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#816 : Une famille étouffante

Matt retourne à Glenoak pour célébrer un anniversaire spécial avec Ruthie et essaye désespérément d'éviter de voir le reste de la famille. Quand Lucy découvre le secret, elle, Eric et Annie se rendent fou à essayer de deviner pourquoi il est en ville. Martin partage quelque chose de particulier avec Cecilia. Annie laisse entendre à l'infirmière Kelly que Matt et Sarah sont mariés. Vic invite Paris à passer une soirée spéciale avec lui, mais elle ne veut pas y aller parce qu'elle pense qu'il va la demander en mariage.


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Titre VO
The anniversary

Titre VF
Une famille étouffante

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Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Deborah Raffin 

Avec : Bryan Callen (George 'Vic' Vickery), Shannon Kenny (Paris Petrowski), Richard Lewis (Rabbin Richard Glass), Laraine Newman (Rosina Glass), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Joseph Cacia ..... Maître d'hotel
  • Debi Mazar ..... Infirmière Kelly
  • Tanya Whitford ..... Serveuse
  • Beau Wirick ..... Ed
  • David Grant Wright ..... Barman


Peter: If the school library has the books I need, I should be able to finish this project by next week, otherwise my teacher said I could get an extension and turn it in late. If I can get all the materials, I think this project is going to be really good. So what do you think?

Vic: Well, I think... I want your mom to go out with me tomorrow night.

Peter: Were you listening to anything I just said?

Vic: Honestly, no. What do you think my chances are with your mom?

Peter: Why tomorrow night?

Vic: Because.

Peter: Because?

Vic: Because I said so. Are you going to help me or not?

Peter: Help you?

Vic: Put in a good word for me with your mom?

Peter: I'll help you. On one condition.

Vic: Name it.

Peter: You have to promise not to hurt her again. Promise.

Vic: I won't hurt her.

Peter: Okay, them I'll do what I can. But, don't expect miracles, okay?

Vic: Boy, you sure are a confidence builder.

Peter: No, just realistic.

Camden's House - Attic Room / Cab

Matt on Phone: Hello?

Ruthie on Phone: Where are you?

Matt on Phone: Ruthie, I told you my cell phone is for emergencies.

Ruthie on Phone: What's today?

Matt on Phone: Friday.

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, and that make tomorrow?

Matt on Phone: Saturday?

Ruthie on Phone: Just look at a calendar.

Matt on Phone: I can't.

Ruthie on Phone: Why?

Matt on Phone: Because I'm in the back of a cab, heading to the airport, on my way to see you to celebrate a very important day.

Ruthie on Phone: You remembered.

Matt on Phone: How could I forget?

Ruthie on Phone: Ah, you're really coming home.

Matt on Phone: Yeah, but don't tell anyone, okay?

Ruthie on Phone: Not up for the well-meaning but annoying questions about your life, school and Sarah?

Matt on Phone: I'm going to stay with Rabbi and Mrs. Glass. I'll lay low, and then I'll meet you tomorrow at six around the corner from the house. Can you bet out of the house without anyone knowing?

Ruthie on Phone: Don't make me laugh.

Matt on Phone: Then I'll see meet you tomorrow.

Ruthie on Phone: I can't wait.

Matt on Phone: Me too.

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Peter: Did dad ever make you pancakes?

Paris: No, no, your father never made me anything when we were married.

Peter: He makes good pancakes.

Paris: He does?

Peter: The last time I spent the night with him, he made these incredible chocolate chip pancakes. They were good. He's like that guy on TV, Emeril. He even goes "BAM"!

Paris: "Bam" I can picture. Pancakes, no. Anyway, when Vic stays in town, he stays in a motel. He's making you pancakes in a motel?

Peter: There's a little kitchen.

Paris: And he makes you pancakes in this little kitchen?

Peter: Yeah.

Paris: Ah, so, you want to go to Home Depot with me today? I need to go buy some more wood and nails for the shelves in the garage.

Peter: You know who's good a making shelves?

Paris: Let me guess, your father?

Peter: Yeah.

Paris: No, Vic doesn't build things, he can break things, but... What's wrong?

Peter: Nothing. Do you like dad?

Paris: Sometimes. Look, I'm, I'm trying to like your father, but, er, er, but it's slow process.

Peter: Well can you speed it up?

Paris: Why?

Peter: Because this afternoon he's going to ask you out to dinner tonight, and if you say no, I think it'll break his heart.


Cecilia: Hey..., where's Martin? I called him this morning and asked if he wanted to go to an early movie. He said he was spending the day with you guys.

Mac: I haven't talked to him.

Ed: Yeah, me neither.

Cecilia: What about tonight?

Mac: What's tonight?

Cecilia: You're not going to hang out with him and do "guy stuff"?

Mac: I've got a date.

Ed: Yeah, me too.

Camden's House - Backyard

Ruthie: Want to play catch?

Peter: Sure. You wanna watch a movie or something tonight.

Ruthie: I can't, I have plans. Here guys. Don't you want to know what my plans are?

Peter: Only if you want to tell me.

Ruthie: I, I want to, but I can't. Something wrong?

Peter: My dad is going to ask out my mom on a date.

Ruthie: Really? Well, does your mom like your dad? Well, you know what I mean.

Peter: My dad likes my mom, but I'm not sure how my mom feels.

Ruthie: Well, how do you feel?

Peter: Six months ago I would have laughed at the idea of my mother and dad getting back again, but, ah, it's been great having my dad around and it might be even better having him around on a more permanent basis.

Lucy's Car

Police Radio: (chatter)

Roxanne: Ah, Kinkirk, give her a break.

Kevin: She was goin' fifty in a twenty-five.

Roxanne: She's your wife.

Kevin: I'm just givin' her a warning.

Roxanne: Sorry, Luce.

Lucy: Not as sorry as Kevin's gonna be.

Kevin: I can't bend the rules, I took an oath. Now where we're you going in such hurry anyways?

Lucy: Not that it's any of your business... Officer. But there's an emergency at home. I saw Matt. He's back in town. I didn't know he was coming, and I know mom and dad didn't know he was coming, and the last time he came home, he was dropping out of medical school and he wanted a divorce.

Kevin: That is not an emergency. And whatever is going on with Matt, whatever brought him back to town, you should stay out of it. If he wanted you and your family to know, he would have told you he was here.

Roxanne: Follow me.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Paris: Reverend Camden? Help.

Chandler: Paris... are you okay?

Paris: I need to talk to Reverend Camden.

Chandler: He's at home... can I help.

Paris: It might not be best to discuss this particular problem with you.

Chandler: You can discuss anything with me, all right, we're friends and... I am your associate pastor.

Paris: It's, it's about Vic. Ah, Peter told me he wants to ask me out to dinner tonight.

Chandler: Mmmm...

Paris: He wants to date me. I'm really upset.

Chandler: Mmmm...

Paris: Okay, can you stop nodding and say something?

Chandler: You're upset because Vic wants to ask you out on a date.

Paris: Yes, and that's he's using Peter to get to me.

Chandler: Maybe not.

Paris: Excuse me?

Chandler: Well maybe he asked Peter to find out whether or not Peter would be upset if he asked you out on a date. I mean Vic is... well, is, is Vic, but if you're gonna let him back into your lives, which, which s you have...

Paris: I have not.

Chandler: Vic is here almost every weekend. He's back. And that's a good thing, probably, er, especially for, for Peter. But, if you are gonna let him back into you and Peter's life, you owe it to him to take him for who he is now, not what he was in the past. You have to give him a break.

Paris: Since well did you join the George Vickery fan club.

Chandler: Trust me, I'm not a fan. And this isn't easy for me, but I'm your friend and I care about you, and as a friend, I, I, I'm trying to tell you what I think you need to hear. It's time to figure out how you feel about Vic, because from the sound of things, he's about to tell you how he feels about you.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Matt's back.

Eric: Back where?

Roxanne: Back in Glenoak.

Annie: Did you know?

Eric: Did you?

Annie: No...

Lucy: This can't be good, right?

Eric: No.

Annie: Oh...

Lucy: I know, this is bad.

Kevin: There could be a reasonable explanation as to why he's back and he didn't tell you. You really shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Vic's Motel Room / Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Vic: Paris loves Vic.

Vic: And why shouldn't she?

Phone: (rings)

Vic on Phone: Hello?

Paris on Phone: Vic.

Vic: The kid ratted me out, didn't he?

Paris: How did you... ah, okay look, I don't appreciate you're using Peter to get me to go with you.

Vic: No, no, I let Peter think that's what I was doing. But really I just wanted to see how he felt about my asking you out. And, that I figured if he wasn't comfortable with us going out, I'd drop it.

Paris: That's what Chandler said.

Vic: You're talkin' about me to Chandler.

Paris: Well, you're talkin' about me to Peter.

Vic: Touché.

Paris: Hey, what about me, Vic? What if I'm not comfortable with your asking me out? I mean, don't my feelings count?

Vic: It's just dinner, Paris? You're saying after all time I've been spending with you and Peter, you not comfortable having a meal with me?

Paris: No... I, I, well, I, I don't know. What are you up to?

Vic: I'm not up to anything.

Paris: So, this is just about me having a meal with you?

Vic: Yes, of course. Look, I'll let you pay if it makes you feel better. Paris?

Paris: Okay, okay, I'll go with you. But we'll go Dutch.

Vic: Great. I'll pick you up at six.

Paris: It's a date. No, it's not a date, it's dinner. But, yea, okay, I'm, I'm gonna hang up now. Bye.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Maybe Matt's here because...

Annie: Because...

Lucy: Because he dropped out of medical school and got a divorce.

Annie: No, I don't think he'd dropped out of medical school. I talked to him last week. He sounded happy about school. Stressed, but happy.

Eric: Do you think he and Sarah got a divorce? I think he's still married, but considering dropping out of school. Maybe to save his marriage. When I talked to Matt last week, he said he was going to get Sarah back and no matter what it took, and I think that means he's willing to drop out of school in order to save his marriage.

Lucy: Well, I think he's divorced, and a dropout and he's moving back home but he can't bring himself to tell us yet.

Annie: We could just call him and ask him why he's back in town.

Eric: Hey, what if we're wrong, and, and, and, and he's here for something else, and our talking to him pushes him over the edge and, and closer to divorcing and dropping out. I mean, it, it if he's on the fence, I don't think any of us wants to be the one to push him off.

Lucy: Well, I hope you're not suggesting that we do nothing.

Eric: What other choice do we have? Look, let's just forget we even know Matt is in town. If, if he wants us to know why he, he'll come home and he'll tell us. And let's now tell anyone else about this. No need to worry the rest of the family.

Ruthie: Something wrong?

Lucy: Umm... Kevin pulled me over for speeding and I'm upset, and Mom and Dad are...

Eric: Also upset... but not with Kevin, uh...

Annie: We're upset at Lucy... for speeding. That's very, very careless.

Ruthie: Can I go to a movie tonight?

Annie: Sure.

Ruthie: Thanks. Oh, and do you do know that you three are the worst liars in the world, right?


Peter: Thanks for giving dad a chance.

Paris: Peter, it's, it's important that you don't have too many expectations about your dad and me. It's just a friendly dinner. You know, I'm willing to give Vic a chance, but I can't do that if I think you're expecting to wake up tomorrow morning and have mom and dad in the same house. It, it may never happen.

Peter: But it could happen.

Paris: Ah, well, if it does happen, and I'm not saying that it ever will, it will be a long time from now.

Peter: How about some ice cream?

Paris: Yeah, sure.

Peter: I'll be right back.

Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream Man: Here ya' go.


Peter: What's wrong?

Paris: Nothing, let's just go.

Peter: Okay.

Camden's House - Back Porch

Cecilia: Start talking.

Martin: About?

Cecilia: About why you lied to me.

Martin: I didn't lie.

Cecilia: I ran into Mac and Ed. You didn't meet them this morning, and you're not meeting them tonight for "guy stuff". Who you're meeting tonight and where have you been today?

Martin: I can't tell you.

Cecilia: If you've found some other girl, you should just tell me.

Martin: I can't talk about what I did this morning, okay?

Cecilia: Not okay. What am I suppose to do, Martin?

Martin: Trust me. You're supposed to trust me.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Phone: (Beeps)

Lucy: Hello... Rabbi Glass, this is Lucy Camden. I need to talk to you at your earliest convenience. It's about Matt. Please call me back.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Phone: (Beeps)

Eric: Rosina, hi, it's Eric and, ah, we need to talk, ah, about Matt. He's back in town and I don't know why. I'm worried that, well, I mean, not worried but, ah, I'm concerned, well, not concerned, I'm just... just, just call me. Not at home, ah, at, at, the church, 'cause, I, I, I don't want anyone to know I've called you. And, please don't tell Richard about any of this. You, you know how emotional he is. I, I, I don't want to upset him. Bye.

Phone: (Beeps)

Glass' House - Study

Rosina: What are we gonna do?

Richard: Hide.

Rosina: Ah, seriously.

Richard: I am being serious.

Rosina: I feel like we're harboring a fugitive.

Richard: No, just a son-in-law who doesn't want to answer a lot of questions for a, you know, a well-meaning but very nosy family. Yayaya... uhmmm. Am I emotional?

Rosina: Ahhh...

Richard: What's with the look?

Rosina: (laughs)

Richard: What? What you think I'm emotional? Rosina come back here.

Camden's House - Kitchen / New York Hospital

Phone: (rings)

Nurse Kelly: E.R.

Annie: Hi, my name is Annie Camden and I need to speak with whomever is in charge there.

Nurse Kelly: That would be me.

Petrowski's House - Foyer

Peter: You look really nervous. Actually, you look like you're gonna throw up.

Vic: I don't throw up on dates... anymore.

Peter: You should relax, it's just dinner. At least to mom, that's what it is. What's it to you? It's not just dinner, is it?

Vic: Shhh...

Peter: Dad?

Petrowski's House - Paris' Room

Paris: Oooh, thank you so much for coming over tonight. Mmm... I getting so nervous about doing this, and I needed to talk to someone, and I didn't know who else to call. Well? Chandler!

Chandler: You look amazing.

Paris: Then I have to change. Oh, I can't look amazing. I don't want to give Vic the wrong idea, and I think he already has the wrong idea.

Chandler: You're not changing, that's the third outfit you've had on. Just face the fact if you were wearing a sack, you'd look fantastic.

Paris: Is this awkward?

Chandler: You mean me, your ex-boyfriend, helping you, my ex-girlfriend, getting ready for a date with your ex-husband? Nah.

Chandler: (laughs)

Chandler: It'll be fun. It's dinner, just remember that. It's a meal. Don't make into something it's not. Now, that was a little awkward.

Paris: I'm sorry.

Chandler: I'm kidding; I was trying to lighten your mood a little.

Paris: Who, who, who, speaking of lightening the moods, you want to hear somethin' funny? I saw Vic looking at engagement rings today, so... for Vic I guess... dinner tonight isn't about dinner.

Chandler: That's not funny.

Paris: I know.

Chandler: What re you going to do?

Paris: I don't know.

Petrowski's House - Foyer

Vic: Please don't tell me that the "Lord of the Cloth" over there is going to be out chaperone?

Chandler: I was helping Paris get ready.

Vic: You like to do that? Help ex-girlfriends get ready for dates?

Chandler: Not really, but Paris asked me.

Peter: And we're going out for pizza. Tell her she looks nice.

Vic: No help from the peanut gallery. Paris, you look nice.

Paris: Yea, let's just get going. Roses...?

Vic: Yellow roses. They mean friendship. At least that's what the idiot who sold them to me said.

Paris: Mmmm...

Chandler: Mmmm, sorry.

Vic: Don't worry, Dad, I'll have her home by curfew.

Chandler: All right, come on.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: I'm going out now.

Annie: Well, have a good time.

Ruthie: I will.

Eric: Paris is taking her and Peter to the movies, right?

Annie: That's what she said earlier, yeah.

Eric: Okay.

Lucy: I have a confession to make. I called Rabbi Glass about Matt. I thought he might know what's was going on.

Annie: I though we said we were going to leave it alone.

Lucy: He wasn't home and he hasn't called me back yet, so I still know nothing.

Eric: I called Rosina. She wasn't home either and she didn't call me back.

Lucy: The Glasses are hiding something from us.

Annie: Oh, all right, so I called Matt's hospital. And they wouldn't give out any information about a student, not even to mothers.

Lucy: You know what we should do?

Annie: Drop it.

Eric: Combine forces.

Lucy: I like the way you think.

Eric: Let's go over there and find out why Richard and Rosina aren't returning calls.

Annie: No, this is wrong. We should leave it alone.

Lucy: Said the woman who called the hospital.

Kevin: What's for dinner?

Lucy: I'm going out.

Kevin: We're going out?

Lucy: No, I'm going out with my dad.

Kevin: Matt? Lucy...

Lucy: Kevin. I'll drive.


Matt: Shall we?

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: What are you doing?

Matt: Coming to get you.

Cecilia: And you didn't use the front door, because?

Martin: Because if you come with me tonight, you're not coming to make it home by curfew.

Cecilia: You want me to come with you.

Martin: I just shimmed up the side of your house. Yes, I want you to come.

Cecilia: Where are we going?

Martin: No questions. Those are the rules. If you come with me tonight, no questions. Can you live with that? Well, are you coming with me?


Host: Sir, would you like to see a wine list?

Vic: I would. Because I'm an alcoholic.

Host: How about a soda, sir?

Vic: How about you back off and give us some room, buddy? Hmm... Will you do me a favor?

Paris: Depends.

Vic: For the next few hours, can you forget about how much you think you don't want to be here with me and just allow yourself to have a good time? Okay, it's gonna be fine, Paris.

Paris: Ah, it's just dinner.

Vic: Yeah... sure, it's just dinner.


Matt: So how were you able to get away without mom and dad being suspicious?

Ruthie: They're preoccupied. Lucy saw you today. And she told mom and dad, and now the three of them are going nuts trying to figure out why you're back in town. Mom thinks you dropped out of medical school. Dad thinks you and Sarah got divorced, and Lucy thinks you're divorced and you dropped out of school. They've been calling Rabbi Glass and Mrs. Glass all day.

Matt: I told the Glasses I'd be no trouble.

Ruthie: They know our family, they had to expect a certain amount of trouble.

Matt: I just wanted to slip in and out without having to answer a bunch of questions, was that too much to hope for?

Ruthie: With our family, absolutely.

Matt: Right...

Ruthie: Sorry.

Matt: About?

Ruthie: If you weren't hear to celebrate with me...

Matt: I wouldn't have passed up celebrating with you. So forget about them. What do you want to do?

Ruthie: We have to go to the movies. That way I didn't have to lie to mom and dad about where I was going tonight.

Matt: Dinner and a movie it is.

Ruthie: I really have missed you.

Glass' House - Foyer

Door Bell: (rings)

Lucy: Oh, you're home.

Eric: Rosina, hi. Don't you wanna invite us in?

Richard: Nah... no.

Lucy: Okay, enough with the chitchat. We know Matt's in town.

Eric: And Matt has no money, so he's either has to stay with you or us.

Lucy: And he's not staying with us.

Eric: We just wanted to know why he's here, if, if he's in any trouble, if he and Sarah are still in any trouble.

Lucy: School? Marriage?

Eric: Both?

Richard: Look, you know, all I can offer you two is some kugel and coffee. I mean, if information you're looking for, I, I suggest that you talk to Matt.

Lucy: Fine, we'll wait and talk to Matt.

Rosina: I, I do think you should wait. I think we should all wait... for Matt and Sarah to talk to us. You know, it's, it's their life, their business.

Eric: And medical school?

Richard: Mmm, huh-uh... it's his life and his business.

Lucy: So ah, what kind of kugel do you have?

Richard: You know kugel... huh? You're a kugel connoisseur. Ah, well, if not, just come in and eat what we serve you. Come on... Try not to hog it.


Cecilia: Where are we going?

Martin: No questions, remember?

Cecilia: Right. No questions. Why did you invite me to come with you tonight? Or is that a question you can't answer?

Martin: I can answer that one. I asked you to come with me tonight because I want to share something with you that I've never shared with anyone else.

Camden's House - Kitchen / New York Hospital

Annie: I don't know, you carry them for nine months. You know you feed them, teach them to walk and talk, how to ride a bike, you nurse their broken bones, they're broken hearts, you send them to school and then they just show up back in town and don't even bother to come and see you.

Nurse Kelly: Matt's a good kid. He's going to be a good doctor. He cares, that's more than I can say about most of the one who come through here.

Annie: So you don't think Matt's dropped out of school.

Nurse Kelly: If he'd dropped out of school, it's be all over the hospital.

Annie: What about Sarah?

Nurse Kelly: Mmm, Sarah Glass?

Annie: Sarah Camden, Matt's wife.

Nurse Kelly: Sarah and Matt are married?

Annie: You didn't know?

Nurse Kelly: No, nobody knows.

Annie: You don't think no one knows they're married, because they're divorced?

Nurse Kelly: I think you and your husband raised a great kid and that should give you all the peace of mind you need.

Annie: Ah, yeah...


Ruthie: Thanks for coming home. I hate to ask, but why aren't you celebrating with Sarah?

Matt: I know that today is Sarah's and my real anniversary, but you're a big part of this day too. First, because only three of us know about today, and secondly, when I needed you, when Sarah and I needed you to keep our secret, you did. And it wasn't easy, but you didn't let us down. Sarah knows I'm here.

Ruthie: You're not going to tell me how things are with Sarah, are you?

Matt: I don't wanna ask you to keep any more secrets for me.

Ruthie: Oh, I just hope you guys don't... well, I hope you stay together.

Matt: So do I.

Ruthie: Well, it's getting late, you should probably take me home. Are you going to come in and say hello to everyone.

Matt: I'm just gonna slip back out of town and get back to school.

Ruthie: That means you're still in medical school.

Matt: (laughs) Mmm...


Cecilia: It's a park. That's what you wanted to share with me? What you've never shared with anyone else.

Martin: Cecilia?

Cecilia: Yes.

Martin: Just... take my hand.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: This is all we got out of Richard and Rosina.

Annie: You know, with Matt, I really think it's time to let go and let God.

Chandler: We came for cake.

Lucy: We have kugel.

Chandler: No cake? Should've called first?

Annie: Hey, Peter, where's Ruthie?

Peter: I don't know.

Eric: You're supposed to be a the movies with her.

Peter: No, she had plans for tonight.

Lucy: What plans?

Peter: I didn't ask her. She said it was personal. If she'd wanted me to know, she would have told me.

Lucy: Oh, what does he know, he's thirteen.

Eric: Where have you been?

Ruthie: Movies... good night.


Vic: It means a lot to me, you giving me a chance. And not just with dinner. You've been really great about letting me back into Peter's life... and yours. So, thanks for coming out tonight, and thanks for letting me come back. You okay?

Paris: No.

Vic: What's wrong?

Paris: You.

Vic: What?

Paris: And me, and this dinner.

Vic: I don't understand.

Paris: Today, when I was out with Peter, I saw you...

Waitress: Coffee, cappuccino? Would like to see our dessert menu?

Vic: Uhm... Paris...?

Paris: I can't marry you, Vic.

Vic: Who asked you?

Paris: You... You're going to tonight. That's what this dinner is for, right?

Vic: Wrong.

Paris: I saw you at the jewelry store looking at rings. Engagement rings. Look, I'm, I'm so glad that you've been able to reconnect with Peter and it is so important for us all to have a good relationship, but marriage... I'm, I'm not ready for that and I, I don't have kind of feelings for you even if I was ready, so I can't marry you.

Vic: Are you finished?

Paris: Haahhh...

Vic: I don't won't to marry you.

Paris: Well, the jewelry store?

Vic: I was looking for a gift, to say thank you, but you know, everything was too expensive.

Paris: But Peter said...

Vic: It doesn't matter what Peter said, I don't want to marry you.

Paris: So, what is this dinner about?

Vic: Three years ago, I stopped drinking.

Paris: Yeah.

Vic: And I stopped drinking because of you and Peter. Because I wanted to have a relationship with you and Peter, and I knew I couldn't do that unless I was sober. So that's why I wanted you to come out tonight... to celebrate. To say thank you. Thank you for being the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Paris: I'm an idiot.

Vic: You'll get no argument from me.

Paris: Okay... well, what, what do you say I go to the bathroom, wash the egg off my face and then we order dessert.

Vic: Hey, Paris don't worry. I know what it's like to have egg on your face. I've had quite a bit of it through the years.

Waitress: Sir, will there be anything else?

Vic: No, nothing else.

Waitress: I'll get your check.

Petrowski's House - Kitchen

Peter: Didn't you just have dinner?

Paris: Uhm... I was too nervous to eat at dinner. I'm starved.

Peter: Nervous about what?

Paris: It's silly.

Peter: What's silly?

Paris: I saw your father in a jewelry store today.

Peter: Yeah.

Paris: Mmm... so I thought he was gonna ask me to marry him again, tonight, at dinner, so I couldn't eat. Anyway, it turns out it was just a big misunderstanding. What?

Peter: It wasn't just a big misunderstanding. He told me he still loves you, actually, he told me he never stopped loving you. Which why it was okay with me he was going to ask you to marry him.

Paris: How, how do you know this?

Peter: He told me when you were upstairs trying on clothes with Chandler.

Paris: Why does every man in my life have to ask you if they can marry me before they ask me? You want me to marry Vic?

Peter: You can't marry someone if you don't love them. You stayed married to dad all those years; even though you were miserable, just for me... I don't want you to ever do that again. So, if you love him marry him, if not, he's still my dad, and that's enough for me. Mom, Vic's my dad... but you, you're my family.

Paris: I have to find Vic.

Cecilia's House

Martin: Today's my mom's birthday and every year since her death, I spend her birthday doing things that she would've done, if she were still alive. I volunteered at a soup kitchen this morning. My mom always did charity work. Even after she got sick, we still spent every Thanksgiving at some shelter, wherever my dad was stationed, cooking and serving food for needy families. She always took care of everyone, even people she didn't know.

Cecilia: And the park?

Martin: My mom grew up back east across from a huge park. She loved parks. The first thing she would do when we moved to a new base was go out and find the nearest park. She said it made a new place feel like home. And once a week, she made these incredible picnic dinners, and we would hike to her park and eat and talk and just have a great time. When dad was away, just mom and I would go. Those dinners are some of the best memories I have of my mother. Even after she got sick, she still insisted we go. When it was too much for her to cook, dad would get takeout. And when she wasn't feeling well, she'd carry her.

Cecilia: And the park that we were at tonight?

Martin: When I moved here, I really missed my mom. I missed a lot of things. So one day, I went out and looked for a park.

Cecilia: The park we were at tonight.

Martin: Being in a park makes me feel closer to her. I didn't mean to lie to you today, it's just... I've never told anyone about what I do on this day, not even my dad.

Cecilia: But you told me. Why?

Martin: I love you. I do.

Camden's House - Attic Room / Matt's Cab

Matt on Phone: Hello...

Ruthie on Phone: Thanks for the night.

Matt on Phone: I was waiting for your call.

Ruthie on Phone: I'm really glad you came out to see me.

Matt on Phone: I miss you, Ruthie.

Ruthie on Phone: I love you.

Matt on Phone: I love you, too.

Ruthie on Phone: Bye.

Camden's House - Hallway

Eric: Why didn't we think to ask Ruthie?

Ruthie: Good night, mom and dad. Matt's still in school. I don't know what's going on with Sarah, but I know he still loves her.

Eric/Annie: Good night, Ruthie.

Matt's Cab / Glass' House

Matt on Phone: Hello...

Richard on Phone: Hi Matt, it's Richard.

Matt on Phone: Hello, Rabbi.

Rosina on Phone: I'm on too. Hi, Matt.

Matt on Phone: Mrs. Glass.

Richard on Phone: We just wanted to call and wish you a safe trip back to New York.

Matt on Phone: Thank you, and thanks for putting up for the night. And for putting up with my family.

Rosina on Phone: Anytime. We love you. We love your family.

Matt on Phone: Don't worry, everything is gonna work out.

Rosina on Phone: We aren't worried.

Matt on Phone: Thanks.

Rosina on Phone: Take care.

Richard on Phone: And call your parents. I guess I just had to say that, huh? Ha, ha.

Matt on Phone: Goodbye.

Matt's Cab / New York Hospital

Matt on Phone: Sarah?

Nurse Kelly on Phone: Matt.

Matt on Phone: Who is this?

Nurse Kelly on Phone: It's me, Nurse Kelly from the hospital.

Matt on Phone: What?

Nurse Kelly on Phone: I'm just calling to tell you that... I like your mother.

Matt on Phone: My, my mother?

Nurse Kelly on Phone: Yeah, you know, we talked tonight and she's sweet and funny, and you should call her more often. You know she worries about you a lot. So, uhm...

Matt on Phone: So...?

Nurse Kelly on Phone: So, you and Sarah Glass are married. We're gonna have to talk about that. Look, you are still married, aren't you?

Matt on Phone: How much did my mother tell you?

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Are you going to tell me why you acted the way you did today, about Matt?

Lucy: He's a newlywed and we're newlyweds.

Kevin: If Matt and Sarah split up, that doesn't mean that we're going to split up. You can't try and keep them together if they need to be apart. Matt and Sarah need to do whatever's best for them. And we're going to do what's best for us, and as far as I'm concerned, that's staying together, till death do us part.

Lucy: Do you think Matt's going to be okay?

Kevin: Yeah, I do. He's going to be just fine.

Lucy: I was kinda nuts today, huh?

Kevin: Don't take this the wrong way, but... you're kinda nuts all the time.

Pool Hall

Bartender: Do you want anything else?

Vic: Yeah, to be left alone.

Paris: You're a liar.

Paris: You're a big, fat liar. You were gonna ask me to marry you, weren't you? This is the fourth bar I've been to.

Vic: Sounds like you've got a problem. Maybe should join AA. I haven't touched it. I want to, but... I haven't. Don't feel sorry for me, okay? I'm doing fine.

Paris: You're an alcoholic, who is sitting in a bar, with a shot of whisky in front of him. You're not doing fine. You don't want to marry me. You don't even know me.

Vic: We were married. We had a child together. I know you.

Paris: Yeah, but that was a lifetime ago. I'm not the same person, and neither are you.

Vic: I love you.

Paris: I think you want to love me, and that's sweet, but you don't actually know me well enough to love me.

Vic: You're still in love with Chandler.

Paris: What?

Vic: You're still in love with Chandler, aren't you?

Paris: No! Chandler and I are friends. Wait, is that why you're doing this?

Vic: I know you don't love me, but I love you and Peter, and I want us to be a family. I know it maybe be a while before you fall in love in love with me again, that is if you can even fall in love with me again. But if some other guys get to you before... I'm gonna lose you and I don't want to lose you... again.

Paris: Peter is our child and that connects us forever. You'll always be a part of my life and a part of Peter's life.

Vic: What are you saying?

Paris: I'm saying, I hope you don't take that drink, because I know you don't want to hurt Peter. And I don't want to see you hurt yourself.

Vic: What about me? I'm hurt.

Paris: I can't marry you just to stop you from drinking. I, I can't love just because you want me to.

Vic: Okay, I can accept that. But could you maybe, I don't know, leave the door open for us... in the future... the distant future... the far distant future?

Paris: I don't think I can do that. But maybe I could leave the door... unlocked.

Vic: Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Paris: Come on, let's go.

Vic: Where?

Paris: I'm going home and I'm gonna drop you off on the way. There's an AA meeting a block from here.

Vic: Hey, you said the door is unlocked, right? 

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