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#11.21 : Quand tout s'arrange

Eric fait un rêve : il se voit avec Lucy dans l'église, en train de s'amuser, de rigoler, de chanter... A son réveil, il a un drôle de pressentiment et fonce à l'hôpital. Il est euphorique, ce qui a le don d'intriguer Annie et Kevin, venu lui aussi aux nouvelles. Quant à Lucy, elle n'est encore au courant de rien. Pendant ce temps-là, les jumeaux sont seuls à la maison et, au lycée, Ruthie et T-Bone s'expliquent enfin. Il se pourrait bien que les tourtereaux se réconcilient. A Glenoak, c'est l'effervescence : tout le monde se rend à l'église pour parler de la rumeur de guérison miraculeuse du révérend Camden. A l'hôpital, Lucy annonce à kevin qu'elle est prête à déménager à Crossroads et qu'elle est de nouveau enceinte ! Quelques heures plus tard, Eric est à l'église pour annoncer à tout le monde officiellement que son coeur est guéri. Après avoir remercié toute l'assistance, il avoue qu'il est peut-être temps de passer à autre chose pour lui. 


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Good news for almost everyone

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Quand tout s'arrange

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Lucy, Savanah, Sam, David, Jane et Margaret

Lucy, Savanah, Sam, David, Jane et Margaret

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Savanah

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Savanah

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Savanah

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell) et Savanah

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Savanah et kevin (Georges stults)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie (Catherine Hicks) et Eric (Stephen Collins)

Annie joué par Catherine Hicks

Annie joué par Catherine Hicks

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Keith Truesdell 

Avec : Andrea Morris (Margaret), Sarah Wright (Jane), Colton James (T-Bone), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Rayvan Wray ..... Infirmière
  • Caroline K. Wiseman ..... Inconnue
  • Glenda Morgan Brown ..... Lois
  • Dalilah Wiseman ..... Delia
  • Joanne Rubino ..... Femme
  • John Papapavlos ..... Homme

Glenoak Community Church

Lucy: All right... I'm ready to go.

Eric: Not me.

Lucy: Look Dad I didn't mean...

Eric: No, no. I know. You're ready to go home. And I guess that's... how it feels like when you're ready to leave this life. Ready to... go home.

Lucy: Dad...

Eric: Something's going on. I don't know what. I've had this funny feeling all day.

Lucy: Let met take you to the hospital. Come on.

Eric: Oh no, no, it's not that kind of a feeling. It's more like... I don't... I don't know. It's... I feel like something... shifted? The inside of me... but the outside of me ah... feels physically different.

Lucy: You want me to call 911?

Eric: No. I'm not short of breath. I'm almost full of breath like I had too much breath. I mean I don't feel tired I have plenty of energy I feel kind of silly. Like I want to laugh but the feeling kind of scares me so I don't.

Lucy: Ah... you're kind of freaking me out. And now is not a good time for me to get freaked out.

Eric: Why is that?

Lucy: I can't tell you. I haven't told anyone. Although some people are starting so suspect. You know... Dad let me take you to the hospital.

Eric: Okay. But let's not tell your mother... all right? It's probably nothing. But if it's not nothing... then... I might want to be undergoing medical care before I have to look in her face. Okay... let's go.

Eric: Do I look taller to you?

Lucy: No.

Eric: I feel taller. Ha, ha, ha.

Eric: I feel like skipping.

Lucy: Don't no... no skipping.

Eric: No really I do feel like skipping. Let's ah... let's skip out the church. The two of us... let's Skip out of the church and across the parking lot and then you can take me anywhere you want to take me.

Lucy: Ah... okay.

Both: (Singing) You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... you make me happy when skies are gray.

Lucy: Okay. Dad that was a lot of fun. But a little weird.

Eric: Weird? No. Come on it was exhilarating! It was like a spiritual fantasy... skipping in here. In front of the church and back again what do you say?

Lucy: Okay. But then I'm taking you to the hospital.

Eric: (Singing) You'll never know dear...

Both: ...how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.

Lucy: Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Eric: Okay. I'm ready. Something's going on.

Lucy: Look I haven't skipped in like ten years.

Eric: It's more like forty for me.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Eric: I don't know. But if skipping through the church is the last thing I ever do... I'm fine with that.

Lucy: No. The last thing you're ever going to do is see my children at the wedding of their children.

Eric: Oh Luce... I hope so. I really... I really do. Out the back and once around the parking lot.

Lucy: All right. Around the parking lot. But then... we're going.

Eric: You are my sunshine... my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray.

Camden's House

Annie: Eric?

Eric: Don't say anything to anyone. I'm going to the doctor. I think something happened.

Annie: No.

Eric: It's something good.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Kevin: What's going on?

Annie: I don't know. He insisted on driving himself to the doctor. And so I drove behind him and then he made a U turn and he came in here.

Kevin: He had a heart attack?

Annie: He's not showing any signs of a heart attack. Other than he's a little upset that I followed him. He says that he things something happened. Something good. His doctor met us here. I think they might check him in. I think they might do tests on him. I don't know Kevin. It doesn't sound like something good. It doesn't sound like something good to me.

Kevin: I'm going to have to call Lucy. I told her I was running out for milk.

Annie: Oh no, no, no. I don't want her to get upset.

Kevin: She's going to be more upset if she thinks we're hiding something from her and maybe it is something good.

Annie: No. I'm just afraid that we shouldn't get her excited. Are... are you two having another?

Kevin: No... we're trying but not yet. I'm going to call her.

Annie: Kevin! She's not pregnant?

Kevin: No. I'm doing my best, believe me.

Annie: I believe you.

Kevin: Where are Sam and David?

Annie: Oh no. Oh no. Ohh!

Sam: I like having the place to ourselves. But I hope they come back.

David: Yeah. But it would be nice if they didn't come back anytime soon. (Phone)

Sam: Mom. I knew she'd remember.

David: Camden residence.

Annie: Oh thank heavens. David... are you and Sam okay?

David: We're fine, Mom. How's Dad?

Annie: Ah... well he seems to be really good. He's hoping to get some good news from the doctors. We'll see.

David: Okay. Well thanks for calling.

Annie: No! No! Don't... don't hang up! Listen I... I... I was so excited about Dad I just ran out. I'm sorry I didn't mean to go out and leave you guys alone.

David: That's okay. We like being alone.

Annie: I want the two of you to go out the back door and go straight over to Lucy's house and stay with her until I get back.

David: Do we have to?

Annie: Yes you have to. Now call me when you get over there. Do you know how to call mommy's cell phone?

David: Yes we know.

Annie: Okay. So you call me or you have Lucy call me. But you go out right now... and don't worry about anything. Everything is fine. Goodbye.

David: Bye.

David: We have to go over Lucy's.

Sam: I knew it wouldn't last.

David: Yeah me too.

Sam: I don't know why mom worries so much. We're fine. Dad's fine. Everything's fine.

Kinkirk's House

Lucy: Well what are they saying?

Kevin: They're not saying anything. No one's come out to talk to your mom. She's waiting and she called me to come wait with her.

Lucy: When you went out to get the milk?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Wait. So she called you here and then you lied about going to get the milk?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Wait. Kevin both the statements can't be true.

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Kevin why didn't she call me if it's good news?

Kevin: She's going to call you when she gets the good news officially from the doctors. And you know doctors. It's hard to squeeze good news out of them.

Lucy: Well... I'm coming down there.

Kevin: Could be a while. They're running some tests.

Lucy: Why are they running tests if he's feeling so good?

Kevin: Why do they ever run tests? I don't know. That's what hospitals do. I'll wait here with your mom and if they decide to keep your dad here I'll call you and you can come down here and I'll come home and stay with Savannah.

Lucy: Why would they keep him there? And you know what? Don't put on the CSI voice with me. It sounds like you're covering up information officer.

Kevin: I swear. I'm telling you everything I know. He drove himself over here because he thinks he's going to get some good news.

Lucy: Well when he does I want to be down there with you and my mom and my dad.

Kevin: All right. But really if you just hold on for a few minutes until I find out something...

Lucy: I can't. All right... let's go.

Camden's House

Sam: We should take food too.

David: Yeah. They don't have any good stuff like real cookies or cakes or brownies that Mom makes.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Nurse: Mrs. Camden?

Annie: Oh. Yes, yes. How is he?

Nurse: He's fine. He wants to see you.

Annie: He wants to see me!

Kevin: Great. Let's go.

Nurse: Sorry. It's one person at a time.

Annie: He's our son. He's married to our daughter.

Nurse: Reverend Camden just asked for you.

Annie: Hey look you know he doesn't know you're here. So once I tell him he'll ask for you too.

Kevin: He's not... he's not dying or anything is he?

Nurse: I don't think so... no.

Kevin: What do you mean you don't think so?

Nurse: I don't think he's dying but... did he have anything to drink this morning?

Kevin: Drink? Like alcohol?

Nurse: Some people think he's maybe... intoxicated.

Kevin: What people?

Nurse: The doctors.

Kevin: He doesn't drink.

Nurse: Are you sure?

Kevin: I'm positive.

Eric: (Singing) You'll never know dear how much I love you.Please don't take my sunshine away. Ta da! Thank you! Thank you! Hey...

Kinkirk's House

Sam: (Knock on door) Lucy! We're here. It's us! Lucy!

David: Hi Samson... Hi Delilah.

Sam: I don't think anyone's home but them.

David: Let's call Mom.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Annie: Did you take any extra vitamins last night?

Eric: Nope.

Annie: Did you eat any donuts last night. You know cookies... candy?

Eric: Nope.

Annie: Then what were you doing last night?

Eric: What do you mean what was I doing? I was with you.

Annie: Did you take your medication?

Eric: I did indeed. But I have a feeling I'm not going to need to take it anymore.

Annie: You didn't... you haven't?

Eric: Had anything to drink? No. Why do people keep asking me that? I'm just happy. (Phone)

Annie: Hello.

David: Hi Mom we're here.

Annie: That's good now you stay there okay? I'll call you later. Did they do a cardiogram?

Eric: Yes they did.

Annie: And?

Eric: And... you know the technician wouldn't give me the results I'd given him a free pass to heaven.

Annie: Well what do you think?

Eric: I don't know what to think. I just... I just know how I feel. And I feel as if... my body has expanded to fit my big fat heart. I feel ten feet tall. It's amazing.

Lucy: I don't think you understand. I really have to see my dad.

Nurse: I completely understand. But it's just one person in the room at a time. And I'm sorry but she's not allowed in here. We just don't want her to get in the way of people who are working on people who are having emergencies.

Lucy: We who?

Nurse: We people who don't come up with the policies but we still have to enforce them.

Lucy: Oh well try enforcing this one honey because I know the Chief of Police.

Nurse: There's a lobby upstairs where you can sit with her.

Lucy: I know that there is a lobby upstairs where I can sit with her. I am the associate Pastor at Glenoak Community Church... and I come here to visit people all the time.

Nurse: I know that Reverend Kinkirk. I'm aware of who you are. And I'm sure you're aware of what the rules are.

Kevin: I got her. I'll take home.

Lucy: No, no. Don't leave... I want you close by.

Kevin: Then I'll take her upstairs.

Lucy: I just wish my mom would come out and tell me what's going on. I mean I still can't believe she called you and not me. And why would she call you and not me if it's good news?

Kevin: Oh... I don't know... because I'm better in a crisis? Not that this is a crisis. I'm sure that everything is fine.

Lucy: I wish I was sure.

Kevin: We'll be upstairs.

Lucy: Can you please get me in to see my dad? Please?

Nurse: I told him you're here and you're really anxious to see him.

Lucy: And?

Nurse: And your mother said she'd come out shortly and tell you what's going on.

Lucy: Well what does that mean? He'd better be all right. I mean that.

Kinkirk's House

Sam: It's almost lunch time.

David: Yeah, it is.

Sam: Maybe we should order pizza.

David: I don't feel like pizza. I feel like... burgers. Where do they hide their money?

Sam: Same place we do.

David: Whoa... we could order all kinds of stuff.

Sam: Yeah. Lucy and Kevin won't care.

David: Yeah we have to eat.

High School

T-Bone: Let's go off campus and have lunch together and talk. Just you and me... talk. Talk to me... please. Talk to me.

Ruthie: T-Bone... stop begging me to talk to you. I don't know what else to say to you I swear.

T-Bone: Say that... you just got angry 'cause I got a little nervous about promising to be with you for the rest of our lives and we're only seventeen. Say you understand that.

Ruthie: I don't.

T-Bone: All right. Say that you were just using Martin to make me jealous. And while you're at it say you still love me.

Ruthie: Say that you should have thought about promising to be with me for the rest of our lives before you gave me a promise ring.

T-Bone: I should have thought about promising to be with you the rest of our lives before I gave you a promise ring.

Ruthie: Because... obviously you wouldn't have given me the ring if you had thought about it.

T-Bone: Ruthie some day I might even give you and engagement ring followed by a wedding ring. But... I'm just not ready to promise the things that those rings represent... yet. I admit I bought it on impulse and out of guilt.

Ruthie: Like I don't know that?

T-Bone: It doesn't mean that I don't love you. I'm sorry. I wish I hadn't said anything to Mac. I wish I hadn't given him my cell phone. I wish I just had that whole day to live over.

Ruthie: But you don't. And even if you did... you wouldn't do anything differently because you really don't want to be with me... we would have broken up sooner or later anyway.

T-Bone: Why... because you're still in love with Martin and have been the entire time I've known you?

Ruthie: I am not in love with Martin. I just needed to see that for myself. And for your information I haven't returned any of his phone calls this week.

T-Bone: I guess that's because you found out he was also seeing Jane.

Ruthie: It's not like we were exclusive. We were just going out.

T-Bone: Oh come on. The guy is a total jerk. He doesn't know what he wants. And why Sandy lost all interest in him as a potential husband. That's why Jane wants nothing to do with him. You weren't exclusive that's why you deserve to be treated like that? Is that what you're telling yourself?

Ruthie: Here... I've been meaning to give this back to you.

T-Bone: I don't want it back. It's yours.

Ruthie: Well the promise is gone. So I'd the ring to be gone too.

T-Bone: But my feelings aren't gone. My feelings are... the same. I still love you. Ruthie, in a couple of weeks I'm taking off with my dad or... at least the guy who says he's my dad. And... I want to know that when I come back you'll be there for me... or I don't think I can go.

Ruthie: So this is about you and making you feel better? It's not about me or you and me?

T-Bone: Ruthie... come on.

Sandy's Apartment

Sandy: Hi Aaron. Hi Martin.

Martin: How was your final?

Sandy: I pretty much aced it.

Martin: Good.

Sandy: Yeah. It was the last one for the semester so... I'm done after that.

Martin: My finals are over. I have one more game for the season and that's it.

Sandy: I didn't realize. Well... good luck.

Martin: Maybe you and Aaron could... come see me play?

Sandy: Yeah... maybe we could. Martin...

Martin: Sandy...

Both: You first. About last week.

Sandy: Every word that I said was true. I just probably shouldn't have said so much.

Martin: Well... did you tell Jonathan?

Sandy: No, I didn't. I didn't think there was really any reason to tell Jonathan. Have you talked to Ruthie?

Martin: I... I was going to but... I can't get her to take my phone calls. I'll keep trying.

Sandy: Well I'm driving down to Glenoak. My dad is going to watch Aaron and Lucy and Reverend Camden have to fill out some paperwork for my internship. We could ride down together if you want. Tell her Martin.

Martin: I guess I'm just a... a little scared.

Sandy: You've had scarier conversations.


Kevin: (Phone) What's going on?

Lucy: Where are you?

Kevin: Did you hear anything? Did you talk to your dad?

Lucy: No I didn't hear anything. I didn't talk to my dad and I want upstairs and... where are you?

Kevin: I drove over to the school. I'm looking for Ruthie. I want to bring her over to the hospital so we can all be together.

Lucy: You left without telling me?

Kevin: I thought you might want to be there. Did your mom come out to talk to you?

Lucy: No. Maybe she disappeared into some medical black hole. Wait... you're at the high school?

Kevin: Yeah. But it's just a couple minutes away. And like you and your dad always say: everything is going to be fine.

Lucy: Are you sure nothing is going on that I don't know about?

Kevin: I told you everything that I know... honest. I think this might be it Luce... I think he might really be okay. I don't know how but... something good is going on. I can feel it.

Lucy: Well it could be that something good is going on with someone else that you're picking up on. It could be that something good has nothing to do with my dad. Please find Ruthie and just come back over here... please?!

Kevin: I'll be there soon as I can.

Dairy Shack

Margaret: (Phone) Dairy Shack.

David: Hi. We want to get some burgers please.

Margaret: No. We don't deliver till after five.

David: Is this Margaret?

Margaret: Yes. Who's this?

David: David Camden.

Margaret: Oh... hi.

David: We're over at Lucy's and we're hungry... me and Sam.

Sam: Sam and me.

David: You're Sam.

Sam: I was correcting your English.

Margaret: Where's Lucy?

David: At the hospital with Kevin mom and daddy. He's having a miracle.

Margaret: A miracle?

David: He thinks something happened to his heart... something good.

Margaret: That's great!

David: Yeah... but we're still hungry.

Margaret: So... what do you want I'll bring it by?

Margaret: Reverend Camden is at the hospital. Something happened to his heart, something good. Meanwhile the children have bee abandoned and they're hungry. Okay, okay... got it guys... I'll be there.

Margaret: (Scream) Light the mule on two dead cows and dress them for a party! Check out and ebony and ivory and parlez-vous those buns.

Jane: So he's cured? As in his heart's okay?

Margaret: That's what they said.

Jane: For real?

Margaret: I'm not a doctor.

Jane: Yeah well you're not a driver either. And I don't have a car. Mac took mine to class.

Margaret: Oh yeah. The dead battery.

Jane: Yeah. Someone probably didn't close the car door all the way when they were making out in the parking lot last night.

Margaret: Yeah. Isn't it funny how you can just... kiss a guy and then kiss him again and again and again and forget that there's anything going on in the whole world except his lips on your lips? Oh sorry I forgot. You're guy-less for once.

Jane: That's okay. Martin wasn't really my kind of guy.

Margaret: Yeah well... I know what you're thinking.

High School

Kevin: Hey! Would you stop that?

Ruthie: What? We made up. We're making up.

T-Bone: We're back.

Kevin: I can see that. But I think we all need to get down to the hospital. Your dad is checking in to have some tests done.

Ruthie: He was fine when I left this morning. He was dancing around the kitchen.

Kevin: Yeah. So I think he is fine. Maybe even better than fine.

T-Bone: Better than fine? Well... he's well? He's had some kind of miraculous recovery?

Kevin: I don't know. But I thought you'd want to be there when he finds out. Let's get down to the hospital.

Ruthie: But we can't just leave school.

Kevin: Sure you can. There will be plenty of spaces to make out down at the hospital.

Glenoak Community Hospital

Annie: Is it really necessary to keep him overnight? He looks fine.

Nurse: Then I'm sure he is fine.

Annie: Well then what's all this about?

Nurse: Dr. Sagay will explain.

Annie: Dr. Sagay? Why are they calling in Dr. Sagay? What happened to Dr. Daniels our doctor? What happened to him?

Nurse: He went back to the office.

Annie: They're not thinking... they're going to do some kind of surgery or something are they?

Nurse: I really don't think so Mrs. Camden. He'll be fine.

Annie: He will be. He is and he's happy. And not from alcohol either he's just very, very happy. He thinks his heart got smaller... or he got bigger. What do you think?

Lucy: Hey! Where is he?

Annie: Ah... well he's having some tests.

Lucy: So how is he? How is his heart? Was there a change?

Annie: I don't know. Something happened. I don't know what but something. He's like high.

Lucy: High... and I'm assuming... high on life?

Annie: I guess. Or maybe he's scrambled some of his medication or something. I don't know! He's just so certain that something good happened. That maybe in fact something good did happen. So... is Kevin at home with the boys?

Lucy: Oh... Kevin's at the high school trying to find Ruthie.

Annie: Oh! So the boys are with you? Where are the boys?

Lucy: The boys?

Annie: The boys. Sam and David. They came over to your house.

Lucy: No they didn't. (Phone)

Annie: Where could they be?

Lucy: Where did you leave them?

Sam: (Phone) Kinkirk residence.

Annie: Oh Sam!

Sam: Hi mom.

Annie: Oh Sam... are you okay? Is David okay?

Sam: We're fine. How are you?

Annie: Well I'm fine. Who's at the house with you?

Sam: Samson and Delilah and Happy and Margaret and Jane and Mac.

Annie: Oh thank heavens for my little replacements. Why didn't you tell me you weren't at home this morning?

Lucy: Why didn't you tell me you were at the hospital with Dad? And why didn't you call me instead of Kevin?

Sam: How's Dad doing?

Annie: He's fine, he's fine. Can I talk to Mac?

Mac: Hello.

Annie: Hi Mac. Thank you so much and please thank Jane and Margaret for taking care of the boys. Ah... I can explain really I can and I will. But maybe... would it be possible for all of you to come down to the hospital? Because we want you to be here when we get the good news. And we are hoping to get good news from the doctors about Eric's heart.

Mac: Well sure... we'll be right there. Thanks for inviting us. You know everyone has been waiting to get the good news.

Annie: Everyone?

Glenoak Community Church

Sandy: Hi. What's going on?

Boy: It's a miracle.

Sandy: What's a miracle?

Girl: Haven't you heard? Reverend Camden is down at the hospital. The entire family is there. They're waiting on some good news.

Sandy: Where did you hear that?

Nurse: I couldn't help myself. I had to tell someone.

Woman: And I had to tell someone.

Man: And what the heck... why should they have all the fun?

Nurse: He came in this morning and had some tests. And... I think things are looking good.

Sandy: I guess... if we're all waiting we should all pray or something. Or sing. It looks like Reverend Camden left a little note behind with the words to a song that... I think we all know.
(Singing) You Are My Sunshine You are my sunshine

Boy: My only sunshine

All: You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take our Reverend away. The other night dear when I lay sleeping. I dreamed I held you in my arms

Glenoak Community Hospital

Mac: One behind the ear huh? What do you think of that?

Both: Great.

Mac: You guys want to go to the vending machines again? Ride in the wheelchairs?

David: We're not supposed to do that.

Mac: Well you can't go through life saying you're not supposed to do anytng... you're not going to have any fun. He's fine... believe me.

David: What's taking so long?

Mac: Well sometimes doctors take an extra long time to deliver the good news because they want to be absolutely sure it's good news.

Sam: What if it's bad news?

Mac: Well... if it was bad news they would tell us right away. Hey... what are you doing here?

Martin: I went down to the Promenade... it's a ghost town.

Mac: Yeah. Everyone is down at the church waiting for the good news.

Martin: Ohh... that was why the parking lot was pretty bad. I dropped Sandy off.

Mac: You and Sandy riding in a car together?

Martin: We're friends for life. That's what the two of us have decided we're friends for life and that's all we are. So... where are all the Camdens?

Mac: Any Camden in particular?

Martin: Ruthie. I need to talk to Ruthie.

Mac: About?

Martin: Do you know where she is?

Mac: Well the last time I saw her she was with her mom and Lucy waiting on the fourth floor. This is the only floor where you can have children. So I'm watching the children.

Martin: What children?

Mac: Oh no.

Martin: Ruthie?

Ruthie: Maybe I should talk to him.

T-Bone: All right. You want me to come with you?

T-Bone: Right... didn't think so. I'll see you upstairs.

Martin: Hi.

Ruthie: Hi.

Martin: I called you a couple times. A couple times a day for the past week.

Ruthie: Oh... did you? I heard you were dating someone.

Martin: I heard that you heard. Can we sit down? Ruthie...

Ruthie: Please Martin. You don't have to say anything all right?

Martin: No... believe me I do. Ruthie I was at your house and you were like a little sister. And then... and then you grew up. And then I grew up and Sandy and I had a baby. At least I tried to grow up... and I tried to do the right thing and marry Sandy. It's what I felt I should do. I love my son and I'd do anything for him. And I really do care about her but... my heart was just never really in it. And that's maybe why I screwed up. I guess... I never really wanted things to work out. And whatever chance I had with her... for a relationship with her a romantic relationship... well I just screwed that up.

Ruthie: Isn't this a conversation you should be having with Sandy?

Martin: That's kind of funny. Because I've had this conversation with Sandy. This was our conversation last weekend when she told me she was marrying Jonathan the doctor she's been going out with. But we didn't talk like you and I talk. It's more of... more of a lecture from her than a conversation.

Ruthie: You're all over the place. What are you trying to say to me? And whatever it is you can start with an apology for not telling me you were also dating Jane.

Martin: I'm sorry. I am. I like Jane she's really attractive. But... not as attractive as you. I'm really physically attracted to you. And it feels incredibly awkward saying that. And also I can't talk to Jane the way I talk to you. And I think if we could just start over if we could agree just to date each other and not to date anyone else and you can let me be more than a friend... I think we could be really good together.

Ruthie: But?

Martin: I keep trying to treat you like a friend... or sister. But... you're older now I'm older and I don't see you that way. And we did kiss.

Ruthie: Yeah we did.

T-Bone: The Reverend is on his way to the room.

T-Bone: What are you doing?

Martin: Well I told you I was interested in her and I wanted her to know how interested. And by the way I think it's a good idea if the Camdens hear whatever news they're gonna hear... as a family.

T-Bone: Yeah... well pal... this year... I'm family.

Lucy: I know it's taking a risk but I think we could still go to Crossroads if you want. I mean we could come home a month or two before the due date and we could rent the house or... we can let the kids stay in it. I mean Jane Margaret and Mac. I know you want to work again and I think this is the perfect place for the four of us.

Kevin: I can't believe you're saying that... the four of us? You're sure?

Lucy: Yeah I'm pretty sure.

Kevin: Really?

Lucy: I haven't taken a test or anything. But yeah, I think a couple of months.

Kevin: You've been hiding this for a couple of months?

Lucy: Well I just... I couldn't say it out loud. I still get a little nervous about saying it out loud.

Eric: (singing) You are my sunshine. My only sunshine you make me happy

Lucy: It's Dad.

Eric: ...happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away. Please don't take my sunshine away. You are my sunshine my only...

Glenoak Community Church

All: (Applause)

Eric: Oh thank you. Thank you all for waiting. I really appreciate it. I do. I can't believe you're all here. You know my family was with me all day today so they've already headed home for the evening. But... this means so much to me. Please sit down. By the way I ordered pizza for everybody. I knew you'd all be hungry. So Pete's rushing over here with a load of food so... I'll keep this short.

All: (Applause)

Eric: I don't know if that's for the pizza or the fact that I'm going to keep this short. This heart condition that I have... which is an enlarged heart is one of those illnesses that actually has a percentage of people who suddenly recover. For absolutely no reason. They... they spontaneously go back to their previous condition. The heart returns to normal... size... all at once. Just the way it did when it enlarged. It doesn't happen very often but it certainly does happen and it happened to me. I don't know if it was all at once. I don't know when it happened. But as I always say: everything's fine... and it's officially fine. Last night I had this wonderful dream. I was skipping through the church... with Lucy and we were singing You Are My Sunshine. Which is actually a strange little tune. One of my mother's favorites. You know it's... it's a sad song that we sing as if it were a happy song. And I had it on my mind one day and I scribbled down the words... Please don't take my sunshine away. those are the words of a man so afraid to lose what he has... that he's miserable. And in clinging to what he has... he loses what he has. And that hit home with me. And how I've been feeling about my situation. And let me... let me just say before I go any further... I don't think my wife, Annie is leaving me. Over the years my family has evolved in ways I've had no control over. Children grow up and they leave and that's what they're supposed to do. Matt and then Mary and then Simon and even Ruthie for a little while. And now... we may be saying goodbye to Lucy who's considering a new life for herself and her family. And I've just been... thanking God... please, please don't take my sunshine away. Don't change anything. Don't... I can't take anymore losses. I want back what I had. And I'm unhappy because I can't keep things that I considered once to be mine. And I have to admit I've had a little trouble being thankful for all the blessings that have come my way in the past and I have to remind myself to be thankful for what I have now. For... for everything that God... gives us. And in the past year I was living day to day with the very real chance of losing my life. I realized what a truly blessed life mine has been. And now just today it seems that life will continue a while longer. And I know it's been said before but I feel like the luckiest man on this earth. And I thank you all of you for all that you've done for me. and to be absolutely honest... you know I have a tough time being anything but absolutely honest... ah this may just may be the time for me... to let go and let God... see what's out there and in that world that my children find so fascinating. You remember when the world... was fascinating and exciting... and wonderful? It still is. It's time to make some changes. And change is good. Adaptation is the very definition of life. And I am very much alive.

Camden's House

Lucy: I thought they wanted to stay the night.

Annie: Well you know there's no keeping Eric Camden in a hospital for observation.

Kevin: And he's in no danger of every having that happen again? His heart won't suddenly change again?

Annie: There's no guarantee but... for now in this moment... he's fine. We're all fine. What?

Lucy: Oh um... we'll wait for Dad.

Annie: Okay.

Eric: Hello family that's up way too late.

Annie: They're sleeping over. Savannah's upstairs. We're having a family slumber party.

Eric: Oh... really? That's so silly. But it sounds... it sounds kind of fun.

Kevin: How did it go down at the church?

Eric: I think it went fine.

Annie: Did you eat pizza?

Eric: Ah... just a slice.

Annie: Oh.

Annie: Kevin and Lucy have something they want to tell us.

Lucy: Well... we're having a baby!

Annie: Ohh!

Eric: Oh I was hoping that's what it was.

Kevin: But... we're still not sure where we want to live.

Lucy: Or what work we want to do.

Eric: You know what? Neither am I. 

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