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#10.20 : Et encore des secrets (2/2)

Annie essaye d'acheter un immeuble pour le projet d'aide aux jeunes mères, mais elle se met en colère et insulte les propriétaires de l'immeuble. Elle est aussi vexée d'apprendre enfin que Matt et Sarah s'étaient mariés en secret avant leur mariage officiel. Au final les propriétaires de l'immeuble pardonnent à Annie et lui font don de l'immeuble pour l'association. Lucy découvre que Simon n'a pas pu valider toutes ses matières à l'université car il passe trop de temps au travail pour rembourser la bague de Rose. Elle propose à Simon de lui donner son cadeau de mariage en avance, pour qu'il puisse commencer sa vie de jeune marié sans dettes. Kevin perd son alliance. Kevin, Eric et Savannah vont aux urgences sans le dire à Lucy


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Titre VO
And more secrets

Titre VF
Et encore des secrets (2/2)

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Écrit par : Jeff Olsen, Chris Olsen & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Larry Drake ..... Monsieur Reilly
  • James Callahan ..... Père Mulligan 
  • Elizabeth Tobias ..... Infirmière

Camden's House - Attic Room

Eric: Let's go.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: You scared me. I'm coming. Why don't you yell up from the stairs like you usually do?

Eric: Apparently this is more effective.

Ruthie: More effective... or did you just wanna scare me?

Eric: I didn't wanna scare you. I wanted to hurry you. The boys are waiting in the backyard.

Ruthie: Oh no! I've have to charge this.

Eric: Oh, well good, I take it you won't be talking to anybody today, so I can rest easy today that I won't be hearing anymore life-altering secrets about any family members.

Ruthie: I knew it. You're still angry about Matt and Sarah. That's why you popped up here to scare me. Why don't you pop across to New York and scare them. They're the ones who eloped and then lied about it and had a wedding, not me.

Eric: And it never occurred to you that your mom might get upset when you gave this news to us.

Ruthie: No...

Eric: It was big news.

Ruthie: It's old news; it's really old news. Even Matt and Sarah didn't even think you would care it was so old.

Eric: I do care and your mom really cares a lot.

Ruthie: I know that now. I'm sorry I told you. I'm sorry Matt and Sarah did what they did. I'm really sorry.

Eric: Yet, I don't get the feeling you are.

Ruthie: Which is why you tried to scare me?

Eric: You know I was just really trying to move things along; just to get you and the boy to school on time.

Ruthie: Dad I can't help what Matt and Sarah did, I can't... and if you're try to hurry up and get me out of here why are you blocking the door?

Eric: David and Sam didn't say anything to you about anything did they?

Ruthie: No...

Eric: Nothing about my keep something secret from your mother?

Ruthie: You told the boys a secret you're keeping from mom?

Eric: I did. I don't know why I did, but I did.

Ruthie: Then my guess is your secret will be out by the time you get home from work. I'd say around three or three thirty... snack time.

Eric: No, the cookies are in my briefcase and I drank all the milk. I'm not stupid.

Ruthie: Yeah, so it was the cookies talking when you decided to tell two seven-year-olds your big secret.

Eric: Look I can't pick the boys up from school. If they tell her she is... just absolutely explode. Your mom is already so angry at Matt and Sarah and you that she's ready to explode now.

Ruthie: Well, maybe you do something that will make her so happy she wouldn't be angry with you or anyone else for the rest of her life.

Eric: And that would be...?

Ruthie: Get mom's new best friend Rose to call off her marriage to Simon. Rose may have changed but I know mom still doesn't want them married. I just know it.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Savannah: (laughing)

Kevin: I got it.

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello...

Sound: (dial tone)

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Who is this?

Sound: (dial tone)

Kevin: Somebody keeps hanging up on daddy and daddy's starting to get a little bit annoyed. Where's daddy's wedding ring?

Savannah: Ahhh...

Kevin: Ahhh...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie on Phone: I don't care. He told me we could have it for four hundred and then someone, I don't know, maybe this someone was you told him we have five hundred and now he wants four fifty. I don't care if he thought we were borrowing the money instead of paying cash. No... no... what did you say? Hey, you listen to me Mister, and you listen good. You tell the owner if he tries to force another fifty-thousand dollars out of me and then I curse him!

Annie: (sighs)

Annie: The owner of the building that I'm trying to turn into a teen home, well he found out we had cash and now he wants more money or he's pullin' the deal. Can you believe it?

Eric: No...

Phone: (rings)

Eric: You curse him?

Annie on Phone: Hello... no, not twenty-five-thousand dollars more, not one penny more.

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Yes... he what?

Kevin: I need to see you outside...

Eric: (gestures me)

Kevin: ...now.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: I think Savannah ate my wedding ring. What do I do?

Eric: Ah, well, humm... I think we better, ah, defer to Annie on this one, but unfortunately at the moment I believe she's putting a curse on the owner of that building she wants to buy.

Kevin: We have to do something. Should I give her that stuff that makes her throw up?

Kevin: What stuff?

Kevin: I don't know. I don't think we have any. Go to the hospital with me.

Eric: Oh, I don't think she needs to go to the hospital. Look she's fine. She'll probably just pass it. Babies do that.

Kevin: I can't just wait until she passes it, then Lucy will know I let her eat my wedding ring.

Eric: Look, I got wedding ring problems of my own, okay? I... I sympathize. I... I do, but... okay, all right, we'll go to the hospital, but I'm tellin' you it's not an emergency. She'll pass it. That's all they're gonna tell you. She'll pass it.

Kevin: Please can we go now.

Eric: Ah, I'm gonna run an errand with Kevin.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Milk... pick up some milk.

Eric: (nod)

Annie: Thank you.

Annie on Phone: Cursed that's what I said

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Kevin...

Kevin's Car / Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello...

Lucy on Phone: Hey, where are you?

Kevin on Phone: Where am I? I'm with your dad.

Lucy on Phone: Where are you and my dad?

Kevin on Phone: We're running an errand.

Lucy on Phone: Why are you running an errand with my dad?

Kevin on Phone: Why not? Where are you?

Lucy on Phone: Ah, I just walked in. I left my checkbook and I wanna go to the bank today.

Kevin on Phone: All right, well, have fun at the bank.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Ahhh...

Phone: (rings)

Lucy on Phone: Hello...

Rose on Phone: Lucy, it's me, Rose.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen / Simon's Apartment

Rose on Phone: I've calling and hanging up all morning.

Lucy on Phone: Why?

Rose on Phone: I didn't want to talk to Kevin.

Lucy on Phone: So, why didn't you just call me on my cell phone?

Rose on Phone: I didn't have that number and this one was listed.

Lucy on Phone: Oh, so anyway...

Rose on Phone: So anyway, I don't know how to ask you about this, but are you and Kevin giving us a gift of cash for our wedding?

Lucy on Phone: Oh... it was supposed to be a surprise. How did you find out?

Rose on Phone: Some little birds told me.

Lucy on Phone: Cookies and milk...

Rose on Phone: I heard Ruthie's theory, but I don't really see where cookies and milk have anything to do with this.

Lucy on Phone: It has everything to do with it. Ah, we wanted that money to be a surprise. We wanted you and Simon to start out debt free.

Rose on Phone: I'm really touched by your generosity, but maybe you should have mentioned it to Simon, because I think he may have taken incompletes in all of his classes so he could work more hours.

Lucy on Phone: And you let him?!

Rose on Phone: I didn't know. The boys told me.

Lucy on Phone: The boys told you. Ah, oh, Simon, I can't believe he did that.

Rose on Phone: I can't either. I can't believe I made him get me that ring. I feel terrible.

Lucy on Phone: You do?

Rose on Phone: Of course I do.

Lucy on Phone: You didn't seem to feel terrible for the past six months.

Rose on Phone: I never thought he'd actually buy this ring for me to tell you the truth. And when he did... well... I do love the ring, but of course I love Simon more, and if I could take this ring back... I still probably wouldn't, but I still feel badly that Simon buying has cause so many problems.

Lucy on Phone: Well, I... I guess the only thing you can do is just tell Simon the truth. Tell him that the boys told you about the wedding gift and about taking incompletes and maybe it's not too late. Maybe he can stop working and start studying. I mean maybe he can scramble and finish one or two of his classes.

Rose on Phone: If I tell him, he's gonna be really upset with Sam and David. You could send us the wedding gift and no one has to say anything.

Lucy on Phone: I could, but I think you should tell him the truth anyway, Rose. I mean you don't want to start your marriage off with a lie.

Rose on Phone: All right, I'll tell him. Thanks for talking to me.

Lucy on Phone: Oh, you know what? Ah, tell Simon to give us a call, okay?

Rose on Phone: I will and thanks again for the teapot. Goodbye...

Lucy on Phone: Bye...

Lucy: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie on Phone: These girls have no place to go. No, their families don't want them. They are about to become mothers and some of them are already living on the street. Now, we may have half a million, but we don't have one penny to waste. The... the building needs total renovation. I mean it's falling down. Nobody else wants it and you know I'm not gonna pay more than four hundred. We agreed to four hundred.

Annie: It's the lawyer for the building owner.

Annie on Phone: No, yeah... no, I will... I will not take it back... no. I am not... fine, he can call me here.

Annie: God, these people make me so angry.

Lucy: What aren't you taking back?

Annie: The curse... I cursed a guy... the building owner. He's greedy. He's taking advantage of this woman's generosity and our situation, so I cursed him. I cursed him and I'm not taking it back.

Lucy: What does that mean... you cursed him?

Annie: I don't know. I don't know why I said it, but I'll tell you it's the first thing I said that got his lawyer's attention.

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: What's wrong?

Lucy: Oh... well, nothing. I just never heard you curse someone before, but if that's what you wanna do... you know what? Never mind...

Annie: Oh, go ahead Reverend Kinkirk, give your mother a little lecture. I know you're dying to... what lecture me on cursing people.

Lucy: I don't even know what to say about that.

Annie: Well, you wanna say something, so say it.

Lucy: I do want to say something. I... I came over here to tell you something.

Annie: Well, tell me.

Lucy: Well, I just wanted you to know that Kevin and I are giving Rose and Simon a special gift for their wedding.

Annie: The teapot?

Lucy: No, that was their shower gift. We're giving them something else.

Annie: Okay, and...

Lucy: And, ah, what we're giving them is enough to pay for Rose's ring, because you know, we don't want them to start their marriage off with that burden.

Annie: Oh, Luce, that's very generous... but it may be best to let Simon learn a lesson here.

Lucy: It's a tough lesson not buying things on credit.

Annie: Yes, it is, but you know he'll get through this. You don't have to bail him out.

Lucy: Simon's feeling really, really, pressured and this is what Kevin and I want to do for him. I just thought you should know.

Annie: Well, you can change your minds.

Lucy: We could, but I don't think so.

Annie: You know I'm upset already about Matt and Sarah, you know, eloping and then still having the big wedding, and... and I'm upset that Ruthie had to tell us, not Matt and Sarah. Upset that she had to wait so long to tell us, so I could real easily be upset with you and Kevin.

Lucy: I don't want you to be upset with Kevin and me, but we already decided to give them the money.

Annie: Why does everyone wanna tell me things all of a sudden? Why are you telling me this?

Lucy: I just wanted you to know why we were giving it to them now instead of later. Simon is taking incompletes in his classes because he's working too many hours and he doesn't have time to get to class and to study.

Annie: What?! Okay, now I'm officially upset with five out of seven of my children and a building owner, and if you don't leave I might be more upset.

Lucy: Wait... five out of seven? What did Mary do?

Annie: I don't know, but I'm sure it was something, and I'm sure someone will tell me about it.

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello? Yeah, that's what I said.

Glenoak Community Hospital / Camden's House - Porch

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello...?

Lucy on Phone: Where are you?

Eric: Tell her.

Lucy on Phone: Kevin?

Kevin on Phone: I told you Savannah and I are with your dad.

Lucy on Phone: Yeah, okay, eventually I'm gonna find out where you and my dad are. Look, Rose called. Sam and David told her that Simon is taking incompletes in his classes because he's working so hard to pay for that stupid ring, so I...

Lucy on Phone: ...think we should just go a head and give him the money.

Eric: I can hear that!

Lucy on Phone: I don't care I already told mom.

Kevin on Phone: I'll call you back.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Nurse: Kinkirk...

Glenoak Community Hospital / Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Simon on Phone: Hello...

Eric on Phone: Simon, I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time.

Simon on Phone: Nah, I just walked in. What's up?

Eric on Phone: What's up? I'll tell you what's up... my blood pressure.

Simon on Phone: Oh, well, can they do something about that?

Eric on Phone: They... how about you.

Simon on Phone: I'm not following you, but I just got home from a four-to-twelve shift, so I'm not exactly alert right now. What's going on with your blood pressure?

Eric on Phone: If I weren't in a hospital waiting room right now, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs. You're taking incompletes in all your classes.

Simon on Phone: Okay... ah, just take a deep breath and...

Eric on Phone: I don't want to take a deep breath. What are you thinking in completes? I'm paying all that tuition for incompletes.

Simon on Phone: Are you okay?

Eric on Phone: No, I'm very ang... I'm very, very angry.

Simon on Phone: I know that, but... but are you in critical or are you stable? Should you even be on the phone right now?

Eric on Phone: No... probably not.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: David and Sam...

Simon's Apartment / Camden's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello...

Simon on Phone: Hi...

Annie on Phone: Simon...

Simon on Phone: You're not at the hospital?

Annie on Phone: The hospital... why would I be at the hospital?

Simon on Phone: Ah...

Annie on Phone: Ah... who's hurt? Who's at the hospital?

Simon on Phone: No one, it's just dad.

Annie on Phone: It's just dad. What?

Simon on Phone: No, it's fine, it's fine. It's... just... it's something anger related.

Annie on Phone: Anger related... what... but like somebody shot him or like he's having a heart attack.

Simon on Phone: No, no, no, nothing like that. It's just high-blood pressure.

Annie on Phone: Simon, high-blood pressure...

Annie on Phone: ...can lead to a heart attack.

Simon on Phone: I didn't know that. I...

Sound: (dial tone)

Camden's House - Kitchen / Glenoak Community Hospital

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Annie on Phone: Hi, what are you doing at the hospital and why didn't you tell me you have high-blood pressure.

Phone: (rings)

Annie on Phone: Hello?

Simon's Apartment / Camden's House - Kitchen

Simon on Phone: Mom, I didn't mean to scare you, okay. I think dad's okay. He's just upset.

Annie on Phone: Yeah, I... I got him on the cell phone.

Annie: (sighs)

Simon: Cell phone...

Camden's House - Kitchen / Glenoak Community Hospital

Annie on Phone: Okay, what... what is going on?

Eric on Phone: I'm not at the hospital for me. I'm just at the hospital where I found out that Simon dropped his classes and is taking incompletes, just so he can pay for that stupid engagement ring.

Annie on Phone: I know. Lucy and Kevin are paying for that stupid engagement ring, which I think is a really stupid idea, but what are you doing at the hospital, and who at the hospital knew about Simon?

Eric on Phone: It's a long story.

Annie on Phone: Well, once upon a time...

Eric on Phone: Savannah swallowed Kevin's wedding ring.

Annie on Phone: Oh... is she okay? I mean, those things usually just pass.

Eric on Phone: Well, I tried to tell him that, but we're at the hospital anyway.

Annie on Phone: Okay, so you're okay?

Eric on Phone: Well, I lost my temper when I found out that Simon dropped the classes.

Annie on Phone: Well, you can't afford to be angry. Let me be angry.

Eric on Phone: Yeah, I don't think you can afford to be angry either. I think you're angry enough. I mean you already put a curse on some poor guy you don't even know.

Annie on Phone: Why does everybody have a problem with that? You know what? Nobody can curse anyone. I can't curse anyone. I don't even know what it means to curse someone. The words just came out of my mouth, but evidently they are very powerful words.

Eric on Phone: Yes, they are. You wouldn't like it if somebody cursed you would you?

Annie on Phone: You wouldn't like it if somebody lectured you would you? And how would you like if I told you and Lucy that I can handle putting a home together for teen mothers without either of you commenting on how I'm doing it.

Eric: (moans)

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Annie on Phone: Are you sure you're not having a heart attack? You're okay?

Eric on Phone: I'm sure, I'm fine.

Annie on Phone: Good... I love you.

Eric on Phone: I love you, too.

Annie on Phone: But I'm still angry.

Eric: Yeah, yeah...

Kevin: Nothing on the x-ray. Let's go back to my house, check the kitchen floor again.

Eric: Let's...

Camden's House - Foyer - Front Door

Sound: (doorbell rings)

Annie: I'm coming... I'm coming. Who is it?

Father Mulligan: Father Mulligan...

Annie: Hi, what can I do for you?

Father Mulligan: I'm hoping you can remove a curse.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: I have to tell you something.

Rose: I have to tell you something, too.

Simon: I dropped a couple of my classes. I didn't drop them, I'm taking incompletes. I just couldn't work the hours I was working and get to class. I told Sam and David and I guess they told my dad. What did you have to tell me?

Rose: Sam and David told me about the incompletes.

Simon: They told you, too?

Rose: Yeah, and I told Lucy and I think maybe she told your dad... and your mom... maybe.

Simon: Why would you tell Lucy?

Rose: Because Sam and David told me something else.

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: You know I tried to call them and then I remembered that they're in school.

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: They just don't always get their facts right you know. I... I mean... I really don't resent taking incompletes to work to pay for your ring. I don't. I was just tired when I talked to them. David and Sam did say that to you right?

Rose: No... I'm sorry if you resent paying for my ring. I know I shouldn't have asked for it, but you didn't have to buy it if you didn't want to buy it.

Simon: That's where you're wrong. I did have to buy it. I had to buy it to make up for asking you to move out when I didn't ask you to move in in the first place.

Rose: Well, you really are feeling resentful aren't you?

Simon: Yeah, actually I am.

Rose: Yeah, I can actually see that you are. And if you're just gonna feel resentful that I made you marry me then let's not get married, okay?

Simon: Okay... great! Go back to Umberto. That's what you really want isn't it?

Rose: What?

Simon: I'm sure Umberto can afford a ring without having to work for it day and night. He can get you everything you want.

Rose: I thought you could give me everything that I want, Simon, because all that I really want is for someone to love me. By the way, Lucy and Kevin are gonna give us money for our wedding, so you can pay for the ring and any other debts that you have, so you may want to wait till you cash the check to tell them we're not getting married.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Hi...

Kevin: Hi... did you get to the bank?

Lucy: No, not yet.

Kevin: Did you wanna write Simon a check or should we get them a cashier's check?

Lucy: Ah, where's your wedding band?

Kevin: Oh, hum, I don't know. It must be around here somewhere.

Lucy: Did you lose it?

Kevin: Did I lose it? It is so pass her naptime I should go put her down...

Lucy: Hmm... good idea.

Kevin: ...unless you wanna put her down.

Lucy: Why would I want to put her down?

Kevin: Well, you're not usually around to put her down, so since you're here to put her down, then I just thought...

Lucy: Yeah, okay, I'll put her down. Come here.

Savannah (laughs)

Lucy: Has she eaten?

Kevin: Of course she's eaten.

Lucy: What did you have for lunch?

Kevin: Just lunch.

Lucy: Oh good, because when I got home there was some cereal on her highchair, it looked like she hadn't eaten since breakfast.

Kevin: Oh... that's because we ate out.

Lucy: Ate out?

Kevin: Yeah, that's where we were with your dad.

Lucy: Oh, well, ah, what'd she eat?

Kevin: Some mashed potatoes, some peas and Jell-O.

Lucy: From...?

Kevin: From a cafeteria.

Lucy: What cafeteria?

Kevin: The cafeteria down at the hospital. The have really good food.

Lucy: The cafeteria is so good that you and Savannah and my dad actually went there for lunch?

Kevin: Yep...

Lucy: Huh... Are you looking for this?

Kevin: Oh, you found it. Good... thanks.

Lucy: By any chance did you think that maybe Savannah had eaten this?

Kevin: Your mother told you.

Lucy: My mother knew?

Kevin: I think so. Could I please have that back now?

Lucy: Ah, yeah. I'm gonna have to think about that and about the thought that you thought our daughter swallowed a ring, and you took her to the hospital and you didn't even bother to call me and tell me what was happening.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: I don't know what got into me, father, I really don't.

Father Mulligan: So... so you'll take the curse off poor Mr. Riley?

Annie: It's just that I'm going through a really difficult time right now.

Father Mulligan: Well, I completely understand.

Annie: You do really, because nobody else does. I mean...

Annie: ...why would Matt and Sarah elope and then lie about it, and then get married and then tell Ruthie, and not tell any of the rest of us.

Father Mulligan: (laughs)

Father Mulligan: I'm sure I don't know.

Annie: (laughs)

Eric: Hello...

Father Mulligan: Oh...

Eric: Annie's husband, Eric Camden... minister.

Father Mulligan: Oh... are you now? I'm Father Mulligan. I'm here about the curse.

Eric: Ah...

Lucy: You knew that Kevin and dad were at the hospital with Savannah and you... Oh, hi Father.

Father Mulligan: (chuckles)

Eric: He's here about the curse.

Lucy: Oh yeah, that.

Eric: Our daughter, the Reverend Lucy Kinkirk.

Father Mulligan: (nods)

Lucy: Hi...

Eric: Father Mulligan...

Annie: I think I'll let the three of you religious people chat. I'll go pick the boys up at school. Thank you.

Father Mulligan: Ah, regular ministers at a regular protestant type church?

Eric: Yeah...

Father Mulligan: Yeah, maybe I've come at a bad time. I think I can find my way to the front door. It was nice meeting both of you.

Eric: I'll talk to Annie.

Father Mulligan: Yeah, sure.

Eric: Sometimes men lie in an effort not to upset their wives.

Lucy: Which just makes us more upset.

Eric: (nods head)

Eric: Oh, no the boys. Ohhh...

Simon's Apartment / Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Simon on Phone: You couldn't have told me this months ago?

Kevin on Phone: We didn't know months ago. We only decided last week.

Simon on Phone: Well, it's really generous of you, but I'm not gonna take it from you. I'm not gonna have you pay for a ring that I never should have bought in the first place.

Kevin on Phone: Hey, you're not the first guy to buy a ring he couldn't afford, okay?

Kevin on Phone: Don't keep beaten yourself up.

Kevin: It's Simon.

Simon on Phone: I have to go.

Kevin on Phone: Are you okay?

Simon on Phone: I'm just tired.

Kevin on Phone: Well, now you can stop working so hard and go back to your professors and tell them you wanna try and make up the work.

Simon on Phone: I don't know.

Kevin on Phone: What don't you know?

Simon on Phone: I don't know anything. Thanks for the money, but I don't think Rose and I are getting married. And I don't care to share that with the rest of the family although you probably will.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: I know you're not happy with me right now, but I wanna drive up to see Simon.

Lucy: Because...?

Kevin: It's a guy thing. I think it's even a husband thing.

Lucy: All right... Hey, um, you want your ring back?

Kevin: Not right now, no.

Lucy: Okay, well, ah, it's a long drive. Would you like Savannah and me to go with you?

Kevin: Thanks for the offer, but I'll be okay. I need some time alone.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Sam/David: We wanna talk to you.

Ruthie: Hey, you were pretty quiet in the car. What's going on?

David: We know some more secrets and we wanna tell mom.

Sam: But we don't wanna get in trouble.

Ruthie: Who are you gonna be in trouble with? Because based on my experience I can tell you that I would rather be in trouble with just about anyone else other than mom.

Sam/David: (nods heads)

Ruthie: Dad told you something?

Sam/David: (nods heads)

Ruthie: About mom?

Sam/David: (nods heads)

Ruthie: Well, don't tell me what it is. I don't want to know. Just keep it to yourself for the time being. Hang on to it awhile... see what happens.

Sam: We can't.

David: It's too big.

Sam: It might cause trouble... big trouble.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: All right, I'm tried of being the keeper of secrets. After this, I'm getting out of the business. Shoot...

David: Dad lost his wedding ring...

Sam: ...and he bought a new one and didn't tell mom.

David: And she doesn't know.

Ruthie: Oh, is that all?

Eric: Is that all?

Ruthie: Mom knows. She's known practically the whole time. The hotel where you lost it sent it to her.

Eric: But you see, mommy never told daddy that... now daddy been living with that for almost thirty years. When did she tell you this?

Ruthie: I don't know. It was years ago.

Eric: Why would she tell you?

Ruthie: I don't know. Why did you tell them?

Eric: Cookies and milk...

Sam/David: Cookies and milk...

Ruthie: Cookies and milk...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Why do I have the feeling that you wanna talk to me about something. It is about that stupid curse?

Eric: No, I'm staying away from that one. Ah, but we do have something to talk about... something I really wanna talk about and yet...

Annie: And yet you don't and yet I feel the same way and let's leave it at that.

Sound: (doorbell rings)

Annie: Oh, if that's Father Mulligan, just tell him I'm... I'm not available. I'm gonna get that building for those girls.

Eric: And you don't care how you have to do it.

Annie: I've never heard of grown men being so afraid of a stupid curse... like I could really put a curse on anybody. The whole thing is completely childish and men are childish, which is why it is working.

Annie: (sighs)

Camden's House - Front Door

Eric: Hello...

Mr. Riley: Hello...

Eric: You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Riley the owner of the building my wife is trying to buy would you?

Mr. Riley: Yep...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh...

Camden's House - Front Door

Eric: Ah, come with me. We're just cleaning up after dinner. Have you eaten?

Mr. Riley: Yes, I have... as best I could... considering.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I'll just go get her.

Mr. Riley: Oreos...

Eric: Oh, you want some?

Mr. Riley: Yeah... my mom and I used to eat those after school.

Eric: Ah... Ah, milk?

Mr. Riley: Oh, yeah, gotta have the milk.

Eric: Gotta have the milk. I'm really, really sorry my wife has upset you about this curse.

Mr. Riley: Huhm... yeah...

Eric: I mean she's never done anything like that before. Ah, this... this building project had come at a time when we're having a lot of family challenges.

Mr. Riley: Huhm... That's the way ma and I did it.

Eric: I see... that's... that's... that's a new one on me. Ah, bring back a lot of good memories.

Mr. Riley: Ah, oh yeah. I grew up in that building... just me and mom. My dad died and left us the property. Ma never wanted to touch the place, which is why it is what it is today... a run down shack. Well, it's a sentimental shack you know.

Eric: Where are you living now?

Mr. Riley: Bel Air... My dad just didn't leave us that building, he left us thirty-seven buildings, but my mom and I lived in that building until I graduated high school.

Eric: Huhm... you know it seems to me that if you're gonna sell that my wife would be the perfect buyer. She plans to renovate it not tear it down. It would be a home for teenage girls... for well, teenage mothers who are not married and who may have become estranged from their families, or girls who may not have any other place to go. Annie wants to clean it up and take the bottom floor and turn it into a store where women can buy like used maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby furniture; a place where the young women can work, a place with a day care center.

Mr. Riley: Unwed mothers...?

Eric: Ah, young women who are having babies, who aren't married to the fathers of the babies... yeah.

Mr. Riley: I don't know if my mother would like that.

Annie: Oh, yes, she would. Hi, I'm Annie Camden. I wanna apologize for what I said. I've never said anything like that before. I don't know why I said it. It means nothing. I was feeling very desperate and, ah, it seemed to be working, so I'm... I'm sorry. I was wrong.

Mr. Riley: I'm superstitious as well as sentimental and a thing like that... that curse... it means something to me.

Annie: I take it back... and he blesses you. He's... he's a reverend. Bless him.

Eric: I don't really. Bless you, Mr. Riley.

Mr. Riley: Thank you. Thank you both.

Annie: Ah... four-hundred?

Mr. Riley: Four-hundred... oh, um, no.

Annie: (sighs)

Mr. Riley: You can have it.

Annie: Have it?

Mr. Riley: I got lots of buildings. I'll write it off. You take care of those girls. Set up some scholarships or something.

Annie: Oh, bless you. Bless you, bless you, bless your little heart, Mr. Riley. Oh, bless you.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Well, I think we managed to get something from every food group.

Kevin: Is dessert a food group? We didn't get dessert.

Simon: I think I still have some cookies I took from the house.

Kevin: (nods)

Simon: So, you and Lucy never called off the wedding before the wedding, did you?

Kevin: Yeah, the closer it got, the more often we called it off.

Simon: But she never gave you back the ring did she?

Kevin: Every time.

Simon: No kidding.

Kevin: No kidding.

Simon: Didn't that make you angry?

Kevin: Women don't always mean what they say. Sometimes they seemed to be a bit possessed. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes that's a bad thing and they are not just in moods, they are moods. They go from one mood to another mood and you just have to go with the flow.

Simon: I'm held accountable for everything I say. I'm supposed to let her off the hook and ignore everything she says and attribute to whatever mood she's in. That's not fair.

Kevin: That's not fair. Simon you sound like a twelve-year-old. Of course it's not fair. Life's not fair. If live were fair we'd take turns giving birth.

Simon: I wouldn't mind giving birth.

Kevin: Yeah, you'll change your mind. Look, do you wanna marry Rose or not.

Simon: I guess.

Kevin: You guess?

Simon: I do. I wanna marry Rose. I'm just scared she doesn't wanna marry me. I don't wanna be the one who gets dumped.

Kevin: You should never make a decision out of fear. Don't call off the wedding because you're afraid... don't not call off the wedding because you're afraid. If you love this woman, be a man, find her, fix this and go ahead with your plans. Don't put the blame on anyone, just take the responsibility. What?

Simon: Don't you dunk?

Kevin: Nah, I like the cookies separate from the milk. I'm a purist.

Simon: You know I used to be a twist and lick. Now I'm a dunker. My whole family are dunkers except for Sam and David. I guess they will grow into it.

Kevin: Lucy dunks in front of the family. When she's with me, she twist and scrapes the filling off with her finger and then dunks just the outside.

Simon: No kidding.

Kevin: No kidding. I think it's time for me to go home. We should be having cookies with our brides.

Simon: Thanks, Kevin. Thanks for driving all the way up here just to talk to me.

Kevin: You're about to become part of the husband's club. If you live through the initiation, you'll be fine.

Simon: Why don't I go first?

Rose: Since I drove all the way over here, I think that would be a good idea.

Simon: I'm sorry, my car wouldn't start. I think it needs a new battery.

Rose: And let me guess, you can't pay for it because you're paying for the ring.

Simon: That's right, I can't. You know I got you that ring because you love that ring and I love you.

Rose: You make me feel terrible for wanting that ring, Simon. You make me feel that you're entire like began to unravel when you bought it for me.

Simon: That problem is I couldn't afford the ring. The bigger problem is I wasn't man enough just to say that to you.

Rose: Yes, you did. You told me you couldn't afford it, but because I've always had pretty much anything I've ever asked for, I just didn't get it. I don't work. I don't earn the money that pays for tuition and books and my apartment, and so I'm not very realistic about money. I don't pay that much attention to what things cost, because I've never had a job and I've never had to pay for anything.

Simon: On the other hand, I've always been very realistic about money. I always pay attention to how much every little thing costs. I've always tried to earn my own money and save every penny anyone's ever givin' to me. I'm responsible, totally responsible for buying that ring. And I'm gonna be responsible for paying for it. This is from Lucy and Kevin. This is a lot of money.

Rose: Yes, it is. Even I can see that.

Simon: This is our money... our money together and I think we should open up a joint checking account. And we should only spend the money when ever we agree to spend it on whatever we want. But the ring, the ring I'm paying for. I know I tried to rush and pay for as much as I could before the wedding, but that's because I hate being in debt for it, and... and my debt becomes your debt and your debt becomes my debt when we get married. I didn't want you to share in paying for your own ring.

Rose: Just so you know, I don't have any debts. I have savings and stocks and something called a portfolio.

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: You wanna prenup?

Rose: Are we getting married?

Simon: Let see... you're a twist and dunk, right?

Rose: Yeah... I know your family are dunkers, but the only thing my parent every agreed upon was this.

Rose: (laughs)

Simon: I love you, Rose. Will you marry me on our wedding day?

Rose: I will.

Kinkirk's House - Living Room

Kevin: Luce, I'm home.

Lucy: In here.

Kevin: Must be a Camden thing.

Lucy: No, they're dunkers.

Kevin: I know, I meant the cookies and the milk. Seems there's a lot of that the past couple of days. I wanna apologize to you about not calling you about Savannah. I should have told you.

Lucy: Yeah, but, then again I'm pregnant and I probably would have panicked and it all turn out okay, so there's no harm done. You would tell me if you really lost your ring, wouldn't you?

Kevin: No, I don't think so. I think I'd just buy a new one.

Lucy: Really...?

Kevin: That's the truth.

Lucy: Well, just remember to put the inscription in the new one you buy... to hide that you lost the old one.

Kevin: What inscription?

Lucy: You didn't know that there's an inscription in your ring?

Kevin: No, there's not, I would have noticed. I can't read that.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Eric: It's so tiny, I still can't read it and if I ever did ever notice it, I'm sure I just... I thought it was the name of the jeweler, or the gold weight or something.

Annie: It says you bring out the best in me.

Eric: You do bring out the best in me.

Annie: Well, thank you and you bring out the best in me, but I didn't inscribe that in your ring. That's why I knew it wasn't your ring. I picked it up when you left it by the sink, which you still do.

Eric: Well, I hate getting soap on it.

Annie: Yeah... well, I... I noticed that something was written on it.

Eric: But it's so tiny.

Annie: I know. I picked up a magnifying glass and I read. I didn't know how or when it got there, ah, and then the same day a tiny box arrived from the hotel where you had been staying.

Eric: Addressed to me.

Annie: No, addressed to both of us, so I opened it and there inside was your ring... your real ring... the ring I had given you... your wedding ring, so I knew you had lost your ring. And I knew you had bought another one, so I found the receipt in your pant's pocket when I took your pants to the cleaners.

Eric: You check the pant's pockets?

Annie: Always... Didn't you wonder how you could get the same ring I gave you for practically nothing?

Eric: Well, the guy felt sorry for me.

Annie: No, he didn't. He inscribed a ring that probably, you know, nobody picked up or that they brought back.

Eric: Ohhh...

Annie: (laughs)

Annie: I didn't want you wearing someone else's ring, so I, you know, took it and inscribed, switched it and now you're wearing the real ring I gave you on our wedding day.

Eric: Why didn't you tell me?

Annie: Well, I knew you didn't tell me because you loved me. You didn't wanna upset me and um, I didn't wanna embarrass you. I figured sooner or later we'd admit to one or the other what had really happened. But then one year pasted then another year, then another, and another and... well, all these years you really have brought out the best in me.

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: (snickers)

Eric: I love you.

Annie: I know I love you, too.

Eric: You told Ruthie this story?

Annie: And Lucy and Mary. They have their husband's rings inscribed with the same thing. That way if Kevin or Carlos lose their rings and try to replace it, they will know right away. Until this moment it has been a Camden women's secret.

Eric: Well, Kevin has brought out the best in Lucy, but Carlos and Mary I don't know.

Annie: I don't think we've heard the end of that story yet.

Eric: And Simon and Rose?

Simon's Apartment

Simon: My mother told you that?

Rose: (nods)

Simon: That has to be the longest held secret in Camden history. You bring out the best in me.

Rose: We bring out the best in each other.

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