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#814 : Guerre d'opinions

Bill Brewer, le père de Martin, militaire basé en Irak qui est pour l'instant en permission, rend visite aux Camden pour aider son fils à décider s'il doit abandonner les études pour commencer une carrière de professionnel dans le baseball. La visite tourne mal quand Martin surprend son père en train d'embrasser Roxanne. Chandler et Paris réévaluent leur relation après le retour de l'ex-mari de Paris. Roxanne se dispute avec la tante de Martin car il n'ont pas le même point de vue sur la guerre en Irak. Vic essaie de rejoindre les marines, et veut parler de ça à un superviseur.


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Titre VO
Healing old wounds

Titre VF
Guerre d'opinions

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Harry Harris 

Avec : Bryan Callen (George 'Vic' Vickery), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski), Costas Mandylor (Bill Brewer) 

Guests :

  • Kent Faulcon ..... Recruteur des marines
  • Keri Lynn Pratt ..... Betsy

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Oh... if you want to make up for inviting a thousand people for dinner you can do it by washing the dishes.

Eric: I had something else in mind.

Annie: Well you know I had to go to the market, cook the dinner, clean the house do the laundry... and I'm not in the mood for something else.

Eric: I'll just... go in the backyard... see how things are going.

Annie: I know why you're going in the backyard.

Lucy: Those guys are shameful. They're just out there doing nothing but stirring up trouble between Roxanne and Betsy and enjoying every minute of it.

Annie: Kevin too huh?

Lucy: He claims he's just sticking around to stop a fight... if a fight starts.

Annie: What are we going to do with them?

Lucy: I know. It's so... annoying.

Annie: I know.

Lucy: What are you thinking?

Annie: Oh that neither that sexy young designer... or a hot cop has anything over me. Or you. They're our husbands... we're their wives.

Lucy: You're right. Let them have their fun. I'm going to be with Kevin every night for the rest of my life.

Annie: That's right.

Lucy: Unless... he leaves me for Roxanne or Betsy.

Cecilia: Is there anything we can do?

Annie: Hey I thought you were going to play a game or do something with the twins?

Ruthie: I have homework.

Annie: Well then what are you doing down here?

Ruthie: Because Peter and Martin are playing a game with the twins. So I can't do my homework.

Annie: Two things. Sam and David really wanted you to do something with them. Because you haven't paid attention to them all week, and they want to be with you. And two, I thought you were going to finish your homework right before Peter came over here.

Ruthie: I thought so too... but I didn't.

Cecilia: Oh don't worry Mrs. Camden, I've done my homework.

Annie: Good.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Martin: I just sank your ship.

Peter: I never played this before.

Martin: So that's your excuse?

Peter: It's not an excuse.

Sam: I'm bored.

David: I'm bored, too.

Peter: Well... I didn't have a dad to play board games with me okay?

Martin: Oh... the pity route huh? It's not like my dad was around all the time. He's a...

Peter: Marine. I know I met him.

Martin: You got a problem with my dad?

Peter: No I don't have a problem with your dad. But I bet my dad could beat up your dad.

Martin: In your dreams.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Paris: Hi girls. Did Peter and Vic get here?

Annie: Peter's upstairs with Martin and the boys.

Lucy: And Vic's in the backyard with the rest of the guys. And Roxanne and Betsy.

Paris: Well maybe I'll just stay here.

Lucy: Yeah, you probably should. Chandler's out there too.

Paris: Then I'll definitely just stay here.

Camden's House - Backyard

Roxanne: What... are you taking self-defense lessons between your sewing lessons?

Betsy: Oh don't make me slap you.

Kevin: Roxanne... knock it off.

Roxanne: I don't have to. It's America. Everyone is free to express their opinion.

Betsy: Oh I wonder how we got that freedom? You think it might have been from fighting wars?

Vic: I honestly don't know. I've no opinion... on Iraq. I don't understand it. I'm not sure I want to.

Roxanne: See? See this is why Bush is getting away with everything he's getting away with. People are ignorant. They don't know anything about history. They don't read newspapers.

Betsy: And if they did maybe they'd understand what happened on September 11th and that our President is making sure it never happens again.

Roxanne: I don't care what you say. We had no right to go into Iraq.

Betsy: We had every right and every reason to go into Iraq.

Roxanne: Innocent people are dying.

Betsy: Like innocent people weren't dying before we got there.

Roxanne: Well how many more will have to die before we stop?!

Betsy: How many will die if we stop?

Chandler: Hungry?

Eric: I could eat.

Chandler: Yeah, me too.

Vic: So could I.

Kevin: Enough of this. Let's go inside.

Roxanne: I'm not eating with her.

Betsy: Who asked you to?

Beau: Sorry I'm late. I just drove up from the base. Have I got time to change before dinner? Sorry. I don't believe we've met.

Betsy: Beau, this is Roxanne. Roxanne hates war.

Beau: Don't we all.

Camden's House

Roxanne: It's not our war. It's' not our business to go around the world patrolling whoever we thing the bad buys are. To most of the world we are the bad guys. People hate us and this is why they hate us. We have no right to tell another country what they can and can't do. What... we can have nuclear weapons but no one else can? We can develop chemical weapons but no one else can? Why? Because we're moral enough to know when to use them but no one else is? This President of ours shouldn't even be President. And he wouldn't be president if his brother weren't the Governor.

Beau: Hm... I couldn't agree less.

Roxanne: What?

Beau: I couldn't agree less, love. Listen to me. I've got almost twenty years of experience in an area that you know nothing about. What did you think we were going to do? Just let terrorists rule the world while the United Nations would debate on how to stop them? You think Saddam Hussein didn't have anything to do with September 11th? You're naïve... very naïve. This is not something our President entered into lightly as a show of force. And you can drop that stuff on how he got elected. At this point who cares? He's the President, and a good President. A decent man. A real leader. It takes a leader to make a decision. Thank God he decided enough of Saddam Hussein. So... we're in Iraq. You know what? Most of the people in Iraq are very happy we're there. Am I boring you?

Roxanne: Uh-uh.

Beau: Okay. Where was I?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I guess his plan is to win America over, one person at a time.

Annie: I thought he was here to talk to Martin about not playing pro ball and going to college?

Eric: In life, as in war, I guess sometimes plans change.

Annie: Yeah... phew.

Eric: There's something about passion that's... contagious.

Annie: Oh I couldn't agree more.

Eric: There are people all over the house.

Annie: Oh. But there's no one in the basement.

Eric: That's right. We have a basement. I... I thought you were tired from cooking and cleaning and all that.

Annie: Oh no I'm not tired. Especially since you helped me clean up the kitchen.

Eric: Oh...

Camden's House - Back Porch

Vic: Maybe I should join the Marines. Maybe it would be good for me.

Paris: Okay.

Vic: What?

Paris: Well maybe it would be good for you. You know for the self-discipline, the sense of purpose, those things.

Vic: Unless I got killed getting the self-discipline and sense of purpose. How can you think it would be good for me to join the Marines?

Paris: Forget it. I was just making conversation.

Vic: Insulting conversation. You think I have no self-discipline? I'm sober. I quit drinking. That requires self-discipline.

Paris: I know. And I think that's great. I really do.

Vic: You really do, but...

Paris: But nothing.

Vic: But something. Spit it out.

Paris: Honestly Vic... it's nothing.

Vic: Oh. Wait a minute. I see. Not only would I get self-discipline and self-purpose but... I'd get it far, far away from here. Then you and Peter wouldn't have to deal with me.

Paris: Well you're pretty far away for us as it is now all right? Northern California is far. I'm assuming that your break is almost over and you'll be going back.

Vic: What if I've decided I don't want to go back?

Paris: You have a job.

Vic: I can get another job. I like being around Peter. He needs a dad. He needs me.

Paris: Fine. But don't join the Marines.

Vic: Don't tell me what to do.

Kevin: How did we get here?

Chandler: We listened to you when you said: "let's take the garbage cans out by the street". I thought that was a code for "let's get out of the house and have a drink".

Kevin: Do you feel you need a drink?

Chandler: Were you at dinner? Did you hear Roxanne?

Kevin: Yes. I heard when you said let's take a short cut around the house.

Chandler: I thought it would get us to a drink quicker.

Kevin: What's making you want a drink? You don't drink except for an occasional beer in the pool hall.

Chandler: He makes me want to drink.

Kevin: He should make you not want to drink. He's an alcoholic.

Chandler: A recovering alcoholic. And he's with the woman I love. Think she'll go back with him?

Kevin: I think we have a beer in the fridge.

Chandler: Just forget it. I don't need it. Alcohol is not the answer to anything. What does she see in him?

Kevin: He's Peter's father.

Camden's House - Front Porch

Martin: Would you stop? You're making me nervous.

Betsy: I can't help it. How dare that peacenik attack a Marine on leave of duty from the war?

Martin: He's probably in there right now giving her a piece of his mind. And any minute... he'll be out here giving us a piece of his mind. He's been home three days... and hasn't said one word about my not going to college and playing baseball.

Betsy: Wait. Us? Why would he give us a piece of his mind? What do I have to do with you're not going to college? I think you should go to college.

Martin: Are you attacking everyone tonight?

Betsy: Who am I attacking? Oh other than that hippy cop, who by the way doesn't have a problem shooting the bad guys in this country, just other countries.

Martin: Since when do you have a problem with my not going to college?

Betsy: Since always. I told reverend Camden. Didn't he tell you?

Martin: No.

Betsy: I told him.

Camden's House - Foyer

Cecilia: What's wrong?

Martin: My aunt just told me she doesn't think I should play baseball either. She thinks I should go to college. And she told that to Reverend Camden. You think I should go to college? What is this... an ambush? I'm going to talk to Reverend Camden.

Cecilia: You probably should.

Peter: I'm sorry about what I said about your dad beating up my dad. I just wanted to be proud of him... like you are of your dad.

Martin: Forget about it.

Camden's House - Living Room

Lucy: Do you want anything?

Cecilia: No.

Lucy: Hello?

Kevin: I was hoping you'd answer.

Lucy: Who is this?

Kevin: It's me... your husband?

Lucy: Why are you calling me?

Kevin: I thought maybe you'd like to come home.

Lucy: Is something wrong?

Kevin: No, nothing's wrong.

Lucy: Then come here and have dessert.

Kevin: I thought maybe we could have dessert here.

Lucy: Why?

Kevin: I don't know. I was just thinking... maybe it would be nice to have dessert alone... just the two of us.

Lucy: What about everybody else?

Kevin: Let 'em eat cake.

Lucy: I have to go. Kevin needs me at home. Something with... a smoke detector.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Chandler: I just inherited millions of dollars. Not that, that matters.

Paris: Hey I like you with a million dollars or without a million dollars.

Chandler: The operative word being "like".

Paris: It's... it's a really confusing time for me. I'm torn in a million different directions. The past few weeks have put me in total conflict and I'm sorry. I know these past few weeks haven't been easy for you. And you've... you've been so generous to Vic. And so kind to Peter and me.

Chandler: Well thanks for noticing.

Paris: I couldn't help but notice.

Chandler: Oh no. here it goes. The "its' not you it's me" speech. And I led you right to it.

Lucy: Oh... sorry. Ah... I just have to... go get something.

Camden's House - Stairs

Ruthie: Anyone call for dessert yet?

Martin/Peter: no.

Ruthie: You two make up?

Martin/Peter: Yeah.

Ruthie: Then how come you look so disturbed?

Martin: It's my dad's last night here and... we still have a lot to talk about.

Ruthie: Then go talk to him. I have to get back upstairs. I left Sam and David alone.

Peter: Let's go.

Camden's House - Dining Room

Beau: So you see, it's not like Nam and it doesn't have to be like Nam. Unless you and others like you, insist on raising the level of non-support to the same level that caused us to lose the war in Viet Nam. And we don't want to lose the war on terrorism. Because if we lose this one... unlike the Vietnamese, the terrorists are likely to come and get us. By us I mean you... and all the others against the war.

Martin: Stop! Stop it!

Camden's House - Backyard

Martin: Why are you even here?

Beau: I came half way across the world to see you. What am I doing here?

Martin: Do you even remember who I am? I'm your son!

Beau: Come on Marty, knock it off. What are you jealous I was spending a few minutes with a beautiful woman? Give me a break.

Martin: That woman, has no respect for you.

Beau: Sure she does. And what difference does it make? I have plenty of respect for myself?

Martin: I don't know why.

Beau: What?

Martin: I don't know why you have any respect for yourself.

Beau: Careful where you're going with that, son. Remember what I always told you: "think before you speak".

Martin: How can you act like that? How can you kiss her?

Beau: How can I not kiss her? I've been in the desert for nine months surrounded by guys being shot at. I'm a Marine. I'm a man. She's a woman. We're both adults. We were just kissing. What the heck is your problem?

Martin: My problem... is... I've never seen you kiss another woman... other than my mother. Remember her? Your wife? My mother?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Do you have question five on the Algebra?

Peter: I've got question five and one through twenty. If I give it to you, you won't know how to do it yourself.

Ruthie: I'm good in math.

Peter: Great. Then you shouldn't have any problem with question five.

Paris: Peter, I think we should be leaving now.

Peter: Where's Dad?

Paris: He left.

Peter: But we didn't have dessert yet. And he didn't say goodbye. Is he upset?

Paris: No. he's okay. Bye.

Ruthie: Goodnight.

Peter: Night. Wait. Are you okay Mom?

Paris: Oh... I'm fine.

Peter: You don't look fine. This hasn't been easy for you, has it?

Paris: No, but life can't always be easy.

Peter: I know you're just doing this for me... seeing dad.

Paris: Well I was only doing it for you. But as it turns out I needed to do this for me too. Your dad and I, we have a lot of unfinished business. But maybe one day we can get that all resolved and... and be friends again.

Peter: Could you ever be more than just friends with him?

Paris: I wish I could tell you that we could be. That there's a possibility of us getting back together so we could all be a family again. But I don't know if that's true.

Peter: It's okay. I understand. What about you and Chandler?

Paris: We're friends.

Peter: I thought you liked him more than that.

Paris: I thought I did, too.

Peter: It's okay, Mom. Whatever you want, whoever you end up with... it's okay with me. 'Cause I don't know if Dad will always be around to be my Dad, but I do know that you'll always be around to be my mom.

Paris: Thank you Peter. I love you.

Peter: Love you, too.

Paris/Peter: Goodnight.

Cecilia: Goodnight.

Roxanne: Goodnight everybody thanks for dinner!

Cecilia: Hey! Where's Martin and his dad?

Roxanne: They went out.

Cecilia: What was all the yelling about?

Roxanne: I'm not sure.

Cecilia: I know you know.

Roxanne: He saw his father kissing me. I don't know what the big deal was. I'm going to let the two of them sort it out.

Camden's House - Front Porch

Betsy: Finally finished your little speech?

Roxanne: Yes, thank you. Goodnight.

Betsy: Not so fast. I've got something to say to you.

Roxanne: If it's about war I think your brother said everything I could possibly want to hear... in a way I could totally hear it.

Betsy: Is that right?

Roxanne: I totally get your point of view now. Which isn't to say I agree with it? But let's just say I learned a lot.

Betsy: Well that's something. And here's something else. You're not my brother's type. Stay away from him.

Roxanne: Yeah okay. But just out of curiosity... is your brother seeing anyone?

Betsy: In Iraq? Probably not. Are you seeing anyone?

Roxanne: No. I was seeing Chandler... but that didn't work out.

Betsy: Because...

Roxanne: Because I didn't want to get married.

Betsy: To Chandler? Chandler wanted to marry you?

Roxanne: Why is that so hard to believe?

Betsy: I don't know. I guess because he's in love with Paris.

Roxanne: Paris is in love with Vic.

Betsy: Good to know. Goodnight.

Recruting Office

Smith: What do you do for a living now?

Vic: I'm an artist. I teach art. How many uniforms do you guys get?

Smith: You want in the Marines for the uniforms?

Vic: And the self-discipline. And the sense of purpose.

Smith: I see. Why now?

Vic: Why not now?

Smith: I meant how come you never thought about joining the Marines till now?

Vic: I know what you meant. What difference does it make when I decided to sign up?

Smith: I'm afraid you decided too late. You're over the age limit.

Vic: What age limit?

Smith: Twenty-eight.

Vic: Well... what about the Army? Air Force? Navy? Coast Guard? Boy Scouts? Let me have my application back.

Smith: Why?

Vic: Might have made a little mistake on the birth date.

Smith: You're not going to try to lie about your age, are you?

Vic: What's a couple years?

Smith: You can't do that. Someone is going to check, believe me. It'll just catch up to you... and you'll get in trouble.

Vic: What are they going to do... call me home from Iraq? In the meantime I could be handing out candy to the kids in the desert and blowing up stuff. Whatever you need blown up... I am your guy.

Smith: I can't give you your application back.

Vic: I want to see your supervisor.

Smith: He's not around. And even if he were he'd say the same thing: You're just too old.

Vic: You think someone is telling the guys signing up for Al Qaeda that they're too old?

Smith: Good point. Still can't let you in. is this about a woman by any chance?

Vic: It's not a woman. It's about my wife, ex-wife. And my son. I have a little problem with alcohol. I went to rehab. I've been sober three years. The kid's thirteen. He needs more than that to be proud of me. And frankly so does she. Although she's old enough to get it.

Smith: Maybe there's another group you could join. Something with no age limit.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Is everything okay? We heard shouting.

Beau: My son saw me kiss Roxanne. He's never seen me kiss a woman other than his mother. He's... he's really upset.

Eric: Anything I can do?

Beau: I don't know. I've been putting off talking to him all weekend. And now we have to talk... about everything.

Eric: How long ago did your wife pass away?

Beau: Four, almost five years ago. Came as a complete shock. She was always afraid I'd get killed. And then... she was the one. She and I met in high school. Married a couple of years after we graduated when she got pregnant with Martin. I would have married her when I was thirteen. I was in love with her the day I met her. I guess Martin and I haven't spent much time talking about it. To me, there wasn't much we could do about it but move on. Not that I moved on right away. But... well eventually I did move on. What can I say? I love the company of women. Not that anyone can ever replace her.

Cecilia: Is... everything okay?

Eric: Well... Martin got upset. He took off. Any idea where he might have taken off to?

Cecilia: More than likely he's sitting on the bleachers at the school's baseball field. He likes to go there.

Beau: Thanks.

Cecilia: I'm going to go home. Maybe he'll call me later. I guess this is goodbye. Nice being around you the past couple of days. I really admire your courage. And... well... thanks for doing what you do.

Beau: It's nice of you to mention that. Goodnight. My son's got good taste. She's a nice girl.

Eric: Come on. I'll drive you. We'll talk in the car.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: What?

Sam: Are you finished yet? You said you'd play a game with us.

David: Or you can just read to us.

Ruthie: I can't. I have homework. Maybe Mom can read to you.

David: She reads to us every night.

Sam: We want you to read to us.

David: You're a really good reader. Please?

Ruthie: Okay. Your room?

Both: Yes.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Ha, ha, ha...

AA Meeting Room

Vic: My name's Vic and I'm an alcoholic.

Group: Hi, Vic.

Ball Field

Eric: Go ahead talk to him. You'll do fine.

Beau: I don't think you understand that pressure. This could be our last conversation. It's always like this when I leave. I carefully choose my words... because those might be the last words he hears me say. I don't want to argue with him... and I don't want to avoid an argument.

Eric: You know the same thing is probably bothering Martin. He knows you're leaving tomorrow. I think he's been dreading your leaving... from the time he knew you were coming here. He probably thinks about all the possibilities too. Including the possibility of your not coming back. But if we all lived our lives based on... what ifs... instead of what is, we'd be living in a continuous state of fear. I know that's not how you live, you couldn't and do what you do.

Beau: And "what is" for us tonight?

Eric: Well tonight... you're both safe and with each other and your family and friends and... God, you have time together... to talk about whatever you want to talk about, face to face. He was so prepared... to let you have it, when you tell him he can't play pro baseball and he has to go to college. I mean he's been working himself up for a fight. But it wasn't the fight that even he or you thought you were going to have. You may have taken Martin by surprise when he saw you kissing Roxanne.

Beau: No. I definitely took him by surprise.

Eric: Maybe it's just what both of you needed to... to go back and heal some old wounds. And reaffirm that you're in this life together, and you love each other and you respect each other. He's really proud of you. You know that, don't you? You'll get through this.

Beau: I think I'll give it another minute.

Camden's House - Front Porch

Betsy: All your old girlfriends gone home for the evening? Roxanne and Paris.

Chandler: I left my jacket.

Betsy: I know. I was hoping you'd come back for it.

Chandler: You were?

Betsy: Okay one, Roxanne is not worthy. And two, Paris has too many issues and too much baggage. And unless the age limit to join the Marines isn't what I think it is... Vic is going to be around for a while. And three... you're far too rich and handsome and smart to be depressed about anything. Sit down. Why don't you fly to New York and come visit me sometime? My crowd could use some preaching. Feeling better?

Chandler: Yeah, I am. Thank you.

Betsy: so... tell me all about yourself.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: So what made you call me home tonight?

Kevin: You were flirting with me all during dinner. I liked that. I wish you did that every night at dinner.

Lucy: You know I was kind of annoyed that you were paying so much attention to Roxanne and Betsy.

Kevin: When?

Lucy: In the back yard when we were all waiting for Martin's dad.

Kevin: How could I not pay attention to them? I thought Roxanne was going to pummel her. Is that why you went inside?

Lucy: Yeah, that's why I went inside.

Kevin: I didn't know. And I didn't know you still feel... how should I say this so I don't get pummeled?

Lucy: You didn't know that I still get jealous of Roxanne?

Kevin: You two are friends. Is that why you were flirting with me at dinner?

Lucy: Maybe.

Kevin: Can we have her over to dinner every night?

Lucy: No. I prefer to take her out to pizza once a week.

Kevin: I didn't just call you home because you were flirting with me at dinner. Chandler and I saw Paris and Vic talking on the back porch. And I saw how unhappy Chandler is and how unhappy Paris is and how unhappy Vic is. And I realize once again how lucky I am to have a wife who loves me.

Lucy: I think I'm going to cry.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: Hello?

Peter: Hey Ruthie, finish your homework yet?

Ruthie: No. I was reading to Sam and David. I just opened the book again.

Peter: Well... want me to help you?

Ruthie: Why the sudden generosity?

Peter: No reason. I just like you.

Ruthie: Really? What's going on?

Peter: I'm just happy.

Ruthie: Why? There must be some reason.

Peter: I guess it's because I don't feel angry with my dad anymore.

Ruthie: Where is your dad?

Peter: In the kitchen... with my mom.

Ruthie: No kidding? You think they'll get back together?

Peter: No. It's just nice knowing that they don't' seem angry at each other anymore. Really nice. Like Christmas.

Ruthie: Well... Merry Christmas. I better go do my homework.

Peter: 'Night Ruthie.

Ruthie: Goodnight.

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Paris: So you're not going to tell me why the gigantic chip on your shoulder feels so much lighter tonight?

Vic: It just does, okay? I don't have to tell you everything. I'm not drinking again.

Paris: I hope not. Where did you go when you left the Camdens?

Vic: To think. To think about what I could to make my ex-wife and my son proud of me.

Paris: But I am proud of you.

Vic: Nah... you're not proud of me. Why should you be? I did a horrible thing. I've been a terrible dad. But... I'm going to be better. And that makes me feel... should I say it... proud of myself. I went to the Marine Recruitment Office. Ha, ha.

Paris: Let the machine pick it up.

Roxanne: Paris, look it's Roxanne. I think I might have done something stupid. Besides falling in love with a guy leaving for Iraq tomorrow. I might have mentioned to Betsy that Chandler is still in love with you, and now I think Betsy...

Vic: You and Chandler?

Paris: We're just friends.

Vic: Chandler... well I better be going. You know, just when I thought everything in my life was working out, for once...

Peter: Maybe you should go after him. Talk to him.

Paris: I have a feeling he'll work it out for himself.

Ball Field

Martin: Okay... I'm sorry.

Beau: I wasn't waiting for an apology. I just didn't know what to say to you.

Martin: Oh.

Beau: You're not expecting me to say I'm sorry too, are you?

Martin: No. but what aren't you sorry about?

Beau: I'm not sorry I kissed Roxanne. But I feel badly that you think I betrayed your mother. Believe me the first time I kissed a woman after your mother died... and it was a long time after she died, I felt I betrayed her. But what am I supposed to do... never kiss a woman again for the rest of my life?

Martin: She told you she wanted you to get married again. I remember when she told you that. It made me angry for her to give you permission. I know she was trying to be nice but... I knew she was giving up at that point. ... and I didn't want her to ever give up. I didn't want her to die.

Beau: I don't think she had any choice.

Martin: I know. And I know we don't have any choice either. We have to live without her. You don't have a choice about being a Marine either. I know that. That's who you are. And... even though I'm afraid of losing you too... I'm really proud of you.

Beau: I'm proud of you too, son.

Martin: You want me to go call Roxanne and apologize for yelling at her?

Beau: Why would you do that?

Martin: In case you want to make out with her next time you're here on leave.

Beau: Would you mind?

Camden's House

Beau: Hey, yeah, just wanted to say goodnight and thanks. I had a... a really nice time talking to you at dinner.

Roxanne: I had a really nice time, too.

Beau: I hope you know I'd never kiss a woman I didn't respect.

Roxanne: Are you just saying that because Martin's standing there?

Beau: No. I'm saying it because I think you're beautiful and opinionated. And I love that you're a cop. And I respect you.

Roxanne: Oh. So should I expect to ever hear from you again?

Beau: You should. I'll be in touch. Goodnight. Let's find your aunt and go home.

Betsy: I'm right here. I've been waiting for you two.

Beau: You've been doing more than waiting for the two of us.

Martin: You've got lipstick all over your face.

Betsy: Do I? I was just restoring some of Chandler's dignity... boosting his ego.

Beau: Oh, it was a charity mission.

Betsy: So did you two talk? Is it baseball or college?

Beau: Here's what I think. Martin's practically a grown man. He's responsible, makes good decisions. I'm going to let him decide for himself. As long as he doesn't do anything that will close the door on going to college altogether. You keep up your grades, take the SAT's. Apply to some schools. Make sure you have options. But if in the end... you decide you're going to play pro ball... it's okay with me. I stand by you.

Martin: Really?

Beau: Absolutely.

Martin: Thanks.

AA Meeting Room

Vic: Um... I was here earlier. But... I'm back because... I've Vic and I'm an alcoholic.

Group: Hi Vic.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Eric: Still doing your homework?

Ruthie: I'm stuck on this one algebra question.

Eric: You want me to help you? Or I could wake up your mother and get her to help you?

Ruthie: I want to do it myself.

Eric: Okay.

Ruthie: So is Martin's dad going back tomorrow?

Eric: He is.

Ruthie: I feel for him. But... I feel helpless to do anything. I mean... what can any of us do?

Eric: We can take a good look in the mirror, and when we all see peace... we'll have peace on earth. 

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