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#11.17 : De petits miracles !

Et si tout était affaire de signes ? Comme un diamant qui tombe d'une bague, comme un toast qui brûle, comme un oiseau noir sur le seuil de sa porte. Ce matin, tout va bien chez les Camden, jusqu'au moment où Annie dit à Eric qu'elle est profondément sûre qu'il va bien mais qu'il est juste dommage que les docteurs ne le voient pas et que les tests médicaux ne le montrent pas. Jusqu'au moment où Ruthie s'aperçoit que le diamant que lui a offert T-Bone est tombé de sa bague. Jusqu'au moment où Eric se retrouve nez à nez avec un oiseau noir sur le seuil de sa porte. Jusqu'au moment où Lucy reçoit un appel d'une église désirant faire appel à ses services. Et si tout n'était qu'affaire de signes ? 


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Small miracles

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De petits miracles !

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Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

T-Bone joué par Colton James

T-Bone joué par Colton James

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

Rosie (Mackenzie Rosman) et T-bone (Colton James)

Sam et david  joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

Sam et david joué par Lorenzo et Nikolas Brino

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Écrit par : Elaine Arata 
Réalisé par : Michael Preece 

Avec : Nick Zano (Docteur Johnathan Sanderson), Andrea Morris (Margaret), Sarah Wright (Jane), Colton James (T-Bone), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Paul Dooley ..... Red

Camden's House

Annie: We should get up.

Eric: We should.

Annie: The boys are up.

Eric: Yeah, I think they are. You had a brilliant idea teaching them how to make toast.

Annie: I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

Eric: How much time this making toast buy us like ten or fifteen minutes?

Annie: Twenty.

Eric: To make toast? Imagine.

Annie: Well they have to get the toaster out and then the bread the butter and the jam. And they toast one piece at a time because of course it's so much fun cooking breakfast.

Eric: I'm... I'm surprised you didn't stumble upon toast sooner.

Annie: I always enjoy making breakfast for the children. I like it when they help out with lunch and dinner. But breakfast is just one of those little things that make me feel like the mom.

Eric: And now you don't feel like the mom?

Annie: Oh no. I... I just want to be your wife. And I want to sleep in with you and I want to spend time with you in the morning.

Eric: I'm not going anywhere.

Annie: I know.

Eric: Everything is going to be fine.

Annie: I know. You keep saying that.

Eric: No. See if you knew... if you really knew... the boys wouldn't be down there making toast and you wouldn't be here buttering me up.

Annie: I know that you're going to be fine, I do. I just wish that the doctors knew it too. I... I wish that what we know... that you and I both know... would show up in a test or something.

Eric: Or some... or some sign or some small wonder... something from God that would indicate I'm going to live?

Annie: Well yeah!

Eric: I don't think that God does signs and wonders. I don't think we should expect Him to do magic tricks so we can believe that life is good and I'm going to live.

Annie: I wasn't exactly saying that.

Eric: Because... no matter what the doctors say... I believe that I have a personal relationship with God that's going to keep me around a good deal longer. See unlike T-Bone, God doesn't give out promise rings.

Annie: Oh please don't get upset. 'Cause I... I was just saying that I wish our feelings about your health would be validated in... in some way. And I wasn't saying that I don't think you're going to live a long and healthy life. I'm sure you are. And I don't even know what that promise ring that T-Bone gave to Ruthie means to you.

Eric: Let's hope it's a promise that the two of them have agreed to wait until they get married to have sex.

Annie: If it doesn't mean that... what would it mean?

Eric: It would mean that he's promised to marry here some day which probably means they're thinking about having sex today.

Annie: Where did our morning go wrong? I mean just moments ago... all was right with the world. And then...

Eric: And then I found out that the boys were making the wrong toast... because you don't really believe I'm going to be around much longer.

Annie: You are so wrong!

Ruthie: Ah! Help! Someone help me!

Sam: What happened?

David: Are you okay?

T-Bone: What is it Ruthie?

Annie: What's wrong Ruthie? What is it?

Ruthie: Look... the diamond the diamond in my ring it's gone.

T-Bone: Gone.

Camden's House

Annie: I know that diamond is very important to you. But your dad's heart is important to me... and to all of us. So I'd really appreciate it if you don't scream the next time some little...

Eric: Is something burning?

Sam/David: The toast! The toast!

Ruthie: Hey, where everyone going? It's just toast. T-Bone?

T-Bone: Did someone yell toast?

Ruthie: Is a piece of toast more important than my life? We have to find that diamond.

T-Bone: Oh we will.

Ruthie: Promise.

T-Bone: Promise? I don't know. I mean ah... I'm optimistic but... I'm also a realist. A diamond is... the size of a pin head.

Ruthie: I don't care what size the diamond is. It's just a bad sign that it fell out.

T-Bone: Bad sign? From where? What... the universe?

Ruthie: From... the universe life God.

T-Bone: I don't know. You think that the universe or life or God thinks about a teeny tiny little diamond that fell out of your ring? I mean... maybe. But there's a lot going on in the world right now that just... might...

Ruthie: It's a promise ring. You can't even promise me that you'll help me find the diamond in the promise ring that you gave me? I thought this meant something to you too.

T-Bone: Um... of course.

Ruthie: Then promise.

T-Bone: Promise.

Ruthie: I'm going to go look in my room again. Are you coming?

T-Bone: Yes, dear.

Eric: You know it's... it's okay. It's really... it's a stroke for genius that you only make one piece of toasts at a time because this way you only lost one piece instead of two.

David: It was his toast.

Sam: And I let it burn.

Eric: Now it's... it's... it's no big deal. We'll just take it out and crumble it up and feed it to the birds. Come on.

Sam: That's okay. I don't want to feed it to the birds. I'm just going to eat cereal from now on.

Annie: No.

Eric: No.

Annie: Pouring cereal into a bowl is not cooking. Making toast now that's cooking. You love making toast. And we love it when you make toast. I do anyway.

David: It's not your fault, Sam. It's Ruthie's fault.

Annie: It's nobody's fault. It's just a piece of toast. It's nothing.

Sam: Maybe it's a sign from God that I shouldn't make toast.

Eric: Or maybe it's a sign from God that the birds are hungry and need to be fed.

Annie: Not that you believe in signs.

Eric: Not that I do and in fact I don't.

Sam: Why wouldn't God want me to make toast?

David: 'Cause you burn it.

Ruthie: It has to be here... it has to.

T-Bone: And if we can't find it I'll... just get you another one.

Ruthie: Another one? There's not another one.

T-Bone: I'm pretty sure there is.

Ruthie: Well I'm pretty sure there isn't. That's the diamond in my first diamond ring. I don't want it replaced I want to find it.

T-Bone: I want to find it too.

Ruthie: What does that mean?

T-Bone: That I want to find the diamond just as much as you want to find the diamond.

Ruthie: Like you wanted to get a tattoo just as much as I wanted to get a tattoo?

T-Bone: I never said I wanted to get a tattoo. I said I would get a tattoo. And I did.

Ruthie: Yeah that postage stamp on your ankle barely counts as a tattoo.

T-Bone: Barely... but it counts. Although it's certainly not as nice as your tattoo.

Ruthie: No, it's not. I want that diamond.

T-Bone: All right.

Ruthie: You keep saying that.

T-Bone: I don't know what else to say.

Ruthie: Look if there's no diamond there's no ring. And if there's no ring there's no promise. If there's no promise then we're never getting married.

T-Bone: Whoa... whose rules are those? Is that Vulcan logic or something?

Ruthie: How are we supposed to get married and have a life together if we can't even keep the diamond in my ring?

T-Bone: I don't really see how an itsy-bitsy diamond falling out of your ring has... anything to do with our getting married and having a life together.

Ruthie: It does, it has everything to do with it.

T-Bone: Okay, sorry. Well then... let's find that diamond. Okay... if anyone should be giving anyone else that look... don't you think it should be me glaring at you? I mean... you lost the stupid thing.

Ruthie: Oh... so now it's my fault we break up?

T-Bone: And now we're breaking up.

Ruthie: I don't know. All I know is we don't have a chance to ever be together if we don't get that diamond back in my ring. If... if we find it... I just know that everything will work out fine. And if we don't... if we don't I don't know what will happen.

T-Bone: How about... nothing?! How about nothing's going to happen? How about things are going to be the same as they were before you lost the diamond?

Ruthie: No, it won't.

Eric: Stop!

Camden's House

T-Bone: Thanks guys... I appreciate the help.

David: Don't worry, we'll find it T-Bone.

Sam: Yeah don't worry.

T-Bone: I'm not worried.

Ruthie: And why is that?

T-Bone: Just... reassuring the little guys.

Annie: Hey what's going on?

Mac: We're looking for the diamond that fell out of Ruthie's ring.

Annie: Did Ruthie ask you to look for the diamond?

Margaret: Yes.

Jane: It was a little more than an ask.

Margaret: But we're happy to help. We owe you our lives.

Annie: Ruthie said that... that you owe us your lives? You don't owe us anything. It was our pleasure to help you when you needed help. Where's Eric?

Margaret: He's sitting on the back steps.

Annie: Still?

Mac: I saw you looking at me.

Both: We weren't looking at you.

Jane: Especially me.

Annie: You have to get dressed... and get out of here. Red is waiting for you. You told him you'd visit him this morning.

Eric: I'll just tell him I came over. He... He won't know. He... He doesn't remember that I was there last week and the week before and the week before that.

Annie: Eric Camden... you get up and go over to that poor man's house. He's expecting you.

Eric: Or as I pointed out he may not be expecting me. I don't feel like making house calls today. I think I'll just go back to bed. It was this thing came out of nowhere, just appeared on the lawn... like it had a purpose... a purpose in being here. And if it had a purpose... it was to deliver a bad message. It was a bad omen. A very bad omen.

Annie: I see. So... so God doesn't do signs and wonders but there are bad omens.

Eric: Maybe this didn't come from God. Maybe this came from somewhere else... or something else. This was an evil bird. It was a big black evil... bird. And it stared at me... went right through me... like it was piercing my soul.

Annie: A bird stared at you. A big black evil bird stared at you. Are... are you listening to yourself?

Eric: It sounds crazy... I know. But until that big black evil bird stared at me... I was sure I was going to live. I mean not forever... but I was sure I was going to live for a good long time.

Annie: But the bird change all that?

Eric: It doesn't help that you had your own doubts this morning.

Annie: I just wanted to spend some time with you.

Eric: Because...?

Annie: I'll tell you what? Why don't you get ready, go over to Red's like you promised and... I'll sit here and wait for the bird to come you know and I'll talk to him and find out if he really knows anything.

Eric: Oh sure mock me... yeah. I'm telling you Annie... it's as if one glance from this bird... shook my entire faith... it was that powerful. It was that clear. This bird this thing... connected with me on some... kind of cosmic level where intelligence and nature come together. Okay it wasn't the sign you wanted but this is the sign you got. And this was... what is.

Annie: I'll tell you what is. What is... is that bird is just a stupid bird. That if you hadn't thrown break crumbs in the back yard this morning you never would have seen him. You couldn't deal with the kids and the toast and you wanted to get out of the kitchen because you were mad at me 'cause I wanted to spend time with you. You know and forgive me for asking for a sign. I don't need a sign. You're fine. You're just in a bad mood this morning. So we'll go back to no signs. There are no signs.

Eric: I wish I could go back. Yeah... I wish I could.

Annie: If I thought you were really dying do you think I'd be like yelling at you like this?

Eric: I'm afraid so.

Margaret: Maybe we should try another room.

Jane: Well Ruthie said it was in here or on the stairs or in her room.

Mac: Again I don't know why we have to find that particular diamond.

Margaret: Because she wants that particular diamond. She wants the diamond she lost.

Jane: Do you think it was that small in nature? I mean do you think somebody mined that?

Mac: I think maybe it fell out of somebody's tooth... and make its way to the jeweler.

Jane: Hey... by the way I saw you looking at us.

Mac: I... I wasn't looking at you... or Margaret.

Jane: Um-hm.

Mac: Yeah well I had to have something to do while we're down here because we're not going to find that stupid diamond.

Ruthie: It's not stupid okay?

Mac: Of course not. I was just frustrated because we can't find it. We'll find it believe me. We're going to find your diamond. And I'm not going anywhere until we find it. I'm committed.

Ruthie: No you're not. You don't even know what commitment is. It's my diamond it's a real diamond. And it might be small but it's real. And it belongs in my ring, my promise ring. 'Cause what T-Bone and I have is real. Our feelings are real. Got it?

Margaret: She went out the back.

T-Bone: I'm just hoping she's not going to ask me to look in the grass.

Mac: Aren't you supposed to be at work?

T-Bone: No... you're supposed to be.

Mac: When?

T-Bone: In ten minutes.

Mac: Why didn't anybody tell me? I always work nights on the weekends and you work matinees.

T-Bone: I called in and told our boss that an emergency came up and... I tried to leave a message on your cell phone to let you know he'd be calling you. And I assumed he also tried to call you.

Mac: My cell phone is not working. What emergency?

T-Bone: The diamond.

Mac: Of course... The diamond.

Kinkirk's House

Ruthie: I had it on before I went to bed. Then I took it off to put some lotion on my hands. And then I put it back on before I went downstairs to get some juice. And then I had it on when I went to bed. And I just woke up this morning and it was gone.

Kevin: The Tooth Fairy took it.

Ruthie: Shut up Kevin.

Lucy: Well did you shake out your pillow and your blanket?

Kevin: Shut up? I don't think so Toots.

Lucy: And you know what? Kevin's right. We don't need to be telling anyone to shut up.

Kevin: Especially me.

Lucy: Kevin, Ruthie is really upset over losing her diamond... and you can't... (Laughing)

Ruthie: It's not funny!

Lucy: Kevin.

Kevin: Lucy.

Lucy: Well that diamond means a lot to her.

Kevin: Oh come on. What is a promise ring anyway?

Lucy: I don't know. It means different things to different people.

Kevin: Is it a promise to make a promise to get engaged to get married?

Lucy: Well it could be.

Kevin: Or is it that the problem is they're going to be with each other for the rest of their lives so they can have sex right now.

Lucy: Well it could be that also... I guess. I mean most teenagers I think you know make the promise not to have sex till they're married... and then the guy gives the girl a ring as a symbol of that commitment.

Kevin: Oh come on that's ridiculous. That whole promise ring is a bunch of baloney... with or without a diamond in it. You think T-Bone and Ruthie promise not to have sex with each other till they get married... and then he goes out and buys her a diamond ring to celebrate?

Lucy: And why not?

Kevin: 'Cause he's a guy and he's had sex before. So I kind of doubt he's not out celebrating not having sex till he's married.

Lucy: Can we just change the subject before we get into an argument about this stupid promise ring?

Kevin: See... you agree it's stupid.

Lucy: Can we just change the subject?

Kevin: All right. How's the job hunt going?

Lucy: I'm not hunting for a job.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. But they're hunting for a minister. Hear from them?

Lucy: They still haven't called yet.

Kevin: And if they do call?

Lucy: Well then I'll take it as a sign that it's God's plan for me.

Kevin: God's plan for you?

Lucy: Yeah you know... maybe taking on a church of my own is something I should be doing you know? Helping where I'm needed. That's why they call what I do a calling.

Kevin: You don't think you're needed at your father's church?

Lucy: I think my dad is perfectly capable of running his own church... without me. I... I think his health is going to be fine.

Kevin: Even if he is fine... he's going to need your help don't you think?

Lucy: What do you mean by even... even if he's fine?

Kevin: Okay he's fine.

Lucy: Well you believe that don't you?

Kevin: I want to believe it.

Lucy: Well what's keeping you from believing it?

Kevin: Well his medical reports... what his doctors are saying.

Lucy: I don't care what they're saying. I believe he's going to be fine.

Kevin: Do you?

Lucy: Kevin... I... I don't believe that God would send me to another church if something was going to happen to my dad. No... don't do this. Don't cast doubts on what I believe. I believe that my dad is going to live. And he's going to live a long life... and a healthy and a happy life and everything is going to be fine. Let's not question that okay? In fact you know what? Let's go out there and lift our moods up and you know do something positive! Come on.

Kevin: Like?

Lucy: Like... finding that diamond for Ruthie.

Kevin: Oh... I'll watch Savannah you go look for the diamond all alone. Go on. Eeek!

Red's House

Red: That's when I caught my first bullet... right in the leg. Right through the muscle cartilage but not the bone. Hurt like hell. I thought I'd die. My buddies gave me a flask of whiskey while one of them cleaned the wound. I had never tasted whiskey. So my face turned bright red. That's how I got the name, Red. Yeah. But didn't have red hair though. That's what most people assume... that my gray hair used to be red and that's how I got the name Red. But that's a false assumption. I still can't drink whiskey. Give me a drop... and to this day my face will turn red. That's I became a beer drinker.

Eric: Uh-uh.

Red: My doctor doesn't approve of it but... I like beer. A good strong dark German beer. Germany that's where I got shot.

Eric: I thought you got shot in the leg?

Red: I didn't get shot in the leg! I was in Germany aren't you listening?

Eric: I was just trying to make a little joke.

Red: You weren't. You were just being a wise acre.

Eric: Maybe you should try root beer.

Red: What?

Eric: Root beer. You were saying your doctor didn't approve of you drinking beer. I was just suggesting root beer.

Red: Oh you were, were you? Well look Reverend I may be old. But I ain't no sissy drinking soda lover.

Eric: Sorry Red. I didn't mean to imply anything of the sort.

Red: Yes you did. You're in a bad mood today. Ever tell you how I got my name? It was in Germany... caught a bullet... right in the leg.

Kinkirk's House

Lucy: Maybe the world is coming to an end. You know a lot of people believe that. A lot of people believe there are signs all around us that the world is coming to an end.

Kevin: So that's how people are going to know the world is coming to an end... a crow is going to go door to door telling people that?

Lucy: It was not a crow. It was raven. And it looked at me like... like it had a message.

Kevin: It was a bird looking for food.

Lucy: Did you see that thing?

Kevin: Yes I saw it.

Lucy: Kevin... you know... maybe you're right. Maybe my dad is not all right. Maybe he needs me. Maybe the church needs me. Maybe my family needs me. Maybe I can't ever really leave.

Kevin: Then I will. Come on Savannah.

Lucy: What? So you're just going to go out there with that thing out there?

Kevin: Yeah. See you later... coast is clear. No bird.

Lucy: That was not just a bird.


Jonathan: Two please.

Mac: We're sold out. Oh it's you.

Jonathan: Another former boyfriend?

Sandy: No this is Martin's friend Mac. Don't you usually just work the night shift?

Mac: I do... who's he?

Sandy: Ah... this is a friend of mine.

Jonathan: Jonathan Sanderson... friend. Interested in being more... than a friend.

Mac: Are you dating him?

Jonathan: No need to panic. Martin knows. He's our babysitter. He's got Aaron tonight.

Mac: I don't know Sandy, I don't know if this is a good sign. Should you be dating someone when you want to marry Martin?

Sandy: No.

Jonathan: I think what Sandy is saying or I hope she's saying is... that she doesn't want to marry Martin.

Sandy: Okay. Not that this is the time or the place to discuss this but... he's right... I don't want to marry Martin. I thought Martin and I someday would get married... but I changed.

Mac: When you meet him?

Jonathan: Jonathan.

Mac: Sorry, I can't picture sandy as dating anybody else. I mean... she was in love with Simon there at one point but... Martin is the father of her baby.

Jonathan: I know that. I didn't know about the Simon guy. But I do know Martin is Aaron's father.

Mac: It's a very serious thing you know... two people having a baby.

Jonathan: I'm familiar with the problems that come from having children outside of marriage. I work with single mothers.

Mac: You work with them?

Jonathan: I'm a resident at Heart County Hospital.

Mac: You live at the hospital?

Sandy: No, he's a doctor... and OBGYN.

Mac: An Obgyn?

Jonathan: Yes.

Sandy: He delivers babies. An obstetrician/gynecologist?

Mac: Oh no you're not having another baby are you?

Sandy: No I'm not having another baby. I'm helping out at the teen home that Annie and Lucy set up. Doing group sessions and giving them my perspective on single motherhood. I met Jonathan when he was there giving a birthing class.

Mac: I see. No offense but shouldn't a woman be doing that?

Sandy: We really should have left at the sold out.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Mac: Hey ah... since we're all friends now can I ask you a question?

Jonathan: Why not?

Mac: About women.

Jonathan: I had a feeling.

Mac: See I'm living with these two women and we were crawling all over the ground looking for this diamond and the one I like who claims doesn't like me... was checking me out you know... from behind.

Jonathan: What kind of diamond?

Mac: Oh Ruthie got a promise ring from T-Bone... and the diamond fell out.

Jonathan: Hey those two will never get married. I say go for it.

Mac: You think?

Sandy: Wait. You're not asking about Ruthie, you're asking about one of the women you live with... probably Jane?

Mac: Yeah. She... she was clearly checking me out... but she denied it. But when I saw this little look in her eye... like maybe she was attracted to me.

Sandy: Okay, you can't date her you live with her.

Jonathan: But you can date Ruthie.

Mac: I can't. She and this T-Bone guy are promised... whatever that means.

Jonathan: Generally it means someone is about to break up over the issue of sex.

Sandy: Wait, when did Ruthie get a promise ring?

Mac: After she got the tattoo.

Jonathan: What kind of tattoo?

Mac: T-Bone's name right... here. Big name big letters... big tattoo.

Jonathan: Well as long as you don't have a problem looking at another's man's name on your girlfriend's butt... I say go for it. She and T-Bone aren't going to get married. By the way... just because Jane looked at your butt doesn't mean she likes you. Women just do that.

Sandy: Since we have to wait for the next movie do you want to go by the Camden's? I want to see what's going on.

Mac: Oh it's... it's a bad day over there believe me. Ruthie is devastated over the loss of this diamond which by the way was barely visible when it was on the ring. And some kind of big black bird put some bad mojo on the Reverend that's just bringing down the house. Are you sure about that look from Jane? Are you sure it's not some kind of something... going on?

Jonathan: Yeah. Why don't we hang out till the next movie?

Sandy: Sure. I don't need any bad mojo from a big black bird.

Red's House

Eric: Oh boy... look at the time. You know as much as I've enjoyed visiting with you... I have some work I need to do down at the church.

Red: Ever tell you how I got my name?

Eric: Yes you did.

Red: Oh.

Eric: It's an interesting story.

Red: Yeah. Sorry. It's just that I don't get visitors here very often. Except for the kids who bring around the food but... they don't want to hear any war stories.

Eric: I enjoy a good war story as much as the next guy. My dad was a Marine you know.

Red: Yep you told me... several times. You wait here... I've got something for you.

Eric: Oh no, you really don't need to...

Red: That's all right.

Eric: I don't...

Red: Don't worry about it. Here... you take this. I want you to have it.

Eric: But Red I... I...

Red: What? Weren't you listening? I got shot. I got a Purple Heart.

Eric: I... can't take this Red. You earned this.

Red: You earned it. You must have listened to that story a thousand times. I just kept repeating it because I don't think you understand it. It's okay to be afraid to die. It doesn't mean you don't believe in God. It doesn't mean anything. It just means you want to live.

Eric: How'd you know I was having doubts about my heath?

Red: You've been living with that diagnosis of yours for quite a while. It's like fighting a war. You got to loose some battles. You're gonna have some bad days. It doesn't mean you're gonna die. You take that Purple Heart to remind you of that.

Eric: Maybe I don't have to be anywhere.

Red: Sit down. Tell me what's going on.

Camden's House

Kevin: All right. Let's tape off an area divide it into squares and then go over each square with a magnifying glass... and no area is overlooked. You guys want to find this diamond or not?

All: Or not.

Savannah: Noooo...

T-Bone: Just forget it. We can't do this any longer. It's gone... and she's just going to have to deal with it. The diamond is lost... it's just a diamond. A teeny-tiny diamond that... can be replaced.

Kevin: All right. Everyone is dismissed except for you... Theodore.

Jane: But... Mac has the car. We don't have anywhere to go.

Margaret: We'll wait outside.

T-Bone: All right... shoot. Oh and I do mean that literally. Just shoot me.

Kevin: Depends on what you have to say.

Camden's House - Backyard

Lucy: I appreciate the call. I do but I'm gonna have to think about it and... get back to you. Would it be okay if I called you tomorrow after church? Yeah. Like around two? Oh thank you. And thank you so much for calling. Okay... bye. Um... hey... um... did you guys see anything out here? You know when you came out?

Margaret: Like a big black bird bearing bad tidings of doom?

Lucy: Uh-uh. Kevin told you.

Jane: Yeah. And your dad saw the same bird this morning.

Lucy: Oh no.

Jane: Yeah. Your mom and your dad got into a big fight about it. He thinks it's brining him some sort of bad news?

Lucy: My dad got the same feeling from that bird that I did. Which means if we both got the same feeling then...

Margaret: Then you both must be nuts.

Jane: Or not.

Lucy: Look I guess it does sound sort of ridiculous. But I've never seen that bird around here before. Wait. I guess if it sounds ridiculous then... maybe it is ridiculous. I'm... where's my dad?

Margaret: He hasn't been home all day.

Lucy: Really... okay. Wait for me here.

Jane: How come she can find a guy but I can't?

Margaret: You just got a divorce.

Jane: Oh... right.

Margaret: Maybe that should be a sign to stay away from guys for a while.

Jane: Well if the big black bird shows up then I'll ask him.

Margaret: Ask the bus driver. From the look on Kevin's face he's turning that diamond into some kind of lesson. Let's go I'm willing to take the bus.

Camden's House

T-Bone: I'd be dishonest if I said I didn't want... (Door slams) Oh hey.

Lucy: Hi.

Kevin: Do you think Ruthie is making this diamond important because she's wanting any sign from you that she really means something to you?

Lucy: Hi.

T-Bone: It's possible.

Kevin: I know she can't do anything about the tattoo she got but... I imagine it makes her feel like things are... out of balance. Like... she loves you more than you love her.

T-Bone: That's why I got her the ring!

Kevin: Maybe she needs more than a ring.

T-Bone: I can't get another tattoo. I... just can't.

Lucy: Ah... I got the call.

Kevin: Did big black bird tell you to come over here and tell your parents?

Lucy: My dad's not home.

Kevin: Bird tell you that?

Lucy: No... Jane and Margaret told me that.

Kevin: Oh. Well your mom is upstairs if you want to talk to her. Unless... you're waiting for some big sign to fall out of the sky.

Lucy: Sorry.

Kevin: I knew you would be. I'm not talking about your getting a bigger tattoo.

T-Bone: What are you talking about then?

Kevin: A sign that you really love Ruthie... if you do really love her.

T-Bone: I really love her.

Annie: So you thought it was some kind of bad omen too?

Lucy: Yeah. You know I think we're all looking for signs. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

Annie: Oh don't even bring it up. That's how your father and I got off to a bad start this morning. I thought it would be nice... if there was some indication... of what we're all hoping is true... is true. You know and that's all I said. And the next thing I know... this crow has announced his impending doom and it's all my fault.

Lucy: Mom... it's not your fault. You know it's not your fault. Living with a diagnosis like dad has... is tough on all of us. You know but I think we've done really well in supporting him and each other. But we're bound to have you know; some days where something goes wrong we do or say something that we wish we hadn't done. And truthfully I don't think you and dad would be arguing if he really thought he was going to die.

Annie: Oh Lucy thank you... oh thank you for saying that... because I don't think he's going to die. I have been acting as if he's sick. But he's my husband the father of our seven children... and I love him. But he does make me crazy sometimes. Good heart or bad heart.

Lucy: I know. Kevin drives me crazy sometimes too. Well and... and I drive him crazy.

Annie: Yeah.

Lucy: You know there's something... something I want to talk to you about.

Annie: Something good?

Lucy: I don't know. It's... it's kind of like the crow. It depends on how you look at it. Or... how it looks at you.

Red's House

Eric: You know Red you could have mentioned to me that you had a pet. I appreciate you spending the day with me. I'm feeling a lot better.

Red: Good. Good... glad I can do something for someone.

Eric: Yeah I wouldn't feel right though about taking that Purple Heart though. You... you earned it.

Red: Oh I wasn't really going to give it to you anyway... unless of course you need it... and you don't need it.

Camden's House

T-Bone: May I? I want you to know the search for that diamond is not over. I'm not gonna stop looking for it till we find it.

Ruthie: Maybe we're just not meant to find it. Maybe it's just not meant to happen... like us.

T-Bone: I had a feeling you might be thinking like that.

Ruthie: Did you? I know you were downstairs talking to Kevin.

T-Bone: Yes. Kevin and I were talking... and you know Kevin actually knows a lot about relationships.

Ruthie: Does he? Does he know a lot about our relationship?

T-Bone: He just knows stuff okay? About men and women in general. Look... Ruthie I gave you that ring because I felt badly about you getting a tattoo that was... so much bigger than the one I got.

Ruthie: So you really didn't promise to promise to marry me one day?

T-Bone: What I want... what I really want... is...

Ruthie: Is sex.

T-Bone: Well I won't say I don't... but what I want is... for you to know that... I love you... and I mean that... with all my heart. You're the first girl well or woman... that I've ever loved. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. And I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen. Including... including not pressuring you to have sex. So if you thought that... ring has some special meaning like I was promising that... we wouldn't have sex until we got married... that promise is good with or without the ring. Even without the diamond in the ring. I love you.

Ruthie: I love you.

David: We didn't hear anything. We covered our ears.

Sam: But I think T-Bone should leave before we have to cover our eyes.

T-Bone: I'm outta here.

Sam: Is this it?

Ruthie: Yeah... that is it.

David: I thought you'd be happier about it.

Ruthie: Oh I think I got the sign that I was looking for. Thanks Sam... and David.

David: Sam found it. Maybe it's a sign that he's supposed to make the toast after all.

Annie: Oh I don't know Lucy. I can't imagine not having you and Kevin around us here every day.

Eric: So they called?

Lucy: You know?

Eric: Yep... I know.

Annie: Why didn't you tell me?

Eric: Well I was going to tell you I just... I hadn't found the right time.

Annie: Well wouldn't the right time have been this morning when the boys were making toast?

Eric: I guess.

Annie: So maybe I'm not even the one who got you in a bad mood? Maybe it was...

Eric: Nobody got me in a bad mood but me.

Lucy: Dad I won't even consider it if...

Eric: If I'm going to leave? Look I'm really sorry about today. I've been having a few doubts and...
Annie: And you didn't want to say so because you didn't want me to have any doubts? She saw the big black scary bird too. She thought the same thing you did.

Eric: Well it could be ah... a coincidence that we're both insane. Or it could be... in the genes. Or... it could be that you're all picking up on some fear I wasn't expressing. Or it could be that Red forgot to feed his crow... this morning. And the crow wandered around the neighborhood looking for food. Bird was injured and Red has been feeding him all winter... until this morning.

Lucy: So we weren't entirely wrong. That wasn't a happy look on the bird.

Eric: Look Lucy... let's... let's base what we do on what we feel inside and what we know in our hearts not on anything we anything we think might be a sign. And it's... it's not a bad thing to let your head have some say in what your heart is feeling too. You decide what you're going to do. You... go take a look at that church. You and Kevin... you make up your minds together. Either way I'm going to be fine we're all going to be fine. And I mean that like I've never meant it before.

Eric: I love you.

Annie: I love you, too. So was there ever a time when you weren't sure if you loved me or not? In the beginning when we first met?

Eric: Even then I knew.

Annie: Me too.

Eric: Think we can get the boys to make some toast tomorrow morning?


Jonathan: That... that was a pretty good movie.

Sandy: You think so? I felt kind of depressed how single mothers were treated back then.

Jonathan: Yeah... but that was then. Isn't it great how things have changed for the better?

Sandy: Things have changed for the better.

Jonathan: Is that jeweler still opened?

Sandy: I don't think so... why?

Jonathan: I want to get you one of those promise rings.

Sandy: And why is that?

Jonathan: I want us to promise each other something.

Sandy: And what is that?

Jonathan: That... you give this a chance. A real chance. I don't want to get hurt. I don't want to find myself falling madly deeply in love with you only to find out that you really want things to work out with Aaron's father. What's that look?

Sandy: You actually think it's possible for you to fall deeply in love with me?

Jonathan: I think it's more than a possibility... I just want to take it slow. But at the same time I don't want to take it so slow you doubt I'm really crazy about you. Hey look... a shooting star. See it?

Sandy: No.

Jonathan: Neither did I. Too bad life isn't like the movies. I was hoping for the stars to cooperate and give us a big sign... that I'm really serious about you.

Sandy: Right now... in this moment my life is better than any movie.

Jonathan: So... you don't want a promise ring? 

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