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#10.06 : Besoin d'aide

Sandy avoue qu'elle a uniquement dormi avec Martin pour rendre Simon jaloux. Elle demande, par ailleurs, à Simon de l'emmener à l'hôpital car elle est certaine que son accouchement est imminent. Eric finit par apprendre que Simon a offert à Rose une bague de fiançailles. Il doit également décider d'autoriser ou non Ruthie à fréquenter un garçon plus âgé qu'elle. Lucy est déçue d'apprendre que presque toute sa famille est au courant de la situation de Martin alors qu'elle espérait que cela resterait secret. 


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Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Sandy (Haylie Duff) et Simon (David Gallagher)

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Simon Camden joué par David Gallagher

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Kelley Turk, Courtney Turk & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Brad Maule (George Smith) 

Guests :

  • Michael McDonald ..... Edward Jameson
  • Travis Van Winkle ..... Brian

Quand Sandy demande à Simon de l'emmener à l'hôpital pour ce qu'elle croit être des douleurs de grossesse, elle lui avoue qu'elle a couché avec Martin seulement pour le rendre jaloux.

Eric apprend d'une façon brutale que Simon a donné à Rose une bague de fiançailles.

Il doit décider de laisser ou pas Ruthie sortir avec un garçon qui a l'air bien plus vieux qu'elle.

Ruthie est intéressée par un garçon avec qui elle va au lycée. Il s'appelle Brian, il a environ 18 ans et il joue dans l'équipe de baseball du lycée. Elle l'a rencontré en faisant du vélo avec Sam et David.

Quand ils reviennent à la maison, les jumeaux essaient d'embarrasser Ruthie en face d'Eric en parlant de son "nouveau petit ami" qu'Eric ne connaît pas.

Lucy est étonnée de découvrir que toute la famille est au courant du problème de Martin, alors qu'elle aurait voulu garder ça privé. 

Simon's Apartment

Door: (knocking)

Sandy: Simon, it's Sandy, it's me. Help...

Door: (knocking)

Sandy: Why aren't you answering your phone?

Simon: I didn't hear my phone.

Sandy: Is Rose here?

Simon: No. She didn't come home last night?

Sandy: No, she came home but... ouch... but she left early this morning.

Simon: Oh, yeah, she was went to San Francisco. Are you okay?

Sandy: I don't know. I think I need to go to the hospital, and I don't want to go by myself, and your sister is three hours away, and I don't have anyone else... and ooowww...

Simon: Okay, let me just throw my clothes on.

Sandy: Ooww...

Sandy: No, I don't think we have time for that. I'm really hurting, I think something is wrong.

Simon: Okay, let's go.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: Can I help?

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: This isn't working quite the way I thought it would. Can't quite figure it out, but you go on, do whatever you want to do today. My mom will keep Savannah if I had to go out.

Kevin: Here, let me take a look.

Lucy: You're gonna help... with this? You never volunteer to help me with any remodeling stuff, what's going on?

Kevin: It's not remodeling, it's putting down some tiles. It's something we can do together. We never get to hang out together anymore. Let me help you. Did it come with instructions?

Lucy: Yeah, it came with instructions. Why do you want to hang out with me all day?

Kevin: Why do you want me out of the house today?

Lucy: Well, you first.

Kevin: Aren't you supposed to go talk to that guy today... Sandy's dad?

Lucy: If he ever calls me back, and he may never call me back.

Kevin: And if he doesn't, then what?

Lucy: Then... nothing. I continue to help Sandy become more self-sufficient because I don't think her family's gonna come to her rescue.

Kevin: What about Martin?

Lucy: I don't know. I... I'd like to keep him at a distance, or give him a little space; however, you wanna look at it. But, she can't force him into a relationship with her and the baby; I mean, he's gotta come around on his own.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: Because... what do you mean why?

Kevin: I mean, having been in the same situation when I graduated from high school, I did the right thing and got married, so I think I should talk to him.

Lucy: Then you got divorced when you found out there wasn't a baby.

Kevin: Still, he needs some help... from a guy.

Lucy: Well, I'm helping him.

Kevin: How?

Lucy: By helping her... by helping Sandy.

Kevin: No offense, but I just wanna talk to him man to man.

Lucy: No offense, but he didn't come to you for help and if he's gonna talk to a man, I think the first man he needs to talk to is his dad.

Kevin: Yeah, okay. When's he gonna do that? When the kid goes to kindergarten?

Lucy: Hopefully before that.

Kevin: He better. People are going to know.

Lucy: Other than you and my dad and me, what people?

Kevin: You don't really think you can keep this kind a thing a secret, do you?

Lucy: I don't think I can keep Sandy's pregnancy a secret, but I don't know why anyone else necessarily needs to know who the father is.

Kevin: Luce, your whole family has figured it out. And Simon and Rose know.

Lucy: My whole family?

Kevin: Yeah, except for Ruthie.

Lucy: You told Matt?

Kevin: He's the one who told me Sandy was pregnant, I didn't even notice it, and then I just put two and two together.

Lucy: And you told him?

Kevin: He was going to find out eventually anyway, and besides, he lives in New York. Who's he going to tell?

Lucy: I don't know. But, wait a minute, my whole family... wait... my mom knows?

Kevin: I didn't tell her, your dad told her.

Lucy: He told her that Martin is the father of Sandy's baby?

Kevin: I think so.

Lucy: I can't believe this. I'll be right back.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: What could George possibly want to see me about other than Martin... or Martin and Meredith? He's not gonna want Martin dating Meredith if he's found out about Sandy, is he?

Annie: Well, I doubt it, but what if it's some tiny little problem with one of the children, he has other children. I mean, there's Meredith's brother and sisters, maybe he wants to talk about one of them or even Cecilia. Maybe he's having a problem with Cecilia.

Eric: Maybe, but I don't think that would require a visit to my office on a Saturday. How could he have found out?

Lucy: Who? How could who have found out what? And, please tell me you're not talking about Martin. Foul play... okay, foul play. I'm handling this. I don't need anyone, anyone else to interfere.

Annie: We weren't interfering. We were talking.

Lucy: About Martin... how do you even know?

Eric: She's your mother. I told her.

Lucy: Why?

Eric: I... I... she... she figured it out.

Annie: Why shouldn't I know?

Lucy: This is not a group project, this is my work. I told Sandy that everything she was sharing with me was in complete confidence.

Annie: You didn't tell us about Sandy, your father saw her when he was spying on you. And, why couldn't you tell me, it's me, Luce. I've kept more secrets over the years than you'll probably ever hear, so don't worry, I wouldn't say anything to anyone. And, frankly I'm a little bit insulted that you were so upset that your dad said something to me. I mean, I probably would have figured it by myself anyway. Matt figured it out.

Lucy: No he didn't, Kevin told him.

Annie: And you told Kevin?

Lucy: Well yeah, he's my husband.

Annie: Well, I'm his wife.

Lucy: All right, all right... everyone knows, but Ruthie, so we have to contain this, we have to. Please, don't discuss Martin and Sandy with anyone else. I'm begging you. If Martin knew that you knew, he'd be mortified, even more mortified than he already is.

Eric: Or... knowing that other's know, he'd tell his father. He really should tell his father, because there may be other people who know.

Lucy: Other people like...?

Eric: George called and he wants to talk to me. George, as in Meredith's adoptive father, George.

Lucy: Yes, yes, I, I know who he is. He can't possibly know about Martin, can he? If he doesn't know, you're not gonna tell him, right?

Eric: No, but Luce, eventually people are going to know.

Lucy: Why do we have to assume the worst is going to happen? Just don't say anything to George if he doesn't know and don't say anything else to anyone else, okay?

Eric: Okay...

Annie: Okay...

Eric: Don't forget that Simon and Rose know, you might want to talk to them.

Lucy: I know that.

Eric: Anytime Simon's name comes up in a conversation, she just darts out the door.

Annie: Yes, I've noticed that, too. She knows something about the two of them that she's not telling us.

Eric: Whatever it is, it'll come out eventually.

Eric: (sighs)

Sam/David: We met Ruthie's boyfriend!

Ruthie: I thought we were gonna let me do the talking?

Eric: Really, I didn't know Ruthie had a boyfriend.

Ruthie: I don't.

Sam: Yes, you do.

David: It's not someone you know.

Eric: Oh...

Ruthie: What was the plan?

Sam: To get Mom and Dad to let you go out?

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: We ran into someone when we were riding bikes. A guy from school and he's not my boyfriend.

Sam: Are you sure?

David: I think he wants to be your boyfriend.

Sam: Yeah...

Ruthie: Why don't you two go upstairs and... do something while I talk to Dad.

Eric: I don't know, I find it pretty interesting talking to the three of you.

Ruthie: If you ever want to ride bikes with me again, you'll go upstairs.

Eric: If you were gonna threaten them, and by the way, I don't like for anyone to get threatened around here, you maybe should have done it before they gave away all your little secrets. So who is this boy from school you ran into?

Ruthie: He's on the baseball team... the shortstop, Brian. And, he was just asking if maybe he and I could go out sometime with Martin and Meredith. He's sixteen, he doesn't have a car so we would have to go with someone else.

Eric: You don't think that would be just a bit awkward? I know you're friends with Martin. I know you're friends with Meredith, but I also know you're kind of thinking that somebody Martin and Meredith may not be together and...

Ruthie: Never mind that, I want you to meet him. Brian, this is my Dad. Dad, this is Brian.

Brian: Nice to meet you, sir.

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Annie: "Honest people tell the truth. Other people know that when they say something is so, they can believe it. Now that is very handy, because if you are honest and promise to do something, others will trust you. They will share things with you, tell you secrets, lend you money and help you do many of the things you want to do because they know that what you promise and what you say is true. They can count on it. Only a dope will lie".

Sam: Maybe you should read that to Ruthie.

David: Not us. We've read that book a lot.

Annie: You're right.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Ruthie: Why do we have to wait for dad? Brian's waiting for me to call him.

Annie: He said we'd talk about it when he got home.

Ruthie: When is he gonna get home, where'd he go, what's he doing, what's more important than this?

Annie: Nothing is more important to us than you and our relationship with you as you grow up and become a young adult. This is really a great book.

Glenoak Community Church

George: How's Simon?

Eric: Oh, he's fine, he's fine. How's, how's Cecilia?

George: She's fine, besides switching colleges a few times. Which is gonna mean she's gonna be in school a year longer than she was supposed to be, but at least she's still in college so, I guess she'll graduate when she graduates. You know, Meredith's older sister is still in school with Simon.

Eric: Right, I forgot she's at Northern California School of the Arts, too.

George: Loves it. She's decided she's going to teach art at the high school level. She thinks art is such a good thing for kids, attributes her emotional health to being able to express herself through art. She's such a good girl and I mean, having lived in social services and out on the street and still...

Eric: And she's not having any problems?

George: No, goodness no, she comes down on weekends and straightens out her sisters and her brother if they're even thinking of giving us any problems... which they're not.

Eric: (nods)

George: I don't know if you know this or not, but Martin told Meredith he loves her and it's her first real love, and she's just crazy about him. Couldn't quit talking to Christina the whole time she was home. And, I was just wondering... you don't think that Martin would say something like, "I love you" to Meredith for the wrong reason, do you?

Eric: The wrong reason?

George: Maybe I'm paranoid, but he wouldn't say something like that to just to get Meredith to be, you know... be intimate with him?

Eric: Why do you think that?

George: Well, I've just been reading everything I can get my hands on about teen sex, and some expert said that this is one of the ways that boys talk girls into doing things that they wouldn't ordinarily be doing. But, I know you know about this stuff, that's why I wanted to talk to you about it. You know teenage boys. I mean, you have one; Simon's what almost twenty-one?

Eric: Next year... yeah... still twenty for now.

George: Oh and by the way, congratulations... heard about the engagement from Christina.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, they say they're getting married. It's not an official engagement... and there's always a chance that the whole thing could just, you know, fall apart. Not that we want that to happen.

George: It's a pretty big engagement ring for not an official engagement. I mean, those things aren't really returnable. I mean, what it is... a full one carat? I mean I knew Simon was always good with money, but that's a humdinger of a ring... from what I hear. Oh, dear Lord, tell me you knew about the ring.

Eric: We didn't have all the details. We haven't actually seen it yet.

George: I should have kept to the subject... which is Meredith. Do you think it is safe for Meredith and Martin to be boyfriend and girlfriend, just going to together; do you think it's good that they're so serious about each other when they're both so young?

Eric: Could we just put a pin in this and, and maybe get back to this conversation like next week?

George: What?

Eric: Well, I, I'd like to do a little research before I just answer such an important question.

George: What... research?

Eric: Please...

George: Sure, okay, just a get back to me... sooner is better than later.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: (laughing)

Sandy: Stop it, it's not funny.

Simon: Come on it's kinda funny.

Sandy: I shouldn't eaten Mexican for dinner.

Simon: Guess not.

Sandy: I can't believe those were just gas pains. I can't imagine what labor pains are gonna be like.

Simon: Sit down; I'll get you somethin' to drink.

Sandy: Sorry you had to rush me to the hospital.

Simon: That's okay, I'm glad it wasn't for something more serious.

Sandy: Yeah, me too, I guess.

Simon: You guess?

Sandy: I don't know, it's just my life would have been a lot easier if this would have all ended today, it would have been sad, but it would have been over. This is never gonna be over. My life has changed forever.

Simon: And Martin's.

Sandy: Maybe... maybe he's just never gonna be part of this.

Simon: He's already a part of this. I mean, he can't stay away forever.

Sandy: I can't believe I'd do something so stupid. I just think it was because... I wanted you to know I slept with Martin. I was angry that you were dating Rose instead of me. I'm a little jealous you're marrying Rose instead of me. I wish I'd never introduced the two of you. And, I wish I had gotten to know you better, that you had gotten to know me better. And, I'm really not a bad person and I know you're not. And, I think that you're gonna make a great husband and someday you're gonna make a great dad. And frankly, I don't think Rose deserves you.

Simon: Sandy, look...

Sandy: What you want me to lie?

Simon: No... I just really wish you didn't say everything you just said.

Sandy: Fine, I take it back. Forget I said any of what I just told you... even through it's the truth.

Simon: I don't think you always have to tell everyone the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Sandy: Maybe you should try it. Are you happy marrying Rose?

Phone: (rings)

Sandy: You gonna get that?

Simon on Answering Machine: Hi this is Simon. Leave a message...

Simon: No, I'll let it pick up.

Simon: (sniffling)

Eric: Simon, call me and if you don't call me by midnight, expect me to show up on your doorstep... again.

Sandy: Somebody knows about the engagement ring and somebody's gonna get in trouble.

Camden's House - Backyard

Martin: What's going on?

Ruthie: That Brian guy asked me out.

Martin: No, I meant with your dad. Why is he meeting with Meredith's dad?

Ruthie: I didn't know he was.

Martin: Oh, what Brian guy?

Ruthie: On your team... the baseball team... the shortstop.

Martin: What?

Ruthie: David and Sam and I were riding bikes and we ran into him and he asked me out and he came over and met my dad, and he doesn't drive so I was asking if we could go out with you and Meredith.

Martin: Oh, that guy, yeah. Um, no, I'm sorry.

Ruthie: No, you're sorry?

Martin: I want to be Meredith alone. Okay... if her dad still lets me. What could they have been talking about?

Ruthie: Who?

Martin: Your dad and George.

Ruthie: I don't know, but I know my dad likes you, so I don't think he'd tell George not to let Meredith go out with you. You guys are alone all the time, do you have to be alone tonight?

Martin: Yes, we do.

Ruthie: But Brian doesn't have a car.

Martin: Yeah, I know that, he's been trying to get a ride from anyone on the team who will give him a ride. Look, I don't want any company tonight; I need to be with Meredith, alone.

Ruthie: Need to be?

Martin: Yeah, I need to talk to her.

Ruthie: Yeah, sure.

Martin: What does that mean?

Ruthie: It means... that you don't want to help me out.

Martin: That's not what you think it means, you think I want to do more than talk.

Ruthie: I didn't say that.

Eric: All right, I'm gonna ask you a question and I want the two of you to answer at the same time without taking a cue from each other. How old is this Brian that you're trying to go out with?

Ruthie/Martin: Sixteen/Eighteen...

Eric: Eighteen...?

Martin: Why would I lie? I don't lie.

Eric: Why would you lie?

Ruthie: Because I had to.

Lucy: Oh good, you're home. What happened? What? Does he know about Martin or doesn't he?

Eric: I'd say he doesn't know yet, but he's in the process of putting it all together. I'm pretty sure he's gonna know soon.

Lucy: That's all you found out?

Eric: No, that's not all I found out. No... no... I found out that Simon gave Rose an engagement ring. You knew about the ring?

Lucy: I knew, but I couldn't really say.

Eric: Because...?

Lucy: Because I said I wouldn't.

Eric: Because...

Lucy: Because he should be the one to tell you.

Eric: And yet, he wasn't the one to tell me.

Lucy: I can't help that. Look, it really wasn't my place to tell you, all I could do is tell him to tell you.

Eric: Is that the same thing that you're going to be saying to Martin's dad when he comes storming over here asking why we didn't tell him that his son is going to be a father?

Lucy: I'm handling it, okay?

Eric: All by yourself. You're handling an unwanted pregnancy that involves a young man who, who lived in our home for two years and now lives across the street with his dad, a, a young man who your younger sister worships, a young man that we all love, you're, you're handling his problems all by yourself?

Lucy: Yes, I am. He asked me to.

Eric: You're also handling the problems of the young woman who is having his child, a young woman who is a friend of your brother's, a young woman who has no other friends or family to turn to?

Lucy: Yes, I am.

Eric: And you're in the middle of your brother's relationship problems not to mention the problem he's about to have with your mother and me? And at the same time, you're trying to fulfill all the obligations you have from your commitment to the church all while bring up a daughter and remodeling a house, and you just graduated from college and you have no practical experience because you're just in your first year of work?

Lucy: Are you jealous that all these people came to me for help instead of talking to you? Is that the problem?

Eric: No, that is not the problem.

Lucy: So what's the problem.

Eric: The problem is...

Phone: (ringing)

Lucy: Oh...

Lucy on Phone: Hello? Oh, could you hold on for just one second? Okay...

Lucy: I'm sorry, but I have something I have to do, but stop worrying, I... I'll admit I have a lot going on, but I've got this all under control.

Eric: No, you don't! She doesn't, she's... she really doesn't.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: I have to go meet Sandy's dad.

Kevin: Hold on, I'll follow you.

Lucy: I got it, okay? I'm just going down to the Promenade to meet him for coffee.

Kevin: I'll just be nearby if you need me.

Lucy: Have you been talking to my dad?

Kevin: About...?

Lucy: About my talking on too much?

Kevin: No, but I'm not surprised that he would think that. He thinks that maybe you should just give some consideration what we're both telling you before someone gets hurt or you get hurt.

Lucy: All right, all right, I hear you. Consider it considered. Okay, bye, bye, Mommy will be right back.

Savannah: (coos)

Lucy: Are you gonna follow me or not? The guy sounded a little creepy on the phone.

Kevin: Wanna go for a ride?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: Hello...?

Meredith on Phone: Ruthie?

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, hi.

Meredith on Phone: Is it a bad time?

Ruthie on Phone: Kind of... I'm a little angry with your boyfriend now.

Meredith on Phone: Is that why my dad asked if we could not go out tonight?

Ruthie on Phone: I don't know. You dad doesn't want you going out with Martin tonight?

Meredith on Phone: But he was nice about it, he said that he thought I'd been going out a lot lately so maybe Martin and I should take a night off. I just find it kind of odd since he met with your dad this afternoon. So you don't know what your dad could have said to him that would make him think Martin and I are going out too often?

Ruthie on Phone: No, are you sure it was something my dad said that made him decide that?

Meredith on Phone: No, but I...

Meredith/Ruthie on Phone: I have to call you back.

Eric: I think we should talk.

Ruthie: I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I won't lie about a guy's age just so I can try to go out with him.

Eric: That's an excellent start.

Ruthie: And I won't ask Sam and David to lie for me ever again. That was stupid. It was wrong. I meant to say wrong first.

Eric: You just seem so determined to go out with guys who are older than you. Is... is that just so you can show Martin that you can date guys his age? Ruthie... I know you have this fantasy in your head about someday being Martin Brewer's girlfriend, but maybe it's time to let go of that dream go and get a new dream, maybe a dream that's not about a guy but about you. About graduating at the top of your class and getting into college, you know, studying something you're passionate about and pursuing a career and succeeding at it and traveling around the world.

Ruthie: Why?

Eric: Why?

Ruthie: Yeah, why? I'm not trying to ruin Martin's relationship with Meredith or anything, I just know it's not going to last forever, and that maybe that he'll have another relationship after that and another one after and another one after and another after that before he even sees me as more than a friend, but someday that could happen. I want that to happen.

Eric: Sounds as if you'd do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Ruthie: Well, if it did happen, if he did want to go out with me, would you let me go out with him? Dad?

Eric: I'd have to think about that.

Ruthie: What? Why would you have to think about it? You know what a nice guy he is.

Eric: This has more to do with you than Martin. You just lied to us about Brian, so let's just focus on how you're going to win back out trust so that eventually we can let you date again.

Ruthie: It's just so hard to tell you the truth when I know you're not going to like what I'm telling you.

Eric: It's this simple... don't do things you know are wrong and then you won't have to lie about them. Say that we didn't know you lied to us about Brian's age, and you went out with him. Would you have enjoyed the date? I mean, would you have just put it out of your head that you lied to us and then had a good time? Or would you have worried the whole night that we were going to find out and you were gonna get in trouble?

Ruthie: You're right, I know you're right... but why do you have to put me in a situation where I have to lie to you? Why can't you just trust me to make my own decisions?

Eric: Well, for one thing, you lied to me.

Ruthie: Is there another thing?

Eric: Yes, there is, as a matter of fact. I don't want you to end up being a young woman who will do whatever it takes to get a guy that she wants. Whenever you find yourself in that frame of mind, obsessed with getting a guy, the feeling that you just have to have him and you'll do whatever it takes to get him, I just want you to question whether getting him is really worth losing who you are.

Ruthie: Hey, it's not like I'm Rose.

Eric: Yeah...

Ruthie: If what you mean is you don't want me to have sex just to get a guy, I want you to know that I would never do that.

Eric: Thanks, I'm going to hold you to that. Until the day you're married.

Ruthie: To Martin?

Eric: (laughs)

Eric: Oh...

Meredith's Room

Meredith: Is it because he told me that he loved me?

George: No... yes... maybe. I, I just don't want you to get into any trouble with Martin. So I'm just saying, maybe slow it down a little.

Meredith: Look, I went through years at social services without having sex, which is more than I can say of most girls in my situation, so please don't think that I'm gonna get talked into anything just because a guy's in love with me.

George: I didn't know that about you. I'm very happy to know that about you and I trust you. Your mother and I trust you.

Meredith: So you don't trust Martin... why?

George: I don't know, I guess because he's a guy who's in love with you. But I apologize. I have no reason not to trust you. And I'm sure you're going to do the right thing for yourself, so... if you don't feel that you and Martin are getting too serious too fast. And, if you don't think that you're headed toward a relationship that wouldn't be good for you, then you go out with him... tonight, or any other night, as long as you're doing well in school, I'll let you make your own decisions. And, after all you've been making your own decisions and good ones for a long time.

Meredith: Thanks, but you know what? I will take the night off and do something else just to show you that my whole life isn't centered around Martin. I love being in this family. I love you. Really, was it me telling you that Martin told me he loved me that made you feel you couldn't trust us or did something else happen?

George: Well, I never had more than one child in this house. Cecilia was the only one... no siblings, and I just think it's just wonderful how you and your sisters and your brother care for each other and look out for each other.

Meredith: My sister told you that Martin had sex with Simon's friend, Sandy?

George: Well...

Meredith: Why would she tell you? I told her not to tell anyone.

George: Regardless of that, I trust you, Meredith, and I meant what I said. You make your own decisions regarding this relationship. And, that being said, I hope you make the right one and if you want my help, or your mother's help, we're here for you to talk to.


Edward: Lucy Kinkirk?

Lucy: Oh yes, hi. I'm Lucy Kinkirk. I'm Sandy's friend and the Associate Pastor at Glenoak Church.

Edward: Nice to meet you. I'm Edward Jameson. I'm Sandy's dad and... I'm...

Lucy: Are you okay, you seem a little...

Edward: ...drunk?

Lucy: When was the last time you spoke to Sandy's mom?

Edward: I know all about the baby, if that's what you wanna know.

Lucy: And...?

Edward: And... I'm a drunk. What do you want me to do?

Lucy: Well, have you ever thought about, say, getting sober?

Edward: Not recently. I've been drinking my whole life. I like to drink, so I'm gonna keep drinking.

Lucy: So why did you even met me?

Edward: So if you get any crazy ideas about my being able to help my daughter, you'll forget about 'em.

Lucy: Don't you want to help her?

Edward: Does she need money?

Lucy: Well, yes, of course she needs money.

Edward: So do I. It's really difficult holding down a job when employers are so prejudiced against functional alcoholics. And yet, I have managed to always pay child support... one job at a time, most often, one day at a time.

Lucy: I don't think Sandy is aware of your paying child support.

Edward: I'm not surprised her mother has never told her. I... of course, I've never told her because I'm not allowed to have contact with her.

Lucy: Because...

Edward: Judges are also prejudiced against functional alcoholics.

Lucy: You keep saying functional alcoholic.

Edward: I mean, I drink and yet I function. It's pretty tough to do, if I do say do myself.

Lucy: She's twenty-one. No judge can keep you from having contact with your twenty-one-year-old daughter.

Edward: Really... she's twenty-one?

Lucy: Not that you should contact her in your present state of functional alcoholism.

Edward: No, possibly not, but if she is twenty-one, my financial obligations have ended. And that is good news, that's very good news. I guess my dear ex-wife forgot to mention that.

Lucy: Or maybe you promised to, to help her until she was finished with college?

Edward: Did I?

Lucy: Yeah, Sandy said that her mother told her that um, that you were obligated to help her until she was finished school.

Edward: I may have promised something like that. Her mother would know. Her mother is stone-cold sober, with the emphasis on stone cold. I detested being married to her. That's why I started drinking and the memory of being with her is why I keep drinking. She's probably the reason Sandy started drinking.

Lucy: I'm sorry?

Edward: Always seemed ironic to me; drinking while working to put my daughter through drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Lucy: Sandy went through drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Edward: Yes, before she could even drive a car and they worked. She, she quit, gave it all up. I take that back. She gave up the booze and the pot and substituted that for sex, but that's when her mother and stepfather threw up their hands and said that's it. It's especially painful for them since they can't have children of their own. His problem; so I hear. Your comments, Reverend?

Lucy: You wanna hear my comments? Okay, here are my comments. Despite your being an alcoholic...

Edward: ...functional alcoholic.

Lucy: ...despite your being a functional alcoholic, despite Sandy's mother and stepfather giving up on her, despite the fact that she went to rehab at an early age, despite the fact that she came out of rehab and possibly started using sex as a substitute for drugs and alcohol and is now pregnant, despite all of that, or you know what? Maybe because of all of that, I think Sandy is going to overcome all of the challenges she's been presented with. All of them, and she's going to be just fine without you or her mother stepping in to help her.

Edward: I'm really not surprised by that. I mean, after all, you believe that pie in the sky lie, don't you, Reverend?

Kevin: Hey, hold on. Stop, stop.

Lucy: Would you let me go?

Kevin: I don't think so.

Edward: Why, thank you, sir.

Lucy: You stink.

Edward: You're not the first person to tell me that. Good day.

Kevin: Interesting to see how you actually work. Are you sure you don't want me to talk to Martin?

Lucy: No, I can handle this.

Kevin: Luce, it's a lot to handle and you're getting in deeper and deeper and more and more people are getting involved whether you want them involved or not. You can't handle this alone, it's too big.

Lucy: I can, I have to.

Kevin: You can't. I say this as someone who loves you, you can't. You just pummeled a guy in broad daylight.

Lucy: Well...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Mom said you wanted to talk to me.

Eric: Yeah, she and I were talking.

Ruthie: About my punishment?

Eric: Not so much that, as about you. We were talking about you. We were thinking that you need to get more involved in activities other than dating.

Ruthie: Oh, great.

Eric: You know, to give your life more balance so you have something or someone in your world that you're interested in other than guys.

Ruthie: Well, I could go back to riding horses, but Sarah sold her horse so you'd need to buy me one.

Eric: Or you could find a new interest, some club at school, or some project at school or down at the church that you could become involved in. Something that helps other people, some way of making a contribution to your community.

Ruthie: So my punishment is to inflict some kind of community service on myself.

Eric: It's not a punishment.

Ruthie: It sounds like a punishment.

Eric: Let me finish.

Ruthie: I have to do something more than community service?

Eric: If you volunteer to get involved with anything that benefits someone other than yourself, we're gonna take that as a sign that you're growing up and you're maturing and we're gonna let you choose who you go out with. Provided you continue to make good grades, you know, you stick to a curfew and we know where you are and who you're with and that your choices are reasonable and...

Ruthie: Are you kidding me? I can go out with any guy I want? Even Jack?

Eric: (nods)

Ruthie: Even Brian?

Eric: (nods)

Ruthie: Even Martin someday?

Eric: Find a project.

Ruthie: I love you!

Eric: (sighs)

Door: (knock)

George: I can't wait for next week for you to get back to me.

Eric: So...

George: I know about Martin. I didn't know when I came to see you today. All I knew then was that Martin was telling Meredith he loved her. But then, when I sat down and talked to her about why I was worried, she confessed to me that she has never had sex and doesn't think she will until she's much older and in a committed relationship. I'd prefer marriage, but she said committed relationship. Anyway, after we talked, she said that Martin had had sex but only once and it was with a much older girl, Sandy, one of Simon's friends, and Meredith said she still felt she could trust him because he felt it was such a big mistake and therefore I could trust him, too. But, that's when Christina, the one who had told me about the engagement ring, mentioned that Simon's friend Sandy is pregnant.

Eric: (nods)

George: I just feel like crying... for Sandy, for Martin and for my little Meredith.

Eric: I'm sorry I couldn't tell you. Martin's dad doesn't know yet. Martin doesn't even know I know.

George: People are gonna to find out. I found out.

Lucy: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had company. Hi, George.

George: Lucy...

Eric: He knows. I didn't tell him, but he knows.

Lucy: You know?

George: (nods)

Lucy: Oh...

George: Yeah, well, I'll let you two talk. Ah, call me; let's stay in touch, please. 'Night, Reverends.

Eric: Long story... um, bits of information from different sources and he, he figured it out. Meredith doesn't know.

Lucy: Does Ruthie?

Eric: Nope, but when she finds out and she finds out we all knew and didn't tell her, she's going to be very angry for a very long time, and hurt, and she's gonna that we all lied to her.

Lucy: What are we going to do?

Eric: We?

Lucy: I'm sorry, you gave me that tip last week about relaying on a higher power for my strength and well, I, I guess I got kind of high thinking of my possibilities without realizing my limitations. I really need your help.

Eric: We're all gonna need each other to get through this one, Luce.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about how I've behaved. I know the right thing to do, but I...

Eric: But that puts you ahead of most people. Take this home; start reading it to Savannah now.

Lucy: Okay, we'll talk?

Eric: You bet.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Simon on Phone: Hi.

Eric on Phone: Simon?

Simon on Phone: Dad?

Eric on Phone: I was hoping you would call.

Simon on Phone: You threatened me.

Eric on Phone: Oh, yeah... well about that, I apologize. I was very angry with you when I found out about that engagement ring.

Simon on Phone: And now?

Eric on Phone: I'm still angry, plus your mother's angry.

Simon on Phone: So Lucy told you. I figured she would.

Eric on Phone: No, she didn't tell me. Meredith's sister saw the ring and mentioned it to her dad and he mentioned it to me.

Simon on Phone: Oh...

Eric on Phone: Yeah... I hear it's a full-one carat.

Simon on Phone: Yep, it's the one she wanted; I had to get it.

Eric on Phone: Because...?

Simon on Phone: Because you made her move out of my apartment.

Eric on Phone: You can't blame that on me, you wanted her to move out of your apartment and she never should have moved into your apartment in the first place.

Simon on Phone: But still, I didn't wanna lose her.

Eric on Phone: So you bought her a ring you can't afford. How, how are you going to pay for it?

Simon on Phone: I don't know. I'll pick up extra hours at the radio station, or I'll pick up a second job.

Eric on Phone: You know when you charge something like that you just pay for it over and over.

Simon on Phone: I know that.

Eric on Phone: Why did you buy something you can't pay for?

Simon on Phone: Because... after the way she got kicked out, I had to let her know I was really going to marry her, Dad. And, Dad I'm really gonna marry her.

Eric on Phone: A year from next May; after you both graduate from college.

Simon on Phone: That's the plan.

Eric on Phone: Then the plan was to get engaged this May, so no more surprises, okay? Stick to the plan.

Simon on Phone: I will.

Eric on Phone: Promise.

Simon on Phone: Promise.

Rose: Hi...

Simon: Hey... well, my dad's on the phone, they found about the ring.

Rose: (mouthing) Oh...

Eric on Phone: Is Rose there?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, Rose just walked in. She went to San Francisco today to see some designer. I don't know something for school, I guess.

Eric on Phone: Okay, well, I guess I better let you go.

Simon on Phone: Okay, thanks, Dad.

Eric on Phone: Goodnight, Simon.

Simon's Apartment

Rose: Wanna see my dress?

Simon: What kind of dress did you buy?

Rose: The kind that goes with my ring.

Simon: You bought a wedding dress?

Rose: Yes! Wanna see?

Simon: But we're not getting married until a year from next May.

Rose: I know, but I found the perfect one. It still needs some alterations, but... let me show it to you.

Simon: That's okay, I, I think it's bad luck if I see it.

Rose: Oh, we don't want any bad luck, do we?

Simon: Nope...

Rose: So... how was your day?

Simon: Interesting... very interesting. 

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