him a little time and space and let him come around to doing whatever he thinks is right in his own time and in his own way.

Sandy: And until then?

Lucy: I mean until then, do you have any close friends you could rely on right now? Someone you could talk to, someone who would go to doctor's appointment with you? Maybe Rose? I mean, is Rose a good friend?

Sandy: Rose? Please... you've met her.

Parking Lot

Kevin: I don't know why we couldn't go home and let me change.

Savannah: (giggles)

Kevin: Yeah, I am a rat. I can't believe I let Uncle Matt talk me into this.

Matt: Consider it your initiation into the Camden family. It's one thing to put a ring on my sister's hand, marry her and father a child, it's another thing, a better thing, to join with her brother in a good old-fashioned family caper.

Kevin: Let's go home. I'm sure she'll tell us why she really came up here.

Matt: Oh sure, we'll find out eventually, but why not find out now? After all, Roscoe, we're here.

Matt: (laughs)

College Campus

Lucy: What... he, he gave her a ring... an engagement ring?

Sandy: A big one, she had it all picked out.

Lucy: When did he do that?

Sandy: When he made her move out; it was sorta like a compromise.

Lucy: Where did he get money to buy her a ring?

Sandy: Plastic... he charged it.

Lucy: Simon never charges anything. He can't stand to be in debt. He's great with money.

Sandy: Well, then I'm sure he'll make the payments on time, but he'll be making payments... plenty of 'em.

Kevin: What's he doing here?

Matt: Same thing we're doing here. There she is and she's not with Simon. Who is that?

Kevin: That's Rose's friend, Sandy.

Lucy: Well, I'm going to go find Simon and Rose. As long as I'm already up here, I'd like to talk to them, too.

Sandy: Okay, but if she's not wearing the ring, you can't tell them you know about it.

Lucy: I won't. I promise.

Sandy: Is something wrong?

Lucy: I don't know, I just get the feeling that somebody's watching us.

Sandy: Oh, they probably are. I think I'm starting to show a little bit, and people are starting to talk about it.

Lucy: Well, I had some books for you but I will mail them, and we're going to find some classes for you to go to.

Savannah: (cries)

Lucy: Excuse me, I'll be right back. What do you guys think you're doing?

Matt: Trying to find out what you're doing.

Lucy: Okay guys, today I'm not your daughter, I'm not your sister, I'm not your wife. I'm Lucy Kinkirk... the Reverend Lucy Kinkirk, and you guys should all be ashamed of yourselves. I can't tell you what I'm doing here, which is why I didn't tell you why I was really coming up here. So go home... okay? ...just go home.

Eric: You thought she wouldn't notice a big rat walking around?

Kevin: She didn't, not until Savannah yelled to her. Let's get out of here.

Eric: Yeah, let's. I, I feel so ashamed.

Kevin: Me, too.

Matt: No, you don't. You feel stupid that we all got caught, and now you're upset that we have to leave.

Eric: We do have to leave. I can't even believe I did this. I was so sure Simon was in trouble. He's making me crazy.

Matt: Yeah, we never would have just done this on our own if Simon weren't making us so nuts.

Kevin: We'll follow you.

Eric: Oh, no, that's okay. I ah, I'll find a restroom first.

Matt: Well, there's one, there's one at the gas station um, at the freeway entrance. Hey, if you're staying, we're all staying.

Eric: We can't.

Phone: (rings)

Matt: Ah, it's for you.

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Camden's House

Annie on Phone: Eric Camden, you get home right now.

Eric on Phone: I'm on my way, dear.

Annie on Phone: Don't dear me... and tell Matt and Kevin to get home, too... the three of you... unbelievable.

Eric on Phone: We're, we're leaving right now.

College Campus

Eric: Annie wants us home.

Matt: You had to get Lucy a cell phone.

Simon's Apartment

Door: (knocks)

Lucy: Open up Simon, it's me. I saw you see me. Let me in. I wanna talk to you. I'm not leaving. I'll stay here all day and all night and all day again if I have to.

Door: (opens)

Simon: Hi, Luce, what are you doing here?

Lucy: Don't be all pleasant with me when you weren't even going to let me in.

Simon: I didn't hear you, I was in the back.

Lucy: The back of what, it's one room.

Simon: It's great to see you again, but I have class, so I just came back to get this book and...

Lucy: I'll walk you to class. We can talk.

Simon: About?

Lucy: About anything you want.

Simon: Okay, but it just sounds like, like you're angry about something.

Lucy: No, I'm not angry.

Simon: You have like angry written all over your face.

Lucy: I'm not angry. Are we gonna walk or not?

Simon: No... okay, look, I lied. I just wanted to get a book so I could hide out at the library. I found out you were coming. Look, Sandy told Rose, Rose told me.

Rose: Oh and where is Rose?

Rose: In class...

Simon: No, she moved out... okay, I promise. She's not living here anymore. How'd it go with Sandy?

Lucy: Fine, it went fine.

Simon: Are you gonna try and get Martin to marry her, because I don't think he has to do that necessarily, even though that's what she wants.

Lucy: This is a personal matter, a private and personal matter.

Simon: Yeah, a private and personal matter that I knew about and I was involved with way before you found out about it, so I think you can tell me what's going on... can't you?

Lucy: I'll let Sandy to tell you as much as she wants to tell you. You know Simon, this is a very serious situation, and I'm gonna ask you to leave Martin alone. Don't call him right now. Give me some time, and give him time to work this out, okay?

Simon: Okay...

Lucy: I'm serious. I think he's feeling really pressured right now.

Simon: That's what I said. I told Sandy the same thing.

Lucy: I know and then you agreed to call Martin if Sandy didn't call dad. Why didn't you want Sandy to call dad? Could it be that he didn't want Sandy talking to dad because she knows some things that you don't want dad to know?

Simon: I just didn't want her calling dad and ratting Martin out.

Lucy: And you wanted Martin to call dad because...

Simon: Because, I think he should call and rat himself out and get some help.

Lucy: All right, I guess that makes sense. But... I think there's more to it. I think Sandy knows a lot of things that you don't want dad or mom to know. Anything you want to tell me?

Simon: Aren't you that Camden who finds out everything last? You know, if I change something as basic to like the family structure as that, the whole family might just fall part.

Lucy: I doubt it.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hi, honey, I'm home.

Annie: What were you thinking?

Eric: Well, well, last week you sent me up there, so this week I went on my own. What's the difference?

Annie: Well last week, I sent you. This week, I didn't know anything about it until Lucy called for help.

Eric: Oh...

Annie: So?

Eric: So?

Annie: Come on, what is she doing up there?

Eric: Nothing to do with Simon, something to do with Sandy.

Annie: Oh good... so you found out what's going on with Sandy?

Eric: Not exactly, but from my observation, she's a...

Annie: Oh no, oh no, oh no, not Simon.

Eric: No, I don't think so. That, that doesn't make any sense, ah...

Annie: Oh no...

Eric: Maybe...

Ruthie: Oh, hey, look who gave me a ride home.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: I've got to get out of this thing and relax before Lucy comes home and kills me.

Matt: No, no, you can't. You have to see Sam and David. Dad wanted you to. They love that rat. So ah, who's the father?

Kevin: Father...?

Matt: Sandy, she's pregnant.

Kevin: Where'd you get that?

Matt: Where'd I get that? The woman's obviously pregnant. Take my word for it, I'm a doctor.

Kevin: Almost a doctor.

Matt: I'm doctor enough to know the woman's pregnant. Wait, not Simon, right?

Kevin: No, I don't think so. That wouldn't make sense.

Matt: So?

Kevin: So I don't think I should say it would only be a guess, and Lucy's already going to kill me.

Matt: Come on, we can't have a caper like that and keep secrets from each other. We're brothers.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: You're making her crazy not answering your phone. You make us all crazy not answering your phone.

Martin: Sorry, I just started getting some calls I don't want so I don't keep my phone with me.

Ruthie: Calls from?

Martin: What, are you on a, on a mission?

Ruthie: No...

Martin: Yeah, you are. I can tell. Did Meredith say something?

Ruthie: She thinks you're seeing someone else.

Martin: I'm not seeing anyone else.

Ruthie: All right...

Martin: I'm not. She's not thinking about breaking up with me, is she?

Ruthie: No, she's worried about you breaking up with her.

Martin: No, it... it's nothing. They're just phone calls, some stupid phone calls. I can't believe she'd think I want to break up with her. Doesn't she know how much I care about her by now?

Ruthie: I think she's just feeling a little insecure. I mean, we all know great it is to be in a relationship, but it's also scary because at this age the relationships doesn't always last.

Martin: Look, relationships at any age don't always last and if you know something, tell me.

Ruthie: No, really, I think she's just afraid that you were hiding something, like another girlfriend. She really likes you... a lot.

Martin: I like her, too.

Ruthie: Good... so who are the phone calls from?

Martin: Well, you call a lot.

Ruthie: Yeah, and you almost never call me back. You just seem kind of down lately.

Martin: No, I'm not. I just have a lot on my mind. This is the first year I've lived with my dad, still adjusting to that, and it's my last year of high school. I've been worried about baseball, about college, about my future. It's been kind of overwhelming.

Ruthie: But now it's not?

Martin: I talked to the counselor today, and as it turns out, I've already finished all the courses I have to have to graduate, or I will when I finished this semester, and I can opt not to take anything next semester and still graduate with the class and still be eligible to play ball. So if it gets to be too much, I can take it easy next semester, give myself a break.

Ruthie: And do what?

Martin: Just go to baseball practice and play ball.

Ruthie: Oh...

Martin: I'd just be taking a bunch of electives I don't need anyway.

Ruthie: Well, didn't you know that coming into this year?

Martin: Yeah, but, I don't know.

Ruthie: Don't you wanna go to school? It's your senior year, you should enjoy it.

Martin: No, my point is, if I'm not enjoying it, then I don't have to go. Thanks for the cookies. It was ah, good to see you.

Ruthie: It was good to see you, too.

Martin: I'm gonna go see Meredith and make sure everything's okay.

Ruthie: Yeah, oh, I don't think that she wanted you to know that she wanted me to talk to you.

Martin: I won't say anything. Ah, um, thanks for ah, being my friend. It's great having a girlfriend, but ah, I still need my friends. So... thanks.

Ruthie: Sure...

College Campus

Rose: Wait... Luce; I wanna talk to you... alone.

Lucy: I really should be going, Rose. Ah, why don't you come down with Simon this weekend... or why don't I just call you instead?

Rose: You don't want me to come because you don't think your parents are going to be happy about the ring.

Lucy: I don't think my parents going to be happy about Simon charging the ring.

Rose: Or that we're officially engaged.

Lucy: I don't know how they're gonna react to that.

Rose: But they know we're getting married, so why is the ring such a big deal?

Lucy: Well, I think that Simon told them you would get engaged in May, and I think that they think the two of you really need some time to really think this thorough, but really, I, I can't speak for them.

Rose: You got married before you graduated.

Lucy: Yes, but Kevin is a little older than I am, and our financial situation was a little different since he had been working for several years.

Rose: And he's loaded.

Lucy: That has nothing to do with anything. That's not why I married him. I love Kevin.

Rose: And your parents love him and they don't love me.

Lucy: None of us have really gotten a chance to get to know you yet, Rose.

Rose: I don't know why they don't love me. Why did they love Kevin and they don't love me, and don't tell me they don't. I can feel it. They don't approve of our getting married because they don't even like me.

Lucy: Rose, it just that... you don't always seem to have Simon's best interest at heart, like when you asked him to buy you a ring he can't afford. I mean, things like that make parents worry, it makes them question whether or not you really love my brother.

Rose: But I do love him, I really do, that's, that's why I want to get married sooner.

Lucy: Sooner?

Rose: I have the ring; I want to get married this May. I don't want to wait until I graduate. Again, you got married before you graduated and you even had a baby before you graduated.

Lucy: After I graduated, but this isn't about me.

Rose: Why can't you just be on my side? Aren't you supposed to be a Christian? Aren't you supposed to love everyone? I mean, I thought you and I could be like sisters.

Lucy: Maybe we can, but...

Sandy: Luce, I thought about what you said, and I thought of something. Hi, Rose.

Rose: I was talking to her.

Sandy: Okay, well now I need to talk to her.

Lucy: Rose, can I call you tomorrow? And I'll give some thought to what you said.

Rose: Fine... call me tomorrow.

Lucy: You thought of something.

Sandy: My dad, my real dad, lives in Los Angeles. I thought maybe now is a good time to call him. Maybe if he knows I'm in trouble, he'll help me. I mean, this could be an opportunity for him, right?

Lucy: Yeah... maybe.

Sandy: I don't know, I mean, I don't know if he would do it, but... Maybe it was a stupid idea.

Lucy: It's worth thinking about.

Sandy: I know where he lives. I got his phone number off the internet.

Lucy: All right, well let me have it and I'll see what I can do, but keep thinking about just how capable you are of handling your own life.

Sandy: Thanks and thanks for everything... I just have a feeling that you're going to make this all right somehow.

Martin's Car

Meredith: Sorry, am I drooling?

Martin: A little... are you okay?

Meredith: When you don't have very good dental care for most of your life, it's a little tough getting caught up.

Martin: I'm sorry.

Meredith: No, don't be. I can't tell you how great it is to get to go to a dentist. And my mom takes me or my dad.

Martin: So you're calling them mom and dad now?

Meredith: Yeah, I am. I don't know if they'll ever legally adopt us, but I think of them as mom and dad, so yesterday, I decided to start calling them that, and it feels great.

Martin: I'm really happy everything is working out for you.

Meredith: Yeah, thank you... me, too. I love being in a family, having my brothers and my sisters around. I'm really lucky.

Martin: Yeah...

Meredith: You think you'll ever have children? You know, if you ever get married, you think you'll have children? I want children... five.

Martin: Yeah, children would ah, be great. I guess.

Meredith: I'm going to adopt then all. There are so many children out there that need homes, like we did. I don't know why people have babies that don't want them. Am I drooling again?

Martin: Um, no... I ah, better be going. I have homework. I'll call you.

Meredith: Okay, or I could call you, but you never seem to have the phone with you.

Martin: It's just that when I'm with you, I don't want anyone to interrupt us.

Meredith: And when you're not with me?

Martin: I think about you. I always think about you. I don't want anyone else, Meredith.

Meredith: Ruthie talked to you, didn't she?

Martin: You could have just talked to me. I'm not seeing anyone else. I mean, I dated other girls before I dated you, but... I wish I hadn't. I'm not going out with anyone else. I'm not even talking to anyone else, other than Ruthie.

Meredith: Yeah, I'm sorry about that; I just didn't know if you'd consider that any of my business if you were dating someone else. But, let's go back to you wish you hadn't gone out with anyone before me. Are we talking about dating or something else?

Martin: Um, I was talking about dating.

Meredith: Are we talking about dating someone you had sex with? I mean, why would you regret dating somebody before me?

Martin: I don't know.

Meredith: Yeah, you do, you wish you hadn't had sex.

Martin: What are you talking about? Why are you saying that?

Meredith: Well, is it true?

Martin: What?

Meredith: Have you had sex? Because Ruthie told me that you swore you weren't going to have sex until you got married, and that sounded really good to me.

Martin: I think we've talked enough for one day.

Meredith: It's ah... that Sandy girl, isn't it? You had sex with her. That's why she's following you around and why she's calling you. And that's whose phone calls you're avoiding? Oh, I knew it!

Martin: I don't want to talk about it.

Meredith: You brought it up.

Martin: No, I didn't.

Meredith: Yes, you did. Oh my God, that cheap "Hoochee Mama". Well, I would call her something else but I don't believe in woman calling other woman bad names. So, if you're seeing her, just tell me, because if you are seeing her, and I think you know what I mean by "seeing" then we are not going out anymore.

Martin: I'm not seeing her. I said I wish I had never had seen her and I don't won't to see her again.

Meredith: You promise...

Martin: I promise.

Meredith: Uh... ouch... oh...

Martin: I love you, Meredith.

Meredith: You do?

Martin: Yeah, I do.

Meredith: Hmmm... I love you, too, but do not tell Ruthie Camden or anyone else, because if word gets out that you and Sandy "saw" each other, my dad might find out. If my dad finds out, I'm gonna have to quit seeing you 'cause... just couldn't go out with a guy that he doesn't approve of after all he's done for me.

Martin: Believe me, I'm not going to say anything to Ruthie.

Meredith: So... you love me?

Martin: (nods)

Meredith: Can I just tell Ruthie that part of the conversation, 'cause I have to tell someone.

Martin: All right.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knock)

Eric: Hey, Martin, twice in one day... come on in. Everything okay?

Martin: Yeah, I was just looking for Lucy.

Eric: She took a drive up to see Simon, she's not back yet.

Martin: Mmmm... okay, well ah, good night.

Eric: Anything I can do for you?

Martin: Ah, no... but ah, thanks... good night.

Eric: Are you sure?

Martin: I'm sure... goodnight.

Eric: Everything okay with you and your dad?

Martin: Everything's fine. My dad's been really busy with work lately.

Eric: So he's enjoying the landscaping business?

Martin: He seems to be.

Eric: Hey, how's your aunt? How's things going for her in New York?

Martin: Good... she's ah got a new line of socks coming out. See ya'.

Eric: School okay?

Martin: Yeah, it's pretty easy this year, so better be going.

Eric: Last year of high school, huh? Boy, it's an exciting time... lot of thoughts about the future I imagine.

Martin: Loads... really have to go.

Eric: And Meredith... you and Meredith still dating?

Martin: No one else but Meredith.

Eric: She's, she's a nice girl.

Martin: The nicest... look tell Lucy I was looking for her if you see her, okay. Thanks.

Eric: Sure there's nothing I can do to...

Door: (slams)

Eric: ...help you?

Ruthie: Was that Martin?

Eric: That was he.

Ruthie: Did he want me?

Eric: No, ah looking for Lucy...

Ruthie: For what?

Eric: Didn't say.

Ruthie: I bet I know.

Eric: Do you?

Ruthie: Do you?

Eric: No...

Ruthie: He told Meredith that he loves her.

Eric: Why would he want to tell Lucy that he told Meredith that he loves her?

Ruthie: Because, he talked to Lucy and I guess she told him he should tell Meredith how he feels about her.

Eric: You think?

Ruthie: Yeah, I saw it coming. She was nervous he had another girlfriend. He was nervous that she didn't think he liked her. I figured they'd say the "L" word.

Eric: Sounds like they're getting serious about each other.

Ruthie: I guess.

Eric: Your mom thinks that you like Martin. You know, "like-like" Martin.

Ruthie: I like him as a friend.

Eric: A friend that maybe someday you hope to go out with?

Ruthie: Maybe someday, I don't know. Relationships don't seen to last as long as real friendships, so I might not date him ever, because I might wanna be his friend for the rest of my life. I wouldn't want dating to get in the way of that.

Eric: Sounds like a good plan. I like that. I hope you and Martin are friends for the rest of your lives. Good friends... good friends are hard to find... even harder to keep.

Ruthie: Good night.

Eric: Good night, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Love you.

Eric: Love you, too.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Matt: And then... dun dun dun...

Ruthie: Good night guys...

Sam/David: Good night, Ruthie.

David: Love you.

Ruthie: Love you, too.

Matt: Me, too.

Ruthie: Good night, Rat.

Matt: Good night, Ruthie.

Matt: Where was I?

Sam/David: Dun dun dun...

Matt: Oh, right... dun dun dun. The door flew open and little Jonathan's mommy stuck her head in the room just as I couldn't hold it in any longer and let out a big...

Matt: (farting noise)

Sam/David: (laughs)

David: And then what?

Matt: Then Jonathan, not wanting his mother to know I'm under the bed says, "Excuse me". And, Jonathan's mother said, "I didn't hear a thing. Good night". And, the moral of this story is... sometimes if you're really good friends with someone, you have to cover for them until they're ready to reveal themselves.

Sam/David: Yeah...

Matt: Okay, that's it. You have to go to bed.

Sam/David: Good night, Roscoe.

Matt: Good night...

Sam/David: Love you, Matt.

Matt: Love you, Sam and David.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Matt: Hi, I didn't hear you out here.

Annie: Yes, you did.

Matt: Did I?

Annie: Nice story.

Matt: Yeah, well, I was just kind of making it up as I went along.

Annie: So, I guess we're all just ah covering until our friend is ready to reveal himself, huh. You know, Kevin knows, Lucy knows, your dad knows, I know, Simon knows, Rose knows... how long before everyone knows?

Matt: I don't know, but whenever it is, it'll be too soon.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (slams)

Lucy: Hi, is Kevin here?

Eric: They went home. Savannah was tired; long day for her.

Eric: Long day for you, too, I imagine.

Lucy: Yeah, longer than I expected it to be.

Eric: You wanna talk?

Lucy: I don't know. I guess not. I, I'm not sure that it would be ethical to tell you everything I know.

Eric: How 'bout the part about my family?

Lucy: Sorry, I don't think I can.

Eric: All right...

Lucy: You say all right because you know I'm not going to be able to keep everything I know secret for very long. I'm scared, Dad. I really am scared. I don't know what I thought your work was all about, or how I thought my work would be any different, but it's really frightening that people are relying on me to help them with decisions that are so... important.

Eric: Want a little advice?

Lucy: I could use some advice, yeah.

Eric: We're not superheroes. We're not super reverends. We're just people, people who rely on Life to show us the way so that we can show others.

Lucy: Right... I need to remember that. I need to rely on a Higher Power so that I can get others to follow my lead...

Eric: Yep... just a reminder and Luce, I love you.

Lucy: I love you. All right, I know You're there for me so... bring it on. Very funny.

Matt: Want me to walk you home? I got to return this to Kevin.

Lucy: Sure, thanks, but my car's in the driveway, I'll drive you over. I just want to make a phone call. Can you wait outside?

Matt: Still working?

Lucy: (nods)

Matt: All right, well, I, I wouldn't want to interfere in any way ever again.

Lucy: Apology accepted.

Bad Hotel Room

Phone: (rings)

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