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#815 : L'exposé

Lily, la demi-soeur d'Annie, vient à la maison pour parler d'un important problème de famille, après qu'Annie ait refusé de la contacter. Cecilia fait se rencontrer Mac, un ami de Martin, et une fille du lycée. Il ne veut pas sortir avec elle à cause de quelque chose d'embarrassant qui est arrivé dix ans auparavant. Ruthie et Peter sont sur un projet scolaire qui prend un mauvais tournant et leur cause des problèmes quand ils créent un journal qui contient des histoires fausses et dérogatoires sur deux anciens présidents des USA. Roxanne se tourne vers Chandler quand elle se trouve face à un dilemme moral, car elle garde un secret que lui a confié Kevin sur l'inspecteur Michaels.


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Don't speak ill of the dead or the living

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Ruthie et Peter à l'école

Ruthie et Peter à l'école

Ruthie et Peter à l'école

Ruthie et Peter à l'école

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman)

Peter (Scotty Leavenworth)

Peter (Scotty Leavenworth)

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Brad Maule (George Smith), Christopher Michael (Capitaine Michaels), Michelle Phillips (Lily), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Christine Estabrook ..... Professeur de Ruthie
  • Ashlee Gillespie ..... Pam

High School

Martin: Have you thought of anyone yet?

Cecilia: Not yet.

Mac: What... you don't have one single friend who will go out with me?

Cecilia: I don't have that many friends. Believe me I don't, and the ones that I do have are seniors.

Mac: You're going out with him... he's sixteen.

Cecilia: Doesn't bother me.

Martin: You have to have one friend that it wouldn't bother.

Cecilia: I'll keep trying. Why can't Mac just find his own date?

Martin: I don't know. He's just not good at it. I'll call you after practice.

Pam: Hi.

Cecelia: Hi Pam.

Pam: I'd like to go out with that guy, the one were taking to... Mac?

Cecilia: Okay. Give me your number.

Pam: Really? You'll fix me up just like that?

Cecilia: Why not?

Pam: What if he doesn't want to go out with me?

Cecilia: Why woudn't he want to go out with you? You're a junior, right?

Pam: Sophomore. Mac's in my homeroom. Actually I've known him since first grade.

Cecilia: I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll give him your number and he can call you or just talk to you in homeroom.

Pam: That would be great.

Cecilia: You sure it'll be okay with your parents if you go out with someone they don't know?

Pam: It'll be okay as long as he comes in and meets them.

Cecilia: Of course.

Pam: Thanks. This means a lot to me... more than you know.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: It's the same thing every year. People in costumes. Models of wooden teeth. Cherry pies and pictures of crossing the Delaware.

Peter: Stove-pipe hats, four score and seven years ago speech. Lincoln Memorial, ya-da-ya-da-ya-day. Who cares?

Ruthie: What are we going to do?

Peter: I can't think of anything.

Ruthie: I can't either.

Peter: Tomorrow, we have to do this by tomorrow and we have nothing.

Ruthie: I'm surprised your're not finished.

Peter: Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we got partnered for this.

Ruthie: Oh? So I kept you from coming up any ideas?

Peter: No. But it's not like you came up with any of your own.

Ruthie: We don't have time to fight. We have to think of something.

Peter: Okay... what if George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were Presidents today? Either one of them? What would we be doing our presentation on?

Ruthie: What would we do if we had to do a presentation on President Bush? Or former President Clinton?

Peter: We'd be taking a look at everything they ever did wrong and putting a bad spin on anything they did right.

Ruthie: We could write up articles and put them in a newspaper... like the ones they sell at the grocery store. And make Washington or Lincoln look like losers.

Peter: That's a great idea. No one's ever done that. Well at least not at school.

Ruthie: So do you like my idea?

Peter: I'm the one who said: take a look at everything they ever did wrong... and put a bad spin on anything they ever did right.

Ruthie: I'm the one who said to put it in newspapers... and make them look like losers.

Peter: I don't' care who gets credit for it. It's a great idea.

Ruthie: I feel the same way. No one else is going to think of this. We're going to get an A.

Peter: An A+. Let's get started.

Ruthie: But... what if we can't find enough information to make Washington and Lincoln look bad?

Peter: Then I guess we just make it up. That's what the pros do right?

Camden's House - Sam and David's Room

Annie: Ready to go to grandpa's?

Sam: Yes.

David: We can't wait.

Annie: We're just going for the weekend and that's at the end of the week. So... you know, we have a few more days.

Sam: I can't wait to fly in a plane.

David: And go out to eat.

Sam: I love cafeteria.

Annie: I do too.

Eric: How was your day?

Annie: Oh... busy. How was yours?

Eric: Pretty busy too. I'm trying to get everything out of the way so I can enjoy the weekend with you and the boys. Have you heard from your sister lately?

Annie: She's not exactly my sister. But... no.

Eric: Does Lilly know what's going on with your dad?

Annie: I'm sure she does. Why all the questions?

Eric: It's just that maybe Lilly could fly out from Chicago once in while and help out.

Annie: Look, I mean, it was nice that she was able to meet my father, but, she was adopted by two people. She had a mom and a dad. And even though he was technically the birth father, he's... he's not her dad.

Eric: I was just thinking that... you know, since her adopted parents died and she made the effort to meet your dad... that it's odd that she hasn't' made effort to help out at all. She must care about him.

Annie: Must she? How do you know?

Eric: I... I... why don't you just give her a call and touch base with her.

Annie: Because I don't want to!

Eric: Fair enough.

Annie: And I know what all this I... I... I... I means!

Police Station

Michaels: Kevin... may I see you? Off the record... has Roxanne mentioned anything to you?

Kevin: About?

Michaels: Nothing.

Kevin: Have you mentioned anything about Detective Michaels to me?

Roxanne: No, definitely not. I never said a word.

Kevin: What's going on?

Roxanne: Nothing. Not that I know of.

Kevin: Come on... mention whatever he thinks you mentioned to me.

Roxanne: No I can't. Believe me.

Kevin: I'm going home.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Hello?

Roxanne: Just the man I was looking for. I've got a moral dilemma.

Chandler: A moral dilemma? Is that you, Roxanne?

Roxanne: What? I can't have a moral dilemma?

Chandler: Yeah, of course you can. It's just... my advice is wait until you get to know him better.

Roxanne: Funny. Would you just meet me for pizza tonight and talk to me?

Chandler: Ah... yeah, of course.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Can I be of any help?

Annie: Why are you offering?

Eric: You had a busy day, I thought I could help, that's all.

Annie: You had a busy day too.

Eric: So... we both had a busy day. We'll both make dinner.

Annie: First of all you're only offering to help, because you know I'm not... happy with you at the moment. And secondly I'm not happy with you... because I know you know something about my sister. Why don't you just tell me and stop beating around the bush?

Eric: Okay. This is going to annoy you too. Lilly called me and she asked me if you were okay, because she thinks something is wrong between the two of you. But she has no idea what that something is.

Annie: You told her that you'd try to find out?

Eric: I told her I'd talk to you.

Annie: Hmmm... isn't that the same thing?

Eric: Lilly said she tried talking to you already. And I figured since you're my wife... I could talk to you.

Annie: Don't try to humor me.

Eric: I wasn't trying to humor you. I was trying to avoid an argument.

Annie: If you were trying to avoid an argument, you never would have talked to Lilly. But once you did talk to Lilly... you should have hung up the phone can called me right then.

Eric: I wanted to talk to you face to face. And obviously something is wrong but I don't know what it is and you don't have to tell me.

Annie: Good. Because I'm not going to tell you.

Eric: That's fine. Why don't you just tell her?

Annie: Because I don't want to! Hm!

Ruthie: Can you take us to the library? We need to do some research for a school project, and it's due tomorrow.

Eric: And you're just now doing the research for it? Peter, that doesn't sound like you.

Peter: We're doing this together. I can't help it.

Eric: Well yeah, I'll take you. We only have a couple hours before dinner.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Eric: I'm taking Ruthie and Peter to the library! I'm taking...!

Annie: I heard you.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Roxanne can't go out for pizza with me tonight.

Kevin: Why not?

Lucy: She didn't say.

Kevin: Call her back and ask her.

Lucy: If she wanted to tell me she would have told me.

Kevin: She's up to something. It has something to do with Detective Michaels.

Lucy: She didn't say anything about detective Michaels.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Chandler: Hello?

Kevin: Hey. Why don't we go shoot some pool tonight?

Lucy: Wait a minute. Why can't we shoot some pool tonight? Or stay home together tonight?

Chandler: I can't. I'm meeting Roxanne for some pizza.

Kevin: I'm sorry. Lucy was talking to me. I missed what you just said. Why you meeting Roxanne for pizza?

Chandler: Oh I don't know. Some moral crisis she thinks she needs to talk to me about.

Kevin: I wonder why she didn't talk to me about it.

Chandler: I've no idea. Maybe it's just an excuse to see me.

Kevin: Or maybe the moral crisis involves someone I know.

Chandler: Well if it's not just an excuse to see me... then it is a personal problem that Roxanne needs to talk to me about. And I'm afraid I've already crossed the line in mentioning it. Not to sound rude but... I think I should quit talking now.

Kevin: All right. See ya'. Your friend Roxanne is cheating on you. She's meeting Chandler for pizza tonight.

Lucy: Why don't those two just let it go?

Kevin: I don't know. Maybe they have. I'm going to change. We're going out for pizza.

Lucy: But I want to eat here with the rest of the family.

Kevin: You'd go out for pizza with Roxanne but you won't go out with your husband?

Lucy: Chandler told you that they're going out for pizza. We just can't pretend to bump into them. He knows you know where they are. And besides you can just bump into Roxanne tomorrow at work can't you?

Kevin: Detective Michaels is up for promotion. And he seems concerned that Roxanne knows something that she might have told me. But she didn't tell me anything. It's obvious she's going to tell whatever it is to Chandler.

Lucy: Are you sure you want to know? I thought you hate gossip. Doesn't that fall under gossip?

Kevin: This falls under investigative work.

Lucy: Wait a minute. Hold the phone. If she's meeting Chandler to tell him something that she couldn't tell me or you... then maybe it does have something to do with Detective Michaels. Maybe Roxanne is dating detective Michaels. You know... I do feel like pizza. I'll wait for you in the car.

Camden's House

Martin: Camden residence.

Cecilia: Hey... it's me. I got Mac a date... and she's really cute. And she's sixteen. She's in his homeroom. Her name is Pam.

Martin: Great. I'll let him know. Thanks.

Mac: You forgot your sweats.

Martin: Hey, come in. that was Cecilia on the phone. She got you a date.

Mac: I knew she'd come through. Who is it?

Martin: Ah... some girl you know from your homeroom. Ah... her name's Pam.

Mac: No way.

Martin: Cecilia says she's cute.

Mac: She is but I'm not going out with her. No one will go out with her.

Martin: Why not?

Mac: You're kidding. You don't know?

Martin: No, I don't know.

Camden's House

Martin: I'm not calling Cecilia with this.

Mac: You're the one who asked her to get me a date.

Martin: I asked her because you asked me. I was doing you a favor.

Mac: This is no favor!

Martin: Yeah... I guess it wasn't. But you tell Cecilia.

Mac: I don't know her well enough to tell her. You tell her. Thanks again for dinner Ms. Camden.

Annie: Oh, you're more than welcome.

Martin: We have to go upstairs and make a phone call.

Mac: Actually I'd better be going. I have homework.

Martin: You can do it after we make the phone call.

Mac: I'll just let you make the phone call.

Martin: No you won't.

Mac: Fine. You want me to embarrass the poor girl... I will?

Martin: If you don't want to embarrass her then... just make something up.

Annie: Should I be here for this?

Martin: We're going upstairs.

Eric: We're off to get copies.

Ruthie: We made a newspaper about Washington and Lincoln.

Peter: We're going to make copies for the whole class. It's for our presentation tomorrow at school.

Annie: Terrific. Sounds great.

Eric: Did you get in touch with Lilly yet?

Annie: Nice try. But drop it.

Pete's Pizza

Chandler: So are you really here for the pizza?

Roxanne: This is snot some lame attempt just to see you again. I'm perfectly happy with just being friends. I even like being your friend because... then when things like this happen, I have someone to turn to.

Chandler: So what's your big dilemma?

Lucy: Hi.

Kevin: Hi.

Chandler: I'd ask you to join us but this is kind of a business meeting.

Roxanne: And I'd ask you to join us but you're just being nosey and trying to find out what I know about Detective Michaels.

Chandler: Detective Michaels?

Lucy: Why couldn't you talk to me about Detective Michaels?

Roxanne: Cuase you're married to him.

Kevin: Why couldn't you talk to me at the office?

Chandler: Guys, do you mind?

Kevin: Yeah, I do mind. Because the fewer people who know you're going out with Detective Michaels the better. What... are you trying to kill his chances for promotion?

Roxanne: What... are you nuts? I'm not dating Detective Michaels. Who said I was dating Detective Michaels?

Lucy: I was just guessing.

Roxanne: Well go guess some more.

Kevin: All right look, if you're not dating him then this is probably none of our business. So I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Lucy: Me, too. Now I feel like an idiot for coming down here with him.

Chandler: This was your idea?

Kevin: Maybe she's starting to wear off on me.

Lucy: I'm hungry.

Kevin: Well we can't eat here now.

Camden's House - Martin's Room

Cecilia: Why doesn't he want to go out with her?

Martin: He just doesn't. If they didn't have a good time then he'd have to sit in homeroom with her for the rest of the year after that.

Cecilia: And if they do have a good time?

Martin: You talk to her.

Mac: Hey Cecilia. I can't go out with Pam. I'm sorry. I appreciate you getting me a date with her but... I thought I was going to be with one of your friends.

Cecilia: I told you. My friends won't go out with somebody two years younger than them. I don't know what your problem is with Pam. But... she's expecting to go out with you. So if you're not taking her out... you tell her.

Mac: I can't.

Cecilia: You have to.

Mac: You know what... I don't have to.

Martin: Make him tell you why he really won't go out with her.

Cecilia: Why don't you tell me?

Martin: Cause... it's... its'... it's too stupid.

Mac: You wouldn't think it was stupid if it was my girlfriend who set you up with her.

Martin: You don't have a girlfriend. If you had a girlfriend we wouldn't be in this situation.

Cecilia: Hey... would you just tell me what's really going on?

Mac: Go ahead.

Martin: Okay. But... don't get angry with me.

Pete's Pizza

Chandler: How did you get matched up to him?

Roxanne: I signed up for this reading program... where you teach an inmate how to read. It's a volunteer program. I was looking for something to do other than date.

Chandler: And that's where you met him... in prison?

Roxanne: Technically in the prison cafeteria. But he is a prisoner. An honor prisoner and he's getting out in six months.

Chandler: We've got company.

Michaels: Hello Roxanne, Chandler. Thought I might find you here. Not with Chandler but with Lucy.

Roxanne: I had a change of plans.

Michaels: I think it's me you need to talk to, Roxanne. You mind Chandler?

Chandler: No.

Michaels: I've got it.

Chandler: Ah... goodnight.

Camden's House - Martin's Room

Cecilia: Put Mac back on the phone. This poor girl wet her pants in the first grade and no one will let her forget it.

Mac: Who could forget?

Cecilia: You. You could forget... and then maybe everyone else would.

Mac: No, they wouldn't.

Cecilia: Well they should. Don't you think ten years is long enough to torture someone? Think about it. She's been embarrassed every single day for the past ten years. That's a decade. She was in the first grade. She was just a little girl. She couldn't help it. I'm surprised she's still showing up for school. It's a miracle she hasn't dropped out just to get away from you... and all your little elementary school playmates.

Mac: I know. We nicknamed her Pampers.

Cecilia: You did that?

Mac: It wasn't just me.

Cecilia: I think you are despicable.

Mac: I'm just like everyone else.

George: What's all the shouting about?

Cecilia: No. you're not like everyone else. You want to know why? You're going out with Pam. I'm going to make you go out with... Pampers.

George: Pampers?

Mac: She says she's going to make me go out with Pampers.

Martin: She's funny when she's angry. And crazy. Mostly crazy, so watch out.

Mac: Hey... you can't make me.

Martin: Ooo... I don't think you should have said that.

Cecilia: Can you go to the Camden's house and... beat this guy up for me? Maybe I can't make you... but my dad can make you.

Mac: Have you ever met Cecilia's dad?

Martin: Yeah.

Mac: Is he a big guy?

Martin: No but I wouldn't cross him.

Cecilia: There's this very nice girl at school. And when she was in the first grade she wet her pants in front of the class. And ten years later people are still talking about it. I didn't know. I fixed Martin's friend up with her. Now he won't take her out.

George: I'll go talk to him. And thank you for believing that I could beat up a sixteen year old boy baseball player. But I think I'll have to go with a lecture.

Camden's House

Annie: And that's how the kangaroo got its pouch.

Eric: We're back.

Annie: Oh good.

Sam: We're going to take this book to Grandpa's.

David: We're going to let him read it. It's really good.

Eric: That's great. Annie can I talk to you for a minute?

Annie: Say goodnight.

Sam: Goodnight Daddy.

David: We love you.

Eric: I love you too.

Annie: I love you too.

Eric: Did you have any idea what Peter and Ruthie were putting into their newspaper?

Annie: No.

Mac: Goodnight everyone.

Annie: What were they thinking?

George: I thought you might be heading this way. Come. Let's talk.

Martin: Hi, Mr. Smith.

George: Martin, this must be your friend that Cecilia's told me about.

Mac: Mac.

George: So what are we going to do about this Pam?

Martin: What do you think he should do?

George: Well having a daughter I might see things a bit differently than you two boys see it. But I'm trying to look at it from your perspective.

Martin: And that would be?

George: Well you're athletes, you like to win. So let's come up with a win/win situation.

Mac: Well as long as it doesn't involve me going out with Pam. I'll all for that.

George: The correct way to say that is: "my going out with Pam", as long as it doesn't involve "my going out with Pam".

Mac: Right. Thanks. My point is, is that I can't go out with her. See if I go out with her, I'll never survive the locker room. The guys will never let me forget it.

George: I can imagine. But on the other hand Pam has never been allowed to forget a stupid, embarrassing thing that happened in the first grade. That was ten years ago. And she survived because she had to. You can't just drop out of school, even when every single day is torture.

Martin: I think what Mr. Smith is saying is the right thing to do is to go through with the date. Because after all, you're tough enough to survive what anyone is going to say to you.

George: Martin so far, you are my very favorite of any young man that Cecilia's been out with.

Martin: Thank you, sir.

George: Oh that right there, that's it. The sir. It's just so refreshing to hear. Good manners. That's a sign of class. Doing the right thing, that's a sign of moral integrity. So Mac... have you got class? You got moral integrity?

Mac: Honestly I don't know. Sir.

George: I think you do. And with those two things you can change a young woman's life. Goodnight, good luck.

Mac: I feel like pummeling you.

Martin: You can try. Are you going or not?


Lucy: I think we have to walk past Pete's to get to the car.

Kevin: And if Roxanne and Chandler are still there?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: I thought you'd be proud of me.

Eric: Proud that you've disparaged two great American Presidents for a presentation at your school on a day that's been set aside to honor them?

Ruthie: But everyone always does the same thing. And besides, a lot of this stuff is true. Or... it could be true. Or it... might be true?

Eric: Or it might not. Now look it's late. I know you don't have time to redo this.

Ruthie: I don't want to redo it. I think it's good.

Annie: I don't understand what you think is good about saying terrible things about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Ruthie: But everyone else is going to be saying the usual good stuff.

Eric: You know Ruthie,

Annie: Martin will get it.

Eric: You have a choice here. You can either go ahead with what you've done... or you can ask for another day to present what would at least be a more balanced presentation. Which is at least some of what you have. But also what these two Presidents accomplished during their lifetimes...

Ruthie: I don't know why you're defending them. It's not like they never did anything wrong. They were human. They made mistakes.

Eric: First of all, it's not like they're here to defend themselves. And secondly they did make mistakes. But is that all you want to remember about them?

Martin: Sorry to interrupt. Mrs. Camden it's for you. It's Lilly.

Camden's House

Eric: I'm leaving now, but before I go...

High School

Pam: He didn't call.

Cecilia: He was out with Martin till late last night. And you know what... if he doesn't ask you out... I'm going to set you up with someone else. A better someone.

Pam: Someone who doesn't go to this school? Someone who didn't go to my middle school? Someone who didn't go to my elementary school? Look I was wrong to ask you to set me up with Mac in the first place. I've known him forever. I just think that he's a nice guy. I don't know. I thought he was nice enough to give me a chance. But I understand. If he went out with me, anyone went out with me, then they would be going out with Pampers. I should just forget about having a boyfriend or any friends for three more years... and then go to college a long, long way from here.

Cecilia: Well that stinks. Three more years on top of ten?

Pam: I can do it.

Cecilia: How? How do you do it?

Pam: I just focus on my school work. And I spend a lot of time with my family, a lot of time. What else am I going to do? Kids are mean. Well you're not, but most of them are. Thanks for trying. And you know what? At least every time I come to my locker from now on... I don't feel like I have to hide. Now that I know you know about my big incident, and you're not laughing at me, I can actually look up from the ground long enough to get my books. Thanks Cecilia. This is going to be a good year for me just because of that.

Cecilia: You know, my dad is a really smart man. You should have listened to him.

Martin: Why didn't you say something?

Mac: She didn't give me a chance.

Martin: You'd better not blow this relationship for me. I like her. And you know h ow tough it is to get a girlfriend.

Junior High School - Classroom

Teacher: You can stop right there. Anyone who has one of these, please pass it to the front of the row. Those of you sitting at the front of the row, kindly put them to the front of the room and put them in the trash. You two... come with me.

Peter: Did we do something wrong?

Teacher: It's President's Day. This is the day we honor George Washington and President Lincoln. Did you think there's a national holiday set aside for them because they were the original war mongers?

Ruthie: We were just trying to do something different from everyone.

Teacher: Then you succeeded. On the other hand that wasn't the assignment so you're both getting a failing mark. And I want to discuss this with you... and your parents and the principle. Ruthie Camden, you of all people.

Ruthie: It's was Peter's idea... and my idea. My mom and dad tried to talk us out of it.

Teacher: They should have tried harder.

Peter: My mom didn't know about it.

Ruthie: Please, just give us another chance. We can come up with something better, something more... traditional.

Teacher: Look, maybe, just maybe I was so shocked by your display of disrespect that I over reacted. I guess I could consider letting you have a second try. But you should come in tomorrow prepared to do your very best... as opposed to your very worst.

Peter: We will, I promise.

Ruthie: Promise.

Teacher: Lincoln's Hemp Pipe.

Police Station

Officer: Where's your partner?

Kevin: I haven't seen her.

Officer: Is this aobut her?

Kevin: I have no idea.

Michaels: All right, this won't take but a few minutes of your time. I've something to say to you. All of you. Last week one of your fellow officers, Roxanne Richardson, volunteered for the Department's new reading program. That helps inmates learn to read, or improve their reading skills... in preparation to enter the job market. When she got to the Honor Farm she was assigned a prisoner. That man is my brother. He's served thirty years for armed robbery... and he's getting out in six months. My brother's arrest, conviction and sentence, had a great effect on me as a young man. He's the reason I decided to spend my life on this side of the law. While I've never hidden that information, it was included in my application to become a police officer. I also haven't talked about it openly, outside our family. I didn't want to put Officer Richardson in the awkward position of having to keep this a secret. Now you know. And I hope that this doesn't affect your opinion of me. My brother has spent most of his life paying for his mistake. And I know that he will not be re-entering society to repeat his past. He's looking forward to being back with our family, and we love him, care about him. If you have any questions... I'm happy to answer them. Thank you.

Kevin: I'm sorry that Lucy and I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Roxanne: That's okay. Believe me, with my past... I completely understand.

Kevin: Still... we're your friends, and I'm sorry.

Camden's House

Annie: I'm coming!

Lilly: I called last night to tell you I was flying in. I can't let this go on any longer. I'm sorry to just show up like this. But really... please Annie, talk to me. Whatever I did to upset you I'm sorry.

Annie: Okay, Lilly. Let's talk in the kitchen. Please. Do you want a cup of tea?

Lilly: That would be nice.

Annie: AH... I don't like confrontations. And I find this very awkward. But you took that box of photos. You could have at least asked.

Lilly: I did ask. I asked Ginger. And Annie, I didn't take them, I borrowed them. I copied them and I returned them.

Annie: Oh...

Lilly: I wish you'd said something. But really you're right, I could have asked you. They're your pictures not Ginger's. And I could have called.

Annie: I'm sorry I don't know why I was so angry. I was just upset that my father is deteriorating and I'm jealous that you spent that time with him on that week that I couldn't. And to tell you the truth, I felt like you had a window into my past. And I didn't want you to look in. I didn't want to share those photos with you, I don't know why.

Lilly: I think I do. Because I wasn't part of that past. I wasn't part of your family. Pictures are very personal and I have no right. So again, I apologize.

Annie: I have a hard time sharing whatever time my father has left with you. But you should see him. You should spend as much time with him as you can. I have my memories. I have my photos. But you, you just have a name on a birth certificate. And what little time you've been able to spend with him since you found out he's your father. And while I thought I had come to terms with this, I hadn't.

Lilly: Annie, I hope we don't lose touch with each other again. I don't want to intrude on your life. I really don't. So if you could just call me sometime, anytime.

Annie: Well Lilly, as my father's gotten worse, I've realized that... I'm losing my family. When he's gone there's only Ginger. And I love her but... well, she's not my mother.

Lilly: I know how you feel, Annie. I remember how I felt when I lost my parents. I felt so alone. That's why I went searching for my biological parents.

Annie: I know, and maybe now I can really begin to understand your need to meet him and to spend time. And getting to know him.

Lilly: And you. I'd really like to be with you and your family more often. Whenever it's convenient.

Annie: Let's not let convenience determine it. Let's just plan on it.

Lilly: I'm sorry I don't have more time today. I'll take that cup of tea. Then I have to get back to the airport. I'm meeting my fiancée. We're going to Hawaii.

Annie: Honeymoon?

Lilly: More of a vacation.

Annie: When are you going to break down and marry that guy?

Lilly: I don't know. Things are fine the way they are.

Annie: Things could be better. Lilly only has a few minutes but ah... maybe you can talk to her about her commitment phobia? 'Cause I'd really like to see her get married.

High School - Hallway

Mac: Hey, Pam, I was going to call you last night but... but I didn't. So I looked for you in home room but you weren't around.

Pam: I went to the clinic so I could avoid you. I told the nurse I had a headache.

Mac: So...

Pam: You don't have to ask me out.

Mac: I feel stupid for not asking you out earlier. Would you go out with me?

Pam: Are you actually going to show up and take me out in public where other people will see us? Possibly even students from this school?

Mac: That's what I was planning, yeah.

Pam: You know you'll be their next victim.

Mac: So what? I can take it. Maybe we should go on a pre-date, tonight. Go grab a burger at the Promenade and plan what we're going to do tomorrow night.

Pam: Sure.

Camden's House

Annie: That was Lilly. They just got to Honolulu.

Eric: I'm so happy you two worked things out.

Annie: I am too. Now I'm really looking forward to our trip to see my dad and ginger.

Eric: Me, too.

Ruthie: Oh... dad, by the way. You and mom were right about that President's Day paper we did.

Peter: We should have listened to you.

Eric: It didn't go well huh?

Ruthie: Worse than not well. We were really embarrassed. We felt completely humiliated.

Peter: After all the great things those Presidents did, and considering their place in American History, who were we to take a shot at them? A couple of disrespectful eighth graders, who were willing to sacrifice honor for a shot at a moment in the spotlight?

Eric: Well I don't know if you need to be that hard on yourselves. At least this taught you a lesson and you learned something.

Ruthie: We were lucky we didn't get sent to the principal's office.

Peter: And we're luckier our teacher has given us another shot at a presentation tomorrow.

Eric: Well you two had better go get started. I'll finish up here.

Ruthie: Oh believe me we got started the second we got home from school.

Peter: We don't want to blow a second chance. We're going to make this the best presentation that anyone has ever seen before.

Eric: It's always good to put your best foot forward. All right, what do you want me to do?

Ruthie: We need you to talk to some people.

Eric: How many?

Peter: Three.


Roxanne: I'm glad you decided to shoot some pool with me and some of the guys.

Michaels: I just felt like getting out. Thanks for inviting me.

Roxanne: You didn't have to tell them. I wouldn't have said anything.

Michaels: Oh I know that, Roxanne. I wanted to tell them. I've wanted to tell everyone for a long time. I don't like keeping secrets. It's a burden. Sometimes necessary, but still a burden. You try to bury your past and the hole just seems to get deeper and today I'm done with that.

Roxanne: So? The promotion?

Michaels: You're the first and you can tell the world. I made Captain.

Roxanne: Congratulations. You deserve it.

Michaels: Thank you.

Pool Hall

Michaels: What the heck is all this?

All: For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny. Congratulations Captain!

Dairy Shack

Pam: This is really nice. Thank you for everything.

Mac: Thank you for letting me a jerk to you for the past ten years and still going out with me. So where do you want to go tomorrow night?

Pam: Anywhere... anywhere at all.

Mac: I was thinking you go with Cecilia to our game and afterwards we could eat dinner with the Camdens. It's a free meal and she's a really good cook.

Cecilia: You can't just eat there any time you want.

Martin: Yeah, he can. Mrs. Camden invited him.

Cecilia: I'll let her know it'll be the four of us.

Junior High School

Peter: The sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was born dirt poor in Kentucky in 1809. Primarily self-educated, he grew up in a log cabin on the frontier. He worked hard, serve as a soldier and then taught himself law. After serving in state politics and the U.S. House of Representatives he was elected President in 1860, directly resulting in 7 states seceding from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. His struggle to reunite this divided country, earned him a reputation as one of our greatest presidents.

Ruthie: In summary, George Washington was one of this country's greatest presidents. Born into a Virginia planter's family, he served as commander and Chief of the Continental Army, leading the fight to win our independence from England. Later, he helped stabilize our young nation at the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787. where he was unanimously elected the first President of the United States. After serving two terms, he retired to his home at Mount Vernon, where he lived a quiet life... till he died in 1799. At the time the nation mourned his death. Today and every year at this day, we celebrate his life. I hope you enjoyed learning about two of our most famous leaders. Now I hope you enjoy a piece of cherry pie. 

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