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#11.18 : A l'encre de Chine

Kevin et Lucy sont en voyage. Ils visitent la petite ville de Crossroads qui a contacté Lucy pour la place vacante de révérend. Sur place, le couple découvre une communauté bien particulière. L'église se situe dans le bar, qui fait également office d'école ! En outre, la communauté est essentiellement composée d'enfants dont les parents sont en prison. Kevin, à qui le maire confierait bien la place de shérif, est emballé. Mais Lucy a des doutes : n'est-ce pas une responsabilité trop grande pour eux ? A GlenOak, la guerre fait rage entre Ruthie et Annie : la fille souhaite absolument se débarasser de son tatouage réalisé pour T-Bone mais la mère ne veut pas lui donner l'argent nécessaire. Devant l'insistance de Ruthie, Eric en vient à se demander si sa fille souhaite se débarasser de son tatouage ou plutôt, en réalité, de T-Bone


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A l'encre de Chine

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sandy (Haylie Duff) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

sandy (Haylie Duff) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Sandy joué par Haylie Duff

Sandy joué par Haylie Duff

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric Camden joué Stephen Collins

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Sandy (Haylie Duff)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Sandy (Haylie Duff)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Sandy (Haylie Duff)

Eric (Stephen Collins) et Sandy (Haylie Duff)

Jane joué par Sarah Wright

Jane joué par Sarah Wright

Jane (Sarah Wright) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

Jane (Sarah Wright) et Martin (Tyler Hoechlin)

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Écrit par : Chad Byrnes 
Réalisé par : Keith Truesdell 

Avec : Andrea Morris (Margaret), Sarah Wright (Jane), Colton James (T-Bone), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Richard Riehle ..... Homme
  • Robert Wu ..... Homme
  • Ted Rooney ..... Homme


Kevin: I think that was it.

Lucy: Well... that can't be it. It wasn't a church.

Kevin: That's thirteen miles past the turn-off. I think that's it.

Lucy: Look... this can't be it. There's no church.

Tom: Reverend Kinkirk?

Lucy: Ah yes that's... that's me.

Tom: Welcome to Crossroads.

Lucy: Thank you. Um... this is my husband, Kevin.

Kevin: Nice to meet you.

Tom: I get it. Hi Kevin, Tom Quawn... or some people call me Dr. Quawn. Nice to meet you too.

Kevin: Dr. Quawn.

Tom: Did you need to fill up or... did you want to see the church?

Lucy: Oh... did we pass it?

Tom: No. It's right here. Crossroads Bar and Hotel.

Lucy: Oh I see. Um... where's the church?

Tom: In the bar.

Lucy: The church is in the bar?

Tom: Yeah. And if you ever need a doctor my office is here at the gas station. But I'm only here one week out of the month. There's really no need for me to be here more than that.

Kevin: Who pumps the gas when you're not here?

Tom: My dad. That's how I got through med school.

Kevin: It's a lot of gas.

Tom: Oh it's a grocery store too. Just the basics.

Lucy: Okay. I'm sorry. Back to the church. The church is at the bar?

Tom: Yeah. Oh... they don't serve alcohol there during services. Other than communion. Of course you can do whatever you want if you take the job. Whatever makes you happy.

Kevin: Okay well... nice meeting you.

Tom: Good luck.

Lucy: The church is in the bar!

Kevin: Maybe I would like to move here.

Camden's House

Margaret: There.

David: Cool.

Margaret: All right you ready?

David: Awesome.

Margaret: What do you think of that?

David/Sam: It's cool! Awesome!

Happy: Barks.

Ruthie: I don't see why the guy who tattooed me isn't responsible for the tattoo.

Annie: Well I imagine you lied about your age.

Ruthie: Don't you think he knew that I was lying?

Annie: Well maybe... maybe not.

Ruthie: I don't look eighteen.

Annie: I don't know about that. Sometimes you do.

Ruthie: Why don't they let the tattoo artists take off the tattoos? Why does it have to be doctors?

Annie: Well obviously it's harder taking them off than putting them on. Surely you knew that.

Ruthie: Well it's not like I researched it.

Annie: Well it doesn't take someone researching to know that a tattoo is permanent.

Ruthie: Well... but it's not. I mean the doctor said it would just turn white and then eventually it would fade and someday it would become almost unnoticeable.

Annie: Then if you can afford to... have the doctor take it off.

Ruthie: Mom please.

Annie: Ruthie please... please don't make stupid mistakes and then think that I can step in and make it all better. There are some things you can't undo. Not even I can undo. And this is one of them.

Ruthie: But you can. You can let them do it if you'll just give me the money.

Annie: But I won't. I won't just give you the money. This is a mistake that you are going to have to live with. And in order to be happy in life you're going to have to learn to live with your mistakes. Now if y you want to get a job and earn the money and pay for this tattoo to be removed... then you should do it.

Ruthie: How am I ever going to be able to make that kind of money?

Annie: Hm... let's see. You can get a job that pays minimum wage and work as many hours a week as you can work and save everything you make and then in a few years... you can pay to get rid of T-Bone forever.

T-Bone: Sorry... I heard that.

Annie: Hi T-Bone. I'll just let the two of you talk.

T-Bone: I looked for you after school today... for about an hour. Then just decided to take the bus home.

Ruthie: Sorry... I forgot. I had a doctor's appointment.

T-Bone: You okay?

Ruthie: Yeah.

T-Bone: Doctor's appointment?

Ruthie: Plastic surgeon. Tattoo removal.

T-Bone: You're not really going to have T-Bone removed forever... are you? I thought you liked it.

Ruthie: No. I don't.

T-Bone: Oh.

Ruthie: But... taking it off is way to expensive right now. My mom thinks that I should pay for it myself.

T-Bone: So if your mom and dad paid for it you would have my name removed? Is there a message in there?

Ruthie: No. I just don't like the tattoo.

Ruthie: Oh daddy I'm so glad you're home. I went to the doctors today and they said they can remove the tattoo but... I don't have enough money to pay for it. So can you help me please? It was stupid... it was a really, really stupid thing to do. So can you daddy? Can you help me?

Eric: Sure I can princess.

Ruthie: Oh really?

Eric: I can help you get a job.

Eric: Your mother called me. That is one expensive process... tattoo removal. Ooo! You need to work on that crying thing.

Margaret: I thought if they liked fake tattoos enough they never want to get a real one.

Eric: Huh... that may be true... or not. Hi guys.

David: Hi Dad. You like our tattoos?

Sam: The Colonel sent them to us in the mail.

Eric: Doesn't my Dad always find the most wonderful things for children to play with? Well hmm... yeah. As long as you can wash them off... I love them.

Margaret: Oh they wash off. I swear. And I have to get going. I have to get to the library. I need to use their computer. I'm writing something.

Eric: You can borrow my computer for the night if you want.

Margaret: Really?

Eric: Sure... what are you writing?

Margaret: It's nothing. It's just a chapter in a book.

Eric: Isn't that usually an assignment in an upper level lit class?

Margaret: Yeah it is. It's just... I'm helping Mac out.

Eric: Maybe you should go to college yourself.

Margaret: No. Really... I'm not smart enough. And even if I am... I don't think I am. Thank you I really appreciate it.

Eric: Let me... let me pay you for babysitting.

Margaret: No! Not after everything you've done for me. I'm happy to help anytime you need me. And I'll drop this off first thing in the morning.

Eric: You guys... will you keep an eye on Savannah?

David/Sam: Okay.

Eric: Working out some of your frustrations with Ruthie?

Annie: Ohh...

Eric: She faked crying to get me to pay for her tattoo removal.

Annie: You know we paid for the doctor's appointment... and that's it!

Eric: I... I agree. I completely agree.

Annie: Well she doesn't agree. I am really tired of talking to her about this.

Eric: Me too. Maybe Lucy can talk to her. Have we heard from Lucy?

Annie: I tried to call her on her cell but I couldn't hear... the reception was bad.

Eric: I couldn't find Crossroads on the map.

Annie: I couldn't either.

Eric: It's a teeny tiny unincorporated area... somewhere between here and Tahoe. At least that's what Lucy said. It's not going to lead to anything. She's not leave Glenoak to go off to the middle of nowhere. Not that she couldn't. She doesn't have to stay here for me... I'm fine.

Annie: Yes you are. If Lucy wants to leave then...

Eric: Then she decides to leave. And we have to let her go... if that's what she wants to do. Otherwise she might always regret it.

Annie: I know. But shouldn't we have told her we really don't want her to go?

Eric: I don't think so. It's her decision. And I think I have... I have to start letting people... even... our people live their lives because I have my own to live.

Annie: I just have this feeling... that things are about to change.

Eric: What things?

Crossroad's Bar

Man: The last minister we had ran off with the choir director and now we don't have a minister or a choir director.

Man: Or a chef.

Lucy: Well I'm not a choir director but I can possibly put a music program together.

Man#1: I think you could do anything. I really do.

Lucy: You sound like my dad.

Kevin: No sheriff?

Man #2: No. We have highway patrol. Used to have a sheriff.

Kevin: I used to be a cop in Buffalo New York. But then I met Lucy and moved to Glenoak to be with her and joined the force there.

Man #2: We heard you almost got shot.

Man #1: Missed a bullet huh?

Kevin: Yeah. And our daughter, Savannah was just a couple of months old at the time. So I decided I'd rather stay home safe with her and let Lucy pursue her career.

Man #1: Good decision. Nice if one of the parents is able to stay home. Doesn't happen often in today's economic climate. Of course everyone in Crossroads works at least one job.

Man #2: Ah you know Kevin... I'm not just one of the deacons of our little barroom church here. I'm also kind of the mayor. Any chance I could get you interested in law enforcement again? We'd love to have a sheriff. There's money in the budget for it.

Kevin: I don't know. I haven't really thought about it... maybe.

Lucy: Um... we're planning on having another child. Just so you know. I don't want you to hire either one of us without knowing that, you know. Some employers like to know that sort of thing. Maybe?

Man #2: Well congratulations. I think that's just wonderful. Good for you. The both of you. We'd be pleased to have a baby here.

Lucy: What is your population? I didn't see it posted.

Man #2: No. It changes all the time. Currently about twenty-seven I'd say.

Man #1: Yeah. So Kevin how hard could it be to wrangle twenty-seven people huh?

Lucy: But Kevin's been really happy as a stay-at-home dad. Haven't you Kevin?

Kevin: Well...

Man #2: Most of the twenty-seven are under eighteen. And we boast of having a hundred percent college graduates in the area. If you live in Crossroads you will complete high school and you will go to college.

Kevin: Then I should tell you I don't have a college degree.

Man #2: Never too late to get one. Ever consider going to law school?

Kevin: Law school? I don't know if I'm cut out for that.

Man #2: That sounds like a good subject to discuss over target shooting.

Man #2: Why don't we go over to the quarry and shoot a few rounds?

Lucy: Oh... I don't shoot guns. I'm a little afraid of them in fact.

Man #1: Well you just wait here then and you make yourself at home. My wife Christine will be here soon to start supper.

Lucy: Okay yeah sure guys. You go play with your guns. I'll just sit here and interview myself.

Camden's House

Annie: What are you doing?

Ruthie: I'm just waiting for T-Bone to leave for work. He's late.

Annie: Oh. I just decided to let him use my car... you know instead of taking the bus. That way he can have a few minutes to do some homework.

Ruthie: Oh. That was nice of you... to help T-Bone... even if you don't want to help me.

Annie: Oh you know I also thought maybe you could get a ride in with him... to work. You know... if you felt like filing in at the Dairy Shack tonight.

Ruthie: If I did what?

Annie: I heard that Margaret has the night off. So I thought they might be a little shorthanded. So I called the owner, my friend, he said if you wanted to you could come down and work tonight and that could lead to you getting a job after school. And that could lead to you saving up some money so you can get your... your tattoo removed if that's what will make you happy.

Ruthie: So you just decided to get me a job whether I wanted one or not?

Annie: No. I'm not going to get you a job. You're going to get the job yourself. I just sort of asked for the opportunity for you to fill in.

T-Bone: It would be nice if the two of us both had a job. I mean... we could ride in together.

Ruthie: If I wanted to get a job I would have gotten one. Are you on her side?

Annie: Hey there are no sides here. I'm not a side I'm your mother. I'm just trying to help you help yourself. Your dad and I are not going to help you. We're not going to spend our money to get your tattoo removed. We don't think that is something we should do.

T-Bone: I don't think you should do that either Mrs. Camden.

Ruthie: Would you just stay out of this?

T-Bone: I wish I could. I may not be responsible for you getting a gigantic tattoo of my name... but I feel responsible. So... I'd like to offer to take financial responsibility.

T-Bone: If you don't feel like getting a job, Ruthie or you can't find a job you want... then I would like to pay to have the tattoo removed. I can't pay for it right away. Maybe the doctor's office can set up some kind of plan or... I can get a micro loan from a third world country... something. I don't know. I will pay for it. I should pay for it.

Ruthie: Yes... I think you should.

Annie: You think he should what? Ruthie? That was your tattoo it was your idea. You alone decided to put his name in big letters across your back.

Ruthie: So?

Annie: So T-Bone is saving up his money for college. He needs every little bit of money that he makes. He pays for his clothes his school supplies and anything else that he needs. You're going to take money away from T-Bone?

Ruthie: So... you use the money that dad earns. It's the same thing.

Annie: Oh your dad and I have been married for thirty years. We are a married couple. Something you and T-Bone are not. And... and we share everything. He works outside the home I work inside the home. He makes the money I manage the money and I manage it with great respect for the hard work that goes into getting it. Not that I need to justify my staying home to you or anybody else.

Ruthie: You don't have to justify it. It's just that... it's a promise ring. T-Bone has promised to marry me. And if we're going to be married for thirty years just like you and dad... then although I do intend to work outside the home... we're still going to share our money. So why can't he share his money with me now? And who knows he may need to borrow money from me at some point. But we're going to be together forever. So this can't be the only time that one of us may need the other's help.

Annie: Why do you want the tattoo taken off so badly if you think you and T-Bone will be married forever? I'm asking you that question too.

David: What do you think Mom?

Sam: We cleaned the bathroom.

Annie: I think you did a wonderful job.

David: You don't have to pay us... 'cause we live here. And we can wash our tattoos.

Sam: For nothing.

Annie: That's good. Thank you for helping out. I appreciate it more... than you know.

David: She's still not happy.

Sam: No, she's not.

David: I'm happy.

Sam: Me too.

Eric: I'm sorry. I thought I'd try Lucy and Kevin from a land line instead of a cell phone.

Annie: You know what needs to change around here? The way I deal with Ruthie.

Eric: What happened?

Annie: Nothing, nothing, nothing! Nothing! I'm fine. And I don't want to kill you. So just give me some time to calm down.

Eric: You're not going to kill me and we're a team. I'll help you deal with Ruthie.

T-Bone: How much?

Ruthie: I know it's a lot but... it's really important to me. You're important to me.

T-Bone: Well you're important to me. Which is why I bought you the promise ring and promised to marry you.

Ruthie: But you would have gotten me the promise ring and promise to marry me anyways... right? Even if I didn't have the tattoo?

Eric: Bye T-Bone, take the car. We'll see you when you get home.

Ruthie: What? Dad... your heart.

Eric: Forget my heart. You are sometimes just incredibly selfish... irresponsible and disrespectful... and I'm not going to allow that. Is that understood? No I don't think so. So I'm going to explain it to you. I am not going to allow you to be disrespectful of your mother no matter how much you don't like living with that tattoo because you know... that's exactly what you're going to have to do is live with that tattoo... till you and only you pay to have it removed. I'm not letting you take any money from T-Bone. And you know what else? You're getting a job whether you want one or not. So start looking.

Ruthie: All right. I will. I promise. May I be excused?

Eric: Yes you may be excused to go and apologize to your mother. Where do you get off implying that your mother takes the money that I earn? There isn't enough money in the world to pay your mother for what she does... for all of us. And don't say... in Scotland because I am tired of Scotland. It isn't any different in Scotland or anywhere else in the world. There is no culture... that allows children to be disrespectful to their parents. You got it?

Ruthie: Yeah... I got it really. I mean I guess I just needed a reminder. I will apologize right now. And tomorrow I'll go out and look for a job. If the best that I can find is the Dairy Shack then... I'll work there. I promise.

Eric: Now you're not just saying that because you think...?

Ruthie: No. No. I forgot about that... honest. It's not like I don't listen to you. It's just you haven't been saying anything to me. You didn't even yell at me when I got my tattoo. So I guess now you're yelling at me... you really are fine.

Eric: Ruthie? Tell me the truth. You want to get rid of the tattoo because you don't want the tattoo... or because you don't want T-Bone?


Jane: Hey we're going to be late for work. Where have you been?

Margaret: Babysitting for the Camdens. And I needed a disc for the computer.

Jane: Well grab your Shack shirt... let's go.

Margaret: I'm off tonight. That's... why I borrowed the computer and got the disc and everything I just told you.

Jane: You can't be off tonight.

Margaret: Yes I can. I asked off tonight. I have a paper due.

Jane: What do you mean you have a paper due? What paper?

Margaret: I told Mac... I'd help him with his paper.

Jane: Why would you do that? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no!!!

Margaret: What?

Jane: Mac!? You don't like him like him do you?

Margaret: No, ha, ha.

Jane: You... do. You like him.

Margaret: What are you talking about?

Jane: Okay Margaret... answer this very carefully. Do you think he likes you or do you think he's taking advantage of your friendship by asking you to write his paper?

Margaret: I don't care if he likes me likes me. I just want to write the paper.

Jane: Because you like him like him.

Margaret: You don't like him do you?

Jane: No I don't like him. What makes you think I like him?

Margaret: Why are you so dressed up to go to work at the Dairy Shack?

Jane: I'm not dressed up.

Margaret: Yes you are. You have makeup on. Your hair is different. You're wearing perfume. Oh no. You're not seeing Martin!

Jane: So what if I am? You're not my mother.

Margaret: And you're not my mother.

Jane: What does that mean?

Margaret: That means... we don't have mothers. And so we can do anything we want. And I want to write Mac's paper and that's what I'm going to do.


Sandy: Hi.

Mac: No boyfriend today?

Sandy: No... he's working.

Mac: Seems like a nice guy.

Sandy: Yeah, he is.

Mac: So what... did you quit school? You're down here all the time.

Sandy: No. I'm down here to get credits at school for working with Lucy and Reverend Camden. And I taught Lucy's class today all by myself. Lucy and Kevin took a day off together.

Mac: Yeah. I know all about the job offer. Everybody does. So what do chicks talk about in that class anyway?

Sandy: Chick stuff.

Mac: I thought so.

Sandy: Then you thought right. So I thought if you were going to get off work soon we could go grab a bite to eat or get a cup of coffee or just take a walk. I want to talk to you. Not about chick stuff about guy stuff. Well not guy stuff but my guy. I just want us to be friends and I don't want another awkward situation like when you met Jonathan.

Mac: I don't know. Martin might not like that. You should probably grab a burger with Martin and ask him if we can be friends. You me and your boyfriend.

Sandy: But Martin has nothing to do with this. Martin's not around to talk today. He has a game.

Mac: A baseball game?

Sandy: Yeah. He was supposed to baby-sit but he forgot he had a game. So... I had to take Aaron with me.

Mac: He didn't have a game today. Why did I say that?

Sandy: I don't know. Why did you say that?

Mac: I don't know it just came out. I don't even know his schedule or anything. Honest. I swear.

Sandy: Okay. I believe you... I think.

Mac: I wish we could have dinner and talk. I like to talk even though I really don't have anything to tell you and we're not even really friends. But I have this paper due tomorrow. It's such a big paper. It's a whole chapter in a book. See I have to write this first chapter of this novel for an English class... and I have to leave the instant T-Bone gets here. There he is. Bye Sandy.

T-Bone: Bye. Hi.

Sandy: You don't look happy. What's wrong?

T-Bone: You don't look that happy either.

Sandy: I'm happy. I'm very happy... most of the time.

T-Bone: So am I... most of the time.

Sandy: How would I find out if Martin had a baseball game today?

T-Bone: I guess you could call his school.

Sandy: I think Martin lied to me. I think he told me he had a game so he didn't have to baby-sit. What's wrong with you?

T-Bone: How did I get committed for the rest of my life... before I'm even out of high school?

Sandy: You mean committed to Ruthie?

T-Bone: I don't know what happened. When did making out lead to getting a tattoo?

Sandy: Could lead to things that are more life-altering than a tattoo. It is just a tattoo.

T-Bone: No it's not. It's a new reason for not being happy in America. I'm living with her family. I can't get out of this. I mean... not that I want to.

Sandy: Do you want to?

T-Bone: I don't know. So instead... I offered to pay to have her tattoo removed. So I can either pay Ruthie to have her tattoo removed... or I can go to college. I'm ill at ease.

Mac: Jane... Hide.

Jane: From?

Mac: Sandy's here with the baby. She thinks Martin had a game today.

Jane: Oh.

Mac: Exactly.

Jane: Okay well... for as to hide or not... let me ask you something. Do you like Margaret?

Mac: Of course I like Margaret.

Jane: Like, like her? Or are you just using her to write your paper?

Mac: What are you... my mother? If she wants to write my paper she can write my paper. She volunteered to write my paper. She wants to be a writer so I presented her with an opportunity.

Jane: What? Was your mother an idiot? Would you believe something like that?

Mac: Did you call my mother an idiot?

Jane: No.

Mac: Good. I know that she really didn't want to get back with my dad but...

Jane: I think that Margaret likes you.

Mac: No. She doesn't like me. She doesn't like, like me either.

Camden's House

Annie: Are you okay?

Eric: Oh I'm... I'm fine. I'm very much alive and well thank you. How about you? Did you get an apology?

Annie: I did.

Eric: Well... was it a sincere apology?

Annie: Yes. And a promise from Ruthie to start looking for a job.

Eric: Well that's what she said to me.

Annie: It was a pretty heated confrontation.

Eric: Yeah. But I'm fine.

Annie: Yeah, you seem like it.

Eric: Yeah it... it did me good to get upset.

Annie: Maybe.

Eric: I've been trying to enjoy my life and be happy. I forgot what makes me happy is work. Being a parent... it's hard work.

Annie: Maybe you should take a little break. Lie down take a nap. I'll start dinner.

Eric: I was thinking just the opposite. It felt really good to be out of control. Really good... invigorating.

Annie: Well you know maybe it's that tea. It is caffeinated.

Eric: I'm going out.

Annie: Out?

Eric: Yeah.

Annie: Didn't you say earlier that people should make their own decisions?

Eric: Yeah.


Sandy: You didn't have a game. You didn't have a game. You lied to me.

Martin: Uh... oh. I did. Um... but the other team they... they forfeited.

Sandy: No they didn't. But they should have forfeited yesterday when you beat them nine to three... yesterday.

Martin: Okay. Look... ah... hey Aaron. Hey... he's... such a happy baby.

Sandy: Let's keep him that way by having happy parents.

Martin: Look. I'm happy. You're the one who isn't happy.

Sandy: Yeah because you lied to me. I had things to do today. You were supposed to baby-sit and you... and why did you even come down here? Mac's home, he has a paper to write. So you didn't come here to hang out with Mac.

Martin: He has a paper to write? After I drove all the way over here to hang out with him? What a waste.

Sandy: Well now you can hang out with Aaron and me. Except you're lying. You came down here to see Jane didn't you?

Martin: Jane?

Sandy: Really Martin... you're the worst liar... the worst. Why can't you just tell me the truth?

Martin: All right. We didn't have a game today. I thought it would be safe to drive down here and see Jane because you would be driving back home right after class if you had Aaron with you. Shouldn't you be on the road by now?

Sandy: So it's more important to come and see Jane than to baby-sit your son?

Martin: I baby-sit all the time. Okay... and I go to school and I won a baseball scholarship. And I work part-time. So sometimes yes, it is more important to me to do something fun like... seeing Jane.

Sandy: Okay. Well I work and I go to school and I volunteer my time at the Teen Mother's Home. And I'm a mother and I'm Aaron's twenty four hours a day. And it's important for me to have fun too you know!!

Martin: Oh well you've been having plenty of fun lately haven't you?

Sandy: Yeah... I have.

Martin: Then you think you'd be happy.

Eric: Are you happy? Hi.

Sandy: Hi.

Eric: Thought you were driving home after class?

Sandy: Yeah I was. Then I decided to stop and get dinner. And I had a feeling that Martin would show up here because I knew that he lied to me about having a game today. And I also have a feeling he's been calling Jane and the two of them are dating or something.

Eric: I see. How's the rest of your life going?

Sandy: The rest of my life?

Eric: I didn't get a chance to ask you when you came by the office for your class. How's school? How are you liking the change in your classes? You still want to be a minister?

Sandy: I don't know.

Eric: Maybe you'd like to go up to one person at a time and tell them what you think of them... on an informal basis... kind of a hobby.

Sandy: I don't know why I do that. I don't know why I waited around just so Martin would know that I knew he was lying to me about baby-sitting.

Eric: Maybe because being the eternal victim requires a lot of conscious thought... a lot of work. Every day you have to decide who you are.

Sandy: Right. And yet I still fall back into who I used to be. You know it's easy to be angry and think Martin ruined my life. Instead of thinking that... I'm happy being who I am. You know my life is really nice. I'm very lucky.

Martin: Uh... I'll have a burger.

Jane: Did you want a kiss with that? Come on I know you didn't drive all the way from school for a burger. Well... not for this place anyway.

Martin: It was just pointed out to me that I'm not a very good liar. Ah so I'll admit that yes... I was hoping to kiss you. Now?

Jane: You're late. I had my break already. I don't get another one. So it's now... or never. I'm sorry... did you want fries with that?

Crossroad's Bar

Lucy: Really Christine can't I help you with something?

Christine: You can help with plenty... but not with dinner. Go sit down. Get out of my way. Oh I called Don, they're still giving Kevin the tour. They'll be back.

Lucy: Well then if I can't help then...

Christine: You can't help.

Lucy: Oh hi!

Tom: Okay. I'm taking off to the airport. Want a ride?

Lucy: Oh... no thank you doctor.

Tom: Hey... good sign.

Lucy: I'm just waiting for Kevin. We'll be going to the airport together.

Tom: So... what do you think?

Lucy: About?

Tom: The... church? The bar the school?

Lucy: What... you use this as a school too? Oh well... it's certainly an interesting place this Crossroads. How many people do you think come on Sundays?

Tom: Say... seventy-five a hundred. Maybe more at Christmas and Easter.

Lucy: Seventy-five or a hundred people... in here?

Tom: Yeah. Four different counties worship here.

Lucy: What?

Tom: Yeah. There used to be quite a few churches in the area. But one by one they've all fallen off. And everyone just comes here. Baptist Methodists Presbyterians Atheists Agnostics you name it we got it. My parents were Buddhists... are Buddhists and they come occasionally... depending on who is speaking about what. The Hindu gardener who has a nursery a couple of hours from here he's been known to show up on occasion too. And a retired Rabbi.

Lucy: But it seems... there's not many people here. Mostly just teenagers.

Tom: Oh they're just getting off work. Dinner's at eight. Didn't... didn't the guys tell you? If you live at Crossroads you have to work.

Lucy: Yeah... they did mention it. Work where?

Tom: Anywhere. And you have to go to school... being in the process of learning something.

Lucy: Oh. So if I came here...?

Tom: You'd work as the minister and you could explore any new field you want. Or advance your studies in theology take up a new hobby. Learn the two-step. Sing a song. You have different options.

Lucy: So when you say everyone has to work and go to school. By have to you mean...?

Tom: Town ordinance. You have to work and be involved in some learning process or... you can't live here.

Waiter: The usual Doc? To go?

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Lucy: So I guess that's why there are so few people who live here. They just don't want to work and go to school.

Tom: Well... it's a growing community.

Lucy: Why do I get the feeling that I'm missing a big piece of information?

Tom: I don't know. Did anyone tell you that this is a town where all the children are foster children and all parents are foster parents?

Lucy: No.

Tom: Yeah.

Lucy: And their parents are...?

Tom: In prison.

Lucy: Oh.


Margaret: Well of course it's romantic... what's wrong with that?

Mac: I don't know. I just didn't picture myself writing a romantic novel.

Margaret: Are you kidding? You're totally romantic.

Mac: I am?

Margaret: You could have written this.

Mac: You... you think?

Margaret: Sure.

Mac: I don't know. I don't even know how to cook.

Margaret: You should learn. Women find that very romantic... when guys cook for them?

Mac: They do?

Margaret: Of course.

Mac: I don't know. You really think having a heavy meal and you're trying to seduce someone with food between your teeth and you're all full. I think it should be the other way around you know. You have dinner... after you do whatever it is you're going to do. Then you can just relax and enjoy the food.

Margaret: Yeah. You may have a point. Should we change it?

Mac: Change?

Margaret: The chapter we wrote?

Mac: I don't know... maybe. Maybe we could... see which way is best.

Margaret: You mean... write from experience as opposed to imagination?

Mac: That's what I mean, yeah. (Knock on door)

Eric: Hey anybody home? It's me! Eric... Erick Camden.

Margaret: No one's here!

Jane: Talk to them will you? I can't do anything with them.

Eric: How's that English assignment going?

Mac: Margaret's been a big help.

Margaret: Did you come over here just to keep anything from happening between the two of us?

Mac: We're... we're just writing.

Eric: I came by because... I wanted to tell you that I really think that you should try to go to college. I think you can do anything you set your mind to, Margaret.

Margaret: Do you?

Eric: Yeah, I do.

Margaret: And you drove all the way over here to tell me that?

Eric: And to remind you that it's difficult for men and women to share an apartment without being tempted to... get involved... with each other.

Margaret: Right. Let's never speak of this again!

Eric: See ya.

Mac: Wait... what were you saying in regards to the writing assignment?

Eric: I'm saying that you have ten hours to write a chapter in a book.

Mac: You know I have parents.

Eric: I know. But Margaret doesn't. Good night.

Margaret: Reverend Camden thinks I could go to college.

Mac: I think you could, too. And you know what else I think? I think I... like, like you.

Margaret: I think you just like, like my writing.


Kevin: I love this place.

Lucy: Wait. Kevin... it's really just group homes spread over the entire town. Not that there is much of a town.

Kevin: I know. I love it.

Lucy: We would have to work and go to school and be parents to all the teenagers who live here.

Kevin: I know. I love it.

Lucy: Well... it's an interesting place I'll admit. And it is a little tempting. But... I think it's too big of a challenge for us. We've got to raise Savannah have more children and I know those children didn't do anything wrong. But... it's not... it's not an ordinary community.

Kevin: That's why I love it.

Lucy: You'd really be willing to move here?

Kevin: I would.

Lucy: But you'd want to think about it for a while... a long while?

Kevin: I don't have to think about it. I'm ready to go. You just say the word.

Lucy: I can't just say the word. I mean this is a... this is a life-altering decision. And it's really so much more than I ever expected.

Kevin: Your dad's fine.

Lucy: I know.

Man #2: He's a great shot.

Man #1: And a solid citizen.

Tom: And they both appear to be very healthy. I think they'd make good group parents.

Christine: I don't know... she seems slightly... unstable. In a good way.

Camden's House

T-Bone: Oh! Hi. I thought you'd all be in bed by now.

Eric: It's so hard to sleep when a teenager has the keys to your wife's car.

T-Bone: I was looking for a gas station. Didn't want to bring the car back without any gas in it.

Eric: I thought maybe you might not want to come back at all.

T-Bone: What?

Eric: Can't be easy promising a woman that you'll marry her when you're only seventeen. You have you whole life in front of you... only now you have a girlfriend with a tattoo of your name on her back... and a diamond ring on her finger. And a promise that you'll marry her and be with her for the rest of your life.

T-Bone: There are times when... it's not easy.

Eric: This being one of those times?

T-Bone: I was riding around... thinking about Ruthie and me.

Eric: Yeah... I kinda figured.

T-Bone: I love her. I mean... I do.

Eric: But?

T-Bone: I can't seem to make her happy. I mean I seem to be the source of her unhappiness.

Eric: Old habit I imagine. You were told for most of your life... that you were the source of your mother's unhappiness.

T-Bone: By my mother?

Eric: You mother is the source of her own unhappiness. And the same thing goes for Ruthie.

T-Bone: Yeah but Ruthie's nothing like my mother.

Eric: Ruthie is the same as any person who blames everyone else when she's unhappy.

T-Bone: Is there a cure for that... other than breaking up?

Eric: I believe there is. It's called a job. You didn't do anything wrong, son. Ruthie wanted a tattoo. You're under no obligation to remain in this relationship if you don't want to. You can change your mind at any time. You can take that ring back. You can let Ruthie worry about the tattoo because you're not responsible for another person's happiness. You're only responsible for yourself.

T-Bone: But she's your daughter. And you took me in off the streets.

Eric: Do you really want... to be with Ruthie... for the rest of your life? Look whatever you decide everything is going to be fine... eventually. 

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